Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 11, 1945 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 11, 1945
Page 7
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WORLD DAY OBSERVED IN OF PRAYER WILL BE EASTBAY FEBRUARY 15 a&Jv-aftd-. iBroad w.a yJiflia.. U.5. JUL 3 p.m. The commits arranging the day's pro,T-am i:; ru-aded by Mrs. Robert Iiiglis. assisted by Mrs. Earle L. Menker, president ot the council. Other World Day of grayer services will be held at the Fairmont Hospital and Arroyo Sanitarium, with the Rev. Arthur Da-vies in charge, at the chapel service at Mills College, and at the Oakland Regional Hospital, under the direc-" tion of Chaplain William Hurst. FIRST OF SERIES Dr. Hugh Vernon White, professor et the Pacific School of Relicion in By DR. K. FILLMORE GRAY Church Editor, The Tribune. given at 7; 15 pvm.'in the chapeKj'irom the San Francisco Theological Christians around the world will unite in common prayer and communion on this Friday. February 15. the first Friday in Lent. In the .Eastbay there will be several observances of the World Day of " Prayer, under trie dire' t o.i of the Oakland Council of Churchwomt-n TJie first will be '.he Goodwill Industries cfr-ap-M at 8 a.ni,. followed by srvics from 11 a.m. until noon at Auditorium Village and Harbor . Home?. From 1 until 3 p.m. the I services at the African M.E. Church wnl DB under tne direction, or mrs. A . . . , c : Esther Du Bois. while the union! A '" , ?h- i f, i Anselmo, Dr. 'Jesse H. Baird will sponsored by different organizations in' the church, -CONVENTION CLOSES The Alameda County Christian Endeavor .Convention, -which has been in session at the First Presbyterian Church of Oakland, closes tonight with an address by the Revj David 'Morkeri"Vr Santa" Ana,'' foT-" lowing the Christian Endeavor meetings at 5:45 p.m. DR. JESSE H. BAIRD ST. STEPHENS' CHURCHNITE Miss E; teacher Religion; of the Oakland Cqu&cU of-i TnStirtMayaT ITarnr at "fiTeraTChurches, will be the speaker at the Presbyterian Church. The day is being observed as "Stminary Sunday" and pledges to the building campaign will be turned in at the close of the service. VESPER MUSICALE The series of vesper services at the Oakland Y.W.C.A. continues. to-L The Rev, night at 5 o'clock, with a devotional talk "God Is Love," by Dr. Clarence Reidenbach of the First Congregational Church. Mrs. Richard K. Ham will be the vocal soloist and will lead the congregational singing while M-bs .Jeanne Shanis wi Seminary, Dr. J. Hudson Ballard, Dr. John Wick Bowman, the Rev. Donald G. Stewart and George T. Krueger. The fifth seminar leader is Mrs. Hamlin G. Tobey, chairman of . o 1 .. u ; 1 .J .. i ....... PRESIDENT OF THE GIDEONS ' Charles P.. Eisenmeyer, interna- v president oi me uiueuns oo- clete be the guest speaker at the 7:30' p.tp. service tonight at the Mission Covenant Church. Churchnite .supper and program to be held Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at St. Stephen's Methodist Church, Park Boulevard at 13th Avenue. She will tell of the first semester's results in this new field of education VICAR RESIGNS Stephen W. Green has " C- .4: '' ' wsTs' Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Feb. 11, 1945 On the Home Front CCCCJ CUT IN FATS ORDERED FOR SOAP MANUFACTURE M-mvutite- The haadwdjl C3dnirwofkrU'm' sfigmii hero were honored Y8terday cent taJSjpeiJ Bflhe "Week-day Scois of wktB Mrs. C. I. Ftagqj,ataafr rnnmlwte-SartrVaB,'- sponMiicl the new " in Pre"war faeturprs mav uca in -malrmff cnan ino lnhni "ncte rior . civilians was cut irom u per C-2 freighter Lookout launched at the yards. The official party at the launching included (left to right) Kim Hong, electrical superintendent at the yards: Mrs. Feng; Mrs: Marion Hong, wife of the superintendent; Mrs. Joseph A. Moore, wife of the board chairman of Moore's, and Mrs. Joseph R. Knowland. The Lookout, named for an American clipper ship that was wrecked off Japan nearly a century ago, was constructed with the fewest man hours needed to build any C-2 yet in the Moore yards. It took 750 fewer man days. WPB CHANGES MIND, O.K.'S NEWSPAPER REBUILDING PLEA resigned as vicar of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. 5201 Hillen Drive, to serve as an officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Be- : : . n. T: T1....1.,... t ,i ru...k rv, ci.i,i f! n.erinff two nrevious 'denials, the Llf,LO regional nunc. m inr nui i. ii ii u i j uviinin .,i.. j-.- be . the Pacific, will have charge of the I War Production Board today ap-! WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. ubmif -ion of facts by its San Fran- heard in a series of vielin numbers. 'Sunday services until a resident minister is secured. Rerkelev. will ooen the School of Christian t.ivino at Plymouth Con-' ASH WEDNESDAY prpoationnl Church on Wednesd n The he.oinninp of T .cut on Fcbru-1 BOARD MEMBER SPEAKS evening at 7 o'clock. The six ary 14th, Ash Wednesday, will be WASHINGTON, Feb. lO.-OJ.Rl-The War Food Administration in an effort to consefve fat supplies has reduced the amount of fats and oils manufacturers may use In mak ing civilian soap, a WFA spokesman said, today. .- ,anr i-. Officials-emphasize, however, that there will be no soap shortage if civilians do not start buying runs. The The amount of fat manu base period for bar and package soap and from 110 to 90 per cent for bulk, soap. Bulk soap is packed In containers of 25 pounds or more, mainly for industrial use. Manufacturers have not been using their full allocation of fat for this kind of soap, and WFA said the cut will only slightly reduce production. OYSTER PRICE TO RISE WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. OP) The price of canned oysters is going up. OPA today Increased ennnorA ' ceiling prices fbr Eastern and GuM oysters s cents a dozen for No. cans and 35 cents. dozen for No. 3 cans. This will mean cn increase tor ctmsuroeref 3 en4-for-Nfl9 OU! ounce) cans.' ncej and 4 cents for No. 2 (14 MLr i tutrix. v. i The agency 'sal? the- InWeafef3' were necessary because of Increas WASHINGTON.1 Feb. 10.-WV-The Alaska salmon pack! 'for the 1945 season is expected to total about 5,000.000 cases, 15 per cent below normal production but slightly more than the 1944 yield of 4,856,000 cases the smallest in many years. Dr. Ira N. Gabrielson, deputy co-ordinator of fisheries; said today that shortages of man power and equipment were responsible for the declines. Normal yield for the territory's most important industry is about 5,849,000 cases a year. Wednesday sessions -re on the theme: "The Moral Bases of a Just Peace," and Dr. White's topic will be "Contributions of the Modern Missionary to a Just Peace.'' Y.M.C.A. ANNUAL MEETING rather generally observed. At Christ Episcopal Church in Alameda, Holy Communion will be administered at 10 a.m., followed by the rector's class on "How to Read and Enjoy the Bible." At 7:30 the preacher at the 11 be the Rev. W. pvenme nravpr wi Col. AlexanderR. Heron, state R H . Hodgkin .chaplain of St Lukes director of reconstruction and re-)Hospital San Francisco. employment, will be the speaker at j .. , :mnn.i(inn n. aoW the 67th annual dinner meeting and ajd he Ho,v Communon at s, Ewing of Westminster House, Berke open house at the Oakland oung John-s Episcr" ;il church. 8th and ' ,pv--Pfeaching on "A Scout is Rever The 'ease-was heard earlier this week in Washington, where fhe proved the application of the River cohimittee opened its doors for a News, weekly newspaper Vista. Cfalif., to construct Jm, ... ..Ats ...in : , ItTTT- 1 . Sneaker at-the 5 o'clock vesper I ' ,r""vc '""""u aBain.H nroi uumg wiuigs unocrias Deyonn repair. -..! .;i.. ... c. tv-- i i... oy lire. i'he table. The decision was announced by I The decision will permit Charles Attendance Boosted ALAMEDA, Feb. 10. Attendance service tonight at St. John's Presby terian Church in Berkeley will be Dr. John Oliver Nelson of Philadelphia, secretary of the Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church. Dr. Nelson, who is in charge of recruiting, will speak on "Youth and Today." Pulpit guest at the 11 a.m. service today will be the Rev. Thomas D. 9 a.m. and a simi-jel1' " Also participating in thenserv j lar service at St. Peter's Episcopal :ice will be the Rev. Robert M. De- ... rt A ....inil.,n Tun.. . ' Grove Streets day evening at 6:30 o clock at the c.,...:- .,, :Y" building, rranklin N. Korr,-,Churfh Broadw.'lv imd Lawton at!Wolf- the .Chancel Choir, and Fred hause is in charge of arrangements jq a m wjtn anon L Douglas I Hutchinson of Boy Scout Troop 7. for the evening, while the "Y" pros-,r ,,'-' nff,,.,..t',r, .,, woth spr,.'.i, AKremt, 'ce' Alma M Morsp returns to sneak at Ai the Central Lutheran Church. Lakeside Unitv Truth Center at 11 215 Ridgeway Avenue, a service of! a.m. todav after an absence of sev- Holy Communion at 8 p.m. will be-Jeral months during which time she Sin the series of Lenten services on: was teaching in the West Coast "Questions on the Way. Unity Training School in Los An- A celebration of the Holy Com-igelcs, munion and short meditation by the!- : t. Ja ident, Robert A. Leet, will preside. Report will be made of the serv ices offered to men in uniform, as; Well as to civilians. CHUftCH CALLS MINISTER . University Christian Church in Berkeley has just called Dr. Benjamin T.. Watson of Richmond. Va . in Ho it t,pw minister He h;i: ar- 'rector will be helrt m ht. James cepted and will begin his ministry j Episcopal Church at 10:30 a.m. and in March, succeeding Dr. H. H. on each Wednesday during Lent. A Griffin, who died last August after I peniienuai many win oc .saw earn a pastorate of seven years. Dr Wat .son is at present the religious con the Construction Reconsideration Committee of WPB, whioh,stated it based the reversal iipon "further W. Flodin, publisher, to continue existence of the 47-year-old new paper. ' ' " sultant or the Y.M.G.A. and the lnursday at 7:JU p.m. PRESBYTERIAN SEMINARS The fast in a series of Presbyterian u.s.u. in live souinern ouu-s auuteminl,n in rhr.in .wik ,rn the District of Columbia. held' tomorrow evening at .7:30 Lincoln to Be Topic "Abraham Lincoln" will be the topic to be discussed at tomorrow's luncheon meeting -of the American Legion Service Club in the Athens" Athletic Club. Dr. Louis A. Warren, author, who made a special study of "Lincoln's EXCHANGE SERVICES o clock in the First Presbyterian arcniage anct cnuanooa, wnicn In observance of Race Relations' Church of Oakland. This series, j he recorder ' in his first book by that Dav. the minsters and choirs of ; w,,,t" . " mini.sin.s anu .ay- ...r, m . . men from the Presbyterian churches Louis K. Newfield will introduce Cover Soiled Wallpaper Ti,., TUrK,t- ki.t-z.k on1 Tavlnr Memorial Methodist Church Will in this area, has featured professors the speaker. excha'nge places for the 11 a.m. serv-: ices today. Preaching at First Church will be the Rev. Charles L. Warren, who will speak on "Brrh erhood Our Unfinished Task." whil" the Rev. Frtmk Morey Toothaker will preach at Taylor Churc h on tin theme. ' Jesu' Standard of Human Relationships." Dr. Martin Hall of the Institute of International Relations of Mills College, will speak at the College' of World Vision tonight at 6 o'clock at the First Methodist Church on the subject, "Lets Treat German Realistically." BETHANY HALL LECTl'RES The second week of special lec-lurcs at the Bethany Gospel Hall, 1940 23rd Avenue, will begin tonight on the general theme: "The Church . . . Which Is Christ's body.' The lecturer is Daniel Dtmnett of Lake Gmi a. Wis. The sessions continue on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday of this week at 7:45 o'clock. BISHOP GEORGE A. MILLER A series of adrirevos by Bishop George A. Miller, retired bishop of the Methodist Church and the tnin- ister of the Community Church m Lafayette, will bo given on the six Wednesdays in U-nt at the Laui'! Methodist Churrh beginning this Wednesday. On the general subject. Foundation of Faith," they will be GET YOUR HEARING JESTED NO CHARGE Tbt ctuneca rt 10 t 1 yen are not tmBj deaf nsd yoa 9 BMMf wHIl BfOpCf Bfllph Let ara k ,tm yoa at ear axpautl Let at demon. Mte aor PERSONALIZED Bearing Aid Sanriaa, We m year fcMrfcf frn af rliarge el arty four amit mmmwAtdm tiha Aanf saf Jbeyaai ni alj IndMdtad adjaav I naantea year ar "foidaa rait" poiiey. -II - fttt AUDIPIIONE CO. of IV'erthcrn California OAKLAND 1424 Franklin St. Suite 1001 Hlfhgate 1024 SAN FRANCISCO 450 Sutler St. Suite 101t SU Her 2002 One-coat new miracle wall finish "1 gallon 'dee' a room' wall finish fcO) 0)0 7rt Sip ' GALLON QUART 98 Paints Room in a Few Hours! lt' htt at hii: Just mix Kern-Tone with water "roll it on" over faded wallpaper, or practically any kind of interior wall surface 1 coat covers, it dries in I hour I Rolhr Koatrr. 89c NO MUSS! NO f USS! You nd neither turpentine nor primers. There'j no "painty" odor. And you can use yoirt room the samr day' NO BOTHER! Fingerprints and stains wash right off with ordinary wall cleaners. Choose from 8 luscious shades, trim it with Kem-Tone Borders low as 1 5c a roll. ) TO l.ifYtPVI ... ,fr n a., i 14th and Washington Streets, Oakland 321 Telegraph end , Chinning Berhcley Branch 3300 1. 14th OakUnd Shattuek and Addiien Berkeley MONTGOMERV WARD AREN'T THIY LOVELY! FOR THE GRADE SCHOOL CROWD ONLY fl90 rfr-.ci., A7 blazer and 3-button styles In sizes 7 le 14. They have all the important details of tailoring found only in' men's wearl That's why they fit so superbly! That's why they JtfoE and wear,-so welll Exciting new colors in a beautiful blend of 4 wool and rayonl- 1a 3 I 4, - '' " fm$hffy NLV Sf II mm- ... Mm Ml ontgomery Ward The building authorization will permit Flodin to erect a one-story ! History of ClllircheS brick and concrete biiilriine. with I ' . haseme'nt. at a cost of ahni.t si4.nnn "Early History of Oaklartii to replace rented quarters which j Churches" will be the topic of a talk at Alameda's playgrounds and Fed' eral Government - sponsored play Franklin Street. Albert Norman. historian of the First Methodist Church, wjll be the speaker! He will be introduced by Vice-Mayor at Rio i arc public hearing after seven ! were damaeprl hv five nn Jim 9s to be given at Wednesday's luncheon a new California congressman protested ! a nri cnnrlemneri bv ritv nntwitiec ! meeting of the Spires Club at 1714 Arabia has a population of 18,000.- 000 in an area of 1,000.000 square !Henry w. Haler chairman of ihi day. centers continued to climb today with the announcement by Otto Rittler, superintendent of the local Recreation Department, that a total of 84.616 people had utilized playground facilities during January. WARDS .t. a "good store for, men who want good clothes i i J rr fin mnt, r at ri .-- trjtAM Jt : ' i , ...WPat'' 9i. ,. :.ty,.xmtmW ? W W M W f, '.ft' ..... ?V & .V. t A " WARDS IS READY NOW WITH 1945'S Easter makes an early appearance in 1945 and so does BRENT! The curtain's up on Wards first showing of Spring's smartest styles . . . carefully tailored 95 of 100 wor'steds! Utt Wards Convenient Monthly Payment Plan ontgome ryWard G ..i . .1

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