The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 28, 1934
Page 4
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wit!** Otfrofc Wtered u (M *»t »*<* ** klM6, ttM* act toftrf », IMt tt*T ak Ar- W tM ***** by carrier W Me bfty or BiytiicvUli, lie «*r •eek. or »6« '#r i*»i la »*»ncc. By mil) wHhtt t ft** M M teUS. »3.W per rear, »1.W foi Mi mooSu, fee f*r ttJM teMU*! by null In nnui MOM t*b W te, tneHrire, K.60 pet yew. In awe* seW* to* e*ht, |t*-« pfcr year, P*y*Me <n A OouMilf ttofc The \virtiom of suih »» as the «ii»binv*tlort «*<toy which W. R. Dyeas is launching in Hie- southwestern |iart of tiiia toimty is open to serious question. It will provide teftiporaty ftlicf fur several hundred' families, which is good. Bill the expeitue involved is such as could only be justified l»y tlia ' i>ermancnt economic rehabilitation. of the beneficiaries of the undertaking, and whit basis Mr. Oyess- can have for expecting such a result is not evident. ' ' 11 is probably true tliHt a more than ordinarily competent- farm family, with nibfc than ordinary advantages of location, can -make a detent living on 20 acres of land. There Is ho fen- son to believe that the • families Mr. Dyess will be-ablft to recruit for his project will 1« of more Ihan ordinary ability. The rpntrary is more liable. And the sitfc 'chbWrt for the colony offers its members no special atJvahtigies. , V It is an expfrimeht . which merits • sympathetic inteHest. Ml there is . plenty of reason t6 l*tleVe ihtt I halt 'rniiiton dolkfa rnijjht bfe Rpfcftt Id tet> . ter ' ot "all highest," in Kis^st |*e-*»t style .were .-tha vtwis?;!^; Premter 'Seftilo Aiuss'olihlbefoirte thVltalkh-chamber of deputies SatUfdftyi "I <fo Mottefcev* in r*rp«H»»l peat*, which is tttt'-httttalftfttiki virtues' of' ffliUlkltiiu'." '. It was,, ttottsfetise. ttf that t>ttler that . crtated Ih .G«Httiiny and eb**h«H! the state ttf. m'iW fthteh mir^ie pttissibfe ,' the \\-<>ri(l War." • Musi #hal h'aWwftfeti to Germany Ijt thte case of Italy, W Will 'the ]>eople ot. Italy ctthw to th«ir .senses in time to put their effothahiat "duce" in his place before hfc brings tragedy, upon then!'.' When Justice Is Done : A -New. Yorkef gut drunk the other . .day, got ihto a Ugh! with a frferhl, and unintentionally killed 'him with a blow of the fist. The killer was brought eourt, wherfe h* pte jiiiUy to a charge of manslaughter. the oWihiry stljUel v/oM liAvt; a prison 'sentence. 'But the judge who handWd thkj case *petr.n to have been * man b'f cbhsiderable discernment. So instead ot. sending the slayer to prison, he ofdurW-hlm lo -abstain from all ak'oholki- drinks for five yearn, to pay the' funeral exposes of his victim, and to pay the widow $15 it week for five yenrs. tf thfe man falls to live up (o this •frccmwit^ he goes to prison for a live- year sttttch. trtis looks like an exceedingly sen- Vision. Too often, whet! society a iaw^w^Rker, the law- br*ah*r i s VieMm jpits left mit in the coM. Here Is a east in which a of justke will b* done to the i'lt persons Who Miffcred because 'of the killing. MONDAY, MAY 28, 18 Ptiix ft jtf n# AUlhoi-izatiort by 11'esWent velt of. the suspension i)f f "fair competition" BCctioiiK of the NftA codes of sferVic* imlllstries Will meet with little criticism. Siieh action should contribute to the sVifccess of the rWov- ury program. It might perhaps with wis'doHrbfe extended to other industries. The "fair comptilioti'* sectiorts of code'ft for the tnoht part tend toward pritte Axihg ami the .standardisation of. practices-. No doubt they are dfe- .sigfied to corfect gehnine evils, but there is rcatson to believe that the price they 'exatt for such sftfvice is high. An Arkansas editor, commenting on the .Graphic Arts code, mftde the state- merit the other day that the code had forc&t the job printing plant operated irt WnriecKbn with his newspaper to in'cfea'Hfejprices on some lines of work 1W) |*r cent. The plant was making a reanoiwble profit before, wns paying wages-above NKA stamlafdts attd was givihg-. ; Us customers sdtisfactojry service at; low. cost. Now prices on some ty^s of • work are so high that cus- t'omers can't' buy • it, .with thfe result that profits of 'thu sliop "aftd jobs of some of its employes are threatened. Price'-fixing is dangerous for the in- dilwlry. to which it is applied and buf- tkhSottlo to the p\iblic. U inay at • times be. necessarj'- uri'der certain extra- oWinary circUmsiarrteS,. but in gehelral it !s bad busilwisii and shotild i« re- mftVisA from the codes. Certainly if there is to \K i»ice tixih'g it should both Ways. There is ittore ilangier price boosting by monopolies than fitom (destructive price cutting by eowpetitota. SIDE GLANCES By G«or«« Clark . _e ^ .^_ -' * ^ • i ' a, i . . • . ^J Gom mon Name for Numerous Skin Troubles bH. MURRis i*Wrn»l M th* , A'mfriclh - »f Jiy- " Utiea, tttt, tht Htjitft-, . .. *heh >W1 • sefe'-'sn ihf^ltfn. bf 'the 'ot cottSitlons, iticli te.'ari 'infcctloh " *lth the . focbc'cus. Ihfectron ., br «veh-a mltd forrh of';iubercul- iteis. The doctor distinguishes bc- be - ringworm, the treatnient in- t'*«eh these Various . forms of in- becsusc Ue "'iftethod of extent ret ice, -_™ „„. oh the nature of the.ferhi thi "causes the disease. 'Ppf instmit ' . . remedy that, . might .'be *'cAit<hi'l sw«i» llils (liolning up baby Jor all khe hkaVywutght championships. lliere *vtr wer*. iack Dempscy. .'"*'*' The liciolsm 01 the Amcncnn teachers In Ihelr efforts to sA'rt education from the horrors of Hits economic war can never bo fully recorded. —Ur. Harold G. Campbell, superintendent of schools. New York. :, --— • •«-«., TITOM • iiiiau* .1^; I/ill- llcularly suited to the piis germ hilghl nol be . the proper remedy lor attacking the tuberculosis 'germ, and an entirely different type of rerfteiiy would be used for the ringworm. • ••.'.•'• The three•• .conditions .ImVe 'Urn In common—they iwiy . be caused by intsaniliaJV eoftditibre . wriili fchaving, either alone Or In "a barber- shop. ' •'..-.' . tl* pus germ causes a liny blfc- t'er which soon becomes filled with nlatter ami bursts. When that-oc-. cars, thr} spot Is (roV*red with a trust. Tile pius infected material a***ads and th* -InttcUori 'spreads' » • » t/StKl Infections of Ihis type will- clear up with mild-.'treatment by ointments of ammoniated mercury. In more serfcws. eases, it may M Mceamty to ae*:«trBrtfc- ties. Which a Soctar wt.. „„„ ..ttwnh'n* to the'halure of Ihe m - recllon. the CHUM. way> gel fesnte Hi VolVcS the use of VeSne'dies par- tKYtiarty aiapUa Ib.atUbk on this 'orgttilstti.'in tills condilio'n, also, it-is necessary to stop shaving arid to '0uti oul the infected hair roots each Say to aid healing. Sjuite recently specialists hi diseases of the skin have, found that usfc of trie X-ray is : particular]} valunble for infections of this type However, the X-ray must be used with, great care by one who ha. studied ils possibilities and who knows tlie chance of harm as well as of good. Infections ot the face, like lii fections elsewhere m the-body, are best controlled fty proper atteh tion to hygiene and.gfcteal health The diet should He sfinpte and not such as to cause constipation or extraordinary looseness of' th* ih- lestlnes. there should be plenty ot vitamins, particularly vitamin A, because there is. son* evidence that • i^ ..^E^^^BE^^a Almanac: "Erie, launchai at Buffalo, N.V: CHURCH EXCUSES Oe». W. Dear Aunt: Archibald and I are so nd. I told him I thought 1 had best writ* you as you are always ready and willing to give advise, 'ou know Archibald went befo:« he ehurch board to see if they would not make some changes in he church building to that the rent Nation would meet with tlie requirements laid down by the xpert he. made a survey so that we. would feel reasonably safe_^ aklng Junior to church, to our urprise they flatly refused to do uch a little thing like this it is iad, and when Archibald told hem It would hot cost more than hrec or four hundred dollars, it ooks like they are deliberately rj'lnj to keep us out of the hurch, I told Archibald to just wail that when. JuHlor grows up lo I 7w/s CURIOUS WOKLD K5 A FEW CENTURIES AGO, A MAN'S RANK, OR STATION IN LIFE, COULD 6E TOi.0 BV THE KINO HE USED IN THE SPORT KINGS USED THE ' GYRFALCON; EARLJ USED THE PfEEGBINe; VEOMEN HUNTED WITH THE GOSHAWK; POOR. MEN, THE TERCEL, AND KNAVES, THE KESTREL. EXCEPT THOSE POLLINATED ftV HAND. A LIZARD THAT LIV6S IN THE AFRICAN OESE&T COUNT HAS M/E&BED Webbed feet seem somewhat out. of plncc In the <k-Ferl. bit| gecko apparently finds lh?m suited lo ils melliod of, travel, webs prevent, tlie flu'e sand from slipping through the lots, th| affording a more secure fooling. NKXT: How were World War, cooled? the Lewis muctiinc suns, used ilurincl be willing 10 stand their old Wires Aided Itobin Fain , church on end to gel Junior io ; EAST HAMPTON, Conn, n n man and U maybe at the even look at It. Huny and write! A pair of robins built (heir . hesd of the whole country this me what you think, .hurch board is going to regret^ heir selfish action and they wiU| Head Courier News Want Ads. |on two flal lead-in wires •home of Afviil Nordberi; j lo work hatching llirce I'B *ECCM WORKS TODAT elnu *rr- , tie <ni*H »« (• .lBJ«re4. T» jpleMe aer * jirtacr, MAPBLINB IIUDUU Dtau f*em «» VrtelfM 1 * MM* t* Vet •mate, i be.4kc Mkcr fltl. ri •< tkl« Ml t* AMOS 8ID- wk> ••*•• 1k» farm J. Wmi. MRS. PLANTER. ko«»ekre«er <!•»k«H** Vf DMta. ki ktr <-mtm?. Do>«» . Bill are B shortage of vitamin O is likely to be associated with infections of Ihe skin. Some exercise outdoors, sunlight, sleep also and regular hours of arc helpful in. building up general rcifclance o{ the body. ULYTflEVlLLE 10 YEARS AGO U* OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams OF AUL THINGS' X -- EVERYTHINQ WE HAVE IS FOR. HIM- PAJAMAS, SOCKS, SHOfeV, PANTS—WHY I HAVt ACiliOfc- NOtlOlj TO TAKE THEM AU_ 6ACK ! -JUST 8E1N' SMART—' OR ELSE YOU'RE I'LL WANT SOME OF VOUR QUARTER'S WORTH. -I kNOVV YOU A HULL. AQUARTERk ' I'LL jES._e>rr A WORTH, NOW. I'LL HAVE ROOM TO CARfiy.THAT. ALL RIGHT— INSIDE 1 . Iy0c of. ach otte o* . the bmeht it h is U*»V tt-upilons Hie \<t to t* -ten-. ' uj not ti>-i««*»<l I'h'c ilh nngier*, tenWs, oi- maw,' »ct, a is belter td stop sh-av ie the ihhttttmi.fe on. Wweh infecllon goes deep, llie 6itu«- ttiay be mush more «fWos perhaps- In .«mafi «b scesscs. The ringwonn is more likely -to nvolvc 11 ic neck and is'seBom ««n oh Ihe upper lip. This fe*m occurs ih wcll-dcfined patches sncJ j. May ». 1924. won a really gt*»l btli game from Mahrta tuesa»y, Byhit Mbtw Inivlint a sipecUrtu- l.»r gaittc *«« allownj bVit lht*c scattered htt*. tlit hnil score ta- in* 4 to «. AiMnu ana Ardeh Crow- <tej\ l*i) b* the ttyyVievlllc high Whbftl grtauMes. Hfl Saturday s not likely pread lo be' irregularly ,re »c When tne-cottditioti is founa t* ANNOUNCEMENts '** thorlzed to announct the fouowU* «.« candidates tor [A.ftlfc office, iub- t to the Democratic tit-xt August: for Ri»rtji nUtlre IVY W. ••'-•-• Jidre B. HAftiUSON GEORGE *. BARHAM to CLINTON L. CALDWEU. WILSON K* Re-election tot Second flight for belroit lo see* ernpioy- iriem In Ihc automoWte shotte. . Tne recital given by Miss Eleanor rhoa-nmj's music pupils Monday evening ai trre Methodfel church marked llie close ot a most, successful musical year for Kiss Chov.ning and her- pupils. Th? following look p*rt: Doris Secoy. O-ralerinc Reyiwlds. trma LSflr.i Bfrfnes, Agues Wolf. jftnrAy Brooks. Mary Elizabeth Lastey, Julia ' Page McCall, Johri p'drten, Elsij IIMe, Chartme Robinson, Marian Coley, Virginia Terry Thelrtia Worttiln$tori. huih Suit Lillle Brlsco. Virsinia Blackwoofi, . _ .it. Matltn.' Ixmfee • Snbcljmss, Virginia Keck, Virgjhla McCall Edson Blomej-er. Mary Ellen Ste- ven.5.. D. .W. .Blackwflod. Winifred (Jrodrich, Marj' Orac6 Hill. Carolyri Hnlcj\ .Virginia Hale, SsYali •--• rar, ErnHline Taylor, Hiu Haley, Dorothy Cobb. Patty Secoy, Winifred Ffcfler, Miriam Brooks, Carmen Moon, Bonnie Lynn Gay, Lillian 8yrd Ross. ' ? B. ORSEN ;• Wwrt. Cltrk HUGH CftAIG . ADDI30N 'SMITH ' R. B. (8K*tT)/StOOT Vor C»«aty €«•«; Clerk ^W R*-tJecttoo-for'»d • Fef Amnof R. L. (BILIiTN OXIM9 0. 0..(IKE) HUDSON JACK ROBERTSON CO1T t>AVID. Hr*«k *•)•>! trml.- rr, *•< Inkcfl p*rt !• 4kc ulatftl *";*.». *U.i«1.'l»* • <tr«k«. A1* ll»lr"5f»i tlKtr ifrlnK* ••« •kt «* HIM. Rnfrar kl«ve> !;•» for tit >etM»t urn* «]•- rkirert Vl_. \OW GO ON WITH THE 5TOKT CHAFtEIl XXVIII IN hia 'firat anger o?er Con's cat• lousness and-the sltock of Made- llne'R death Renfroe had meaiit what lie said when he dismissed the animal trainer. Soon, however, showmanship dominated sentiment an* alter three- Uerformanees with out Con's animal act Renfroe had t* repeat his haety action. tt«*rot* Ueiit wori for Con 16 k taeisige horn the hotel where tli* unlrfljl trainer tilid Ktayed ibe Information tliat he haJ thccied Ont fm'meillately after hit wife'* fO'ne'ral anrt thnt bo had left mo torwurdifls address. 'ftehtroo made a round of tlie ho tela but could flnrl no Irace of tlie perforirtcr. When lh& circus lef' New 'Orleans, therefore, it dcpnrl-1 ed Whins several lions, tigers and ' their trainer. A period ol rainy wentlier eet in. Kvcryonc in Iho Iroupc was downcast and ridden wlih the superstition trim bad Ittcli *as hounding the show. SInct Sxpcnscs were eating up all profit nnrl there were only a fAw mdre Sates to be played fceVore closing for the winter. Rclv ft*e ppstef] » nollce thai these engagements Dai Men cancelled. Hcnc* the circus did not reach • Montgomery .and.Con failed to receive tlie letter Dotinn sent there, TliuiiEli Cou had mauaged to eluitc Itoutroc, bo was 6lill In New Orleans. He fiad. oecorac .a victim of rSmoHe. Biiding (now Hiat aho was lieuil) his forever!" and he had :urtly. Tlicro been oilier Imes like tliat, and remorse for t overwhelmed him, uow lhat it was too late. Temperamental, with but lillle sentimenl In bis nalure. Cou was still not quite so hcml-hearted or :allous of feelings as be had a'n- peared. Consequenlly lie suffered, he liail never been a dissipated man, a email amount of iquor intoxicated him. He found :hat by drinking lio could forget and from the time he settled inlo A bourdins house tliat liad once jeen n slately mansion until he left tns city ha did not dravr a completely sober breath. Tha little Creole woman who owned the boarding house and called her establishment home for paying guests" pitied him trnm the depths of her sentimental heart. She nude overtures of perauiculal ami ilirl-^uli m and lhat lio bad \valktd uul on| circus. lusinoss wiis nol agcnls told him. I'iduvcs J belter than vaudeville ami a single did as iuiicli to fill a t ns an animal act. wlilLh c:,t- nmeli greater expense. Con's! they said, belougoil in a d/t way, where there were f:uil| for taking care of tlie auii Perkins hail conditions been ferent he would not have p Amos Siiltlal ami Ills fnnu FO n as a lliouglit, but alter several of vain attempts lo liuil cmil ment it occurreil lo Iho au:| trainer tint there should he a come, for Madeline'*; biisliiin'! the farm. U would n!.so he r Into recuperate thcro from his I friendliness whicli Oon ignored and I she murmured often, "Such a plly! j lie's going to Iho dogs anil wlio can blame him? .So young lo lose liis wifo liial way! They were lillle iiioro tlian liride and Broom." There were dayo on end "when Con did not appear In the shabby, genteel iliniiis room, when lie alo what food he wanted from "liot dog" wiigons or munched tamales that he bouglit on llio streets. Tiiere were niglils when, lilcary- eycd and unccrlaiu In his walk, he wanrtei-eil along the river bnuk un-|by til, overcome by exhaustion, lie would fling himself upon tlie levee and nleep Micro iinlil daylight awakened b:m. rjriSILJES llial li» cnnld sec ll " lia SKiiiu- This hlea iiilrlj Con. Ho could pro how sbo J her farmer husband werr i out. Probably slio woirlil nol r| him a very cordial welcome, llio other hanil, slie mii;lit b<: lv| hy Ihis time wilh llio life Flic been lead hit;. If tliat wr-rc lrnc| wouli? rcrei-e bcr old (riciiil onen amis. Con ktusw liow Ma'lcThin null ll na tioil lionilwlnkcd Amos Sill exchanging Identities. /^kNCK 50 ituui;icnl;ito in liis au- pcarance. so clean sliavcn and handsome, Con luokcd now liku n decided tliat, unices she !wd miltcil the Iruili in ilic fumlyl was liigh lime f!t» sboiilr] ho < I pellcd In d'l FD. When (\\.\\-\ Ihor Siddal rlleil llio firh:ne [ lefL to his Krnn'lr-bilil well rights, belong to Ma'lcliiic'n >| lutid. beach comher and Mrs. l,i l.urr. T '" ! 5 c "n rea.-.'iuert lilmsfi* I for ;tll her sympalhy. to j '• frame nt minil tliat sen' -\^j liinti lint sho would liavc lo ask lilin to leave her bonnlins IIOIIEC. Tiien one day a Rllmp=e of Tih unshaven cliceks. his piisly-lnicd skin antl hollow 'eyca Jerked (Jon .1 tic'KCl agency In hup a t| ; .'. I.ebauou. There wa- iin -i- r i deciiled. In send word" In the I: I lliat he was cnruiti^. H^ w,iirl lo set tlin lay of llie Inn'I b?('l tack to sanity. He iiaii! his bills, j ll(! walked In on them, packed lii* trunks ainl look tV.e Ho WAS nnt conscious of :>ny .1 |sida lo iujiire Donn.i ns IIR tn'l first tr.iln for Cliic-:iso. On the lous trip of his possession;!. be inok slock | l ' ltso II; Iwd a. Ill- 1 Msficr. Cou ' IMMM • Hawk WteTFIELD. Mass.. (UP) — A i:oo5ler .was subjected to , herb- v,t)r6hip 6y ttie rest vt (in, barn- ya p ra.'because it saved .lhc)nvie« of some.of its nock.'Wlien.-a large hen', hawk . attacked 'trie • chickens, the rtpsfef lieard ttwtr, crtes aM fought 1 the h»wk so badly; that it died 1 from Injuries.. • • : fp«nUln* Vl .that .turn on it-We soond.flt a hutnan vofce are In-use In'several large cities; a photo-electric ceH does tlie trick. There are. 19.160,000 males' and 20^28,000 females In Kngltnd and Wales. tlo money, lutt funeral H-II-BI'ISM j'" :r busliand. had really cared j and days of dissipation had eaicn many Wow.-, Im (of the girl'who had given him ucr *Rd)6-teatte<1 devotion. • fie liad tirtckcd out ot Ihk liclel *>!6rc tie a>4 Madeline bad stayed ftica\i&6 \k« >^il)k Becincd to ccb.0 bis d»«4 %ltt> Voice aud he could »ee her-la th« tnadows aut) in every Hallway. Always alie looked as stid.Vad that last niglil—whlto- ficy) and lerrined, about to enter the cage .wiib the tigress. Over arid 6rer ngaln Cos roulrt hear Hen- tfoe's accusation, "You killed her!" E Vnew -ilint It was trna. U had'been:DOtblng more than a dislra-.lo punish Madeline for her Vast folly that hid Impelled him to force tier to.go through th» act alofie with Lucy. a Inrgc hole in bis wallet. Ohvi ously be could no! remain In Chi- H E >, Motlij iwiy trom tie hotel,- he toon found, could not er>t« the meraorlei thtt htuottd hi*. He thought ot MadeUae at ike bad bt«a o» the cotcr trlf to Ke* Or cage all winter uoiiitng lo nuH'm: it wo:;!cl Enibillerrrl l>y > rtreiv^d ; Hie pnst few moiiltif. Con cf-jf' liis lancor on tlio TU,IU vrlio. fell, tail robbed him of llie n do. An engagement in "bis time"| vv °"wn lio had ever rently loved. vaudeville was oul of llie question now. It was nol thai Uicie were many performers ivj;i, a better an than his—even minus Mmlcline and the tigress-lint Hio i.\na when IUM, UtlklbC a*« . . •alt, "If we could only g*' on bOoKlags should Inve liccii m.nlo was uow pasl. Con Ind spent it lins about New He landed In f'lilca^o d'lriiig a snow storm and prvnipily WBS lakcu down willi a severe atlack of grippe, it left him with a cougii and n feeling ot complete f.iti«ue that made him postpone dally any attempt to go to work. Ordinarily he bad found vaudeville bookings Easy to secure, hut for some reason there seemed ID b* rery few theater managers who were willing lo pay the price Cca was obliged la dcmaid fur his let. She bad I Ibis. Con ajsnrsd hlmsdf, niusl ta Tliat Donn.i tad never carcil him dirt nol mailer, or (ho. W lhat, if Iho lilani* lay 31 atiyn- iloor, II lay nl Madeline's. Cou argued lhat Donin bad trl ricrl romeon* anrt. to Vie facl ihal Renfrew bad this, thB whole slnicluro ot I lure liad fallen. Some men become- bis with versity, develop muscles of chail tcr and priucliilc?. but t'on^ Oil shriveled and lost the- detency ll had carried him tar lu bis choj profession. Ou the trip lo Lebanon vlsloned himself as Donna's h| band and the master of tbe dal properly. He saw Bill S!d| gnawing his lip with chagrin ealing bis >earl out with di pclntccent This plctuia se^.^i pkase Con mightily. I (to Bo Continued] '

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