Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi on December 20, 1991 · Page 56
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi · Page 56

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1991
Page 56
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r3 O THE CLARION-LEDGER I JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1991 'Year in Rock' takes light look at news Most events are held to quick sound bites on the MTV special. By David Hinckley New York Dally News Think of 1991 as a show, with Guns N' Roses as the closing act. No, better yet, think of 1991 as a video, with nothing including Magic Johnson's HIV announcement and the Gulf War whose essence cannot be conveyed in a three-second clip. Now, and only now, you are prepared to watch The Year In Rock, MTV's annual review of the musical year, airing tonight at 7. Madonna gets a relatively long and mostly loving segment here, making her the program's musical co-fave alongside Guns N' Roses and R.E.M. Metal artists get an increasing proportion of the airtime, and in fact, Metallica's Lars Ulrich emerges as the best of the guest sound-biters. After an extended discussion of why concert ticket sales fell this year, centering on the recession and other socio-economic factors, Ulrich comments, basically: I think people just didn't care about some of those acts any more. Argue with that. Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, even with the controversy surrounding the Black or White video, is treated as one more news story, rather than the news story. The growing popularity of rap is noted, but this is tricky turf, since that's a phenomenon that has developed more in spite of MTV than because of it. In the end, The Year In Rock is mostly fun, a fast run through MTV's corner of music and a lite look at the news. Profundity here means Madonna saying, "Honesty is a frightening concept to most people." The Year In Rock will repeat Saturday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at noon. Guillaume goes back on beat tonight NBC returns Pacific Station to its prime time lineup. By Mark Dawidziak Knighl-Rldder New Service Two-time Emmy winner Robert Guillaume Soap and Benson ) is known for playing ever-efficient, buttoned-down characters. Film veteran Richard Libertini The In-Laws, Fletch, All of Me, Bonfire of the Vanities ) is known for his zany, free-spirited roles. So, surprise, in NBC's Pacific Station, a comedy return-. ing ton NBC's lineup tonight at 8 on WLBT-Channel 3, Guillaume plays an ever-efficient, buttoned-down police detective teamed with a zany, free-spirited partner (portrayed by you-know-who). "In a broad sense, I guess this guy is kind of a buttoned-down down type," Guillaume said. "I just don't know. I see him as different from Benson, let us say." For his part, Libertini, last seen on NBC's The Fanelli Boys, always believes that he's doing rational, sane characters. "It just happens that it comes out a little bit (zany). It's because I'm a twisted person." He may be in a typecasting twilight zone, Libertini said, but "there's nothing that I can do about it. This is the perception. And, although deep inside there's a very, very sensi- ft! . fiv -IK ' 4Y l Vs ' tv- -Uri Robert Guillaume (left) and Richard Libertini star as mismatched police partners in the NBC comedy Pacific Station. ble, rational, calm person, that's not what comes out." Guillaume stars as Bob Ballard, a veteran detective whose beat is the offbeat California beach community of Venice. Not only is Bob unjustly passed over for promotion to captain, he must adjust to the weird and wacky ways of his new partner, Richard Cap- parelli (Libertini). Bob does things by the book. Richard is unpredictable. Bob cherishes stability. Richard has just returned from psychiatric leave. Bob is uncomfortable displaying emotion. Richard wears his heart on his sloppy sleeve. Bob is neat. Richard is a slob. "I took this because I needed work and they offered money," Guillaume said of the odd-couple comedy. "But one always hopes that one is stepping into a hit. One never knows. "I don't know Barney Milerof the '90s? I don't know whether I'd say that. I would only hope that we would achieve some success." His last series, ABC's The Robert Guillaume Show, lasted less than two months. After it was canceled, he enjoyed an eight-month run in the Los Angeles stage production of The Phantom of the Ojera. Another Pacific Station regular is Ron Leibman, who has only one other series, Kaz (CBS, 1978-79), on his resume. Although the lawyer drama didn't see a second season, it earned Leibman an Emmy. "I was very proud of Kaz," said Leibman, who also created and produced the CBS series. "The problem with hour television for me was that the load was enormous. Even though I had created the show, I had no idea because I'd never done any television at that point." There's quite a bit of musical talent in the Pacific Station cast. Libertini plays cornet. Leibman is an accomplished drummer. And Guillaume has starred in such Broadway musicals as Purlie and Guys and Dolls. '20-20' looks again at Romanian orphan From Wire Service Reporte On tonight's 20-20, which airs at 9 p.m. on WAPT-Channel 16, correspondent Tom! Jarriel and producer Janice Tomlin follow! up on the case of Vasile, 5, whom they first! saw in Romania in 1990. The boy, born with a club foot, was about to be sent to an insti-' tution for so-called "unsalvageable chil-i dren." Instead, he became one of 10,000 ! adopted after 2020's series aired. "You getj warm and fuzzy inside," Tomlin says of this; tale. There's a downside: Some 90,000 kids,; many with severe handicaps, still need, homes. Tomlin wants to return to Roma-! nia's orphan situation. "I find writing off! 90,000 children as a lost cause newsworthy." j NBC's Today is the morning show of' choice for White House reporters, says a! Brookings Institution report. Forty-four! percent watch Today; 20 percent watch ABC's Good Morning America; 12 percent; Fox Morn ing News; and 8 percent CBS This Morning. " Harry Connick Jr. guests on an upcoming; episode of NBC's Cheers. And Cieers'Kel-; sey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth mentioned as candidates for a spinoff show guest on an upcoming episode of NBC's 1 Wings. The Family Channel, known for whole-1 some programs, gets gritty Dec. 28 at 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. with a hard-hitting report about ! families devastated by drugs and alcohol . . . ; Country singer Garth Brooks gets his own ; special on NBC Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. FRIDAY MIGHT Movies Specials Sports News Bast bet: "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (7 p.m.. CBS). The classic cartoon offers reveals the true meaning of the season through laughter and tears. 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 n 6:00 News: Mar- 6:30 Current Af- 7:00 Matlock: "The Foursome" Matlock 8:00 Pacific Sta- 8:30 Dear John: 9:00 Reasonable Doubts: Dicky probes 10:00 News: (10:35) Tonight Show: Jonathan Win- (1 1:35) Cheers: NPf sha Pollock, How- fair(CC) accuses the deputy district attorney of tion: Bob's son "Once I Had a Se- the murder of a man who disputed a teach- Maggie Wade, ters; actress Bonnie Hunt; singer Joe Wil- Sam falls for ex- 1HC ardBallou- misconduct. (CC) quits college. cretLove" er's credentials. Howard Ballou. liams. flame's daughter. m 6:00 News: Me- 6:30 Cosby 7:00 Charlie 7:30 Wish That 8:00 Movie: "Moonstruck" (1987) Cher, Nicolas Cage. Norman Jewison's Oscar-win- (10:07) News: (10:37) Mar- (1 1:07) Mama's (11:37) Gimme a -p. lanie Christopher, : Show: "Book- Brown Christ- Changed Christ ning tale of a widowed Brooklyn bookkeeper who falls in love with her fiance's brother. Melanie Christo- ried... With Chil- Family Break Walter Saddler. worm" (CC) mas: Animated. - mas: Animated. (CC) - pher dren (CC) m 6:00 Wheel of 6:30 Jeopardy! 7:00 Family Mat- 7:30 Step by 8:00 Perfect 8:30 Baby Talk: 0:00 2020: Plans for racial integration 10:00 News: Cory 10:30 Arsenio Hall: Actor Wesley 11:30 Nightlina AH?f Fortune (CC) (CC) ters: Rachel is new Step: Frank and Strangers: "Door Neighbor's apart- divide the community of Dubuque, Iowa. Thompson, Karen Snipes ("Jungle Fever"). (CC) (CC) ABC choir director. Carol get married. to Door" (CC) ment is robbed. (CC) Jones m 6:00 MacHeilLehrer Newshour (CC) 7:00 Nightly 7:30 Wall Street 8:00 Washington 8:30 McLaughlin 9:00 Firing Line 9:30 Adam 10:00 Movie: "Amazing Grace With Bill Movers" (1990) Jessye Off Air Business Report: Week:Great Pre- Week in Review Croup New Europe and Smith: "Fear" Norman, Judy Collins, Johnny Cash and others perform the hymn. rBS GeorgeP. Muzea. sents (CC) Monarchy (Rerun) (CC) . 6:00 Perfect 6:30 Entertain- 7:00 America's Most Wanted: A man 8:00 Hidden Vid- 8:30 Best of the 9:00 Mississippi News Tonight: Hosts: 10:00 Star Trek: The Next Generation 11:00 MASH: 11:30 Friday the Strangers: ment Tonight: wanted for the murder of a security guard; eo: Christmas sur- Worst: Elvis con- Bob Noonan, Gene Edwards, Michael Ru- (CC) "Movie Tonight" 13th: The Series: DBO Larry's jealous. Actor Martin Short. a paroled rapist. prises. vention; bad food. benstein, Steve Gibbs. - "Badge of Honor'" I 6:00 Bible and I 6:30 Day of Dis- I 7:00 Backstage I 7:30 Lifestyle I 8:00 Missions '91 I 8:30 Window on I 9:00 Cope I 10:00 Charles Stanley I 1 1:00 American I 11:30 Williams ACT Life covery With Gary Magazine the Word: Bible Telecast TV McSpadden study. ART 6:00 Late Night With David Letterman 7:00 Time Machine: "Red Empire" "Winners and Losers" Stalin's reign follows the October Revolution. 8:00 Investigative Reports: Logan Clarke and his wife run a Hollywood detective agency. 9:00 Revue: Scheduled: singer Patti La-Belle; screenwriter James Toback. 10:00 Evening at the Improv: Host: Rita Moreno. 11:00 Time Machine: "Red Empire" "Winners and Losers" Stalin's reign follows the October Revolution. ESP 6:00 Sports-Center 6:30 Ski World 7:00 Skiing: U.S. Men's Pro Tour. From Mount Snow, Vt. (Part 1) (Taped) 8:00 Rodeo: National Finals Championship Round. From Las Vegas. (Taped) 10:00 Week Speed- 10:30 Center Sports- 11:00 Skiing: Jimmy Heuga Ski Express 11:30 Billiards Challenge of Champions FAM 6:00 Movie: "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" (1984) Mickey Rooney, Scott Grimes. A deceased detective strikes a heavenly bargain to return to Earth in order to fulfill his grandson's holiday wish. 8:00 Father Dowling Mysteries: Father Prestwick is in danger when he becomes involved in murder. 9:00 700 Club: Possible Syrian involvement in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. 10:00 Border-town: Bennett's father visits. 10:30 Border-town: "A Brand of Justice" 11:00 Videosyncrasy: In Sync With Christmas: Jimmy Hodson conducts a holiday tour of New York LIF 6:00 China Beach: A wounded prisoner of war (Dr. Haing S. Ngor) is brought in for treatment. 7:00 L.A. Law: Leland tries to help a widow find her husband's body; Roxanne is arrested. (CC) 8:00 Movie: "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas" (1989) Charles Durning, Ted Lange. Santa Claus, a con man and an oversized elf join forces to help an 8-year-old girl reunite her family for the holidays. 10:00 Six Ladies Laughing: Andrea Martin, Victoria Jackson, Kim Coles, Sue Kolinsky and others. (Rerun) 11:00 It's Garry Shandling's Show 1 1:30 Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (CC) NIC 6:00 Adventures of Pete A Pete Summer 6:30 Tunes Looney 7:00 Mork A Mindy: "Young Love" 7:30 Superman: "The Prince Albert Coat" 8:00 Dick Van Dyke: A bachelor's a neighbor. 8:30 Get Smart: An agent's diary disappears. 9:00 Dragnet: "The Big Frustration" 9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 10:00 Green Acres: Lisa tells tall tales. 10:30 Mister Ed: Wilbur neglects Ed. 11:00 Mork Mindy 11:30 Dobie Gil-lis: Maynard helps aspiring singer. TBS (6:05) Addams Family: Grand-mama is jailed. (6:35) Sanford and Son: "A Pad forLamont" (7:05) Movie: "The Music Man" (1962) Robert Preston, Shirley Jones. A fast-talking traveling salesman promises to organize a boys' marching band in River City, Iowa. (10:15) Movie: "Runaway" (1984) Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes. An electronics wizard begins reprogramming domestic robots into murderous machines. ' TNT (9:30) Bugs Bunny A Pals 7:00 NBA Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers at Detroit Pistons. From the Palace of Auburn Hills. 9:30 NBA Basketball: Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors. From the Oakland Coliseum Arena. USA 6:00 MacGyver: MacGyver races to stop a professional killer from murdering an archbishop. 7:00 Murder, She Wrote: To meet her deadline, Jessica must clear her typist of a murder charge. (CC) 8:00 Beyond Reality: "Asylum" 8:30 Ray Bradbury Theater 9:00 Swamp Thing: Jim befriends a little girl. 9:30 Hitchhiker: Playwright is desperate for ideas. 10:00 Movie: "Hot Chili" (1985) Charles Schillaci, Allan J. Kayser. Four teenagers working at a Mexican resort find ways to bend the rules in order to fraternize with the guests. WGN 6:00 I Dream of Jeannie 6:30 Now It Can Be Told: Female serial killer. 7:00 Movie: "The Harness" (1971) Lome Greene, Julie Sommars. A middle-aged widower and a newly liberated young woman fall in love. 9:00 News: Payne. (CC) Rick Rosenthal, Allison 10:00 Court: ' Dads" Night My Three 10:30 Kojak 11:30 Movie: "Prime Suspect" (1982),TeriGarr DIS (5:00) Movie: "Story of Robin Hood" 6:30 The Snowman (R) 7:00 Movie: "Batman" (1966) Adam West, Burt Ward. Batman and Robin face an all-star lineup of villains in this feature film based on the campy TV series. (PG) (1 hr., 45 min.) 9:00 Movie: "The King and I" (1956) Yul Brynner, Deborah Kerr. A widow and her son arrive in Siam to tutor the King's many wives and children. (G) (2 hrs., 13 min.) 1 1:30 Crosby, Stills A Nash HBO 6:00 Play by Play: A History of Sports Television: An in-depth look at sports broadcasting. (Part 1 of 2) 7:00 Movie: "The Rookie" (1990) Clint Eastwood, Charlie Sheen. A young detective teams up with a two-fisted veteran cop to bring down a vicious auto-theft kingpin. (R) (CC)(2hrs., 1min.) 9:00 Movie: "Next of Kin" (1989) Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson. Angry hillbillies invade Chicago seeking revenge against the mobsters who killed their brother. (R) (CC) (1 hr., 49 min.) i 11:00 Kids in the Hall: The young comics perform. 11:30 Tales From the Crypt MAX (4:30) Movie: "Oliver!" (1968) Ron Moody, Oliver Reed. (G) (CC) (2 hrs., 26 min.) 7:00 Movie: "Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael" (1990) Winona Ryder, Jeff Daniels. A teenage rebel eagerly awaits the gala homecoming of her idol a woman who left their small Ohio town and became a star. (CC) 9:00 Movie: "Bride of Re-Animator" (1991) A pair of potential Frankensteins continue their body-building experiments after a gory zombie massacre. (R) (10:35) Movie: "Sex Appeal" (1986) Louie Bonanno, Tally Brittany. In his efforts to meet women, a young man turns to a best-selling seduction manual. (R) SHO (5:00) Movie: "Prancer" (1989) Rebecca Harrell, Sam Elliott. (G) (1 hr., 43 min.) 7:00 Movie: "Runaway Train" (1985) Jon Voight, Eric Roberts. Two escapees from a brutal prison become trapped on a brakeless train speeding out of control across Alaska. (R)(1 hr., 51 min.) 9:00 Movie: "Body Chemistry" (1990) Marc Singer, Lisa Pes-cia. An obsessed sex therapist terrorizes her happily married colleague. (R) (1 hr., 25 min.) 10:30 Movie: "The Final Alliance" (1990) David Hasselhoff, Bo Hopkins. A man seeks revenge on the gang that murdered his family and left him to die. (R) TMC (5:00) Movie: "Bonnie Scotland" (1935) (6:25) Movie: "My Favorite Year" (1982) Peter O'Toole. An alcoholic ex-matinee idol has trouble coping with the pressures of a live TV performance. (PG) 8:00 Movie: "Loose Cannons" (1990) Gene Hackman. A no-nonsense cop and his schizophrenic partner investigate a series of gruesome murders. (R) (9:35) Movie: "Heart Condition" (1990) Bob Hoskins. 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