The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1949
Page 2
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FAGI TWO Voice of America Hurting Russians HOUM Coitimittt* Approves Fund* to Finance Broadcast* WASHINGTON, All*. 12. (API — The Hous* Appropriations Committee yesterday recommcndeJ more money for the "Voice of America" Rfter hearing that the program Is hurting the Russians "and hurting them bndly." It also approved funds to start work on a long-range jniicied missile proving ground In Florida and for lonrui Tor construction ol Invm I hoiunnp > Monev for those and numerous other p-'oj^rts icere included in an i omnibus 175.790.521 supplemental ] appropriation bill sent to Ihp House lloor for debate this week. Tlie, total In 114.174,459 ifss than She President requested. Tor the "Voice of America." the S(.<te Department's Joreien broadcast activity, the committee recommended $11.500.000. This supplements money previously spvrn Hie project for the current fiscal year, ending next June 30. The extra allotment, the committee said, is for construction and improvement, of international radio broadcasting stations, including fa- ciiities to overcome Soviet "Jam- mlng' of U.S. broadcasts to Russia, Durinfr Us hearings o» the bill. the committee said. Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wcdemeyer, director of psych BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER WEDNESDAY, AUGUST IT, 1»4> ITU Convention Action Throws *"""" Ha " $0(f Aside 'No Surrender' Policy INTO THE WILD BLUE— 51 ' 11 «tr«pp«d In hit *e«t, Capt. Vinc«nl MaTloTs .hot from .nMr Fore. pUo. yom f 555 mile. p« hour during successful test o[ emer««ncy pilot-ejection ov«S« Pablo Bay. near San Francisco. H. p.r.chuted .,fey. AnoUi« pilot In IV>* lwo-p\ic« pl»n« brought it back to ill baM. Pitching Horseshoes BY BILLY ROSE By Mcrrb OAKLAND. Calif.. At!|. 17. I A dissatisfied (action within the International Typographical Union called yesterday for convention action to throw out th* ITU's "no surrender" policy toward employer contracts. A lest vote was assured. The St. I/>ul» delegation introduced a pro- prosed amendment to yank the collective bargaining formula out of the ITU's by-lawi, Pro-administration delegates countered with - an address Monday, spoke of Denham's action as "vicious, unconscionable attacks" on the very life of the printer organization. He said that if Denham succeeded in efforts to invalidate 30 ol the unions laws it would turn over to employers the right to run the ITU. The ITU first decided in 1947 that because of TaR-Hartley restrictions it would be better off without formal agreements. When i I that didn't work It set about to \ LOS ANGELES, Aug. IT. (*} — Sugar heir Adolph Spreckels, Jr., 1* th* father of a seven-pound, 12- ounce boy, presented to him yesterday by his wife, aclreu K»y Williams. They «'er« married In IMS. She twice has announced her intention to divorce Spreckels but each time reconciliation was effected. Randolph on the bargaining Issue say nobody Is in disagreement en fundamentals in the fight against the Taft-Hartley statute. But members differ on methods. Read Courier Newa Want Ads. GreaUat The linneus neniertine. a lar»» flat marine worm. Is said to have the greatest muscular expansion power of any living thing on ewth. It Is able to atretch from eight to M feet. By Billy ROM Actors Kquily Association J5 West 41tri Street New York. N.Y. Gentlemen: Dining the past six mouths, rep-1 utable producers have announced approximately 50 new precHclions lor the tall season, and yet, here it is the middle ot August and you can count those actually In rehearsal on the lingers o( one Klove. 1 Broadway, ot course, knows what | (he trouble Is—money, or rather Ihe lack of it. II knows that. b«- ,. r i ! cause of one thing or another, o, ! yesterday's anRCls have folded their in the past few months I've read at least five which shape up as potential box-offict hits. But m far not one of them has ordered a dress or a stick of scenery be- ause the producer hasn't, been able o dig up niorr than hall oJ the ipcessary money. -- i nusr remJl?.tion of work. speculate on pre-opeiiltid ticket [ On Strike Sine* N'o«. buys, would complete the financing ; Tne lm j on has been these shows, and live musical' lerdny's ~. ----• ~- , - '.,, wings, and that a producer who ati- osical warfare for the Army. te.,tl- , dittons a show (or a gro up of potetifted: ; t | n i backers these nights is lucky A condition has been recently j j( he raisM el i 0 ,, gn lo pay for the rc canapes and cocktails. created by tlie Russians with ercnce to Jamming that will require accelerated and expanded activity on our p^rt. We have received numerous reports from good sources thft would Indicate that we are hurting them and hurting them baniy" Oiled "First IJne of Defense General Wedemeyer called the Information program the nation's first lint of defense, rather than the Obviously, what the legitimate theatre needs most right now Is new set ol angels who are willing to gamble on the productions that are all jet to go. And if you're Inclined to listen. I can tell yov where you'll tind this new set of angels — gents with fresh, greei folding money, who are not only willing but actually eager to lake their chances. And you won't have to look far measure to extend the union president's control over contracts. Close associates of ITU's six- term president, Woodruff Randolph of Indianapolis, conceded the opposition little chance to upset the bargaining pattern -si up In 19«7 The tut annual meeting ol the nation's oldest trade union is in Hi third day here. It has three more days to go. The policy has involved the AFU affiliate in »" Intense two-year battle, both on the legal front and the picket ll.ies. At the heart of It i.? the ITU s bitter opposition lo the Taft-Harl- i ley Act. The ITU contends tlie law ! has hit it harder than other un- I ,— because of the printers' h!s- put in formal contracts. ITU lawyers evolved clauses designed. In , -<M> |> effect, to maintain union job con- m ,,, trol. '~-» Convention delegates who oppose TMim -Piii- Worms H's my belief that the ticket i ( Or y 0 [ closed shop contracts and speculators, if given ttte^ chance Jo'. clos( . rpln jl ? .tion^pf work. aaalnst Chicago newspaper publishers since Nov. 24, !«47. It has been the target ol 10 management complaints to the National Labor Relations Board. The employers accuse the ITU of attempting to avoid provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act productions, gentlemen, mean the employment ol close to 1.000 adore, dancers, musicians, stage hands and other help around (lie theatre. And remember. I'm only talking about musicals. I understand that »t _ least a dozen dramatic shows are | ready to go into rehearsal as soon dough is available lor the necessary bonds and production expenses. Who would sillier? Nobody I know ol. except possibly * few chiselers who are stashing away dark-of-lhr-mnon money In their vaults—little, if *">'• of which ever shows up on their Income tax re- urns. Respectfully, Billy ROM In one case, that I' ' by the American Newspaper Publishers Association. NLRB General Counsel Robert Denham obtained a federal court injunction to -ep the union in line with the labor statute. Th« same court in Indianapolis sianped contempt citation on the ITU. Henry Kaiser. ITU attorney, in military forces. /TJ,H .»>*>• •**••• - ..-•- -The funds for-farm housing con- 1^,, gentlemen have their ollices atructlon stem from the 1949 hous- j on Broadway, and if you don't know Ing act The committee approved j t , lem by name yon undoubtedly the full request for S25.000.000 in ynm . them by s | e ht. yes. I'm talk- borrowing authority for the As™- jn g about the ticket brokrrs. culture Department and $2.000,000 j To heRr th em tell II. the reason In cash for grants and loans to , t nev ' re anxious to bankroll certain «need up farm home construction. I productions ts because lliey re ted ItcAit. tl 000 000 from the M.000,000 „„ Kl(h taking the rap lor certam reouest for administrative expenses.: thieving producers, theatre owners, To start work on the guided mis- , company managers and box office •tie orolect the committee recom- j treasurers. They're unhappy about mended WOCO.OOO. This is an Air | the b 2 d notices they've been getting ?Tc« program for which Congress ! iately and, for a change wouh* ^ntlyruth^drioTal ultimate |]lke'to buy block, of ticket, at ^ndlturt of »75000000. ! *°* office prices In advance of pro- r. d Son. ?„« committee voted ^tion.^nd^r^p^ared^to ^ wrong. To make this possible. Equity of course would have to remove its ban on the "buy." And. taegKing your pardon. It's about time Though the experiment was worthj In motive, what resulted Irom H like prohibition. I: a matUr ol record and regret. As everybodj (knows, bootleg tickets to some Hie big hits this season have sold authority for the military establishment to transfer to the missile project *7.SOO.OOO of funds previously given the Air Force: Tlie misfit base is to be built at Banana River, H«. Wallace Beery's Estate Includes $750,000 Cash Poccrhontcrs Soon May Get Natural Gas LITTLE. ROCK, Aug. 17. IIFi— The Forst Smith O«s Corporation yesterday asked permission to construct a gas distribution system -' Pocahonla». The application, filed with Ihe Arkansas Public Service Comrms sion is Intended as the first step in plans to furnish natural ia lo towns in East Arkansas. A. B Harper, president of the company said. For several years there has beei agitation lor natural gas s'rvic in East Arkansas, which now Is largely without such a facility. The application said a trans mission line would be constructe to a point approximately six mile T f^C ANOELlES, AU£. I'i- (•'* ) , I J]C UJ£ 1I1U> HI JO .Ti""" - •— -- *' --r-t-- Three Quarters of a million dollars. for as much as 50 a seat -several I southeast of Pocahontas to Jol - "sh was left ta » sate deposit limtll as much as the ^public j.iMd with the main line of the Missis box by Wallace Beery, an account- Ing of his »2.000,000 estate shows, Government bonds worth more than «600,000 also were listed in Ihe inventory, ordered by Superior Court to determine Inheritance for a "Follies" or a "Show Boat" during the years of Uie "buy." .,;;A lot of us. of course, know the- Modern Home FOR SALE Beautiful J-bpdroom home in nice residential area. Has 3 baths, 'J-car garage, GE heating system, complete insulation, very modern kitchen, large breakfast room, full size dining room, large screen porch, servants' house. In Central School district Can be financed by FHA. Shown by appointment only. Call or see MAX LOGAN Phone 2034 Death! for all those Pesky, Disease- carrying Fliet and .Mosquitoes! Cottage and Other Household Pests Home, Camp or Summer with AEROSECT the wonder insecticide that can be used by anyone in the family. X on-poisonous ia humans *r animals . can be used around open foods . . . nn kerosene odor. AKROSKOT (oe> farther . . . costs less. Bis. refillable IE-ounce bomb. Only $3.98 or $2.35 with Empty B Get the Best .... Get Acrosect HU8BARD HARDWARE CO., Inc. West Main Phone 2*15 sipi Fuel Corporation. Cost of the line and of the Poca honlas distribution system was es- scandalous story behind the ticket timated at J253.000. Approximately scandal certainly I do. Bui to put 1.000 customers would be served. the ill-making details on paper— Harper said wor 1 - would start to exolain the institution of "Ice"'| immediately if the application is and how it's melted down—well, I approved and that he hoped con- would Involve blowing the ! sruction could be completed by the The actor, who died April 15 at thi affe of 64 left the bulk of his that wouin involve mo^m* me i mm-Li^it ^ r'tate to his adopted daw«ht«r. i whisllf on a lot of *«ys Vvr. chum-i. beginning of cold weather. Carol Ann 18 his brother, William, j med and bummfd around with for j The Public Service Commission. and his nephew. Noah Berry. Jr. years and. tor reasons I won't bore i Governor McMath and other agen- Claims against the estate Include | you with, I'm not disposed to play • cies and Individuals have been ad- those of his lormer wife. Mrs. Mary Areta Toyt, who seeks one halt: and Oloria Schumm. film bit player, who contends Beery wns the father of her 18-monlh-old son. She has asked for $104,135. Beery denied palernity and spccilically disinherited Ihe Infant in his will. NOT HALF-SAFE "copper." i vocating natural gas for East Ark- As tlie owner of a theatre. 1 Ret ansas. to .see most of the musical script-' | that are turned out these days, and Read Courier News Want Ads. Now! Toni Home Permanent TWICE as EASY- TWICE as FAST MIAMI, FLA. 1949-Leona Frederick* of Miami says: "A half-safe girl is only half-alive—she misses all the fun. That's not for me! I use a deodorant that stops pcrspirAtio'n 1 to 3 days and kills odor on contact.. It keeps m« safe up to 48 hours—and that really bolsters my self-confidence. What's more, it's safe for my skin and clothes!" How about you? Don't be half- safe—be Arrid-safe! Use Arrid tobt »tti'e. Buy new Arridwith Creanioire-n Arrid with Creamopen is guaran teed not to crystallize or dry out in the jar. What's more, if you are not completely convinced thut Arrid is fit every icay the finest cream deodorant youVe ever used, return the jar with unused portion, and we'll refund the entire purchase price. Our address is on every package. Get a jar of the new Arrid with Cveamoffcn today—only 39f p/iu tax. SHRUBBERY We offer » complete line ot Slark Landscaping plants and trees. . Order now (or Fall planting. SUrk's 131 years experience In (his fleld assure. 1 ! your getting [he most for your money. Allow xis to give you n free estimate. Telephone 554 tod»y. BLYTHEVIU.E W1U/VS SALES COMPANY . to jivt vou trie moU natural-looking WAVn eier. N'ew Photo MtihofU>iTtctiom*how how Toni waves many type* o( hmr in «• liltlt a? rtOntmuiet COMPUTI SIT NIW TONI *WN CUKIUI No raort rubb«r b»n<it—>ll j>l«u< -«ll-m.on«lCirip» • «pin« •• lock« »itli • flick of th« ftniCT. M<Vn «vtirr w«v« trom new ot! MT1C4 »• *MV I Inrlinied in Ibis offtr — Tom Ctetnr Riu!>« te maVt \<Vir TOM wave tven lovtViw t K1RBY DRUG STORES Biythevllle, Ark. AN EIGHT FOR LESS THAN MANY SIXES! The '49 FORD, America's lowest priced fi cylinder car, is yours for hundreds of dollars less than 6 cylinder models of 10 other popular cars! Only Ford in rh« low price field can offer you the 'power of luxury can. Only Ford in its Field, often a V-type engirw ... eight cylinders... 100 horsepower. And not only does Ford offer you America's lowest priced "Eight" but also the great new Ford "Six" at even lower cost. Cos savings of up to 10% (up to 25% with automatic Overdrive, optional at extra cost)! And you get the new too! The sweeping power^of Ford's new engines is only port of the new Ford "Feel."-Witti it comes the new, easy control of "Finger-Tip" Steering and 35% easier-acting "Magic Action" Brakes. You get th* bump-erasing "feel" of "Hydra- Coil" and "Para-Flex" Springs. The comfort of sofa-soft, "Sofa-Wide" Seats with more hip and shoulder room rhan any car in Ford's Field. Ask for a rid* and you'll order now. Take the wheel try the new FORD "FEEL" ... at your Ford Dealer's PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Fifth & Walnut Phen« 4453 -AWARDED THE FASHION ACADEMY GOLD MEDAL AS THE "FASHION CAR OF THE YEAR"

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