The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS At Abyssinian Coronation H?If Million Dollars Worth ( of Gold and Gems Placed; on Ras Tafan's Head. ADDIS, Ababa. Abytsinia. Nov. 3 j (UP)—The east and tlic west, l!ie | ancient and the modern, ming'iod in !• partly Euroneaul/ed African capital today for the' festivities at- kndant up™ the coronation of the i RUE Tnlf.ri. crowned. Emperor Hailc ' Masslc, King of Kings. I.ion of i Judah and the E!.:ct of God, in a' spectacular ceremony yesterday. Drink Blood ! of Oxen The corcrwiion was a mixture of | mod.Hn and barbaric splendor. Soon' after u cnwn of Abyssinian gold, studded with diamonds, rubies and raphires had been placed 1 upon tlic impsror's heiid and lie had driven with the on press to open the doors of Ohobi palace, soldiers rushed into Hie palace courtyard and Eluiiillilercd :i herd of oxen with .weirds and daggers, drinking the blood and consuming the raw flesh. l-cii'jign representatives in modern court dress and brilliant uniforms wimeised the coronation in |c«Sh!er: it. E. Lashot, service and fSliojj foreman, and C. T. Shamlln .ipalm shop. PAGE THREE- Billy Cooley, Noble Gill Seek Debating Honors! W. I. Denlon Company in b et! Spacious Home at Main and rranklin. , B Pennsylvania Family .. '. Serve in Five Wars DANVILLE, 1'a. (UP)-Membcrs of i IK Heddens family here have served In Hie live major wnrs ol the United Ktulfs. p..., I 1 t \\ IT 1 1 Wl M ' Ifcchir-ns *Jiacimg Ol New Highway ;ol the family 1 ° r |!|K . I'lk-re are four veterans, includ- U1 K Xl *]e Gill wlio has won n innn- 'f 01 honors in this capacity. The school al, Conwny, Ark., which me present head who recently celc ur.c of the strongest sctied- Us history, plans to com- ill facf- tile.-, licu> with a number" of schools li. Cu:il tri-scliool debates nnd to CHUT tlirce tournaments. Tr.e tryouls will be held Dec. l:i prior lo the owning of debutes In la'.i' February and continues Into April. The micstlon Is: "P.eso'.vcd, Tha>, the Nations Should Adopt n Policy ol Free Trade." November 15. VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP)—Even First—in trie dough. Tden in the oven. You can be sure of perfect bakings in using— KC BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER 4O YEARS 25 ounces for 25c MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT. , Hero is the rc\sl court hiinrt of Abyssinia, which played ut the coronation • of Rfis TnfTari, \vlio yesterday ofTicially b:L;Limp emperor of /\b;ssinia at his capital, Addis Aba'ja. T'-ic bairJ, b.irefoolej ex- opt, for, t':c dirccler.. rcceii'.iy Icaru::! 13 pV.iy ';Th? SLar Spangled • and Banner" in Iioncr c-f an official Uiwv.1' Slate? drlr/ranoii lo oror.ntlcii. 'II:.- nrw cmpc-ror, w"'.o claims descent from Solomon ind lh» Queen cf Pl-.t-ha. is sr.r.v.n \:\ the inset. r:=ide a r.iup iiiif the location of his empire. The opening of the new W. I. Demon Chevrolet building at the corner of East Main ami Franklin streets, destroyed by fire several moiulis ago mid recently completed at a cost of approximately $25,COO, was held today. The company lias occupied temporary quarters in the old Dcen Motor company building on East Main street since the (Ire, but nil stock and equipment has been removed to the new building which is now open for business. The .'.iructurc Is similar to the i one whlC'hopened last January and I one which opened last January and ; a portrali of Ills Majesty the King ran area 100 by 120 feet and is one .Is not exempt Iro:n Canadian cus- siory in height, i toms duties. Prevented by Lloyds Handsome in appearance, the I'" ko«uon with a framed aulo- brlck structure has a. number of Brau'id! portrait of the King when large plate glass show windows and tllc >' moved into new offices here, two entrance doors forming the "'™"!MS of Ihe Vancouver Mer- fronl. The showroom extends the cll:> "ts' Exchange were defined full length of the building and has V n! " tllc T !™ r »»l "ml Uicy had an exceptionally good lighting arrangement. The floors are terrazo and ihe walls and celling are of harmonizing composition material. Offices and the parts and accessories department arc. located In the center of Jhe building. Wide, electrically operated doors admit entrance of cars from Franklin stieet to tlie general repair shop located In the north' section of the building. • • •.;. Scvtra! improvements have been made in the new building. A hot air heating system has teen installed and tats serves as a ventilating system In the summer months. Office space, Has been re- arranged'and Improved lighting facilities installed. Washing and greasing service has been added and a duco painting top repairing department Is HAYTI, Mo »« ^i-^-t i brnlc(1 llls 83 Ui birthday, served In 10 Dial I the rjlvll War, us did nls father, J T. lleddens. The first of tlir fighting Heddens C'onlract will be, ™ b Wlllliiin. a caplaln In the Con- awarded .-hortly (or a new paved ' lilleillntl Arl "S' '» the Kevolullon- hMiwny between Ilaytl and Cnr-1 flry War Anuth f fotiglil in the utliersville. to be built nt nn estl- W '"' o( im ' " ntl tw ohl (lu ' clv " mated cost ol 4200,001). ' I Wl ."\. ,,,, Tin. nan- concrete lo be 1 J ' Hl HC(JI|CI " S . son of the prcs- kno»n n <i stale lilgl-way Number 84, ?.' u l ' ciul , ( ! f " lc f "' ml >'. to »8»' 1» will not follow (lie route of the ervlce 'In the World War. • (lie Spanish - American War and >rcscm sravrl lilghway'betwecn the , A . rmon .. HciU ' c ' 1Sl " e''"» (lson . »'»' to pay nip!]. $10.50 duty on the photo- 2 Meals Day, ? Plenty Water, Helps Stomacl "Since I drink plenty water, cat 2 good meals a day and take Adlerlka now and then, I've had r.t trouble with my stomach."—C. CeForcst. Unlike other medicine, Adlerlka. acts on BOTH upper and Itwer bowel, 'removing poisonous waste which caused gns and ether stomach trouble. Just .ONE spoonful relieves ens, sour stomach ana sick headache. 'Let. Adlerlka give your stomach and bowels a REAL cleaning and sec how good you feel. City drug Co. —Adv. 12 two cities IM grading is scheduled lo start, November 15. with A. E. Jennings, •ncineer In chnrge. The pro- which will not be completed next MimuvM, will help ma-1 .situation li\ the county. road will be 5.2 miles the Ject. until , Icrlnlly [cnvuiil relieving the imein- : ployment The am- long. the ! also a feature. Heads of the various departments arc ns follows: Hoyd Stlck- non. sales manager; O. L. Hancock. St. George cathedral, \vhile outside guns boomed, thousands of-dusky natives teat torn terns and sang v:en! native songs- and primitive ?rumpeL> blared in honor of the of Kinj S/lpmon and :he Queen of Sheba. who had ai- ctr.acd to the lionthrone of Abyss- fnia. Crowned by Church Head The coronation ceremony lasted Miserable wit3i ^aT'Bm! Bnefc'0/fen of Disordered Kidneys. ARE yon liollicrcil with constant ^•- hackachc, bladder irritations Dnilgt'Uingnpal ni^Ul? Thcnilbn't Jake chances! Help your kidneys with Doan's Pills. Successful ' for more tliart 50 years. Endorsed the ivorld over. Sold by dealers everywhere. ' 50,000 Users Publicly Endorse Doan's J I' I. J. CLARK, 47 N. OAKLEY AVE., COLUMBUS, OHIO, iayi- "My kidneya didn't art ait bey should «nd backache made me feel warn out and miicrab!e. I hail to pai» the tccrctitxnfa-jror five tirr.cievery nicht. Headache* and dizziness blurred my sight. My strensth WB» soinc and I didn't feel good nt alL Doaa'i Pills rid me of the trouble.". Doan's Pills A Diuretic for the Kidneys (rrm 9:30 a. m. until noon. The Duke of Gloucester, representing King George of England, and Marshal li'Espercy of France were seated beside the empress and the I'rince Udtne, Italy's official representative, tat b?side the emper- cr's throne. The emi>eTor \vas car- i rlcd 1 inside I he cathedral In a rejal ' chair on the shoulders of 12 s'al- svart warrlnrs. Tiv; abuna, liead of Lhe Ethcc-pian church raised Uie mngniricen'. crown, valued at S500,- .COO, and placed it en the head of 1 the short, olive tkinned ruler of •; 'i)e» test African empire.,. •^^: r .r- Monument Marks Site I Of Station on Old Trail : SYRACUSE, Neb. (UP)—A. mon- unient comtneincrattng' 'the. first "Over-Night Station" west of the Missouri river on (lie covered VITI- ices at the Methodist church here gon trail, was dedicated at serv- recently. • The monument wns erected'on Nursery Hill, one of the celebrated stations on the oM Steam' Wagon road from Nebraska City to Den-, ver. It \vn.s the first-stopping point for most of the freighting outfitr and stage coaches on the' rond, and later was ihe principal point or the stage line between Nebraska Cily and Lincoln after the capital had been located. STHAWBKIIKIKK FOK SAUi LATOliE. I'u. (UP)—In spile nl the tlrouiilu and the lateness of Ihe season fresh strawberries were on sale nt i he local P.irmers Market, during Octofccr. COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Couglit from colds miy lead lo BC- rious trouble. You ctn-itop thtm cow with Creomulilon, in emulsified cr«?oic thai is pleasant to lake. CrrornuUion is a medical discovery viili iwo-folil action; it tootbej and lieah ihe inflamed mcmbiaues and M- llibiu ccrrn fjrovrlh. Of all known drugs creosote !> rtc- ognixcd Lv high nictlical aullioritLc:) «»onc ofihc ctwtest healingageiKics for coughs from colJs anJ bronchial irtiiatiocj. Cicoraulsion conlaini, in edition to creosote, other healing clemcnli which jootlie and heal ihe inflamed meinlirancs and itop the irritation, wliilc the creosote g«* oa to ilic slom.ich, U ahiortcd inlo tho WooJ, alincks iho seal of llie tiouhle anil checks tho growth of tho gcrini. CrcomuUion is guaiintced aatlafuc- iory in the tieatment of couclis from colds, bronchitis and minor lonns of lironcliul iirilalions, and ia excellent for Willing up Ilic system after colda or-fin. Money refunded if not relieved after taking accoiding to directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Don't Scratch The Bible! VO'I'H KOU: INITIATED ACT NO. 1 'J'o jjrovido for tin; reverent daily rorid- injr of the Knulisli Bible without comment in all the: public tax supported schools of the State- of Arkansas up to and including High Schools. . favor this act.— Gov. Harvey Parnell. ijolicr of the State Department o'f Education been neither to noi- advocate Initiated Act No. 1.— C. Jl. Hirst, State Superintendent Public Instruction. . '• • The him -10,000,000 Americans Live Under This Law \ Give Our Children a Chance in the Election, Tuesday, November 4th. Mora! Culture League of Arkansas I if. I L'i A L W EVERYONE TALKING WHERE WILL IT COME FROM? Watch Tuesdays Paper • > ^wole-heartecl, natural 9 real! .EQUALLY genuine is the response of smokers to Chesterfield's satisfying goodness, its wholesome smoothness. No one ever has to "acquire" a taste for Chesterfields. You don't have to learn to like them. Smokers take to their pleasing flavor instinctively . . . and here's why: MILDNESS — the entirely natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness or bitterness. BETTER TASTE — Such as only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. MILDER Chesterfield Cigarettes art manufactund by LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co.

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