Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 10, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1896
Page 8
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GREAT~SALE. SHIRT WAISTS -> AT CUT PRICES: Ladies' Waists! ^«jb'»"Jm-»>:»n'jv^*"*" -i«*a« ••i»ui»w.... Dimities, Lawns," Percales, Hadras, Grass Linens. Persians, Etc. Etc. In all Beautiful Colors and made in the Latest Styles-.Perfect Fitting with Separate Collars. Not One w o rth less than $1.75. Our Special Price for this Week p8c. THE SICK Blossoms and Sunshine Distributed by the W. C. T. U. A PRACTICAL CHARITY A Breath of June Left in flany Hearts Yesterday. Richest andBest Bargains Golden Rule, SCHMITT & HEINLY. Don,t Put Your Fcjot in It, built 1 10 re S it to are is right lu Style, wear—Up-to-Dale a few: ce and Style; Qua lily, aud us Our goods are to prices, well Men's tine e;ilf. liaiid-sewwl, razor tue $^.-18 Men's Uussiau calf, hand-sewed. w;is $4, now 2.9S Mrn's wide toe. .Lace iiud Congress, cures corns '... i.'JS Ladies.' tan Oxfords, razor toe ].9S Ladies' razor tue tan Laco 1.79 Ladies'.. Poiij-fola kid buttou, hand-sewed 1.7!) Men's working s-lioes, T^ace or Congress, whole stock '... .Ob AVo luive lots more. Come mid save money. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. A BOY'S QUARREL. Results in the Stabbing'of John Collins, at Burrows. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to call your attentlou to. Most of the nobbiest and swellest hats seen In Logansport have come from our store, where tlie stock was never so replete with novelties as now. All the newest styles to suit any taste -are here In profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or all-round athlete can suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws nre dandles. HORRIS FISHER - ' Saturday evening duri:;.:,' the progres Of A church festival ;H Urn-rows, Gat roll county. Ausrln Pcmi and. John Col 1'in.s quarrelled, I'enu drew.a knife ant stabbed 'Colli'iis, probably ilatnlly. Tin quarrel started mi the church when a number of boys gathered Incur the door and Collins was shoved ,Mgai,nst Peun mid necideiHally stepped upon bis toes, Perm wairted to whip him. but was.In formed that If lie wanted .to :light he would have to go outside 1 . ..The crowd all went outside lioplng to' see .some excitement. As .soon .as Peuu came ou-t'he struck ii,t a yomig mail named C.'tntner lint: did not hit him. He'then, saw Collins and proceeded to''do 1 lilni" up" lie struck at Collins but failed, to land his blow and Collins came back an him' but 1 did not: knock him down: Penn clinched Collins and they: fell with Ponn below. It was at Uii.i stase of tlie game that Peuu committed- 'the mml'.'rous 'assault. He dre\v a knii'n, nuth latter.than'tlie ordinary pocket , and slashed Collins- severely on the wrist and on the left side oC the abdomen.' The latter ciit was six inches lon.tr and 1mcl tt been cue-sixteenth of an inch deeper, death would have been instant. Peiih was arrested Snn- dn.y upon a. warrant charging him with assault and battery with Intent to kill, and was placed in the Carroll ^county jail. Collius alt.li.0uj.rh conscious is 'srlll. i.u a critical condition and 8ii,s recovery is considered very doubtful; THE HATTTER. WHEEL TALK. TAKE NOTICE Tlie Free Distribution of this Watch and Chain. BEHIND THE TIMES. Editor Takes for Granted a Bic- cycle Wreck is "Jagged. 6V All ANT EE. Tliough lie punctured bis lire twice, •9: R. Broadbent brought down the Acstraliau 300 mile road , record to 5515:00, breaking the Australian record nineteen minutes. The ^ American cord is 4:40:00, he-Id by' A. B. JIcDon- •ae^ of Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:43 SeCd by A. E. Walters of England. Pocket Kodaks at tho Burgman No tandem runs hard with 1 one's best Sirl on the front seat. Tlie Fleetwlng for ladies. There are atari? of these wheels used in tills city •ifian all other makes of wheels. .Love and toll-gate keepers differ 'oomewlmr. Love never asks for pay In advance. Have your .bicycle insured against Sfreft. Burgmau Cycle Co., wilt do It. A W. C. T.' U. SOCIAL. Tiie Indies of (ho W..C. T. U. will jtvc a "cofl'ee" tills afternoon at the j»me of Mrs 1 . Joseph Barker, 1122 High street, tlie hours being from 3 to S'o'clock. This b oue of the ways in •which the ladles will raise funds to de£ray the expenses of the State convention of the W. C. T. U., and It Ls hopod Tint there will be a large attendance. A" plensant social afternoon Is assured •«D all. Closes JUDB-20,96. . Bear lu uilmd. it's not a Toy but au accurate TJjne piece-and is Given Away Absolutely Free The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Either Men's, Boy's or Children's Otto Kraus "Of Course" lUaville-Observer: Brother F.eutou ot the Logansport Times U acting strange of late. He Is a well known and valiant warr-ior against Intoxicating drinks. There .are two views to this- position and though oue of them Is not generally espoused, yet we are Inclined to-.tbiiil,-, from'recent developments,, that our Brother moans'prohibition 1 by-drink-lug Ihe- "cussed" stuff himself. Not; long ago he got into a,squabble with u' down souther who sent Uitui a pewter clock Ju -return for advertising. 'This Iool;!j bud. They took him. for the.suck- er he a'c-rs like. Following close upou this revelation Bro. Fenton look-to riding a bicycle and from his ovu account of an appalling disaster he got mixed up iu, lie had on a most beam if til ".lag. •"• Now he assails tlie Observer and makes some of the funniest "cracks". Queei; queer, about this man Fentou! It Is also understood that he prides hi-niself upou his own personal appearance. Feu-ton, our prayers are that- he may. not be sacrificed, to the dread enemy. . -A' beautiful custom obtains with the .ladles of /the W. C. T. U. Each year, -iir, :i stated .time, they gather douatious of (lower,* and after making them into hiuidsamc,bouqnets, these are distributed -flTOong tho sick-, the poor, aud the friendless. Iu tlie crowded ci.ties this is .it.-most-grateful olTurlng, and gives to •u'uuiy a glimpse of nature thai, otherwise,, they would never obtain. Although Logausport is not a large city, in tiie common acceptance of Ihe term, y.et there are nia.ny.who do not enjoy tho luxury of n fresh bouquet ot! sweet-smelling roses every day, and for the! benefit of these the flower mission oX tho loc-al W. C. T. U. was orgam/.et The ladies met yesterday at I/he home o Mrs.' r. N. Crawford. 1410 Rroadwa The wives of the ministers of the cit> assisted in the work nnd the task o making the mass of flowers donated in to bouquets was completed In the morning. In tho afternoon the Indies .distributed the floral offerings, sevoi carriages being used to convey the bou quets to the different parts of the city .Mrs. Gra\yford, who is superintendent of the flower mission, had charge of the work, and it was done'in a thorough manner. Ono carriage visited tho Sourhsldc and distributed a breath of .Tune among the sick and bereaved and at tlie Foundlings' home. The Home for tiie Friendless was also li-borqlly rc- nembered, aud two carriages were required to distribute Ilic bouquets In true main part of the city. Another car•Inge visited the N'orWi aud "VYestsido, jut the supply of flowers was exhausted jefore the ladles had completed their 1st of calls. St. Josephjs hospital was Iso visited and a liberal sup-ply of blos- oms was left with the sufferers there. Ono carriage made the district in the Idnlty of the H. R. Y. M. C. A., and handsome potted plant, the gift of .Mrs, B. F. Lout-haiu, was left to adorn the rending room. The same carriage .visited oue Jail, where religious services were held and a bouquet was left with each prisoner confined there. A carriage-load of young Indies visited the Orphans' home and each of tho children was given a bouquet. Mrs. .T. T. McXary save them/ a handsome pot plant to beautify their temporary home. Keacllng matter of the W. C.'T, U, was also distributed, and tho young ladies 8:1.11;; and rendered instrumental music for the aiuiisemeut of the children. When the work in the city was completed tiie ladles visited the Comity Infirmary i.n ,-i body, and each of tho inmates there w.-ts made to feel that though fallen in fortune, there still remains n spark of feeling for tJieni in the hearts of their fellow beings. Flowers, and a book published by tho W. C. T. U. publishing house were given to each oC the Inmates there. The ladies feel very fjratefnl to the liverymen who so kindly donated the use of carriages for (bis occasion, and also to those ladies who so willingly assisted in the arduous task of making .bouquets of flowers and. distributing thorn over the city. The flower mission oC rJie W. C. T. U. is ouo of the many FOURTH STREET HARRY FRANK'S Great Closing: Out Sale FOURTH STREET Still Continues! Our remarkable low prices, are a blessing these hard times. All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. Worth of Goods For $1. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sale. SEEING IS BELIEVING! Complete base ball outfit gratis "with boys' and Children's suits. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. UNVEIL THE MONUMENT. Knights of Pythias Will Observe Memorial June 28th. June 2Sth will be memorial daji for the Knights of Pythias. It will be np- propriately observed by all the Knights In Logausport. The day. will be a memorable one in the history of the order in Cass county. The statue in memorial)] of the honored dead of the order wUl be unveiled Juno 2Sr;h with elaborate exercises appropriate to the important occasion. The event promises to awaken the interest of Pythians all over .Indiana. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. CYCLONE COMING. EVERY OXE IS REQUESTED TO LOOK OUT FOR THE COMIXG CYCLONE. WE HAVE ARRANGED TO HAVE ' OXE STRIKE THIS SPACE NEXT WEEK. If you don't remetuber wbo this space belongs 10 jnst kindly look up aa old paper and soo whose advertisement always occupies it. to SUNDAY BASE BA'LL. The hoop -factory base ball team, and the raim representing' the carriage far- 1 tory crossed bats"Sunday morning,at •fiho park. McMJIlcn and Sherman were batteries for the hoop : factory hoys an d Sellers ajid Fowler for the carriage factory club. Tlie score" stbbd 24 to 13 In favor of the hoop, factory, nfjie. Tlie ."Rubbernecks".and..the •Regulators played mi exciting, game jot-ball practical good things which this organization is doing eacli'day. It is steadily growing find enlarging the field of its .operations, and it accomplishes much silent good, -much- that Is never known to the world' nt large. May it prosper, and .continue to grow. THE DAMAGE CASE. flcKee vs. Logansport Telephone Co. on Trial at Kokomo. The consolidation of the Natural and Artificial Gns companies, makes the payment of bills, for consumers using bttth kinds of gas much more convenient. The person paying for natural who Is also a user of the artl- now pay both bills at the same tithe at the new company's office, 317 PBarl street. All bills are due and collectable on'tbc first of each month with customary ten days' grace. Bills for e, 1800, now being doe. SUMMER TOURIST RATES. The Wabasli ItaiMroad company are now prepared to quote rates to tlie .many tourist points of interest, among the number Colorado resorts, Alexandria Bny, N. Y., Niagara Falls, Mack- linac' Island, Lake Cliatauqua points, Put-In-Bay, OMo, Quebec, P. Q., Toronto, and other places of Interest, Haites; litpits, time of trains and connections carefully furnished upon ap-< plication to the undersigned. C. G. NEWELL, Agent. Sunday afternoon grounds. at the 1 .Westsfalo Huffman and J..Miller were batteries for the "Rub'bernecks'' -and 1 AV. Miller, and Hccker perf.ormbd.'.that function fop .the Regulators. \ Wood Hart nnd W. Burgess led In battling. The. score was 9 to ,:U.:in. .f a-vor; of <'.th'e Regulators. .... .'.... .... • \ '• To wash is to clean. Two clean wash tics for 25c at Deweoter, the hatter and furnisher, . '.•••• EXCUBSIOX: TO DENVER, GODO,, VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES!,r v June 12th anl 13th, excursion, ticket* will be sold to Denver, Colo., vUuPonnvl sylynnlo, Lines, for meeting. National 1 Councdlj Jr., O^ U. A. M. For details regnnling rates, time of .trabas, rerurcn limit of tickets, aad.otber.liiformatlon.. plense apply to local agent of Fennsyl-. vanlri.Llnes. . .... -,'!'.- The. 'case of Hon. Rufus M^aget against the Loganspoit Telephone company was on trial iu tlie Howard Circuit-court yesterday. A number ' oC witnesses and lawyers from this city were In attendance. It will be remembered that the telephone company erected a pole In front of Magee's Fourth street block and ho brought a suit for damages. . .1 .A PLEASANT SURPRISE. ' 'ivfrs. W. Hi Rlcbason was pleasantly surprised 'at. her home on Broadway 'Monday evening by about thirty of her "friends. Refreshments were served and the evening was passed in a social m'anner. FILED ARTICLES. •''corporation called the "Logansport Investment company" flled articles wltto the- Secretary of State Monday. Weldon Webster,.G. T. Webster and S. W. MeMUlen. are incorporators. The company has a capital stock of $20,000. All shoes shlned free at Otto's. 'Always the handsomest Stevenson & Klluslck. shoes at Cocoamrt Jelly candy, Ii!file Candy lv;; .You get a quarter's worth of elasticity wheii you buy our 25e suspenders.—Dethe latter and furnlslier. • Mrs. I. N. Craig is seriously ill. Stevenson & Kliusick are bound suit you lu shoes. Get youi- capes and jackest at half price today.—Trade Palace. Harry Parker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chnrlcs Parker, is seriously ill. Cost not considered i-n selling capes and jackets today,—Trade Palace. Please -the mothers, our stylish .chil- en'i shoes.—Stevenson & Klinsick. Joseph Sellers, tiio Twelfth street grocer, was taken suddenly ill yesterday. Tlie Michael University Literary club will given au entertainment at the college chapel Oils evening. The law Lu. France requires a, plate beapiug the -mime and address of its owner soldered to each bicycle. • Ladies nnd gentleman wear the RUDI- chuuda neckwear as it is made in all styles—club-house ties, bows and tecks. —Dewcntcr, the hatter, is showing the newest. W. C. T. U.—The regular meeting Of tlie W. C. T. U. will be bold at the Home for the Friendless this, Wednesday afternoon, at '2 o'clock By order of ihe President. Purdue uuh-ei-.sl!y agricultural experiment station has Issued a special bulletin on commercial fertilizers by H. A. Huston, State chemist, and W. J. Jones, jr., assistant. It, Is a complete and very comprehensive paper. There has been much anxiety among the local admirers of George Cuppy to know the games he pitches for Cleveland. Jake Sebastian has added to the plain scores of the games, which are re-, ceived every evening at his Fourth street place, the batteries, bits and errors of pjich club playing. An alumJuuim quadrant has been devised to measure, the actinic power of the Roentgen rays. The alu.mhi.um is arranged in. concentric -layers ranging from one to ten .millimetres In thickness. Measurements are taken by hold- Ing the quadrant between an excited Crookes tube and a phosphorescent screen, or a sensitized plate. The f-uaeral of Etnaunel Gravel who died Friday evening at Lucerne was held Sunday afternoon from the Methodist church the Rev. Mr. McCtpud.eon- ducting the services. He was; SO years of age'and leaves six children." to .survive him. They are Mrs. Elizabeth Sloppy, of Denver, Ind.; Mrs;, Jane FogJesong; Mrs. Dr. Zartman 1 and George Grauel, of this city; Mrs. Mary Stevens, of Lucrene, and Mrs, Lucy McClathchey, of Ridge, Kansas. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and'not a little d» pends on the appearance of your lace curtalug as poorly done-up curtaln« spoil the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We have experienced help in this class of work who do nothing else and w« mow we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being tlie only firm In the clry using machinery eicluslvely for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. essss THE] FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF.- LOGANSPQRT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $3BO,OOO. A. J. Murdock. Free. W. W. How, Caih. J. P. Brookmeyer, Ant. Ca»h. JOSXCTOOS: «. a Blee, w. H. Brtnghnnt, L J. MortocK, »ennl> DhL B. F. Yantu, F. M. Harwood. w. r. wuson. Banking in all Its DepartinenU promptly and carefully done. Safety to Ciutomers and Stockholder! •ought for. Strong Rraerve Fund maintained.

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