The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
Page 5
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FJUDAY, SEPTEMBU 29, 1930 Interesting And Attractive Booths ; Vie For Fair Vis- sitor's Interest While Ihc 1! community displays hi Ihc main exhibit building creating iirU ntlenlion, oilier booths there arc also lo be very Inlcrest- iiifc' to the thousands who have viewed them since the Mississippi County Fair opened Tuesday night. Cue of special interest to flower lovers and which competed for the community prize is that of the Sunset Garden club at Gridcr. The background of the display is a double window arranged 'with a window garden of potted flowers with a study of marine life in the aquarium which rests on the sin Sewing, hand work, embroidery, no:ked nigs and-canned products nrc included In the display. Two'i-ooms of the house can be furnished inexpensively if examples of the living and bedroom on display are can-led out. The living room, planned by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, • home demonstration agent In North Mississippi ocunty, Is a striking example of "Use More Cotton" the theme adopted. Members of home demonstration clubs made Ihc beautiful studio conch, which can be converted into a double bed. Cotton draperies hang at llie window a , large chair has a ctllon slip cover on it and another chair wa; renovated and upholstered in ma- tcrial left from the couch. Even the rug on the floor is of cotton. The bedroom is an example of how now out-of-date bedroom furniture can be made most altruclive. Miss Inez Kincaid of Osccola, home demonstration agent in the southern district, used unglazed chintz to cover the old head board of the bed. which had been stuffed with cotton, cut off the legs to lower the bed, used a home made mal- 3 .biscuit pan. The display t$.com- plete with a hand painted scene painted by Mrs. Frost for a picture In the home. There Is a home made table, rugs, foods, farm products, hand work, rugs and even some candy and cake. A booth devoted to better swine contains a new type swine feeder and pictures and pamphlets devoted lo improved methods of raising hogs. "Better Seed Per Better Cotton" is the theme of the cotton seed booth In which species of cotton seed 1s shown as grown by Biyn'n and Marble, of Osccola. An AAA booth Illustrates (lie theme "Farm and City Prosper Together," The soy bean display says "King Alton's Prime Minister" en Its placard in which it reads that soy aeans arc a cash crop for which there is always a ready market. Although the display of hooked I rugs Is not large, they arc be- BLl'THEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ross Takes A Day Off And Here Is liell/apoppin' By OlSUN ma JOHNSON (PlnclHillllug for Citorgo lloss) George noss Is off somewhere under a Connecticut willow tree today, Wilfully unaware of the nonsense that fellows. You see. "HeJI/ajiopjiln" Is a year olrl on Broadway and we feel rich nnd liuppy and would like to lake some work olf (he po:r boy's hands. George needn't worry. We've ghosted Hechl and McArlhur, O'Neill. Fred Aili'n nnd John Slein- bcck's slulf for years. Georgle jc.ssel told this to a grup ftl the Stork last nigbl: "Sh" . . . This is llie tiled the war lias on the hundreds of unemployed '""s horses stick (hctr tongues out.iiml come In flrsl, once In n mule . .'. Alexander Carr and Barney Bernard In i'otaih nnd Pcrlmiillcr, Frank Bacon In Ughliilii. Zic-jf'eld's Follies - -a-' ---^.p ... v wv - "•«- . I14UH j L,ttCJ VI UUt (IJIJIVYCCI IIHI- Ueved to be among the most beau- slcliuw who loiter at Br:ad«-ay mid inui in this section causing much i*" 1 '"—i-"-"* <*• —* <-- •• attention. These are shown along with other hand made rugs. The usual lovely quilts and tress and ruffled dotted swiss bedspread after removing the foot board entirely. An old vanity dresser with triple mirrors, was converted into a smart looking modern dressing table with an organdy flounced ruffled skirl, mir- rcred top and a hanging round mirror. The night (abb and two chairs were also renovates! from worn out furniture. The Farm Security Association's bouih its theme "Live At •Hoinc:"ls'an excellent example of . home . made --mattresses,' .canned products, grains, cotton, small Jars of garden seeds, home made soap and Viewers. A miniature paper the centerpiece of a booth arranged to show how the new type silos can be converted. Samples of Icspedeza, soy beans and alfalfa, to be used for silage, is shown along with a '"•'" of hay. ' .,^iie the droulh. the floral bocth was unusually colorful with zinnias, marigolds and other'au- tumn flowers attractively arranged for the individual contests. The art exhibit attracted .several Jirtists from Caruthersville and crcchet bedspreads overflowed one booth and two had to be used, in addition to those of this kind shown hi community displays. The clothing booth features many things. Including baby clothes and hand made toys for ymm« babies. ° The exhibit of crochet and knit- led articles includes colorful articles. Commercial displays of the Butane Gas Company, C. P. McMul- lln Estate of Sikeslon as producers of Missouri Hybrid seed corn No. 8. and the Arkansas - Missouri Power Company, are being visited by many. Along with the booths is a living room, arranged by Lemons Furniture Company, which Is being used by fair visitors. Forty-second Street In (he sun: it lias given them something to talk about, since "The Rains Came" lo Ihc Roxy. llie <ppasllc side of Seventh Avenue has become the tunny side of the street. The sun shifts (his lime of year. One-word description of what i.v happening in Europe: llellai- |K|>pln (matlnm Wed. & Sat.) . . . Brcmla Frazlor confided this to us last night: "First column 1 read each morning is George Ross'." We asked her what time she got up In the morning. "About three In Ihc aflerncou." Uremia said The marquee sign on one of tho 42nd St. movie houses reads TUB FRONT PAGE QUICK TURNOVER ... A ship neKsman told us this: he says he's awful tired Ford-Ferguson Tractor' Shown At County Fair The new Ford-Ferguson tractor is now on display nl the Mississippi County tali-grounds, jl was announced today by Russell Phillips of the Phillips Motor company, local agency for the new farm machine. Produced by Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson, the new tractor and its accessory (ools are said to embody many new principles contributing, to low-cost and efficiency Mr. Phillips pointed out that the tractor's simplicity of control, util- of getting up al five o'clock in the uicrnlng to calch Ihc culler New song on the rampage, oul at Flushing Meadow entitled, ''What'll We Do With Graver When It's Over?" ADD HORROKS OF WAR: PUNS BROADWAY BOUILLIHALSE: My Berlin souce lells me tli French army is with \Vill Rogers, Conroy and j Miilrc. l'\iimlo mice, Eddie Cantor, Bert Williams, John Steclo and Marilyn Miller. Tlia four-yenr-old daughter o'f n mend cf ours had been to see The Wlxard of OK and its accompanying stage show; It being her first view of "flesh" culcrlalnmciil. "llow'd you like Ihc show?" her Daddy asked her as they left 'the Capitol. Everything had mot \vllh her approval: The Tin Wcodninn Tlie Wizard, The Cowardly Uoh— all were top.-;. "And what did you think of the stage show?" she was. asked, "Oh." the baby gurgled,''"I liked those round aetcrs much better than the flat nclors." (Editor's note: Too bnd the "lint" actors arc In the majority Threat Of Combined Offense Hangs Like Pall Over Europe (Ccnllnucd from Pngo i) "' c , «"« J>as8cd n mile in iho west °f lircst-Lltovsk, i» miles east of WMSIW. it civme wllhln CO mllrs of Warsaw on Ihc nojUipnsl, Dion n ' U ', ^ruptly M sl. acnnany sol »>iwlE, the corridor, inchistilallz. ,,i f "' } Vlir>saw nml »" of <••«'al Poland much of Onllcln In e tiouth, the cllles of Lodx J'o- son, Cracow. Russia got Vlliin In Hie norlh, Dlalyslok, lircsl-ljlovsk icrg lU'owl and the Pollsli uif, and the Pripct mnrslwii, ( mission concluded, nibben- (iop ordered his plane made ready the velum i| le iu i 0 Berlin lo ul 12:30 ),.m, (4;30 n.m, COURTS Several divorce suits have been lileci in chancery court here recently. Mrs. Margaret Fleoimm is seeking u divorce fvcin Leslcr Pice- man on the ground of desertion. Guy Walls of Manila Is her attorney. Mrs, Lavellc Dcatte Halscll seeks a divorce from }f. L, Halsell en the ground of indlgiillips. Nelll Heed Is her attorney. T. M. Craw- tod seeks a divorce from W. II. Crawford on the ground of Indignities. Z. D. Harrison k attorney for the plaintiff. WAttMNG OU1JEII Billy Varncll Is! warned to hajicei np- ** r "' Ulc ChaWry Court tor the Chickasawba District of M!s nk r-n, , e casawa Dstrict of M!s- Ih i rL ^ , fissi " l>i Comu >'' Arkansas, within s hc'v-rrt ulon. PI tlhll ' ly (lai ' 5 nfte1 ' (llc dat = he '-f of ' is lh v 1 .log Pica- to answer « complaint filed aga.n.t dilly ... If Ihc French kgcji crushing Ihc Limes line the buttle cry will be Cuba Ubrcl! BE- Maginot! Snappy conversation between a U-bqat commander and a British destroyer reported by a confidential source: "Oh yeah! Si's your old man. Go soak your head." . . . The town is giggling at the telephone repair foreman who heard a radio report that the Poles needed assistance and sent out an emergency crew. European handicap: Hitler: g:o:l early speed but apt to falter in the stretch; France: slow started, dan- him by Carolyn Varnell. Dated this August 21, 1930. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Reid and Evrartl Attorneys for TlaintilT. 22-20-5-12 vvi! 0 . ''I 1 / 1 bf(>n llcr ° ' 43 " oiire ' '«> »«ilch lime |,c had ncgoltel«i an asrccmicnl cHlculnied lo extend Its poilnil thioiighoiil Iho world. 'ihc tirfrcemcnt which Russln nnd iirmcnlcd to Illllc felhoiilu was overshadowed by (hat bc- |weoii the two grcni poivers. nut the UiLsslan-listhonlnn treaty WHS iwrl or llie piclure, us ivns the nr- lival here yeslerdny of Col. Bros liovdi-v, chief of IJiilgnrJnn civil iivlnUon, ostensibly 1 0 nrsollatc lor a Moscow-Bolla nir line Jl SVT 1K "' tcrt tllllt I3lll S'"'l»n Prime Minister George Klos.selviinov would follow him Ibis week end. It mccnt that liiissto. which Imd wllhln . . . ,...,., WIIIVI1 had bickered ivllh Japmi on tho east nnd ivllh Nii/lsm on Ihe west, -l.oOO miles across Its gigniillc spun, had now re-enlcm) western liiiro- pcnn and world politics. ll.s ngrocmcnls wllh Germany ami Esthonlii, (Is prospective agreements with Bulgaria ami with Its del friend Turkey, whose foreign mlnlslcr was here cooling his heels riming (he German negotiations, mrant that Diusla's (jlant shadow lay over nil of .Europe. The wny wns open for purely defensive or offensive Russo-Gcr- ninii co-operation, or for n Rus- 11 ['nil-Slavic movement wiilel X !i , cm "' u( ' c »wplo from Iho llnUlo lo the muck scn-nml down lo Italy s frontier on Jugoslavia Youth Recover* From Burns, Enjoys Fair .f'*'! Mi'M.-nnW was enjoying Ihc Mississippi County Hvlr today iittcr laving been in bed for u lout' time. Ihe l&-yo«r.oli| Kclser iwi W us sowely Iwtm'd July JQ W | lcn Ba , 0 . hie exploded which he vus pouring In o Ihc cttrtiui'ctcf of 11 car. His right ami Is 5 llll ewnUied In baiKlages but his chest nnd side of (he fncc and head Imvo entirely iwiled. » will bo somo time be tori llio bandages can be removed from WAHN'ING OUUIvR Jn (ho Olmncory court, Clileka- fiawba DMricl, Mississippi Coim- (y, Arlunsas. Vela Mny Jlnlley, I'lalijtIII, vs. No. 0983 lzle Hiuioy, Oclendunt. The defendant, Elxli; ilnlley' Is warned to appear wllhln thirty days in the court named In U 10 caption hereof and niwvoi- tho complalnl or the ulnlntlfl, veto May, Hntluy. Dated I his Mrd day of Aug. I03D HAuvEy Monnis. cio-k, Paitlow & armllry, Allys. for l>ltr Percy A. Wrighl, Ally. Ad IJteiii, 23-JO-0-13 M'AHNINO OIWKll III llie Chancery Court, Clilckii- sawlm District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. IJllliin Obt'rohl, Plaintiff, vs. No. DB84 . -| "ii Read Cciirlcr News want ads: J. L. GUARD Optometriit Ouly Gradunic Optometrist In BlythevlUe. Glasses Fitted Correctl; .. .. • ^ - - - --- • — --, u-" ubivuv.ii F ji OLICL;, niuw hlAl LliU Utill- using Ihe Ferguson system of gei'ous on Ihe turns and always a hydrauhcally ccntrolled equipment contcncier; England: away last but makes it a one-piece or single unit often wins by a nose Ilnly n r?SV e X?. n > a child. can operate., The sleeper, apt to be left h-.ldim- the engine is a four cylinder L-ncad bag .. of 23 . - ... My 10 Downing street brake horsepower at 14000 man lells me that Mrs Chambcr- rs amcr- R. P. M. and having a range of lain found an old recipe around speeds from 2»,i to six miles per Ihc house and tossed it together for hour. It has rubber tired wheels the Prime Minister . . . U;th lost with a wheelbasc of 70 inches, their appetites when a guest pointed -rround clearance is given as 13 out that it was German Bauerbratei) unii it "••""•"'"" '""' eraiors right ni Holland, In addition lo Mississippi stan( . con , rol 0[ County residents, who entered the 1 1 inches under the center and 21 under the axles. The front axle is adjustable lo various widths. The hydraulic implement control consists cf four cylinder pump supplying oil under suitable pressure to ram cylinder and controlled >y an ingenious valve. An operating handle convenient to the operator's right hand gives him in- thc Implement. numerous contests. Those who have taken the time lo closely examine the Dyess Mc- mcrial Library booth are surprised at the wide variety of the newest bonks available to residents of i (lie colony. The display gives an ac- directed by MHen Shaw Book jackets arc used to show titles of Keiser And Luxora In 6-6 Grid Draw KEISER & LUXORA—14 In the Keiser-Luxora six man fcotbail game played" at Osccola Wednesday night, Ihc final • score Kciscr will play Trumann Friday night at Trumann and Lux- lent by the Mississippi County lib rary. examples of " workers, photographs of President Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt who has aleied Ihe library, and photographs of • Dyess scenes. The display of the Dycss family members who won first place at Hie community fair Ihere for Ihc "tivc At, Home" contest shows lhat some people do still use Uieir hands and soil for most cf what they have. The R. p. Frost family docs—even to raising Ihc sheep whose wool was sheared, carded, spun, dyed and woven lo make a beautiful coverlet. A discarded automobile door was used lo make game at .Jcncsboro Friday - In the first game of the Kclser beal Shawnee, 12-6. Starting members of the Keiser- Luxora game were: Reiser-While, Corley. Robertson, McKay, Sullivan and Montgomery; Luxora— Mitchell. Clark. Frailer, Ccorgc. Spann and Hicks. During 1533 federal, state and local gasoline tax costs amounted to $349,987,000. compared to registration and license fees of $383,825,000. SEE und kartoffclen. YOIIT) NEED SECOND SIGHT THINGS WE'D LIKE TO BUT DOKT EXPECT TO . . . „ gas mask to fit Jimmy Durantc . . . Tony Galcnlo and Brcnda Frazier tangoing al El Mot-oca: . . . curb service at the Stork Club . . . a desk clerk'with an inferi- orily complex . . . iwace on carlh, good will toward men. WOULDN'T IT BE STARTLING IP It made any difference who toid you first when what show-girl ad- milled her engagement -io uho knows which member cf some profession . . . u that breakfast cereal got the broadcast rights to the European --war, with Ihe announcer giving a case of Bleaties for every "direct hit" . . . if < llc of Ihc "scats wilhout waiting," lhai Ihc barkers in front of ihc movie houses mention was in a spot uhere ycu could see the picture ... if taxc.s ivcre reduced? SLIGHT ATTACK OF NOSTALGIA THINGS WE'D LIKE TO SEE . . . Bnbe Rulh in Yankee lineup ditrin» the current World scries . . . Two-A-Day at the Palace . . . whal John Anderson thinks when he looks at the year's gross of Hellzapopphv 1 . . . Chic J:hn- Read Courier News Tiaiu ads TERMINIX TERMINATES ,, ^ TERMITES -! i BRU.CE-MEMPHJ'S *€ ' li> ' Co' 1 ril)' , foe" Win PHILCO We're cclnlirnlinn 10 siniigln yciirs nf Dillcn |KIK|C»|I!|> H'llli i!ir, great- j in r:i(li(r hislo .llic-19.10 i'llllcn Ai rj- i- ciiil BUILT TO RECEIVE TELEVISION SOUND ...iho Wireless Way! nnr . PHILCO 165*..,.^ where 1 Bnitc-m Sui»cr Aerial Sy tern cfimin.ttrs orriil wi gives vupcr-pcrform* aiicc. F*ti$Ii-Btiti«n Tuning, hands i AVuhnit cnliinrl. Allowance : $j 195 -.l prlfr,! II. t. LoVul Frank Oljerclit, Ucfeiictont. 'flip defendant, Frank Obcrchl, Is wanted to appear wllhln thiily anys In lite court named In the atiHion hereof and answer the complain of tlio iilnlntllf, Lillian Obcrcht. Dnlcd Ihls 23rd day of Aug. 1030. 23-30-0-13 HARVEY MORRIS, Olcrk ittrtlow & Bradley, AUya for Pill Percy A. Wright. Ally. Ad LHcm. WARNING OKUKK I" Ilio Chancery Court, Chickasnwba District, Mississippi Comity Arkn lisas. Elizabeth Tliomn.s, ct i\l, iMninlur vs. No. «985 B. o. Ooulcr. ct al, Dcfcndani: Tlio ilclondiiiit, ii. • o, Dgzlcr is wai-ncd lo appear within thirty' diiys In tho courl named In Iho «>IiM:n hereof mm answer the complulnt of Iho plubilllf lillzabcth nioimis, ol nl, Dated this a-l duy'ol Aut'., 1D3S. 11A11VHV MOHHI6, Clerk 1'ercy A. Wrlglil, ally, for Pit Oenc E. Bradley, nlty nd LHcm. 0:24-31-0:7-1'1 WAUN1NCI OllKKR IN TUB 011ANC1SUV COURT OP CH1CKASAW1M DISTRICT OP MlSSlSSII'l'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Loin Clummons, I'lalnlllV, vs, No. 7023 Albert Cammons, Defendant. The defendant Albert Oammons, Is warned lo appear wllhln Ihliiy dnys In (he coin I immwl in lhc caption hereof and answer Iho complaint of the plaintiff, Lola 'Innunons. DalC-cl this 2Cth dlly of Seillcill- ber, 1039. HAUVEY M'QUltlS. Clerk '- - •"*! By Elizabeth 'Biyihe, v~f<j, 1'Cicy A. .\Vil«ht, Atty. for PJ&'' Claude P. Cooper, Ally, ad LiWfcf 28-5-12.19 ,donT'uss your fingernails when mosquitoes i)llc. Stralchlng may lead to irritation and trouble. Such pests. When they bl^c—you Itch, then you acnilcb, often Irritate ekln. Bo ready to quickly relieve this discomfort of non-poisonous Insect bites wltli famous Mexican H«at 1'owilcr. Soothes—cools—relieves the llchlnfr. Also for baby's heat raTh. fa nrlnglng comfort lo thousand!. Bo sura lo ask your druugtat todav MEXlCANHlPdlVDER HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 I For Prompt Laundry '<,> and Cleaning Serrict ' v IMPORTANT NOT1C By Act Of last legislature, Octobe; is final date for payment of Drainage Taxes, HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Hlylhcvillc, Ark. We earnestly urge that all land owners observe this new change in tax paying date and avoid penalties and court costs. Drainage District No. 9 and Sub-District 1 of 8 —"••^•••^•M A $23 Westinghouse Electric Food Mixer FREE' GIFT OF tUfy MtMtt TO ~ >/" those "he" serves and who registers at the Ark-Mo Power Company's BOOTH at the MISSISSIPPI'COUNTY FAIR Full particulars as to how ijou may obtain this Electric Food Mixer will be given you at the booth. i A SET OF y> Measuring Spoons E 166 TO EACH CUSTOMER WHO REGISTERS AT OUR BOOTH!! WHILE THEY LAST! ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP. Seivtce 9*. BE SURE TO VISIT THE Mississippi County Fair This week

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