The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1931 -—~ Bl/XTHKVtLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE''SEVEN-1 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents n word (or first insert! on and one cent a Kcrd 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement uly-u for less than He. Count the words and scua the cash. I'hono 3015 _ ; U^.di^ysi^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE IIIICI.N 1IKUE TOIIAV I now professed hcrrelf willing (o ro I To l:rcp life from srimliic (no | IK aln at Mill Hush wltll her llllS- ' '' lx ' 'baud iiiiJ (lie Iliree Italians during FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching solicit- cd Marilvn Hatchery, BlyUicvillc. SO-CK-TF FOR SALE—50 v:hllc leghorn hens iit "5c each, at once. J. M. Hcird- Ing. Route 1. - 23P-K2ii| FOR SALE—A* sacrifice lo settle estate, beautiful black, brand | new Oakland clyht sedan, 6 wive wheels Purchased by Indy who be-1 came suddenly ill and never rc-| covered. Can be seen at Dent's Garage opposite Noble Hotel. R. M Faircs, Administrator, Box 551, St'eelc, Mo. 23C-K2 di'lt In Heil TEiru>li, lo i,'l n uilVlstiT nnil tlflnlnusIiLT nt l!n- nrnlthy null InJulRenf formrr I'llll, VAX JIOQltX, ursn'i'ieJ a Junior Country Clul>. IIAII1) nul.MUVAY, « ynuaff Tiiru.ih, Am-li-leil* l,y Cinder, he nnreed to nay mid li.iltil ?,iirtr:ilt« Hiiil clri-orntr the; rliililionfc*. lie t.ur.ct-!>tvU gentling to Chlca«ii fur Mt.'Ul.O t:AI,M',NO, "-hi, fulfill I'M,]* till,] JitnK ulruni a Rulliir. Hut \Eculu could nut eome. In III-, [ilui:? cnnu 1 three of III" >Ti:Tmi' K e<iulJ 'eVukt' IIKXITU euiili] i-liitf. (;luccr turtle them on. l!?i:lmilni: to re.llUr IIP "n* In li:vr v, Itli tih-Ki-r, Hiiril KBKSeMi'il li:uliu;. llul I'lill iimimkil Eilm ti, i.t:iy littler IIM llu'lr Kliest, nuil »-!ir wnne to sri:i:n ituM^v. >t furnirr friend of t.inirer'if. »iul tn- Mlvil lilni. Slit- fell k directly to her own homo, lioiihiii to relieve- tlicm of (ho slight ntltll- lional incnnvi'iilciico ot her prei- ence, but Mnrkor ju'cforrctl .to hold |l!ic clay, ami I'lill promised lo send her a companion al iilsht. -lltio crowd together uiilll —„-"1 can see I did diem a great In- | w « 3 t<m " 11 or at l' M uulu V' 0 tact ami I'm sorry," £>ic- said I"' t« disnppearaiico was glvcu 10 the public. liumlll. 0!i hla wny down -stairs atlcr taking up tlio trass, In the doorway. "Shall I tnl'.c llic basket to Ilia kitchen, Misa Till!, or <!o you v.'iinl ,'bll t'.nijly. "You may traie (lie- bird If you wl»li, Mr, Marker—di, at vou pli'Lisc—bill I shall soi;d the jlr.l uii its way \vllli tbo muni;)'. 1 want (linger." justice, ipologctically. "Hut Ilio [land 13 lUtlian, f.nd KO aro they. However, I hope they'll foralvo me." mill-: girls hurried away lo ;;nllior -*- u[i (lielr ti'illet articles tlio liyht bSEi llivy li:ul with them, wlille lluril hts canvases in tho packius CIHS. IMc-tro TN v,ihi he riead' ^ fiati\ t It licrol" "Tho vcEolalles? To (to Uitcl'.en, of cuiirae-." paper L- [In .tr.Ktr met Ilils limn- liy I PATTY SHAHS HI lal.l- KENT FOR KENT—Furnished room with bath and furnace licit. MO. 111C Ave.. fho:ie Ho. 645. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. Phone 7S5J. Mrs. Belle M. Wcod. 18C-TP FOR REST—CHEAP—Two bungalows, 101-195 West Cherry. Apply 800 W. Ash. 10P-K26 FOR HENT—Nice front bedrooms, convenient to bath, excellent meals, reasonable rent. Mrs. Laughlin, 1415 Main, 1'hone 319. 1UP-K2 VOH RENT—Furnished apartment 108 W. Kentucky. Phone CE3. 19P-K2 . iic-r.limlcil i:i)IJY JAfKSOX nuif, nn'J 1'ilily ilcriclfil In Unll iri, 1^1 lir kf?[>lnc; Cln^rr ::nj .l «r:inrolPd. Tills hu il!J. filled a couple ot baskets wilh fruit ">• "•«'" ""- 1 " tl<! cr - e ' ami vtBCtablos. aud JenS:y ndilcc! r.!'- al » ;:ot "> lo - d: - s-iclc of frrjh OSES nmi nj "Jiuiul!!, wiic: av« TCU ilo ot fresh vruer tr.TJt ti',ati aboul ' ; i."'""'- '-ell >'»"> \\ouij Ueulto bad caunlit at sunrSsG tbatj aiorning. j "Vou must cat ar.d V.wp up you: | treii^lli," she tc-ar'Jlly to Priii j We'll all need our strtr.sth before ever we see'poor tloar little tllajcr igain.' On'mi.V. l-Uil.» llnlllshl; cn:i- lrl\^:l to l.i-t-li Ijrr and ll:uj lii-. ^i-clu-r ulillr IIR Mlui'U In fiiim^r nnj infrfi! J'iiHr OK "Ilh S|,rfd, Rvrrynrti- h:id ti niIxcraTilr ttnu 1 . Jlcrinnlillr.' n«nllit lintl innilr n lilp.'Ki, nntl rctnrnrJ )vllh /or nil nnil a |i!:u'i In l.i'lrn[> (ihiRfr wn'l tnilJ lirr (or rnitMiin. lit- liTJnl uN Elttip «,t:l ILI-. v.:,|lra rut lil« \Vfivn Spred lri|: Ijuw intiftr . . ipnrlur.lcy. Ilnnfy. tint IUIHIT-: »tm>il, Inlil Hnrd' mid I'JJy J^ickhvii , nnrd drtrmiliipil to Ht thjit pi, In! of tbe FOB REST—!20 acres 1 mile north of Luxcra. Cash cr crop rent. A. G Little, First National Dunk. 21C-K2S FOR SALE—Two incubators, one 60 egg and one 150 egg, Mrs. J B. Cliiik, Phone 1517-F2. 25C-K28 ti di'iiiniirl f|ir S"ii.«;ill. i'lill finrnt minify :nnl n iKitr of {TrtvnU- ile- 1,-plUcfT. \VIien Ilic Jeteellvex «r- JrlvrJ lll?y dEselonccl th:ct Cntton ' \i:it not y'peeil'* sl\(cr. Slircil Ilicn brei'l Ktqri'ti} tnilrrTril. :i»il tln-ll /lnt.cln ".nil rU-tri' .\vere f|lir«- liinu-i!. Henljo i:l\,i tuld Ills KturT. mill .-til tTiri-e. nceniinl^ flitrkrd Beiillo and cnrrici! lac! The one ,y, lo touch any of tl'.o-niiiitts." Phil's nc-rvos were strr.iaCM, and her voice w?.a eiiarp ruid inip:itte:tt. rl'.Eej; on." "V.'ritten on'.' 0V Urlns It here." riii! Blood iiiolioiilcss—motion- and baskets down lo lau c;ir and packed Ibeui neatly in, nnd a Ittlo liilcr the tlirt-o cars rolled dowii'tbt! laiif, liddy driving Cluger's roadster. Murker r.ccom- panictl tliem to Doormlec, leavlnK Holt on guard at Mill Kusli, It was but a fe'.v iniiiules alter nine when llicy reached D-joriidee and ran iiuickly Into llic house, excitedly cxceclant of an immediate demand for Ihe ransom, perhaps at tbe point of a Riiu. Vhil hesitated only long enough to slve Hie iieccj- jary-orders lo Ilamill.' '"Leave tbo earn o:il," sko said, "\\'c, niity want tlicni In a. hurry. Take the IKIES up to the girls' rooms, the c-ase ol printings lo -Mr. IJard's.- Take lire food'supplies to llro kiicben and eivo llw ilowcra to (looby. 11 !«:j the others huus iiboul her. "1—T. tUcIn't tc.ll him not to touch |» hasliLt," the «-[.c;Ucd falctly. her iliMy lo Iho tho pun^lji'.ient of \VL-(I;!,;- dO'irs, Hie iiiiprchciidluu t>t trlinl- JlEllj. "Lo 1 . the Kovr.inrjcut ^riitoet t 1 ^- clvly," ;i:i!,l phi) hotly. "I.u ihu pollio faich and punish rriniln >.l t. It's wlsat il:cy aio palil for. \Vli:,t iiiouclion tiu \vo get. when u ca'i be tcuichc-d away like llil rtnyllsht In a little plr.ce Ilcd Thru'.:!? Let tins sovorinin-:it kvk aftt-r Us ou'it lnul/;e.:3. I'm lo^Utiu out for ^iuyer." .; To his areuuicnt ll:at even tin- liioncy p:ild ever (he al::lik-i,na iiki'1,1 ii:it niiike Bfjd Ihu'r :II-HM!' P J in lukar-B the Kill, t'lil! o.iiM .,ulv cm :uid that liy (ynfo.'ml'i;.; in lli<'l> iiaiuhi (hi-rii \Y- I K r-.l 'i'.o for lici- cat-! return, otiier- [• liiero \vafi nil hopo »t itll. W, II, V.T.'M.' ;:nl fi;ur hoiiif, .!l.Cl•. "1 can li.n 1 -; any r-url^r "<:ou in lo\va In four hou 1 -:-. [t FOS HKNT—r, rsoiu hcu'C, newly decorated, Garden. 110 Cherry. Phone OH. ' 25P-K2 WANTKD WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brawn, 701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quaiititv. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TP WANTED TO BUY—A goc.d trncfc : C. S. Bajgett, 207 N. Filth Phone 81GW. 24C-K2' POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co Feed Co. 210 N. RiiUroad St., wesl of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phom 64. 24C-TF CO fl.V V.'JTK TUB STOli\' ' XXXVII . '• • A Fl'ER (hat Ihc-y could only wall. - 1 1'ietro iiiado'aifrcsli vot of col-, fee, and when' they 'had • (Ir/unTi, .Murker.suggested tbat ihey so back- to bbbrndce. "••'•• ' • '. "It's there' thlnss "are. going .16 happen next," be said, ''anil it's just waste of time hangins around here. As soon as I gel tbe fingcr-'printa from the brown paper we'll go'rli In." • '. The liEigcr-prints wero.curloii3|y imheiuful, liowever, .being none other tban tliosf of Jcnky lierself. "It was a slick guy did thai, and a good job," said Marker positively. "Not a leark on- it, 1 '., -- ' . ' ' ^ The security'of'the "fllgllt-.and (' activities of th/i -ijelecflv--' ' calmed quiet, very sifc, completely KbeUered seenu'd the great lus- urlouu bouse. It was very, hard to lliat isss than-2f hours asjo they had left IhaL ilcor'ni.t'a Uinjer,- and 'that 'n'ow, KO few' hours later, they rchirheif without lic'r—tlial at this very moment she was being held for ransom, perhaps tier life in icoiianly. . . . Aniaiedly they'-looked at the c!o:k. it'was'oniy nine.-yis'.crtloy ; at nino. IQ this very 'eiusts they were making 'gay plaas at tee breakfast table. fTAMIliL reapr,carcd In li:e tloor- •*••*•' way. In his band he carried u moll square basket, stoutly woven l>:it of :i loojo ir.cah that would i^lve. free- admission of: nlr. They luid never seen it before.. A label was attached lo tko.fttmllo with'Elring. "" 'I!o careful. Do not open this basket,'" Haniill read ahjurl.'. t ' Pbil took it from him wlUiout a word. Kolwdy spoke. They fcarco- ly seemed to breathe.' The notice wa:; writlcn on tirown wia: papnr. Auotber piece of the brown puper v.'aa thrust through (be lock of tho basket. Eocurnl> Uvis'.e::. S!:o drew it out, and'read i; r-.loud slowly. '*'Kc carc/»J. v />o noi let llic lift} neapc- '/ i' rc.lanu icfflioat ttic- money you Kill nci'cr sec her <30ain. "•y,'oll the Kir.r'j, thirty .tko'.i- •w.£ (iflic/; ir. thirty bills, us liylil' !;.•<;! ^->:', fii_r\ i^iLV.-ii/Z ii in the, ' the bird's. 3icc/.v ,. . . Kc/cuse thr,' tii;4. ; '.iy ouc o'clock x'JhMl /:n'F." •if'{!ff.!i3 not'returned, to thc-rulc iy tiirca, the ylil 'uu\ Ma was., tsnmliiing '.et. "Thore'^ii.liird in" U:efe'-rU's, lapiniis its wiugs',"'ho said. . ' l>'/X ''lierc is :tbe' money," said'JPiiil irir-.ry, "Oh,' Tv-ait ..a : minute," s of tlifi -•delecflves'-.badl J»sky's fears, so. that .sii-j" PhU-raTi "ntirrlerliy through the i Marker. 'Tou're goins lo. EsavQ Uial pile ot letters on the hall' table, tslf |tnoney.. : YThat ri'Topi lie. Is! SVc've expecting to find a demand fcr t;ici£0t him now! It's a carr: ' taj-3 you don't have to Icl It until otic," "• "Ho w!iit you C:IEI In t!ic in 1 .un- I'bll. "At o::o oYSvl;, the ia.>i!ey. in Ibe youch. On lh:it I a!u dcterju'.ticd." "flow aliont following (lie bird with an 1 airplane':" sugRestcd EtWjr. "jhisift Ibat been Oouc-?' 1 , "It eliall not bu do|io In Mill Cj-r," Eaid Dill. "At tlic llrsl Flsn cii inirtult, ber captors vvu'ild KCI rid of Oliiaer." .' i;etecllvt> opened Ilio small door of Iho batikcl and with clumiiy liruid nnnaged to restrEjhi Ihe thit- iii-hi^ wings of the frifilitfinoil bird, tut tlieE'C was not (ho usual mimo !iil uuEiibGE'-plato 111:011 l(o Ic;;, und t v.'.is lyithout idctjllfyiijii niarlia if any kind.. ' . . ",lust tbe same," sajd'icr con- i:lc-n{ly, "tjo.cnn find tjui iviiai cole t came from and wlrit L-ak'6 liavo iccn msdc ta(cly, / We'll caieh btni lure, lie's corubred now." • Willi a triumphant scslure lie re- .iirjied tbe iiird carclciisly lo (lie j'aVkt-t, ,antl his hand fumbled with Ibe-tiuy tlcor. lint Ilio pifieon ditl riot;wait. With.a great fUHier cc JjlU-'Ing.i It was cle v iT,of (be basket ..iM 'inaklng tor (lie "open duor. A Ofjf/dt terror'weiit'up.;' Hamlll hi Ihe doorway Instinctively HIHIB up arm, Tbo bird faltered," turued r •*• A" " |iutv\ —• •<: LAPS WILL 1 Respec-r" PLIE MUST BE } Pli-f-flM<3 IM A f Mo\>euiW wae i 6F WELL l' wrla's-wHo roR -THIS CALL MS UP -1C, -ft(£ BOM Accoufi-f VJOLUM& OF §20,0-00- somewhere among it, but ; tJyery one of them is markcd-:ai'.t there• was uothuig of auy unucar*! cjiu^-be.traced straight to -Its lofl uatiire. .--ft. •!* IY '•'-.'-'. \Ve 1 TO,',Eo',t.liliii.tight'." •',.''. --.'Patlv offered iba1f-Iiearledl5 J 'to eb ' ; "H6TO'l9.'trte money, Alfred "sitlrl BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . . HOOTS ISN'T MartiL COMMISSIOXKR'S SALE NOTICE is lisreby given tha the umlersisnert coinmissioner, in compliance with the terms deer?* rendered by the CliaiiMry Court for the chickasawba District of Mississippi .County. Arkansas, on the 2Mh day of February, 1031, wherein thn Fidelity Savings <fe Loan Association was PlalnliU, No. 4822 nnd Charles L. Santy. ct a!., were Defendants, will scli at public auction lo the. highest anri .best bidder, on a credit of 3 months, at the front door of the Court Hcuse. between the hours prescribed by law. in the City of Blylheville, Arkansas, en Ihe 7th day of March 1031, the following real estate, towil: Lot 11. B!cck 33, Blyihe Addition to tho City of Blythevillc, SAID sa!o will tc hart to satisfy said decree in the sum of S2,QG8.25 with 8 'J-S per cr-nl interest frcn' September llth, 1930, until pa'.d THE purchaser .at said sale will be required lo execute bond v.'ilh approved security, 'to secure Ihe payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon ?atrl property p.s additional security for the payment of such ... purchase moncv. of a VITNESS my hand and the seal of said Courl, on this, (he 25th day ot February, 1931. Sea!) R. b. GAIHES, Commissioner in Chancery. 25-4 FAY 0. DAVIS rhonc 121 SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN eggs in various concoctions. , When conned vegetables are drained from their liquor for .wrv- lifitk, and n moment later, was-beat-' ! ipg.il3;\7ing3 In Iho deceptive fctlda'- ofi-tliiu'ciirtAln at the ojicii'wlii;-. •-"Here'iji'trio nionev, Alfreil,'.' sJiid i'\* : "- ""(To.-'lic Con(imic"ti) ^T^'-'i.S 1 , _ -.; . . • .* ^ \ ,, i .•_ _ ^ •-> York Cotton. Peb. 25 .(UP)— closed steady. onrn h!gh • low 1141 1117 11G5 "1140 1100 1218 1232 1242 1130. mufUns, ginger brcntl, -'"> hearts. ad, toasled i:iilk. tea. .V DINNER—Stiifled calf's .-.-_.-, ing in salads,'this liquor should 1:-- steamed-rice, broccoli witli Hcllan- Eaveci and used in z soup. T:io:< : .:!ise sauce, new ' pnlohs, r'nrtisli?!. juice ot canned fruist csn ba uuKjand celery, maple cust-ard nutldins, snlatt drefsings. fruit drin!-:;, i milk, coffee. . • desert sauces and j^Hieri dishes. '• Canned meats and lish can b:, [j;[ no j B as l {e t' o aU Team used in salads in combination \:;::i F , vcjelaWcs to excellent advantage : rias iV/0 Games With JapS The convenience of havir, E sue:-! C HANU=AIGN, 111., tUPI-Coach ' ,NEW Cotton Mar May July Oct Dec Jan Spots ma 11(13 1100 ma ran q»:et at 11G5 1192 1212 1220 Olf foods ready to serve withcm hours Cniversily of III- of previous work is well worth sh: | = n: .j 5 fc a5c ball tea:n wiil play t-Uhl busy housewife's serious cansidera- ; tc:;r , cs scutln.-m collc-Tfis dining it., annual spring training trip, -March M- April C. In :«lrlb lion. Canned foods en tho cmcrrc-ncy j shelf v.ill save many an otherv.ise I embarrassing situation when unt:x-i peeled gueaU I'.iyivc. BREAKFAST—Orange juico, C2- re,-,!, cream, canned corn n:ef hash, toast, milk, colfce. LUNCHEON—Lentil soup, croutons, carrot and cott'.ige ci:cc?e; sal-' New Orleans Cotton tir.n J .o rho training trip games the I!!inl will play 11 Big Tc-n co-.ifcr ; i Mar cace ccntcstj and three non-con- 1 fcrencc games. Two of the grirr..?s will be wiiii Hcsci University of Japan which will invade llic west this NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 23 (OP) — Ccllon closer! steady. open high low close 1131) 1139 1115 I115-lb 1165 1105 1139 1130 11DO 1191 HC5 11C5 121-1 1214 1101 " 123'J 1233 1211 1211 ' 12A1 1242 1220 1219b sleadv al 1000, off 7. Coats Relmerl— Dresses Rcmndelcil— Everything Cleaned. KE-NU CI,EANERS I'honc 17S Local and Ions distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. K. WASIIAM TKANSFEIl HOO Clilckasanb.% Vhonc 851 JACK DEI.K Pailiator Expert, is now vita 1:5. New and U?c<i Radiators For Ail Cars Jackson Auto Parts 2020 W. Main—Vliunc G6 HAY Or,e bals cr a train load. EAR CORN, shuck en, 83c bu Siiu'ck off. "Cc P« bu., In car lots. Cot Ion States Sales Co., Inc. ' . i tit LD 1806. v BV SI3TEU J1AKV XEA Service Wrilcr Not so many years ago, the housekeeper who served manls "out of 4-can" was regarded with a fccl- tnp 'apprcachinj derision by her mc're e'mcicnl sisters, but today this is an out-of-date accusation. On tlic contrary, the housekeeper \vli3 uses 'canned -focds intelliEjenllycan serve Interesting and varied meals at all seasciis. of thr year, while practising economy snri goctl miui- agemcnt as weli. l^urthcvmorc, the,' modern and sdeiiUlic : methods of I canning n'.ake it pM^ible to serve xcds out of a can that, arc often ha- ana 1 of tetter ([inlity liian he "fresh" products we make such an clfort to buy and prepare. ; There are mpre than a dozen varieties of canned soups available. Most of these carry directions for preparing'and serving at t';'.e labie, but a-few espjrimcnls have revealed a number-of possibilities for Tarying these. A nourishing and well' flavored vegetable chowder 13 made by adding an. equal quantity ot, milk—which may. also be canned—to a'can of condensed vegetable soup. An excellent trmiAto bisque is-easily and quickly mads by adding an equal amount cf miik to a can of cor.der.std tomato soup. Canned soups also lend themselves to combinalions that are unusual and batisfactory. Canned meais a>.d fish combined with vegetable soups j make desirable stews nnd fish chowders. I In order to preserve all the flr.- I vor of canned vegetables, care should be taken when reheating . them. Put Ihe vegetable and the juic-e in v.hich it was canned into •A wide, fiat sauce pan and cook quickly uu'.il "lest of the limiDr is evaporated. Then season and sirvc us wanted. Canned vegetables and canned meats or fish oflcr lur.urncrab'f potabilities fo.' combination main richer.. Certain delicately flavored J veueMtlcs also combine well with TXTT P3MY OICMT LOOlc TO H.-Z .... STILL "TO KKlOv; IF TH;s V;AS TJE STREET DOC V-'EBB LIVED SHW3YSIDSS EUEVWIhVS MUS' IE WE w fVfOMCE. t\ LtETl-6 TO VOOR t 6EAS OU& OP PCCK.GTS. \ WiES CAP i^O COW E-EWMO VJL'E-O. HE CC.'.V^c //»—_ -I-.--'-i ~^E PEN^tN'MON. ,—' l!i!lli\ fi,/-^ ^/ I JO^T OlMMt A ( VAP.50M Nvl 1 IW \ OM AW UW.

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