Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 23, 1945 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1945
Page 8
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i.. joy Suzette I Barbara Barjett Weds I IhAfi White Ceremony ' For the marriage of Miss Barbara nelii was matron of honor for her I Bita Barrett and Ro.be rt Ernerv sister. Other attendant! .were Miss HCrow4er, U.S.N.IL, which was sol I emnized with a nuptial mass -at I 10 o'clock tejsjnorning if St 36- J. Septra Cathojc. Church, Alameda, i: an aU white setting was the distinc- i tive note. ! i Barbara, who is the daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Martin S. Barrett of t-. San Antonio Avenue, was escorted to the altar by her father where the I Rev. Father J. McCarthy, the groom I' "and hisl bejl man, John Crowder. p U.S.N.R.. riflnather. awaited them, ! " Itie bride wore .a-fhcal gown of satin, a long sleeved, close fitting t model, with a -long bridal veil of j. tulle, which extended over the court . train. White stephanotis was-com- I' ,bined with the white orchid torni - I, ouet carried to complete the- en - :. terrible. w nCf ailcnuams writ: uicffcu jii -white net frocks, and they carried arm bouquets of American Beauty: gladioli, centered witn roserjuas oi tne groom, wore a teai Diue gown the same shade. Mrs. Alfred Mag- with orchids. SECOND Soft OF SPROULS rffiPS TPDAy JN 'Scheduled to take place In WiL- Bamsburg, Va., today is the marriage ef Mis Cara May Cutter of Sac- "nunento to Lieut.' Robert Sproul Jr., XJ.8N.R., son ofcDr. and Mrs. Robert " fiitnlnii finrnfi! . f Berkeley The affair was arranged "tt follow the (Wedding of another son, Lieut. John (Allen Sproul and Marjone Ann gardens and picturesque setting. JUuck, Kappa Alpha Theta at U.C., i' Mrs. Curtis Cutter and her daugh-Whifih took place Wednesday eve- ,te.r, Cara May, and son, Carly, have Aing in Washington, D C . and which jbeen at The Lodge since theis arri-tSn. Sproul and Mrs. Robert Sproul fval in the Southern city. Sr, grandmother t)f the benedicts,: Doctor Sproul being in Moscow. Witnessed in St. Mary's Chapel of could not see his son's marriage but Mb National Cathedral. A recep- j his motner and'grandmftther wiH be mm followed at the Shoreham. i presenlj ; " 1-The newlyweds arrived in Wil - sbtirg today to exchange cour- a&d attend Cara May. and Lieut. Robert Sproul in "'the , Iftiss Alice Prat 'incomes Bride 'M soon today In St. Francis de Catholic Church in the pres- ita at their friends -and relatives, -Alice Prat became the bride Joseph Ternes, discharged vet f tha U.S. Army Air Corps. Tames is now attending Cali- lU, taking a course' iqkbusiness lUtratton. He was graduated ' van St. Mary'f High School before - M antcrad tha Air Corps. H Tha Rv. Barnard Burke read the . j awrriBae aarvicv. I A X, 1 - A. f 3 .J AnvnauiK ne onae as mia fis Garnette Tarnei f tfia groom, with Adella nn j&A Mary Helen Lenana m rela of bridesmaids. Master John arton and Jo "Anne La Costa were bearer and flower girl, re-Ivaly. I Bwt man was Bernard Connelly. Trad Hanson and John Reardon - rare ygttwn. " '. ! Tha -wedding breakfast snd ra- fsption' took place at the Hotel hattuck. ' -Whjt'a aatin brocade wss worn by Jhe brida who also wore her Sloth er" wedding veil and head' ress of tulle and orange blossoms. Her ahower was of orchids and (bouvardia. r The attendants upon the bride jarore Tjouffant frocks of pink, blue . and white marquisette and carried jxmquets of Summer flowers. Literary Circle Are Luncheon Guests i m .i i r . M St. James EniscoDal Church were ' Igueats t luncheon tod of Mrs. jAlbert Emsley and I Mrs. -H. C. Pat-. tarson of-Oakland. at" a downtown 4. lea room. Later the guests .went tpjhow recently at Rockridge club)' -the. apartment of Mrs. Patterson ,m Btaten Avenuej where a reading "f MargaP)t Irrin's book.' "yniing Bess" fas given by Mrs.--Gten 'Hudson. Thursday the Forward and Serv - Ice group were entertained at Juncheon aboard Utr "Amy K." The yjjpmia is interested in the rebuild- aiSfofiriS ' ttleted on St. James Day -July 25 fThe Reverend and Mrs. WH O; Mrs. D Paul von HachTand Mrs Battershill were hosts aboard the! William Hansen are P.-T.A. leaders Cruiser. . iof the group. Arts of China Will Central Trade Sets Be Studied by Club Membership Goal Formed for the pjirposu of pro-f With a goal of 200 or more inoting 4riendlinp.ss...and. studying , members. Central Trade P.-T.A. has modern 'C h in e s e literature . and started its 1945-16 enrolment cam-piusic, the "G.F." Club of Oakland paign under the direction of Mrs is a new nrganiKalioii..fnr Chinese F. M. CmSndler, membership chair-fcoys and girls; in;in. ; The' gnniprtjieets twice weekly at 155 Eighth Street under the dure tion of Robert Lim," president A class in modern Chinese, which Opened earlier" in the monlh. is con- ducted by a University of California. iffttructor and is attracting a. large membership. Life Memberships Given P.-T.A. Trio Three mem her nf Redwood i-fieights P.-T.A. are recipients nf life memberships' in the California Con-JtresjDf Parents and Teachers, prt anted at the final unit meeting by I . Mrs. Samuel Bpeers. " Those honored are Mrs. Ri bv an fHijMfc captain of traffic for the unit: IMA Wilhur Stennrer Kmnrtjlilv I . chairman, snd Mrs. Stanley K. "tittle, president. Our new artho-ncopic limn lv more light. no dlatoftlon! -I IM In Kasthav, BMBaBMHBBVBlBHMBaSBVBl .aaaaaaaaaaaMBBaBa. B BaMBBBBBBMBaBMkMalSWH aatiiiiiiaaa-j jti.iii rv UKiit iianii 'adrm 'V' -, W toiiitti ewf to, BnctingB i toirt a mrqi - Barbara fcarseir-of Alamed. Miss Lois Magnetic of Oakland and Mrs Bertrahd J.. Barrett of Berkeley. sister-in-law of the bride.v Carol Ann Wilson of Napa, a cousin of the bride, who was flower girl, wore a white net frfeeVand her bouquet was a miniature replies of the bride's. Seating the guests of which there were more than 300 at the cliurrh.l were EHs. James Johnson, U S NR. of San Francisco- Lieut. Edward Fennally. U.S.M.C.. oflOaklahd. and John Delaney, U.SNB, of Glen- dale. Lieut. tj-gX-Bertrand J. Bar- reft, brother of the bridf was called to duty Afew days before' the"cere- rnony. , Mrs. Barrett", mother -of the bride. .wore an Voua gown with flowered hh iu iiiliii, aHU vuiMgc vi ui- ,chids. Mrs. Harry Crowder. mother ofj, JORGINIA . roles of matron of honor -sird best . . '. nisiurrc vurisiupnrr wren vnapei in the town of Williamsbrug will be ( tne gcene of tne bedding? with .many Navy personnel in attendance. Tjifer the finest will on tn Wil. liamsburg Inn for- the reception - with its Colonial background and i Old "Point Comfort Is the spot chosen for the honeymoon,- after which Lieut. Robert Sproul and his bride will go to Norfolk, Va., to live. Ebell Benefit To Open Season . First of a series of Summer activities for Ebeir Society members and their friends will be the bridge luncheon Tuesday afternoon benefiting Hospitality House. hich the club sponsors once each month. Mrs. Marion F: Oliver, chairman of the ways and" means committee, has arranged the event, and is being assisted by" Mrs. J..-Jjlton Ward. Mrs. F. L. BriCffs and Mrs. Frvri H Doria4r.'"Mrt. Oliver A. Ffsk. wawl- "dent; will head the hostesses fnd -wlU' preside oyer the luncheon. Among those, who have hiad reservations for the 'afternoon art Mrs Fisk, Mrs. 'P. W. Racey, Mrs. James A. Plunkett, Mrs. Horace 0.Lanza, Mrs. E, C. Lyon, Mrs. George Pardee, Mrs. Leroy Armstrong, Mrs. Elmer E. Brinckerhoff, Mrs. William W. Laidley. Mrs. C. H.' Mitchell, Mrs. C. G. Murray, Mrs. Donald Crain, Mrs. Leonard Smith, Mrs. Alice, Bolton, Mrs. Ernest Shlbley:, Mrs,. BrunoV Forsterer, Mrs. R.'S. Holway, Miss Iva Yrjfker, Mrs. Eva Yorker, Mrs. Daniel T. Mehigan. Mrs. Ray Edson ' Gilson, Mrs. Charles D. Rowe, Mrs. Miles Fox. Mrs. O. S. Dean, Mrs. Norman Ellis. Mrs. Grace H. Hershey. $rs. M. N. Meriwether. Mrs. George' F. Stevens, Mrs. J. N. Gilman, -Mrs A. M. Buchanan', Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Briggs and Mrs. Dorsay. Rockridge Bluebirds tntenain r.-X.A. Bluebirds of the Forget Me Not ' group at Rockridge School enter- jtained P.-T.A. members at a variety! ; house, presenting a program of IftrrribaUps, ballet and tap dances. I jarfd piano selections. i ' Girls taking'part included Ann! ; Atkins. Donna " Croftj, . Roberta j j French, Florence Ann Gibson, I ; Nancy Hansen, Jarquelyn 1-andis. Alice McCrudden, Jahice Short.. j Phebe Cramer. ! Vocational training at the school! -.is open to P.-T.A. members wishing; ;to choose any of the many. day or 1 evening classes during the regular or Summer sessions, she announces. .lurk Randall OKLAHOMA TERROR Alia Jdn rala nardnii -Ollfrr THE MARINES ARE HERE STARTS TOMORROW 3 DAYS i I M i SATURDAY JUNE 23, 1945 7 fit l 1 .' t T J (:: a Q i , v o Wearing this elaborate Mexican costume- Mary Ulibarrl will present the. Mexican Jarabe dance at the Y.W.C.A.'s United Nations party Tuesday evening atNh'e West Oakland Center, The party closes a series of Tlsesday evening events for adults at the center. BRIDGE LUNCHEON TO CLOSE ' YEAR'S SOCIAL PROGRAM - Assembling fnr their last sooialjSerkle, ' cnrresfiondrng secretary; vent before a twn-monfh club; Mrs. RF Mr A dams, recording sec-holiday, members of Monday Uni-1 retary: Mrs. I. S. Leonard, financial versa! Cluh will have a bridge ! secretary; Mrs. W.- W, Scherer, luncheon Monday at the clubhouse j treasurer; Mrs. Charles Fieberling, in Piedmont. . auditor; Mrs. E. D. Casterline, par- Activities will be resumed in Sep- j Hamentnnan; and Mrs. H. P. Kel-t ember under the direction of Miss.: land, historian. . . . Nell C. Bosrdman, newly installed president. Miss Boardman will head the hos-! tesses and committee members fori tomorrow's hmrheon. Serving vith ! her as officers for. the coming year i will be Mrs. Marshall Fohmsoii. first vice-president; Mrs. R. Bostitv second Vice-president; Mrs. H. R.j mr.iimHii'jyjiiin Pinny sm6LETonanTuna nvc I'L-AVE ITTO BLONDIEl lJ, I I I ' 1 1 iltfUMUyj MB KQPfBlNQ CROSBY-BETTY GMBlf? AH STAR ggaP RAllY , OLW TIHI RraniUnavimn Mqir - SAl l ItDAi Mi.HT H per in I Tr Iritlirrttf t JENNY LIND HALL I22B Tilerriph A vs., Oakland Llataa to rtndlnTlan I y Mnlt Brtrr rrldsr t:M Ala A swum PAW. MUNI If 'MAR6UERIIE GHRfWAN 11? (sourif Ell'ii XX ATTACK Jf a Air i j .1 t Tii mi im r I fW I 1 NM B14S'J Ml V asm r masflfi Vaivmaim r f 7 l.aretta Yonnc-Mels-yn Dourtas 7 I "He Staved for Breakfast" I A Pat O'Hrirh-Glenn Ford I T "FMC.HT LIEl!TENANT" f ;W Commercial Studios'. BrHriirlg naPTg7aC& last Time Tonliht s NATIONAL YELVET In Trrtinifolor with MirWv Roorvv -Fliilrlh Tavlor. PLUS SHORT SUBJECTS Boor, open ft:l, tnnirht ,t Complrta Shows DANCE TONITE BERKELEY CITY CLUB 1 2315 Durant, Berkeley 4ICk".ftEINKXRT and hi trrhrtra VB1S-.STA6E SHOWS 2i45 - MIDNITE CARNIVAL 7 i jf i n i" i i i r TQPW AND TOMORROW If V di'-?Sflfl lj n a .rMsMMei 1: tmfinmmmMt EZiiMjoAiaANP'i okly'oou. novmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Y.W.C.A.Sets Final Party Coincident with ttye closing of of the C(MJritrv. t jMaxine Prescott. recent VC. grad- communis are planned by the the L'mted Nations Conference, the etore th(? fir5l. group'of iM girls uate: Mis Sue Perry. Stanford stu- rewly oranized Women's Associa-: Oakland Y.W.C.A wiU entertain at arrive "6v train Wednesday night.; dent: Miss Elinor Marlin, wha will .:. . ,. ... - . a United Nations party at its West the leaders will have undergone an! assist ;.th waterfront activities: Arlmgton .Avenue Com. . . - , j c, - Oakland Center, 828 Linden Street Tuesday evening. Public participa- Uon is invited, according to Miss Irene Perkins activities secretary TuTSrhZnrfrZ and Miss Lulu Chapman, director of the center. The party marks the close, of a senes of Tuesday evening co - recre - ation programs bf community so cial arts, which has been popular asjia neighborhood activity for adults. A new series of fun nights start. July S- . Groups representing the cultures of Mexico, the Philippines--, South American countries, and the Amer- ican Negro will take part in Tues- day evening's program, lending an inter,nationaI note. One feature ol the enteslainment will be the Mex- ican Jarabe. danced in-, costume by n. uimwi. Community singing ofsongs of the various countries will add to mr cvniuiij. . committee womers planning tne program... include: Mrs. Tod Iver- (son, Miss Vittorino Rosello, Mrs. Uli- Darr,.rs. cerny sanaovai. wirs. Vivian uat-ugn, tirs. w. w. rer- kins, Mrs. Maggif Lee Quabner, Miss Mary Younger and Miss Wil- helmina Moore. x , During the evening announce- ment will be made of a forthcoming Mrs. Alvin Thompson, Mjs. Fern' "Aiesday night potteryclass, which , Fester. aH.-laeai leaders; Mrs. Rkh-VU Pn at the center July 3 for.; a rd Bennett, president, district two. six weekly lesson taught by Mrs- Gii l Scout. Leaders' Association, who larlotte Chambliss. Registration may be made, at the party. A group of would-be craftswomen Who. have made stenciling, their hob.bywillcontiniie their classes dur,ing:.4he'Jummer under the di- reetifljes,,of Miss Rosello. Columnist Will Be Speaker Before B.P.W. "Highlights of "the Conference'' will be told to Berkeley Business and Professional Women's Club members Monday evening at a dinner meeting planned for 6:30 at the Berkeley Women's CMy Club. Hal Johnson, newspaperman, will be the guest speaker, :' Grace Patty, member of the board of directors, .will be chairman of the 'evening, and Marguerite Smilie is reservations chairfnan. ' Dr. Muriel Chapman, president, will preside. ami In Reniilijul , TecUnicolorl "HOB fflLL'? JOAN BENNETT GEOKGE RAFT VIVIAN BLAINE ini Hit! CARIBBEAN MYSTERY" Jamri OUNN-Sbeils RYAN , ROBERT TOIINO DOROTHY MrGI IRE HF.RBERT.4f ARSH ALL "ENCHANTED COTTAGE" Jnd-.BIr Hit! "2 O'CLOCK COURAGE" Tom Vninvny-Aon Rutlierford I J . r JUDY GARLAND ROBERT WALKER THE CLOCK" ERICH VON 8TROHF.IM "Tnt Qraat Flamirion" Mars- Beth Hushm-Dan Daryea SPEM ER TRACY "Katharine HF.PBI RS WITHOUT LOVE Ito "FOREVER YOURS" CONTINUOUS SHOW DAILY IT u.iiiiiniii In Dazzling Technicolor Bettr GRABLE-DIek HAYMES "Diamond Horseshoe" Laurel A Hardy THE BULL FIGHTERS" 5i4S - Ti45 - 10i00 - 12:30 Ml D.I TONITE S torts li c H L ! L ENDS TONIGHT! I I i I Faye EMERSON -Raymond I I I MASSEY-Peter LORRE I,. I I I nOTcL BERLIN I I I Joan DAVIS Iron ERROI. I I XSHE GETS HER MAW J I IllWiiU'il! M I VP 44sbUbWbUbb1 COME TO SAN FRANCISCO FOR A REAL STAGE SHOW MIDNITE SHOW TONIGHT 11:45 CAMP PREPARES TOFT INFLUX OF VISITORS Preparing for Wednesday's open-. ing of the Oakland area -Girl Scout , : camp at Feather River are a group j of local Scout leaders and camp, counselors recruited from all parts intensive five-dav training course conduc,ed by Mies Gertrude Hall. inral G;ri scout executive, and Mrs Harold- Gelwicks. Columbia Uni-dark. Miss Virginia Moran versity graduate and former camp land Miss' Mary Tweedie. College of director of the Cleveland, Ohio? Holy Names student.-: Mis; Bonnie Girl Sjcout council. - wu: .u. 1 . . tr- t 1 "l umr " " . w camp . .t heir, i edTorthe la frVe vrs will k availahto in th futnra So that camping activities of the '"V ' " L , "'.Surf .m f c l' ... . rk,- u ff Bn 2-acre iMBanent vear.round can)psite for Tise by Gn l Sc0lts of 0AUn piedmont rnjgryvjlle'and SaniLeandro ' Lorated near Wawona the camp w, accommodate 1000 glr)s annu;,ily wlth Summer, Win - erfcbpring and week-end camping tefsjons planned. , feather River camp will be open fnr three two-week sessions, the: fjrst ending July 11! the second. juiv 26. and the third. -AnmistV Three hundred and fifty girls will attend. Leaders and counselors who left OakJand" Friday include:' Miss Jean Chapman. Burckhalter school teacher; Mrs. Clyde Williams. Mrs. Leo Munley, Mrs. Gordon Huber. w.iH..he camp -busmess manager. I Miss Helen Baldry. a Chicago! teacher who has had Girl Scout f Yonll HOWL ttb J0UY GHOST iick " atecr II OAKIE RYAN kSrtaar IfMt,. M Samt I t"f Maal - I A Umnrul H.r . . r I C imtxi &" LYDON . mm I 'I ! aw aa tMll .Ml Btf nm wa r aawnia . vtnia sMurUON nouns Starts Tomorrow 3 Days I ' M I : This Sunday Nite Kl PEIlSOfl! t Th-aGorfto Touch of .. trnrn A HIS PIANO A NO PAUL LLEN ' "StfU'rWftfl rVr Senf Seyfisf" MYLU51f)S 19 mm 'ffVrilllMI 1: I v.aaf.BsjkfaMVs iJ I H gJJ.Vt'Wca lei l'f'l UsiiiSbaasaVaBBBaSBBaaSaaW I m g 111 NOW OBJECTIVE BURMA n JT I W IBCQURS30 J I ylgiitiiatmil YatW.it'' aaaaW Ji J Only r.n.w. ?li w "SWEET'S ti aaJlASb Placa H Dintila camp counselor experience in Wis- consm, Michigan, Utahapd Oregon. will be unit leader of the 'mo'un- taineers. older girls' group. Other counselors include: Mis- IM1 JUIla KemaK ana Miss uona ; Patterson. U.C. students. i Honoah Matthews., -Miss . lucj-nerson, aan Jote. state leacn- rc' r"nl latin fit-t o..,,.... IT.. ;,:,, X"' " l ; V. Mills CoHo nd h . Mi Conneti. recent high .1 g'r-du- ates. are included on the ramn i'aff Z.7.' - f" lO 1tend UOnlerenCe H. J. Franzmah. w.v hre-l. dent of 28'h Distrtct of Parent.- and Teachers, has been invited to attend the Summer conference of pr.o-neaeners ondny in the school ad, ministration building She will be ; - accompanied by other' district, 'auers, jvns. w, u ttiser, junior ;past president, Mrs. G. W. Luhr and Mfs- W. B. Peterson. ' 80 THUNDERING- HOOFS! ROARING GUNS! The Most AMAZING WILD HORSE STOUT Ever Filmed! ALL IN GORGtOUS COLOR BOB STEELE Starling Hotlovay Jonn Mlljan Will im Frrium Ffncet Ford Virgin! Mpl ALSO T HAYWARD C'OtNTtR ATTACK mm 1 1 " ji- 2210222X05 SB ( PAULMIINI Hr MARGl'CRITF. CHAPMAN , " I HI MlhRHF AB; SON Of FLICK A" .alo "(IIRL-RI SH" with Alan ( ARN t V I RortcVy MrltOWALk aiid Prfston FOSTER, Frances I.ANOFORD and Waljv -BROWN ;.)Kn IR I MSTANTIAL KVIDKMrB with I - - I.LOYI) Mjl.AN and MICHAEL O'SHEA 1 SAN LEANDRO i TOWER ; Telegraph - tw-23co mw,m u. n ' si a l I a v ii R n .. Ioor eprn tonltbt S IS iIlFl M&K .. -AIIF. WAS A LADY" with Ann Miller lULU VlHa r. It.h "Furlid-r.L- ;.loo BESSF.R and al MMNTYRF? , Band ' OB.tEniVF. BI'RMA" F.irnt H VSN !.?.''' ROIC.H, TOtOH AND BRADY with GeorBe TrtBlAs: h Nin FOC H ln!""'"r MML:s and Chester MORRIS H I.OVF A MYSTERY' j Tomnvrnn-'-FXPFRIMENT PFRILOliS" ; Hedy l.amarr, also HANtiOVKR ROI ARE R-i-0, SAX I.LANDRO Formerly Palace. SW eetwood 5S76 "MARKED FOR Ml'RDER".-T)avi O Brifn mil.- Ham, in "phantom I. An Y" i - SAN PABLO AVENUE EL REY l'a,,CERUA,EK"-!---?'I'iA andJlA'SSiNNN 0 Sw." Robinson r'aK0ChasHrettjrOTtritS b"rLi""W "Han.or" 11" "COWBOY IN TOT. cUl-ny-l jgA--"' Hangover gaunrej Blftl.Tn Sa" &-A':ii DIMOHD LAUKEL mil 1 v nvi V ' "Boots a sAnni.ES'-oenp Antry Murder hi the Blue Room"-Dnnald Cook CAPTAIN AMERUV , 4, 7th AND MARKET STAR M.nkct ,t Vth Sited au; Spanish pnor.rtAM - i1 i. i l r l o " DE MEXICO I.I.Ef.O El. AMOR" BERKELEY LORIN Adeline al Alra'.ra "I'LL BE SEEING YOI GinRer Roger-Jns Cnttrn-Shirley Teniple aln "FALCON in tHM.i.vnnnn nn Tom. tflNHAV and Veda 'Ann BORC. CAMPUS . TW jnnas Mud Dnorv open at l:l AFFAIRS OF SISAN Inan F ONTAINE Genrse- BRENTi Nrf John WAVVR m "FLAME OF BARBARY COAST" Tomorrow; "EXPERlMrvr I't.RII.OI s" TOMORROW THE WORI.D-Hot.-tr Marrh OAKS tTrZ7?r.. vr .1 n a ti 11 a it j snvii"ii NIGHT TO REMEMBER .............. .......... J.'li" ;."" -CONTINCOI S TODAY I ROM l .ill- RERKELLY PATRICK THE tiRF AT ' J?Nf-AMDv,A,?v'rnR" nf PWiGY, V AS "SfcE MV TAW V I- R Olson fV .TnhnoM -n , mi , ..if 11 -i.. UNITED ARTISTS c l- naiV Last Day!-"MCRDER MY SHEET" with DICK POWELL and CXAIRE TREVOR ENTITY LNKNOWN-Ri.hard ARI.F.N rrow-DIAMOND HORSESHOE villi BetlSiRABI.F t .1! ,. Bt I I FHillTERS u.c. tverntv Shattuck. TW-2300 n.iiinuuK ..am iTom 1 p.m. NOW VOYAOER with Bette DAWS and ..UK r Paul HENREIO: ,alo Dorothy Belly OR ABLE -THRU. I, OF A LIFETIME MVOLT Saai Pablo near University - Hum) i.irtr met, i Hir. n.''TSFt'lnU'! IX RRttnitl tA" U JOAN BI.OMIF1 I. - .IAMKS ntNN - I L.IOVO ll A - ..Tltn l-.RKV Ann I..K-vrK ialso DESTINY" wilh .limit JEAN EL CERRITO New VISTA .San P.tl.lr. tr Pnlli ROW I RY I II AMP- EAST SIDE KIDS: al ALLAN I AM "STAGECOACH TO MOM Hit V - CERRITO San Tah!.. at K,.i. n..-i... BlNf", CROSBY in "HERE. COME- THE WAVES" v .1,1 BETTY HCTTON and SONNY TIFTv PIEDMONT -I-E-D-N-O'N-T I t c.f l .,.' , " . A IOi",r. 4tflfi Pjrrimont A e Phnnr PT rrtrnoi.t rT Take-Ttll or 11 CAR ntRFCT to. DOOR "A TREE t.ROWS .S BROOKLYN -- Joan BlertrteH-DorotJiv Mrfinir'-.la-Jlnnfl .also "DESTIM " will' OIORIA JFYN CONTINTOUS TODAY FROM 1 P.M. r-T ALBANY ALBANY Si.l.ino at San P.ijolo Lana Turner John Hodlak "MARRIAGE IS A TRIVATE AFFAIR" i also "THE S r S P E C T". with I CHAS LAI'CHTON anrf ELLvV RAINES I CONTINl'OrS SATURDAY FROM 1 P.M. BOND PREMIEBE WEDNESDAY. .II NF. 7 KC.O BROADCAST, 4 1st RI'N FII.AI TICKET FREE WITH EACH WAR BOND 1 rRDlTVALE-23r.l"AVE FRUIIVALE Ea In OB.IE -m E BVRM.A' .Gei 4th tv i(ih AVC. Genme TOBIAS F ASHION MODFI " Rnhert I OW FRY taMI IPF ,2,1rd Ave. tc Eat 15th rniiniiit n.L be seeing yoi " Ja. Cotten-Glnter Rrs-Shirley Temple lao "THE BIO BH0W-OFF" with ARTHUR LAKE and DALE EVANS I "HOTEL BERLIN " vvilh.Faje F MFR VON I IH'NDERIIE AD, SON OF FLICK A - HelAut TIANTNF. and Peter LORRE -iFlridv MeDOW ALL and p'e'lon FOSTE "Main Street After llafk" Ed Arnold CTRCI MSTANTIAI .EVIDENCE" with ' Kensington Park Women ? T 1 V X V-xlLliD " ' Summer, programs open to all l"nny vnurcn. Opening event win be a de-s?rt n-....... ... ";r - 6 J - " " r .Fellowship House, with Mrs. F. W. Canning. Mrs ' H. H. Gill and Mrs. : R a Doiron as hostesses. ' : " M Hall, program chair- has lcal. and Q upimied. by Miss Jane Lawrence, and' ' .: . Mi Helen Wirt in ? dramatic read- ' "men in Literature-Great - as-d Xot So Great." . Nursery care will be provided "r sm;'11 children, lt-is.arthounced. f efervations are being take-by, Mrs B w- Curtis at AShtjerry 6333. IE . PLUS '2ND HIT "CRIME DOCTOR'S COURAGE" with WARNER BAXTER HILLARY BROOKE i 7 7 Cmlio.'p R Trill II V San Pablo & Stanford iMftlliTT rt I IN TECHNICDI.nir .ui.iiM !..,-. nr-Br. t OMF THE CjQ-EDS "-' in ine a(fdle John Wayne SENATOR FREE PARKING Door Ooen ai-li-.m HOTEL BERLIN" with Faye EMERSON uehnnt DANT1NE and Peler LORRE LOVE A MYSTERY" wilh Nina FOCH rill MIVH College at Shatter GL-8200 I vaiai'iatii Last Times Tonichi j - NONti TO REMEMBER -In Technicolor ;Paul Muni-Meilc Oberon-Cornel Wild -l also "l LOVE A MYSTERY" with- I HilPKINx MacArthur & 35th Ate. 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