Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 23, 1944 · Page 64
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 64

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1944
Page 64
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MYSTERY' OF LIGHT AND By D. W.-Starrett jviamedan Voices Views Studious Observer Fits Together a Few - On One oi Strange Pixerromena in Puzzling Mo re Pie c es-in C Jigsaw Puzzle Realm of Nature m jb m m 'tm. - k. i b. MaMaMMiMaMaMMaMMMHaaiMMiMaMiiii uii fci.ii .i in a sneam J- I, V f Editsit nat: In U2 W. D. Guricn t Alaanad advanced a nul theory j-ciraing tha vslua of beat ana. ibt. . Ha conducted . humerwu apnnm la auppott of bis thaory. " ol thesa ..... " 'TJUj' W--Th myttery ef light and dark-seat is profound, because on sever emerges from the sptfere in -hich one U encased while he "-VesV ifflfTgeTwOeTements never titer the skulL, There are only six openings throufh the bony structure known as the skull, namely: eyes, ears, Bate, mouth, touch and cerebellum. His serves to all of these open-lnff sre afferent, nerves, or ia : plain terms, inflow nerves. - No , scientist has been, able to send an electric .current alone optic nerves from the seeing terminals in the liaek part of the brain out-ard through the nerves of the yes7bia fact is true of all the - nerres entering the above-men tioned openings. According to William' Hanna Thomson, author of "Brain and Personality," there are three sets r collecting the heart ana the brain. Two of these sets carry stimuli from the brain to the heart. U and one set carries only0 stimuli J from the heart to the brain. This tfact shows that there are nerves n the. body that carry stimuli fenly one. way. ,fTJie optie.: nerves ere of that class, although it does not seem ' to be true,,. i stlEST as messengers t "Whew gazing Into one's eyes it seems that they send forth often love and hatev but this seeming is accomplished by one's power: to send jmlcroscopic globules of mois ture lowri over the colored matter eye. Their globules cause es to glisten as cuamonos.. the power to cause the o-shine at w If de- ixhibit any stage Of anger It is (accomplished by the degree v Xdvgilt of Rosie the Riveter Upon American Scene LHasteris Arrival of Ideal Modernized Factories CIJ3VE1AND, July The losies who rivet have awakened Aroaftcan manufacturers to the i nportance of "niceties" that enha rn rrbduction and the postwar (,vj consequently will be a be()er Jlai cleaner workshop. ' Th,NiypectJve. onjthe factory i re- . jfif i n$e-year survey made lv tli ite It; (t,s Ferguson Co.. maus- trial I eng Kirs and builders of Hand"! ind New York. Vfirui jtfai: I purwbmen 15 the r,.'Kc4r-an41'they stayed," the re port laid. 'W!irld War II put them IBUNE RNS Nfl. 3420 lyt" healthy, happy Summer. Wour oiihnstei' in a practical e" Y,$reUy playsuit like- this one. fthen it s tune to dress up. me ispender skirt will do it.- 3420 in size If requires 3'4 yd. fabric for playsuit and skirt. w le Obtain Clarice I'atterns lit your nanit and addrey. plainly ure to hit the SlZfc and the Pal- tq1 NUMBF.R. Enclose 1 enu iwhii h V-tudea le for coat of mailing) lot eacr tara, ana aaarese your envelope io irtc Pattern Bureau. Oakland Tribuna. fkland,1 California SumRiitr eaahion Book available tor de livery now. Tha cost of the FASHION IkOOK ! 10 rents, if ordered vnh pit xforn; IS cents if ordered separately. BF . A. - B . - a, a lrAmrt Ifll. dally from San trancisco. a leasonabla ttme should be a"owd for deltvevv .TRIBUNE CLARICE PATTERNS I P.O. Box (09, Oakland 4, Tribune. fcnelOMfl Vir.d S tor wMou ! eand oauem aa luted: MaMS . h IJItrsst . If'. cit;.'.. ft" - 2 , " r Prliit or Write Plalnlyi '(' Pattern " jL. Kumbtt Wanted mm I .A Iwil Was the licbunc ef f i re . hy tacmint the un'f rayi through a block of se. His experiment ware diacuaved widely, and hiii theorlM aenerally wer tetuted by oUir arienustv.j 6TAKKETT dryness of the surface .of eyes. From the fact that there are ho afferent jifrves, out, through six openings mentioned, it is plain that - personality or soul or egp.x must use signs for thegmrpose of . making itself acquainted with the outside world. One may mention language and motor actions, and other signs, too numerous to write about here. Light and darkness never reach one confined within one's sfcail. At7j to the eyes, light and darkness never pass beyond the optic nerves. If Uiey did do so it would completely destroy the delicate' brain. All that ever passes into the brain are silent indentions, such as pass along the phone wire ,when one sends a "message through it NERVES CARRY KOIND The Velocity of light and dark- ness is 186.000 miles per second. ' Photography shows-that darkness moves with a similar velocity to "that of light, Sound,, similar to light, never reaches the brain; It is changed to indention! that alone move' -along the auditory. nerves ta the brain. , -The three, light, darkness and sound impinge against water -to decrease the velocity and harshness of the elements before even contacting the nerves. Those who talk and write so 'glibly of these elements, should become acquainted with the fact that they never appear outside , of their skull, and that only de- ' cay will liberate them. ' 8KT DARK OVERHEAD When the Swiss and the Americans penetrated the stratosphere. By MARJORIE MOORS 22. (UB in the factoryand there, too. The report pointed out that factories of the past have given the appearance of . an armed camp,, with barbed wire fences, armed guards at entrance gates' and other practices taken from, the prison system "hardly the psychological approach to make for a happy working community .?gh'.:.aieflfiance- of the woman in the assembly line has done, and" will continue to do, more to offset these objectionable features than any other single influence," the report said. "We already have many examples in soine of our newer industrial facilities." ' The "change house" w h e r e workers change from street clothes to work togs is one of the changes brought on by women workers, the report said... Men usually are content to ride to and from their jobs in work clothe. Health centers already have an important place in the factory, the report stated, although they are relatively new. Nurseries-and plav areas for workers' children and solariums for themselves, are m the offing. Shopping centers are WORD TEST FOR TRIBUNE PUZZLE FANS ACROSS 1 Ground train. S Valued. 11 Mttcant. IS Kingdom south of asjbci. SI rattle farm. 2? Wr away, as Publish. 24 En-shaped. M Caves?. S5 Character!:;! l.-s. 87 Voracious fish. 89 O'lindrical and tapering-. 91 Meadow. 93 Sobs 95 ttegollate 97 NWed abroad. lOOPreposllion 102 SBumbrred. 104 Marine. 106 Mental and emottpnaL sUtr 2 Performed whilrfos Woody plants. movins about, nt South Amert-2 Claw." ran parrot. 29 North AmrrteanllS Suriicl thresdr rail. .10 Renegade. .11 Accomplished .12 ljy out in paymenl. .13 Make ready. K Rib. lit Kicked a football 116 More rational. 118 Lncatto" 120 Old World llrard. 121 -Luzon native. 123 Revle. 125 Opera by .17 Combining form Massenet. for foot. 127 Observe .19 Native metals. 40 Expunge. 4;TRanitacH. . 44 Prevent. 4 Among: poet. 49 Skill: ul. M All pla.vers performing - netts. 53 Compensation. 56 Forehodmg. 5 Follow. 60 Show-amusement. 62 Taxi ha7ards. 64 Hubs. 66 Hoi spirituous .. drink. 68 Atnioved: i-olloa. 70 Made new . facets, 71 Vnai.v ll:s-l:ke plants 73 Having form 128 Substance. 1st) Sum. , 132 Narrow band. 134 Particular instance.' 137 Snow vehicle. 1.19 Cleaved. 141 Six-sided figure 145 W rgated ci-.aicedoiiv. 147 Stale 149 F,n1eriai.is sumptuously, 151 The book palm. 152 tilossv bla-k. 153 Restoiei 1?J .Iiose lobr tor ' .w omen. 156 I nuairi lell side: NH.it. 157 I'liikisli decree 1.'8 Musical study. without essence 159 .loin 75 Pei-formances ln Brief bv one person. 77 Trick. 78 Dry Randy area: HO Ran fast. 82 Keeped. 161 Item of alje. 162 Having a rounded roof 163 Neck hair of lions. Solnllon (e Last Sunday'i Fuiile II IOLITION NEXT SUNDAT the 1 wr.' v; .'' - - ' 2 -the 1 V-.-,r-' ' if ;; w v w , iS2 . . . ... - D. W. Starrflitt they found the sky perfectly dark overhead, but plenty of light below and on the sides of the sphere in which they were encased. (Captain Steven's sphere had windows on the top, sides and the bottorp.) . V.T. Correspondent , they'll stay . another item for larger plants because many women worker still will be responsible for a household. "The interior of the factory of the future will be "hospital clean',' the -report ' said&There "will e clear, wide, unobstructed floor space which lends ltelf to any adaptations in jgipment.' Noise, :e. orobahlv one nt th irreat- ""est single 'dTstrcTOns6worMenr will be toned down by . windows and walls which will be inclined to deflect sound waves upward to an accoustical ceiling. However, the, report pointed out that the factory of the future must not be expected to blossom forth in the next few years. - . We know that costs would be high: we would never recommend it for the present," the report raid. "Time is the only remedy for hifili . costs science teaches-us relatively quickly how to produce more and belter for less." The transition froftr the present factory to the ideat Tif ttnr fmtirr-will not be rapid but there are "certain unalterable facis'that ire already clear." the report said. DOWN K, Withdrawing 45 Pitcher, 1 Comprehension, 'nartv. 4R Unit. , . 1ft NrRalir- 47 Likeness. - I ntline J7 F.K1.anr( jj, 4a pestroyinlt Instrument. ,,,,,,. 50 English royal 3 Harden. 18 More ashen. house. 4 Orate harshly 19 Fxpiale. T2 Eskimo h.oire. oyer. 20 Vunilshr- 54 Gets well. 5 Article. ieniporai ily. 5! Single-seed B Portrav :'T Clever. . fruit. 7 Flat smfiji-p :;o Barter S7 At no time. 8 Type of letv.. , 34SoMitir!-n 59 Norse mytho 9ewspaper- constellation. logical works. man. 36 Communion 61 Spartan "serf. 10 Money given table. 63 Let it stand, as pledge. 3ft Short article. 65 Glacial ice 11 Pose 41 English pinnacle. 12 Employed. racecourse. 67 Pleasure cntil. 13 Prohibit. 43 Cases for 9 Napner. 14 Demolished. small articles 72 Agitates. u : Hi52 H75 fi? " " jllS ' "ll9 llsS ff7 :L P ""PSP 2 1 "Sill - " . . i5i focuses sun's rays through a . And' .the. queer feature of this ' phenottienon: was-that neither the light of the. sun nor the most brilliant stars and the congregate mass of the Milky Way shone through this dark sky above the PICKED ARMY OF WOMEN IS TRAINED FOR MERCY MISSION By ADELAIDE KERR A.P. Features Writer Communique ' from' the United Nations women's war front: A-picked army- of women , from 34 United Nations is being trained in London for one of the greatest war jobs women have ever, tackled healing millions of wounded human hearts and bodies whicVav- the .cruel aftermath, of war After the invasion has been well under way, these trained women will move who the continent on the heels of the Jiberating..amie?gnd. jgo to work . .Their job will be. to fiifit ""every"" kind of want, from lack of' food and shelter to need of human kindness. Fourteen hundred already httve finished , a tough course based :on' England's " war experience in feeding, clothing, housing, health, emergency relief, civil defense, employment,- education and' re habilitation. They have had practical training in emergency kitchens, cleansing stations, clothing depots, hospitals, clinics.' club.;, nurseries and canteens. The work they plan to do will be virtually as import.irr to the his4ty f-civiiization ?s that of the librii'.-;n.5 armici. Chinese v.-i men. traditionally 74 Acquire knowledge. 76 Antitoxin. 79 Rude pier. HI Reverie. 83 Common people 66 Prophets. 88 Australian peppers. 90 Surfaces described by conic sections. 9! Speech Impediment. 92 Boredom. 94 Trance. 9fi Implied. 98 Run away. 9d Thick. OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JULY 23, 1944 1 . ' . . .. . piece of ice! aluminum sphere" carrying Captain Stevens, and his assistant. The great question to be answered is why did 'not the light from the bodies mentioned shine through this murky envelope? The moie secluded thafi their Wts'.-errr sisterr, tre dointf touiier. war job than the women oi the Western H.'mi.rhere, Some .ire fighting in the Arm, where yr-era-i gencrn-ls bcrepted a:ein as volunteer's. Tney.'wear rh stne rk'thes and. draw the rtttue pa.,"-t s nreii "a pi!vaie gets ..approximately one Ante iean dolia. a month. Sorrip of these women, who range from teen-age Ji'-'h ...satk....lft..4LU.t.e.F.?J.e..,9ld peasant women, have seen " 'some ""'Hot" fighting, but the majority do non: combat work inch as nursing and1 stretcher bearing. Russian women surgeons have been serving with theXguerrillas in the toughest fightink of the Russian campaign. They travel with the troops, setting up' their hospitals in swamps of ..forests. Sometimes they work under very primitive' conditions. They operate with pen ..knives disinfected in- the flames of a bonfire, and sew up wounds in the light of home-made candles. They .work has saved thousands of lives, - French wohierr are also doing a dangerous job in caring for the wounded. 101 Visual measuring Instruments. 103 Doctrine. of wood. 108 Withered 110 Spanish title 12 Seasoned by exposure. Plate. 134 Jewelers rf weight unit, '" ' 'mouthed.. 136 Distinguishing last. t 138 KTcnch - pa '.nirr. 140 Something admitted. 142 Street Arab. 143 Harangue. 144 Nostrils. 146 Heraldic term. 146 Advice: Archaic, 150 Vein of ore. 154 Free from all deductions. 155 Total. IIS Specks. 117 Retreat. 119 Fathers. 122 WingeS shoes. 124 Fluctuated. 126 Liberation date. 12fl Plying bars. 131 Smooth nuts 133 Eurharistic answer Is very simple, namely, none of these bodies joauoes light -until their electrons impinge upon material sufficiently to produce heat and light. There is an absolute zero degree of told betv een the earth and sun, evidenced by the fact that the feigner one ascends towards the gun the colder 4t. becomes. II the sun aJoes rot produee--light --wtthrn- -h-bo,-then the reason for the black shy above the sphere is plainly evident. And, of course, if the sun does not directly produce light, for similap reason, no other turf' nor star could produce it. CAUSE OF DARKNESS Another proof may be given to show that the thinness of the atmosphere in the stratosphere ' is t'ft .caiicf "f tha tarVng-: therein. When ascending higher and Captain's Wife Acting" Coroner In His Absence LAWKENCtVILLE. July 22 (U.R) Many women have taken their men's places during the war, but one of the most unusual positions for a woman to fj.ll is that of Isabelle B. Stoll of Sumner, 111 , who is coroner -of Lawrence County,' 111. " Her husband, Capt. C. G. Stoll of the U.S. Army, was coroner before her and appointed her his deputy before he left for service two years ago.' : Mrs. Stoll said she never had , attended an inquest befcire-he -husband left, but that it, didn't take her long to catch on to the jobj as she was partially prepai"d for; it. by .hfliirjtjrnjs a pegis-." tered nurse." ";' ' ':. . During her tenure of office, Mr.'- Stoll has investigated scer:l ijes more gi'ue. ome. than, it.-u; -My In; I' lo a coroner's lot. ipue of th'-i?? was that of a man. tjyiupht in hate been murdered, who was .'oi.iid, when he was only a "Skeleton weaiv ing a new pair of shoes, the only clue to the identity. DANGER! Cake Make-up May Cause Dry Skin, Coarse Pore-Mouths. Science Warns! Cake make-up applTed wet hardens in pore-openingsmay help stretch them cause blemishes end little bumps you can feel with your finger-tips. For that "baby-texture look" without danger, try Lady Esther Face Powder! Are you using cake make-up on vour lovelv, delicate skin'MI mi, here's somethinp; I'd like oti to ronidrr belore ou. ii'-e itirt'en once more! Fun your finger-rip gcrith o er your skin. Does it feel little th'l ..and rough, a little flahj-iJiqle bump here or tliere? ' Now examine vour skin care-fullv , in bright sunlight! Is it as iresli and young-looking ai vou want it to Ua oF-uoes-it.lGokei!n. a little older than you are? Is it , beginning, to look a little coarse . . . bumps here and there? Why let this, tragic thing hap-'. pen to your lovely skin -even lor one more evening? Von don't have to risk these dangers to get the smooth, flawless texture you want! Vou can get a much lovelier effect - without danger - a softer, fresher, far more 'appealing look to your skin with Lady Esther Face Powderl And its flattery Whit li your exaerlenet with eaka make. ''"WW,W.WlWTT.W.'.'.VWlyl. 0 FACf POWDER yl , wn iKin oi pooy miun that cHngi f or 4 lortfl htiuri 'higher up a mountain, ere fi'-.ds it harder and harder to bo;l wa'.tr. Why? Because heat ai d hht f-l.i e are produced by the in:piugc::-.c.t of the electrons c.f the n,-i aik-i material. As the atmosphere grc.v thir.' e "there is; less he?t aiid lis;: i Thus water bc'ls slower and slower as one, ascends. This f-ct was embhasizad clair! "o S'Tn-T t-fie' &pMWfE?TfmF'W' CactU!! Stevens. ' Whsit in the tti-.to.chere the balloon and rigging above glowed aid the roceslC' ec:r.:d much larger in size, be-' cause of the light produced arour.d . i. by the impingement of the sun's e'eclrons. Cne may prove this by r.:ea:unng the size of an electric h- ht globe cs-j;e lighting it and aftsrward. A imn4re4 watt glebe will increase some 10 per cent when lignted. Snowman on Street -Corner LeH to Career BRATTLEBORO, Vt, July 22 (U.R)--A .snowrnan on a street corner, built during New .Year'r-J3 merrymaking, paved the way for the career of Larkiri Mead, sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial at Springfield, 111., and other noted works. Larkift was only 21 when he built the snow scOlpture at Main and Linden Streets, in Brattleboro oh that iey aight in 1856, Within a few days he was a celebrity. Snow sculpture wasn t as corn- -rrroh -then- as now, and while rain - and cold weather preserved the statue, reporters came from Boston and other cities to see the oddity entitled "Recording Angel." James Russell Lowell epito mized it in the poem... "A Good . Word fur Wiir:i-."BrAi later Mead was Kca in q-o icoiiah ui ii in marDle. . His .pet kt.i. .mi M uric iir-'Vcr nmiit is a . J-tipe lame of Ethan AUefi; Revolutionary leader, arfd organizer of the Goeen Mountain Boys. will stav with vou 4 long hours al a tunc. Why it gives a Baby -Texture look to Your Skin I.adv Esther Kate I'owuVr is nude an entirek m-w wjv. It s hlowr bv the (one and sjieed of hurricanes, instead ot being just mixed or silted. As a result it is si,imther and inc? than face pjm.Jer has ever been before. It flatters Yi::r skin with a film of beauts . ludn.g ' little' llfler and blemishes - gy- n,t that smooth, even "flawless" tn. lc nou want. It has what. I call a "baby texture"-for it seems to create a delicate, babv-fine smoothness on the surface of vour skin. Men love it! Try Lady Esther Face Pow der in one of its 9 different, exciting shades. Get the shiallest-size box if you like, but try it! See for yourself why more lovely women now use Lady Esther Face Powder than any other kind! HPT Wrlt me. nit W. 65th St., Chlcafo, IU. -j - -s L , ' ft t "UVJ II J 7-1 f ' I lllll-.::.:-:-.':-..?,.:-.. ... 'iJJ I I ' .1 if: . ,-:,.. W'-irr

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