The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 28, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 28, 19S4 UJTWTILU, (UI.J OQUiHB KIWI TBBIB Voices Germany's Demand For Security Will Go Ahead With Her Program Regardless of Attitude of France This Is the first of four stories tat the situation in Germany on Die eve of the. Geneva arms run- Icreiui-. n eiiln* .May 'a. The «T- fes uill deal with the triplex prub- Jrin of armaments, efonumii^, and politics tliat besets the nation un- itfr Hitler. This is llir fiflh scries written by William l'l»li|i Simms on his lour of Hie world for Tlif Courier News and ntlwr NKA Service newspapers. BY Will.MM PHILIP SIMMS Cnnyrlghl, 1934. NBA Scmco, Inc. BEEiLIN. May 28.—Ccnnany in- Icnds to provide lu'rself vviili thai deyitiu of armaments which her national defense ryquire.s. F/tmce'.^ Mfintl to the roninny no'.with- j-t rinding. This was made unmistakably clear by Baron Konstantiu von Neuralli, Reich minister lor forei'Jii affairs, in the course of n eoriver- . »ition I had with him at his office In the Wilhelmstrasse here. The -baron does not like Interviews. His pet antipathy is dived quotes. But. Ire gave the full per- ihission to publish tlw gist of what he said. As tile world disarmament conference, opening at, Gcnc-va Ma> 29, now seems duwned. leaving, Europe face to f;icc with an almost certain armament race. Baron von Neurath's vicsvs nssunic parliciilnr importance. Surrounded by nations each pos messing n vast armada of militarj planes, the baron said, German) lacks a single such plane. Berlii could be bombed from every direc lion at any lime and German; could not help herself. Tomato Is Most Satisfactory of All Vegetables for Canning Mary f.. „ D*|ttt rlv« hints about the cunning of 1«mi IMS. In the article below. It's' the llflli W sU which she him will- Irn for this newspaper un liumr- BY MARY K. DAfitlr: NKA Serviee Stuff Wrlli-r i'.iinMiiklng study over :i |x>i'l<xl ol yours lias proved beyond rtoulil thai canned foods are siifo substitutes for fresh, nnd since lornn-, toes ure one of the easiest nnd Cock until soft and rub through z sieve. Return to kettle with spices tied In a cheesecloth bag Boll until reduced one-third. Add suit, sugar, white nnd cayenne |)C))|)cr and vinegar. Boll until Illicit, stirring with n tain-handled helpful fifteen minutes, until you nrc sure sp-> • to prevent sticking. Pour Diey are soft enoush to yttts out Into hoi sterilized Jure mid seal. the Juice. Strain mid uonr hot Catsup must be more or less over tomiilcx'5 In runs. IllliiiB cans Mr.toued (o "tinte." The si'iisonlni'S full. liuli sen! nnd process i,s us- iii^sesKd In the rccliw will make u yeslfiil bill not "hoi" cilice, so »nd cook ilowly until thick, tbout 2 houn. Pour Into hot McriUttd Jars tod ml. NEXT: Pickle THIS LAXATUE Clemes CoMpWdy N ^A^^M ^MMAA N1M MM So many women lime afkccl me why Iheli- tomnlo Juice lulled In kf(')> Dial I'm uuhiK to i:hv ilriull- fit nnd precise illm-lluns fur i Ing; 11. Kcald tomatoes us UMinl slip skins. K\'fi\ though the to- iniLst IK stniliii'd ihls ^ Iwwrli o( wnle nulltr man you may wnnt lo udd more cny- lliormi|!]ily,mnri'i«m|i]tlrly»ilbiWWou« i inn- u.-piwr. He sun- lr In the' l'":"-»-'>.>int, the i-li.-wjn x Rum Uwtivr, "tnslc" cool IborO'.mhly before tnsl-, Inij mid icmombei Hull tin 1 llnv-' IHOM satlr.inclory vegetables lo can jaeci'. L Miiy. Cut hi iiuarU'rs eveiy homc-mnker will [iml II wire'put In prowrvinn ki:u!i'. Hrhii: economy to'cnn them In mmnllly, Iciulckly to [lie botline point, krep- Nutrlllon specialists consider tlicin'Jng the ketlli' ravcri'il. Cribh wllh so valuable from a nutrition view- n wooden ixuato mnshcr titul cook point thul they advlM. 1 serving theuiilcii minutes. Strain thn)ni;]i u win> fcur times n week, nnil when fresh I sieve, foiclnn through (is imirli dulls and » variety ol vi-goln'jU'S pulp its |>osslbU'. Hchial to Un' are lucking, Ciinncci tomatoes may j boiling ixilnl inul ixmr Inlo Mi'r- Cut depended upon to supply vltn-1 Illzecl Jius, uddlnij 1 teaspoon nlns nnil minerals so nm'ssnry for on Juice ami \-'i ie:is|x>on suit to oivih und health, touch pint. Half ^'iil inul p.'occ.s* An Insulated oven with temper-I s15 '™ il1 - ! nture control provides equipment i It you pill your lomnlo Juice In for the coolest method of oan!ilnt<! bottles, process ilu-m nflcr t\\\i- icmntocs. A water-bath runner.' ping Just us you do (he pint j;irs. pressure cooker, steamer or u wn-1 Tills processing insures ngnliihl lerless cooker are nil suitable wuys spoilage. Of course, II your jiiis or for 'lie crnmhig of tomatoes. ] bottles ure filk'd iX-'rUTlly full LILU! Avoid Over-Kl|H: t'rull [your touuito juice Is bulling ho', lie sure not to use over-ripe to-1 when sealed, Ilicrr Ls no KMISIUI mnlocs nnd can them ns soon after | why Ihe Juice shmitiln't keep IK.T- gnilieriug ns possible. Although Meetly. qilirkrr. fciirrf rH'wf from ilii/iuns, h'vul.-u'lifi ami olhrr oon«tif>«- T become less pronouns, ,,s they K^cS^S utul .lallcl. iinparM food fur your jlouui'b. in th» Chilli Snitoc '.liroiiiK of Pi•m-a-uiigt iliilribulrt it. tumnloes. A inert- Kighlcrii laintivr iiif{rrdSi']Ll uniformly throuKh- " nil |;;in ,s|yed onions, •! (ireon poppers, "id I'm liilf^inrs tr f,\vt i' full," nwr» 1 cup siiBiir. '1 cups vlnonnr, 1 1-2 '"'urul movrinnit. 'I'tHi. F<m-a-miDt liib!i-.s|KxiiLs wilt, 1 tnbles|)oon wvrr ihnj-h tlie tyjlfm nor »bui«jk» urouud clniunnon. 1 teasptxm nil- »—•-.— •' ->-— tliliv. ! iciv^iwioii cloves, 1 tea- 51)iH)n '.vhtlt 1 jx'pper, 1-2 tensjxjon cnvi'une ncpiKT. Si':iKI (omnloes nnd slip ."-'kins. It] slices. Ht-juove seeds and from pcpgx'rs Lino 1 uiinco flesh, and mlWT onions. Put nil Inlo jireiervlni; kollH' , n>mli|.:ilinn. the Uxntivt: itiKmJSeiit uW in FreiM- ]ri»l. C'lHnljlrlrly, thoroughly, Ff*a*l- itiinl eui|>lit-i mil clrartsm tbe bowel* ol ^iiLlriil Wkite. Ai iH-A(Urue *nd dizzi- nr>s RO, you firl more fc'tive, eoerfelie, froh. Fpt'ii-ii-inLnl conUiu no ricnnri* lu U|>s<>t ^LomarU vr to get *Ule. "IMav" bew Fe«a-A-mint for l Sic «t druifUU NOTICE Baron Konslanlin von Neurath. German foreign minister who declares his nation wants to arm for hem. they show a smaller ixrcentnge of &}x>i]aEe than other vegetables, ox- pniments prove thnt the longer they nrc stored nficr gntherlng f:om the vines the Ioniser they must be processed hi order to keep defcns? only and takes pride in the German navy, hearted by the flagship Schleswig-Holsteln. AUK No Heavy Artillery Germany doiK not seek offen tlvc .weapons, he continued. Sh \vnnts no heavy artillery. The gt-st gun she asks for is 15 cemi meters approximately G inche Oilier nations have 8. 12, H, 1 and 18-inch guns. Germany Is not permitted tanks. Other nations liavc them up to 20 tons. Germany wants no such land battleships. Ail she asfs is to Le. allowed tanks up to six tons. Germany lins no anti-aircraft v;enpons with which lo deicnd her f.ontiers from outside attack. Germany considers her demands ^ are .extremely, reasonable. Both British and American spokesmen have so expressed themselves io the bnron. he says. The weapons Germany asks for can not be considered dangerous to her neighbors. They would be of little value fave for purely defensive piirix>scs within Germany. She needs nnd mast have the minimum doomed essential for the national defense. t would make her feel any belter. France has been asking for security for years and, despite nil lhat ,ias been done to add to her se- curiiy, she still Ls nol satisfied. Like Dickens' famous characler, 3he always asks for more. Baron von Mourath does not believe the League of Nations Li of much value as at present organized. Germany will not return ts fold. It should be completely reorgan- ised, in his opinion, lo maXe it nonpolilical. In such form it. could •accomplish much gocd. Sudbnry Will Take Alabama Orchestra On Overseas Tour J. T. Sudbury, head of the 'Duke' Sudbury and his Alabama slty of Alabama for another year's work. To cnn tomatoes for genernl use, scald them by placing In a large pan and pouring boiling water over them, completely covering. Let the tomatoes stand one minute nnc ! drain off water. Cover with cold water and slip skins. Do nol lei tomatoes stand too long In the scalding water because the hot water makes them soft. After slipping skins cut out stem end ai:d hard core. Cul nwny any soft ,. . . ,.„,.,„ Sudbury has been a student at p.irls. It takes onlv n lltile bit ol to ; Cavaliers' orchestra, arrived Lome A]abama Jfor _,„.„„, ycars Upon [ ore r-rlpc lomnlo to spoil an en- Saturday for a visil with his mother. | completion oj hls wor(c ln com-!tire Jar, so cut deep enough (o i Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. before leav- 'ing for a European tour with oth- .' er members of his orchestra. • Young Sudbury, whose orchestra ihas become widely known, will sail ('itos League Failures | from New York June 23 on the Experience hns proved ii will not •, S. S. Tuscania. Cunard line, for work as a political organization,! Glasgow. Scotland. The contlnen- merce and Business Administra- avoid danger of spoilage, he ba;-on holds. It failed-in Man- huria. It failed in the Chaco. It ailed in the Penivian-Colombian onnict. In attempting Die impossible, it nevitably fails, nnd each failure Ictracss from ils prestige, thus i:aking it still less potent for its nfrxi effort. Gcrmfiny \vlll co-operaie. In so iar ns she is able, from outside the league. Then, it its constitution is changed, its council reorganized to r.ake it a much smaller and more effective body, and it ceases to riabble in jwlitical problems which il can not possibly settle. Germany would likely rejoin. lal tour, which will lasl two montlis, will include engagements in London, Paris and Vienna. The orchestra will return to Mew York on the S. S. Camcronia August 30. Upon reluming to New York ihe orchestra will make a short subject for the movies and.after thai will i cither make a roiuid-the-world i tour or will - re-entor the Uuiver- .ion he entered the school of law 1 Pack at once into hot sterilized lust September. His orchestra, jars and add 1-2 teaspoon sail to representing the university, has each pint. Pour over boiling wa- played in many sections of the ler or tomato juice lo cover, hall United States nnd is considered wal and process In hot water bnth To can tomatoes for soup, scald and cut In pieces as In preceding rule. To eacli quart of cut lomn- ces add 1-4 cup chopiK-d un.on nnd 1-4 cup chopi>etl celery. Simmer 'JO minutes nnd rub through a sieve, forcing through us much ! pulp as possible. Hcheal lo llie boiling polnl, add sail to Jai:-. [mil sen! and process us usual. i Tnnmto Catsup I Eighl quarls rinc lomiUoes. I ixniiid dry onions, :! tablespoons c .nll. 2 teaspoons white pep|>cr, 1-2 teas|Hion cnycnnc |>cppcr. 2 imps medium brown silgnr. 3 cu]is vinegar. 1 tablespoons broken Mick cinnamon. 1 tnblcs[x»on whole cloves. 1 tablespoon celery seed. I lablespoon peppercorns, 1 inblt 1 - spcon allspice berries. Remove stems tind cut tomatoes in quarters. I'ec-l nnd sllue onions. Undo 1 a new state law poll tax must be paid on or before June 15 to qualify for participation in the August Democratic primary and the November general election. C.H. WILSON Sheriff and Collector "the South's greaiest college band." From here lie will go to Chicago in Iwo weeks to confer with .Ills business representative, the Music Corporation of America, and while there will visit the famous orches- Ira leader. Johnny Hamp, and Dean Helle, former member of Alabama orchestra, who is now featured singer over radio station WENR. NEXT: Germany Kares Time In Rearm. Againsl I of air ic Unwurried by French Stand The categorical nature of the French note lo Great. Britain declaring that it is now useless to carry on further separate diplomatic negotiations on disarmament, since Germany has an- liuunced vast increases in expenditure on her army, navy, and ministries, seemed to surprise the baron somewhat, but not lo dlstur'j him. In taking such stand, the German foreign minister observed: perhaps Fin i ice hoped lo create a situation in which Germany would find it necessary to back down. If such were the case, France would be disappointed. Perhaps that might have pf-ncd in Reichstag. now, when things are different. Germany's position would not be modified in the least. She will not drmnnd more, but certainly .she will not demand Scoffs at War Talk I remarked that in the United Slates and elsewhere abroad there ' reined to IK a growing fear that , Europe might be licnded toward another conflict. The baron replied that nobody wants war and he does nol believe there will be one. Any statesman who lets his country in for another war, he said, would be n fit subject for an asylum for lunatics. I.aniriiagrs Didn't Hall Her -stale e Course at Ohio College Proves Popular BLVFFTON. O. tUP) —Interest In Bluffton College's new course iii marriage, offered to upper classmen in the second semester, has iprcad to; other Ohio colleges, i which expect to adopt the course. [ At a recent meeting of tlie Y. M. C. A. at Otterbein unlnrily signed up for the course here the latter port of January. The course, designed to minimize luture martial- 'difficulties', was planned and inaugurated by officers of the Y. M.- C.- A. and Y. W. C" A. Dean P. L.- Parinabecker nnd Prof D. W. Bowman; of the faculty, later were nsked to serve as sponsors. ' Thus far, 10 lectures have been delivered by various specialists on martial problems. - These hive tn- 25 minutes, In oven preheated to 275 degrees F. for « minutes and in stenm pressure cooker for 10 minutes at IS pounds pressure. If you do can tomatoes, or any other fruit for that matter, hi the oven. It's a good plan to put the' cans in a large dripping pan of hot water. Do nol let the cans touch each other. Can Whole for Salads Tomatoes canned whole are nice for salads In winter. Choose raih- er small, uniform, round ones. Use poorly shaped ones for juice. Scald tomatoes, slip skins and pack whole Jars. Cut other tomatoes small pieces and simmer ten In . . . . . n , lu - a proems. - ese ive n- DALLAS. Texas IUPI— Mrs. E. | College. Westerville, representa- cluded: -Honeymoon and Marriage M. Dunstan found languages no i lives from Woosler, Miami. Ober- 1 ceremony," "Economic Adjust- barricr in her academic path toaliin and Otterbein were among ments? " anc i "Physiological Basis." master of arts degree at Southern those from institutions which ex- I Methodist University. In her study jpect to add Rny Barbarosa. Mrs. Dunstan curricula. using five languajes. English, | Forty juniors French. German. Lalin and Greek.] hap- Ihe old days, when the had more influence, but the subject to their I The soldiers in Gen. Philip H. j Sheridan's army knew him by the and seniors vol- name of "LHtle Phil." 155 NERVOUS, WEAK? M« M. K. Slenail of 710 S. Chtrolce St.. Mus- fccR«, Okla., sjvs: "My iKalili failed letnMy. ittit to ftmiulr.c tliiciilen. 1 suffr:rcl wilh pains in my left side, pair.! ar.d achu in rar luck lro:n my shoulders (o my waist, was so nervous I could not irst dxy or nlglu, tired fully. I took Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and Kaincil fco:n Ihe first ctc«." Ne»-'siie, lableu M els. liquid $1.00. ThrfC-Lcseed Dog Happy PAMESVI1A.E. O. (UP>—"Peg- ley.", a six-months-o!d poodle dog. born with only Ihrco le^s. scampers happily about as ii unhandi- capped. The peculiar animal. wiUi I her riyht front leg missmq, is Ihe pet of Florence Yuliase. H. Veterinarians sairi birth with ouly three legs was rare among dogs, though more common in cattle. 'I'onk Oirdni for Cramps Women whn suffer as she did will bo interested in the. experience of Mrs. Maude Crafton. of Belleville, 111., who writes: "For several I ycars. I fullered from irregular trouble and crampiua. There would be days when f would have to stny in bed. T would got so nervous. I was miserable. Mv mint, told me to try Cardui. She believsd it would build me up. regulate me and help the nervous trouble. I knew niter taking hnlf a bottle of Cardui thai I was botler. T kept en faking Cardui nnd found it was doing me a world of good. I am Get the smoother performance cuid full economy of mm testify Cnrdui benefited them If it does not benefit YOU. consult a physician. — Adv. 2CP4 If there Ls another war in En- j in good health, which means n rope, he went on. it would mean j lot to me." Thousands ol wo- the end of Europe, which can not survive another conflict. There is not a single problem before the European |x>wcrs today, ho insisl- (d. which can not be settled by peaceful methods. • All that is needed is n little goodwill on the part of all. Just what Is going to happen now. so far as disarmament is con- corned. Baron von Neurath said. nobody knows. But the problem is still amenable to settlement by agreement. No Objection to Alliance ! susgcsted that already there Ls talk of a revival of the old Anglo- French entente cordiale and of a formal defensive alliance. The baron's altitude was. Well, why not? Germany has no idea of attacking either country and therefore does not object cither to a new entente cordiale or a dc- (enstvc alliance between France • and Great Britain—especially if it will make France feel any bettor. He did not believe, however, that FOR SALE Laredo Soybeans $2 per bushel Mammoth Brown $1.50 per bushel MooreBros. faCAZCt -YEAR PROTECTION on the hermetically-sealed mechanism FOR ONLY M A YEARI • With the same thoroughbred quality in ALL models, small or large, Westinghoux offers * protection plan to EVERY buyer.. . a policy unparalleled in refrigeration. The standard l-ye^ warranty...PLUS 4 additional yean protection against any possible replacement cost due to failure of the hermetically-sealed mechanism for only $5.00—a dollar • year I Before you buy any refrigerator, get details on this amAzinf protection. Come, in! FREE ROAD MAPS New 1934 Rod Mipi of Ttxll, Oklihomt, Altclfl- tit, Louiiianc, and Mew MEXICO «t now r«ldy «t ill Mignolia Stations »nd Dciltii. Olive in ind till lor j .el. they're FREEI Ask your dealer what he will do. for you after the first year PARKHURST GO. 109 E. Main IUBRITE (F«i»'V Miinolll MetM OIO t.ulirite H a tongli, fiill- Ixxlicil, long-l.uling motor oil, »cron<l only lo the world-famous Moliiloil. KxliauMivc lesls indicate llul Lulnrilc gives as good (idiot liftteOpcrforinance tlun many olher niolor oil( telling al l liiglier prke . . . If you want » good qiulil)' motor oil cosling le*s llisn Mobil- oil, «)li to' I.ulititc. ring smoothly with Mobilgn •nd Mobiloil. Before you go,Tet us Mobilu- Iiricate your c«r, fill your gas tank with Mobil gas and your crank-case with jammer-grade Mobiloil, the world's largttl 5ctfingrno.';rot7. You'll find ibat M ACNOLIALAND is truly Vacation-land. Here in the Southwest is every kind of pleasure and recreation you could visli for. Miles m>on miles of paved highways make it easy for you lo drive in comfort. 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