The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1966 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1966
Page 2
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PH« Two - BlythevUle (Ark.) Courier News - Monday, June ff, 19M ••••*••••••••••••••• ater at _/> ocafi Ther* was a sdmewhat hair peribd recently when we sta wart citizens could be pardone for.regarding the Jaycees as public nuisance. Those were th* days, I March and April, whin ft* loc« organization halved itself like a amoeba, and the parts flugge around blindly and formlessly doing nftbody any good aft themselves much harm. This absurd situation gav birth to a brief «ra of Jayc« jokes, which threatened to tup- plant elephant jokt«, Tofrt Swi ties, and polack jokes for gofi in mete parts. Every day or 10 tome earne* faced adherent of one Of th jaycee {actions the "fclythe- vilies" or the "Chiekasaws" would come storming into th Courier News office with a stir ring manifesto he wanted us t print. Since we are good guys, w did indeed quote from thes documents in our new storie cnly to be accu$ed of "over publicizing" the dispute. It was enough to make i bury our noses in ojd Sincla: Lewis novels, which satirize such clubs as the • Jaycees devastatingly as to give us muc private glee. Cynicism is not really our favorite glass of beer, howeve and it was a distinct pleasure tc be reminded recently that th Jaycees and other service o garjjzations can, in fact, do th rest of us a great deal of good Having cooled their partisa furies under the waters of com promise (poured, albeit, by th state" Jaycee organization), th Blyfiievffle Jaycees and th Cbiclfasaw Jaycees (now opera ting as the Chickasaw Youn Men's Association with member chips in the Marked Tree Jay cee dub) have gone back t work — and with promising results. Last week, for example, th Blythevjlle Jaycees were con npicuous on the front page o this newspaper, not for bad mouthing, but for good-deeding (The choreography at this poin calls for three laughing dancer to jump and shout "Hurrah!" Calumet News Mrs. J. T. Glover 1$ a patien In Doctors Hospital. " M£ and Mrs. fian Adair o Dextgr were guests of her par ents, .Mr. and Mrs. Herman La rue, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Hick are parents of a daughter, Shi vonda Michelle, born June ! The couple have two other chi dren. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hodg ef Pensacola. Fla., are visitin her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W T. Lpllar, this week. Mrl and Mrs. Audie Cava paugh of Memphis were guest Sunday of her parents, Mr. an< J Mrs.'I. T. Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mille and daughter Tara of Memphi; were guests Sunday of Mr. am Mrs. L. E. Miller. Also visiting the Millers was Elmer Cole o Burdette. Mrs. Virgil Sheppard and chil dren, Buddie and Cris, of Tarn pa, Fla., are visiting her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rob erts. Other guests in the Roberts home Sunday were Mr. anc Mrs. Vernal White. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Denton and Mr and Mrs. Charles West. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Henderson and daughter Jackie of Wes' Memphis were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rob ert Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Lollar ol Steele were guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lollar, Sunday. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chick- •sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Kenneth Paul Flowers, Plaintiff, vs. No. 16818 Sharon Kay Flowers, Defendant. The defendant, Sharon Kay Flowers, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the £ plaintiff, Kenneth Paul Flowers. -gated this 10th day of June, ItM at 1:50 o'clock P.M. GERALD1NE LISTON, Clerk Leon Burrow, Attorney Dan M, Surge, Ally Ad Litem ,; H8, 20, V, H There was a picture of two Jaycees adm'-'slerlng an "auto safety check" to someone's automobile. Well, by God, that's a good thing. Would your neighbor do it? Wbutd your church do It? Would your wife do it? Would your pet canary Cecil do it? Would Ronald Reagan do it? Doubtless the answer la "No" to these question!, so it's fine that the Jaycees took It upon themselves to help us careless drivers keep our cranky old rods safe for ourselves and ethers. If the Jaycee inspection program can save one blowout, not to say a life, it is well worth our applause. On the same day that this picture appeared, our front page also carried an article about the psychological murder of a doe by local sadists at Walker Park. This doe and a companion stag were gifts to the city from the Blyfiieville Jaycees, and they were expected to form the vanguard of a thriving deer population at the park. (The doe's death was actually a double murder. Those pests who tormented her with rocks, sticks, and other debris also killed an unborn fawn within her at the time.) The Jaycees, as it happens, pulled something of a boner. Deer are shy, notoriously unsocial animals, and exposing them to the leering poobahs at Walker Park in itself might have been expected to have unfortunate results. Monkeys adore people — naturally so, since human beings are their poor relations — and perhaps the Jaycees might have been better off with them. But the point is: the Jayeees were attempting to do something that would make the rest of us happy. (The chorus at this point will rise and sing a medley of Julie Andrews happiness songs.). As for the Chiekasaws, they were in the process of working up an activity program for mentally retarded children, something that is serious business and will doubtless be as difficult to effect as it is altruistic to propose. But, Godspeed. The Chiekasaws are also planning a Big Brother program for area youth with grade or deportment trouble. They will attempt to give these "Junior Jaycees" year - long counseling. Again, Godspeed. If one bothers to inquire, there is a long list of such valuable activities which the Jaycees, singly or in two parts, have at tempted to provide their host population. They sponsor get - out - the vote drives; they offer facilities for rabies control clinics; they sponsor baseball teams and Boy Scout troops; they throw an annual Christmas party for poor children. They like to say they are learning the arts of service, and perhaps they are. Jaycees will be Jaycees, and some of them are rowdy and some of them put in excessive hours at beer halls, but, by and large, they are good old boys — and valuable citizens. Even though they do act damn silly sometimes. G.I. Guide: Part Three Induction Means Processing By BLT6N FAY Until today you were a civil, ian, even though yOu had signed a paper back home as a draftee or volunteer and beeen handed an order to report fOr duty. But when you stepped down from a bus just now — dressed like most of the others with you in slacks, a sport shirt or full- over sweater and loafer shoes — you crdssed the threshold. You were in the military. Induction, processing and basic training centers are essentially the same whether Army, Navy, Marine or Air Force. They' look pretty much alike, have the same purposes. Because the Army's proportion of manpower is the largest let's use its Induction and basic training center at Fort Dix, N. J., as typical. Here it is, ready to engulf you. You go into a building under a sign which says simply "U.S. Army Reception Station." Beneath is another lettered on a pointing arrow, "Report Here." And tacked below that is one more saying "Quiet." During the coming weeks you are going to do a lot of "reporting here" and a lot of listening while keeping "quiet." When you report, whether as a draftee, reservist or volunteer, be sure and have sortie records with yOu. There should be certified cOp- ies of your brith certificate as well as those of your family; your marriage certificate, any, and if either you or yOur present wife has been married before, records to show death or divorce. * * * A nOn - commissioned officer, probably a sergeant, meets your arriving group and leads you in. You are about to become a "private." Or if you are enter ing the Navy you'll start out as "seaman recruit;" in the Air Force, "airman basic," and in the Marines, "private." Your first image of the Army will be a sergeant. You'll be seeing and hearing from sergeants for a long time. Almost simultaneously, four things are done to start you off. You get a first issue of clothing to make you look like a soldier. You get a medical going over which includes a blood test, a tuberculosis test, and an examination of your arms for any tell-tale traces of narcotics needle pricks. You get an Army baircut. They begin "processing" you. "Processing" is an in word, man! The military uses it for everything from preparing strategy for waging wars down to asking you who you are, then — ^giving you a label and a num- *************** •* + * TO "G. I. GUIDE" Blytheville, Ark., Courier Hew BOX 401, TEANKK, N. J. 07666 (Each Booklet $1) Enclosed is ? ............. Send me ............ "G.I. Guides" NAME ADDRESS CITY & STATE (Type or print plainly. Make checks payable to The Associated Press) ••••••••••••••*••••••••••••••••••••••••••••«> her. You begin by filling out fOrms about yourself, which provide the foundation for the military record while you are in service - the "201 file," the Army calls it. You also get your dog tag and the "ID" identification card with photograph and fingerprint!!. Don't think you are singled out because the military sends a copy of your fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI also gets them from many Other sources. * * * The primary purpose of the military is to have handy a picture of you and your finger- purposes as well as to help identify you should you be injured, wounded or killed in action. The FBI, which now has more than 170 million records, uses them not only as an aid for itself and other law enforcement agencies, but for the same purpose Of identification in event of accident. WILSON PONY LEAGUERS - These Wil- s6n Pony leaguers are shown as they practice for games in the county league. Coach Bill M60n has 12 boys out fOr Pony league base- ball. Practice sessions are held each morning at the high school ball field. (Courier Newi Photo) The questionnaire includes the usual vital statistics about names and residences of parents and wife; your residencees since your 16th birthday or during the past 15 years (whichever is shorter), plus questions (for yes or no answers). Are you an alien or naturaliz- ) ed citizen of the United States? Any foreign connections, interests or employment or military service? Ever employeed by a company with contracts of classified nature? Ever been in U. S. military service or employed by the federal government? Any arrest or court record? Now comes a "briefing," and we'll tell you about that tomor- row. (Tl)is articlee was condensed from Elton Fay's "G. I. Guide" booklet. To obtain the complete : booklet send $1 with the completed coupon below.) Copyright, Press — 1966 Associated VALUE.... FOR THE COMING HOWS Soft Drinks A wide assortment of flavors . . . Regular or low calorie ... At * real savings price. Perfect with those summer snacks for th« kiddies. Stock up and save! Fourteen Delicious Flavors .. Save $ $ . $ 12 oz. Tins REMEMBER: BONUS BINGO Ends Saturday Nite July 2 All Winning Prize Slips Must Be Presented by Saturday Nite Jr' v 9. Still Time to Ploy! Still Time to Win! Salad Dressing: 35' Fruit Pies Ice Milk Banquet Apple, Peach or Cherry 4 1-lb. 4 et. Pies Chuck Steaks USDA Choice Beef Seven Bone Cuts Lucerne Dessert Yi Gal. Assorted Flavors ._.,. . ... . ... ..... . Ctn. Hamburger Buns or Hot Dog, C 8-Cl. Skylark Pkgs. Mrs. Wrights'Bread Reg. or A l-lb.,2-oz. Sandwich £ Loaves Luncheon Meat Kelly 12-Oz. Canned Tin Snack Crackers 350 Busy 1-Lb. Baker Pkg. HERMON JONES MJSINHft MEN'S ASSCRANUI 0». i4M ooioo An OMI M» VM OOOWIMOOB. iMunaet (or Utet* fluauu in Man. •wtnmhlp u o* Doratlno Ornup PenMnn R** Got Termites: Call ACME! Don't Want Termites? Call ACME! PQ 3-3280 ACHE TERMITE CO. John Tyrone Excellent For Barbecue or braise . Ib. 59 f Canned Hams Mohawk Quality '3 99 5 Detergent Cold l-lb.,4-oz. Power Pkg. 37$ Ant & Roach Bomb Gulf Spray Btl. Dried Beef Libby Sliced Tin Detergent Active All... 3 - lb -- loz -J50 Pkg. Toilet Soap Lifebouy Scented . Candy Bars Hollywood 6-Bar Assorted Pack 250 Peaches Early Varieties Fruit Drinks Yellow Squash r±. 2 lbs.29< Detergent Cold Wtter Surf Lux Quality Toilet Soap 2 5'/j-Ox. AEjt barpak»Wp SAFEWAY

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