The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
Page 4
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BLYTI1EVILLE. (AKK.) COUIUKIl NEWS Lot Of Lawn International law may bo on Ihc bargain table these days, but there's no lack of production in the local variety. The average stale legislature meeting this year enacted -102 new statutes, the Council of Slate Governments found. California in this as in some -THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • • ' THE COURIER NEWS CO. * ;> , -H. W.-HAINES, Publisher . ; , • / GRAHAM! BUDBUBY, Editor SAMUEL,? 1 , N0HRIS, Advertising Manager Bole Nations! Advertising Representatives: Arisknsas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, DC- , trott, St. Lputa, DftUM, Kansas City, Memphis. J -. , puliiihed Every Afternoon Except Sunday . , Entered .'»£ second class matter at the post' oHV* lit BJjthevilJe, Arkansas, under act of Con- {rets. October 8, 1017. the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in tlic City oJ Blytlievllje, I5c per H'fek. or 65c per month.. By mail, within n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, J1.50 for six months, 75o lor three months, by .mail in. postal zones two to six inclusive, "f6,S0 per,year; in zones seven and eight $10.00 per, payable in advance. Hail Zebras! Hail Chickasaws! ' Among the thousands of visitors here for llie.'Blylheyillc-Piiie Bltill" football game tonight—the "tops" in slide high school football (if not in stale collegiate circles as well)—we extend our greetings, especially to those rabid fans from the home of the Striped Zebras. Well do Blytheyille f;ms remember the,- "long" journey back from Pine Bluff last year after that 7 to G defeat ait-the hands of your Zebras. Well do we remember the strain (you felt it too, of course) for the onlookers, much less the players, of those three tries for point and the over-eagerness to prevent success that provided the opportunity \vhich your team converted into glorious victory. It was a defeat thai couldn't be laughed off naturally. It was llic Big Game. Now BijVJieville's Chickasaws are poised to meet yoiir Zebras again, this time on a Blythevilie field. We hope that when the game is over Ulylhe- ville .will be the winner. And if Blytlic- ville is fortunate enough to beat your Zebras "we don't envy you that "long" trip home. f But regardless of the outcome, tonight's game brings together two schools that have done more to establish Arkansas' reputation as a state that produces first rank foolUnllj players than any other half clo/.en high schools in the state. Your Zebras have been famous outside the state as well as in for years. The fame of our Chick- asaws'has spread rapidly beyond-state boundaries in recent years though Blytheyille has been sending top notch performers to collegiate gridirons for years. The Zebras and the .Chickasaw« rap- resent two of Arkansas' most progressive cities. It is well that'they meet in athletic; competition. No matter what the outcome of tonight's clash is, let the friendly relations of Pine Bhift' and Blylhevillo continue. Hail to.the Zebras and the .Chickasaws I other fields, wan lops, with 1124; Arizona was lowest with 9Q. Altogether our state legislators considered 57,925 bills, and emictcd 16,921, J- It's not that bad, of course. Most of these acts are not such as change public policy or genera) laws. They are principally concerned with changes in administrative machinery, appropriation and the like. liven'if this a superfluity of law,, it's nice these days to know Dial there arc still places left in which the people's ad'airs arc carried on by law instead of by the happy momentary inspirations of some inflated tyrant, Publication In tills column of editorials from other newspapers doe« not nec&ssarily mom endorsement but It ao acknowled^aejit of interest In ihe subjects dlscuiwxi He Is An American He Is an American. •lie hcnrs an alinlnnc overhead, and if lie looks up at all docs BO in curiosity, neither In fear nor In the hope of seeing a protector. Ills wife goes marketing, and her purchases nrc limited by her needs, her tastes, her budget, bu( not by decree. He comes home of an evening through streets which nrc<well lighted, not dimly in blue. He'reads his newspaper mid knows that wnai it says ts not concocted by a bureau, but an honest, unlrammelcd effort to present the iriuti. He has never hnd a gas mask on. He hns never been in a bombproof shelter. His military training, an R. O. T, C. course In college, he took because it excused him iroin the gym course, and H was not compulsory. He belongs to such fraternal organizations and clubs as lie wishes. He adheres to a political party to Ihe extent that he deslrfs—the dominant, one, If (hat us his choice, but with the distinct reservation that he may criticize any of Us policies with all Uie vljjcr which 16 him seems proper—any other ns his convictions diclalc, even, If It be his decision, one which holds that the theory of government of the country'Is wrong and should Ue scrapped. He does net believe, If his party is oiit of power, that the only way in which it can come into power Is through a bloody revolution^. He converses with friends, even with chance acquaintances, expressing freely his opinion on any subject, without fear. (He does- nol expect his mail to be opened be' livctri' posting and receipt, nor his telephone n> be lapped. He changes his place of dwelling, and clots not report so doing to the police. He l.v.s nol registered with Ihc police. He carries an Identification card only in case he should he the victim of a traffic accident. He thinks ot his neighbors across inleruniian- al borders-^of those to the north as tnougii they were across a Stale line, rather than as foreigners—of those to the south more as sirnng- 1 ITS .since they speak a language different from his, and with the knowledge that there me now mutters of difference between his government and theirs, but of neither with an expectancy of war. ITe worships God in tin- fashion of his choice, without let. His children are with him in his home, neither- removed to a pluce ot greater safety, If yomiff, nor, if older, ordered ready to serve tile Stale with sacrifice of limb or life. He has his problems, his troubles, his uncertainties, but all others arc not overshadowed by the imminence of battle and .sudden dcatn. He should struggle lo preserve his American- Ism" with its priceless privileges. Ho is a lorlunate man. He is an American. —The New York asm. It's being admitted almost unanimously that a third term for Roosevelt would ccnstumc a sort of public cnlamity.-Italian newspaper cdi-' torial. OUT OUR WAY SIDE OUNCES FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1939', 9 SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT, It3», Nt* SERVICE, INC." "Hans the prizes, Mn! Jiisl don't let your jellies get mixed up with those ribbon winners or we'll Imve nolfiiiw lilto cal all winlcr." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson op(680 CAUSED SUCH TERROR THAT .PEOPLE WORE TO WARD OFF ITS EVIL. UOPJ. iJM ay KCASUVICE, INC T. u. REG, u. s. PAT. Off, BOULDER., COLO;, ITS WATER FROM CITY-OWNED IN THE MOUNTAIN ANSWER: Right. The difference is in the manufacture, the fermentation process being omitted if green tea is desired. NEXT: Wyoming's largest guest register. ( Great Afflictions Overcome • i SYDNEY, N. 5. W. I UP)-Alls- |tralia has its Helen Keller in the .person of 30-year-old Altec Bet- tridgc. Deaf, dumb and blind, 'she leads an active life, as editor of the Braille Australian magazine, prcfcssional knitter and typist She writes all of the leading articles for the magazine. -*'*•*„'' ARMY f REGULWlOWS? GOODNIGHT. 1 J VWU1 ARE you READJN' JUST IN CASE, MY \ BOY, JUST IM CASE... SO I WOM'T BE MO BUCK PRJWTE IW CASE.... VOU NtVER. HEAtW? OF A MA JOR ER COLOMEL GOMlM' BACK AM' RUNNJIM' A."DR1LU PRESS, DID' >tou? WELL, THEY'LL NEED TRAIMED . MEM AM 1 I'LL, BE \ READY. By J. R, / THEY'VE \ WEEDED 1 TRAINED MEN HERE, BUT I'VE MEVER. SEEM HM WOK. AT AMV- THIM& 8UT A CALENCMZ. SIMCE HE'S 8EEM HERE Soft Hall L'psels Governor' PROVIDENCE. E. I. <UI>>-Whi!c entertaining hall the state police force nl his Oakland Farm in Portsmouth, Gov. William H. Van- (icrbilt suffered a sacro-iliac misplacement during a soft ball game. He contented himself with acting as umpire when he entertained Ihc other half of the force a week later. It is a common belief that the first subjects of television broadcasts will be motion pictures, since they are considered ideal for television transmission. HE'S _ . . THO--HE'S GOT A BETTER. CHANCE OF- BEIW BKJ HERE IP HE GITS fr'G IM A WAR, Eft GOLF, ER." • YOU HAVE TO MAKE 'EM WOltCE YOU BOAKDING HOUSE wiih Major Hoople . • • J ' *• >K>I? THE •PROMISED I'D INVEST ^"— WHEW . ARE YOU GOINS TO STAKT , AUKING MODELS OP OUR INVENTION! ? H'.V.JA! DON'T B£ INIPA.TIEMT, BUSTtR, MY LftD —~ OUR RE-SSiRCH ~'A MUST Be- VERY THOROUGH ~~— "ar L ' JOVE,THIS IS AM INTERESTING C^PTJEH OM U^P^MStOKI CF GkS'ES UMDcR P*>ESSURP.«~YAS.' LET ?AE SEE MOW «•«•- HEWED PUWvES PRO?.\ THE MOTOR STRIKE THE AROMATIC I'OHE LITTLH H'/i-U.'JSr Mnrlnn revives, <r)e» 1u laugh 'ill Jn-r fiiliKliig. Ste ••nl!« Dm, liul he |» fa tontmeven M-Hli llu- prrklilrut of I<1» <,„,„- H:mr. t.uivr Mir KOCH to tlte doe- li>r, Sho In KUIUK (o liave « CHAPTER XVII ARIAN worked furiously, running through. ledger pages, sorting nnancial data. Gradually she regained composure. Early in M»y was so far away, so much a pail of the distant future, that it could bo ignored. The tiling to <lo was to forget what Dr. Moss had said, lo live each day and 1st H must Ewing back, but, for the moment, it was enough to be're- Jeased from torment. • * » gHE got into Dan's car, saying in a little rush, "I'm glad to sec you, mister." He said, "Thanks," not looking at her. He was still a little grim, Marian noticed the tight muscle in Ins jaw. "I'm a good girl now," she said Can you forget about last nighty" No," he answered, "but let's not go into it again." She was determined to be pleasant. "All right," she said lightly. "Anyway, I'm sorry." He nodded briefly. Then, "Did >Y»,.tn BUI: wuuiu Kix'p ner you see Dolly this mornin"? How behind which even she did she and Randy Means make inur... ln~v rnt.~ 1, *...«,]> ".wi** 4a*uivv , May answer its own riddles. Working on a chart, she mentally laid the first brick in a wall behind which she would keep her .vould never look. The wall was to be made up of such capable endeavor that Mr, Fellows would look upon her us an absolute necessity to the office. She would work for a new understanding with Dan, take more interest in ouiside things, parlies, lectures, picture shows—she'd start tomorrow flight by going to dinner with Dolls- and Randy. There was lo lie no more irritability. A cheerful, happy manner would make hoi- feel cheerful and happy. Some day she would go lo Dr. Moss, she would laugh and say, "You were mistaken." The more she thought, about it, the more certain she became. She relaxed in the belief that the kind fates would clear the muddle if she but let them do it. At 4 o'clock Dan called. "Want something, Marian?" "No-o—I feel badly about last we've been lieadin r.ight—" "I eucss out? He wanted to hurdle th'e lafe unpleasantness and she fell in with him. "Oh, they had a won-derful time," imitating Dolly. "At least from Dolly's standpoint it was mar-velous." Dan's jaw relaxed a bit, "From Randy's, 'ioo, I guess." "Did you see him today?" "Yuah— had lunch with him— he's completely sold — sort of inarticulate—you know how people get." "You don't mean—" She left HID surmise unfinished, ready to laugh. "I think it's (he real thing." "Not really?" "Sure— and I'm glad for both of them. They're two swell people and I'm glad to see them get together." 'Oh, I think you're crossing your bridges before you get to " them. "Time tell. He asked id that he hod hung up the receiver. The click bothered her for a moment, then she turned back to her work. Mr. Fellows came to look .over her shoulder. "Swell," lit jaid enthusiastically. "Those charts will be invaluable as time goes on. You're leaving space for the next 10 years. Yep—that's swell." So everything was all right. Dan would be wailing at .5, Mr. Fellows was pleased, the wall was already amazingly secure. She'd beat the game. It was months before she need think o£ the doctor's verdict ugain. Anything might happen before she need think of that. Above everything else, Dan must not know what the doctor had said. If she told Dan it might be real. Dan's -ignorance, in itself, denied the facts. In a reaction from strain, she grew lighthearted. It was the emotional ?cnduluni on its upward swing. row night at the Mcdinah Club. 1 "Yes, Roily told me. I wish 1 could fix her up 3 litlle, Dan. She's so naive in appearance." "Say, you leave that girl alone. Her personality wasn't made out of plastic wood, it hasn't gone dry and hard—" Marian glanced at him. Yesterday she would have taken exception to that remark, today she let it go. "I'm not talking about her personality, it's her clothes," "Just take my advice and leave Dolly alone," Dan- was saying. He did nol add, "You might spoil her," but the inference was plainly there. Marian mused, "It'd be a joke on us .if Dolly married Randy Means. I'm afraid she wouldn't be cleaning our apartment any more." It was really ^something ot a thought. 'Who would take care of them if Doliy— ? preserved figs. Dan loved preserved figs • and cream cheese. Marian was deliberately playing up to Dau that night. There were cold potatoes in the refrigerator. She'd Try them crisp lor Dan. Reaching the apartment, she ran up the stairs ahead o! Dan. The blow hart fallen and it had not crushed her. ..She was the same, exactly the same. Dr. Moss 1 news had already taken on the form o£ a bad dream from which she had awakened. She look great pains with tho dinner, rushing into the bedroom at the last minute to change to a new, and very fetching, hou<=o coat. H was pink and orchid taffeta, the colors blending to- galher. It had a lovely metal belt and tiny flower buttons. It swished delightfully. It had cost too much —much too much. Even on a half- price sale, it had been definitely beyond Marian's clothes allowance. She felt a trifle annoyed when Dan did not notice the house coat. He always cleared tho fable, rinsing the dishes and stacking them in neat piles- for Dolly to wash in the morning. While he worked, Marian him? around the kitchen. Usually he whistled through his teeth. That evening he was frpwningly silent. "What were you doing in Mr. Turner's office this morning?" Marian asked. He said nothing for a moment, then, "He called me in to ask if I thought he was managing the- business with the greatest possible efficiency." He had his back to her, she could not see his lacs. "You're spoofing." "That could har«K] stopped at the market. Tenderloin steaks, a glass oi • .>,, "Not io you." She hadn't meant to say that. Pointed rejoinders liad be;;i cominj too readily \o her lips. Dan washed his hands and turned. Marian stood in the .iitclien door. "I wish you'd kiss me, Dan," she said wistfully. Putting a finger under her chin, le raised her face. Long he gazed ! nto her oyes. "Isn't it too bad Marian?" he said slowly. "Isn't what too bad?" she askecl. He was so strange. He might be looking at .her faco for the first time—or the last. "That we muffed i'.—that we lad such a God-given chance and muffed it." "Do you hale me, Dan?" He nodded gravely. "I hate you because you liave';,niade..jine hate myself," , he, sai(l, gently., j'l used to have pride in myself^-belief— it's all gone." He turned away. Ke had not kissed her. — .(To Be Continued); THE FAMILY DOCTOR Reds Menace His Estonia Chesl Goiters Hamper Breathing; Removal Requires Delicalc Surgery BY lUt. MOKRIS 1-ISHUElN ticiilarly when there is exertion Editor, Journal «r the American and an unusual demand for air Medical Association, and of The voice is likely to be high and Hygeia, tlic Health Magazine soprano-like and the breathing Goiter, the enlargement of the .'noisy and whistling Pressure on thyroid gland, occurs in Iwo forms.! the veins results in swelling of the The one. high in the throat, is-vessels and the accumulation of :nsily rciiKved; the other, deeper_in fluid. *»# Such a goiter cculd develop excessive activity of its tissues. The symptoms already mentioned may be associated with ovcraction of the thyroid, including rapid heart and los.-, of v,-eight. The removal of the chest, is dangerous and" difli- lo take out. ' e thyroid gland lies in the front.of the neck.Two large lobes of the gland lie on each side of the ivhuljiinc. A .small portion of tissue, called the isthmus, lies the across the windpipe ccnnocthi: two lubes. such thyroid enlargement with the , s'anrt deep down in the neck or An ordinary gritcr is easy to [ ihesi demands oxiraoriiinarv siir»- reacli during surgical operation' ery ' ' ° nnd can be removed without con- i 3efore , mdcrtal:in3 Meh a]) op TUBC- AMD JJPOM iHtf?£ COMCtUTR EGAD, f. J/.UST B5USH PROCESSES 0V REDUCTION CO.V,POJMOIMS, TH= J-' .'— OH, YES, .'.; T TO T(J= A SUITABLE R "THE WORTH EADY, BUSTER = siclerable difficulty to the modern surgeon. There arc certain forms of goiter, however, vvlii^h are so lew in ihe neck that they eventually drop down and grow behind the breast bone cr sternum. This type is called intrathoracic goiter, because il is actually within Ihc chest. The danger from such a goiter results not only trom the pressure an the windpipe, which causes that , organ to be curved or narrowed, I out also from the r.'.anncr in which the goiter presses on the veins In i the neck, preventing the return of j the blo:d from tiie head and neck | to the heart and the circulation. i Because of these dangers, persons with Ir.rge goiters growing deep in the neck and chest have — ...... . i interference with breathing, par- cratiiri, (he surgeon mukes X-ray l>icti-res to determine the extent of the tissue that is to be removed. He has to control completely the blood vessels that pass into Hie goiter and away from il. He musl free the goiter from the surrounding tissue without damaging nnv of the important siiuctures such ns Ihe nerves, bleed vessels, or organs which lie in the vicinity. The surgeon must arrange to take care of the tissues aft:r the enlargement of the thyroid gland " is removed so that, they will fill in On a hot spot is Premier K,1ar;l Eenpalu, above, of little Estonia, as Russia charges nation with aiding Polish submarine escapes, polices Baltic near Tallinn. Estonian Foreit'n Minister Karl Seller goo? to Moscow to negotiate with Soviet officials. rapidly, nnti there will be no secondary Infection or complication. With proper care and surgery, the vast majority of patients who operative proccc* I'aslnr Expert Deer llunlcr YAKIMA, Wash,. <UP)—This city has a pastor, the Rev. E. D. Horns- chiich, who has 63 nctciics on his j hunting rifle for the number of ic has killed. There are scv- _ r _ , ,«/c i deer h i_ec:v ?r and are able to live a nor- eral other deeper' notches" on "(he nial heaithy Do\\ r n •Memory Lane Ten Years Ago ! Cnc elcsperntc heave of the plqskin by Captain i'ete Craig that fell into the outslicaohcd hmuls of brolhcr. J. T. Craig, and a 35 essentials of a plan lo partition Czechoslovakia. jjj.-i unjuicr. j. i. uraig, and a 35 Mississippi County Fair directors >f.rd sprint by the tired little Chick i predicted today that a new attcnd- liiiliback who shook oft one tackier } «nce record would be set this year 3 nephew of Dr. Howlon of Osce- oln. 40,012 bales of cotf.n were ein- ncd in Mississippi county prior lo Ecplcmbcr 16. One Year Ajn Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy agreed tonight on the ana out raced another lo dash across the Memphis Tech goal line Just before the timekeeper's gun ended the game gave the Blytlie- vlllc Chicks a 7 to 0 vlctcry over the big and stubborn squad from Memphis. Five Tears Ago Dr. Floyd D. Howton, who has been attending St, Louis University, has established an office here providing the loir weather 'ccntin. No. 21 Huns Through Life CONCORD, N. H. (UP)—Though lie says he Is not a numercloglst, ignace Rondeau recalls that Aug. 24 ns the 24th anniversary of his wife's death, that he married at the age of 24 on Aug. 24 and that Rondeau died exlctly 24 years , . for the practice pj dentistry. He is alter llicir marriage. weapon's stock representing elk and bear he has bagged. Irish "Samson" Is Ueail SYDNEY, W. 3. W. ,(UP>—Jerry O'Kcefe, on Jrisii Samson who believed that his strength resided In his long hair, lias tiled in hospital at Condcboiln, New South Wales, at the age of IG3. His long hair was retl and came dtwn to his shoulders and beyond. U'ar Boosts Prune 1'ricc SANTA ROSA, Cal. (UP>—Hops and prunes, two of Somona county's staple crops, and which have been lying quiescent in the warehouses for some time past, have showed marked signs of activity on the market bulletin board since the European war began. Between the South Pole and latitude GO .there arc 110 land animals larger than Insects, and no Industries other than whaling.

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