Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 13, 1945 · Page 23
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 23

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1945
Page 23
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f Sl AND SCREEN 0 Housing Gonditiohs for Actors Only - 'Beef of Much Traveled Press Agent By WOOD SOANES Elmer Kenyon, the schoolmaster who! put down his the last world conflict, and VC'TTo' subsequently' decided to adopt the theater as his means of livelihood, becoming eventually one of the best and certainly the most literate of the press agents, crossed the bay recently for an hour or so of chit-chat. Perhaps it shoyld .be explained here and now that Professor Kenyon is! here in the1 West as official tub-thumper for Helen Hayes, and in Oakland to herald her arrival in "Harriet" on May 22, the dayj" 1 after she makes an appearance ', the box office rather than accept 'sheer mechanics of writing a play at the Auditorium in San Jose, An rnnrorliftaW. Wlnur , 1 jvenvon has no complaints to make about travel, food, laundry hotels four subjects on which cal in their condemnation. As a matter of fact, Kenyon has found living conditions on the road very much like they always were. "My" only complaint," he said, "lies with the housing conditions for Manv things are interesting to -tations of recent years, is definitely ctors. 'They pre apparently un- Kenyun, perhaps because he pos- Prestige materia! and the Guild has : ware that we are in the throes of se?:js a students mind. One of the always tried to do its-best by him.. . a war and they are just as petulant nianv is ,he Beecher Family and on 11 has been his official outlet in as always about their rooms. In(next Sunday in this column he will . hs country and it has invariably the past I have never bothered to hoid forth through "the medium of Siven his plays fine productions, reserve rooms for the troupes fol-: speciai article on the subject. i often much superior to the subject Owwtrtg me, nd as soon as we leave j -There are ten Beechers oti dis-.niaUer- BerJhey are on their own again." ; pav at one time or another in "Har-I Incidentally, one of the financial! TheVcompany moves north after i rietl" he gaidi and I have an ideaiwirt,s carried a cryptic paragraph! Its one-night stands in Northern tnat theatergoers might be inter-1 the other day in regard to New York California and the tour will end in'este(i to know something of their (hits I quote it as it came: 1 the Northwest There was talk of background and their. eventual aoj "Onwisrting New York don't fall a return engagement in Los An-: complishments. We are able to give sucker for the publicity that theater.' geles but Miss Hayes ruled it out. !fman sketches from time to time, ; business is so good you must pay; She has been touring since Septem- but nothing exhaustive hasj; been 1 black-market prices to see a good' ber and she is. eager to get baclf to done on the subject. I gave a goodshow- All are good, and scats iare tier farm and her children. J deal of thought to the subject before ! mailable for most any matinee or AJMAZINCi TOUR !ve started "but srmce limitations ; evening if you go directly to the box j In manv renert it has been anhave made printing a problem." ii-,.. I iTperienced capacity busi- rv city where we have "As have ex !--very city where we have . . mi ... i piayea. xne man oraers insure a ' "t - " ""-run before the curtain is raised on?1- nclit Sunday, satisfied , that the first night and th agent has : what he has to sajf will be interest- little or nothing to do beyond seek - lng accommodations on the rail roads. "For a time it looked as if we ; nnt hat tn h satisfied with a!rn;r,n rinu r i i 1 Single performance HI Oakland. The! Punched with ''The1 HOLLWOOD May li-MFilm Southern Pacific couldn't see its way , Red Milr wnich Roes into jts second makers have found that there s clear lo get the baggage cars spotted :and inal week tomorrow; New Yorkl"! ll T th' Cf CCt In timo for lie tn hall anil sp hut -r- - -- - - - that, lortunateiv, has Deen ciearea i itn Wa ii' ill nnur nrrivo i n Oiilt lanrf in Tvrniv nr imp Tor Trip m;ninpp The show, incidentally, requires five ; hours to mount and hang." Speaking of mail orders. Kenyon I ... v - . u.rih th nwnl f.tiritim.. ITkt on in ChTe . To "ok Yr . jiin.-.iiun iiuni vicwirc miuaiu oiuw, ; hPf of thpe trir or a long time now there has been! w,ose works were first promoted u.eA ,honiiriff- little or no mail-order advance for! through the Guild, to do his most!deck of a showboat fn muA iltriKtlnm in lhat oitv WhSn . t.... ..t -....j .... aetK 01 SnoWDOai, 10 ..... v , ..j. . the potential patrons found that seats I for "Oklahoma" were unavailable, they returned to the old practice of ; writing checks in advance. Again in me i.-u.i. u.ry me un.uwmg uial. practice on all shows. i What is puzzling Kenyon and report on it. - trick. They wriggled as the light other theater men, however, is the! The Manchester Guardian began I ray shot on the water and the re-apathy of the wartime public for its review with the devastating ob- j fleeted ripples were photographed gallery seats. iservation: 'nicely NEWS MADE HIM SAD "The high-price seats'fio like the' vi ::d." he explained, "but in everv .-hv 'u,ha.u- h,o niav hao had empty scats in the gallery. I1 am told that the Geary's gallery is tnat ,ne 8,Mt man Js 8 "ule weary not exactly ideal but that does not i of be'"S a little tired of i- .t-i. r i.;!hpint rieht abnut. evprvthinff. and Bppjy 10 ine Diumure jn i.us nnKcics i . . . : en many persons only the other ening a sailor turn away from' HELEN AYES 'D'HARRICT" MATINEE and NIGHT Tuesday, May 22 Tlrkrla now Breunrr'i Bor Office TW-404H Malinff, !.? I. f.'fno (ia Inc.) Nifht 11.20 to J.1.00 (lax Inc.) OAK. AUD. THEATER RIN TIN TIN 3RD LAW OF THE WOLF Ala FRANKIE DARRO BOYS' Reformatory COME TO SAN FRANCISCO rOR A REAL STAGE SHOW TODAY AT 3:00-7:30-10:1$ tW'Tli Tow- Win! Wild" FffJdia Bartholonmr - a seat at $1.20. "I was telling this to Dave Chasen, r..w..,:the Hollywood boniface whQ was " ' 1 1 n kjuu u i . i , j n i c nnu nasi once a stwg f , k t ; and he became very sad about the news. To his wav of thinking it meant that the theater was on the decline. He pointed out that in the lush days of show business, a sold out gallery was assured no matter how many unoccupied seats there were on the lower floor. I don't share Chasen's pessimism, but the gallery problem is interesting." Always one to. lie ..gracious to a tellavr man, if it costs me nothing !and saves me work, I am very,4iappy injrjiwppyj (n turn niwplhie ripnurtmsnt tn 4 V, a r ;11? - WELL IN HAND Pi'i!!' .!!,T situate; seems to be well in hand i i .. .Tv.... : i ;,o nvKiiuiLu a tic "7"' V 1 - rarousel" which is RnrfeFs-H.-,m- j i .. . : r :i: . 1 . . t m. l uu . aiiu iiitii v ui inp Broadway hits are preparing to halt for a six weeks' Summer vacation fUVhe.1er GunJ noL ce.ebrai- ... ...u u ' l?Jt"'ZLr,J; rcueiii pmv in uuuu rving cnaries Golden Days." When he was asked by the newspapermen -"about the quality of the opus, he responded that it must be good since he wrote lt. Wnen the play was done inlLos Angeles, now with water in it Malvern in 1939, there was no such;a. it ft hv ihp t,Hin wm th ft is rather late in the day to call Mr- Shaw ""accountable, but no "iher comprehensive word can readily be applied to 'In Good King Charles' Golden Days.' It must be; ----- sv. , 7, IV ! mfA thin n rli'trln tYY rrtrl ii'itU Tno i & "r l I'M W a in I 7?- . Y.V m m 11 ,' Xi J'OI - - II r-W rH m AT w mW mW A III -, mTm .11 (Trill IJ Vm Jiffiw Mmk? 4 . . &s v:n NMiii ti&jrfini Aim iMr vw1. ft ir.1 .1.11 j nmi snmii Va I SJ "J I V I VLVl III ? fxt'ln IH-liiLiirUj f ROtlPiy PRESENTS -ma 1 i 1 rissSff mSxWl Jik- NOW! '( M UIfwSS l MICICEr Jjffi&P 245 - 5(45 - 7s5 - V I .StiV P ym gV" "'Tg , -A New.Show Start, MATINEE DAILY mxJSStAyl I - wv Andrews sisters W;3bt-1 mifef ; r?rrttr..m. IS! TltlWIiJITW S -ww .inn . w M, t - x-vl I Bun- "" M- ' I I 3 CABALLEROS Iginger rogeITiHI I j . 2000 Good Scati TmmW Uwtl Md Lwjjt" 4 I D.n.id nuci,. Mir.d. IJ JOSEPH COTTEN IL m S'-SI., $1.00 each incl. tox I J Hill II 1 I II lMil J 1 4 vjucji ir B1 bUaiiii viPtu S XI ; pT-oiiiv V "touomC'i Ul'VilSfM' fOTt J 1 1 1 ln.l.U'HIJ I c MCKET I J pr, I iHiniiniiiii"i it j Tfii. . . rkl 1 1 j aT l ni .1 f 1 I --MMtM-l II. I 'ifl 5PFMrPB TBArY I '4 ill V f I NIT I II w r3SivS.ijm!EJV. , PMiiaiwciiifw.g BRIDE BY MISTAKE CMr VI ,jj l mmmmmmmmammm laoi A JEAN ARTIH B-JOHN WAYNE Z JSLfTA f I : 1 -i , w "" J A LADY TAKES A CHANCE I 'lm'K &iXtV I OlAl Z1! TTl (T J I I 1 I I I BETTY niJTTON-MARY MARTIN 4 OH l('F&FiT& 1 -i-VJr. , V' U II Hi f t I f Ji."X)l I "HAPPY GO LUCKY" I i i GOfcrs? iHH i i i v I lj L B 1 f i ai in zihi iinh i una fiik'Jim iiuy il I lll liMI I r lhir m.v frioa. K IMl'Tll. JU NIO Ii It mam rvnum una i wpii Known in V I - 111 I 1 chalk to ioin the engineers in for the stage." I Variety's London representative summed up the drama with: 1 -It stands now as a platform for admirable speeches. Probably many grant its greatness, but that wi" be ve" the teacups and not in ,he market place of plays." Well, the TTieater Guild has made a 8rf,at deal of money lately with i,s commercial musicals and it can we afford to take a Joss on a pres-j ;ue PId- anaw. despite his limi- jonice. mere are only six sell-outs; i 'Carousel, 'Glass Menagerie, "Har-'Okla-Park." ve'-' 'I Remember Mama." .homa' and 'lip , in Central Tadpoles Help Movie Director niuunici mir un woici. : Usually, if the body of water Jsn't available, the effect is achieved bv I use of a flicker pan. About ; i... . ..,, . . rlytc uUe X or by he ! Kcn"e rocKing or Dy.xne . "S? e f l,S" i P ln waier ana arawn ; back "d ake the tipples. tricks could be scene from the for Abbott and Costello's "The Naughty Nineties." as the setup of the camera made the presence of a prop man beside the little pan impossible. A panful of tadpoles from the 2101 MacArthur Blvd. but no i ii if innn in f- i i 11 lj l i u row n n i v. U ii "J tu fit r t ISasl i i.uikJTfJULJJli PflMIM AffC Ilk I I H H V II ii ii n it ANn i ii ii llILJ.'r7.il. Ill-Ill HBaF hmCi ll a. ,v i II I l U II III II II I II 4. 1 1 m -m r - - - " inaKnna9BiinnBi' 1 m m m mm m ar mmm Harrief to Be Seen Here .As ,the formidable Dr, L !.- Beef her, ' head tf the famous Beecher family and anally known figure, Robert Harriton with j Helen Hayes in "Hai r.e'.'' dae at the Auditorium theater for two performances only, Tuesday jy.j'.inee. and evening, May 22. dr., a ?Ts authority, of manner both from his heritage and his unusual!; r:ch experience in the theater. Not only is he the gre..;. c:e:,t- grandsbn of William Henry Harrison. President of the. T'ni.o c. jtoo v,,, v, ;i i .u . Eoxie Rosalind Rusell and Jack but he is similarly that to Jeflerson . Carson continue to carry on in Davis. President of the Confederacy. . - Roughly Speaking -Yet, instead of following their foot-1 T A D Paul Muni will call it a steps into politics, this scion of such day tomorrow in "Counter Attack." notables became stage-struck "in Tomorrawstartf the jec-, b la "--ond and final week of "The Red his early teens an J has been acting Mill." ... ever since. " C.earv Helen Have? starts her I ur,y- 50n'inuoU!! h:s aP- last week in Harr.ef tomorrow, pearalice behind the f.K)tliKhts "has 1 been is evident from the fact that Dr. Lyman Beecher in Harriet" is Paramount tO Offer his 570th role in the pasi 39 vears If BJ l.J;-,-, Even more impressive is the list nf War Ona tTemiere stars whom he supported in this ' period. They began with the elder participation in the Seventh War Tyrone Power. McKee Rankin and Loan Drive opens Tuestfay night Nance O'Neill, included the Irish at he Paramount Theater at 8:30 actors and singers, Joseph Murphy P m- and Dennis O'Sullivan and the more "The Clock." the Judy Garland-recent Nat Goodwin. Henriette Robert Walker romance, will head Crossman. Fay Bninter. Otis Skin- the war bond premiere. The film ner, Lillian Gish and Eva Le deals with a working girl who Gallienne. - meets a soldier at Grand Central With "Candle in the Wind." Rob- Station in New York and offers to ert Harrison joined Helen Hayes, show him the town. , Admission to the premiere will Lmierhfrtn Ta f-c ;n ibe through the purchase of Seventh LCrugmon IS last in iWar Bonds on saie at arry-theater. Another Eating Role jbank or department store. MULi.tivuOD, May 12.--WW-Do you remember ChaJles Laughton and his eating scene in "Henry VIII" a few years back? It set a precedent for him, for no man can leer or menace ST" well over a le of Iagibheld..,tnnly in one hand while he gnaws on it and points orders with tViether. . At least half of his subsequent film roles have found Lauehton doing eating scenes: his present pic ture, "Captain -Kidd," -finds him unionizing again, a most unsympathetic thing to do in the midst of I rationing. Ur-WtaaaaaKiaMaMasm. sRRR-BBaB MS JHKHmil irvirwU tAWaKrnt IjilililNHhl 0 3rd BIG LOVI'N Ik ! LAFF WEEK . . ! 4 Hurry! LaM t Dint . ' i 1 i fpr- VfTT I tsLLrT L KiArh.r,, w.i. J NOW-ENDS TUESDAY 4 andjS SSI r-rr ,fMKiUUiU-J V on stage ; AND SCREEN Esquire " SaU me. Where She Dttnced' repre:-er.ts Waiter Wanger in a generous rrnxd. Fox Oakland-' Th.s Man's Navy" and Nothing But Trouble' have much in common. Orphrum Crooner Dick Powell goes in for h:gh-pi'W tred dramatics :n "Murder. My Sweet" Paramount Sor.ja Hen.e love, loses, and loves again in "it's a Pleasure." Oakland motion picture theaters' TWO-FISTED! HARDXOILED! TERRIFIC MURDi DICK POWELL CUIREMVOR'ARrXSSSLEIf Xrrom Kirnara inanairr 'Farewell, My Lvly" 'r MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS In TeehhlVelor llk Joflf GsrhMid-Mariaret O'Brien Mary Aster also SHE GETS HER MAN Jsaa Davis -Leon Errel Continuous from 2 p.m. II Mlnates From CenVal Oaklani A& i I ! i Desert Soncr Is Biffed V, The role of Margot in the San F.'aiicisco Civic Light Opera Association's production ofjThe Desert, Song" will be sung "by Dorothy Sarnoff. soprano siar of last year's Seinhardt-Korngold Jew York success of "Rosalinda." The young soprano was signed by Edwin -bestcr last Stfmmer during his visit to ilew York with " Song of Norway" company. At that time Lester did not have a particular . role in mind for the star. But he wanted to be certain that Doro thy Sarnoff would be available for this Sprmg season of operetta. She wilL sing opposite Walter Cassel. who appears in the role of the ' "Red Shadow." j Sterling Holloway will stage The Desert Song" a well as appear in ! the chief comedy role. The operetta t will open at the Curran on May 21. ; following "The Red Mill." which; starts its second and final week tomorrow night. .i.i.i.iTi.imLJ niiimiii'i'iiiii THIS MONDAY NITEly m PERSON "King of the Saxophone' CffliffilE It'UT! fa Iil I Dan! Pj' jr I TIE VXiVn MMV lJPw ii Wf 1 AND HIS ORCHESTRA SWEET'S BALLROOM sndnf iVtry NMsl !0a"and T,ihu myh. w JUNDAY MAY 13th 1 All mothers oierCO ad- I mittedzmoanyFox If West Coast Theatre 7wr WUtia U Sim J j.i'ii.i.irjir.iii. i3iii:lu:ihi WALLACE BEERY "THIS AtlS if JUDY GARLAND COLOR! MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS Vera Uruba RaUtoB LAKE PLACID SERENADE . Alu: Far? la the Pacific IU.. V1CTA San Pablo At Potrero llaW Tlaln john waine Ona Munson-'I.ADT FROM LOUISIANA1 also TRAILING THE JAGUAR IPPIIDITA San Pablo at Fairmount lIiniUIU Diana Lynn-Gall Rnaaell "OUR HEARTS WERE VOUNQ GAT "BRAZU'-Virglnla Brace-Tito Guitar PIEDMONT IP-I-ED-M-O-N-T EVERY SEAT A LOGE 418S Piedmont Ave, Phone PI edmont i727 Take IrlO or Alt CAB DIRECT to DOOR "MEET ME IN ST. I.OHI8"-In Color Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien 'LAKE PLACID SERENAUE'-Vcra Vaf'ae Added-"l,ury ln Ihe Paclflc"-Authentic CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1 P.M. ALBANY ALBANY Solano at San Pablo IN TECHNICOLOR "FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS' GARY COOPER-INGRID BERGMAN KATINA PAXINOU-AKIM TAMIROFF CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM : WORTH OAKLAND SENATOR TW inoaki 23W) Doora open at 12:45 "IX L BE SEEING YO II" GINGER ROGERS and JOSEPH COTTEN also "THE SUSPECT" with ELLA RAINES & CHARLES LAUGIITON FREE PARKING FOR OUR PATRONS CHINES College at Shatter. UL-U200 BING CROSBY In "HERB COME THE WAVES" Kith BETTY HtTTTON and SONNY TUFTS also "DOUBLE EXPOSURE" with CHESTER MORRIS & NANCY KELLY GATEWAY San Pablo & Stanford A. 1. CRONIN'S "KEYS Or THE KINUBOM" Gregory PECK and Roddy McDOWALL also JACK LONDON'S "ALASKA" with Kent TAYLOR and Margaret LINDSAY TAW b?D Slat ac Telegraph. TW-2300 I U rl tall "LADY IN THE DARK" Ginger Rogers - Ray ', Milland - Jon Hall also "S T A G E C O A C H" with John Wayne-Claire Treyor-Thos. Mitchell Plus "WALT DISNEY REVUE"-3 Cartoons CONTINUOUS TODAY FROM 1 P.M. DIMOMD LAPBEl IHOPKINS MacArthur & 35th Ave. Charlie HIT.r.l.rS ( ) rVlf s 1-3 EL CEBRITO OIINDA jtllln "THE PARSON OF PANAMINT" with V If- ELLEN DREW and PHIL TERRY V also "ESCAPE FROM CRIME" with JULIE BISHOP and RICHARD TRAVIS H ffnri MacArthur at 38th Ave. lnUfIilj "FRISCO SAL" -Susanna FOSTER and Turhan BEY also "DARK WATERS" with Franehot TONE and Merle OBERON DINOND Fruitvale at MacArthur BING CROSBY In "HERE COME THE WAVES" with BETTY HIITTON and SONNY. TUTTS nK KF?.r 7.tVb ins. NANCY KELLY It CHESTER MORRIS FAIBrAI SEMIWABT rAtHTAV Foothill Blvd. & Fail f. X nlflA HA Humphrey BOGAItT In "TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT" With Lauren BACAI.I. at 12:50-4 :0A-1:.1-IO: 15 alM WHEN THE I.HIHTS GO ON AGAIN with Jimmy I.YDON at S:40-:IMI-:otl CAPITOL Foothill Blvd. A Seminary in TEr'HNirm.na FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS" GARY COOPER - INGRID BERGMAN KATINA PAXINOU -AKIM TAMIROFF FHUiTVALE-23rd AVE. rmilTVAf r East l4,h A th Ave. mill f nlils ACADEMY SHOW! "O OING MY W A Y" Ring CROIiBY and Harry FITZGERALD Addedt-Award Winning ' Short Sabjeets CONTINUOI'S TOIIAY FROMOON DAI APr 23rd Ave. A East 15th a AlsHVIs . A. J. CRONIN'S "KEYS OF THE KINGDOM" Gregory PECK and Roddy McDOWALL also JACK I-ONDON'S "ALASKA" with Kent TAYLOR and Margaret LINDSAY ALAMEDA Tf MFC Wehster-Sanla Clara LA-3..U2 lU'laaal Rnv Snr.VBI. r! n V.K.. aavva' "BA II SI EN OF DEADWOOD" "Y OUTH AFLAM E" VAftlfF PKone LA Icehurst l-'tw) TUUUEs "THUNDERHRAD'Mn Color Roddy McDOWALL and Preston FOSTER "ClrearasUatUI Evidence" - Lloyd Nslaa MrDTffllP Central at Webster nter iun& "THUNnERHCAD" Roddy McDOWALL and PJrenton FOSTEIt jirenmsiannai Eriasnee" - Llrjyd Nslaa ALAMEDA LAkehurst 1-4433 Walt niaNRV'a THREE CAHAI.I.rKOH" rN Pninti Ray Milland - "MINISTRY Of FAV" MATINEE DAILY AT 1:M P.M MO 1413 Pa ark Street. LA-8-: SSL', I N f U fi I T bretta YOUNG i and Richard ORERN Contender"-BinteT Crakbs-Arlens ladge tfaUiibte jtm McCALLIf TRR aria I Park St. orjOt Alameda Ave. man vtnrnar urn MecAiijiaTRat gna Jeanne runt C3 7 WARLpT, Bond Prcmiert TUES., MAY 15 8:15 p.m. Gala Screen Preview JUDY GARLAND ROBERT WALKER ia M-6-M't "THE CLOCK" ( Admittonce by Bend Purchase Only... BUY THAT EXTRA 'BOND NOW of any Theater, Bonk or Department vfore and secure your. Free Tickets. OAKtANDS ANNUAL Hnii AUDITORIUM THEATRE Mrtk 23 to JUNE 6 MAY 23 CAVALLERIA and fAGLIACCI MAY 24CARMEN " MAY 2ftOf AUST MAY 29 tUCIA MAY 31 IL TR0VAT0RI JUNE 1 RIGOLETTO JUNE 4 LA TRAVIATA JUNE 6 CARMEN Undrr Direction of MAESTRO AMELIO COLANTONI American Start Oatat ArlUtl rU Orch.itrs Cora 4 Bilt Beaatlfal Se.n.rr j. MatnUlcant Ctrtini TICKETS ON SALE NOW . II .IS, tl.M. It.M, n.M, tox Inelairi Sh.rmaa Clar. Br.adway A Hakari BlfhiaU U OaryCoeer-InirM Bert man COIOB! FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS KATINA PAXINOU AKIM TAMIBOFF nPIUTIA Tunnel Highway at Orinda UBlflaWim Cross Roada Orinda MM Judy Garland-"MEET ME JS ST. LOUIS also "She Gets Ber Man"-Joan Davit LARGE FREE PARKING ARIA i -CONTINUOUS TODAY FROM i P.M. PARK BOULETABD DADVUf AV Park Blvd. cV Bait 18th ( AlUVrfn I IN TECHNICOLOR "FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS" INGRID BERGMAN . GARY COOPER AKIM TAMIROFF - KATINA PAXINOU EAST 12ft STREET f V East 12th Street at 7th Avenua I'A "FRENCHMAN'S CREEK' Joan FONTAINE-Arturo de CORDOVA "Passport To Detiny"-Elsa Lanchetter rOOTHILL AND 35th FAATIflTi Phone KE Hogg l-lS9a I U V I nllak SPENCER TRACT 'THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO" VAN JOHNSON and ROBERT WALKER also B I1DE II MI ST A KB" with LARA INK DAY and ALAN MARSHAL "TIG ER- TROUBLE"-Disney Cartoon LAST FEATURE STARTS AT :3S ELMHUBST rOAIIAnA East 14th & 89th Ave. UltAnAlfn edw. g. robtnson in "WOMAN IN THE WINDOW" with JOAN BENNETT & RAYMOND MAS8EY also "LAKE PLACID SERENADE" with Vera VAGUK-Ray NOBLE-Vey RALSTON EASTMONT In "AND NOW TOMORROW" with ALAN LADD and SUSAN HAT WARD also "DANGEROUS PUMADC with ROBERT LOWER! & PHYLLIS BROOKS HATWABD HAYWARD 6TT Castro DOROTHY BfcGUni In "TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN" with JAMES DUNN and JOAN BLOND ELL SAM LEABBBO nfl MAR BAN LEANDBO Ullis PUa E. 14th ft Euclid GL-IM0 ALL ACADEMY AWARD WINNING SHOW "O OING MY W A Y" Bing CROSBY and Barry FITZGERALD Aaaeq - Award winning Sheet Sabjteta D A SAN LEANDBO nI-U rormerly Palace-SW eetwood U7S Johnny Mack Brawn tn "GHOST GUNS" "STORM OVER LISBON'-Richard Arlen Added-"Fary In the Psl(ic"-Authenua SAW PABLO ATEBTJt rl DrV Sw p"b' Avenue nr. Utk Minis! -"BLOCKBUSTERS" -LEO GORCEY and HUNTZ HALL "SONG OF NEVADA"-wlth Roy ROGERS HIAITA San Pablo a ahh M-a)i nU,,,IU CARMEN MIRANDA j "SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS" flue thrills in "MY PAL WOLF" 7lk ABB HABBET CTAII Market at tth Street a inn carmen miranba "SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS" "HENRY ALDRICH'g LITTLE SECRET" BEBBELET University A Shsttuck n r tvT V V- Centlnueas Today treat 1 a. at. "LADY IN THE DABK " Ray MILLAND Ginger ROGERSi also Sonny TUFTS ' Olivia de Havilland-fiOVERNMBNT OIRL- DlVnt I Sw p"bl near University niTUiil EDW. O. ROBINSON in 'THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW With) JOAN BENNETT A RAYMOND MASIIY also "LAKE PLACID SERENADE" with Vera V AOIJK-Hsy NOBLE-Vera R ALSTON LORIN Adeline at Akatraa t TECHNICOLOB aTTTSl HAPPF GO LUCKY' with Dick POWELL Mary MARTIN and Rudy VALLEtl also' V CAMPiJS heSS In "EXPERIMENT PERILOUS" with GEORGE BRENT and PAUL VtTKAS , ; isvm ui iqb vu -vane wrauier EXTBAt-"! DOWN a ANB T . -I PLUS XHE LATEST tlIWttlalM'4 DOORS OPEN TODAY AT lit P.M. 'i , CALIFORNIA btx U:J ak Oeatraaom BaahT Ginger Rogers-Jos. Coltea-Shlrlay Teasale 4.-;. , OUEST IN TBI BOUSr'-AaiM ABVt Solano g tU AJ, VAAiI "FRISCO fAL TURHAN BET and SUSANNA f OIT "TUB sunriui '-wnn .SUirV aVRl CONTINUOUS TODAT tmOUUm eVUMMslaM I ABBOTT OOITT Pes Ryaa In "HEIR COM! TBI CO-f alas iOESTOH'Ma-lti "tJCe?i5t S "amain na vviim . ' . Bline, rasiar-aiei a . 52 ' T C0W10J C4NYIU(Ckuiw lAAMXt ICTtiBUt A JMaaltM :.. ... ,..',! T 4. '.

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