The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, November 3, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOM£NANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEDTHON VOL. XXVII—NO. 197 BlythevUll Sid',' Val'ley^Ua'dor. OiKH 'S MailKC'lAOM 'AVGNOK 'SVSNVMMV 'M'l'llAMll.l.A'lH SINGLE COPIES FWE CENTS SEEK JURY FOR WIFE SLAYER'S TRIAL Wounds Prove Fatal to 16 Year Youth Broun Gives Jobs at Campaign Rally Prohibition Also Is Big Issue in Biennial Congressional Election. By MORKIS DE HAVEN' TKACV United Press Staff Correspondent NEW; YORK, Nov. 3. (UP)—Forty-seven of the 48 states tomorrow will conduct general elections which assume fn'eater Importation than any off-year clrr-icns sine? the days of Wocclrow Wilson. Reaction of the country to twr years of Republican adminhlratic- under President Herbert Hoover something of t^e exact tren'l of public opinion en the prohibition nucftion. and the political effect of the period of economic deirr-Esion which bewail in 1020 will be registered In the votes. Chance for Gains Pew followers of political affair? believe there is anv great m>«sl- bility of a change of control of the K.u'C and senate but even Renub- licaft leaders admitted ibst thcr u'as probablltly of Democratic Rain c These Rains nitshl even be sufnXcn 1 to embarass the actual Republics! 1 - ronlrol of congress, due to the attitude of the Rroun nt tnsureent 1 in both houses which freciupnllv In the uasl has refused to follow parly program. There seemed nothing in the situation which would endange- domination of the next congress at the outset by the dry element, al though here again there were indications that the . election woulr* result In definite and Important gains for the anti-pronibltionsits The probability of the election, for instance, of Dwight W. Morrow as senator from New Jersev on a platform demanding repeal of the prohibition law; the appearance of Huey P. bong of Louisian- in the senate as a wet from th' "solid south" and the possibility "of the defeat of Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana by a wet Republican embraced undeniably valuable gains for the anti-prohibitionists. But the drys will seat without question 206 avowed adherents to their cause in the House of Representatives. These will include 94 dry congressmen, who are bcins returned without opposilion, and 112 districts where all candidate? are dry. Against these the wet? will seat 46 without a struggle, in eluding 12 unopposed candidates and districts where all candidate are wet. Improbable Task To gain control of the House the wets must elect their candidates in 172 of the 183 districts where the prohibition question Is not alreac, 1 a settled issue, a task which is theoretically possible but seemingly quite improbable. In the senate the situation is little different. There the drys will retiirn 11 senators pledged to prohibition including four who win Iheir seats without opposition an: 13 states where all candidates are dry. The wets will seat one senator unoptwscd and two, the senators from New Jersey and Rhode Island, where both candidates are wet. With the heavy dry majority among the hold-over senators to add to these who will be elected tcnicrrow thc write ribbon of prohibition apparently will continue to dcmlnatc Ihe color scheme of the senate. As between Democrats and Republicans, tlie Democrats have to nnmc 137 congressmen to add to the 81 from their party running unopposed, to obtain a majority ir. the House. Republicans, to retail'. • tccir majority, must eiect 195. hav- : »'.g but 23 candidates without op j Position. In figures the task of UK j Democrats appears the easier bul i i" actuality, It is fraught with dif ' Prettiest Co-Ed Instead of promising what he would do about the unemployment situation if and \ihsn elected to Congress, Hey wood Broun, New York •newspaper columnist, gave jobs to idle men around the platform where he made a campaign speech in a public square. The jobs consisted of tarrying "Broun-fcr-Congrcrs" placards through the large crowd that assembled, *and here you see the Socialist candidate, left, with Mrs. Anna Gray, a supporter, as they paid off the sign-bearers. All County and Most State Candidates Unopposed: Amendment Chief Issue. Will] no local contests, and none of importance for state offices, voters of Mississippi county who go to the polls tomorrow arc expected to concern themselves chiefly with the nine proposed amendments to the stale constitution, un initiated act. and a referred act, up for ratification or rejection by the citizenship of Arkansas. .' • Only two polling places will be open in Blythevllle, one In the city hall and one in the Ford building at Main and Fifth streets. ; Democrats Unopposed * Nlr.c Democratic nominees for- Mississippi county offices and numerous Democratic nominees for Justice of the peace and constable ail are unopposed in the election. THESIPJTO EflSMBLIlST OEM 11 which serve merely, to place U. S.'Consul, Wife and Aide I Dangerous Fire Brought Vfotims of ^Cuban Trag-1 Under Control by Kanedy Yesterday. HAVANA, Nov. 3. (UP)—A lashing sea swept Mrs. William L. Jackson, wife of the American consul, from a rocky shore at Matanzas bay yesterday and drowned Mrs. Jackson, her husband and a friend when the two men attempted to save her. Jackson, 46, his wife, and J. T. Waimvright, 32, American vice- consul at Matanzas, had started on a week-end party. Mrs. Jackson strolled over from the spot where they were having a picnic" lunch and stood on the cliff overlooking the bay. sas City Firemen. KANSAS CITY, !lfo., Nov. 3 (UP) —One man was burned critically and several firemen suffered minor injuries here today when a 20 gallon gasoline storage tank of the White Eagle oil and refining company exploded, menacing a large area in Kansas City's oliand gasoline storage district. : The fire was controlled only after nearly four hours of fighting in' which all available apparatus was used. Trie flames, which leaped 300 fcet into the air, were believed- to have been caused when a truck backing the stamp of official ratification upon the decision rendered to the party primary -list Augsut. '. The county officers who will be elected tomorrow'are: Zal B. Harrison, county and probate judge. E. E. Alexander, representative. W. W. Shaver, sheriff aiid collector. - '•• • Billy Games, circuit court clerk Mrs. John Longf, (county *n~~"TO- hatc clerk. ' .""':' W. W. HoUipeter, count? . .,. i- urer. -' • \ ' • ' J. S. Dlllihunty, tax surveyor. Mr. Ovejrton, surveyor.. ... W. H. StqviUl,' coro«r. •'* Most of the Democratic^ nomi nees for stnte offices are also unopposed, and where the' Republl cans have placed candidates In the field not even the most optimistic members of the.state Q. O. P, or ganlzation express hope for as much as a close race. Governor Harvey Parnell, Dem ocratlc nominee to succeed, himself ha sthe nominal opposition of on J. p. Livesuy, Republican. Sen ator Joseph T. Robinson will be re lurned to the upper, .house of th national legislative body withou The sea was running high and i into a garage broke a gasoline line, ., waves beat on the rocky shore. Al- ingnlted the fuel oil tank. opposition. Congressmen ,Unoppost il The seven Democratic congres sional candidates are unopposed though Mrs. Jackson was 14 candidates for re-elecllo I except in the second and fourt . Joseph Myers, White Eagle ma- 1 districts. In the second, John eel above the water level a great i chanic, who was thrown sixty feet-Miller Is the Democratic choice t vave dashed her into the sea. . by the force of the blast, was burn- succeed Congresswoman Pearl Old Jackson saw his wife fall an'' j ed critically. (field, who took her husband's plac . .eaped into the water after her. j chjef Dan .caycu «m, .-.= ».i,.i cine. ,, e ,.. Chief Dan Donovan of the fire after his death in is'/a. IVainwnght saw the couple strug-. j department was burned on the face In the fourth district Mrs. Ot ghng hopelessly against the run- and hands as ,, e directed ,,. T . Wingo has teen selected byth ling sea and no too leaped intr _. . .,.__. .. . . ! *->... »,„ ». n »« ~ n w,n*mn* i ; Alien Barnes Dies in Joncs- lioro Hospital;Two Boys ! Held Here. Prime Pledges Life Service lo Italian (Dictator alrest student al Mississippi state ollege for Women Is tlie hnaor lilclvreccnlly lie-tell charming Miss larie Watts, above, when «ho was djudgcd winner in the college's unual Itcnuty content Marie, a csldcnt of 'Urooklinven. Jliss., Is prominent in college droiiinllcs. Allen names, 1C year old son of K. A. Barnes formerly of Lcach- vllln, died at St. Bernard's hospital hi Jonesboro this morning as the result of Injuries received In n shooting at Happy Corners, near Lcachvllle. tost night. David Vaughn and Bill Greenwuy \vci,i placed In Jail here by Constable Mel Cooper In connection wlili the case. The Jail docket shoivs them to be charged, with us- siuill with Intent lo kill. Officers here hai'e little Information concerning the. tragedy al- I though a report received here from i Jonesboro states that the shooting was accidental. ROME, Italy, Nov. 3, (UP)—Prl- ino Oarnerii is coming home to Join the army, according to a telegram the Italian boxer sent to Premier Ucntio Mussolini. "Returning lo my country I request Hie honor of being enllslert In the 65lh batallton. the Genoese Hlacksliirls," Camera wired. "I swear lo serve II Ducd all in> life." Camera hns not clone his mill tary service. 1'rohe Roadside Death Circumstances surrounding the death of a young man whose body was found on a roadside near SPEED HOP 10 Freighter, Life Boat Smashed, Reported Foundering in Pacific. . SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3. (UP , —Battered and crippled by a re Lcachvllle Sunday morning ' were |lcntless sea, the Japanese frelglHe being investigated by the grand jselyo M»ru today was reportet jury In session here today. I floundering oil the Aleutian island According to rciwrts the youth' while a San Francisco rescue s n was given a drink of liquor by some i sped to lls aid. friends who passed him on the| Rescue was made more dlfflci: road at night and he was found ly- i because of the Inability of the Sely iuij on tlia road the next morning! Mam's operator lo understand an Duubt was expressed as to the cause;give directions In English. The si of his death and the grand jury uatlon became doubly serious, a investigation was ordered. The in- cording to dispatches, when the 11 Committee Seek Pledges to Finance Chapter's Charity Work. obligation had not'been completed early this afternoon. Nfero Killed New Yaibro Jim Newsom. 39, negro laborer on Ihe J. S, Trlmue farm near Yaibro, 'flied at thr Blytheville hospital Sunday morning of bullet wounds said to have been inflicted by another negro as the climax to a qufirrel Saturday night. Plcdies'of monthly contributions | The negro accused of the murder. to finance the local charity work i whose name is not remembered by of thr, fled Cress; will be solicited i of fleers, Is said to have fled Into this week by teams of business : Missouri. and prcie-s'cirm' mcnworklng un- '. — . - Clerk at Local Store der the chairmanship of E. D. For. gusori. - - ' j Ir. former years pledges have totaled about'$2,500, which, wllh' the chapter's share of membership j Wednesday will be "profit sliar- <« barely sufficed to carry; lng -, day at the Nctt . Dix , e s , 0 ,. 0 the chapter's work. ! company when a part, of the money •« boats aboard the Japanese vessel were smashed by heavy seas. The Sclyo Maru, helpless' since 5 a. m, yesterday, sent °ul an S. 0 S. which was picked up by the Dollar liner California. Although the operator failed to give the exact location of tlie distressed vessel the California ordered /nil spesd ahead In the general dlr'eclion of the possible disaster. .xtra Panels Summoned to Fill Jury in Case .of :: Er- nesl Hodge. "•• ••-»••• Tlie process of picking a Jury'to •y Ernest Fletcher Hodge on a large of wife murder wns procccd- );; slowly Uxlny. At. 2:15 this at- ernoon only seven men had been elected (or the Jury In what is cx- ectcd to be the most mportant case | o be tried at this term .of. court. i The regular iwtit Jury panels had Iready been exhausted, .early this fteruoon and an extra panel of " 0 venlremen also was practically xhausted. The state had spent lour t its ten challenges and^thc de- ,., cnsc 10 of lls 20 when the fscvcnth. .iror, C. M. Hughes, was chosen. '. ther chosen were A. H. White, E. I. McCall, Floyd llorner, R. E. Tucker, Randolph Smith and Louis Seedham. Will Ask Death Penally ' \\ The defendant is charged frith first degree murder and the state ' showed In the examination of Jurors that It would probably ask the supreme penalty. S. b, Qladlsh, prosecuting attorney, questioned lach juror as to belief In the dealh penalty. Hodge, well groomed and looking far different from the man that officers picked up near Burdette after a, cross country chase, Sat by E.'B. Alexander and Claude Cooper, members of. his counsel; Hodge appeared to be only slightly Inter-, ested In the selection of Jurors. "-'• Wltn««s Called With the opening remarks' yet to be made the defense hacl not' divulged Its plea this afternoon, The following have been served' to appear as witnesses for the state'in the case; Verlle Snow, Mrs." Minnie Ring, A. D. Qvyhnj JacVoz- nveht, C. L. Ltatzenlch;' Edgar Borum, w.-'' aid them. sLstance already affording evidence i Teacher association of the Sudbury that, the chapter will face, unpre-1 Elementary school, cedented demands for help dur-: Members of this organization will Ing the coming winter, twice as j serve as salesladies in the unique much must be subscribed If the project for making money. chapter is. to be In a position to! render thc service that will be! iwkcd of It. | In announcing; the opening of this phase cf the annual Red j and several flremen suffered from i Democratic state committee to j Cross campaian, Roy Walton, \ PROVIDENCE, R.!., Nov. 3 (UP) burns and the effects of tfia heavy ' succeed Congressman Wingo, who I chairman of the chapter, expres- _The British schooner Mazeltov, ' , lumpuiiy vsiitrn ti purir ui uit inuiitry , pi FT.. 1 P 1 _ This- .year, with calls for^ as-; from, sales will go to the Parent-: forty IhOUSand OCCK to Attend Madison Square Garden Meeting. NEW YORK, Nov. 3. (UP)—Forty thousand Jews stormed Madison Square Garden last night In a pro- l immr Tanrn f antured ' C5t m£ e ;ln B against the recently Liquor Largo v-apiunu ounced Brlllsh ^^ m pa , I estlne. ton. Hodge is ' accused of murdering his wife, Mrs. Annls Ring Hodge, June 13th. The tragedy Is alleged to have occurred at Mrs. Hodge's home in this clly. Hodge, according to reporls, came here In an efforl lo .effect' a reconcUlalion with lib wife. According to reports, there were no actual eyewitnesses to the shooting.. A near riot was precipitated when Bad Weather Holds DO-X Lend Bound in Germany FRIEDERICHSHAFEN, Germany i Nov. 3 1UP)- Reports r-t bad weather between here and Amsterdam b?pt the DO-X land-bound today, although Its fuel tanks were fill 1 Light Session in Trim* v-uuri I Bitter fights have been waied for ;ri;c.:'.v:biUty we canno! avoid. Tnei ' and against several of the proposi- j O nl • question Is whether we will ! lions. The administration has open- i hrnc'.o the ts.'k efficiently ar.d , ly announced Us opposition to cric'i i rcoromicaliy. lhro»?h the Red ' proposed amendment and Governor | Cross rr JIPVI. tc?gars at our , Parncll has assisted in thc ram- ^or steps and dcrperale men en- HOT SPRINGS, Nov. 3 (UP)— | They shall not dunce. I Such was the proclamation of Will Sound as Legion Opens Drive city find r.oimty officials here to-1 Thc fire siren will sound at noon R oont;rsn?e where Ernest Jones Fourth in State. Audition Contest Ernest Jones,, of this cit.Vj won fourth place-in tbe state voice audition contest of .the Atwater Kent company, held at Hot Springs Thursday, it was announced last night. There were 15 contestants in the boys group. v Ross Graham of Hot Springs, winner of first honors, also won first 'state honors In 1928. Miss Marguerite Womack, of Nashville, won first 1 nthe girls' contest. The Blythevllle contestant, who because.of his a?e has three years to compete, was given hearty praise by the 10 judges, made up. of leading vocalists cf U:e state', and also by Ihe radio fans ^yho acted as-a Jury at largo and" whbsD votes ccunt;d 40 per cent in determining the winner. '•' Jones, who-was sent to Hot I Springs as the guest of J. C. Daly, after winning the northeast Arkansas district contest, was accompanl led by his teacher, Mrs. George M. Lee. He Is employed at ths J. C. Penney local store. O. W. McCutcheon, Tom Brown, C:n,.l 1-ji-ile, T. E. McCullough were . : pai»n to defeat the measures. j -v-.r ;crinj our property." it was a'"if-d -Sit •naWthon tl?.nc- Tuesday, heralding the opening of ° " '" American legion Week, a 7-dny although its luei lanns were nil v. :..i i umc, •. ". ,mouiiuugn weie ....... .. » if ln inn everything ready for the start niHd one dollar each in pohc-j; Yf 111 Hear Appeal IrOtn ] J^ cf the fl:st leg of its trans-Atlantic 1 c uit Ihii morning for "laboring on _ . . , The DO-X will leave for Am: tar- Sun,'!ay." M..Cutcheon The dam as soon as weather permits: Ifn Ritz and Home theatres here and then proceed to the United and the other men are his employ- S'ates by way of England, France, | ,?cs. rortugr-.l. the Azores and Bermuda. T; ., rcc . ncgro vmlths ai ,p eared bc . ' fci2 tit? court on larceny charges, railways Power „ _ . . i Company, told « meeting of wcrk- Car Decision j cis thir mornins of a plan adopted : . j b'- T Jhn F-r.mrl I::?:ili "r:anl?,aticn is the manager of w ,\sinrOTON' Nov 3 (UP)— 1 <"'d other lnr?c business concerns llf^mn Illnfttrni. Vinrn IT «ou n" VJ i v^. , - : in-s exhibit-ens were Injurious to manager thc |> f:i i tn ot n, c participants and Woman I '..::: '.as given 10 days In Jail and upr:me court today set Jau-r.n Chicago. Officers and em- • iarv P. for o'gument en the ap-! V" ".yrs cf- these companies have ;cal of the Kansas City Southern , ;:.*S;>,rt one day's salary out of -dtheTexarkananndFcrt Smllh!-.-l.' month ice the aid of the. from the interstate com-'citys unemployed ,-iDii order forbidding against '.:i:b!ic tfcverj'u'bss '"';•'" (Tt-rr.viy proceeding ulth a contest beginning next few tiny?. Qnarre! Over Hat Ends in Death at Clarendon h-usands of others througliout tlie h" Mirall-.on colmtry ' wi " ol) sc lv<! w "h an in-1 of Chicago ' Is tc " ;lvc membership campaign. | CLARENDON. Ark., Nov 1 (UP) plans -to s'.n-;e R- D. Stout, chairman of llio b-j —John . Smallwood, lo^il young within Although thcr? v.rro M:; r.^^r.s of - .... congressme Democratic states to the "solid Eoulh." TO elect an additional 107 they must Invade Republican territory nnd wrest victory in at least seme districts from an enemy ivhlc>. is itrcngly entrenched. Senate Control To gain control of Ihe senate th' Democrats must elect 18 of thei- candidatcs who are facing contest: tomorrow. Forty-nin; is reo.uirri for thc ore tic si ccntvol. There a:23 holdover Democratic Senators and six will bs returned tcday without opjwsition. Republicans will retain at 1W iiomin.ll control if they elect 1? RonntorK in rcnleslcrl slates, „.., , . . TT . ! n * 15 f ' ne - Another WRS acquittod i-j'rfs to carr • the private or of- '. _. (\llledin Auto UpS€l \ and the third v,as remanded to ncial cars of competing carriers i l/aiTQW TTlJ i jaii pending decision in his caie. i r;o of c'.iarge. j 3RT S?>11TH. NO" 3 (UP) — :: will bc argued with a similar; | p—cal by th° Louisville and Nash- -— the past two weeks :ep::!d to th«> i-.::i3 rsiircad. ! tlTTLE ROCK. Nov. 3 (UP)— county health unit. the cal membership campaign, is hop v j man, was instantly killed at a ful of reaching thc post's quota 801 dance at Charley Tucfcsr's home • per cent of last year's menisnip. by]here last night when :e was shot Armistice Day, when the campaign j through the heart by Marshall i'N" T V H'•'-'I 1 ""' 1 ? ^ (vi " ""*'• nn< ^ predicts the largest;Tucker. B ' _.' l • T w 1 "icmbership In the post's hutoryj Two Sn3ts werc fired by Tuc i; 2 r, Reported in IWO Weeks before tho opening of the new. on ) y ono O f t j. lfm taking effect. >' c;lr - ; The (rouble Is cllcgcl to have Results of 0-,; week's incir.bcrohlii l started oVcr a hat wich Sr-nll- «cu;ty. The 81 unopposed Dimo Mrs. Ha'.tle C.irmichcal, u, of Fort , . . . crats ,ire the congressmen from the I 3milli. was killed instantly 23 imles -.IplOn AniVCS tO OH Man's InunortalHv :dlptl ' nerla ln !1:c ci;y i:1 Or '-^ ; >" r wcrk will be reported at a meeting ' wood got from th; hat rack through ' there have been no ns-.v cases tn at the city hall Tuesday night. •. mistake." Smallwod had l>??n m:ir- here last night when ihe] n'tcmobllo ."ho was driving skidded | ."rein the highway and overturned. Receive U.S. Gift . i NEW YORK, Nov. 3. (UP)—Sir in • Aground hw York _... rj'fcrcd a fractured L Three other persons In thc car Thomas Llpton arrived today. on v,;re r.:l seriously injured. : tlle Lsv'ah'na to accept the cup . j which the American people are Lr.nC Bandit Invades I scilptto. i-rnin-l on a rocky ;felf Anavlmrnf- On»c 597 1 ? He said he expected to clulleine Fort Wadsworth today Apausiicm, usts 3>^/;> aB8ln for t , c Amcrica . s C1U , ,„ ,„*, si , M frcm NEW YORK. NOV. 3 tUP)-T'.12 '• presenting to him by popular sub- Panema mail liner Colombia went j near; swl again for the America's cup In lfl"r steamed Int^ port throush n thick ', November 11, to which all former iried only about five man'.hs and ervicc men, whether mer.ibers of -. leaves his wife and a brcther. Clarence Darrow. famed Chicago There were 50 Riven tixin antl- the American Legion or not, will be ! Tucker is being held in th- coi'.n- rrlmlnal IBVVCT. wrl'cr. and lectur- toxin at the cliiiir hero Saturday Invited. ' t v ] a ll here pending a pr;ilml:nry cr, arrived here tiday to meet and 50 also took typhoid lerum. Rabbi Ire E. Fiumdeis In a debate tonight involving the question, "Is man's soul Immortal?" The widely known attorney will be the guest of the Uttle Rock bar a?:ociatlon while here. ! Vargas Will Assume Provisional Presidency Child Suffers Cuts in , Fall Through Window; i hear ing. WEATHER „ ^rr;-,. lr) . . . !but WAS undeddded absut the de- hr?c after a MtMPHIS. Nov. 3 (UP)-A 1-as'sjgn 0 , Ms yacht and the sjlcc- Francisco. San! p. Car.dit early today entered , n t, „ . re- apartment of BoS Berryman. ni;ht ceptlon committee greeted Si- club and cab.irct manager, ihcmas a! quaraiuino and cswt- tlon of a skipper. The mayor's re- Court guardsmen nnd officials of, _,.,"_, , ! ARKANSAS.—Fair t^m>ht Rf.d Charlyn McLeod, ten-year-old ; TI'^JRV wnrmpr in ras' nTtion -_ RIO DE JANEIRO NMv. 3. (UP) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George | - jd ° >l "' P ;—Dr. Getulio Varc-.' «iK awim? McLeod, cut her knee severely Sun-; According to th» v.-eather •> Court AdiOUrnS the P rovls!onai P'^^-'^V at 4 P- day when she fel Ithrough a win- ;observer. Charles Phillies tei mln- ' m. today it n-as a::r..>'.:-.ifM omcla,- day when she fell through ft win- I Imum temiMraturc here y;s:«rdoy ' 'y- ' While the two gashes are deop and iwas 39 degrees and the maximum WASHINGTON. Nov. 3. (UP)—' The annour.c":nf:.' ^'<! hlr in- long, they are not so serious. She .53 degrees; partly cloudy with ,.„..,,,-, thn ieir.,3 ine 10 a sioc * tV« l'n?r agreed the ship was In no : ; , , . - • ••— - ••• • - • >.-ji.v,i- tinker and the 58 |)ast.5iners The supreme cc;:rt adjourned to'ductioTi Into office i\v.:!d be thru Is confined to her home where she :heavy"frost. On Hi; Fame; tUv n ,.!,„, an " lollr BUCSIS In- ed him to^hls hotel. He plans to wmiltl net he removed. Tvn tugs November 24 after a brief session th e ac.-llmi!!"" "f ''•••' '^^ «'^ k resting very well today aft«r re- year i " • • -- iciin, and e=cai)cd with stuy in thc United States abou 1 , I ~" J '" ~"" "" ""'— Kl " " ' ' ' m..ii..i...i>.. 5 _ ' <•- i»«! four wi>pks, ' , the minimum to . •• - "Vmpted to pull the Colombia . today. Several important decisions ceremonies wilnciwfl by the high- celvlng first aid at the Blythevill" uas 5J degrees ana th C!MI-. |nre expected at that time, e st civil nnd mlliuiy cfficials. hcspitah |69 degrees; clcir. maximum

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