The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 28, 1934
Page 2
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two au.r OWBIB* mm MONDAY, MAY 26, 1934 Social Calendar ••-.• TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. H. C. Biius having Tuesday Contract club. Young Matrons rlulj inccllng \rlth M«. Murray Smart. WEDNESDAY'S EVKN'l'S ?>Srs. Bub Wilks Having WcUnci- oay Bridge club. • Bingo iiany sponsored by Holy Name society of Hie Immaculate Conception churcli nt social Imll, B p.m. . Miss Margin el MetriLl prciuHl- 'iiig pupils In roclwl lilS" school »utWoilum, p. m. , THURSDAY'S EVENTS .Eastern' Star cliuplei' hnviuc Klreol ol Instruction. 0 ». 111.. tol- : lowed fcy examination in nltcr- - noon, n play fit 1. P m - 1U1<1 s l»;clHl histriictloiib at 8' i>. m. Cominenct'inenls cxerelics al city auditorium. FRIDAY'S 1AT3NTS , Women's Democratic meeting i Hotel Noble. 10 «, in. :• Hill-Marshall Wedditiy "': : Solemnized Sunday Ml&i Alice Roberlu Marslwll IX"^ came Ihc brliie or Mr. Jiuiu-s Wai-; 5 tcr Hill, of Bassttl. Ark., In a cere- '"'•;• inony (olcmnized Sunday niurning, ':•• Eight o'clock, al the Kirsl Bn]>lUil - • church. The Rev. J. T. Uauf.lilcy, - ' al Wilson, performed the ring s" 1 ''*.- imstor of the. First Raplisl church vice Iwfore a huge unlhcring of Iricncls and relatives from Dlythe- " ville, LIIXOIII, WiUou and Uasscll. • : * All unusual effect WHS achieved * In the decorations of the church Sword ferns and smllax were bixnk- ^.' ed ngainsi the chancel rail wllh — lall baskets' of salmon-colored i^_ tiadioli al each end and in Ihe -.-. cenler. White cKlliwInil laiwrs, -f rising out of Ihe foliage at inter^ vals. lUiririuuled the -smllnx cov, • : , erctl orga|i. ; ., i, Mrc. Muri'ay Snmrt, organist. - ' played "Llcbt-stnuim."- Lht, before Mrs. Paul L-. Tiptoti. Mrs. flustell FaVr and Miss Lois Hill sang B) tick* DOSI^S vvilhri, snouflakej nwlt, liiifttil H-yves to*£ lltfii' hue, , Summer *ju:iys drifts lo sea, Tooliinrlie's Ik'kli 1 , loo. CTOCKINiiS ril^a.v, lu run, 0 H.imlkeichiefs gel hnl. (If you're I'niul of pumiikin |>ic. You imisl |>jy Hie cost!) \Y?llKltK'. l j A lo*"ei no'rr fi:Hii Her lif Icm'd \\ ilouMV lliuvfsMi niilrli in vogue lixby Next \\iTk m.ny la 1 mil. lj\\SU10NS dnnur in imnii-.s. roilTnu'.s, lints :m<] riiii; Only one tiling iHTiipiiciil. 'I'liii'i's a double cmiil Society Matron Back From Tour fir/5 oj Afeuis Mostly Personal Arthur Nubcfn lias gone to Jonctboio whcic he will receive trrituicul, al the St. B*niard's hospital for H rtomacli'ailment. Mrs. Jodie Nahcrs and her] guests, Mi - . and Mrs. Earl Broom I ul I'ampa, Texas, arc in Memphis I today. Mrs. Broom, who IB a sis-1 tcr of Mrs. Nctbers, und Mr. Broom, i will be here several days. [ Mrs. N. MatUiew Of 6t. LouLs,. who si>ent parl of her time with | her daughter, Mrs. J. J. Daly, and j Mr. Daly, will yo to Jonesboro this! nttemoon for a minor operation' upon her hand at. St. Bernard's! hospital. The Rev. J. J. Thomp-1 Eon. who will accompany her, will I bring her home Wednesday. i The Rev. and Mrs. W. V. Wom- aclc and R. N. Hill jr., went, to' onway, Ark.. Saturday.. H. N. A lous tour abroad ended for Hill returned today but the .Rev. Mru. Marshall Field III ot Clii- nil Mr. Womack arc remaining L11 S°. wt ien ahe arrived in New or Ihe commencement exerclws York from Europe, as pictured i Hcndrlx college of which tbcir Lore. Mrs. Field, wife or the on, Harold, is a member of the. mcrcliant prince, I* a leader in luss. He will accompany them I Chicago lorn c, Wednesday. It's Up to the Women ! BY MKS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT 1.--A JNew Kind of the thought ol their own p,eneuj (ion and thclv actions will li kly ruled by Uie world cun| which they live. What would have seemed to on| ceneration absolutely Immoral wil to another generation simply s a matter of custom and manner! and therefore In a changing worlf we mast. bear in mind thai cannot Lc iou sure that iclc.ill \vliich have :;ervcd ir; in tJie IKJ.-T arc to continue to serve lib in (li| luturc. "Venetian Love Bone," Mendelssohn's Wedding was playcci for Ncvins. March processional. 'All. Sweet Mystery of IJfc." Vic- lor Herbert, accompanied the exchanging of tlw niarrlace vows, r.ucl the Bndnl Iron) Lohengrin was used for Uie recessional. -The lapers were Ughled by Miss Moiiln Hughes, who wore pink Hal-• crepe frock.' and Elimijder corsage of pink roses and valley; lilies.' and Miss Veldi Att-. - -cock i^-ftVwhlfc:.. crepe fr^tfciwlUv similar flo'J'erS." The bridesmaids were lire. Floyd Stlckmon, with Dr. W. M. Owen, and Miss Corbme French, of Jackson, Tenn,, with Mr. C. G. Redman. Mrs. Sttckmon V'ore u 6Ca green creps dress, with a hip length coat (rimmed lu wide lapels. »nd . white ' accessories and Mlssj ; Fririch's frock was ' poudre blue' sheer crepe with inserts ol lace, in Ihe same shade, in Iho neck. Her 4 ^ acref«qri«s weic -in while. Bolh >% Ca, r FiC<L-Trm'-bbuQuets of pink rosebuds breath lied with pink satin nbbon'and tulle. Tile briili.'. who wns given in ihnrrlngc by lier (atlicr, Mr. K. b. Marshall, wore a tailored iuit ol \vhile French crepe. The dress W.TS cut in a slraighl line effccl and the short loose coat hart puflled sleeves to the elbow. Her accessories \veie in while. Her shower bouquet of while rose, luscis ni^d valley lilies was held togclh;r with wide white satin ribbon. The ushtrs were O. N. 51111 oi Muiis. brother ot llic biidtBroom. and W. M. William*. Immediately after the cercmoii) Mr. Hill' and his bride lell lor u motor Irip to Jackson ami o;her liolnu in \veit Tennessee and upon their itluni on June I will IK al home al Bassctl. Bolh Mr. and Mrs. Hill arc widely known In yius city. Mrs. Hill, who wns educated til Union University nt Jackson. Tenn., lias been a teacher in Ihc Junior high school oi lilytheville for a number of years. Mr. Hill formerly lived licie and K 'now manager ol the Idaho Grocery and ;i larm for the Lee Wilson company- al Basst-tl. Luncheon Shnt?rr GiTtn fw Bride Mrs. Waller Hill, who telorc her marriage ycslctddy was Mi*s Alice Marehall, was Ihc S.\KL(, of honor ut a luncheon shower given Kat urday by Mrs. W. M. Williams Miss Velda Adccck «nd Miss Monla Hushes, at the Willlenv; liome. A pink and while color motif u-iu, emphasised In the flowers which decorated arranged wllh -four biuall tables which had centerpieces of "tiny pink rosebuds. Ftivois of candy brides, with Hawing veils, and bridal lalU>£ marked the plKCC-s. Tli= same colurs were used in the Lwo course inenn. After lunch Mary Eumm Steud- nian und Billy Willlums pulled In a wagon of miscellaneous Bills presented tlie bride. In the Bunco gumes, which nmused Ihu eueslii during UK iif- ternoon. Mrs. Jesse Taylor won high score, » pink crystal bowl and tow score, u handkerchief, went to Mrs. Harry Frltzius. Miss Corhmc -French, o! Jackson, Tenn., houscgucst of the bride,-was Included in the guests. •• L * . • * • Cumplijittul UrlUe, Urldcgioum Mrs, R, I. Haley and Mrs. LJo.vd Stlckmon had an Informal parly Friday evening following Ihc ic- hearsnl for Hie wedding of Miss 'ttatt'iDanciiig Pupils Will Appear At lit/ TomoiTt Rib mceling ut tlw Arkansas Tubercu j, , . . ....... wis associatton. They will relui Jonebboi-o district o! Methalisl iTuesday nlgnL churches, was here yesterday imdj o tor X e vf Barham and T .. ., j, "^ P U 'I > "' °' ^" e ^ lrsl - Tunt arc attending to business Methodist church yesterday mor- LkUe Rock today Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Wraight a daughter, Sarah, spent the wee lend In St. Louis visiting t~ of ning. Ted Eunorc has goue to.Monl- gomeiy, Ala., wliere he is lo l>c Whal *xs UK- Hirs! I.idy nr Iw land think about marriage, vuice. I'hildien, uarecrs lor family income, health, uc Jiuusciicld'.' Here is » series <:f sKly ar- fks civiiiff Itrr opinion in a lully, ctuilidiim U>iw n if site with you avruss Hie U.i Uble. w-ir bchvcen the stales, we gel a \ivid picture in Doiolhy Can- n°kl's short story "lllllslwri) P?o- pie" ol how it was "up tn Ihe women" to carry on while ll;e mfn were lightins LI| Ihc Irunt. T llie description of u woman who i farmed the land. p!:inleil the gard:n. got in Hi; hay and tend| ed Ihc slock while her Kvtry wuid lias Ixcii wrUlen by fouglit to free Ihe slaves . Iteostvelt herself. Their 15 b«rn t'» collaboraliun. I'hc lille oi these articlci will iggesl the thought which 1 havo mind in writing them—namely, rat we aie going through a great In Ihis country anil thai ic women have a bis part to ay it we are coming through 11 iccesslnlly. There have been olher grcal preserve Ihc Union, is ^nadc par- TOMORROW: Ithunt the Sulu liun. iCopyiiijIit 1033 by Anna Eli KuDM'VcH: dlstiibutetl by UnHci| Feature Kyndicale. Inc.) Mrs. Fcby Genlle Dies Mib. Fcby Grille dird .ic. day ul Ihe home of her (ta ler. Mis. O. T. McUuret «l llculnrly iwlgnam. by her answer o'clock. when asked what flic tlid when! The deceased is survived bv the heard her husband was killed i children. Mrs. McOurel. Mil at Gettysburg: "I ivcnl on liocin . Bertha llunlc]', Sam, Lei 1 , Li:ouaif Willie Gentle. Fnnrral seivicc. 1 : will be Luxora cemetery thin altcrnoul The L. G. Moa Underlakins The women knew that life uui-.l'' pany is in uhargc of funcial a my beans. But I ain't lellin' you 1 caii'l look al a lir-an- row since, withoul gellln' tick lo my stomach!" and thai the ncecb ol life| must be mcl and it is their toi:r- BO on :ind their dclenniiialion which, A goldfish lived three months lime and again, have pulled us na airtlelil globe ut the A?r:cu| rises in our country and 1 think we read our history carefully •e will find ihsu Ihe success o!. ur nalion In meeting them was present one. The present 1 crisis cry largely due lo 111? women n lliose Irying times. Upon them ell a far heavier burden and esponsibilily than any 'of us real- through worse crises than the lura is different fioni but it is, after ze. Undoubtedly, for instance, the College, Fargo. N. L); w.u| inside ihc globe were 1 all Ihe others'alive by carbon dU»icic ei«'ii all, a kind ol by the fish, which, in turn, ale warfare against an intangible! plants and brealhctl the oxy'j enemy ol want anil depre.v.r-v they gave off. collected with a men's cloUUm weight's parents. store Mrs. Elinorc. who »as form- Th Hev .^ tuart H . ^i^,, erly Miss Virginia Martin, will 'Join |ljs mother left ^ Hftemoon ,..'„;.,.. ..r ,1. ... ,1 Dallas. Texas, to allend the ftu Miss Willie Whlker. of Memphis. cra , of Mrs c w chllpmani nlint motored over Friday for Ihe birthday dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. Dan Orrell for John Harper, bro- Ahce Marshall and Walter Members of the bridal parly Hill. were entertained at lire Haley home, v.-hich was decorated hi summer flowers. Au ice coiuse U-RS Hived. Piano Pupils Will Play at Steelc Auditorium Ml-s Minnie Lee Jones, ol Bly- Uieville. will presenl her piiiuo im- pils in recitals Monday and Tuesday evenings, 8 o'clock. »l Ihe Steelc high school auditorium. Miss Jcnes \vill also have a vocal quar- lellc of Mis,sses Oorolhy Jean Fos- let. Geneva Graves. AJIIIIB I^iuriv Miss Ola Bob Harris wlil pn- renl hci dance pupils in n revue Tuesday evening al the RiU theatre as a pail ot the regular program. Mrs. Bill Trailer will be at the piano. Tho revue will o|»n with a "Pioneer SuKe" ot six numbers. "Walts". "Swanee Illver". "Darn Dance". ".lig". "Arkansas Traveler" uml -"Train Taps". A feature los dance numbfr "Clair de Lime" (Debussy). "We Got Rhy- Ihm" and "Moths" by the yoiuisei children, loc dances "Rosebuds' ind "By A Walcvfall" ami "Dark- :o'wn Slrntlers Ball" and "Dinah" lap numbers, will complete program. Pupils lo participate are: Marj Jean Alllick. Patsy Wise. Elahv Potter. Juno Martin, Fnuicolli Fisher. Jackie McGhco, Wand: Fisher. Sara Ijou McCulchen, Dor An Mil ler. Eaj-line Damon, Donna Wund erlich. Ann Vollmer. Carol Chapln Sara Grnce Joyner, Mary Lou Joj ncr, Mary Mac Daniels, Eilce !'os?y, Nancy Carol Wood, MartJi Linlzenich. Peggy McMullin. Mac Klder. Fred Rutherlotd and Jin niie Allen. Iher of Mi-s. Orrell. Miss Walker clurncd home Saturday. Esles Ashley, of Joiner, is the ueit of his brother, Ororer Ash- othy Jean Higglnson, Patty Green. Molly Ciuaixl, Jessie of th? Rev. Mr. Salmon, who died (his morning at Denlon, Texas. Mts. Salmon and children accompanied Ihem to Little Rock and will be guests of Mrs. Salmon's parents, for u week or ten days. Collins and Trccy Sandsrs. These pupils will take pail: lil- bcrt Lawhorn. James Alton Vlcfc- icy. I'nla Prichard. Gtotia Mae Yarbrougli. Maiy Ella McCuWh- cu. Eleanor Pounds. Rachel Games L. T. Moore. Ruby Nell Ogle. Kf- fole^n Freeman. Willie .Mat Mcore. Wanda Smith.. Trecy LJand- rs. ' Reeves. .leanetla Jeai Eobaugh. Lucilc Abtoll. Alice Jam Jester. Vhginia Gaincs, Sylvia Jo> l;idnvin. Mildred Wlitslle. Eloisi- 5ames. ixirolhy Jcau Fos'.fr. RuLh i in Ine woiknouso, while the skunk Skunk Failed to Aid In Escape of Prisoner NEW CASTLE. Del. (OP)— A novel idea was used by William Coyle, 25. of Chester. In altempi- Ing lo escape from stale troopers lollowlng a raid on u loproom :nnr hen:. Dastihig (o a wooded serlion in Ibc rear M'lu'ii 'the police arrived, he discovered a small r*kunk, Ihmklng the pnlicc x would ignore lihn when th;y saw his "defense." However, boili liuyle und the ik»mk wcrf? lakcn before -a mugis- tiaU 1 . After a few mlnulc.s tho mh(;i.strate. lrooi>en; and Iho pris- nni'rs llrd Iro'n (hn stufTy room. Cnyle was sent to a special cell cy, and Mrs. Ashley, at their Ar lorel home. Mmes. C. E. Crigger. Bernard Gooch und J. H. Smothermui and Misses Martha and Mary Adah. loblnson spent Saturday In Mem- ihis. Hugh Edward Tate lias returned o his home al Armorel after pending the past year at Joiner vhere -he altented Shawnee school. :le was a member of Ihe gra^duat- .ng class. 'Mrs. W. C. Wall, formerly of Armorel and now of Collierville, Tenn.. Is now much Improved uf- t«r having been critically Ur at the Memphis Baptist hospital for several days. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Waterman of Memphis, spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lent!. of Mi. and Mrs. Dan Orrell. . J woven in t ) lc Mrs. C. C. Langbton, who lias Tin, biggest crop been seriously ill al Ihe Memphis BiiplLsl hospital. Is now much bet- ler and was removed Koine yesterday. Her daughter, Mis. Cecil Wjotcn ol Fort Wayne. Ind., is with her. 'the Hev. E. K. Lalimer und the N. J. Isabel], 75, Dies After LOOK Illness N. J. Isabell. 15. died at home ul Ihe souUrtve&tern edge of Ihls city yesleitlay morning after an illness of several months duration. He had lived in Ihis sec- lion for almost half a century. The deceased is survived by his widow, a sister, Mrs. Sallli Van Winkle, of this cily. Funeral services will bq held al Norlh ynwba cemetery Ihls after- noun with the Rev. Mr. Rhodes officiating. The L. G. Moss Undertaking company women who landed fioni the Mayflower faced in that first winler in Ihc stern New England counlry the firsl grcal crisis in Ihe devcl- opmenl of our nation. When we look through the old houses still standing and learn from contemporary documents and letters • ol the conditions under which the Pilgrims of New England lived and the part they played in con- qucring starvation and the wild rness, we will give lo Ihe Pil- ;iim mothers at least, as much •reciil tis lo the Pilgrim falhurs What those luirdshlps meant, how biller and desperate they were we have only to look at- the in- scriplions on the monument ai 'lymoUlh, naming those who died .hal flrsl leriible winter, to real This was a real battle ii whicli many women and childrei paid with their lives for thei ticrulsm. I think it is equallj true that the Revolution itsol would never have been won un less women had been able lo ralher lhan -a physical foe. And 1 hold it equally true lhat in this present crisis it is going lo Miniature polo, played on lil with regulation mallets and bal al certain llme.s lilt mother has obliged (o relieve bear the hardships and privations, and carry on' llie work of Iheir homes while the men fought for Ireedom. Life Must Uo On And in that later crisis, of the rind each day found herself the nurs? and tlhb hat> bjoushl Letter uniler- st-".nliu,i; r,f her children and closer supervision. Idols Change We must all realize. I think lhat. between generalioirs them ij a licmeiulous gulf and lhat eacl: new generation sets up its owl: standards as the result of contact with its own contcm|>orarie" No mother can lorcc her ideals and opinions upon het chikhot Ihough her experiences and he tuci- torn Stomach the women who will lip the I has been introduced on the I'acij cales and bring us safely out [coast. 'f H. . The economic conditions ol the asl. few years have. I think, had gocci effect at least. They i-ive diiiv.n children and parents well-to-do families more closely U'^elher in time:; if illness it has not been pas- sible to have trained nurses, anil for purtx^es of recreation Oncdoseo ly relieves lias bloating- out BOTH itppor ynrl i bo«'els, allows you to cat r.lccp good. QiiEcl:. thonoirg lion yet gentle nr.d ciitirrly : Sly Drug Sloic and Kirliy Uil Drug Co. -A| influence may cnler inlo consciousness anil help to [heir point of view. The tlecid-j facior in each gencralion'sl notions Factory Authorized FRIGID AIRE SERVICE; Genuine Frlgidaire Pails I'^acloiy Trained Mechanic; Reasonable Charges Day 61 -1'hone- Night 411 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., Blylhevllle always lie, hovJaver. j — molasses In its liislory was cooked rtown by eastern Oklahoma Insl year. Rev. Marsh M. Calla»'»y went tolthls is believed lo have happened LltUc Rock loctay to allend a on Jan. 14, 1930. 'annell. Mavis" Whistle. , |f5::y;H?d lo nis woodland home. H is a very unusual cccurreuc: for mill to fall in every slate in I Ihe Union on the same day. bul Positive Relief For Smarting Itch TofnA smarting skio ilcb.cczeinff. rash, leltcTvritigttonn and fool-llcl> use Blue SUir Oinlmcnl. It mclls on the skin, tending Icslcd medicines deep into iwrts where il kills germs and end* ilchjng. Very ^oolluD?. Dots not*unliDodcr.(adv.) ucs And Caielully Compounded ?rcscripllons are Our Specialties, -Ask Your • Doctor. Fowler, Drug Co. R, K. BM '• .(. J. M. Fowler SPRAY AND POWDIR SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM THIS MODERN WAY lions e*1*es find lb<it spraying *ith tlil .*ave» ihftn money. s ruining clothes vorth ds nf H^Jbr?. Ma Rats and rnachf! 5poilln$ food. Thcn» too, ihr hou^c is comfortable and freed from dirlr, -btaring bugs nnH fl>d?, with practically no o^l and Trry lilllc rosti Just spray eaeh room, frnm lir, to crUir (windows closed, , «nd tvavc it $hnl for fire mtntiif*. Hit also quitilj- lUrprh unpleasant cooking odnr.-. Re- membrr,il Istmld with n money* liack guarantee. ry bag it wn In ton'eet ui:\. ray to Hrf y-mr Jog e/Jf»o<. IT COSTS SO fT D3ES\S* LITTLE MUCH Quality Cleaning We kir.nv the word "Quality" is greatly ovenluiic in advertising, lhat il is used promiscuously and oflcn without jus- lifiniiion. However, \ve lic- licvc ijiiality means more to us thiin to the average advertiser. Kor 18 years w.; have spared no effort to pro- dtite (ptality cleanitig. That's why it is so hard for us to write an ad without usintf the word quality. Send us your summer suits and dresses — Let us prove the quality of our work. Barnes' Nu-\Va Cleaners Photic ISO Is Yours Just a House or HOME Uuite A Uiffeicnce between These In Modern Home Light in (j Answers many such problems by ci-caLing a new.rost- ful and cheerful atmosphere in any home. New Kffecis Arc easy with lighting. Your home can be transformed with lighting to give an entirely new effect at so little cost. Our Home Lifti'liny tijicciulisl Is equipped lo show you the proper way in which you can secure new effects plus good lighting in . your home. She will call on you in the near future or at any time by appointment. This instrument is m;ed in determining the proper amount of light necessary for adequate eye protection. Setter tif/ht — llcllcr 8if/hl Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service"

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