Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 6, 1945 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1945
Page 8
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8 G Oakland Tribune Tuesday, March 6, 1945 CURTAIN EMERGES OrpHeuip' Programs of 1913 Reminders of Vaudeville Era Wljen Films Started J fBy WOOD SOAES For a year or rrjfjre now, the files of this office have brr-n 'in a State of flux af one system has replaced another. Every SO often something flutters out with thf moths aid brings the day's business fo a reminiscent halt. The other dayiae halt was brought about by hatf a dozen eroerams of the(d Orpheum on 12th Street, back in the days whe: w . i ..i r a. ft jtjdej late ueorgei Fbiv Was tniRha'per A progranifoV June 29, 1913, was made up of the Goyt Trio, "novelty fevmnasts featuring Daisy, the only dog doing complete somersault tp one foot balance"; MiM "Mike" Berkin, "the irl from Butte"; Mr. and Mrs. Cordon Wilde In "old and original animated shadow creation"; Percy Bronson and """" Winnie Baldwin In songs and dances. Bob Matthew and Al Shayne Opened up the second half with a - tabloid fantasy called "A Night On the Bowery." followed hy a flash CV A Persian Garden." featuring t..i. a Simon and Kathryn Os- ;' 7h was the mother of ' young Jack Osterman who even-'tually became a vaudeville and night club beadliner. Jones and Sylvester fallowed- with close harmony and JoeiVkson, the comedy cyelist, ' roundedSuit the bill. " . ti Incidental there wa double feature en Ve bill: "Thomas A Edison's latest greitest and most wonderful invention. Talking Pie-tures 'ASist Cylinder Elopement "; , and The Merchant of Venice." TYitXTt SEASONS AGO TODAY Jack Russell Is at the Lurie in a muiicil tabloid with 0 girls, "Returning Heme." The five other program! represented the months of March and 'April, ttli. Harry and Anna Seymour were on one bill in the No. 2 spot where, according to a marginal bote of mine, they stopped the show with Routine that was old but effective; another bill included the Marian Morgan art dancers. Tempest and Sunshine, and the comedy ' teem of Flanagan and Edwards Dennis CKeefe, now of the movies. U Ed Flanagan's son. OB March 1T1917. the new bill was opened by a "youthful brother and titter in new songs and distinctive dances Their name were Fred and Adele Astaire It would be pleasant to say thst they stopped the Show, but they didt That function was performed by Rite Mario anffi 10-piece all-girl orchestra Tho comedy was provided by Lew Dockftader dnii.g a satirical sketch entitled "The Political Bona or the Power Behind the Throne ." April Fool Day brought a new bill 'featuring Lydia Barry, "lyrical raconteur"; Clara Morton, one of tho Four Mortons but now assisted by Frank Sheen; and Victor Moore tn a "Klever Komedy Picture" entitled "Rough and Ready Reggie" Still another program was topped by Odiva and her school of sea linns working In a 7.VK)-gallon talk It was rather a high-class bill with Hang Hanke, "the eminent concert pianist" In No 2 spot: Mme Chil- aon-Ohrman, doing 10 minutes of opera, she having bfen a soprano, and Elsie Pilrer and Dudley Doug- . lag In "smart songs, dances and say Jugs," Those were the happy days when lypu could get a shampoo for 25 cents and a manicure for 15 rents at the California School of Hair Dressing; when the Graham jewelry company guaranteed to "clean any make watch or put in mainspring for It; when the D tux Indies' Tailors would provide ladies' man-tailored suits to measure for 125". nd when Dr J. B. Srhafhirt would , TODAY ANO TOMORROW ' JOYCE C0MPTDN CORDON JENKS I5f07-ls DAVI (rlRltM.TIX ttTTIR MARKED FOR MURDER Ala Jaea Waea?n-0a Davis h. Lack of Rearing Canp r wt'j SI ' aT CALLS: HISTORY FROM OLD FILES - gladly install new "specialty and invention, roofless teeth." His motto was: "I believe in a volume of high-class business at moderate prices." FORTY SEASONS AGO TODAY Sir Henry Irving's "The Bells" U being presented by the Majestic Stock Company. While we are on the old days of the theater, it may be well to report on the present stains of N'o.ih Horry He i the elder of the IVery brothrrx who h;is taken somewhat of a shellacking in Hollywood tor a number of years, while the kudos went to brother Wally. Sometime back. Noah Beery was importuned by Mike Todd to return to Broadway and take a role mi "Up In Central Park." Beery was rather reluctant He wasn't doing much In Hollywood, to be sure, and tbe rule of Boss Tweed rather intrigued him, but he hadn't done any stage acting In years snd he was somewhat apprehensive. Todd, however, had no qualms and Beery finally agreed "I go my curiosity aroused he teld a' Broadway reporter recently 1 began to wonder if I could play again after II years and still hold an audience in my hands The old ham in me began working Well. I came on and now my curiosity is satisfied. Opening night it seemed as if I hadn't been away at all I'm glad to say I got a lovely reception My brother Wally came on to get a big laugh, but he was happy when I went over well." Noah Beery first went to New York as a kid of 10 from his native Smithville. Mo He started out with two six-shooters and $fl because he had read about the pitfalU of New York t "I never had occasion to use the guns." he recalled, and the $6 lasted for two days, after which I took to sleeping on park benches " Berry got his first job in a vaudeville act. "The Gainsborough Ortet " with Oscar Hammerftein; went on the road after 18 weeks at Hammer-ttein's Victoria m a rompanv of "Way Down East" and managed to become a pretty tmportant player in the subsequent 18 years before he was lured to Hollywood in 1914 and began his film career with Jes.se Lasky and Cecil B De Mille in "Joan of Arc." co-starring Geral-dine Farrar and Wally Raid. I NCI taaiEDrN B. J. Bklai.a . J... eiHH WOMAN IN THE WINDOW" lM I.l l KIKal'il "Laki Plield Strinili" Vr BIM . Nrf (f. KfM - Nkl nana limit Ofttn llnih III it JMk I OttlN klrl IS MCI S t.lntn aoi.iss "I'LL BE SEEING YOU" 1 Met Skmt f Ti l lit etfciNi. tot ii liar M i an "thi nin snttsf 1 m ' 1 se TMHtwlT tia TfHArf' Jl lT l.BI AMI sjaar.ABir o eaun "MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" else TH0OUGHItDS MatrTt lad t !?' la lilartcat TSMtil' MBalli cf Ihi Yukon" "National Barn Danct" asiMT aAit Uit im' laatk HiH' A. UNI IISt lt I lllftH ian HtMAN . AIM a HIT It "THE DOUGHGIRLS I SU i,tiR.Mi "3 IS A FAMILY" la fi Tatkl Msrrisp li I Private Affair a Ilk I awa Tacaaf . ika Haauk a TILL WE MEET AGAIN tU aiilUaa . lUrkata SkHUa IS Miaai nam f tairal OaklaaS 1 fvinrwTHiTiri i y i h I 1 1 yl I AUDITORIUM"" la 4aa -MeTI THtATM MrAT,7;!,s' I ALL SEATS RESIRVIO j .Tfc-kat thttmi C1a Swi OHm I aaaaaCli'Jll!Laaaaa WHAT'S DOING ON SCREEN . AND STAGE Esquire Hemingway's "To Have and Have Not" brings more melodrama for Humphrey Bogart . I-ox-Oakland J os e p h Gotten shares the spotlight with Ginger Rocrs in "I'll Be Seeing You." Orpheum The Eddy-MacDonald combination may be heard again in "Naughty Marietta." Paramount Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett make the team in "Woman in the Window " Roxle Paul Muni is the dominant factor in "A Song to Remember" T It D Night clubs of two eras are limned in "Frisco Sal" and "Night Club Girl" (urran Bt!.i Luijo.si and Keith are the big men in "No Trav-eler Returns," Gary Paul Robeson and Jose Ferrer are ditto in "Othello." Alameda Chamber , Assigns Chairman ALAMEDA. March (S Ratification of eomm'fi'e chairmen of t! r Alameda Chamber of Commerce, elected to head special projects for this year, was announced today by the board of directors of the chamber. Committee heads were announced as follows: Emil Kudma, health; Paul Vigness. labor relations; Oeon B. Barker, recreation and welfare; David I Graves, churches; Judge Donald K Quayle. legislative; Fred Thomason, housing; Donald J. Bell, education John J. Over, safety: Jack McLav- erty Jr. military affairs. Contract Let for Fire Safety Work Contract for fire sofety work at two housing projects. Harbor Homes and I'eralta Villa Annex, and for certain site improvements has been awarded to a San Francisco contracting firm by the Oakland Housing Authority. The work, to be done at o cost of $120,227 by Monson Bros.' will start March 6 and nd May S Philippines, China in Forum Film Show Colored motion pictures of the Philippines and the China cot will be shown at the Oakland Forum Tuesday night in the Oakland City Club Theater by Frank C Kugel-beig Kugelberg'i pictuie, "On to Tokyo." wan one of the last taken in the Philippines before the outbreak of war so bT5 Hm HT NTIIS lliaali O kl 1 1 Akrsss Will T.s Tsski fakataara Maair Hra4 Tat I" AHAHTIC CtTT IJ-IHiHsM JJ!a9-l A.raal SUH Shiimh i Itl tit Lsatl Hssrl ttorrt ri'miaH la. H At f T-Jf a PARRIR CKE 10DY TOO KAMY hrk nva HIKI AMARR e Ai l, HrsiBrin CONSPIRATORS Sakarl IOIR rPIa Sits DARK MOUNTAIN f.-lVM.'MlHi'sii-niiir-v. t vs : kx A U .. . V MfS s r ijAW i nd love! $m mm Aat' i"- I IHI VIII I 1 1" Mm .w nr m .asr t 1 1 -- s ar m m m m sy anr- e- bb m aw ssv sr m m m W V "' " 1 .V 1 I I ,,f., -rierXJ f J 1 T a I 1 I M-J I It I I 1" 11 J a 'f 111 r. IIH1I SI m W I I lllS I I I I I B aw-- J I Mil II ssul 1- I sv.r i.j..rz 1 laiii'iiiii! fiit 1 wii sr rw 1 lye uvw awywtuf jvk; sj jiih i s irf.ua bsbssm b. tsp-irsi "- 11 1 I: -aiJgtWalslB A.o I...H MA- Ml- - I I J "' " -. 1 a VUIUWIViL I'M. N '4?III SWING OUT THE BLUES lfJVTTrTT! TmZmm m7mmm!L U C tfiiirjAr ' i?:;mm r ;r 1 - . ifeKES 4 I I I If 11 1 I, iii 'Reek mi Am' I im m . us . mi I I Sk,i win t.. Tk, V . I HAttTBt Ii!!nifYfWl!teal , -IfifilO tCKWKIK HISO 1""; l!l i V smsnc cm. Vorchestra A wwSoS" I'&OtS ll "n A M. a-Jab.. r MSA Marilyn Leo Russell of 2100 168th Avenue, San Lean-dro, had a tribune picture, date for her dad. Seaman lc Resta Russell. v wrfii'i1 ma.- . w 2 k ' La Dona March and her mother, Cleo, aTeel Pvt. Bruno March, somewhere In (he Pacific area, from their home at 2035 Berkeley Way, Berkeley. Color Slides of Flora To Be Shown at U.C. BERKELEY, Man h -Brooking Tatum. Cal.fmiua naturalul. wi show colur tiide i t We t Coast flora a a li jluu ( (diisci ation Week at ft pin Thui-d.y in Wheeler Audits nun t'mv 1 ? itv of California, under auspices of the Extension Divi- Tae Sart flace Osate 1 1 fan.' M . . m s Ad i "sLZix; I have r JM Q msr voir H 1 "I Was FailMl" f. CCII for . , " R i VsV -a r '-7 rrr , t n r v ir .1 kS& v trm magi Bk L ' aaaaaaa mmmmmmm'm SS) m ar S" I saVaaBBBkBBBBBBBSBBl a 91 s SB - " BB XaWWS I n THIC 3 IS A FAMILY is? 2lM 1 111 I U Js' I; li 1 J. 4,u.tur'"1 n' Ta. tsaart fl.. .. H J j TT-. rBT. I I li'lV , "TM J 1 At TV. fiWl- MHfe A Navy dd3rJCharle Lid-isky, will get this picture of Donna Lee of 2697 Havens-eourf Blvd. somewhere in the Pacific. Couple Face Charge ALAMEDA. March -Jir.ern'.e probation officers have fikd a pc - tition to bring before Juvenile Jtidge Erra Dccotn the care of three .small rhitdien found ah.iiidoned in A I. cd.i oh 1 i 1 1' ..f - imp I 1 ' '1 1 c h n "i- paiciit of ti.e c-ri let r "is Tr,e h, i-been cit'd t,, appe.ir in 1 ' ' on March 1! Mrs. Bendnijo snid an inflli-gation is being made of tbe advisability of placing the children with am m U...i,4 MS liai. rARTIt RAII Or TIE WHtSTLEl ' Btki'V'T. ami' IE W ?i ' ' L tm (1 I t S SI I v A Act? In spile of that sailor suit Stephen's father is Cpl. Roy Sommarstronx U.S.A. He lives with his mother at 5664 Colton Boulevard. Of Child Neglect their maternal grandmother. jRoy Temple, at her home in Grass Valley. ' j The two younger children, aged 3 i,d 2. were found fending for 'iH' .'clvc in Mrs M, .ore's trailer st ". 1 t' S"cpt Til" oihrr !;!;' .'1 v , loiiorl hy I'olue O.'iicer ' 1,1 1 Aliio wandering about in tr." trailer e.tmp The children had been left alone I rum early morning until 8pm. ac-mrHing to a neighbor. Mrs Ruth Milner, who reported the incident tn police. 'its fy 1 1 1 1 r win u irri t 11 ri aT aT w -m m m J7 WrV if v-"t vr, wi' i 1 e Time iet for Summer Oakland Summer camps in the Sicirwill open this year on a; SltShtly extended basis, compared to previous war years. An attempt will be made to fur-!for nish a cook for Tuolumne camp and open it from June 19 to September 3. with meals and lodging ranging from $1 33 a day for children under five years, to S2 55 for adults, according to R. W. Robertson. City Recreation Department superintendent. Reservations for. local residents) will be luken from April 1 to May 13 and from outsiders from May 13 to 31. with special camps for children, first since 1925 Camp Sierra will be open for girls from 12 to 16 for six weeks and Kanin Kidd. for b.4ys from 9 to 13 will be open four weeks Charj.e CSIDS TONIGHT: ' TBS EASTMOMT D1ST1ICT EASTMONT Mt Arthur it SI MMtB STOBM" I ' '4-k s3Tr nRitrtiriv sf fVirxl rh y COAST with Mr, tvdr SILKEN wfeSJ fclf MERLE OBERONOJ WzF 3 f A SONG TO ! mJ IrememberJ Tjflttfk v CORNEL WILDE J "Jijjri ( T fl: Aw t CaakaMl rvsart f AUO r I ' y 1 4 "ROGUES GALLERYM Alls - SHECTEI SIOIT SUIJECTS J..-S'bi su.-.a" r..,"i::r.:! lKidHuNsalniii: 4DAVJ SAVnias ant t.m1 DABVtll. in "AHBOAIi HUH THll I INK' -alM 'M'f'K HRKKV BI0M AfiAIV 1 nnm OMUI 1 Hrlr i luir. Jark e:NSV-f.ll'" Plla RM Nl.itrSl ll ii A I I A N T I I 111! , ,", , - ' ' ' ri I WIS. cm, n .1 I... d HAYWARD HAYWARD ' ' rH RI M I I. 01 HsABTwtar yen m.a f,r Hh Diana I.TNV l Km' TAII.IIK Martarat I. I S D S A T in A I, A k K A" SAN LEANDR0 DEL MAR ..rAA.0;..? "CASi'T Mlir ISinlNf.-- m TfiWMm Daanna PI BRIN at1 Rnharl SMCC 'MT fAI. SOU a t Sh.n.-i until IT Trtfn-'" M-ll I' lf-B ' ' Ella Balnea: aln lhr'f li A Famllr" A I I I Ml I II rtrfC Pl-rf !Ww,: i ms ni ti rao antra Daanna Parkin Tranrhrtl Taaa ! . Maria Slantaf J:n Hall in "C OBB A WOIIAS" - n,t ianTablo atende fablrt Asfmtf ni ,;'!u a ms i t n anrf If,", ftl M. it- r iHinnaiH San f.hl., , Jtu. Hl-t'.tJ RMHisr. ar si it B iklllns ana r &. WIIIISM la falar al-n Tn..' Sf. ' klaaaUf Ralf 7TH AIB HAIKET STAR si t, srMM rnrx.n -t T'faft4r Rfflfta Sfitfta f Ql f MISS Ml MRHI pocins rrrs Dsn v u nook to :: -t IE1IELET Alias ma al Akl'n.' fthrt fl ABB I (!! m 'MINT HI f tl IONf.IV Hf AT ni ..- f.B ANT-ea-rv Ml Oil MO atM DM HOOT TOO tH" i- rtlkli hfiit t i.oai LAnrUi 4 is mli ni ni MfTT "r T I OI l ' ih J'irtv bABI lt Slaiaa.H n HRIIS! hm -taoioi I.HSIIM m mm fl I a TBI I MIT VIFII norms oi-rN today at j . pm CALIFORNIA fM1 t: 45 p m I aaliaaaa fla THS HOI I.H CIRI A"n ftkari4aa At. mrtk e VAmaa a Ian tNTfl ARNt II PIN . -h f.lCiBi.r kORMN Br.la,.n ' Tha A la rt ifllAfR rOlv - Rrra TBACV ant a HA0 Ittllt I n AST I.I NT Walla.a Haaff nprs "'V!""T T ' ' BERKELEY ,nt,,;Vn'maou;; " Saf Ta Baaaiakat .h P,,il Maul -Marl. OKI RON . -. ,1 ASH III UNITED ARTISTS 1 -' SOB AAHOM THS Hil l in- Tti smi 01 na - . ' Wt CTv. ' - lai!v toi l - i oner a Pt ROWAN , PAXINOI d ni,,M,i, t :' MR PABBINf.TON i. arion a-i a - PlfM.roN R (Ml,. HIT k.!T!t lAAI - - tSnsRI t OP-M nivoLi taTTiiMiM-', i ' MINr.tn A K TORI ISMS. Im lil Mtl'I'A r-- OPRI'N . x , ltN Rl- HtNBT ii TBI CBt AT MIKr el CEiirro New VISTA (i raw rfl-afi Tltto baii: Jark DONOAAN ! AAilllaT Hrnll RwH r,tr HBAftirT Hr -T A i J CTDDITA fatiifi rir""!- LAOilU -THrriAiriBATfR HHt i.amarr en ii Hfarin "! STBANCHSAtARBT Kin-Han.., FIEDHflMT " " hirnUrillf ts I AT r-l'ia-av-i s A III!.' AIM pMUnvml A Pa- HI "- ',' "' Taka l !l CAR RtHrrT i TM " " Tm.rTHta again-" irai-. HI N tn Oa 'a BOA P "DARK SffM-SftAIM" fllf Haa Olflaa Ohm s ka aunt r. ALIAIY i stni uv Sian at' Nan iarij HlaOAal g rthal Half-ata -N)flNf Bit TR IONIIT HT ART '.- - a :k C r.raat A, Bat SmafralA alan ' OA HOOT TOO M ANT lark Haifa . Jaai f,.Aff.Haia I ir-il riral Sfca a al -Afaa4 ka I II 9 m ELMIIfffST rnAirinA " H'1 NlUiinAUA jimmt Trr oi T Pl'iiatia ffVOflfi ARH an Ja Tf f RT a -aoAirTHINr. TO aINf H' I Camp Reservations for children's ramps will be $28 for two f k. The laparuv of the children's Iciiiiis is CO person .each and 140 Tuolumne Fcathor Riv'er oamp Vfll again be used by Girl Scouts this year. Robertson sard 10 Masonic Lodges to ' Fete Grand Master BERKELEY. Mai eh Albimv Ten Berkeley . nd M .1 lodges will join in reception at 7:45. p.m. Wednesday. M.uch 21. honoring Gilbert C. DeKore't. yraad master of the order Trie lecept on. to be held at Th(,i.,n-1 Oaks Masonic Temple, will li.i'C Indian Rock I.odse Mo fi33 as the hot or-r. nidation C.OOD nl D DAYS " 1 X01TB OAKLAND "t ' r A TMU R tf San fail.. ,v .. .. i Uaa S Sa Iff aa a S ,li--., Ril TOWER Mm A r. I T.a. t t l' ' I op H I I a s. j ,, V -ihf n. 1 a,i,i, SENATOR 1 :iro li, , . i IBIS PARKINf. IOR OIK rxiRoss AN T Ml I P IVl,IM, tlf r 1)1 RUIN ,. l I PMl.r. i.o it a 1 1 tiii (ftsaiiRiM. iiiro-rn. rsivi s y ..... , r.RMKis I PUfM IC C, VSall'llalJ A' S' ' ( . t. KT f.fmn in i, imi uni iniv Runi'im Vi s Tj M(,ni. (v HMtkllllM' IIIMSlt I. IS II I r o r t , v.. SM R rvi'AHI ( ri-irt,v .. ! . . .. Hrt TSBT T..M..HI AT a a rn . amaaa . . -. . " - w UIPIUIIU LAUBLL HOPKINlT Ai-h.,, K l-.o- . S MAN ( Atl I . 1 i-f t OI fj Sn,i r IRA 1 sat satNi a H"l 111 V LAUREL . :lt: ,. , I Ml aONI i i nni i.h i in en - i, r. MOR,. ., rvf MS 'M i hmi moos -iniir- " ' S- IHie in,. W M K I R DIMOND ll'IMI SUP- 111 ' - I. IIIMl K I- . . I I W B f nm i him. mi i, a no r J. , f . ( ,.M .1 ., K p.ia; rAIIFAX SEMINARY raiRrAY i f f7 7 aaaa i.iuti oi n n M .R st is sin Ror.fiim t ... .. V.". M, la M..HI. IN P SRKOOM liSMPl i. Hill ARO ' , ni n roii Am, iommm , , r, r , I ,r hw a ll I la kf , ftnfl il amTAf f LAf 1 1 till IN III HSU m OR FRINIMMAN IRIIN- ONT AIM a - A , a, , oll a J" WHrsi T1SM IS' MAR. r- latifr K t- Hanlfi Rni," Hil.taia -..iiiV-r....-" rllTTTYALE 23RD AYE . . , rDIII TUAf V ! " a a aawa a a aaa r- ' eR a hi v ' HAH. THI I ONOI I RIM. Ill do T i RAINS' a . s, r RliNnitia i . ,r RI i.i.l i l A I A Mil A PALACE ' A fa-i '"N PIARRA MORV I NO Nf HIT IKI IIIMl 1 HI Ifl- nh ( , t.RANI B I'l'.IRAIH i.i ONI HOIIT TOO MAN! -h Jafa Hfla. J. . P.fk.f.Hf,. I,.H ALAMEDA r.i.0 ""ff . . Fl ,"fr v M ai n V '2 r," ' ,r P f Ml1 I STRAND r S' ' A . ' r Hi f , I Hi. h,i ARI AII Is, a, (n i ilfi.'' I"IH fir l'.N TiMrs ,;-' . ' i t A 1 fill I A I !! kin a aaaa p-.r.t 1 1 1 1 ni , r no-iiir TRI t TO T ft I IfMI 'n I an mriif nrrs. ai r - VOGUE ' is I'T" '. H"'i 1 - R,. T M I l.llll MIK t NEPTUNE ;.;.VsV;.::f - -ft Man.? M'' if -4 f. i J ALAMEDA lT;i: r "a Pi ' Hl ihf ,M,M H-a" Ak4a a aai,.a n f 1 -M'TINfr II All AT I P M A 01IKDA ORINDA r.;, (lr i- "Atafrtif a H Pit Ai' !" ' Till At. Hmi Axia Hi- ' ' - tp';r rntr parkivt, apta- Mi I0UIEU19 PARKWAY ta P'- i A T , r. f i e ii iirNRtin THr f ONapIR ATIIR h I am aib p- " tnwrav s IIBIH I- HASSK MO! NT All EAST 12TH STIEET t) t y tam th -- at 7th Avati.. a'l'A I A HIT S nl R AC.r I Tun m rM'farl4 MOON OA I R I II A If, A A f SailM MNNfRiAARI IRfr TOTHf I ABITt v - ... . . a rcoTHn.L AID 1STI PAAVIIII Phna SCI J-T'-il suuiniiiii - MARkiar.r t asa Tl ivrtl i PAT A T T A IR fn'n a'e pi T TM Hll ff - -.. a.arfi S -a) -s la - n,it i " m 0 'I

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