The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 1«, 1949 BLrTHEVTLLE <ARK.) COUWER PAGE THIRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople 1W*VU^ MO iiT/ MAN sreouc A*A 5CSEZS f«OH -, T™^^,,—.uwoeeMV -w iies'Moe* 11H» swcwwtb, >UIUWUP « BlGHT ABM?» 0OWCnJ MM k 8OT W KNOWS roue soeus.' Jfc.——^^^-THAW A KITS'* iMOCi TCICKS TAIL/ • A TOAM ~ SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM l!oo u« enjoy the wondtrfnJ eonTenlence and economy •( •Ravine soft water on your fann 9 you get a modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SOPPLY, Inc. 5*. Highway 81 Phone 2434 For the Finest Prescription Service DRUG STORE 221 Wnt MUtn By Mildred Cram ond Norwood Whit* whlrb *mr 4I»g. I* t** p tone. took mm* Marcfc* •* Del !• ••eclebrjUioM" Binder. Mni. Mal*>c »» (old l»y Mr*. Kv*r*o» »h»1 Ik* pBrly will *1»* her* «<•*«?•! Mtixitk* «»i* ifcat they will kM*w whrn the d!»««t«r •irlkr* ih* world hy Hn(r»r»K t* their radl*. Men. iMalonr mrni mm hrr r«dl», thr *rn« It r the « it XX T HE hours that followed brought no joy to Mrs. Malone. She performed one duty after another., taking /great pains, making certain that she did not think beyond the gesture of the moment. Mrs. Everson, on the other hand, was gay, jubilant, even animated. Mrs, Malone could hear her laughing outside as sh« joked with Rudy. Wherever the handsome, swarthy fellow was, there too was the woman whose money had attracted him. They exchanged long, bold, challenging looks. other guess. What they said to each Mrs. Malone could only But she did guess. Desire bad risen in Mrs. Everson, desire ira- | perious and tormenting, because for so tong denied. Now that she was safe from public attention, she could at last put her sterile loneliness aside. She was in possession of Rudy's secret; she knew his past Vet she had accepted that Mrs. Everson's orders left her little time for watching the pair. The menu for the gala dinner called for six courses: savory. soup, entree, salad, dessert, coffee. Victor spent most ol Ihe day polishing silver and pressing napery of incredibly fin« linen and delicate lace. * • • 'HOWARD noon the Marchese came out of his room. He made himself comfortable on the sola, mt on • pair of horn-rimmed spectacles and began to read. Mrs. Malone had the impression thai he was quite unaware of Victor's presence, or o( her own. But once, when Victor had gone out to bring water from the spring, sh* broke through the Marchese's bland preoccupation with a flash ot temper. 'I don't see how you can sit there reading, when may be the world's blowing up right this minute and millions of people are suffering and dying!" He removed the spectacles anc allowed her to enler the focus of his far-sighted eyes. "The world?" he repeated. "My world no longer exists except in the mind and the imagination— and in books like this one. As reality it has already perished And so have I." **I don't know what you' ing about!" she cried. The Marchese closed the book and slipped it back into its place on the shelf. "I'm sorry," he said. *Tm afrai' 1 was thinking aloud. You see Malone, I inherited a code, a way of life lhat is now obsolete. That' what I meant when I said lhat had already perished." He looked around the narrow him and trusted him. belonged to her. Now he Mrs. Malone tried to ignore the luxurious room. "Here, I am pretending that is well making believe. If 1 were with those others beyon> FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MEKKILL BLOSSEB Pipe That "ft certainly was worth coming 1765 miles to this place—it'» just like home!" CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE SUPPORT MOW C*Re YE SklRU YER ^ JM& "THE LOOK O' YE / :te mountains, how -could 1 help icm? What could I say lo them? f I were to tell them to scrap icir machines, would they listen o me? Would they return lo Ihe ignity of craftsmanship, the sol- ce of faith, because L said it vou.d heal their sickness? Would hey leave the cities and build hemseh'es towns; would they urn to beauty, to nature, to the leep excitement of learning, be- se I happen to believe lh;it here is no other salvation? Ko, niy dear Malone. Mine would be a Ihin, fulile voice In the wind! Destiny is pulling mankind lo- ward a precipice. It is like a lor- ent. There's no stopping it." * • • - I'iljT aren't you sorry for them? Anti us so safe, here?" Mrs. Malone shuddered. **A dinner party! And 1 keep ieeing a cloud like the one at Bikini, only bigger. 1 don'l see bow Mrs. Everson can be so happy," The Marchese reached for his flute. "Leave Mrs. Everson to God ** he said. Mrs. Malone stifled a retort. "Can I do your room now, sir?" she asked primly. "If you please." While she was making up his bed, she lifted the melal window blind and saw that the sunlight had changed. There were no clouds in the sky above the river. At least there were no cloud shapes. Rather Ihe zenith itself seemed to have darkened. There was no wind.' Not a teal of the forest stirred. Yet the whole visible landscape v,';\s suddenly caught into a sort of breathless and brooding shadow, as if a gigantic shape had passed between the earth and the noon-day sun. (To Be C«ntinurd) f PR.SCIKLA'S POP Fight ing Angel HY AK VERAIEKR FOR SALE Concrete eulTerta. 12 Inch to U inch, plain or reen forced Ala* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than (umber for barns, chirke* houses, pamp house*, tenant houses, tool shed*. We deliver Call a* for free estimate . • • Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. I 0[\> Heal F-ttit<- - \lorluu«jo osrtoi \ Phone 521 hn THiMii. 1 Phone 3075 RENT A CAR "]j| Drlre Anjwher* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores DESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years of experience assure you lhat, when you present a prcscrlpilon order to us. it will be expertly compounded from fresh, pure drugs. You can be Mire »t FJotli rock's. 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COME ALWAVS THINKING HERE, JIMMV.'XOF HER FRIEI40S.' I'VE GOT SOMETHING ISN'T THAT CUlEf TALKING HER CT A Word With Miss Slacl* BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE WKERE DID HE GET MIS MONEY? I'VE N£VER MET LUCVS fATHf R. WHAT'S HE tlKE ? I DON T KNOW BUT HE HA3 PIENTY/ SO THIS IS WHEGE THE GREAT ROMANCE 81OOMED BETWEEN IUCV AND TACKY.' IT MUST HAVE BEEN FUN TO WATCH. •MISS SlADt. HIS BATHER MYSTERIOUS, HE DISAPPEARS FOR IONG DRIVES AT NIGHT WITHOUT 5f IMIUG TO GO ANYWHERE IN PARTICUIAR. IT'S HO WONDER VOO HAVEN'T SEfN HI0V. HE KEEPS TO HIMSELF AS MUCH VTRY DfSCREET CMAPERONE Z.FLINT WASH TIIBKS HY LESLIE TURNER J*N WOULOHTGO TO HE MOUUTNUS THIS SUMMER, SARft. SHE HATED TO LEMIE * WH0- LET* NOT DISCUSS IT HOW, WOTHERl SMZIk MUST TIRED! , TIBEP...IW EXHMJS'EP! MICE 100T g(kCK FRO* RENO BEEW HECTIC...ON6 PftRTV AFTER ANOTKEE-. ^ THEN I THOUGHT PlACE. MINT MWKW Ife ALWAf* SO OUIET AMD RESTFUl'.-I TO SUP tUTO SOMETHHIS COOL MIOREtftK FOR A WEEK'. OH...I BET 7HATJ5 MISS GIS5IMG5 COUS1M'. SHE\L BE NICE TO TALK TO I "O"^*—.T. M- BEG. U. s. MF. 6F* -^-COPR. 17*9 B* HE* 5EHVICC. Ike BUGS BUNNY Something Cold, Folks? •-9UT WHAT C-CAN ANYWAY, WHAT HE EARNS 'LL I PON'T SEE T-TWERPO ANYWHERE/ VOUR PENGUIN, T-TWSRPO, HELP PAY TER ALL THEM sun* AURKBT? - 1— BUT TH MANAGER SAID HE COULP USE HIM/ SARDINES ME INHALES.' HY V. T. HAMLIN , _ SCAKED \\-O0X.Y0U HAMMEE-HEADED f,™MJH!N<3 (TROGLODYTE.' THAT SALICEe INDICATES A. HIGH CLASS INTELLIGENCE... BUT NOT NECE55AEILY HIGH SPADE HOSPITALITY' IF V MEAN f V/AIT'LL WU SEE WHAT WE MISHT 1 WE'CE (JP AGAINST FIGHT HANP5. THA.TS OKA.Y WITH BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN HOW fc M^^4 so VKX\S. We Follow Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols Drug rHONE 4MI

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