The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1936
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 119 oourtct BlytheTllI* DMJj HtCTM . UlHlMlppl V4lUy HUSKIER: HEWS BLYTHE.VILLE, AUKANSAS, TU10SDAY, AUGUST -I, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SPANISH WAR THREffEITC EUROPPSPEACE Dionne Water Babies Head for Bigj Splash Qf/Cbnc^rns — • ------ — • IS MIIIIEPU Government Charges Conspiracy in Violation of I Anti-Trust Law WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 (UP) — In a sweeping Sherman anti-trust action the justice department today made public details of Indictments of 23 major oil companies 58 individuals and three publications on charges of price fixing and pooling gasoline purchases. It was one of the most extensive allegations of anti-trust law violation In recent years. Heading the list of those indicted were the nation's major oil "mis Including: Standard Oil o Indiana. Socony Vacuum Oil company, Cilies Service, Continental Oil, Gulf Oil, Pure Oil company, Shell Petroleum. Sinclair Refining, Texas company, Tidewater com-, Pany MIdcontinent Petroleum I Phillips Petroleum, Skelly Oil' Barnsdall Refining and the Globe Oil and Refining Co. Tiie. defendants were charged with conspiring to raise and fix the prices of gasoline sold in inter-state commerce principally In ten mid-western states. The indictments were returned by a federal grand jury at Madison, Wis., as the outgrowth of an Investigation ordered last May by Atty. General Homer S. Cummings. Individuals indicted Included: Edward. G. Seubert, president Standard, of .Indiana. ., ' —John A. Brown, president, So- cony Vacuum. D. W. Harris, general manager Louisiana Oil. ' John A. welch, sales manager Louisiana Oil. ' Dan Moran, president, Continental. R. G. A. Vander Woode, president, Shell Union Oil corporation Alexander Fraser, president Shell. ' E. W. Sinclair, president, Sin- emir. • W. S. S. Rogers, president, Tex- JUDGES, CLERKS County Central Committee Suicide Is Suspected in Names Election Officers Al Quiet Session Judges and clerks who will conduct, next Tuesday's Ucmncruilc I primary In Mississippi county v: presitlent ' Cotton ^ NEW YORK, Aug. 4 (UP) _ Citton close<l barely steady. open high low close 1205 1205 1185 1183 1200 1201 1180 1138 1200 1201 1185 1180 Oct Dec Ja » March May July 1200 1201 1187 1188 1201 1202 1187 11C9 1199 1199 1183 1187 Spots closed quiel at 12ii3 oil 20. Spot Average Is 12.4.i The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the" 10 spot markets today was 12.45, the Blytheville Board of Trade reports. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 4 (UP) - Citton closed barely steady. open high low' close 1193 1199 11BI !!«•> 1194 1197 1181 1182 1197 1197 1182 1182 119G 1196 1183 1183 1198 1198 1183 118-1 1196 11M 1185 1133b SpoLs closed quiet at 1232, off Oct Dec Jan March May July 32. For Hits Is the most Appeals for Clemency Fail to Save Massachusetts Choir Singer BOSTON, Aug. 4 (UP)—Newell Page Sherman,- former,choir singer and scoutmaster, was electrocuted early toddy for murdering his young wife for the love of a 17-year-old girl. The girl, Esta McGill, who said at his trial Ihnt she never intended marrying him, worked her regular hours at a factory yesterday and spent the evening at the home of an aunt in Worcester. She did not sign a netition for clemency that 51 others of factors' workers sent to James M. Curley. The governor'' refused clemency and Sherman's lawyers exhausted their last resource last night In a • ' • • "•• ««-J • V £VIII£ L<J IlllV looks to s^e h-Nurse Leroux, lea ding -Yvonne, has forgotten anything Osceola Casting Plant Will Begin Work Soon MEMPHIS, Aug. 4—In preparation for the beginning of revetment operations in the Memphis district, scheduled for August 12 or 13, the casting plant at Osceola, Ark., will start work about the middle of next week, n wus announced here by Col. Eugene Rcybold, u. S. district engineer. This year's revetment program, calling for an expenditure at about $1,500.000, will be carried on for about three months while the Mississippi is at low stage. - MWIES '.i Begins Distribution of Certificates to Governmental Employes Ohio Stale Negro Also Expected to Cop Meter Race 200-) Mary..A,stor's 'Diary futile appeal to Justice Louis D. Brandeis of the supreme court on CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 4 (UP) i , hr - 0 constitutional grounds. . I —Prime Minister Wjjllam Aberhart I He went to death .with no ftnll °unced lodnv fimf rH«/,-;H,l<t n ,.; Cwen comment upon his crime. At his today that distribution BY STUART CAMEHOX United Tress Spurts Writer OLYMPIC STADIUM. Berlin, Aug. 4—Jesse Owens, the Ohio; Stale thunderbolt, moved to with- j In one tille of scoring his Olympic i "triple" today as the United! States [rack and field stars won! four championships on the third day of competition in lh» llth Olympic Games. After shattering the Olympic 200-meter mark once and equal- ling it again, as he moved irom the preliminaries to the semifinals of that event, Owens broke Ed Hamm's 8-year-okl mink In winning the broad jiimp. U was (lie second title for the midwcs- tern nesro who hopes to capture implonsiilps. /eel, II i. —r-l" v.,,,.,.j ,.i.-n. .-« ,,v.iu {IL lt ALO r u n , U | I'CK f named by the Democratic county In Pc-mlscot coimtv northwes central conimlllee In n mating Ynrbro. about Ii o'cmck w ut the courthouse this morning day morning '-,„ sore No. cc.ilrovcrsles developed r.ncl old "•Clrcon. lion-*» which ' """'" the business of the committee was dlepuKcd of in record time, adjournment coming jusl an limn- after Ihe meeting was called 10 order by Jesse Taylor, chalrmiu Besides naming election .iliic- ers the committee elected 0. W Friend lo serve as a mt'inljoi Irom Pcran township In- place u [ H. C. Branch, who declined le accept •election lo thc conimi'.- Ice' .because he Is a candidate for justice of Ihe peace. Apiirinliiicnl by Chairman Tay- Icr of two • committees lo count Ihe absenlce ballols, as required by the state's new election law was ratified by the committee. In the Osccola district Russell BOOTH, Ben Pcrmciiter, Sam Hodges. Charles Lowrniice jr. ard Charles Colcman Jr. will conn- thc absentee ballots. in thc Chlckasawba district this duty will he performed by c. E. Crlgger sr,, , ........ '••"• "M1LUJ HHHllU fame during . the rise of Hurry Dallcy, well known state inu figure. A coroner's Jury decided that Moore met his death nl hnnds ot parties unknown." There was n belief mnonij many that Moore :°iiimllled suicide. The pistol bullet that ended his life entered the left Bide of m s roreheiul and emerged from the rlsht side. A pislol, which cave evidence, of having been recently' "red. was found on the lied ihere were no powder burns about '.he wound. . ,, MiUle Joyce, Moore's housekeeper according to reports, had left the store-residence nboul nn hour earlier on a short motor a car Blan trial he repudiated a confession which he had said th night a year ago he inte "uijuuiitfti loaay tnnt distribution J "'**-'«> it-ti^rti tv jeei, o -f-oi of 200,000 certificates of one dol-' inclles '" taking Hie broad jump, confession Inr Denomination to workers on I Tlle r ° rn ' cr niark was 25 feet. -1 that on n Provincial governmental projects' 3 " 8 inches set b >' Hainni o! the itentlontilly < woll!(l begin Thursday or Friday I Unft ™ Slates in the 1928 games Lake Sin-1 Hc ca "ed the certmcates "uros- " A'nstcrdnm. overturned a canoe on Lake Sin-1 Hc called the certificates gletary, pushed and trampled his I l !crlt J' certificates." much smaller wife under water Th °y nre n form ol script de- and left her to drown while hel 5 ' 8nc(l to redeem themselves by n swam to shore and reported an i ' ax which penalizes those who' "accident." keep tliem out of circulation The He did It, he said In the con- Ecllcm e is based some of -.« «.« ,i, lu; niiiu >n u]e CQU_ —*..n. 10 w.i^^ii u|ju]i some 01 fession, because hLs- wife suspect- lllosc employed by communities in ed the extent of his infatuation' thc United Stales during u\s Actor Miss McGill and threatened nr "" ! "" pre-^ion. to cause trouble and lie wished to „ By is s"ance of this type ot younger girl. " /'velocity dollar" Premier"Abcr- V] 0 . t - r\ r> 1 • • They had Iwo young children! hart : who heads Alberta's govern- Llectlon LJay bombing who now live with their srand-' mmt which came, into power on Parents. open' high low close Sep 112 113 109 1-2 110 1-8 Dec 114 1-4 115 in in 3-tj Ihe promise lo pay "social credit," seeks to fulfill his parly's prom- Causes $ 1,000 Damage; Politics Blamed Chicago Corn open hlgi, i ow c | osc Sep 106 1-2 108 5-8 105 1-8 106 Dec 96 97 1-4 94 7-8 f<4 7-3 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Aug. 4 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 6,500 Top 11.25 170-230 Ibs 11.10-11.25 140-160 Ibs. 10.10-10.75 Bulk sows 8.25-9.25 C'atlle 0,000 Steers 7.CO-8.50 Slaughter steers 4.15-9,00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-7.56 Slaughter heifers 4.50-8.75 Beef cows 4.00-4.75 Cutters and low cutters 2.75-3.75 A T and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola 174 38 5-8 55 3-8 ............ General Amrclcan Tank 3i 3.4 General Elcclric ........ 44 _ ......... years ago to provide funds for 4 3-8 relief. A small payment must be 119 made each lime one of the certi- General Molors International Harvester McKcsson-Robblns Montgomery Ward New York Central ficates changes hands. Phillip Petroleum 69 1-8 32 1-2 10 1-4 405-8, ; Dud Cason post of thc ,.,..,. 10 3-8'Legion tonight, 7:30 o'clock, •14 ,1-4 the hit. The owner, Michael Smith, said he is a district captain of six precincts In the 24th ward for a Democratic faction and believe:! the 'attack was caused "by op- ixments In the political campaign.' Legion Meets Tonight There will be a niecling of Ihe' Smith said he had received cev- n' 0 ™ 1 warnings and expected ivou- ' The commander. J. R. Stovall, Radio Corn 19 c . , . ' ••••••••••" i^ i my commancer. j. u. OLD S. Louis-San Francisco .3 i- 8 has extended an Invitation lo an I,""! 01 * Bctl ••; 35 i veterans to attend. Plans will be hmllHarH nn M t l"i . .. 1 . election. „ --- - -, „ today's stale orimary all Standard og N J Texas Co U S Smelling 75 !-2 " S Sice) . 63 1-2 made for the coming year. 33 1-8 Warner Bros Zonlle 12 1-8 7 1-2 The average man shaves 20 square miles of face during |,| s lifetime. ___ Crippled Children «et Aid HARR1SBURG (UP) — Federal Social Security funds totaling $133,604 will be spent within the next year for 12 of Pennsylvania's finest orthopedic surgeons to treat C. M. Buck,-, B. F. ciai", Lollln and o.' p." Smith. In response lo n .question Viy Joe Dillahunty, candidate • foi sheriff, -.Clmhr.ian -tTaylor.. :sfitd that the rules of the party definitely bar hegroSs from participation in a Democratic primary Dillahunty said that he had been informed there was likely lo ;b; voting by negroes.. Taylor Mid thnt such votes would lie Illagal. Judges clerks for next According to her diary, Mary Astor fell "like a ton ot bricks" when, in October, 1935, sha first met George S. Kaufman, above, noted playwright Ho was subpoenaed to appear in Los Angeles court, where tho screen actress seeks custody o£ her daughter, Marilyn, and reveal details of their subsequent friendship. Tuesday's primary in most of Ihc townships of the comity are listed below. The rest will he published i lomorroii'. CIIICKASAWUA TOWN8IHJ' Blytheville Dcnton Bldg.: Judges, Paul Byriim. T. I,. Mcllnncy Lcndcnnie Fowler; alternate judges, E. F. Fry, Oscar Alexander, F. C. Douglas; clerks, W. M. Wil- Robert Dixie 1 Fains, clerks, Bailey Biythcvilte Grlinc.s; nlfcriintt • Crawford, Os:n. City Hall: judges, Mnrciis Evrard, Nick" Thomas, L. G. Thompson; alternate judges acne Bradley, Tom W. Jackson Frank Webb sr.; clerks, p ar k Halchctt, Rcss Stevens; alternate clerks. Loy Welch, Harvey Mr,r- ris. Blylheviltc Gee Bldg.: judges Doyle Henderson, G. G. C-iudlil ., T , .. „ • . , .- - v^ *•••— •< "'mull oiniiii, u.vui uiunes; Max Held; alternate Judges, Rest' alternate clerks. J. R. Smother- Hughes, H. E. Blaylock, Monte """ " " - •' Isaacs; clerks, Frank Whitworlh. Floyd White; alternate clerks. C. p. Redman, Rodney Banister. Blytheville Ark-Mo Lumber office: judges, Hoy Little, \V. L. Homer, Ileniy Layson; alternate *' rs : Ocorgc Talley, Mrs. Roy Wil judges, Lester Moore. T. J. Nance E. R. Jackson; clerks, Roy Ncl- scn, Oliver Coppedge; altenmlc clerks, Ivan Bcnllcy, Esles L'ins- Lloyd. J. M. Aycnck. S. Goff; al- Icrnale judges. D. Garrctl. H. G ford. •*"• . *<.* iimv jxuyua, \j. vjiin Lit. n. Yarbro Bos: Judges, Dan Ross. Malion, J. V. Pierce; clerks, , . Milton Bunch, J. A. Parrish; nl- , . . ars; n- - . r cacyi a- ternate Judges, Charlie Sanders, tcrnatc clerks. G. E. Eubanks, S. Percy clerks Smith, George Bunch R, Matthews. Spcncc v.*•».., «. it. nltkblimn;*, OJJLIICCT vji\.n, uiivi; liuA, Jllll^US. 0. VV. Bunch; alternate clerks, Edward Deacham, Ben Dorley, Billy Mid- Nazarene Church Will Hear Michigan Preacher The Rev. Lyman Ilibner, of Michigan dislrict, will preach at the First Church of the Nazarenc tonight, Wednesday night and Thursday night, It hns been announced by the pastor, thc Rev. Harmon Holt. Meanwhile a fairly heavy vole was being cast in thc city In the state-wide primary election to nominate candidates for con-ih.»n t^Wr grcssloual, state, county and citv M . orricM ™ «,„ rJ.? "... 5 l *i themselves. Germany RuJes Sports Scribes Must Not Bet (UP)— German journal, gracing rbi(iden to <'° ™* have , Re 0 " ttvt reak this rule Issued by , , Or - Ooebbels, Minister of Propa- deputy elecllon commls- 1 ganda, they may find themselves Prp on rfiitw nl ll,« .._n_ ._.... .... sioncrs were on duty at the [Mils and a special grand jury nag in session to hear evidence of fraud _. ,..„,, uu .w «... n -- — »„- ubkhjivn iu IIVHI t via pi ice oi friud Indigent crippled children Two ( m connection with charges' of clinics have already been held, I "ghost" registrations. without another newspaper job forever. The action has • been taken, It was announced, in thc Interest of accurate sports reporting. Akin, Norman Bunch. Number Nine Box: judges, c. C. Langston. Fred Bean, Oscar Stallings; clerks, j. N. White, j Moore; alternate judges, B. F. Rhcdes, S. L. Roach, E. V. Hill; clerks, F. J. Jackson, V. C. Mullen; altcrnale clerks, H. c. Rhodes. E. E. Bomar. Promised Land Box: judges, B. F. Fitzgerald. J. n. Gurley, P. H Death Yesterday of Sam Moore, 46 Sam Moore. 40, was found dead n bed with u bullet hole his head at rip, to learn how to drive a car was during her absence that Moore wns fntally Injured Moore had recently put in a itoek or gopds .nt the place, which ho rented' from Dalle,. It Inborn a mile nml -a'-lialf from Bailey's state l,io business; 'on 'another r ^ 't, $ understood that ; :Moore rter(tljt-»ii s V,«c^.b(,nii B .,. 9 i:^ca« ' . V ' German Battleship Said to Have Blocked Attack Ou Moorish Poit BY UAIJ'H HEIN/FIS' ',,J Dulled 1'rciS Slaff Correspouilent PAR'.r, Ai.g 4 IUP>—Intcr- iiitlonnl complications of potential lunger (o Euronemi peace multiplied today as the Spanish ic- rolt ncnied Us climax \ fa UK!}-, clmrBC 1 ! were exchanged imoiiB the capllals of tin! cdn- .IniMit. by sources often used by invenmieiit., (homschcs as somld- ng boards. t The nev.'ipapor, Echo dc Skirls charged that the German pocttt 'mllleshlp, Deulschland, innlcil .b> a destioyci, pieicnlcd i loyalist waishlp hombnulment of rebel forls by steaming into Ceutii harbor, Moiocco as the loyal ships were about lo open fire. , Itcbcls .Order • Planes The United Pi ess correspondent nt qibraltai reported that the Dcutschland anchgied oil the port seemed consldeiably to protect Ceuta, though piobably In- ailverlenlly. The loyiil ships seemed not to want to fire foi fear that they mlRht lilt the Dcuticliland • Tlic .. Unllcd Pi ess correspond- out at Casu Blanca, French Morocco, hcaid icpoib fiom Tetuan, Simnlsh Moiocco, that the rebels ordered 20 planes of Italian and Ljcrniatv make A Pails newspaper 'cpoi-tcd lhal 3p bombing planes were .sent from Ilaly to Sardinut. Jean Lonf-uet, French' Soclalhi leader, mgal the Spanish government lo charge Ilaly befoia the Leagu^jof Nations, wllli vlo- ,. probably using' pa ,. t Funeral services were held (|]( s afternoon -nt the Cobb Funeral Home chapel with the Rev Harmon Hold officiating. Interment was marie at Elmwood cemetery Mr. Moore Is survived by his mother, Mrs. Annie Moore, two brothers, Homer and H. K and two sisters, Mrs. S. J. Bnllcy and Mrs. Hnl Fletcher. Roid. George Raines; alternate clerks, Aubrey Cowan, L. k Harwarg. ; Kciser Box: Judges, a. M, Polk W. W. Watson jr., J. w. Hall- alternate Judges, C. M. Montgomery. J. K. Childs, I,, r,. Gales- clerks, W. O. Childs, B. C. Cook- allernnie clerks, w. B. Pigs Harvey Wilson. TOWNSHIP Armorel Box: Judges. B M negcnald. W. M. Williams, B. L. Hale; alternate judges, B. o. Dobbs, J. c. Ellis. J. c. Roberts; clerks, Aldron Smith, Dyer Gatncs; ninn, C. E, Crl'gger jr. Tomato Box: Judges, R, Dlalr, S. L. Tinman, I). T. Carson; alternate Judges, L. Tlllmnn. John Alston, If. Mitchcson; clerks, Joe Jones, Mr. Stages; alternate clerks, Its. CLEAR LAKE TOWNSHIP New Liberty Box: Judges, J. A , Farrar. Robert McHaffcyi H. Dcvlll. Clear Lake Box: judges, j. dleton; alternate Judges. G. n. Randolph, E. H. Cnldwcll, ClaJ M. Hayncs; alternate clerks. W. F. Lunsford. W. o. Powers BOWEN TOW.VSIIIP Gcsncll Box: Judges, nub; Bcv 111. Nixon Shlvely, G. R. Led- Leltcr; alternate judges, p. H Raspberry, Tom Grimes, 'L. M Cutler; alternate judges.' Isaac j McGce; clerks, Harvey Hart, ju. Ashby, Hiram Wiley, Jerry White;! E - Cook; alternate clerks. Leslie M clc-rfcs. Houston Skclton. .J. W. McGaughcy; alternate clerks, !\. L Halscll, Carl Matthews. MONROE TOWNSHIP Osceola Telephone Office: Judges, Louis Nallllng, J. A. Edrington. J. A. Pigg; alternate Judges, Sam Coble, Myron Nallling, R. E. Fletcher; clerks, > Mrs. R. II. Jones, R. M. Fletclier; alternate clerks. Mrs. W. E. Hunt, Mrs. C. L. Moore. Osccola Lumber Yard: Judges Leon Sullivan, Claude Thomasoii! W. T. Ramsey; alternate Judges W. A. Butler, c. Ii. Driver, J. S. McCanls; clerks, Ruth Goldberg. A. F. Splesc; alternate clerks, E. S. Driver, Miss Blanche Clccrc. Osceoln Courthouse: Judges, R. C. Bryan, C. E. Sullcngcr, Henry ; Patterson; alternate Judges, o. IS. Battle, Joe Mounts; clerks, E. Bcvlll. G. C. Wadley. HALF MOON' TOWNSHIP Halt Moon Box: judges, J. N Holland. Hcrshel Alexander. Le land Hodge; alternate judges. S. D. Shancyfelt, Porter Smith, j. a. Richardson; clerks, Claud Dim- can, J. E. Johnston; alternate clerks, Sam Buck, E, Tcclford. LITTLE H1VER TQWNSHIP Eton-nil Box: judges, H. J. Meadows, Bess Holloway, A. S. Jackson; alternate Judges, E. S. Wildy, Grover Jackson. Oeorge Mason; clerks. J. T. Davidson, Tollie Cooper; alternate clerks, Batnj; Lindsey ,Earl Lansrtell. Llnnle's Store Box: judges, Hoy Linnle, Sylvan Olrdlcy, J. H. Tar- vcr; alternate Judges. Hite Boldan, Joe Crews, Watt Luster: clerks, Burley Ray, Otis McCor- (Continucd On Page 3) , •, uin I'reih Angry t , \* At • Rome Ihc llrst icaction" in closely contiollcd nnvsp.iiiei-s to the French plea foi nciitmllty was a blast of denunciation,'of the plea as a camouflage move to permit the French left whig government to arm the. left wing Spanish government. Pcrllnn\, the political expert of the Echo dc Paris, offered a new angle for worry when lie charged "news fiom Spanish Moiocio" s not good. Sooner or Inter <a terrible pioblem may to be met. Who will succeed Spain in Morocco' let us waste none o"t our strength " Refugees Reach U. S. BOSTON, Aug. •! (UP) —The American Export lines 'steamship' Exeter arrived here loday with~25 refugees from wartoni Spain— the first to reach / this country. All but one of the refugees .were \rnerfcniis. Eight of tho refugees rilsem- mrked when the steamer arrived it the army base from Gibralter. The others remained aboard • nii'dl vlll continue to New York'tomor- row. Those going on to the latter port included Mrs. Martlin Dc-' vors, 32. Little Rock, Ark., and. dr. and Mrs. FouniaUie Gillespla of -Galveston, Tex., and their 10- 'ear-bld- daughter, Eleanor. Tokyo to Get Baseball Park Seating 75,CO(T TOKYO <UP) — The extent to"' which professional baseball is tak- ng hold in Japan Is Illustrated by he decision to construct' a new >all park here with capacity o( 15,000 spectators. .^ Osaka already has Koshlnen" Stadium, which will accommodate 75,000. Tokyo has had no professional park, Melji Shrine Oval, with a capacity of 60,000, having been used exclusively for amateur games. Scotch Music Irks Hens VANCOUVER, B. C. (UP) — '• Scotch music and egg hatching do not mix. A local Italian Is demanding damages from his Scolch neighbor on the grounds that every time thc latter starled play- Ing his bagpipes, all thc Italian's brooding hens took fright, flew off tlxir nests and thc eggs never diet halch. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Probably local showers In extreme north portion, slightly cooler in extreme northwest portion tonight and in north portion Wednesday. • Memphis and vicinity — Parlly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Probably occasional showers, Somewhat colder Wednesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was. 91, minimum 65,, clear, nccordlng to Samuel P. Nor- • ris, official weather observer.

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