The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 28, 1934
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Served by the United BEVTHEV1LLE COURIER MWS TH» DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOBTHKA BT AHKANBA9 AND 8OUTHKAHT MIHBOUHI ROME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 01 Blythevlll* DaUy Newi BlythCYiUe Ccurler Mississippi ,Valley Leader Blytbtrtllt Herald BLYTHEV1LLE, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, MAY 28, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS AND CODOS LAND AT NEW YORK C™HI GUV, insuiu Price Fixing and Other! 'Tair Comuctition" Features lo Re Suspended WASHINGTON. May 2B I UP) — Aclln^ ill accord with President Roosevelt's executive order, Recovery Adminisirator Hugh S. .Johnson today suspended fair trade piaactice sections of codes for f.evcn imluslries, including cleaning and dyeing. WASHINGTON, May 28 (UP) — The NIIA beat ils flrsl major retreat from the attempt to ivtu- laie American economic life in the interests of business recovery today 'at the order of President Ruosevclt. With smoke of Ihe latest battle —that of the Harrow board—still hovering over the blue eagle front, Hie president ordered fair uarie and price fixing provisions of vlcc industry co<ics suspended ai Hit dlsm'lion of GUI. Hugh S. Jolinsun. By so doing the president al r.n.> strode satisfied many of Ihe Vnlterest complaints maite agains. the NRA and removed Irom the recovery agency ils greatest ad- mmislraiivc l;urden. Criticism has mounted' in rt'C-nt weeks, cliuiax- cd by last week's Darro'.v report. Child labor, minimum wag'j and maximum hour regulations remain: in force throughout all code in-' uustries. The president's action was the firsl slep in what is seen as a careful readjustment of the NRA In the interests of elimtnutlir* unworkable features. It marks, incidentally, a return, to the orig- • inal concept of the - recovery act. as concentrating on the thirty or forty large Industries which em- ploye from 70 to KG per cent of '.he coumry's workers. The next step is expected tc be reorganization of codes under )>erhaps a score of major groupings to facilitate administration uud concentrate enforcement responsibility. in hr.e with these plans Jhakeup in NRA pe;j;om»- is anticipated. Divisional Adminis- irator Kenneih M. Simpson anil Deputy Admlnlstralor Leonard b. Homer have already resigned. MnTTD U.S. She "losi her shin" In his siot-kn. lini Mary .Mi-Curmlck SLID itilnk- Kanniol LhsiilL "Is [h(. j ^rajulcsi £iiy \vulki]iK iij-itunij tmlay" Tbli u*;i3 the otihi'uu i\jv o|mni sfiiK^i expressed wln-r, «e st"MV'i SLC.I •? she arrived lit New York inm. A couceri tour abroad Cra'lim'cs Participate in "Vitali7ed" Commericc- mcnt Exercises OSCKCLA,': Ark., May 28—Th'e "larlualine class of Ihe Osceola Vii7h school presented the school's first "vitalised commencement pro- Tsm" in the hl7h school auditorium Friday evening and were awarded diplomas for completion of their four year courses. Cur of Embassy Secretary Halted Following Attempt on Caffery HAVANA, Cub.-i.May 29 (UP)—Another assassination threal against the United States diplomatic corps was made today In the wake of an i apparent allack yesterday against ! Jefferson Caffery, the ambassador. Caffery travelled through Ihe itrceis of Havana under heavy nilitary guard today as a result of apparent allcmpts to assassinate him. Three police cars filled with plain clothes men, uniformed police, and soldiers 'accompanied him from his liome to' Ihe embassy. The windows of the escorting cars bristled with automatic rifles. Four young white men in a new model Ford car without license plates crowded an automobile own- ct! by Freeman Matthews, first secretary of the embassy, to the curb on Fifth avenue in the Miramax section. They carried a machine gun They told Charles Taylor, American negro chauffeur of the Matthews machine, "you've got two weeks lo gel out." One of the assailants smashed ihe windshield of the Matthews car wilh his pistol barrel, crying "and this Is for Matthews." The secretary himself was not in the car. Caffery revealed today for the first lime thai an attack was made on his house about three weeks i i<?o. about midnight, when the oc- 1 ciipants of a passing car fired a •i .shot.";. Three Nominated for Mid-South Director E. E. flUXlER linn luniiiinit "*< ~^ "-°-°- i wny UttPlTf tllLD intLlblBLLr^rr/s^^i MrtLl ULurllL Inila, have Ix-cn nominated turi riinilir • •) . i> i) |i . p lilln-clor of the Mld-Sonlh Cotton L 111 I III UllUVC IO I ay naltol ret! Clioweis muoclntlun from the Mis- F ||!lllll 1 p-ivoc W I Hi-ivor wltti 1 ' 1 ""* 1 " 1 ' 1 """">'' Arkansas .district. »-«l«MlL. i.tavu> w. |. unyer with M ,.. SinlUl , s lho im , wn , lttrfp _ tnr Only On-.: Op|X)iicnt Says Purchasing Power Must Balance Production MONTEVALLO. Ala., May 28 (U PI—Building up the purchasing power of Hie American people lo balance our production power is the challenge (o industry today, declared Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, who reporlcd a revival of business as the result of recovery measures. Miss Perkins iliis afternoon de- Mior. (I Itie coininriLcrinrnt nd- iirf-rs lo the graduation class of (lie Alabr.mci acitc Collide for Teai hers. Malcolm Tavlor. president of the class, opening the program, explained that a vitalized program was one nlanned and narti- cioated in solely bv members of he class and outlined the pro;ram which was based on the ight cardinal principals of edu- aMon. PC- (hen introduced Marv Elcwart Butler as valndiclorian inrl Rebecca Nickol as salulalor- ian of the class. Marv Stewart Biillcr talked or 'he first of the eight cardinal principals. "Worthy Home Membership". Eib M->r<>nrct Dovlc dK- cusspfl 'The Importance of Fundamental Process's": and Man Dillard talked ou "Kthical Char- •cler". This group of talks was followed bv a piano solo. "The Wayside Chnnel", bv Nora Pac°. President Asks Cut in Coconut Oil Tax WASHINGTON, May 28 (UP)— A special message to congress recommending reduction in the tax on coconut oil Imported from the Philippines was scheduled to b« ransmittcd today by Presideni rloosevelt. At the same lime Mr. Roose- vcll kept his engagements to a minimum so he could complete messages on the war debt sltim- ion and on a projected broad national program looking to utilization of the nation's water rights. At the White House ihe hope Frank Chiles tnlked on ••ons". Rebecca Nickol on was the expressed that debts and water ready tomorrow. might be Bowen Again Heads The "waking old mill" on Spi'lns (,'rrek. neur Reliance, Tcnn., which inspired George W. Johnson lo write (lie famous love poem. "When You and I Were Young, Maggie," scon may be sold to .Henry fr\>rd, to be preserved with his other early American iwssessions, but not to be moved from its present site. Shown above are the ruins of the structure, where Johnson met. and courted MnaBlc and returned with her In the twilight of their lives' to write the poem., rn.E HOCK. Ark.—B. E. Alex- cm! r of Ulytlieville' Is not eligible for a plane un the ballot In tin.' He'inccratlc iirinuiry next Auyrsi PS 11 cnndldntr fiir the First district'onnl nomination. ,1 wns nnnoiinctd here by Chiilnmni Let' Mlks and Secretary Comb.i of ths Democratic slnte ci.lrnl committee. Mr. Combs said Unit Mr. Alexander' hud not puld Die required ballot fee lo the Mole commliti'e. He eiild (hat shortly belorc the ticket closed on May IS Mr. Alexander gave 11 check for payment of his fee, but Hint It was not cleared tlnouijli the bunk on which it, was drawn. A letter calling Mr. Alexander's intention lo (he .•i n.ii 11,,., h n= ,, ol txfH answered Mr. Combs said, ..iM|uM..i,ciun,n of Mr. Alex- j nnrter leaves only one cumltdvte opposing the renomlnailon of Congressman W. J. I3rlvcr of Osccola. i lie Is Clinton Caldwell of Manila, whose ballot fee mul party loyally jplcdje were fll'.'d in proper order. I W. L. Ward of Marlanna, who uiso ] (lied his pledge, later announced withdrawal of Ills candidacy. Mr. Alexander could not be lo- culcd today for comment on Hie announcement at Little Rock llmt Mr. Sinllli Is iho present director. I'he election, which Is by posinnd 1 Ypnrhmon F n r rp t Miiot, win close jnnc w. i rciunincii^ i orcei For Inc. SoiHIieast Missouri dls- nL director, mid II. L. Rob- Setiath, wen 1 nnmlnnted. SEES HUEY Police Guard Preacher As He Eulogizes Louisiana Senator INDEPENDENCE, l.n , May 28 (U P>— Surrounded by armed lili-li- way police r»l ilcjnity sbcrlfrs, Ihe Rev. Ocrnld I,. K. Smith, Shrevc- port. eulogized Senator Hucy P. .ong as a iw^slble fnuire nccu- iant of (he White House In a 'share the wiMillh" six-cell b*foro huge' throng Sunday. "It tliey ever (ell eunuch lle.s Gonlrasls Lives of Methuselah for Graduates he had been disqualified as a candidate In the Democratic congressional primary. Friends, however, expressed the belief that he regarded himself as a properly qualified candidate and Intimated that he could noi legally te qualified because of failure ol a check lo clear provided he i-ide If good. Ii was said that Mr. Alexander had • been nwn'y . from 1 his office for some time and probably had not received the central committee's letter In regard to his check. about Senator to kick him Ahandon Projected Paris- to-California Flight DENNETT FIEI D. New York. Mnv !(» (UP)— ludlcitloin ihul Mnurlce RofSi and Puul Ccdns faiiglil n battle for life 'n the nlr on their trans-Atlantic lli ip ht wcr^ rejwrted bv mschanlcs who examined llicli 1 plane Immed-: lately after Ihelr landing at 2:37 !'. M., eastern day light time lo- day. Thr generator hud been burned nt ami It wns believed n flre ex- iiEiilsher had been used on It. A motor cycle escort of police- i?n waited nl the edge of the field s the huge monoplane circled. Vlth n Unal laU dip of tfteir .^shln? silver wings (he flyers larli'O down lo a perfect land- • na- . \ ' As Ihe Hyers came Into Mght o( lin field iholr uaEollne tanks were tn>"mlin ii flow nf gasoline bc- ilnrl Mie plane. The Hyers fln- lird (I'.imiili'f! the eas nnd then 'rclcd nt;oul the field before land- out of the senate," said the speak er, "they'll kick him right Into the White House Police and deputy sheriffs entered the picture when Smith clmrged he .hail been warned thai Jf he repeated attacks made agalns! anti-Long leaders in previous speeches In Louisiana he woulc. have to "accept the consequences.' Independence Is In the slxtl congressional district, where Sen ator Long ^wiis hanged in efflg; during a recent election row. Commencement week of the city packing 34 years with the destiny high school opened Sunday when of all ages, past, prcsMit and fn- 48 seniors were delivered a calaureate sermon by the Stuart H. Salmon, pastor of ihe mlllcnium of opportunity, Mrthus- First Presbyterian church. bac- turn. Rev. j '-in spite of noble bloml and a , [elah's life was barren. Jesua. . Usln\ "Barren Centuries and; though humiliated In birth and Osceolachool Board OSCEOLA. Ark.. May 2&—C. C. Bov:en was elected president of .he Csccola school board at an organization meeting of tlic new board Saturday. Chas. E. Sullenger was re-elected secretary. i\cw Orleans Cotton MEW ORLEANS, May 28 (UPI — After opening lower, cotton prices advanced moderately on the New Orleans exchange but losl some of Ihe gains (o close steady, one • lo throe points up. open high low clo;e May l!91 July 1137 1148 1135 Oct 1156 I1G9 1155 "Voca"Heal- th": Maryan Margaret Rhoades •in "Th': Worthy Use of Leisure" Clint Caldwell on "Citizenship" •mrt Melvin Lapidcs on "World Relations". A snxaphone trio was "'.m *1 ™> £ w ' re ™. Mel rl n 'iMrs. Gertrude Fruitful Years" as his theme, he gave the graduates, their families, and friends who overfilled the city auditorium a history of Methuselah as an example of wren centuries and the example of Jesus lor fruitful ytars. Mrs. Paul L. Tipton directed with Miss Margaret the piano. The prelude was followed by the choir processional and the ciass procession wilh the girts wearing Louffanl organdis dresses in rainbow shades and carrying arm bouquets. The Rev. E. K. Lalimer, pastor of the First Christian harried through a brief life, provides leaves for the healing of the nations and the fruit of salvation for all men. He Is the perfect example of fruitful years. He will make your life fruitful, too, permitted. From Peter we read 'r'or If (hese things arc yours and abound, they maka you to be not Idle nor unfruitful unlo the knowledge of our I/nrd Jesus Christ,'" he said in conclusion. __ _______ _ ................ _ Miss Agnes Ward tendered her j ch\ncl\, Vaid the Invocation, resignation as a member of the grade school faculty. She had teen re-elected for the 1931-35 lenn when the faculty was nameu several weeks ago. IX'C .lati March 11138 1180 11GS •u-2 1186 118(1 1185 1193 1142 1161 1173 1118 Spots closed steady, up 2. at 1152. I.apides and Prof. Carol Bird, accompanied by Miss Catherine Harwell. At the close of the program W. W. Prewltt, president of the school board, presented diplomas to Ihe fourteen graduates and the benediction was said by the Rev. It. C. Moorhc.nd. pastor of the First Methodist church. The Graduates were Mary Stewart Butler. Rebecca Nickol, Melvin Lapides. Mary Dlllard. Nora Pace. Malcolm Taylor. Billic Snel- scn. Maryan Margaret Rhoades. Rosa Ix 1 ; Tucker. Ella Margaret Doyle. Terry Turner, Frank Chiles I Clint Cnldivcll and James Ixiwe. Closing Stock Price,* Cleared of Liquor Charge Mrs. Gertrude Glover was clear- d of a charge of Illegal posses- Men of Intoxicating liquor for the juiposo, of sale by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham Saturday. Mrs. Olovcr admitted hurriedly emptying a bottle of liquor as officers entered her house but •aid she did so because of u mistaken Idea that anyone found wilh liquor was violating the law She said it had probably bee'- brought to the house by one of i'er sons or her husband. offeratory octet was jiven, anrl Miss Martha Jean Winburn sang a solo. The Rev. W. J. Lcltoy pastor of the Lake Street- Meihu- dist church, rendered Ihe benediction, which was followed by the choral Amen and the class ree:s- slonal. In discussing Mctnuseian. i..Rev. Mr. Salmon told of his claim to distinction for the world's great- i j>a]r. Closed National Banks Still Hold Huge Sum WASHINGTON, May 28 tUP> — Nearly a Milton dollars is still frozen today In closed national banks throughout the country, J. P. T. O'Connor, comptroller ol Ihe currency, reported today. The sum totals $987.338.000, he said. The nmniiiu released lo dc- ixxsitors up to May 1 was $829,021,000. The money Is tied up in 1.529 banks. House for Count of Jobless WASHINGTON, May 28 <UP) — The house rules committee gave right of way today to the Lozier bill, calling for an unemployment census, The measure has administration support. It would give thousands o( Jobless work taking ihe census. The bill authorizes ihe president to make $1,5!0,000 available for the census. Rn»sl Jovial ' As thi'V landed—trlumohant over i ,ie.c difficulties on the trans- V '• ccean night, despite their failure ; 'o reach California and srt a new | rilftincc rci:ord--l he police escort .; dashed on', to "iirrouml their plane. : ft fire I'.uck swung alongside : thn plan? as It taxied toward Ihe • ndmlnlstrallor building—a prccau- ; Ion arainst fire In the overheated , motor. • • - . •': Rrresl was the first to step from '-.( the .plane. . , . - -.••• : ^He,» nc .snil}!rjl. «s •• he enthuslu- Freuch 'jefUJent of New York, - ' nd Minn, dp Lamarj. The flyer appeared to be none The durabli mlttec, a Caruthersville Girl Queen of Ozarks Mardi Gras POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. — MISS Cradle Moore of Caruthersville 1 was crowned Miss Mardi Oras here | n j' i' n 'e"p'] Saturday afternoon in a beauty i parade participated In by 14 young I ladles representing as many towns ^ in Southeast Missouri and North-j east Arkansas. Miss Moore and Confidence Declared Prime Recovery Need WASHINGTON, May 28 (UP)— .c goods industries com• persistent critic of s recovery policies, today final report, m of business Ime requisite for of flf- wns Ford Sedan, "Borrowed," Left Near Oil Warehouse A Ford sedan, property of a Mr. | Galnes, was stolen last night and found where It had been abandoned near the Texaco bulk plant on the southern edge of the city this morning. The car had not bren stripped of valuable purls or damaged anri officers said that someone apparently "borrowed" the car for a ride and feared lo drive il back Miss Adelee Jones, chosen Miss • Bluff, will be given all-ex- 1 try's problems. f u,t M LJ,' ,,, ' «' l( ' ^ •* '"-« Agreement On Facts In Moss Case Near , vacation trips to the World's' Villa's Aids Lie in : * '"<• * nlus we "• est recorded age. He toM how Between 20.000 and 23,000 per- Tombs; Leader Far Away Methuselah wasted 9G9 years when fm! . nttemlcd , nc nnmml ^^l ' """* he spurned obligations of the no- Mar01 Gl . ns Mnny cnmc hcrc by C[nHUA[ iUA. Chlh., Mex tUPI .airplane, using the new Municipal _ T lie ornate tomb which the laic ! Airport for the first time since It Francisco (Poncho) Villa ordered was placed in condition last weck.j lor himself in the old cemetery, I Panteon de la Regla, remains Pneumonia Is Fatal 'empty -r ri- i i p I At tn(> height of his career as 10 Elizabeth OawyeriM«'co's "strong man," Villa ordered ihe chapel built and ex- obllgotions not follow ample of a good father. How Jesus' life accounted for In a brief account of Jesus' eternal work of salvation and how he great accomplishments was lota measured up perfectly by reveal- Ing the Father and accepting and fulfilling nobility's obligations In NEW YORK, May 28 (UP) — An Improved sentiment for s:cnr- llii'S, aided by tremendous strength In grains—wheat Jumping five cents a bushel—resulted in gains of tractions to two points In the stock market loday. A. T. and T 114 1-4 Anaconda Copper. C 145-8 Bethlehem Steel 343-8 Chrysler -10 3-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. May 28 (UP) j Cotton closed steady. Cities Service 2 5^81 c ) lall[ , e(1 Urneral American Tank 36 3-4 open high low close May . 1198 1202 1195 1200 I July 1139 1150 1138 1142 I Oct U60 1171 1158 1163 Dec 1172 1183 1168 1175 Jtin im 1185 1117 1160 March M88 1195 1184 1190 Spots closed steady fit 1160, un- 26 1-8 28 7-81 4 Electric 30 General Motors 33 International Harvester 32 5- Montgomery Ward New York Centnl Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds 17 1-2 SI. Louis-San Francisco 3 Standard of N. J 43 Texas Co 24 1 Steel 41 ,1-8(May Lockjaw Blamed for iSikeston to Dedicate An agreement on facts fn the ease of L. G. Moss, charged will criminal violation of the slate "blue iky" laws will probably be reached, It was stated (oday. Icavlns he municipal court to pass onlj on Ihe question as to whcthe he fuels constitute a violation o the law. o« Is charged with n misdemeanor violation of the state crtm- nal laws by operating a loAl bur- al insurance company without rjg- utatlon by the securllles division of the state banking department. 8 j Chicago Wheat oprn high low 94 7-8 98 1-4 94 7-8 close 98 1-4 18 7-8i Jlll >' 923-4 965-8 923-4 96 5-8 1 5-81 Death of Ekron Boy Gerald Gene Trammell, 10-yeai old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Trammell of the Ekron community, succumbed at the family home at 6:30 o'clock this mornln?. His death was attributed to lockjaw. Wood poisoning set in when his foot became Infected after he had stepped on a rusty nail eight days ago. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock at North Sawba cemetery. The L. O. Moss Undertaking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his parents and four brothers and sisters. Chicago Corn high low close U. S Steel 41 ,1-8 ( May r>2 1-8 553-8 521-8 551-4 U. S. Smelling 117 I-2\July M 1-R r»7 1-4 54 1-8 .V! New Airport July 3, 4 SIKESTON. Mo.—Plans to maKe Ann Elizabeth Sawyer, three year old daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pavvyr. dl»d at the famllv homo here Ihls morning at 11:40 Funeral services will probably be j held tc morrow afternoon ar.d in- the municipal airport dedication Jcrmcnt wiii U- ,,,ade at Maple r .. ^ 1 ( ^r-rtvn rrttiinf Ari> Tun r*nKK T!n^_i>ceremonies July 3 to 4 the mos .. 1 Grove cemetery. The Cobb Under- pressed the wish that he be buried there. Instead, his body lies In Parral. Chlh.. far from the spot he chose. Besides his "tomb." Villa built 10 more for his most trusted aids The 10 men. who He In the tombs Villa ordtrcd for them' notable and memorable of sny taking company Is In charge ifiFaustlno Bprunda. pne_of_his funeral arrangements. similar festival staged In southeast Missouri are progressing as members of the city aeronautic-, board effect arrangements for the entertainments which will be pro- sen led. Thirty-five ships are expected here for the c?letratlon, Including''" The deceased had been In 111 health for some time. While the Immediate cause ol her deith w.u pneumonV she had been 111 sinc^ an attack of measles atout Easter. The deceased Is survived by her n'ost trusted men; Jose E. Rodriguez, shot by a firing «iuad in ISllfi: Donalo Ouerra. Abraham «- «'• «- -»• JCCIP Scrip Is IroaMesomr— but so is .hunger. WHICH DO YOU PREFER FOR YOUR TOWN? one from the Shell Petroleum company, piloted by Jimmy Doo- llttle, and one from the Robertson Aircraft company of St. boats, and probably the air fleet of th? Missouri National Ouard and a plane from the Phillips Petro:eum company. Charles Kratovll will also be here again with his eight- passenger flamingo ship. These panes will participate In fornia- I tlon and spot flying and In stunt flying at night, and will aid in parachute jumping feats Sawyer and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis, grandparents. Recovery Helps R. F. C. Keep Inside Its Budget Labor and Housing Measures in Danger WASHINGTON, May 28 tUP)- The Wagner labor bill and the Roosevelt housing program may be scrapped In the last minute rush for adjournment of congress. It became apparent today. Senate leaders began a survey to determine chances of passing the Wagner measure as a m Mns c reducing Industrial discord. It h > worse for his trip. , Codos ollowed him from trie n'ane. H« was less Jovial and seemed momen^ . only duzen". Bo:h Indicated they cmild not lear what was being said because •f Umpornrv denfnefs caused 'by h? continued roar, of the plane's no tor. But In B few moments Rossi ••(•covered sufficiently to answer the Jnltccl Press correspondents in- qulrv concerning the flli'lil. "It wtis most Interesting," he said gravely. Codo 1 ; shook his head wearily and added: "I am rather tired." Flew to Sjrri» •The flyers were driven by automobile lo the administration bulld- 'n7, accompanied by the mavo'rs' rt'ccptlon 'committee. They posed for photographers. Codos and Rossi had failed to break their old record of 5,654 from New York to Rayafc, Syria, but they ha.d rrndc a re- innrkablv smooth Atlantic cross- inc. Their soeed was well over 100 miles an hour until they en- -ounlcred motor iroubl?. They il=o row have the distinction of havinir flown both ways nrross the Hlantle ccean—and In the same plane. Rossi and Codos took rT from Paris earlv Sunday morning with '.he intention of making a 65- s our flight to some colnt on the Pacific coa^t of the United States, Between Sim Francisco and San niego. Their plam, with the same "50 Iwewwer Hlsromo-Pulza rno- 'O' which carried thorn from New York to Syria, carried oii> oi giuuiinc and 100 gallons "f oil. enough for an estimated •i.500 miles of flying. Gon?ale7,. Martinnno Serin, wholes with the understanding, how v as shot to death in 1916 because ever, that while passage nilghl b he refused to tell Federals where desirable, It should not be forced his chief was hldm?: Andres Var- at the risk of prolonging the gas, killed at Ceraya; Anacleto Olron, fatally wounded at the buttle of Zacalccas In 1914; .and Rlcardo Ze.i. killed In the seme bailie. Light Docket at Osceola WASHINGTON, May 28 (UP)—I Business Improvement Is enabling i OSCEOLA, Ark., May 28—Clr- thc Reconstruction Finance Corp- cult Judgo Neill Klllough ol oration to operate at $1.500,000,000 Wynne is presialng over the civil under Its $4.100,000.000 budget for [division of clt'cult court which the current fiscal year, Chairman j convened here Ihls morning. The Jesse II. Jones revealed loday. dockcl for tlic term Is light, Coin Harvey in St. Louis Hospital, Badly Injured ST. LOUIS, May 28 (UP)—W. H. (Coin) Harvey. 82, LIbertv party rcrdldate for president of the na- •lon and advocate of free silver many years ago, arrived at the Missouri Baptist hospital tcday 'n a serious condition from a fractured hip. Harvey was brought from his home in Monte Ne, Ark., for treatment by St. Louis physicians. He fell on a stone bench at his home. Insull Money Used to "Line Up" Negro Vote WASHINGTON, May 28 CUP>A federal tratxe commission examiner testified today that tlic Chicago legal firm of Schuylcr and Welnfeld paid "a lot of money" received from Insull utility Interests to Oscar DePrlest. negro Rc- publcan congressman, to line np WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, warmer tonight. Tuesd?J' Increasing cloudiness warmer In southeast portion. Memphis and Vicinity— Ftfr tonight and Tuesday, little chanie In temperature. The maximum temperature her* yesterday was 78, minimum 47, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- Ihe black vote in local elections." rls. official weather observer,

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