The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVE1IHEK 1, 1930 -•- • - - BIA'TIIRVILF-E, (AUK.) COURIEK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •l-wo ccnu a word lor nrst lu- tertlon and cue cent t WJrC Tor each juUcqutnt Inter- Uon. No atlvertlMineut lor lesi than We. Count the words »ud teod tlie 1'tioue 306 PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Abent; * . AUTUOioF''l3ASU 13QMANC&" FOR SALE Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DO- NUTS-Fi-csh Daily. if. FOR SALE—Sacks for cotton seed. Junk Dealers, opposite rtlsco Station. 29P-K3 lir.lil.X lir.lin TODAY CMI.IA MITCII]:i,L, 17, IriUf* I)lilllinori< ulitrr hhr bun lived *\llh lu-r » I'niiiJill-t-fcii lllflllier. MAIM: mi, 1 ! 1 nor:i-:ns, m jnin hir ivi-.-itliij frilhrr, JIIIIV MITl'MIOU., in \r\r Vnrli. Till- p:tri-]il» iiri' •JUor.-r.l i-nil Mr.. ItiiKCrH -i-mul r- FOR RENT FOE RENT: Four room apartment completely furnished. Call 650 or 068. L. L. Ward. 21ctf FOR RENT—Pretty little funilshed cottage. Rent 525 month. llicmas Land Co. 2SC-K3 FOR RENT—Two modern stucco buildings, corner Franklin and. Missouri, and 512 N. First.- Dr. J. A. Enliba, Phone 410. 29P-K5 FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment, garage if desired. G06 North Fiiih St. 27C-K32 LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. tf. WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES PIES—Fresh Daily. AND tf. WANTED — Family Wash In gs. '.Vashed and ironed by competent Yi'lille vi'oman. Mrs. Bro'.vn, 104 a Lake St. I7d£-tf "Times are r.Dt hard if you want to wc-rk. Bi* commissions fo: ycurself, church or school, scllln: Christmas cards and novelties Write for my plan." Floyd In- trant, P. O. Bex Ko. 24«, Memphis, Tenn. 31P-K3 l.\'i:V SIIIIM.DS, >annr, iif««- lntlU'r lilmlnKrrtiilirr, I* In Imi- I.VX I'llfsdXS, lirnllllrill ivItiiiH. li> [tiU-iiiiiic-i- hlx dnuchtcr tn other >ounc tir-niile. Mr*, 1'nr- KKIIW :-^rrr>. i-mislilrrlnc Crll.i n Hiram In iiln llllclifir> i:n<-r l!,ii:> She Mjnn lit-ruium Jealou«i nt tin' >:trl .-mil ^r-'n'rit-H In Ri'l rli] nf tirr li) i-:ii-i:iir-rli!C n"-- lir- inrrn IVtln mill Till) .1OHII-. V. fn^clnnlli.^ lull uf lUilitt-u 1 ; i-Jinr- rrTrr. In fin- .turilriii Kin- i:m--i r.'innt ullli tin- vr-inj: 1,1:1:1 fri'i-llcntl j. I.I SI IU'Xr\X. :i i;lrl i.f (Vlla-i i!--r. ];HMIII|.H l.i-r limit frifliil. I'lilpldi rni:H"« In \rn \iirU (u \\rtlt for fi tilniTojiriiphli 1 -ti-rvti-p mid ii:rp(H I'l-irsi. K! i- u IN lilni kill- lia» I,is I Iirr li?nrl lo JnrilMii. lino i-vi-iitn^ INy -liiitlilliiK In nMrli KMc-ld* tV.iviirltliiic emetic"* I'rp. '['tir Irrrur ('<!'•! fi-i-K unltl Khf li-:in-s In- U inCi- lirlri-'v IIIT In II rriill/lillim Hint ll Iv Slill'lil" ^r ri-^llj 1 Juvc* at-il tluit In-r Iji- rilitinlEim fur .lnril:ia In i-mlt-i], SIiirltK i-nll* lull IY!f:i hnn no «m- |i:«c-lnnll,y lo lullE tit lilin nrlvAli-lj-. xniv r:o <i\ WITH Tin: STOHV CHAPTI:I: xi.iv A FTEIUVAIID Celia knew tliai " sliD herself was . to blame for what happened. Mrs. Parsons linil an engagement for dinner and lu-lilje and the ?,\rl dined alone. S!:e could, have telephoned someone ami had company. 1 hut :i'ir preferred solUuiie. ll-frave her on;nr- tuuity to think of Barney'ami plan tho. future. entirely recovered. That remind* me." Mitchell Id. "Mother thinks October 15 will be the dale for yon to Eall. She asked me lo hook passage. That's—let's see, net quite ihree weeks fi'Oiti today." 'd drop In. Why illdu'l j.,.i let' to her Eiaitdmother'a home. To nc know you wanted compiiny? We I lind it lietoro her—scarcely three ould liavo had dinner logi'ilitr I weeks away—was startling, und Gecit n play." The hazy linpnluens In whlcli she "1 with 1 bad. I really dldn'i had lieeu drifting since- Harney know livclyn was unins out unlll i Shields' visit faded. How did she ust before she was leaving" know whnt might happen 1C ehe They talked ol trivialities for | wont awny for six months? At several minutes. CYlla asked nluuii i thought of her grandmother's am- grandmother nnd hat tied Iliai I billons plans for a social career she would be lias.-'* In lli-j city ucxl Celia rebelled, month. Mrs. Mitchell's beallli Lad As usual In moments of despair tlic girl's thoughts ran to Margaret Hogers. It only her molbor wcro there site would know what to do. In sudden haste Celia got out paper mill pen and began to compose a letter lo Mrs. Honors. She (old the Yi'hola Etory of meeting Damcy In New York, Idling him fiho cared moro for Jordan, nut then how realization had come that it was Ilarucy she loved. Jl was a long while before she finished llic letter. When I: wns scaled In Us euveloiie. Etamucd, addressed and put aside ready to post, she fel relieved. Still Elie was not sleepy. Cclla selected a magazine, curled up It R big and begau to rend. She wa:= si III rending when C HI.IA sat up —von widc-cycd. "Hall yon mean me?" she asked. "Ves. Surely you haven't forgotten you're lo spend the winter In 1'rancc 1 ; I distinctly remember indiier *ald she talked to you about it." "Ob. yes. Of course." "Don't you want to no?" Mitchell asked. The girl's allUuda was Celiu nodded. "Yes." she said, "only 1 didn't kunw — well. 1 really haven't been thinking nliont It. Afler grandmother ill 1 thought perliaps sl:o wouldn't care to go." Wbai Even i tough, it !:ad been annny his liot to have U:e cpt:n^tti:iHy lo lalii lo bin; alone, she was |.ro::rl of the lr.ip;-cs?loii llarney bail made ! , Mrs. l>av;ons. Cclia told her MllrllcU Celia meant but did not wish lo sny \va^ that she had se- ilotts doubts- iiliout her grandmother's feelli'B toward her. The girl did not want lo appear tin- sialeful. bul prospects of a winter anywhere with Mrs. Mitchell were icrrlfylnp. j Well. I'm si-id 1 mentioned it," j |? VPI.YN hciird footsteps outside llio dour 11 was nearly mldnigbl. "Is tltat you. Evclynr Cclla called. Site Jumped up nnd opened the door leading Into the hbll. Mi*;. Parsons appeared. "1 trying to be quid r.ol lo wake jnu," sho entd. "Oli, btit I wasn't asleep 1 . I've iusl bcc:i reading. Come In nnd lell me about the cveniag. Uld you on complacraily. "Ciet CHANCE OF LtFETlMK-^Rcltfiblc- arrbitious man to establish local business. \Ve finance ycu. Ex- pir:«nce unnecessarv. Make 58.00- S12.0D day. Full or pr.rt lime. McNESS CO., Div. 50. Frccpovt. 111. PEHSONAL self llial ivl:;l she bad tl:e youa;; min would not for very 101:3. to tav to i ^'c-J'n lo ''elp you get your clothes keen-bin : rcaa >'- G«c ss you'll be sorry to ' I leave Evelyn, won't you?" | "1 will!" Cclla assured S:ie dcc:d:-d In tcloplionc htm In', ,,j.|| mjss j, er a | 0t ;. the morning, ilarncy llvr:l at n.| youir; men's club, an instltullnii' v/ltich was not social, but ptuvided ; PAHBONS' pink-lipped fingers rcse to her lips lei stille a yawn. "Rather a bore," die said in languid tone. "Some cousin of Fannies was there, nnrl he was him. r o stupid. Insisted on talking j about Arizona or some such place Tlu-rc was a pause, and in those all the while:" moments Cclla missed her oppnr-1 Mrs. Parsons sat down, carefully TAXI—F. A. MCGREGOR Day cr Night-' Service, Phone 16. 1C-K30 SISTEI7 NARY'S u p- : irr::-i3luE dogree of comfort al low ccst. For one impetuous moment af:c: Ehc had I'fi tho dinin:; ronni and lay hack a?si:'.si thq blue aud sll- Utility. Slie bad been trying ever since her father's arrival to tell him at:Dul Barney Shields, How wild she sail lo Europe now aud k-[ivc 1'aruey? She tried to frame the words, but ver divan Celia li:c:;eht of calllr.a n,«y would not come. She him ai once. Sba liesilatcd. it would lie better to wait, made up her mtuil Ibat site wculd . ask !>./ncy to- meet her snmri-1 ~ where. Tije Park Pla^n would do. I Her dreaming was Interrupted by the ringins of a ball. Tim maid had bean fUsiaisscd for the eve- uing. Cei!a went to tile dcor. "Fr.thcr:" she cried. "Come In — I'm so glad lo ce^ you!" Jo!m .Mitebcll entered, kissed his daughter dutifully, and put aside hat-TOil gloves. you'alone?" he as-ksd:' "Yes. Mrs. Parsons had an en- wa.- ^'°- i groping for a means of Introducing S1 ''C I Hie subject '.Then Mitchell ro:e. "I believe you're tired tonight, fime ! Ctrlii." in.- i-.iid. "llcltei- go to bed early. It's time for me to he Cel- ling along anyhow. Tell Evelyn sorry smoothing the gold lace of her gown aljoul der. "Ten ond." Cclia sympathized. "I hnrl a sut price. Father colled." "Your father!" "Yes. ne r.-auted me to tell you lie was sorry to miss you. But, oh. Kvclya, I've- got the most awful ticivsf Grandmother's going to take me lo Franco!" "For the winter, you t mean? \Vh.e:i doc:> slie plan lo sail?" "Tkc litlt of ne.U month. I oth! I'd give, up everything else t only 1 could bnvo n, homo liku 'ther Rli-:i Evelyn, do you llilnk here Is anything 1 coulil do lo Tins Ihun toficlher ngnliit" Mrs p.n-fous' face froze. Colla van so aroused lhal Bhc did nol lotlco lion (be pupils of tho worn- itt's i-)ci fcotued (o grow smaller, lor did Elm sco ( || 0 | 00 [( O f i go i:vp|yn iintihcd on her. "Hc-.v could U do any harm?" Cclla pcnlsted. "Maybe If faiher judei>!r>i ; .i ivlml It means to me ic'd be v\lllin(; to tee mother ami talk to ker about U. she'd do It. I Ut!0',v she would! Maylio I ii'Oiilihrt Imvo in go lo Europe. Evelyn, I'm iioitif; to ask him!" "You nii-a:!-?-' Kvelyn I'piEtms tieKai!. situBslliis to conlrol lur voice. "I i:ica:i I'm going lo nsk father lo gn in sec mother. I'll tell him she Mill cares for him. Oil, I'm suio h'i [rueV M lts - I'AIISONS stood up. "If you'll excise me," Blie snid. in an odd, uinmlurnl tone. "I i.vjfi m iit| 3 rlrcss oft. nlphi. lit lite vioriiitt" wo can taik." "<ii '-'I iilghi. KVI-I.VII. Won't ll be wciiuUrful If It really hapucns!" There wan no answer to that ex. cliur.aiinn licraiif" the door Imd closid en Kvelyu I'avsona' bach. Cells. Mlssfully iniaivare cf storm clouds, turned out the light and was Ec-f>n asleep. Shortly after breakfast nexi iiioiKlni; 5 hc telephoned in llaruey. Slie look care to us;: lite telephone In the Ei.\ei- ftlii'ti t.ii one else was iibom. Cclla had no Itlcn that, tit a word from lier maid, Kvelyii Par- tons caiillnusly lifted the I'rcuch Icleplinno lu ber dicsslna ronm an inslont laler nnd that Uarney's hearty "(icoil moniln.t;!" was as clear to Evelyn's ears as lo her own. "llniv's lite arm this morning?" Celiu asked. "Seems to be nil right. Moiv'rc you?" Cclla saiil rather hastily lltat the was ipihc well. She added Hint she was an-.ioiis lo see him. nnd If ll wit? i...-.:ible would bu at Cential Patk Pluza at 3:15. Could be meet her there? lie could and he would. Celln said Kocdhy. ai.d with n iiuick bnik behind her put down the lelepluir.c. An hour and a half later John 5UppAi-(--TM/c3rl-r; AH WAS WIF HIM A TocrTBALU OAME;, AU 1 Me e»Aw<seD UP WIF A BUMcK OF COLLESK Drvr -re AW wa/a i WAS VJEARlM 7 A CRA/JSE SIW6IM 1 5oMflS ABOUT ALMA CLIPS 7Q-R7V OFF Hl5 -ifeies -Ta BE UAS< AH SAW QB HIM .AFTER GAMS , ME WAS LfiAD/M 1 A PARADE OB A - COLLEcse BoVS -fa /1M 7 P£ A GQAL-PoST/( ••fir MA-3/VH WAS A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HOOKKI) By Martin . -- .... .... I missed her. will you!" don't ivaul lo so at nil, but I sup- Mitchell, seated ut ;i desk In Ills Tiie girl assured him that she t pone I'll have lol" would, went to the door with him and said good night. Then she returned lo the living room and sat for a v,-hilo staring out at the night. At last she went to ber ov.-n room, undressed and slipped •Into a negligee. • --'-• - - A whole rev,- series of problems , BY SISTEK MARY The perfecv cup or coiiee! Many meals have been saved from the comnmnplnce, and ninny a hostess ha's gained her reputation by this finishing touch — clear, sparkling and fragrant coffee. - By observing certain nrccauiions gnscmcnt and I've bec-ti silti:;;.; | wore presenting themselves to Ce- here wishing for someone to talk | lia. The months ahead loomed to. You couldn't have timod your i ominously. Life had been so corn- arrival more perfectly." "That's good. Just happened to be in the neighborhood and though! brings out the flavor nnd mnkes it brittle enough, Jo 1 , "rind. There are and rules it is possible to serve j several different kinds of roas! consistently go:d coffee. The blend' heavy cr dark, light, medium. Itala::d French. As might be I'.ectcd, try; decree of roasting feels the • flavor amp ;color of beverage. . C'yV' Grinding is done sb'ltiat all the flavor [JCEsil the choice of th.3 coffee itseli, method of procedure and accuracy are important, factors in -the brewing of coffee. When purchasing coffee, the bl^nd which in these days is determined largely by the brand name, Hie finished cup of coffer. There i the coffee is of first importance. Without] arc three grinds, pulverized, me- fortable during the past weeks that she bad scarcely given' a Ihuught to the time v.'hcu she would return "Most girls would be pleased." "Yes. 1 know, hut—well, there ar^ a lot of reasons. 1 ' Evelyn Parsons smiled archly. "I cau guess one of them," she said.. "A certain young man!" •Celid -colored: "Well, - partly,", sho admitted, "but (bat isn't all." She waa silent for a moment and then the words burst forth. "Oh. if ihhtgs could only be different! Do you .know what I want move than auylMug else in the world? I want my father and mother— impressive legal office, wng Informed that there was a woman S to see him. lie glaucetl at tho carrl. "Show her la!" he said 'quickly. When the door opened again lie ivas on bis feel. Ftuiling. j "Evelyn—this is a pleasant surprise!" Evelyn Parsons did not atuile. "I hat] lo nee you, .loliti!" E!H! said In a tense voice. "Ob, I've just had such shocking news. It's Celia—!" (To lie Continued) cd coffee has many Almost any blend, roast cr grind is | obtainable, packed in packages ini-1 thoroughly with a pcrculator brush.'; mediately after roaitinir and grind- j It's a good plan not to put the ins in u peculator of the valve.jatic excavations were begun on thej ( 'pn and all the parts cleaned I site. typ ing. The cnrelul packaging prevents any deterioration until opened in the home. After opening, careful storage is essential. If good coifee is to be assured | P^colatoi parts togetlra until ready to use. A stale oi'.or which affects the be drawn into ei.?ty time it is made, the care of sionally shotilU be washed gocci coffee to begin with, one cannot hope to secure a delicious beverage. The special brand chosen depends upon personal taste. . Experts originate the various brands or blends for tiic market, and they are calculated to please individual tastes. Tiie roasting of the coffe.? berry Paving and Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUDILU Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. NOTICE With our rccinl partnership with Mr. Gee. Carney, we now have the best equipped Indc- ntuidcnl shop in town. CAENEV-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know we know IIOK" diuni and coarse The method of making the bevcrac.? determines (he grind chosen. Steel cut cof- fC3 is coffee which has been ground by special sloel-cuuinc machines, which also remove the chaff from the beans. Exposure May Hurt Flavor Careless handling at home often injures those qualities which hara been so. painstakingly developed. I Exposure to the air after grinding means l^ss cf flavor. Coffee bought, I in quantity should to stored in airtight container; in a dry place, If toffee is ground at home it al'.vays should be ground just before using. The grinding breaks tho coat o! the berry. This coat is its natural mr.tccUcn against loss of flavor. Cc;i-.m.:-rcir.!ly rrouni! and p.ick- A'w York Cotton I NEW YORK, Nov. 1. CUP)—Cot-| flavor of til? beverage develops if-j ton [ul ures closed steady. : a coffe pot is kept closed. The Open High Low Close i old 1114 111C 1107 1110 j new 1110 1111 1105 I'll! old 1125 1133 1125 1120 new 1125 1130 !lin 1125 | .... 1U9 1154 1142 1150 .... 1169 1115 1165 1171 | .... 1187 1105 11B4 1191 : . that is us=d only • occa- nndi limed early in the day and allow-1 WOcooo ? HD! \ KNOW voo WOOLOWT OO ft TWU6 l.Wt fV\M i ER Ort-- VOOOV.O S'OO ? pot is most important. It should be emptied as soon ns! ed lo air thoroughly. Scald it just possible after using to prevent dis- j before making tho coffee, thoroughly coloration. Wash it thoroughly in clean, lint, soapy water, and rinse! The buried ruins of ancir-nt it thoroughly in lots of clfinr boll- Pompeii were accidentally discov- ng water. Wipe dry with a clean ered. in 1594 whil? workmen wire towel and let K-maiu open to air..; making an underground aqueduct. Spots quiet at 1115, oil 5. Wlyf.- f;i5v.-, . m /•:^-^ /, ••••' ••". v.., _ .• <-' __^ | NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1. (UP)— ! Ihe valve.sliciild be unscrewed each. It was not nnlil 17G53 that system- 'Market closed today, All Saints day. | FRECKLES ANDJrHS FKIENDg ^ PLATE LUNCH , 20c Sand with cs and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIVK.AXn-TEX CCST STOKE ^i^; i WERT He Makes "Em Set V. R. WASHAM-Transfer DaUy tnpi to. Ill«ni])|ils. Will pick up and deliver, freight and (HCksat-6 anywhere. Special lutes on carload lots. Local Phont 8S1 M€U!|=lil3 Phone. '3-a;i —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO I'AHTS Main at 2UI Call 66 •Royal C. Mills Public Accountant aud Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. myuievllle, Ark SPECIAL Merchants Lundi 35c TOM'S CAFE OUK PRKMIUM is Roods lo suit your lasle nnd the best workmanship. AVc deliver promptly. You pay for what you gel and rfd ivliat you pay for. IJIythcvlllc Upholstery & Repair Shop J. II. Jenkins, Msr Phone 4C3 117 S. 'isl, st srAND HERE AUD CXJ ATKINS;... 1 COULD JUMP Vrtsne AND HOLD HM OP MER6 S06S TREADIU' \NAT6R TILL G=T To DO'.E "THAT., now BL/ C/-MERU W.U. CLAW "TVJO MKTIMS.I CP ON'-Y OMS. •s«f&f£ .-I/^>>.^ IT \S...L£X*: TO TAK£ US AUD TP.G ITS DARK. MOUTH !J MOJI'N' POP STATIC UEXl VA4V ^C THC -fCLPS ft' 7 GLtt ktOJ'sD 4 By Cowaa

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