Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 5, 1942 · Page 20
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 20

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1942
Page 20
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OAKLANP TRIBUNE STJKPAY, JULY 5. 1942 News Theater mm - New Film Spot . On Broadway Fox Offers Timely Topics in Modern Show House Sir-'1 '"' By WOOD gOANES 1 hat Into the news reel arena during 2l tba week-end and a very pretty chapeauljk turned out to be as repre- sen ted by the Fox News theater on aroaaway sngnuy aDove lain street Taking advantaee of all the uifiiiwuv ucaifiucu mj i lid iv e news J reel observation a comfort and a V pleasure and installing all of the 8-B w ' fyi-'fYtr:. fx - ifys&k I 4 1 jw i ' Til ' .. u i i T with a magic eye, the Fox West Coast management made a very creditable addition to the film scene In the Eastbav. ' Designed especially for the news reel trade, the theater is a strearn- lined affair with all seats on the main floor and all seats generously , i' (paced to permit easy entrance and " exit Some new sound modulation . device lends auditory pleasure to ' the visual evrpllpnen mil . petent air conditioning 'mechanism It In effect. ' So much for the theater, which is ; mary requirement of any theater is' to provide a balanced entertainment - and If the first bill may be taken ' aa a criterion, the situation la well v: in hand. Ninety minutes passed- in . ;, a twinkling as a variety of news , Items passed in parade. ,y On me feature section of the pro-r .gram Robert Benchley was in evi-'. it dance to give some helpful hints on : the art of keeping fit; on the news section interest centered in graphic ' . shots of the Lexington, the decora - v,. tion of Jimmy Doolittle's men and u kindred affairs nt otnte nnt ovxluw. '. Ing the latest triumph of Whlrlaway. j The Fox News opened for busi-' f nest without particular fanfare, none in the auditorium itself. Down-4 ' stairs in the broadcasting room civic . officials gathered to give their bene-" diction to the new enterprise and William Winter, the news com-p, wentatqr, was the guest of honor, Using the theater for his point of origin in a coastwise broadcast. ' BUST EVENING V's Since theater operation is a business rather than a civic gesture, the Important fact about the Fox News . opening was that long before the " doors swung open at seven o'clock 3 the multitudes were assembling on , Broadway and long after the city tral benisons the line was still slowly 'V'movlne; from the highways to the " box office. From all of which it may be safely assumed that the Skotiras Brothers have made a correct guess in the ' ' selection of a site for their news reel theater; that they have equipped . it efficiently is admitted. Richard Spier, district manager of the chain and Frank Burhans of the Para-.V mount were on hand for the open-1 ing Friday night but the affairs of the Fox News will be in the hands 4.L k airman who waj a little too busy to take bows Central Showing San Quenrin Film L The story of a prison warden who .. " fights for his theory that imprison- me'nt is enough and tries to give his! '. Charges liberties that will maintain! " their self-respect, is told in "Men of:ary, 1941. "Claudia" quickly rauWit ' San Quentin," currently on the ' The Story Is based partly on the history of San Quentin itself and . 1 the picture was filmed in the prison '. With the world premiere held in the main mes. h.ii attended by the con- - Vlcts. J. Anthony Hughes, Elcnnor Stewart and Dick Curtis, are the Stars. SrVl 11 UIC Vlilllttl, Fk. A ,.. ... ,u. .. .Z" i." V. .u F. - musical romedy, "Melody I.anp " f z . .' LMan crroi. Ann ii v. y n n e ann Robert Paige 1 2 Films, Stage Show At Moulin Rouge TmHinff ililuntv 1 , , tlt nmnrum ' "HOW to Undrew in Front of Your Husband" is a special screen nttrac- timi thl WMk nt the Mr n ,,.- Theater. The picture, which Is part, ot a , thi Of a triple-headed program, shares mm rlth "W,1H f nrf . burlesque Show on the stage lh . xnx I NOW -Ends TUESDAY! f scnnEB XITA HAYWOKTH IM 'I1T GAL SAL' i CONftA ttI mm A6ENT9 f MTTMat UhL-tMM$ CstAto' j 'TALixrcrmjirr "BItndli Coil ft CoIIi" f i ryTu'nxp ''if ' i PPyitl ' t ' I " companion feature. , : l-X,' ViJ J ti"pf 'It 1 A special added attraction Is V X. yt Pi, r ..f. j ' VXsZV- f. "Churchill's Island," produced in ,' ; V "" a ... .. any. ir.ni.nj England from hundreds of thousands I M f ' ' &l $ ("mTwT "" " "" " """"" of feet of captured Nazi newsreels, 1 .A Jf I iFYs- showing startling scenes of air blitz, I , I ,tpiatajsjjk If , ! 5 iliLirkl TUC blockade and , raparations for in- f 1 ' JF JL My I f WW-r";f ;V- W M t IN I lit vasion. A great deal of the footage M I " Hl fy' " ' , i 1 in the film was made by German W 1 V ' m ' ' ' I yrV' ' PITTI'PF TAPT submarine and bomber crews and f " ' ' ' $11 41" I J . - lv- 1 WILJ J i I British censors at Bermuda. The ! " 1 ' & 4 ' I FOX OAKI.AN'I) "T. n ;.ntle- iilms were being sent to the Ger- .J . X WW f v : I t' Srg$k ' W""' men frn. w-t I'- ;.- 2 noon, 'Claudia' Hits 500 Mark on Broadway John Golden presented an original celebration of the 500th Board-way performance of hit comedy "Claudia," at ihe mntinee yesterday afternoon. All the players in the Rose Franklin play, including Frances Stun Donald Cook and Dorothy McGuire period of 500 months ho or B of I November, 1900, to be precise In place of the green dirndl rires-that has been the hall-mark of Claudia Naughton. Dorothv Mr Gulre was discovered in Gibson-girl ensemble that will include hicn I button-shoes, a flowing brll-shnpe skirt, a pinched-in shirtwaist and leg-of-mutton sleeves. The entire cast was dressed to match thise styles of the turn of the century Opening on Broadway in rYbn the public fancy by its depiction of i" ' J '-' ' " , . facing and solvint their pcism ! and domestic problems with infer t i ovjw gayety j gjrry Samaritan in ; 7 Film at Broadway i ' U,m 11'",V P'-'V- ito n gang of rond ,k,; l.liil li'.ir; up the stngeeoiirh dailv to cct t! . pay bffore it n 5t..len bv die 'hot of the l"Wii, in 1h We.tel . opus "The Ap.it hr Knl" heading tin bill opening at the Hioariuav Tin , ter today for a I"ni1ed enKaK''niri,' l.ynn Merru k and I.ei. v M ... i hrad the Miptiori The jeroiitt fr.,t ne I'nd. i M Striix's" is the o..rv f Vtrr h drop. ., of money iTrF ''' I.! y " '" 1I Hrmv h.,s t. 5" T" . ' a"en nvan. r.ngar icnncov M ihneila Hyan. Mgar Kentiedv Nl( naroin jiuoer neaa me upp..rtsi.K Tike. (H,, Debate F rom Congressional Record Features Film of West Point History One of the on ' 1,1,11 ...d , i.ni. ever filmed pi .nunrnt ;!, "I'i n Gentlemen Fi..ni ll'ci 1'. n i i, at the Fox Oakland If . ., mncies- sional debate t.tken fih..'jm fri.rn the rongresiMnl Kivoid i f the last I century. ON ITAOl UftUjQlla ClRi SHOW iSisWW iStjasMlIt BAUYVOEf CsatlntuM FrsM Nac. a'4 . g J STAGE: 11:3010:30 XTA ADDID ATTEACTIOK LVi 1 Til m n T.T1 . I .vX. " M Hi J mi ll "ThcK,U v..k.. ir, 4 0:,, r- v . - ifr : kiv ,fft fr lAl', - fAr fU.v , f- r. f ; I0, "; lis f Af&K VI. J ' Vff - '4 : Frank Morgan Star 11 1 - lrr4i . ;v , n - 4r ,nChimes 9Feature tVlffd' ' ' L, 'VA 1 V V,- ,,,,, 1 latere 1 :. jm,m: & & - i t ' i r4f . m ii 'TKf jr .r . iw a i .. . ine 1 1 t am""' . ki -tf. t .11 ' ! ' ?sWV f ' . S jar Maiiyn corn 'lsi nrtM- . r,rt ( S sj I ' ' 'U'jb Xf XuJg B RUSSELL-MscMURRAY i Rollicking Farce A J - j -: lTAKiALfmRl At Orpheum (V V V M ,n Film$ You Take - .. ... DcMUig." G.,,- !W ,. M I jM' Sm ) What YOU Get :;;, ' CAREY BENCHLElfJJ t..t. ! r. . M- .. f. . ' tia i st i ,,. , v.,., i, t ip : i . . r ....1 m. m, K.i f r,y- t:- 4r i . i,4?wv i '' I ,., . ,.,,, ....... ,.. .. I fi'iT?rrt2 fVx fr , r- i ( ! '..! v muniburvitNT-UHAKAUMUNB pr. h;u in !.-... the little r,f n. U', ., ..... . .. , . Sh;.r.-r tl.e I. !l ..... t rn-ci i j)r)f.., ,. - .,. , (.ri .-.ft.,, t.. tl-e K.d. tie r . t ,,f F.'i tm, it. : . f i v p. il ' i i ,.f We .1 p. r Hut ot-lv nftr larly he.,tr r ,p , ,F , . the 1. use "The dial"Kur a, ip. Record." aid Hi'h..id ' --rr:.V . S : ' Uutsr-lsa,, BTEN GENTLEMENl ,1.1,, , . ,, . .. . ... ,i.,:.,,: .... . i-i.,;y yn ' ' ' . l. -k ,-i ,,,,, rooprr-J.nn rlh.r I '"".""f r.,ra- .,i ,M ,,, .n p. I TIIK PI,;ISM I ' mil - I U A AX T A I I I rolf I omkird-Rokl M.nlt..m.r.l sjy Wrjgg 4 night" x Ri'Miprl Cregar Has His Hair Clipped For Role liul I.N oti .1 u ! y 4 W ill .' H. M"i I'.ir, ih.." f. r. ! i .:.' di (tie hv kep I r .ill 'I. . . '! ' i f ! . r, r ! j V p!( ' .. ;(p ?0'h f '( ri I ,: l a: l.f r I .1 h. i p. . ... head . f l.a;rr B) J I I l I J L MR MKS SM'T" I l.ntln.n. tr.m ? , m a iA!b3iW ' 1 ,''vfd rRKKrARK'M- ArM i ."ir .. .i . j ifiaafis imi m . avf, m m r- ,1 UK f Itri ri n Tl.l v; rs omj M . ,,r,.e t!.. o , i M A UJ A P t W ' 1 1 L T JlWfitfPP1 I 'Kill po:n.d- ). fert ir; i - ;,n i ibMMI PIEDMOW phonk pi rdmont r,r. n Unuir-Kn HnUn 'THE FLEET'S IN" ARitME Dicmci ssatBstaBMSBi sa ssskassi as ssi anaa as bmbssb1ss1 TIE LAST IS WILLWE Abbott & Costello RIO RITA Also What's Cookin' Gloria Jean Andrews Sisters oiv: iHBAW riiovr. i.t snfrr BFTTF UAVIf ANV KHFRinAN 'the man who came TO DINNER" OKOROK HANOCRA -date with tbs ru ov- :rom i" - Beautiful ney . Reel Theatre, . moor- a. ToMHT! , IN PE0N' . ;....r..Sw.2. g to 9 .15 P 01 Coast to Coast MotwOtk usjj vi fW - (,r..- H 1.1 Ml lhn, fl Im. i f,,iiii ii ii I iitilif Il . . IN THt 10 B II ur " - C-I. !!' .-t . -VJKKl. air :"t if ju ij p- II tmnuwrti mi i.. cut'oa I AirnoTT i ri i i i rilo I J ilLADY FOR A NIGHT H fimtnima-tin n m STRIFES fWMATSZJ1 Thi Spy Smatktr CARTOON COAAEDV 4 WAR KEW.. 1 Alalia Only liMHMaBSBRMHMMli 11 "Ik- 1 " 11 " :

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