The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1953 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1953
Page 18
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PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEyiLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS r CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Hitli r»tt fit ir»t >er ccBittutlr Insertion: Minimum ehnrf« , it 1 lime per line ,, IJc I limes per line per <Uy 12c S tlmej per Mm per day .,,,. #c « ttmei per Itno'jier day ,,...,..., Tc 12 HMCS per tin* pet day te Mnnth per line . Me Count Hit arerajce word* to the Itnt Ad ordered lor three or jli llmej and stopped before t expiration Kill he ehjrfert for Ihe number of tlmei the • d appealed And adjuitmenli of ill" madr. All clitulfM irtYArttitnit <- 0 pj snh nn1lte<l by perroni re J Id I DC nut slrte of rlly must fce accompanied by e*<h. Jlat?A mxy hf easily be computed (torn AdrertisEnp ordered for !•• lerHons l.ikf Ihr nnr time t.iVlff. N'o ir.^onMbllit. be lakes for more thin one inrorrtct tnserllon of »nj eU*slfted art. All sds are restricted: t<i their i»r^T>- *r riant if teat Ion, st?lf and type. Thr Courier N>KS reserrei Ihe rlebt to ertll • r reject my »d. Carrf of Thanks We wish to thfttik our Mendx and nelshbor& for the many kind thing" ehown.itK rtiirlnc our bprear^/nenl- The dp n't h o! <Mir hnby Nanry 1-ou. \V« dcpply appreciate ev>rvthlni{, yw\r thou^htJulne^ will K\\vnyn )>t r^mrnj- bcrrd. Mr, and Mr* Tfd Tnvlor Mr. Ar Mrs. Jett Northern JSr. ti Mr?. A, O. Taylnr 1115 pX 1« Aoortment for Rent 3 rm." furn. npt. private entrance, Ph 2170. . 'Ill pk 22 4 room furnlflhfd *iit., MMn Street Gns hr-fit. Call 2105, 1|14 [ik 21 2 large rooms with hath on Dlv. St. Coup** 1 onlv. rh. 4005, 1112 pk 10 3 room imfiirn. *pi. close In, Ph. 2535. • . 1)13 ck tf 3 room (urn. ape, tor rent. 112 E. Sycamore. - . 1|13 pV 20 ••3 room un/urn. apt. Prlrnte bath. EJee. vater heater. Ph. 3610. ll!0 pV n 3 room furn. apt. Private b.ith. electric stove ^nrt lee bo>t. Phonp 6376. ; . - 0 pk Ifl Better clafi 3-room Ivirnlsherl . Apt. 702 W. Airti, Mi month. Ph. Mr. Collins at «!».« - 1)1 ck tf Apia. Ph 6772 or 2320. 3 and 4 room ftpi'.. with prlyate bnth I'h. 2G60 dAy.t anrt 35SS nLght.s " ' 11120 ck tl Nice 6team hcntcd 4 rm turn «pt»11 electric kitchen Clnst! In I'h. 4432. 11J16 ck U 3 unfurn. apt..112 K Cherry. Apply In ck to Mrs, Elder : 11120 pk I'20 S3 Modern 3 : mm fur »pl Thn 2595 or : • '- XjM ck « Modern apt, 3 rooms and bath, new- 1T decorated, f-oVJd furniture, gas equip- • Ph 3373 F. Simon. »;31 ck « • Bowen Apts. for Rent T\^o. lour loom apis, completely furnished. Private front and back entrance. Private Batha. Hardwood lloors. Ph. 3061 day. 6JIS nlEht. 1J13 cX tf Attention Farmers Have your cotton seed de- linled and treated early ftl our modern new plant. Guaranteed work at reasonable rates. Call Handall JIawks for further details, 3756 day, 206-1 night. RED TOP GIN 11)15 pk 2(1 NATURAL OAS INSTALLED AT ACTUAL COST of pipe and rltllnB* and mi; work bs 1 the hour. Experienced. Bonded. Llcpnaert. WorJt gtinranteed. Call Jimmy, S250 after 5 p.m. I lip* 2;7 Refrlperatlon—Air Confllltonlni and ntallnjt Aerrlce. Cr.ll A9&6 or Aflu RSmlGKRATION CO 1M l> Otiar*nteed ptano ttinlng and te. >ilr. Oil 2071 dar 1019 nlghu 5 2« tf For expert eprvlce. oil etores .floof furnaces, tvnter pump or AOltner Call 6349 any time, l|3 p* I ; 3 Complete Gas Installation Llcrnfe & Bondal OrBburn Plumbing fiupplr Ph. 3208 1|3 nk 17 JO MINUTE THOTOSTATfO SEHV- [CI, O'STEKN'S fiTtJDIO. 115 W MAfN I3J4 cV it Will care for children hourly, dally or weekly. For details call 8218 l|13 pk 21 For Sale, Misc. COTTON SEED Half & Half — goo'd prices. HURON GIN CO., Lexington, Tenn. l||g pk 3115 Rood Jersey mllrh cow '*-Jth youii't J. \V. Mnlonry. rh, fl22!>. I!l5'pk 22 Fflrmall B F.rjulpmrnt artrf trailer Reasonable. O. O. Mclntosh, Rt. 3, Box 600, BlylhcvtlLfl, self-service laundry nnd home. 5 room home wllh hath. Modern lhTO<igh- out. Laundry consists of M w.ishi-M, S water heaters und dryers, Mire concrete bWg. 1 block oft main St. nn hl- wrty 61. A woritlcrfDl bii-;lnf.« npportu- nlty at home, ph. 271 Stecte. Mo..' or 213 S. Walnut Jim I.ltllnjorn. IjH pk 21 bedroom houxe. hath, hot water hcntrr lots of • fruit trrrs, 1(10 rt front Call 2566. - I;H p k 2 1 3 piece bath room art, Complete JI27.SO. nUo hSve blftckc pipe alt nlzes -- J rittlnK-s. Ph 320R. Or«hurn Supply 1|IO pH 21 Will ancrlHcs 1Q47 DC Roto. 4 ilo<ir. Exccllent.condltlon, I'h. 4528. 1J13 ck 16 Complete set of practically new Btorti 'Istiires In excellent condition. Call 40R! nlRhts or can -he Rcfn nt James •lask C.roc,, Soiith nth. IjlO pk 17 KESR for snlc. 2,000 hpflrt. 43.50 R Ken (I. Tom Mtulclen, 5 mile* north at Kennnit. Mo,,'on Hwy 25, ph, Kcniirtt R-MSO. , Vfl pk 23 ilortel A John Deere 10-15 Model, 2 row amt 7 piece equipment. John Decrc rallor. Notify Kenneth Hardest}-; 1117 lolly, • iia pk 2|3 •• Sn^all Apiirtments, furnished, ?8 »p per week. Bedrooms '• |4 Alp single.- 114 West Ash Ph. 2833 " 8|4 ck tf Services : x UPHOLSTERY . - Ford's •Upholstery Shop 2328 Marguerite, Ph. 27G3 Quality Upholstering, .Glue Work. Free pickup & delivery. Prompt service. / ilia pk 2|1B FAR.M DITCHING We do farm ditching'. For free estimate call or see. ' ED ALDKR / WESSON FARMS Victoria, Ark. ' Ph. Osccola night, '529J Ph. Osceola clay, JI82F2 . 15 P k 22 GAS SERVICE Ltccnjefl Anrt bormcn Hrynnt. LRW- ?on «nd other mnjor br.lnrla hrfltlnp cnvilpratnt. Sntei. Instnllntlnnt. m?rr- 1«. Kdsy terms. BERRY ALLEN Plumbing ^ Heavlnr Co. Ph. not Cafo Kf]ll1rmcnt. SialnteAS Etecl tr hRpc counter, 20 stools. 1 magic chel' an inngc with crill. 1-3 compnitmant gnty. sink, dtshci. 1 grill. Ph. 3203 ' • \fl p\t 17 flnby t)cEf, com red, for deep' freeze. At all times Ph 2S74. 12J17 pk 1|IS Save Money AVlien You Buy — Sell' — Trade Used Furniture GLTN HARRISON &'SON • FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8)2 ck tf "TYPEWRITERS'- DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W WMniit rhnne 33S1 Plenty of Parking Space For Safe Ph, 6809 night, 2611 day ph. I]14 clc 21 Flro-Durplftr proof Rfttes, nil K\7.?n on ensy terms. Ft. paid. One jrenr to pay No, no currying chnrges Ph- N*cw Fire Prcof SnTex. \Vt. 225 ibs poMlbJe to pick the romblnntlon. Al Inctory price Ft paid. 1155 ph. -J097. l\1 pk 2.2 Mr. Farmer, Here Is Your Bargain List of Farm Equipment! John Dccrc Disk Harrow OA Disk Harrow. Heavy Duty Blount Disk — in A-l condition. 2 row Aliddle Husfcr for Farmall "H" 2 row Middle Busier for Case Tractor 2 row Middle Busier and Harder for Allis Chalmers Iracfor. Squadron Hilch for four row Stalk Cutler Farmall "C" and Cultivator. WE HAVE MANY BARGAINS IN USED DEEHE, ALLJS CHALMERS, OLIVER AND ALL TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT. $25.00 60.00 150.00 150.00 75.00 50.00 35.00 815.00 JOHN FARM- TIOhAL HARVESTE 312 South 2nd Blythevill* ''Save the Difference on a 6 month Guarantee USED CAR or TRUCK at PHILLIPS!" 1950 MERCURY 4-Donr Bfrlan. A Tlttulf, equipped -with Kadlo anrl lleafrr, Orcrrlrlrlt »nd WJiitr Ririewall Tires. See 11 NOW . . . price Is rleh(! ( 1950 FORD t-nonr Cui<<im V-f »f<h IU- tlln, Heater. Orrrdrlve »nd While Sldfwall Tires. You'll love 11! |) r )v e HI Vou'll buy It! FORD •i-I)»nr Ciisdim V-8 equipped with good Hosier, WSW 'J'ires . . . looks ;uid operates like new. 19t!) HUDSON 2-!)oor wilh all the extra accessories. 1948 F0f{» 2-Do(ir wilK Radio & Hsaler, It's t h t Super Deluxe model and a real nice car. H)I7 CIIKVRQLKT Kleelniiisler -f-Door wi<h Radio & Heater. An EXTRA nice car for Ihe price. 19tli-KOKO 2-Door wilh Radio & Heater. Here's a Phillips HAKttAIN of (he week! Good Selection of Used Trucks 300 Broadway ompany ,Phone 4453 BRUCE RITCHEY Used Car and Truck Manager • Cecil Conned « i. es (er Godwin • Wade Simpson • Fred Davis • ,Ii m Williams • Joe Shanks I'nraii 1 ca'fc «lsn. M [t. tubing nnrt rnFinlnrmpr. rh. ,1208. 1J7 pk 21 RKGFSTETtED AntUJDEKN-ANUUS i , CATTLE Several yonnR hulls. Agefi (mm ft to 20 mnnths. Good blood lines, mostly EJIee'mnere and H.inriollcr Breeding. S or 10 ready for scrvlcp. For sale vet7 rp.isonably. I might sell a lew, heifers and bred cos-s, Evprychlng Is registered, , ' • • ' E. O. ADAM3 l.TOff N. «t!i St.. DlythBvllle. Ark. Ph. 3368 '•:• ' . ' ' '" t,Brge a.bertroom house on two largf lots. Two rental buildings on back of lots plus roomy garage and laundry room with upstairs storage spacf. call C64 for rietnlls. . - 1*13 p x 22 U^Pd refrigerators 359A sell A White. Ph. M96, and up Hal- 11119 ck U Notice. Red clay. Gravel rind Dirt. Ph. 6226. . 12;3[} pit 1|30 Cabinet radio. Good condition Very reasonable. Call 2BD3. 1|8 pit 2? FOR BALE Nice 4 room house on West cherry trect. Good location. Price la 13 000. art In lo,in. 6 room, house on North Flltppnth St. This house had a Gl 4% loan. Pay |850 'own and $.tt.23 per month. If you need an FHA Loan, see us. : \V. M: Burns . Realtoi'-Insuror ; ; 115 Npi-th Second Street Phone: 3361 : i;u ex 21 —For Sale or Trade Massey Harris 44 with 4-row efiulp- ment. Made one crop. Will sell or trade tor 2-row equipment. 1.000 bu. soybean bin. will sell at bargain. Call 30.1. Slr-cle, Mo,, after 6 p.m. . 1|9 jA 16 t.lma Paymaster tlra^ line. IB rnos. old. W1U sell or trade on Iftrm or bulldozer. Ph. 303. stcclr. Mo. after 6 p.m. 1|9 pX 16 For Sale, Real Estate OSCEOLA , CLEANING PLANT This is a completely tquipped dry cleaning'plant. It is well located and building can be eased or purchased. See Kay Beck nt BECK REALTY CO. QSCEOLA) PH. 975 ^ 1[10 pk 17 Aftracfive SJiedroom home on corner lot. This place has hardwood floors, good fireplace, attic fun and 2 bathrooms. The location is choice and is priced for quick sale. For appointment see. Mrs. Joe Shanks Phone 6138 IjtS pk 19 Two houses, one acre near Air Biise. 5 roum house -— also 3 room house approximately 3 years old, on one acre food land — t/ 2 mile of air base. Price $0500.00. See- or Call JACK MARSH Office Ph. 9605 Residence Ph. 2720 1[15 pk in 'I room residence nnd bath. Frigidaire ami electric stove. Hardwood floors. Anderson St. §li7a for equity and ?33 per month. Ph. <M<!6 or 8656. P. R. Joyner It. C. Campbell 1115 ck 1<* OSCEOLA BRICK BUILDING This building is located on Hale Ave. It has bctn completely rewired, roof is almost new, solid concrete floor, and front of building has been remodeled. For further information see Rav.Beck at BECK REALTY CO, OSCEOLA PH. 5175 1|10 pk 17 2 bedroom house, modern and nice. $600 to $1,000 will handle. • GEORGE M. LEE Ph. 69G1 or 3393 1114 ck 21 12 lots 3 blocks from nevr hJ?h school 1,500. Ph. 256fi. i]14 pk 11 4 room house and Jot, Air Bass road. Lth rtmnlnn: water In Xttchpn nnd bath. Phone IW13. 1..2-DH FOR SALE Modern G-room house and bath, close to Catholic School and Church on West Ash St. 3 bedrooms, g;is heat, large glassed in back porch, attic. garage and storeroom. Large lot, with nice 4-roum house and bath on the rear which will make a big part of the monthly payments. Price only $0,150. $3,250 cash, maybe less, will handle, or will lake in smal)er house or equity as part payment. This house is in good condition. See or call JOHNNY MARR Ph. or 2596 ck tf NERD SEVEN ROOMS: There's plenty or elhow room In thli mnlncl,- modernized two-story homr in Central \Varrt District jind de.*lr»blf locution, tn perfect share, absolutely no repairs or decorating needed Four hrrtroorm. tKmlly-slzed kllchen ivl!h plfnty ol rnhlnets. jarape Reri»lTe> onlr n re.isonahle down pflymrnt with FHA lofln. E. M. TERRY Fhon« 2M1—2134 Frozen Custard — Drive-in — best location — henvy city-hifrhway traffic. Jonesboro, Ark. New glass front bldg. Near large Drive-In theatre, best equipment. Owner has two will sell one. Terms. Call or write — E. H. Hood, Walnut Ridge, Ark. . *_ 1 13 pk 20 WE WILL TRADE LARGE TRACTORS FOR: TRAILERS • LOTS • TRUCKS Jack Robinson Implement Co. .Allen Hardin, Mgr, Blytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 For Kent 8 rrn. house Turn, or nnJurn. or will el] furniture, Hoi water A. bath Close In. Ph. 9M5, )|i p ic ig 2-heriroom house -with bath end city WAtftr. \fr mile sooth of city Hmlts on Highway 61, 3 room WIA* with city wnter 4 no balh. Mrs. Pain Rynim. nVi. '21V ms rk tl Smalt 2 rm.. house. fl*Q /Main, Ph. P/)8 or 3*511, iju ck 21 2 room hoiiars without bath. In Pride Addition. t!0 per month, 8«e United Insurant:* Agency. Ingrain ntdg Ph * J8 ' 2 ' " • 12.30 cfc tl 120 Rcres of land, 10 miles northwest of Bfj-thevllfe. Tlila land' !R located on vel road Can be divided ' tnio SO es & 40 acres Day Fn .6645 NlRlit Ph. 2830 VMIeyfleld Oln. f 12J6 ck t Oulr Service Station lor rent on South Highway 61, Space for cafe grocery or used cars No Btncfc or equip, ment to buy Ph 3251. 12 16 ck if Modern cabin* and ftpta IXHX Boy Court*. Couple* only Ph: 3351 411 Bait Ifmln, 120* «i. fe«l In mato building *ra.<»nnabf* r«nt Cat! «12 l!» ck 11 uiislness roo/n. 40« W. Ash St.; aFftlt- aWe Jan. JOth Call DC Keltli Qr J M Jont*. 12'27 pk 1-24 SERVICE STATION F0£ RENT Texjittt Service Station ft ORrape In Hell,; Ark. Good locntlon nnd ft real mon«j--m«k«r A comptetely new modern Texaco Station win he constructed, In the Spring nt this site. This is an excellent opportunity for the right person. Call Bob Logan nt 3391 In Bly- vllle. Ark. lj& ck tr .Truck tire ViO x 20 found batmen Armorel and Huffman. Lyinan Henson. P h - 3&3 3- ![ I5 pk |g Ladies horn rim gta.w. In Guard's rase lout Saturday night at Hit?. Theatre. REWARD. Mrs. Urlmex, Montgomery Ward. i 13 pk |6 topt, 4 uttle black kitten about 6 wka. old. Gean Atkinson. Ph 2.168, Ijfl pk 16 Private Rooms Nice ateum he»ted bedroom, edloln- .nft hath. Men only. Ph.~4132. 1)14 pk tf 2 bedrooms: Mrs. Homer Wilson, 940 C. Main. Ph. 6800 or 2611. ljn ck 21 1 bedrooms, private bath. Ph. pk 2j|3 Nice steam'heated bedroom adjoln- Iny bath, BOl \V. Ash. Ph, 2203. 1[13 pk 27 Bedroom or 9G71. ith private bath. Ph. 2938 . ... ijio ck tf AISK. comfortable bedroom conveniently locHtprf. Ph. 2SH, I[G pk 2;fi Help Wonted O rep ting Service has opening" lor Lartj-. Salary poislhllltles at 5150,00 to $200.00 per- month. Above average Inily between, age 25 and 55. M<ist present nlr* persona} appearances, hare automobile, above nvcrngc personality and ability to meet people easily and sell local work for national 'organization. It you meet fully qualifications write to Mlss'Bobh.e Hcstnnd, P. O. Box 863, PJne Blutl, Arkansas. Attfr Applications are received we will mnfce. «r- rnngenients for 'personal Interviews In Btythevlllff.- , . 1J12 ck 19 W.nterf, Mechanic, expcrionced preferred. Good working conditions. See Verner Williams, Horner-Wilson' 1 Motor Co. 1115 ck tf 6wsin«ss Opportunities HOME FURNISHINGS This very proJItabJe business is ,s Tor spile due to owner retiring. Established. 26 years, UnRjtcpllert In type nntl Jocatlon. 13.860 Sfjnnrp feci llrst floor or superior merchandise beautifully displayed. Second lloor •nork room and storage. Fixtures , . qulpmeht, two trucks and station wngon Inclnfled. Drive In parking front anrt rear, S155.000WH) good lease. IxKated In Memphis. Tennessee. John c. Lftrfcln Company So. Pauline Memphis. Tenn. 1115 p* ifi Imttrance REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCE It IfttorMted IB Buying Or MlhBf ««• Noble Gil I Agency Glencoe BU Z . Ph. 6868 Call 4553 " For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollavd Agency Planned Protection' KOTTTL Btm-DIWO 1M W i.h St. /-•*< A Found Notice Your Fuller Brush Dealer Is nc™,W., W. Lowe Bt 3111) Henley si. Ph. 8338. 1(13 pk 2J16 EDMISTER RADIO AND PELEVISrON REPAIR SHOP Call 9310. All Work guaranteed. 12J17 pk 1|17 We Buy Fur & Pecans Higher prices paid for fur ant] pecans. Cflll us before you sell JOG HESTER'S CROC. SO 61 Ph. 2632. 1[1» Position Wanted Stenographic vrork wanted. A years experience. Rapid typist. Knowledge of nil general offlee work. Can operate dictaphone. Very HEht nictation Ph 6007. Marlette Harrington. 1]13 pk 19 Strayed Fcmnle Collie, brown and white, answers to name Duchess. Ph. 3706 or 4737. REWARD. • ]]13 p |t 15 Schools Enroll now: Shorthand. Bookkeeping Typewriting. Mrs. I/. M. Burnett 1010 ""'"• 1]13 pk SO Salesman Wanted MAN for Haa-Ielgri business which Just heeaine available. Good opportunity, for willing worker. AppU Raw- lelsh's Dept. AKA-210-140. Memphis. T(lnn - 1115 pk Ifi . Opportunity for returnlnpr veteran or one -who Is now employed seeking better employment. Age 25-30 fc Interested In a sates Job with a future. Salary position, car rnrnishert with large National Food Concern. Apply In own handwriting. Box 258. Blytheville. Ark. ,' l|l« pk 17 SPECIAL OPPORTlwrTT TODAT We need a man for Mississippi County lo round out o'ur Farm Demonstration and Sales Program. Our men (ire earning 1157.35 or more weekly. Sales or Farm Machinery experience helpful but not necessary. II you believe In honesty arid ht\M work you may quality for this assignment. Contact C. 6 Moseley . Ph. I45[ DactM Trailer CUy. West Memphis. Ark. l[13 pk IS For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET , Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Coll In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. ATTENTION FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONREKI) and SOYBEANS TESTED For GERMINATION. Woodson-Tenent Laboratories Licensed Grain Inspectors 612 West Ash SI. Blytheville, Ark. Machine Delinting and Approved Ceresan Treatment For Your Cotton Seed Alt CoUon Seed Delinled to Customers Specification. We Want Your' Business. LUXORA GIN COMPANY Lnxora, Ark. Phone 1.H1 THTTRSDAT, JAN. 15, ••1958 it th« time to trade for a latt model Uwd C«r. They're city driven one owner cars traded to IM on new '53 Chevrolet*. Trie belt in Blytheville. 'S2-'51-'SO Models and older models! 1951 Chevrolet Stylet me Here's a 2-Door Sedan with Power Glide. It'« : equipped wilh Fresh Air Heater and Defroster, v Large Radio and Plastic Seat Covers. Has heauti-.: ful Two-Tone Gray Finish and has be«n driven * only 22,000 miles. Come in and see it today! 1951 CHEVROLET Sfyleline 4-Door Sedan, Fresh Air Heater and Defroster, 19,000 miles. Green Finish, Bargain Priced. Driven in Blythevill* onlyl .:-, ' 1951 PLYMOUTH Cambridge 2-Door Sedan; Blue Finish looks like new. Has .Large Radio, Heater, Defroster and Seat Covers. Priced Right! 1950 CHEVROLET Sfyleline'2-Door Sedan..In TweL Tone Green. Push-Bui Ion Radio, Fresh Air Heater arid Deft-osier . .. Low Mileage! 1951 CHEVROLET Slyleline 4-Door Sedan, Plastic Seat Covers, WSW Tires, Fresh Air Heater .. . driven only 10,000 miles. Black Finish. 1948 CHEVROLET Stylemaster 2-Door Sedan, Two- Tone Brown & Green, Large Radio, Heater flAC and Defroster. Extra Special. ... .. 19v 1952 CHEVROLET DEMONSTRATORS, 4-Door'S«- dans loaded wi(h Extras, Low Mileage. Priced f or Quick Sale. See them TODAY! SULil VAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bii Used Car Lot en Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 EISENHOWER MEDALLION—The plaster model, above is the prototype of the Eisenhower, medallion which will be placed on sale to commemorate the inauguration of President-elect Dwifiht D. Eisenhower.'on Jan, 20., .Sculptor Walter Hancock, of New \rn\s. redesigned the profile of Eisenhower, and turned up the lips at the corners, because the original likeness appeared "too' grim " Wanted To borrow 115.000.00 at 10% Interest for ten je«rs Writ, Boi L-8. % Courier News. 13 i24 ft 18 Wanted to Rent \ or S room house with natural gas. p .h. ,«'« or 37<B. 1|13 pk JO 200 to 300 ncrea or good (arm land. 1 haTe plenty.of good «fiulpm«nt also can finance sell. Ph. 21«. 12J13 ck tf Wanted t« Bwy ] Residence In Blytheville within wal»-! Ing distance business section; must ix 1 b»rs»ln. Herbert Nelson »t Ssmnel V. Norrls Printing. 13 pk it Second hand buth tills sink; Ph. 2566. »nd kltchsi 1|12 pic II W» will pay CASH for your oM dak*, camera! and lecve* for part* O'BTaMM'S BTODIO. 11> W«t Main lilt cl LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN! 1951 BUICK Super Riviera, Dynaflow Drive, and Heater, 15,000 miles. Exceptionally Clean. WSW Tires ................... ". J952 CHEVROLET Bel Air, Beauty, 2-Tone with Power Glide, Radio and Hester and Low H Mileage ............. ...... .......... 1950 OLDSMOBILE "88" Club Coupe, Radio, Heater and While Sidewall Tires. Horner-Wilson SPECIAL! ....... ............... 1 9.19 CHEVROLET Pick - Up With Deluxe ?7QC Cah, Heater and good tires all around! ...... I ww 1950 FOR!) Club Coupe with Radio & Heat- H1QC er, Overdrive, Goo<l Tires . ... a clean car! . . I I«W 1950 PONTIAC .J-Dnor Chieftain, Two-Tone, Hydra; matic Drive, Radio and -Heater. Very Clean. A Horner-Wilson SPECIAL! ... ........ . 1951 CMC Pick-Up Truck has heater and is in' excellent shape. A real Buy! ..... ..... . . 'lS IS MERCURY 2- Door equipped with Radio & Heat- erf! has good I ires and good motor. A Homer- $ Wilson Special! ...... ........ HORNER-WlLSON $AAC JM! w EAST MAIN Rocket Oldsmobilc _ GMC Trucks Phone 205« Used C»r Let — Phon« 6151

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