Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 18, 1960 · Page 34
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 34

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1960
Page 34
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"0 m"m i T? $200-5500 AT Pentel Pontine 18 Cher. Convert, loaded J2935 '5SPonti8c Convert 2695 5S Ford Galaxie 4 it 2295 '51 Ford Country Sedan... 1695 SI Pontiac Chief fdr.... 1535 '5! Ford Frlne. 500 4 dr.. 1495 '57 Chpyster 300 C .1795 '57 Buick Cent. Riv. fdr.. 1395 '57 Ford Frlne. 500 H'dlop 1295 57 Mercury Mont. H'dtop. 1295 '57 Dodge 4 dr. H'dtop... 1195 'STFord Cust. 300 fdr... 1095 '56 Pontiac Star Chief Cat. 395 '58 Ford Cust. Sta. Wag... E95 '56 Olds. Sup. 88 Convert. 1195 '5B Pontiac 9 pass. Wagon 1095 '56 Mercury Mont. H'dtop. 895 56 Ford Cust. 4 dr 195 '58 Pontiac 4 dr. H'dtop.. 895 '56 Buick Spec. 4 dr. H'dtop 195 56 Ford Fairlane Victoria. 1095 '56Chey. 210 Sta. Wagon 4 dr. 135; '58 Ford 9 pass. Wagon... 1095; '56 Dodge Oh. Sta. Wag.. 835; '56 Plym. Belvedere 4 dr.. 595; 55 DeSoto Fire, fdr 895; 55 Olds. Super 88 4 dr... 895; 55 Ford Country Sedan... 795 '55 Buick Spec. 4 dr 795 '55 Merc. Montclair 4 dr.. 895 '55 Ford Fairlane 2 dr 895 '55 Nash Amb. 4 dr 595 '55 Mercury Cust. 2 dr 695 ; 55 Ford Victoria 795 '55 Packard Clipper 4 dr.. 495 55 Dodge Deluxe 4 dr.... 695 '54 Buick Cent. Riv 495 '54 Pontiac St. Ch. 4 dr... 495 '54 Ford Cust. 4 dr 395 '54DeSofo4dr 395 '54 Hudson Hornet 295 54 Ford Cust. 2 dr 295 53 Chrys. Wind. CI. Cpe... 295 '53 DeSoto 4 dr 295 53 Nash H'dtop 235 '53 Pontiac Ch. D!x. 4 dr.. 235 53 Ford i 2 dr. 195 '53 Packard Clipper 95 '52 Pontiac Ch. Dk. 4 dr.. 195 '52Ferd8 2dr 195 '51 Pontiac 4 dr. Sed. ... 145 '43 Dodge fdr 65 "Twin Cifict Matt Domlaoat Pontiac Cooler" 720 E. LAKE TA 4-8735 TA 2-3166 to njT--LrLi"uxrnri.i"jii'oi"iru-ii-iir."i"i" JULY CLEARANCE ui CHEVROLET CO SAVE UP TO PLUS A... 25,000 MILE GUARANTEE ALL CARS PLAINLY MARKED Irn lymogtlt Savoy 4 dr. VI, 30 radio. heater, powerflite. white walls. Tutone finish. An other met new car trade. Stock M275 C7 Plymouth Savoy I Door V-01 I. Heater end Signals, automatic transmission, two ton finish. Stock I585. . QOC Sal price 73 iri Chevrolet '210' 4-dr. VI, 00 rario, bulif, powerqlide, power steering and Drakes. Tu ton blu and ivory. Vary cltan thruout. Stock ! Q7C Sala price 03 'CO 5'ation Wagon, fta Or d'O. heater. Fordomatic, white vain qreen finish 1804. I one Sal one .. .... I 073 Irn Studtbakar Station Wag- DO in Radio and heater. Green finish. In top condition. Stock S2I5S. QQC Sala pric 7 73 ij-Q ord 4-dr. V I. Radio, DO haatar, Fordomatic, whit wells, luton cream and ivory finiih. fteady to gol I 1QC Stock 141. Sal pric 1373. irr Lincoln Capri. 4-dr. Se-j DD dan. Radio, automatic. tranimiiiion, all powar, Con-1 tinantal. Tutor graan. Raal lu-j ury at a tmall car pric. Stock, 2120. Sal 70k pne ' CO Plymouth Station Wagon. ( DY Hatr, signals, whita J walli. Graan finiih. Spotless to- j tida and out. I 7QC i Stock 148. Sala pric I 73 ir-t Ford Custom '300' 4-Door , Ol VI. radio, haatar, Fordo-' mafic vhit lid wall tiro, two-' ton Blu and Ivory. Vry claan. . Stock KIM. OOC! Sal. Pric ''', ,C Bulck ' Door. Radio. heat-1 Of r, signals and whitwalls, two ton qoid and bvga Stock SU02. I fQC Sal Pric I U7 3 p-y Chvrolt 2-door. Heater, D signals, whit walls. '' with standard trans. Raady to, go. Stock 1154. 07 R Sal pric 73 irr Ford Victoria 2-dr. Hard -DD top V S. Radio, Fordo- matic, whit walls. Tuton rad , and ivory. A raal nica ona. ' Stock l4t 70R' Sal pric 73 irr Chvrolt 2-dr. Heater, DD siqnals, graan finish Vary claan. 2 1 00. COR Sal pric 373 iri Pontiac 2-dr. Hardtop. Ra-, D dio, haatar and Hydra-j matic. Whita sidtwali tiras, tu-, tone graan and ivory. A very i claan car. Stock I IQC! 2011 Sal pric ... 1173, 'CO ord ' 00r v ' radio, J DY haatar, whita sida wall tiras, beautiful blu finish. An- othr fm ii. car trad ! Stock S2047. I LQC Sal Pric 073; ir i Olds II' 4 dr. Radio. DO heater. Hydramatic, white-walls. Tuton blu a ivory. Very claan. IIS4. OOC Sal pric . , 773 ir Plymouth Savoy 4-dr. V-l. DO Haatar. signals, power-flita. tuton graan and ivory finish. Vary claan thruout. 7QC Stock 174. Sala pric 73 "AS IS" VALUES CU AH THESE UP AND S4VE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! ir A Oiasmobii Con r t , b I D i Radio and Hydramatic. All powr. tutiful turauois and ivory finish. Stock 20S. AQt iri luick 4-dr. Radio, haatar, Dj Dynaflow, Hue finish. Stock 2134. I QC Sal pri.e 7 3 D dio, haatar, signals. Tuton finish. 70 C Stock s 2 15. Sate price 73 irn Pontiac 2-door Radio, 03 hatr, Hydramatic and whit walls Tuton blu finish. Stock 2I4. I AC Sal pric I i D irr Oldsmobil 2-dr. Hardtop. OO Hydramatic. radio. tc. Tuton finish. Stock sTftC S2I27. Sal eric 373 trj Chavrolat lal Air I-door. 3 i Radio and ooweralide. Tu ton blu and ivory. Stock tAC r 2 11 . Sal pric T3 HIGHEST TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE 265 GUARANTEED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM NO PAYMENTS 7IL AUGUST! ALL CARS GUARANTEED FOR 25.000 MILES IN WRITING! Doi'iirii CHEVROLET CO 1666 HENNEPIN AV FE 9-8631 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OUR SERVICE DEPT. IS OPEN TIL MIDNIGHT Ill.Ji LOWEST PRICES , TOWN ii DOffllOwil 600 jOJ KiiioHi Mtnlif Tiiku Mon.. July 18. WQ 230. MOBILE HOMES Edison Mobile Homes DISSAVING TH( FINFST SELECTION Or OUAllTV AAOIIU HOWES IN THE NOetHvVlST.. FEATVIINO COIO SFAl ABC VENTOURA ZIMMER VIKING ATTFNTIOM It vou or looking for a Quolify Mo- ,b.i Hcn b-Jl can't afford trv pric I of our Gold Sal Mobil Mom -ittan I vou must sa our Skylin & Travalo n.odals Thaw oia oil cod ooorovd K of tt-a finast ovroilly in tha low cue fiaid U li.1 stort ot S4,4M. Alwovt o fin aalartlon ot Oaon Usad Moonriom ftoolt finonong 7 voi 72 N trndal ft 9 6155 I Ivndol ot vVavrotu Blvd. nt, Hnn. ANOtfS AT I OUIUTH Miliar Trunk ot Grond I Pnpids Junction ot Highwovi 53 1 IV4 SHAKOPEE Shokoca Mobil Koms NORTHWEST'S Largest Selection of Clean Used Trailers '57 p.ctwrdi'i '5' 2 badim. ..SI 1St 55 Cam '7' ilii i8 Ktchordson 38' 2 IP ...I40O dn. SS Grant toras 43' 2 BR ..$500 dn 54 Ragal Jo J8S 53 l-onwor- J8'V S8V5 40 OTHEPS TO CHOOSE FOM OPfN 9-9 RANK FINANCE. OLSON & SYVERSON TRAILER SALES 1 65? VNIV. A Vf,, ST, PAUL HOME OF VAGABOND MOBILE HOMES Travel Coach 9448 Lyndale S. TU 8-5G22 MASTER PRODUCTS AMERICAN MOBUE HOMES MOfE OF THE BESt SINCE Iv3 VH.IOWS10NE ICAVEt IRAIIERS USED TRAILERS BANK FINANCING 3020 CEDAR (Hwy 361 Just South of tola St. MdI JA 2-1 28 SHASTA Amarlca'a most pooulnr travl trailai V c lT fc A 1 1 (Jt SA 1 1 S. 33 Ft. 2 BR Naw Moon hous trailer, modern, perfect cond., $1295. 14 ft. aluminum exterior travel trailer. $575. Ifijvei trailers for rent. Mobil Home Service Inc ME J-?460 TRAII ER CLEARANCE SAI F AIRSTRFAMS ALL S'ZES TRAVEL TRlS. & MOBILE HOMES, DRASTICALLY REDUCED, i HART TRAILER SA1F5 LONQ PRAIRIE. '58 SmiNE. 3d8". S. uo in 'froiler Ci'v (ot 1?9. SU B 9825 SPECIAL STOCK REDUCTION SALE on ALL CARS! SAVINGS UP to $500! HIGHEST TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES ON YOUR PRESENT CAR BUY NOW AT 1961 PRICES! 'CO CluvroUf V8 Bl Air. 07 Std. trani. i QQC Lik. n.w. At ... I 070 Irp Mercury Montery I Mrdtop Sport vpe. I A rl buty o OOC ii s nd driv .... 773 lp Bulclc Roadmster 4-OO dttor, Everything powered. Looks nd drivel lik new I ftQP car. Only I U70 Ipft Chevrolet Biictyn OO Tudor, 6 motor. Std. trans. Coral .... 1295 & ivory lr--T Oldi 88 Tudor S-0 d.n. Nor,. lAAC cleaner or better ITTJ Ir-Q Plymouth Tudor Sed. 07 6 motor. AQC Std. trans. Radio I "70 I 07 door. 6 motor. Sfd. ffi 1795 It- Plymouth Belveder -door. V-8. Push button shift. Lik new .. 795 irr Olds. 88 4 door. Th OO bast Olds QQC w aver had 770 IrQ Chevrolet 6-pa it. 07 Station Wagon, i motor. Power- I ftflp ( 9 lid, radio .... I 773 Irr Pontiac. V8. Fordor. OO Std. trans. "7QC Radio. A beauty .. 70 Ir-Q Vauxhall Tudor. Real OO aconomy. I AQI" ch.ap .... IU70 Irr Nash Rambler Wag-OO on. Cross 70C Country model. Only 70 Irr Chevrolet Tudor Se-OO dan. e motor. "7Qr Std. trans. Excall.nt 70 Ityj Plymouth 4 door. V-0 8. Pushbut- I iQp ton driv. Radio I I 70 Ir Ch.vrolati of all DO ..l. it t. ( ii.wu.,.. . . , . r,b from. W hava what you want on sal today. Ir Cadillac Hardtop OO Coup. Full power quipment. Deep tread wnlt tiA walls LiIIa I Just lik. a I 0Qr new car I 079 J J w i and Fords. Priced for fast sal. 125 OTHER CARS ON DISPLAY EVERY CAR PLAINLY PRICED! B ( CHEVROLET RELLENTHIN -w w mm -w mw mm m m m m 1625 WEST BROADWAY JA 2-4495 JA 2-4495 "THE BIGGEST DSEO CAR LOT ON THE NORTHSIDE" LOTS OF EASY PARKING IJ0. MOBILE HOMES WISCONSIN S iort Daalar'ot Knaoo Averou of bi homes on our lot, lop deoier m rvoon t 2 itvimloetur'i and in tn 'op Twnty Club tor 4 orhers in l5. Tri outa us In the tt 20 tor o totol ol onvfocturrs W refiresenl 12 monulocturert ond hav lest leveroT dealership because our price wr too lo. look vry-whr l t to your odvonto. Af'er oil. It it voui motwy. Why give (I OKit Bank rat up to yeori to pay. Coochei O' compl'. Notnina va to ovy. i'j m"i ... in i.nm, I ft dchordton. sieeo S, comow ond hooked uo Jo your enr for $7V5- 34 ft . t'U-Crpft, I or i bdrni. a.'ovsi im rm 3V5i 44 f 1 bertr. Cireot lolres j M-5, SO ft. 'H-Crrift 10' wide $jV95j 5Q tt, lu wiaa Lnompion $3v5i MJ ft. 3 bedr Grant lokes $W9ii 23 ft Paihtinrfer $ifc5. Ail sues lo pirk from. Used ctxiches I ft Airslraiw Vi " WKirion. I . new 18v5: l5 Richardson je h., rellent $23v5j 26 ft. Rolling Cnltl S4V5.- 27 ft, Buckmohom $695: 1956 Airsliaam 2? ft wo'r-r pressure, toliet, grts liaWs $2595; 22 f' Vaga bond $5V5i 3 t wriiriey. st?i ft Detroi'' $2395, 31 ft. Praina Srhooner $l095i 26 ft. Hear JW5; 55 tt Pa ore j:J95i 70 n. Alma 3U; 12 tt. f.011 $495. Easiest errr. AH coachet plainly marked. You ore welcome to look ond will not be high pressurd. W org you to look verywhr. Thn you will know you tan ot the best deal of Krwioo, 55 mi! ost of Jt. roui on nignway 12. Olson Mobil1 Homes. LIBERTY 55x10 k... t 1. kitt. A' reilino. Metal bottom, undercoated Moutitul- ly turnisfied. SPARTAN REGAL VAN DYKJ SPECIALS 50.10 Sid. $4.0 5510 ....$4,525 IBU1LT TO CODEI Well qulooed t thoroughly cleaned. used Mobile Home. TRAVEL TRAIlrRS OPEN 9 TO 9 SAT TU N.E. TRAILER SALES 7501 HWV.65, MPLS. SU 4 1 120 NORTHERN MOBILE HOMES MIDSUMMER CLEARANCE SALEI . Mobil homes Travel trlrs. drastically reduced Low dn. pymt, tl terms. OPfN DAILY 8 AM. TO 9 P M. FUNCTION HWY. 7 & 41 EXCELSIOR OR 4 6971 232. Auto-Truck Parts, Equip. Tlr TRUCK PARTS GI and Conventional We Carry a Complete Line of New and Used Parts New Engines for All Types of Trucks Your request for pric quotations , Receive Immediate Attention PHONE WRITE WIRE WILENSKY AUTA PARTS CO. 1226 Washington Avt No FE 9-7555 'lHOUSANDS Used ond takeoff fires Kioiw Ti.e2t.l2 1st .SJA 3 6''1 FOUR 700x15, B;ply tirn. Goodyear, practically nev, JA 1-1290. '58 Chevrolet t-p a s t . Wagon. Six motor. Std. trans. .$ 1 495 7 Very clean Ir Ford Fairlane Club OO Sedan. A beauty to look at. A treat to QOC drive. V8 powered for 3 Ir Ford Fairlan. 500 4-OO door Hardtop. Triil beautiful sporty car it on th. hopping block for ... .. 1095 Irr Ford V8 Delux. 4-dr. OO Std. trans, with OD. Car is in Ilk. new "7QC condition at only... O lr"T Ford Fairlan. 500 0 Fordor. This V8 For-dor looks and drives just Ilk. it did in 1957. But at your 1961 pric. 295 lr"7 Ford 6-pass. Coun-O try Sedan Station Wagon. V8 motor. FOM. trans. Very clean. Looks and drives Ilk new. Don't wait on this. I OOC Only I 070 Irr Ford V8 Fairlan. Tu-OO dor. Every part of this car is in the best of conditions. On sal. 795 Ir" A Ford Custoi OT S.d.n. V8 Ford Custom 2-door motor, FOM. Real clean. AQC Pried at only.... "IO lr" Ford t-pass. Coun-OD try Sedan Station Wagon. New V motor. I V . ry good rubber. Non. better or cleaner. OOC Only 770 If" Ford 6-pass. Country OO Sedan Station Wagon. V motor. FOM. tram. Good tirei. I ftQP Never priced o low I U70 Irr Ford VI Fairlan. 4-OO dr. FOM. fow.r ite.r-ing, pow.r brakes, radio. An ideal family car 895 for . IrQ Ford 6-pais. Coun-OO try Sedan Wagon. V motor, FOM. TKii wagon it vary clean inside and out. Will itand very rigid inspection. I iftp Now 1170 NOTICE Our present U i e d Car OfHc Bldg. ii o'jo for so'.. Com. in. too, it o.r. Giv. sis a bid. It con b. moved. COMPANY 232. luff-Truck Frt$, Equip. Tlrts Xfi 1 6 h If ' - 6 1 C ON 0 1 1 ION ? o true. Parts tor alt mokes BLOOM Truck Parts ft 9-5B45 I3l..,tf.,.?r4jf, BARRETT MOBllfBRAKE SHOP Prot-ticoily new. Sav hundredt of $$. Perm Warehouse. 1407 5 Concord it So.....St.-1'out,. W inn,.. Qt I -2044. 55 tt SO OLDS, pan including bodies, naugahvd Mats, floor sMt Sfraighf transmission, fabwllt motor I som speed ouipmnt, Qg 7-2647, Uitu porta tor eider cart a, trks. Vreii bought. NATE S Auto Parts '0J3N, i St 15.10 Wosh Av N, 234. AUTO REPAIRS. SERVICE CARBURETOR tuna-uo i reoon. Guor. euro milog or money bock. Charles W Con. 515 W 27th Si, FINANCIAL 240.flNANCUl FOR "Vale $20,000 first mortgage on residential property valued ot i2?.50Q- Advise terms, TA 5-2868 o"er 5. PRiVAlE PARTY Will BUY CONIRACI JSPf tO. WA WE SEll choice Wi les t Contracts WAJrJW nJiMM5, WAJJ.JJ82 INVEST IN REAL ESTATE 70 RETURN. JA 1-9252, E. Johnson 27t. NEW CARS l CONTRACTS 60 VALIANTS fROM $ 1888 $188 Dn. & $53 Per Mo. WAYZATA Plymouth-Valiant Wayzata GR 3-6671 10 Min W, of Moll, on Hwy, 12 BRELLENTHIN IS WHY CHEVROLET IS THE BUY ' 3 YEAR OR 30,000 MILE WARRANTY FREE!! LOW BANK RATE PARTNERSHIP FINANCING TO SUIT YOUR BUDGET LIBERAL USED CAR ALLOWANCES IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON ALL MODELS WE MAKE FRIENDS THRU SA1ES WE KEEP FRIENDS THRU, SERVICE Brellenthin CHEVROLET COMPANY 1625 W. Brdwy. J A 2-4491 YOUR NORTHSIDE CHEVROLET DEALER NEW '60 LARK Tote advantage of this money saving value & drive the finest compact of the year. Hurryl Not many left at this low, low price. $98 down & bank will finance $1785 on low monthly payments, Al Morgen Studebaker .1330 Grand Av St. Paul Ml 0.1307 LOWEST PRICES of the YEAR! SAVE up to. $600 lift Chevrolet Corveir Dlx. A-0J dr. Economy end comfort combined.. Beautiful jade green. Fully equipped. ( ( f Save many, meny .... y ICQ Chevrolet 4-dr. Snowcrest 07 white. Immaculate inside end out. One owner, low mile- Sele priced at . I598 iro ford Country Sedan Ste-OO tion Wecjon. V I with Fordomatic, power steer, and brakes. Ask for Mr. Ortck'i trade-in. I32I. I AQQ Sal. pric. i 'O ICQ Chevrolet lisceyne 2-dr. OO V-l. This seefoam green beauty needs some clean-up. Tour chance to save today at 898 '57 ChtyroUt '210' 2-dr. Econ omy blu fltm with ynchromesh transmission. Popular Bermuda green. O.K. Chevrolet Warranty. 137. OOQ At the sale price of .... 770 Ci fori Station Wagon with OO radio, heater and over drive. Here s a real value. 11)11. For only 698 iri Chevrolet 2 10 4-dr. V-l DO Powerglide, r e d i and heater. Beautiful tutone blue A real nice family car 'or 668 irr Ford V-l Fairlane 4-dr. OD Ivory and horixon blue. Mes Fordomatic, radio and heater. I27. One of today'x JQQ best buys for tYO irr Chevrolet 2I0' 2-dr. Ivory OO and horixon blue. Economi cat '4' with synchromesh trans mission. A fine running I..498 cr tor only Irr Mercury Montclair Hard-OO top, Mercomatic. power steering i brakes. Beautiful tu-itone finish. Atk for Mr. Dahl's trade. I0. CAQ ISale priced at OtO Ir J Fords. 2-drs., 4-drs., V-Bs i O with standard trans, or 1 automatic trans. 4 to choose . from .t one low price of 348 17 CHEAPIES- ALL MAKES ALL MODELS. 1950'$ THRU lS3i. ONE LOW SALE PRICE ..$98 15 DAY FREE DRIVING TRIAL Jay Kline CHEVROLET CO. HOI W. LAKE t DUPONT OPEN EVES. TA 5-4444 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING 'aa,iiai'i.'iaela.i)iiiiait ' JAY KLINE CHEVROLETS (FOR SURPLUS SftULl auto torn . ' REDUCE YOUt AViif 'NTS tmolr Loan 1 thrift JA 1 .7e?fl Sow rote, Ispjultaa 11. f tRaUNAL LOANS I licensed UndoMndustrial loa Actl GET $100 . ; to ". : $5,000 ill Consolidation Cor Financing or Any Worthwhile Purpos IOW KATES Consumer's loan A Discount Co. 409 t. ttennewn Av. FIT 7o. (uu u,e a mo Debt Consolidation Loans 300 to 2500 low coat All orrongtv mnt by phon CREDll UNANCP rORP. !3Ur,'OAtAvN4jAj.3';vo wi-tU WONtr? J JOO to J3,50o ony. arher onyfime. Mml toons Invi'ed. IOWRY INOUSfRIAl LOAN CO 7400 Henn, ftpls f R 7-6:62 Forking. 245. PERSONAL LOANS (liiensed UndartmolltaonAttJ 1 bills' ioosF at both '"en6s i- them uo in on eosv oovment pocsooe with o cnnvaniant loon ot . . , WE1Y f INANfE COMPANY 460Krescj Hdrj., 4thflo, f( SVTJ DIAMOND LOANS $25 o 100 lowtul Pores Kept in Bonk Vovft HULl SYSTtM 831 AAARQUEllf (7 II E 1222. NEW CARS CONTRACTS STOP LARGEST SHOW FLOOR IN THE TWIN CITIES 38 NEW RAMBLERS On Display All Models All Colors See the WILDEST Trad es in the N.W. Before You Buy UP TO 42 MONTHS TO PAV , AS LOW AS SI99 DOWN Rambler 4-Dr. $2254 American 2-dr. $1795 Ready to Go LAKE ST. RAMBLER Your Southside Rambler Dealer Stevens at Lake St. TA 7-2833 '60 Rambler 4-DOOR SEDANS $ 1981 INCl. HEATER 4 TURN LIGHTS $198 Down 36 Mos. Bank Rates Immediate Delivery Hencir-Nichols, Inc. Rambler Metropolitan 2616 West Broadway JA 2.-3349 S-T-O-P ! 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WOtlO MR.f..UM AFTER LAST NIGHT As the Twin Cities' fifth FM station goes on the air today (WPBC-FM), there comes word of a sixth FM station principally a jazz station to go on the air in the fall. The federal communications commission has granted a construction permit to a company known as Contemporary Radio for a 3500-watt station at 96.3 megacycles. Contemporary Radio is Dave Larsen, a young Minneapolitan who in recent years has assisted at the birth of three all-jazz stations on the west coast. For five years, Larsen has been dreaming of a similar station in the Twin Cities. "We're not going to call it a jazz station," he reported by telephone from Berkeley, Calif., "because we're also going to program folk music, spoken word, swing-era music, sports car reviews, record reviews and such things. So we just call it contemporary radio. "I'm assembling most of the station out here studio equipment, record library, and so on. I'm making arrangements for remotes from some of the San Francisco jazz clubs, and for programs by some of the west coast personalities." The new station will share the KWFM tower at 38th St. and Minnehaha Av. Studios will be in the same building as KWFM'5, in the Northwestern Television and Electronics institute. Larsen said he hopes to be on the air by Oct. 1. In catching up with the movie scene, I had quite a pleasant time over the weekend watching James Mason turn on all his roguish charm in a film called "A Touch of Larceny." The film had a brief and disappointing downtown run, but has been blossoming into a low-pressure neighborhood hit at the Suburban World. Made in England by an American company, it offers Mason as a naval commander who ignores a dull desk job at the admiralty to make a full-time career of being a playboy. He hatches a boozy scheme to disappear, making it look as though he has sold naval secrets to the Russians, and then come back and get rich by suing all the newspapers for libel after he Has proved his innocence. Vera Miles is interesting as the reluctant playmate who inspires him to want to get rich. Singer India Adams, wife of former Minneapolis radio announcer Jack Stanley, is set to appear on the Jack Paar show tonight. Tfie winners of a KSTP phone contest last week were a Mrs. Kennedy of St. Paul, and a Mrs. Symington, a Mrs. Stevenson and a Mrs. Johnson of Minneapolis. KSTP asks us to believe that, but does not ask us to believe it was a coincidence. The second classroom-in -a-studio course on Channel 2 this summer will be Roman and Medieval ; Heritage, 62. Robert J. Ames, associate professor of interdisciplinary studies, will be the instructor. It begins Wednesday, and continues nightly, Monday through Friday, at 9 p.m., through Aug. 19. As with the humanities course just finished on Channel 2, a reading list is available from University of Minne- sota television. Reaction of the Four Lads to seeing all the Aqua-tennial queen candidates at once: "Even the ugfy ones are pretty!" We' be getting a triple does of Debbie Reynolds on television in the coming season. There will be her own ABC-TV special, in which Walter Brennan, Charlie Ruggles and Carlton Carpenter will be guests. And two of her movies, "Bundle of Joy," with Eddie ; Fisher co-starred, and "Susan Slept Here," with Dick Powell, are newly sold to TV (locally to Channel 9). J? Miss Reynolds Ruggles Special coming tip Day Brightener: Word of the Texan who is sore because he hit an oil gusher and muddied his uranium field. Day Spoiler: Note from Nelson Eddy's press agent in advance of the singer's opening at Freddies tonight: "I think Nelson will have with him (for he has my only copy) a 100 per cent honest laboratory analysis by a professor of nutrition in the school of dentistry at the University of Southern California a nutrition analysis of short'nin' bread in which, alas, the stuff not only comes off a mighty poor second to almost any edible but which would result in malnutrition if one were to try to subsist on it for any period of time. I think you might say that Nelson was taken aback by these findings." By Will Jones More FM on the Way I ai ::c8$cm Carpenter m I ( ) i ai. aS. aV, k. A. M. Am ias-s -- ( i 1a,

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