The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1939
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Be Sure To "Attend Mississippi County Fair Sept. 26-Oct, 1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DMIN ' '* ^—' VOLUMR XXXVI-NO. lfi-1. Blytlievllle courier Blythcvillt- Dally News Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley JAwler THRDOMINANT MBVaPAPBBOPNQI«-iIB>8V ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, RKI'TKMBKK 20, 1')!!!) Do Not Forget To Pay Your Poll Tax Refore October 1 — • r-~_, SINGLJ3 COPIES FIVE-CENTS SOVIETS JOIN NAZIS IN'PEACE'MOVE Joint Military Action Implied Alternative Britain And France Expected To Reject Peace 'Ultimatum' reject LONDON, Sept. 29. (UP)—Great Britain will luj «'i, Ihe Russo-German demand 1'or an immediate peace despite an implied threat in the new agreement that unless Ihe Allies call oft 1 the war on Germany's terms, Russia may join in against them, it was indicated locluy. Two London newspapers reported" .that Russia and Germany would call a peace conference to which n great neutral power—presumably either Italy or the United States— would be invited. Early but apparently reliable indications were that Great Britain not only .would reject any peace cffer on the basis of Poland's annihilation but would reaffirm its determination to prosecute the war until its primary aims had been achieved; the smashing of Hitlerism and the rcconstilution of the P:l!sh state. A peace offensive by Adolf Hitler, as soon as Poland hnd been destroyed,.had been nnticipated. Indications seemed to be that the new threat of Russia to join Germany would be ignored — or flouted—because British authorities felt: 1—That Russia was not (not) whole-heartedly behind Its implied 'threat. 2—That even if Stalin sincerely desired, he would be unable to aid Germany effectively either militarily or economically sufficiently lo influence the course of the war greatly. ; •, ' '. 3—That neither Hitler nor Stalin - truste^p.n^another sufficiently., td permit effective' military' cooperation. 4—That Hitler could not be too ccmforlnble in seeing Russia standing: at his back door looking into the Baltic through Esthonta. I talked the situation over with two neutral observers who lived for many years In Russia. They agreed that the Russian railroad system was so disorganized that Stalin would be unable to furnish Hitler the immense quantities of oil nnd raw materials needed for a long war. They pointed out that the Russian railroads .were of wider gauge than those in Oenuaiiy so that everything would have to be transshipped at llie frontiers. Authorities here never considered the Russian army, as potentially seriously effective nt nny distance outside its own frontiers. For these nnd other reasons the British were not inclined to be greatly frightened. They did riot, believe Ihn the Russian transport system would permit Germany entirely to circumvent the British contraband control—blockade. Besides, it was doubted that with Germany lacking gold, Russia cculd iupply the enormous quantities of goods needed by Germany in return for n "long range" delivery of German technical goods which the Russians badly require. Paris Expects Rejection PARIS, Sept. 29. (UP)—A semiofficial statement implied today that Trance would reject nny Gennan- Prusslnn peace proposal on the basis of the present status in the European war. Official quarters insisted that the allies would reject any pence cffer which did not re-'establtsh Poland as a sovereign state. Arnold Declares Justice Department's Wprk Is Increased C BAR HART, Ore., Sept. 23 (UP) —War time trade conditions nre no excuse for .ignoring the County's School Children Rule Fairgrounds Today Also Declare Their planes Supcrioi' To Germans In Combat 'ay. The dispatch sakl the French had captured 60 German villages so far. French planes which flew deeply over del-man territory reported big Judging of enti-les at the Mississippi county Fair continued today as (he grounds swarmed with slu- . dents for the School Day. All stii- Air- <lc»ls of Mississippi County, Ark., nnd pemlscol County, \fo,, schools were admitted to the grounds and grand stand free today for special entertainment arranged by the 4-H Last night's rnln is expected to be a boom to the fnlv, according'to the officials, who snld this wns tho first clny pickers could not go lo Ihe fields and thnt they would ' o sure to visit the exposition today, Saturday nnd Sunday. The ruin did not start until after last night's performance and had stopped at one o'clock this after-' noon. Record attendances nre expected for the remainder of the week. Thursday's special cntcrlninmcnt gnth- Nazi troops concenlrnllorjs ei'lng behind the Trent. German anti-aircraft guns blasted at the French planes nnd damaged several of them with shell fragments an authoritative source said, but all returned to tlicir base. An authoritative informant asserted that French losses in air continued to be less than nnli-trust German losses. He said ' in - planes were slstjint attorney general, said day. French to wns as- under equal conditions. ( °- It was asserted that the French <n the Western front had taken Addressing a luncheon meeting' number of wounded Germans who of the Oreg:n Bar Association, Ar-: had been abandoned by their re- nold said that war has added to treating comrades in a Tight yes- Uis task of the anti-trust division . terdny east of Ihe Moselle river, rallier than lessened it, I Profteering is one of the evils arising from war abroad that comes wilhiin the djvisiorj's ' ' Arnold,'said. •'••'•'. : is-so,'.'.-he. said,.;."because it To Ship Collcn Soon WASHINGTON, Sept. 23. (UP)— jurisdiction The first shipment of 600,000 bales of. cotton bartered to Great Britain hicliMed n rodeo balloon ascension 1 nnd sling s || 0 t performances in the nricrtioou nml sling shot iierfonn- nnce ami Pine IIUI BC Follies show RlioV ' fn " owllll! tho lll ' Ci - ; ^J 1 '" Today's program calls for succlnl l>rc£cnlnlloH by 4-lt di,b. s , s ]\ng shot esihibllion 'mil) balloon nscen- this afternoon. Toiilelil there w»l be n rodeo nnd sling shot performances followed by the dance til We ni-moi-y when the fair nsso- clnllon will sponsor the event in honor o f die I'lne IJIufr-lilylhevliln football (cams with the Bachelor en* members acting ns nests, Saturday's schedule Is horse and muli: pulling contest In the morning, "Death's Holiday circus" in the afternoon, balloon ascension In the afternoon and the thrill circus at night. flic fair closes Sunday 'with the hiill circus nnd balloon ascension hi Ihe nftei-unoii nnd rodeo nt Dlt'lll. GIST HEI1 Ttt S Hundred Levcc Boaixl Of- . f01 '. rubber will leave New. Orleans " ' . ,.. . , . . . Has Increased the opportunities for next"wcek 'on'a- British ship, aggressive combinations to use war coiiditoins as an excuse for destroying industrial democracy on which political democracy depends. Need Cars To Meet cultural department cfficials saUl today. The first cotton already has heen' delivered to British authorities in . New Orleans. i Other cotton -to coirtplete the' deal probably will be bailed at Sn-! iicmls Have Luncheon at Cai'tithersvillc •j. .CARTJTHEHSVILLK Mo., SJf,l~A 20.—About 1 one hundred leve'c board : Halt Collections On Promised Land Road; funds To Be Made Re- Tt announced .Jodny that . .„._,. uuurci- ,--'.- noad Maintenance Dis- rcprcscntnllvcs from four states, u ' Icl »'«! Hlythcvllle noa\l Improvc- U. S. government engineers, and mc " 1 ^'strict (the Promised Land other river niilliorlties were present ! '°'" 1 district) had directed thetiher- hcre yesterday nt n 11:011 luncheon j '" tllul collector net, to collect any served at tiie American Legion ' Inol 'c 19311 (ax nsscssmctil for the icis I Rooscvcll Says Every Move By Adminisii'n lion Is For Peace ^yA. < 3lll^!OTON, sept. an. (UPI— President Hooscwlt today reiterated his conviction Hint t nc united Slates will be able to stay out of tho war In Europe. Speaking nt, a press conference Mr.-Roosevelt snld he predicated liLi answers to nil questions on cno paramount fuel—llmt, llie United States Is not In the war nml Ihnl he docs not think wo nre going to enter the Eurcpcnn conflict. The president .snld tlml Ihe Amcr- Threat Of Combined Offense Hangs Like Pall Over Europe . . Thc Tola! Of Poll Tax Receipts Near? 9,000 Approxlmnlelv ccipts county electors up tuitll noon a ' twmy. Tim lean'nculrnllty pmroi nn<t oilier '"""•>• Jll <-' I't'iKiune' lor sources linve liennl reports of sub- ° r I )D " ll)X ns n prc-rei nmrlncs operating lit waters off " lo c " sll 'it' of n vote In Olll' CftftKlS T'll^cn l-n..*..(.. I. . nrllnnt'lf.c Ic _Q(14<|>..1,. I. -,-~. ....,,£ ,,, tM\n-i n uii our const*. These reports have not been verified, he suld. Discussing moblllmllon plans of the army and navy mill auxiliary prlinnrles Is Saturday midnight About 4,300 receipts had been Issued at the BherltPs cilice In llie courlliouse here nml about -1,200 at lor payment on niblicntrop'B 1 Vlurn ^ 0 ' t j, c Requisite lo Kremlin . from a indentation of (ho 1010 •••- • i «"« uuvy nun auxiliary -•"•Knuunii ncre nnu niioul 4200 at plans for moblllv.aUon ot Amcrl- l'!« Oscooltv olllce, H was reported ens Indiistrlnl resources drafted by II "PPcarcd certain that the conn- he war resources board, he snld . l l"s lolul of cnuilinexlvotei-s (so fnr D . DI ft o • ,' muii>ll < Gn - Houston, Tex., and line DlUII Special Los Angeles iluring the next fe\v I months. Ucporl Planes Shot Down BERLIN, Sept, 29. (UP)—An cf- ficial announceincnl today said five British war planes were shot down by German pursuit planes nftcr an nttnck on German warships near Hcoaolaml yesterday. .Efforts were being made tcday to secure transportation for Pine Bluff football fans coming here on a special train which is due to arrive at seven o'clock tonight. The train Is lo unload at the West Chickasn\vba nveiiuc crosshi" of the Cotton Belt railroad It wns planned to ask the two street buses and Iccnl taxi cabs to meet Ihe train and an appeal wns made for persons having- reserved scats (o use their cars to transport the visitors to the field. W. D. McCliirkin, superintendent oi ciic schorls, said he did not want anyone to miss getting a scat but llmt those having reserved seats and could meet the train were requested to do so. It is believed that nt least 200 will ride the train. , Board of Missouri, with U.,^, ] tors in Cnruthcrsvllle was host, i S. P. Reynold? of this city for the St. .Francis cii- Levee . . ! P istrlct ' Wils "' charged the meet!!?:"'!!" 1lscU) ' district, It wns nlso stated thnt those taxpayers who have already made pny- • menl will have their taxes refunded soon ns details of the refunding drafting mobilization plans mm revising Ihcm immmlly since 1021 He said that Ihe last plnn he has seen wns the lD30<lr«fl. Repeatedly during his press conference ho emphnslwd lhat the point on which he Ims liccn hammering for weeks Is that nil administration moves nre proceeding on n pence basis,ratlin than- n .war basis and ..that he expect* . this country, to slay out of llie.European conlllct, '•' ' • He wns asked about the possibility thnt the ndmtiUstmlicn hns planned to control prices In the event of war. A reporlr-r snld Hint it Ihe public could kno plans It might become so ri-. 6 .«, lhal the knc-n ledge would be , vvorkc(l °»t, possibly within R ° y W ' lrai '" er of S sne'nsion nr n,» . of ««- D L wim * re 7 Wllllnms ««' Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 29 (UP)— "Peace scare" selling reduced prices in most sections of the stock market by fractions to more than two points in quiet trading today. A. T. & T. ... .......... .'1607-3 Anaconda Cop ........... 32 7-8 Assoc. D. G .............. 31-2 Beth. Steel ........... "... 371-2 Boeing Air ............... 261-2 Chrysler ................. 391-1 Cities Serv ............... 81-2 Gen. Elec ................ W 1-2 Gen. Mot ................ 54 1-8 Int. Harvest ............. G8 1-3 Montgomery Ward ...... 53 N. Y. Central ............ 207-8 Packard ................. 37-3 Phillips Pet .............. 44 1-2 Radio .................. S 3.4 Schenly DIs! ............. 131-8 Simmons ................ 23 1-4 Socony Vac ............... 133-4 Std. Oil N..J ............. 47 1-3 U. S. Smelt .............. 65 U: S. Steel ............... 73 3-4 Chicago Wheat open high |<> w c i osc Dec. 82 82 7-8 81 1-8 82 1-1 May 82 3-8 83 1-4 81 1-2 82 3-8 During 1938, the 29.48S.680 motor vehicles registered in the Uniled States traveled 250 billion miles. Levee bonrd members nud river authorities were present from Missouri, Arkansas. Tennessee and Confers With Klnp . j Kentucky. These started ten years meetings were ago, hut hnve an elfcctlve menus of prcventiiiff war There Is nollilii? frlghtenlnn-' about any st , e |, ,,i ni t s . M r Itoosc- I ^ ''f P " C "' S(lyl " K llmt n " "'^ " lk « tollt *«* !'"i"s Is based on i ii , IIlc thcuBht of the United states ''Slslnture. provldliis gome Into war nml the administra- department hns bcoii| ns I' 011 hix payment foes) Would m " M """"~- "'- ' bp more than If not close to 10,000 by Uic lime (he 'deadline' Is reached. Tlio sheriffs office In tho blyihe- vlllo mid Osocoln courthouses will remnlu open tfntmduy to give citizens every opportunity lo pny tho tnx before the;midnight "deadline." A Inst nppcnl wns Issued today oy various groups which hnye been seeking to arouse.public Inturcsl In Hid change hi poll 'trii paying --periods tor nil [hose wlio/h'rivc not paid Ihclr poll tnx lo tlo so fmnic- dlnlcly.' No dun-go is iimdc far n dcllmiuent nssessmetil for noil tnx nl this time. Snlnrdiiy nildnlglil is tho end- as fnr- us n vote in the 10-10 primary Is concerned. collect^ 0 >r collection of ucmicrs will! Kimr oiuntu ten . _ LONDON. Sept. 29. (UP)—King llsul "ly been held en the oilier sldf OeorBC IcnlgliL granted nil audience o! tllc '' lvcv cnc1 ' y«ni'. mostly in ior'Tli^iipr" «nr<. to Prime Minister Neville Chamber- H1 <*™>». Ky.. nnd Reelfool Lake.! ciirin^tt™, '-'•• '- •' "• ----- - • • - ««i «»«'- NOCC of the Mem- clilnnciiuon nnd Interest payments of fnrm-to- iiinrkel rands. The 1039 tax wns extended In .January before passage to disciLss, it was understood, Edmonton to Try liusscs EDMONTON, Alia. '(UP) —The third city in the Dominion to Introduce trackless trolley busses. Edmonton will try out its new method of street transportation soon. Six cf the lien- trolley busses will be . gram. He Was uucompai craip of his associates. unl orders I: s llie lax after pnssngi! pending of payments on the Of course, Mr. Roosevelt snld, It Is obvious that the government wants t, keep prices nml the cost of living from going through the roof under any clrcumslnnco.s nml some plans have been made to thnt end. put into streets. ojiernlloii on Edmonton It has been reported that tho use cf plastic material in cars will be n general thing in a few years. A car was prepared for demonstration purposes recently with n plastic roof that permitted the occupants to have full visibility. „ , - ullls he will pay various dls 11 ! trlcts. It was nlso nnnomx.Td Hint the districts would collect no tnx tn IfHO nnd very likely no tax in 10-11 Warriors Meet-As Friends-On West Front New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS; sept. 29. <UP> —An nnlleipnled government, loan on cotton tomorrow hnd n sustaining effect on cclton trndiiij? today nnd futures closed steady and up, one to four points. open high Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 832 803 817 885 843 824 041 005 88-t 817 857 830 low 931 802 817 865 843 824 close 937 B01 884 812 852 831 Sp:ls closed steady at 921, up 3. IIOgs.5500. ' Too 720. 110-230 Ibs. 710-720. 140-160 Ibs. 25-665. Bulk sows 585-050, Cattle 13CO. Elccrs, C50-1075. Slaughter steers 625-112.5. Mixed yearling* & heifers 750950. Slaughter heifers C25-1100. Beef co«-s. 500-600. Cutters and low cutters, 100-475. Brothers in combat, soldiers of France welcome soldiers of England companylng this photo-on radio UaiismlssUn from arts to New York.'' : iirar the weiJern front. according to ««„« l a f inforn'uHon ac- £ ome ff! ,c r , »ir York- Cotton NEW YORK, Sept, 29 (UP)— Cotton closed steady, open high Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. , ,,15 811 852 831 81G 028 805 870 808 848 629 low close 015 024 881 889 «7l 874n 862 852 831 815 841 819 Spots closed nominal nl 920, up 2. Chicafjn Corn open high low close May 52 7-8 52 7-8 51 3-4 52 3-3 Dec. SO M -IS 3-1 •({) 5-8 Hold Brief Court Session Forty Per Cent Of County's Crop Re|)oi-Icd Out of Fields The first vain of the fall Inst , -ilgia slopped cotton picking In Mississippi County for the time County Judne S. L. Olndish of !1) ™!! hut more thnji 40 per cent Osceola made his first visit to Ihe ot ll 'e season's crop Ims already courthouse hero lorlny since his In- tael> picked, nccordlng to " Jury hi n hlfliwny traffic accident '"inUlnr with the situation. those Sept. 12. .Judge? Glcidlsh, whose Jnw . There hnve been mac pickers In lll<! neltl since (he season opened . , w was season opened broken In three places, was in ob- sevcrnl weeks ago than ever in the vlous pain and dispatched routine '''story of this sccllcn and all gins business, ns rapidly ns possible In lmvc l>c ncopcraUui; 24 hours dally order lo return lo Ills home. A 'arec hinux of pickers from other seriously nnd is recovering slowly. Mrs. Glncllsh was Injured more sections nnd the unusually hot and TiniKii, imi ;- ,„_,..._ dry weather has mailc It passible for fanners lo keep their cotton Holds Illled wllh workers. Unless there Is ft Inrgc amount of mill the season will be over by Thanksgiving, despite beginning Inte. cctton men say. Although the crop is not miitc so good ns Inst year nnd the cotton Is not quite ns high Grade, it Is generally believed lhat It Is a normal one and that'about a bale lo life ncre will be nvcrngcd. year there were 138,000 bnles ginned In the county nntl (his venr's prediction is between 150,COO ntitt 1(10.000 bales Nevada. .Wants Sugar Beets KENO, Ncv. (UP)-Tlic beet sll- ar Industry has decided lo make sugar beets n "war baby" in Nevada. Wilh no sugar beet acreage allotment in the state nt present, the industry will nsk Congress for permission to phtit 10,000 acres in the state. Fnotli.ill Squad llrallierly MARION, O. (UP) — Opponents of the Mnrlon St. Mary's high school football team this fnll mny be excused If they have "double trouble." The St. Mary's gridiron squad has six sets of brothers on Its roster Including one pair of twins. A low-car weighing 15 tons Is n use in California. The truck U capable ot lifting a load of 75.000 pounds up n cliff. Tlie car Is n fire truck, nmbulnnce. and triick crnne all In one. Since 1868, when tho first car lo be propelled by Internal coiiir busllon was built, more than 4000 , makes cf automobiles peared. have ap- . . - •--•• threat wns held plainly over Great 'Britain nnd France Hint If (hoy lefuscd (o recognize the 'niinlhilntlon of the Polish Stnte and slop the war, Rus- . sin would (hrow her 100,000000 .citizens Into tlio war In alliance wllh Germany's 60,000,0(10 I'remlci-Farclgn Comlssar Vla- chcslav Molotov nnd Gcininn Foreign Minister Joachim Von Rib- in nil night contcicnec which ilnrlcd shortly nf^er midnight, up•,n nn*i.r..**.,,...•_ . _... . ' .. - ," -••• "j i"^-'^-»inn.iuii u* Iho ballet, "Swan Lnke," nt the Moscow oiiorii house. Shortly after the meeting •started, Russia announced Ihe conclusion of'ri treaty'of "mutual nsslst- nnce" with Eslhonla,. under which Hussln- gels the ufo of (lie Rllio- nlnn Islands, Dneoe nnd Oesel, nt Ihe • entrance lo the Gulf of rin- Innil, nnd: the Esthoiilan poit of Pnlld.skl, lii (lie motilh of the gulf, ns iinval 'and nlr linses. The fi nils of the Russian-German nBrcemcnt weie: 1.—The sigimtiue by Molalov and .Rlbucnlrop'dt'n Ucaty of nmlly In .which Ihe frotiltcis of Russia nnd Germanyr-in v wlmt n month ngo wns Poland—were fixed. 2.—A Joint declaration by Molo- ,lov. and . Rlubentiop nnnoimchur that penee, ji-otiljl be Bought, yyilh •••-•' j-v.i.1,^^ p«Jmj4 UL QULIglllj! Y(" the nlil of friendly nations, Bn t! basis of Iho picsent stntus.'^niiH Hint If Britain nnd Frnnce lefus- ed, nnd Iliercby "nMlmictl resiwn- slblllly," Ru.wln nnd oernmny would consult on jiiensurcs lo bo Inkoii then. J.—An exchange of letters between Molotov nnd Rlljlicntiop on ecoiioinlc questions, providing (lint Russia would send Germany law materials In exchange for indiis- trlnl prodticls. On Its very face, the agreement wns one of (lie most Important hi modern limes between two nations or even n group, of nations. A Illllc over one month ago British nnd French .political and military cnvoj.s wcic In Moscow nicking lo bring. Russia Into their anti-Hitler bloc. On August 19 Russia and Germany' signed n trade nnd credit agreement.' Tliu Hitsslnn-Alllcd negotiations continued. Four days later, on August 23, Ulbbentrop went lo Moscow nnd negotiated n Hiisslnu-Germrfn nbii-nggrcsslon pact. The Allied missions left for home. On Sept. l, four weeks ago today, Hitler Invaded .Poland. On September IT Ihe Russian army, poured over Poland's frontier. Now hnd come nn agreement between the two Greatest militaristic, powers in ( lhe world, their, frontiers newly joined, their philosophies on paper ns wide, apart as ever, to be friendly neighbors for- gcod nnd to put up to Great Britain nnd France, this proposal: Peace ns we wnnt 11—or else. The 'Hiisslnn and German', chief negotiators ngrccd on the new Husso-Oerman frontier through what hnd been Polnnd as follows: Tlie frontier begins nt the southerly point of Lithuania nnd runs In n general westerly 'direction toward n point north of Augustowo up to the frontier of East Prussia and follows the East Prussian frontier to the river'Pisin. From that point it follows the nivcr Plsia to Oslrolcnka: Then it j runs in n southerly'direction-unlit It meets the Elver Bug'iVt Nur. Then It conlinues along the Bug lo Krystnopol nnd then turns.west nnd runs north of Rnwa ' Ruska nnci Lubaczo to the River San, whence It follows the Fnn to its source. It was announced .that a map showing the definitely delimited frontier would be published soon. (The final Polish partition gave Germany a far greater share than It hnd been estimated she would Rain Of .26 Inches Fails Here Overnight It mined .20 of nn inch overnight to break the drouth of many weeks nnd the temperature, fell sharply after several days of intense heat. Maximum temperature here yesterday wns 03 degrees but he thermometer fell to 05 during the nfght. iv nna uccn usuuuut-u sue »%unm At one o'clock the. skies were i ct - Tlv e Bug river, Instead of the clearing nfter frequent showers! Vistula, became the main dividing this morning but forccnses ,lndi- " 1TC ' Instead of cutting Warsaw, cnled further showers were likelv .«-....-..-.i -.. ~-~- =. tonight. Uut night's rain Was tlie first since Aug. 23. Recently designed wns a four- Mnded propeller fcr me on the high-speed pursuit planes of the ^ifnA T" IS ,, b rc 1" tcd to be «w " »'•>= '""m sen-ant nouse nt tlie solution to tho problem ot the in- 'rear of ICO West Kentucky avenue creasing power of airplane mokrs wns destroyed by fire early this that called for. larger props nnd morning. The house was cwnen bv consequently slroiiRor landing gear. Thc-mas Und • Company Servant House Razed A ollc I '°°™ servant house nt the (Continiied on Page 5) WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy , and cooler, showers in east and south portions tonight, Saturday- partly cloudy, cooler In east and extreme south portions. Memphis and vicinity—Showers tonight. Saturday, fair, much cooler - lonleht and Saturday. '

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