The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1946
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNE C, 1945 Legislator Raps Bureaucrats Businessmen Hear Of "Quack Doctors" S With Federal Jobs LITTLE nCCK. Jlinc C. (UP) — Texas Congressmen Hiilton W. Suniniei's addressing the Arkansas Economic Council-Slate Chamber of Commerce here yosteday. laslvd nut at "federal bureauei-alK." and compared llicin to what lie termed "quack doctors of old." In an outspoken address in favor or slate .sovereignly. the coll . Kressman declared, "in times like these, a few men who arc supposed to he great, people cannot answer for the people. Only a petiole can answer." •Summers, introduced by Govprnov Ben Laney as the man'whom the late President Taft once called "lh e best lawyer in Congress." toul poine 5?.l registered guests thai, the encouraging attitude, of Arkansas' leaders was enough to "revolutionize the government of the country." He defined democracy as "a;\ association of people engaged In tlie private enterprise of govcrnini; theinscvcs," and lie concluded lh<ii the "hope of the ages is in the hands of Hits generation." BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS Unionists Protest Truman~Strike'Stahd Latin American Arms Bill Okeheti House Committee Places Approval on Truman's Pioposcil ' WASHINGTON, June (i. <Ul>>-~ I'll,. House Forciijii Affairs Com- iiinoo hus uiutnlnv,ni.sly approval in iKliiilnlMMiUi!! IJill 'luilliurlxlnii ho UntUxi stud's lo help ti'iiUi ami PAG* Aviators See Push Button Era tor Planes > WRIGHT FIELD, O.. June B. (UP)—The Army Air Forces demons rated today how "push-button" planes, with pilots acting only as monitors, might be used com- n-.orciallv someday to tx'lve the troublesome problem of bad-weather flying. In an exhibition SI onden', s at a Nation., press ] teitaimneni portion <>r Amoiv: thousands of union members who protested against tho drastic anli-slriUc legislation demanded by 1'iesulcnt Truman ' were 250 New York CIO members who went to Washington lo ' voice their disapproval in poison. Above, some o[ lhe delegation >;• .__present their protest to Hen. James M. Mead, upnur left. Polish Chef, One of Family Of 75, Learned Art in Home When S. J. Konicc \vns a youth bnck. In Poland, before the world uccnnic torn with World War 1, hit,- job at home was . lo . assist five brothers in preparnlion of the , Sunday dinner once each month j for a family of 15 persons. And so when he came to the United stales 36 years ago he decided to expand his experiences In cooking and took up the career of "a steward. Mr. Konicc has come (A Blvthe- ville as steward of Hotel Noble. His work Is a part of Hie hotel's POSl-V.MJ night for cof-li, ot t cl . foo ,i S(M . V J CC program conference at the research and development center here yesterday. a C-54 went through all the motions from take-off to landing, operated entirely by a mechanical brain. : The flight took off from the all- weather flying center, Clinton County Airport, Wilmington. O, where the plane was designed unto direction of col. Bel 3. K.'lsey in an endeavor to lick the menace, of bad-weather flying. "The day is not. far distant when it will be possible to sit in an airplane, push a button marked with the desired destination and do nothing but monitor the operation of the automatic equipment until _ 1he airplane comes to rest on the -- landing strip of i| s final destination even in sub-zero weather" =-Ke!sey- said:- 1 --- •-•-•.••".-: Dry Township Returned To Wet Status by Voters BATESVILLE, Ark., June 6. <UPi —Dig Bottom Township m independence County voted wet 130 to 134 In a liquor election Tuesday. Absentee voles decided the issue. JThe township -vote was 133 to 12U Kigainst the legal sale of liquor, but absentee votes were 8 to. 1 in favor or sale. Big Bottom is the first township in Independence County to vote wet since the county voted dry about two years ago. Eighty-five world's nickel the Georgian tario. l^r cVnt of ('lie supply comes from Bay refiion in On- to crnphasi/.e and more en- a.t this hotel with a .. the building being remodeled to help in milking this improvement' possible. Mr. Konicc is charmetl with, the- j public arc-omits of hunting and fishing i:i Ihis section and hopes to enjoy some or these sports which he experienced whe.i\ living in thc forest. Son of Forester The son of a Polish forester, his father would ' take his sons hunting in th c forests for wild ducks, pbeasnnts. Belgian hare, partridge, deer and wild boar. They also went to Russia for moose hunting. His father, also an agriculturist, spent much time in experiments and became widely known for hi.s >luc potatoes—so -called because hey were of bluish color which Jccame extremely white, when Booked. Tlie sou and his brothers nssist- •d their father in cultivation of heir 400 acres or land, cleared Irom the heavy lorcsl which he "harvested" into limber. They grew very much the same vegetables used in the United Stales when he arrived bore ,-,t Ihe age of 20 and often had •hirken and dumplings for Sunday dinner, with plenty-of mushrooms for an added flavor, it was prepared in a manner similar to our frieasce chicken, he said. HO and hi.s brothers gathered mushrooms from the forest and they were dried and stored in i;;e bags, for Winter use. The custom of Polish families was to teach their sons, ns well as daughters, the art of tine cooking, mid his father .supervised the main Sunday meal prepared by the sons of the family. ; Thcrp were in members In this I household—nine children, the parents, grandparents and two servants—and five meals were served daily! But the boys and girls of the family went to school, us well :i:> helping i,, ihe forest and garden am! learning to cook, and they -.valked ;\ total of almost 10 miles Worry of Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarrassed by loose false teeth slipping, dropping or wnbbling when you eat. talk or laugh. Just sprinkle a little T'AS- TEETH on your plates. This plnas- nnt powder gives a remarkable sense of added comfort and security by holding plates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or fccl- •Jlig. It's alkaline (non-acid) Get f FASTEETH at any drug store. THE BEAUTY CLINIC Margaret Detn Smith, Owner tntnm Bid;. Phone 327J daily ID and from school. There were no long Summer vacations () nly a four weeks period, Mr. Kouiec said. Slmlit'd in, Berlin After he had finished the school in the village, he had a private teacher to prepare him for riackow Academy In Berlin, rrom whicb he was graduated. His formal education complete, he wanted to see more of the world and so riecidctl to seek his fortune in the United Stales, leav- inj; behind him his family. His first position was with Eilnl Brothers of Chicago and in the intervoninK years he lias been connected with hotels, restaurants and clubs in Ohio, Pennsylvania. West Virginia, with the Country Club of Richmond, Va., in 1038, '20 nnd '30. the Toledo Club in Tcledn and later long with thc Bcntley Hotel in Alexandria, La from wliich he cnme to lilythevilln Alter lonf? service in largo cities, and eight, years of worn berau;;r iie b;is not heard (Yon •;iny of his family since 193(1. whci Hitler had slni'ted things in hi counliy. Mr. I^onicc wanted a ncv in a small city of (lie South, hr .said. I was seeking a first clas AKO FEVER Ju « '» 666 ods AT ONCC lo rolie>e...>arctou><. FAMOUS SIHCE 1900 ,. - * "MAKE IT A MILLION!" HERE'S TRAVEL, W/>l I I ADVENTURE FOR I \J\J i Going abroad — seeing sights you may never see otherwise — is just one advantage of enlisting in the cst Army Camp or Post, or new Regular Army. Over U. S. Army Recruiting three-quartets of a million Station. linvc joined up already. MAKE IT A MILLION! Full facts arc at your near- linnm ,'!05, Federal .Joni'shoro, Ark. « GOOD JOB FOR row U. S. Army CHOOSE THIS riHI 'PROFESSION NOT*; irni tlio military forces at Latin mrrlciiii Millions. 'l'lu> bill wns ri'cuU'.sU'tl by I'rcsl- lnit Trillium mill i'tuiovscil by the Win-, Nnvy mill Slnle 1X'|) rtinuuls a moans of Muiuhinll/.t n Hi,. i;noj c War II whe H'lfiTlly sci ntrlc equal to Uiat in a t li c Ullitlnt; I'ollSll KClVlClllilll Ktlill 111 liul gnnmuT which l>:irti'ays him i.s an Kni'iipean. ,. force's In tin 1 wrslen hemisphere. Under (lie measure, th > Lutlu Anicricini countrli'.s \\onlil oni[X.'U- ••:'!•.' the Unitcil stales for tninsrer- ""il innterlal at iipproxlinnlel.v iUs 'st lo this novcrnmcl. Tin' 1'ii'sldfiil would be aulborked I" aci-opt any form fu \iaymcnt Iw i-onsldei's sultiible for military IrnlnluK, counsel nnd other [oi'ms of euoiierallun provided by tlio United States. Koine obsolete' mHi- lary eiiulpment nilRht lie liiken by i Ills country ID cschanue for IIKKI- eiii weapons, Durlns lieinhius on I ho 1)111. mll- ilai-y leaders snid It would help weld lhe hi'iulsiilicro Into a cooidl- "ated mllllary unit which would Ixf liettcr able In resist any uggres- '•ion I'rum outside. It provides for u similar agreement with Cuiindu l( she desires t" Join In the system. rf Wing' Gets Dota for Atlantic'Ifop Tilts "nyhiK wing" gilder, pictured during test Illaht in England, . hus for thriM! years helped ijiitlier Icclmlcnl cmlu for the construe- I lien of u huge, jet-proucltuil flying wlnu plane tliut Is expected to j innke Hie Lumlon-lo-Ncw York hop In seven or eight hours Wind- ', mills (IIITOW) btlow wings drive smnll motors which reduce ulr : turbulence. Glider has wing spun u( 5'1 feet, and weighs (1000 pounds. » the Chiixiry C*nri hr ikfe ChiflrimwW DWdct «f MMa-^ Cauitx, Arfcanu*. 1 , ' , Eugene Carroll .';.,• FUtntW vs. Mary Carroll ......,,. ,neJeaUri£ WARNING OUMCft r S The defendant. Iterjr. Ciirnjfl, Is warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chkkwiwba District of Mississippi County, Arkanrat within thirty days and »n*»tt^t:Se Complaint of the plaintiff, Euterie Carroll. . ^T : Witness my hand «s cUrlcofsald court, and tlie seal thereof, 'on this 20th duy of May, i»te. • - HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Prelila Bright , O, w. Barlmm. Atty. for Pllf, > • . lid H. Cook, Atty. ud Lliem. -i 5JM-6J6-I3-29 for Your 8fc»lcyV Ma , Clmiwr, Window Ch-ancr, WM4- wurk <;ie»ntr '. CaB ' MRS. Al.MA SCHflKER ' , Krsldenre Phoiu- HAYS STORE Quality Merchandise Phone 2001 We Deliver 200 E. Main Blytheville, Ark; For Better Values Courteous Service GROCERY VALUES - - - - 3lb.jar75c Shortening, ::: 8 ib. (In. 1.65 OUrOr Dill, gal. jar 98C PEAS .£#£.* No. 2 Can 13c; Case 2.98 TOMATOES asr, No. 2 Can 14c; Case 2.98 TOMATO CATSUP, Brooks - - - 14oz.19c CORN CORN KRAUT %z«sz S Cut Green Beans ! c<,» .98 .98 .50 .55 CanHc; Case 3.19 k CanISc; Case 3.50 No. 21 Can 15c; Case 3.50 I J% Cose / Pork & Beans £%z n 13tf *,.. 2 Boone Counly Beans fl^s- 5 '* 1 S( c asc 3 Turnip or rnrrUr Sailor No. 2 JJ . n Mustard \/|\LLIlJ Man Can 111, Cose / Prune PLUMS, Hunt's No. 21 Can 2% Campbell's Soup B ^£t'S e Can - -17c MILK .Economy, - - -Tall Can 7c; Case 2.98 Evaporated Peaches Ib. 35c; Prunes - - Ib. 16c SARDINES, Tall Can 13c; - - - - 2for25c BEANS, Great Northern - - 25 Ibs. 2.95 POTATOES R ?d'T± p ph 100 Lbs. 3.45 FLOUR WR 80-X 25 Lb. Sack Plain or S« If rising 50 Lb. Sack $1.25 $2.65 HARDWARE AND HOUSEHOLD NEEDS LAMPS, Kerosene - - No. 2 Complete 79c Ironing Board with Pad and Cover - $4,95 RADIO BATTERIES ,Sfi± $5.95 HARVEST KEGS, 2 gal 1.75; - 3 gal. 1.95 LANTERNS, Complete - - No. 1 $1.35 Electric Fencers s^-^iS.^!'. 9.95 LARD CANS, Bright Tin - - - Each59c Flash Lights, All Metal - - Complete, Ea. 98c DRY GOODS Beautiful Chenille BED SPREADS - - - Each 11.95 Comforts, Good Quality $4.95 Heavy Rayon BED SPREADS - - - Each $6.95 Use convenient lay away plan WAYNE FEEDS Wayne Chix Starter, 100 Ibs. 5.15 Wayne ~~~ ~~ " Growing Mash, . 100 Ibs. 4.75 Wayne 35'' Hog Supplement .... 4.65 Wayne Egg Mash, 100 Ibs.. 4.75 Wayne Rabbit Pellets . . 4.75 I Wayne Poultry Fattener... 4.2Q Wayne 16% Dairy Feed . 3.90 Wayne 32% Dairy Feed . 3.95 Wheat Mixed Feed, 100 Ibs. 2.95 Wayne Complete Calf Feed, 100 Ibs. 4.95 WORK CLOTHES For Men and Boys Tuf Nuts/ Dickies, Duck Head. A large assortment of each. One Jot Boys Duck Head Overalls. Men's Coveralls . . . pair 4.95' A Large Shipment- Men's Shorts.. at 50c and 55c Banner Wrap, All Elastic Top Men's Dress Socks ... pair 55c ANKLETS, A beautiful ossortmei* for Misses and Children. All Sizes. These prices good for June 7rh, 8th and 10th, subject to stocks on hand. We reserve the right to limit quantMt*. £

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