The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1944
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1944 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line tor consecutive Insertions: Mlnlniuin Charge ,, ( u\* 1 time per line .','""l6o 2 Umes per line per day '120 Slfews per Itae per cUy 9e 6 times per line per day.. .. 7« J2 times per Une per day.. " 6o 1 Month per line " B0o Ada ordered for three or eli tones and "topped before expiration «U to charged for the number of times the ad appeared end adjustment of WH mad*. All Classified Advertising copy Mbmltted by persona residing out. aide of the city taust be accom- panled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered lor Irregular Insertions takes the one tune rate No responsibility will be Uken ror more than one Ipcorrect Insertion of any classified ad. feur Salt). Filgldnlre, 6-foot, In good condition. Call 918. 6]23.|)k-20 Newly overhauled F-30 Formall tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog disc harrow. Lee Wilson & Co., Armo- wl. Phone 2088. G-22-ck-lf Motorcycle-37 Indian Pony "phone B23W, Cai-uthersville, MO. '__ G[19-pk-2G One John Dtei-e General Purpose wide trend Tractor, with brand new motor, $500. George Pciry nddvcss: Blythevllle Rl No 1 or Hufljnnn. S'3l-pk-2i ROYAL TRAILER, 1942 Model. Bargain, "Doc" Dean's Trailer Camp niter 7:30 p,m. (i-21-pk-24 For Sale 22 Inch window fan blades. Build your own fan. Blytlievllle Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 6<23-ck-if 7 room house with small 3 room servant's house on back. For quick sale $3500. Apply at 50G N. Fifth after 7 p. m. 6j23-i>k-21 IN FIRST CLASS CONDITION ONE DIABOLD BANK TYPE BURGLAR & FIRE PROOF TIME LOCKING MONEY SAFE Mississippi County Bank, Pho. 1C,' Osceola, Arkansas. 6-22-ck-29 1 10x18 John Deere Pick-up Hay Press on new rubber tires. Ellis Implement Co. fi)n-pk-24 1940 Plymouth; radio, heater nnd seal covers. 5 good tires. Cnll 2201. After 6 pjn. call 192. 6|22-pk-26 lifjjie and lot on South Lilly St Write Mrs. T. L. Prank, Clarkton, Mo., Rt, No. 1. Cj22-pk-29 USED PIANOS bodght and sold. George Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. 6-14-cM4 Tliree used AC Combines; one practically new. Write or call E. B. Gee Cotton Co. Phone 2020. fi[21-fk-28 325 MISSOURI 514 LACLEDE These are two nice 4 room homes In a pleasing neighborhood. Inspect and take your choice for $2100, on easy terms. See S. Jledel, 224 Main Street. 6-12-pk-12 Mixed lumber, 2"—$40 per thousand. Phone 330fl, So. 21st St Pride Addition. O. S. Rolllson. •5129-ck-tf See the new General Electric food dehydrators at Planters Hardware, formerly Tom Little Hardware Co'. 5-31-ck-31 Table model electric radios. Cheaper lit Radio Hospital. 204 W. Ash. 5[29-pk-6i29 FOR QUICK SALE list your prop- cim! with: H. C. CAMPBELL. Pho. 44o. r ornce 120 S. 2nd, with Lucien E. Coleman. 6|2-pk-7[2 Bath tubs, Sinks $9, pipe 8c ft., Commodes, special price $1553. Must sell, 605 Chlckasawba. 5|2S-pk-6]2G Table and Console RADIOS. Electric and battery. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-ck-7 Ladles pre-war bicycle. Call 2202. 0-21-ck-28 50 gallon oak barrels. Dr. Pcnper Bottling Co. Phone 2392. , 6-20-ck-20 One large size wardrobe trunk In good condition. Phone 255C. Cj2j-pk-24 14-2 and 12-2 Romex wire. Lamp cords, Iron cords. Extension cords. Hardawny Appliance Co. 6-Hckl4 ULYTHKV1LLK CURB MARKET —has FRESH PEACHES, EGGS nnd the best fruits nnd produce to tie found anywhere. . . Located at 130 E. Main. Phone 913. D. S. Hay M er. C-2l-pk-2l HiED-Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts poultry and dairy feeds. Custom feed grinding. Blythevllle Grain & Elevator Co. 6-10-ck-tf For farm bargains In Southeast Missouri write or see W. K. ODSTAF- SON, Farm Sales, Clark ton, Mo. 6-8-pk-a Peaches. N. Franklin St. or call 3221 H. A. Defoe. 6|17-ck-7|{ 1941 Mercury convertible. Extra clean finish, extra good rubber. May be seen anytime at Barfteld' Ark. Phone G14. 6ln-ck-2-l Fresh fish always on sale at Wil- llnms Market, next to Jodie Nn- bors Store on Hwy. 18. 6|14-pM|i4 Have everything In rough lumber at right price, at lumber yard, South 21st St., Pride Addition. O. S. Rol- llson. Night phone call 3309. 6|13-ck-21 Renewed pre-war bicycles. Guaranteed., Chlsum's Bike Shop, 2020 W Wanlei Dairy man. Phone 2982. G-22ck-25 Two good Farmal! Tractor mechanics. Experienmi. Delta Implement Co. G-23-ck-30 Truck driver, long time job for man who wants to work. Phone 2077, • . ; ' ; 6[21-pk-24 Exp'eriencctt laundry finishers, 35c per hour—8 hour day. Nu Wa Laundry & Dry Cleaners. G-17-ck-2<l Experienced prcssera and seamstresstfi. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 5-17-ck-I7 Experienced cooks »nd waitresses Apply Hotel Noble. l«-ok-tf •-n'Vk—j^^-j — tfi^rt. Lost Heart shaped Gold Locket Pin, with picture inside. Reward for return. Mrs. I,. G. Thompson, Phone 273l] C:22-ck-29 IWHUMOWSTJjRl' HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured fa- > mous humor- 1st, -9 At this place lOAnv •..•/•* id Any W:; 1 Peruse "" . IS Internaiional i tan«uig« : 4 Auricle 16 Too 17 Measure sr * a VERTICAL 1 Us 2 Anger 3 Conduct K; sun god 5 Upon 6 Sea eagle\ ..~ 7 Bright color V T ' for ''Is , ,42 Street (abbr.) SSouthAmer- 25 Type of tree '« Unltsof weight ica (abbr.) 27 Line • SCnritles ' 28 Tablet ' ;i 12 Fruits of the 31 Slumber ,„,.„ ,„ I> alm ' ,-'32Ught . 19 Wingllice part 13 Male sheep *•; 34 Tear v"' 21 Argument \ ISConcernfng " 35Equipment 22 Greek letter 16 Near 36 Pigpen jf ™ !;" t «' Ine „ , 18 Uncooked 38 Bcveraee T! ; 25 Ship s slarl t t 20 Snake -7. 40 Quieten * •« U , rge , u, °£ 22A 6 C '*** 41 Bachelor of ionX? g i, 24He was noted Aits (Hbbr) • 29 Missouri, "•* 5 - • ' (abbr.) 30 Paid notice 31 Not fast 33 Little lance • 36 Aspersion • 37 Commotion • !39 Texas (abbr.) 40 Tardiest 44 American writer 45 Biblical i pronoun ,.,-. .46 Vat „<? •<«' ;47 Pull :' V ^!M^ .49 Musical note i 50 Puddle , j 52 Erbium (symbol) 54 Bites 56 He was a fa- vorlte humor / —-(PL) 46 Also . "vi) 48 His writings \\ hold n high >i '•' place In the ' iinnals ot ! 51 Ocean (abbr.) 52 Print measure 53 Registered • nurse (nbbr.) 55 Postscript (abbr.) f PAQB Kcfrlgcrutlon '• Service F, W. TATUM I'hone G57 Have Fan & Refrigerator Molorj Cleaned For Summer, New Location! 16 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Sttlcap Fliuue 2893 or 25J8 Koidirs. lliils mid Mice rlluil- iwtcil. t'oiitnirt Korvire In |ics| control. Biddle Exterminators Free Kslltuatcj, 115 8. Third 1'lione 2t5l Try our "Own Marie" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Aero* torn Blfh BcvhMl WELDING! Acetylene Welding * Electric Welding * Cold Welding Best Eaoljnnriil—Besi MacMnhte— Beit Work Delta Implements, Inc. For Rent T\vo room npnrtment. Lights and ,. f . „. ... <V .. >H . AJIj^lll^ U11U water. Mrs. C. E. Fisk, Phone 112. 8-21-ck-24 It never rains in northern Chile. Ruin would dissolve the rich nllrntc deposits there. Room nnd npnrtment. 401 E. Ash & i| V- Gj23-pk-21 Bedroom imct kitchenette apt. Pho. 2861 - C]22-ck-20 bedroom, clean nud comfortable. (J17 Chlckasawbn, corner of 9th St. Mrs. H. C. Mnrtln. G|2I-pk-24 Bedroom, close in. 310 VV. Wnlmit. Nicely furnished front bedroom hoi water dally. 124 Dougan. Gj23-pk-27 Parker's Rooms for men. 5[30-pk-6[30 Offlcs In Ingram Building. Inquire at the Parkhunt Co, Services WANT TO SELL OR TRADE YOUR FARM Right Nowf Sec Or Write Us While Prices Are Up! •Rials Land Co. RUSSELL E. RIALS Goff Hotel Plione 2028 or 2029 Itesidcnce Plione 2330 0-19-pk-5 Plcnly of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE SfANUFACTUKtNG CO. Diane 2911 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Dr of S t•r c Main & Lake Phone 2822 II T»» WUl U D»J IBM* W«. Bon it 8HIJ. D8 THK FORNITURB TOD ARE NOT USING for nubl iUo Ubcr»| tnle-lo «U«wmn«« loi •U furnltDr* , to new. Ahin Bardy Fora. Co. M1 E. Mifa rhon. tMI Elmer CannlBfhtm VULCAHlZinG Tire & Tube Repair c.tu« Bdt KJL • a. HWT. n (Ttrmtrtf with Cutler *•. M«.| PRESCRIPTIONS Frwhwt Stock Guranteed Best Print Kirby Drag Stores Guaranteed REPAIR SERVICE On All Makes of TRACTORS, TRUCKS, FARM EQUIPMENT, MOTORS and CARS. Our shops arc equipped with the most modern machinery. Five experienced mechanics and machinists guarantee FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE Electric and arc welding—portable and stationary units. \VK CARRY COMl'LKTH LINKS 01'' PARTS LEE WILSON & CO. ARMOKKL, AHIC. CALL'2088 SUMMER CLASSICS In PIANO - ORGAN nnd VOTCR t—Selicdulcs uow being arrnnfeil Mra. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A.. M.S.WL ToriDiT New York Oreunbl anil Tcnelicr Write Mrs. Fowlslon 1101 Clilckusuwba or Phone JOI9' DON EDWARDS •OTAL, tMTTH. OOEONA, AMD RBGNQTDW rOKTULB ni K. ma BTRDTT raom no Orery Tnmnetloi] Uuat JB« B*Uifutoi7) NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me fo, VWeck-up without cost or obligation. EATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P SM K. Kentucky Phone ZJ5t When you write that soldier about buying a bond during the Fifth War Loan Drive, SfND HIM YOUR PHOTOGRAPH O'STEEN'S STUDIO 105 W. Main Ail Work Positively Guaranteed £le Idi F-O-R-D 0-W-N-E-R-S ECONOMY SPECIAL lean and CMburcl " djust Distributor Spark Hugs Fuel Pump Save Gasoline Molor Oil Wear and Tear Time and Money Only 4.30 Save! FOREMOST SERVICE for FORD OWNERS Come In Today PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. T«l. 453 Authorized Ford Healer 5(n & Walnnt EXPERT RADIO SERVICE. Aufo and home electric sets repaired. LOY EICH CHEVROLET Co. ____ _ Wante'd to Buy Will pay cash for |10,000 worth of good used fornl- _tnre. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 200 per aoz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. fn the Chancery Court For The Chickasawba District of Mississippi Count}-, Arkansas. Carl Lawrence Pleasant, Plaintiff vs. Ellamay Pleasant, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Ellamay Pleasant, Is called to appear in the Chancery Court of the Chlcknsawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas, with answer to complaint of the plaintiff, Curl Lawrence Pleasant. Witness my hand and seal of said Court thereof, this 1st dtiy of June 1944. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. CJ2-S-1C-23 FOE 8AIE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL BIZF.8 Cheaper Than Bridge Lnmbet Osceola Tilo & Culverf Co. Phone 691 Osceola, Ait. WANTED: Bring Your Leftover SOYBEANS to Us. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main Phones 8J6-357 There He Goes THOSE CH6.PS WE "TOOK THESE DUDS 1 THINK VJET> \FEOM MIGHT BE DO BETTER ) HANGING AROUND HUNTIWG OOP IP WE.O GO WE OU6HT TO BE NEW? THE LAST 6ATE BY NOW, I THIWH THAT'S IT JUST AHEAD.., KEY.' LOOK OUT THERE! WELL,IT'S GRAINS IN THE EAST- THE GATES WILL OPBN AT SUN UP, IN ANOTHER GATE'' PRICKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Ity MEHH1LL BLOSSE! 1 WANT YOU TO COLLECT ALL TMe FISH OUT OF THE BUSHES AMD TREES! , THEY'RE BEGINNING To GET A LITTLE OLD' fi)IS IS MRS. IAUGII1DW---I. NEAR TilE RIVER, AMD L ALWAYS , LOVED THAT WESTERLY BREEZE/ BUr THAT WAS BEFORr . THIS TERCIBU; TjlING- /-' VOU'lL I'M SPEAKIW& AS LOUD AS L CAN j Bottled Uji LANDSLIDE RE TRAPPED By FRED BARMAN MEDBE THIS RED RYDER. MEBBE NOT, BUT CVE. ^ HELP FRO,-\ RfDER MOHI5 WINCHESTER? WASH TUBES 1JY LESLIE TURNER 1 SEE THE SMOK1N6 C5LIDEB WU A CAP HOLDYOUR FIRE...WHEN THEY REACH THE.'EP6E ctEARiNO WIPEOUr EVERVMAN.' , THEX CAN'T S£ FAR! YAW1CEES CAPfAIMMUTIl THEY'RE COHIH6 THIS WAY \ND HER MIDDIES 15Y EDGAR MARTIN LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Phon« 578 Hove Your ; CAR Pot In FIRST CLASS SHAPE For Another Year! Let our Expert mechanics prolong the service of your car. Prices arc Reasonable. USE YOUR CREDIT To Pay Eor PARTS V and REPAIR Don't wall mill! you haye the cnsli. Ultlc repairs may grow Into I>|K ones! SERVICE TIPS- I Repack front wheel '' bearings. Pro vent bearing wear — results in wheel misalignment and wobbling. Clean spark plugs— 1 rcgap if necessary. Dirty and worn plugs waste gas. Switch wheels and tires often. Extremely important in gaining maximum mileage for all tires. J Examine tires for * bruises, cuts, etc. r Check oil filter. Im- J ' porranr to keep dirt out of motor. / Fill battery to prop"' er level. This care helps to prolong battery life. T Check oil level. Pro'• longs engine life by maintaining proper oil level. 0 Complete chassis lu- "" bricatioh. Saves wear. Reduces need for parr replacements. A Wax and polish to '•make finish last indefinitely. Drain and refill 1 crank case. Draining out dirty oil and refilling with clean oil will prolong engine life. 10 LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY OPEN DAY and NITE -. V-?

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