Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on June 1, 1880 · Page 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1880
Page 3
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* ·W TELEGRAPH. n HER WENTM. mm IF BEPRESP- JIVES IF MITES.' An Anti-Orarit Man to to beCnairmanJ DECLINES TO HI HIS NWE USED, i TftOMleHicA motor Don Carn^ SO! m rjtn Ob%tiniite MTIOIU COMIIimE ^9 T( : IDENT N. Sorthein". Delegates Objects o Solicitude. ! MOVING WAY ON-THE PARTj OF ANY CANDIDATE. , (;r:ii)l and A m i - G r a n t Mjnss- MceJinss. :rs. BKIFKATE3 AfiAINSt TUB BULE. i M/.v Vons llaykil. The* Herald's special says t n a t a conference ol principal last who i incite) special says t n a t a co ·he rt-j rfc-en|ativp5 of the thr Lacs lur nomination took place live hours. Those HOES, i: RS (j^r* w*re CoulJlinjf ;lnd Lo^ao, for i i - a i i f ; Gov?. Ieniui»on aud Fobter) for yfer.nuu, M.d ^.-iiator ll^nilia nod \y.,E. (.iiiiulier. fyr Hl.uuf 1'lie,object was'to ^e. il uli paj t (!4;iulil not agree as lo| the [. i n p o r a r v t i / a i i ' / n U O J . ·) l \ n k ; u i ^ , t-pt'akiit^- lur hi^ associates, y t - i j . i f .lie nani l u o l t ' i e ie'u|jorary cbuir- DVIII to (nc a n i i - L » " i ! i t rut*n, pl'-'dgin^T him- ttAi iluit^ (larmTuii \ \ o u l i J c u r r y out jtlna a i / r t i i n e n t Hi -joovl la.ih. This also! ex- [ io u ,i-:ret i uiL- it nut co_raove a - '..'lUiie fur unc Honied by tbe com'mit- t--.' h. l m p n n i r v ' c h u i r o j A n . The na'iWs u; (Jr'o, K. Hoa. iu.d fx-neprcsentative K-ttiiditlo- 1 ol Connf, w I I be proposed to' \i,f I'ouvu.iri'H to-niL'bt. ^ ! A' ur 'Lo.'ikl^fli; h j j p-ltdgcd hu assoc aii-' to the meldioir of tiio temporary L ,diripa,. to ink auci-Gratit jnen, tbe repre- - MT/iTife- ot the latter loote a li^t of n^mes -iibiinncJ tol I.o^an and Cameron land .fi-,- H'-uuiaief, and-,they promply reject^ 1 ' ' . - JITC u.iRui i T a v ubmitit;d by (he Sher. u t - u,i. illime iiu-n'j Lately, G. F. Hoar, 111. M.i?s ,- tx-CoQ^rcPsmen Bmndijiee',"of i,-inn , und bcuator-Miivbell, of 'Oregon, ,in I declared chat tbey Would only accept ; !·' QIOK of J- Moi njson Harris, of Mary- kiitl. ;j^^e-ted byj Conkllog. Bet |U-ag \r .·.!.·-! for by thei latter ai a Sherman m i i .;inJ a-.- g^instxhe unit rule. ] ( re-: Biiiin-e and "StWman men wvll|not i Yt.'j co him for tbe reason that for years MI- luJ beeti a Democrat and when u cao- i di'lj;* 1 for Governor declared that he owed JKahe^iaace tetlui Republican party.) Cafuerun baa declared in plain terms to lit- mends i)ul he would neither obejj ifl- t ; , ·: ons from the cc/mnoittee nor recog- M I / - irs powe: to depose bun. i. n A»io,. May 31. A letter has t^cen re .;,, e d b JuUgVlIoan from Senator Ed:- .1; N, ']t:c l !iuiog i) ab3oluU'ljr to ullowjtbe · "-el h i s n k t u e us a Candidate for the Pres- nif-nc). »Tfife triends of Grant believe ttira BUklNt'S FRIEH HIS N^MINAT [Special Despatch to tb ClHCAao,IHs,|MJy31. '.-._, t/I . of people and the betels hreSronge^ l h A f l r o n . M ^ -- J : _ L _ _ , . . . · · e I 18 iheOrant mceiiog a few thousands. | it tho acB-Grant u pet- LOCAL )6 flrat. rms. Wo Th fh ooont The sui Vlasti Secure Chimes. The ul ml,,. · thf farmers art happy: s m^ght be calle I Conventloi i Day ^ameout lot yesterday: all mer hole vour seat city schools wi ing there was an la mense t fong of 'f lo;000 to 20,00o!fdople Infcppositiii the third-term. Tl ere was ijense feel ir is full of c ithuslascl .for Bla ..., t . ----- --·* -^ ..«. ^ia uu, Kie third-term Udicate | ', |de 8 per it'e, Uop Oameron ecein i to bave ffjst his .i This evt-ping he r efused to efl:crtain 'r luttonsprovidmgfora temporary nation offered in oc to put motions stands twentj-nihc t and tbe uni't'i Ration ] vote. TJ to eigrn ule,andjaBthemee f be still refuses^ committee. Blalt hourlyi, andjiis f r nomination. morning w i l l j de}ie Carnl bey| the Sishes of|i e'! sirpngillis increas k« III. |l*«.el, nk Brow "ell Hi eighteen a plough i',l help tiii.-m; while ihe Vermo'nt d«.-le- .?!'.··- itkhough refusing'to state wbojilie ^ ·· uiul choice w i l l be, say they will j not · for Cin :lected 'William Q|. I EphraimC. Spinn|ey oj,he Cincinnati ions' to vote to tli:rdsrule. Lewi^I Edwin Stone of Kei Iternntes. , r«ll unit Or Saturday ni»bt Fr Cape Blizabclb, while running across ed io a blind furro roke his neck, kill'u LKWISTOS, May a» observed lo-Uay urn. Caster Post e and and A u b u r n Overside eejnelery. rayer anrj poein t eporatlng grounds, ing at City Hall, I y. G. W. Haskell, anil lawyers m.ide ; "4 T \ D r u i b o f a V WISTHROP, May 31. Tbc Deacon Slepheln Sew .U,. well-It father of SewhN, th gjreat a agitator, died SJDnday-mqrntog, seveu. He was ohej of our wealthiest citiz Comml comtu cojfldent of his JVtAIIVE l«uocr PORTLAND, M^y _ ,, ^.^ ^ V14JUV ,, F !' r8t ?TM riat ^^^Q t^3 Altcrion )'ivisof IprtlandJP od of Kiltfcjy, delegn lyeotion, Sith Insir r retaionv the tdo~ erccof FJrtland, a u iicbuokflerc eletti v 'fell he Dhu in. nt'lewl* at Lewis 3: ears o rJ field BtC diong antly. on. ·ation D D arid A i- scorted b; Jobai nfantryj fiarchei .801 *8, iddresses Aijburu.' ddfressea oveV half a ceotury ins and restdei fORTY-SIXTH The amcnUu 000 to JUO 000 ' ;ro|nt. A Ma8f:uljuset.3|delegatE survwfof the I n v l t h a f P'.flmiin.l'a wirltrtr..'!^*.! adODtVd OQ a ' ·alerin |e beat $r Ib. -j I ;o day' that Edmund's withdrawal u 'jlfl^odd JO votes to SbermarJ'a acure. "Ulierjb delegates' ( bave been the objfcts of solicitude and devoted attention i fur lirty-yisht 1 hours pasjt. It is claimed! by ilio G r a n t men tflap; they have gained . ip that quarter,, which the Jnende of other ^andidatps refuse to allow* 1 The prJQcipiU caodiifates have been very .ic:ive and very contident, and their frieods ,iUo, so far as can be learned. Tbtre is no ^ vnjr wa y JQ aQV quarter as ^et. A lar^e - (I* If Cation 1"rom Pniljidt IphJa, with rfhite fnillidt ·, arrived lo-day and were received w i t h ... baud and other demonstrations of wel- c-"ine, Cincinnati furhi-lied rfn.'ther lu'r^e Oi c^^tton, \\hich was received in a like w iftfuuhw. The evet*ia^: p proved to be a fine fi." and at an i;xrly h o u r lar^^ crowds jp'i »red froai the traiDS and r t r i t t cars-ia _ 'LI i--I_Y,CO attt-iid the t*o "meetings onjtbe i I t 1 -. -nore. The nieotii)^; of GrrutiL's sup- ''j''r,c'rs w a s btld on learborn Park, and '. Hj«f .("ti-Grant meeHln^ j u a t ncrosa jtbc ] - ftci The prooQiuenc. ?pcakprs unnouQCt-d* 1" 1'iiih*' Gf,uit meeiiog were Conk 1 in y, f^(T- I L't^id Carpenter, dtewurt-L. Woodford, · K fan T» LiDColn and Siephen A. Dojug- '· -"^'ii At t-he anti-Grant meeting the speak^ i r ^ ^ o r e Bob Inircwolll, Governor Davis o, Fr^d Hassadrek of Cititionuli at^elections, -vv menis were U e n agreed to passed--the ne CONGSES3--SecmdSessioi WASnrsoTON May 31. DOD« I eot ibcicasing rom S'275 the appropnat on for In., .llantlc-and Gull coasts w^t a and nay vote f 88 to 81 appropriating 1 j 100,000 fo i was- stricken out. Mi ndm.eot to pa^ the appri bill in )awful silver wi ' ' I cot appropriatir ? SGOO.QC ) adopted on a y The para^rapl ^toraiie ot coi (Downey's ami pnationof this Hgrt-ed to. The amtnda for payment ol marshals"and t 'deputies, e^ceAt, for services s.agrckd to. · Ot by Kcpublican|s. "If, Alkins lepo: jative y^te was c _ ,- back | live, Executive and Judicial, aj . , rfed. , , bin w^Jib the ijeJnate amendtiie H [ LBoine oft incnts be noD-cp«curried-4n, was The-^t-oate amendriuents Co t tural ffppropninion, bijll were ,n red in. ec of Hi bill, bu McVeigh, Barker. The Ohio 1 d- · jration ejected ex-JGovernyr Dtnnison L j -truiiln. ! | j . Thp California delegates organized w ( ith ' i t V r i U S l . Pisley, Chairman. 1'he dele; r i;ioa decided io vot« solid, a-^aibit the j u .;iule, and in favor of admitting C!DD; '-M n^' Idelegates from Illinois districts. ilr Pisjley was waited on by the Blaiue 'ij timers, but declined to allow his name j -- be ujed as one of live, from whpnl itiould be selected a dele^tte tt) propose i ""- name tit BI unc to tbe CohvcDtiorj. I J ( nicAoo, May 31. At tne meetiogj of , i i j Natijoual Committee the resolution re- right of "delegates to vote|iu- i » l i v , d u a t f l y as they please was sat uponjb'y M_ (.'amccon, Cbairmfio, wbo refused] to j * n'cruln it. An apptal was taken, Ut-'useJ to put the appeal. I A pap3r pledging ttjc tjot to yote (··r Grilot on tbe ltt or ocber ballucs was F ^ned by 22 of ihe New York .delegates to-dai ',Tbe defection] in tbe.Fenjnsylvanw liclegltion is said by Grant men to be Ijeaa tcrious. They say not over 4 will re'ftise !o vote as directed by the State Convention 'while the BUloe men claim 30 who will obey instructions by district" only. j Tne commiueo appointed to name letuporary chairman [for tbe convenilon reported Judge Hoar of Massachusetts, i'.d tbe Report wan agreed to Hvithout |div^ion. A re"soluuon was, adopted that f'Kuid' ·^Camerbn through any ca'nse] be iin.iOle to present tbe name of Mr, Hoar to - contention Mr..C.bandler sliou'.d j thi t ollcc. Cjbai i p,or- · CHICAGO, May 31. JHnine's friends have ( f-lecttd ·no pre^e N'ew Yc ;|880 uton* HOD. James i F. Joy of Michigan, it bis came to^ tbe convention. rk delegation bave selected Boscoe ?, chairman. iNDTANAroLis,'May 31. An Immense ani.-tnird term meeting was held i:» tbe "p^ra House lo-nlght. " j WASHINGTON. ,P»a»lon Jfelll Appr«v«U. WA!BINGTOX, May,31. The President to JHV approved tbe jbill makm^appto- P'l.'iiiuns for-the defioency in the appropriations for the fiscal year ending Jq'oe { " -Tbe 1 bill appropriated" $8,5GO',000 for Pensions (or army i invalids, I widbws, .· minors aq J ct«pendent9 aqd survivors and r h p warn/1812; for 'r s.oaers 8^5,000,'and lot ffrrearso u u p o n c h i l m s in whiclj pensions lowed prior to January 2, 1879 !l«trd Dlnlller A telegram -was received 'by tl °l Internal Revenue to-dffy, ai ihe v arrest ofi tbe nited Illicit i"--rong, his three sons and ten o JMged In illicit, distillation In ' ' j THE WEA ' pensions were 'al- 6500,000. '· -i' e Bureau ooungl'ng distiller, thers, en- THEJSl cf Cany SIO»»L PFFICQ. -- (ifi. WGT Watbiagtoa, D. C.,' Janel Indication. \ \ .. For New England; stationsrJ or «11- m? followed by rising barometer; iwln'ds mostry f rom southwest to Northwest; clear or partly clondy.weatber followed'by increasing qtoudinesa and occasionalIralos. Decoration Day wt* obterved 1 "my place* throughout tbe cmtry. -' -J. Tlie House vffnt into Conlmi Whole on ihe pieneriili, deficient rpse without aquon an:d adjourn At a Hre at Sprinjrffiud Botel, Montreal midnight'of yesterday, three 1 m D we^eli: jured by ,su/looation.|| One had: his hab, n n d f d c e a l 8 O h b r n e U . i l Two sti 'ant Riris Agnes Cille and Marija Louis ' jhibadeau juojped from the fourth stpryi viindowsit* coe back yard, and one had'ber* pg brouei by Jhe tall. She is not *xpo,cr.e( 1 to "--^ ' The veneMblie Kcv.| Dr. Roiiis son. a native of North'Yari died m-BoslOD, Suodjiy; aged Bellied;thejM»t of Forelgu IS the Ame1-icanB)lird df F«rei) for 34 rears, resj^moajlu.lSGG. A convict named Jqbn D;vi from Essex County foV burilar from tbe State I'risoi^kt Cohcj yesterday, while engaged in; s with four oiheR-prisone ·£, near river. ' V Cook'ji Canon, C*.,B of Indians, and! mnssai occur. There is ail al}i: roreast of Silver Cilyj; canon is suspended | u. Maj s;. I ·«»e»i -- NO. j 3pru g. -l.131il.14. Corn le repqrt 'bed r. Monc ^, n Ihe ei» Taiion |ly Jlergymi t Aubu vencrab tobaci ged elgbl ldcst an here foj ul- KenthortBlsmoiiih. Tbj "GliH" drive aitl Bdora Saturday night Heliotrope Isltht button-hole bouqui MrJ Osg od, city ed Argus, arr; red In the The tickets for thb JJormandyi" met wiih day. W. A. Waterh vedti( jn t n o ns. [ srs. Robinson od potoakejthe iiniforjns for the, Unlrjni Hri i5,(CQmnaoy. (red. W.I Gosse, the well-known pajfer o;an! of Tertian i, is, io to» ten ] the conventions. Ti-ederiek 1!. Fay, 85 cclal corre;[ Sunday Xew Era ayj Messrs Wood, Bishc p fc Co. have som thing to -- · ' L Cbdkii I r . V". wo] Id. hi Bui say concerning g Range In anqt ChasS A. Maxwe G. c! of the Goo alsoija member '. is in the cily. 'An excursion train ksporton Thnrsda thps thei meetii importance wishin )n th:it evei ndance of Jood Tern [ ; Ibis ei'e Is to be Ira idlu Ir*n F The Ka'ta! markable week's w^ork Sa'tordjiy last of tw ci»htj-or^e bushels of C( D ·. iaiigbton left y York, Ualfcnd the anq Medical Association, of her ind tq which he ia f Malhe MeSical Associat The EJstern Regimen orp?-·· J ' ! DrJ? o t mpletejtbe or^aniz lion. niaed as! soon aa all erfed inj. The Iltlist, Rocklan'd ;r compjanies are ul! tbat remain , 1 --f j "e Te,leAhonip commun ished between the cent eir seven the lalti ver amenc the bil 1st raalnl; e Lcgidla ropriatfo with th amenc agreed to e Agrlcul uth, Sle. 81 years crelaryo Mission . escapee d, Alai ng~ saod ie Assabe to be f u l l res alciqst hourlv , i .T r . k oliilo rei^n ol ter- md mail cormnuni justa and th'o one in Pq distancJG of sixty-three i Dnlon wi. hour. "| A jspccial Satu rrunk|§aili ventionl T. iiscment ASLc shave. witbjih and sat pla,njsu d i d n j t t i a k e a slow notion during tbc ro, 1 vear Dey, towr tlUDt v in. theliai oO.r. IOQF In dull. ·in OAIS lower-No'. H 33|es. KTB-r.u. 3, 75. i. BAHLET ai 76. · | * K - i , THE UE ^K ICE WATEU. says : 3?bcre ie no nome doubt ing icejwater too freely ^ ftrres'ta than there is that,'a rcfr gerator restlperspiration, ltd: ach Its i|atural hcat,.6U5p gastric juice, and shoe) delicate organs tahh \vl Ich itco'nlcs ia tact. An able writer, says habitual ice-water drinkers ain -that Ij very flabby abeut 1 stomach. They comp' lies heavily on that pa icnt. taste itbelr for rii ed. They cultivate tne\ aid digest! cxtbange latVlrink- dlgestibn wculd M. ves from tbe ttom- pend's-kl e flowjoi and wi akeas tht ch it con es incon- in' buma i diseajef are usulil- the -tegi in of uts aftei their (« iU."'Thej it is be) seof stloiulantstto read ou f w d and what tbc phpaiologst about it i how long U n. If they! are iotelll ork aod be; has to say bageand { other mei be proccs i of a^similf new 'bread, hot ea'kes ts an esc iginlng Uicee to have heir maladies. But Itbeyjce jir down all called h whom a Ihe same, an^ Jlnallj to take a fa lysteriona :»a\limle where, as 'far as is k ic'wn, water Is not used., DEAL WITH IBOW1EE * UERBII4 NO. 7 KENDTJ8KEAO BJ.OOI, 11; XOOK, O YOU WISH TO OBIAIH|TH« -VEI T BESl AND SAFEST ^SECbKrrmg I 'OB TK1 UfyiSTMENT or TEt^ST; FD1ID8 xn SAVINGS A* THI iilOWBST PRICK dtf' -4-, Appropriate Phptoi'Faph8:foril its aeuo or tpe vear: Qitaea Gate, Mori Set Bof BUM c Bridge, .Child's SwlDjt, 4(., at Wi ( .n*c 9 Qmin. KlAnlp i · ' ton't, 2 Smith Block. ;( and po atoes and Jeqts to g through tlptt. Tb y roar|j ; fried {meat, Id 'been lh iter f lends i k at ob »s callei in IJ Preble, of -ed States Distric jdtrx which · - -- r , .^ the members ,, nit^.j I: K' J:i alphabet e of 1 everybody tcy ih the distrid The C umbcrland and Y ihtj'cbni stetumci past tec asoeMai live tin Band. SERE: at Noro son GUI Band, r tanjt JR. Rollins fcellcot i entirely been j tl broughly i ofltte ut, elegant atw six! ;en new stste r is cotbni anded by Copt. tkfo und repntfeti railw tboro train* art bilu ly renovated, so ve commenced o r repaired aud it tni man ivement to rene\ e! ijry with steel r which, i ow en route from .belaid, 'aod£ P r each h e m xiore ed, ai arrac ·each (b Ac. frond ocatli b! scrltxrs Music r estel totvard subserip property renew ed D the m wlllln ;n 93 on tho part a ettbe tbot bK rlbed yejiter- once mada to ,o that building early dayl It b J remembered tbilt tbe coDslrao- flrtt r a i n w i l l f( r Chicago, iilway,for t :ktts good nineteen d I' ' vision wag, wh( Sa'urday, placed '. stopper out, 1: down in a Lai i . 3lius.Hoyer, tbe oborp, died near week at the trj He was the seco :hfe Ifl-st white p id wiio lived to and six. ied thedelogatio id red. They we j the,Plaisted fa ADKJ A t l h e c U Dbejp Hall laet rds, accompaniei .rchea to the r G. Rollins, M. nd tendered hln -and played' sev nvited them all t ar efreshments. rhe or RICHMOND. aondjwent down satisfactory. it is Understood ng Hill Station i PAis* SQEttS 'WILL J Supei In cndent Tucker o tral, I at instituted a ru whlcl n 11 be appreciated publii:. When the train T tbe bi ak iman. advances' t ffllll soon be! In I it once i for ; i' I close on tho nil ·Ived at tbel Arg ihionablfl flower K-- I tlr of tl :ty last opera i good use, of e Portland, 'Chjmes of sale 1 yester- thol Ma, attending the co Arey have contrai ondc und city editor in the city. (fhe ooplons ralog ut oull tho exenslve flre rajed on iown'»hlp Hi ^icock county, w ' ' L ' cai ic up aod struck rat isurement and c too k her in tow and He d. , She carried waa loaded with dnce. At the «an pn ed ID by a coaste prejbably the short* , since the cout pre ed, Ian Vcrj Ian ent form. and those most! e number are to several orally ji .when the courts sit for (the Easter Weetecn Dislrictb. Ottha wbole num of civil cases up tbrrd have been 1 moie speciflc, thirty- drci the New Claric icr column. i; of PortUcd, I d Templars .of t h j of tlie order of Ibe wifl be run from everjiog to accom,- ' to atlcnd ing. nembers of Flora! ars is dctired at eaclel .rnace closed a re 1 nth a product on ntynsnc tons, on il to the too. istcrday 'for Nei I meeting of th whiqb he Is a mem delegate frqm th iiENEiL. Last plcufjuit gather Gili lau Cram, Esq., mar -iago of his diiug itcr, Miss Nellie, t Mr. G fort] pan. and H'flu otti held well Ang Sern R.- lent qualities am Icllow witbull, it and happy full irried pair*. TSFIKLD ITEMS. s: On Sunday ; II preached an ,1 f . V. M. w the companic ation was al olllce i a rtland, Suod miles,--by mean: e loaned for ont live Portland nex over the Urant] e Greenback Con or a return trip ut. lars. See adver wanted a quich a vial of ammonki his vest pockel ber'd chair. Tb« :ceedcd. The t nsorial gentleman J metnorial exert e Post. Un ace the proceision rl'Jed, allei he ^ alist church and 1 marc ute, where the follow lorder of exer- i was successfully carried o-rjt: ,uirge, 1 e Band; Reading; of Scriptures and r, by Rev. A. Prince; vopal musicbyj c quartette; calllhgof Hojl of Hou- Capt. A. \yhilteti; music by , quar- addrcse, by RevL J. Bo|d; dirge 1 ; ieiion. ^^Che excfrcises were well ar-i d and well conducted. The address wa replete with patriotic thougjhl and re" about, three quaittera of an hour for very. The muiic, both (vocal and mental wasi pronounced good. DE LTH OF A MAINE MAN. The Marys- villc, Cai., Times fays: Robert C. Pierce.a ; man about 23 jears of age, died al by 111 Dray. a m:t or, b tyte benc quire itsdc :lock. May "': .1 The deceai cily for some fou ? that time wai I, a dry goods me oldest Inhabitant Xorth Waldobo- c of ninety-four id son of Conrad TSOO born In tbat the age of one ·ortland, cle'rb of Court, is prepar- pnovo of great the legal fraler- cal j index giving w bo went into of Maine under of 1867 and amc idments thereto. arkjdelegatioos to entiqn here to-dt y, Arrived on the Cityoi liichmo )rj'at about balf- o'clopk last nigh . accompanied by nj a gunuer. A s neWas could be irabcred about c received at the ion and,Bango ' ' se jf tbe oration vening the JaW- by the Bangor ·si(t4icc ol AlljtP ^1.. on Third a e|ercrjade. ,Af- elccllonc Hr. d served ex- 1 lar; ture, Pierc rnan ' sijtcr The im mpre .nd m the Pi Archil :hibal Mater steamer City Portland harbor '.on a short trial I ilp,lwbich proved oriJttoi result) very h ho {steamer 1 has 1 and 1 repainted ifrts put down added. She Dednison, whose in is second to nbne as a success- ourteous ateamb at DIOD. 1 i BRUKSWICK R .ILBOAD. [This along its: entir · lino is being to speak. Ballast leratlons, brjdges s the intention of the track ai fast ills--fire miles of England, are to between Gibson i a few weeks. PPKEOIATE] IT. the ijaine |Cen)o on his j*oad by tbe traveling eaves tbe atitlon Iho centre of and distinctly cills|tbe name of station. .lithe p n o n e name that act is also lassengers have t bundant lime to For leaving the I rain when (hey ilr destination. mad Bus: 3F MUSIC. i yesterday tin Club, a lona| An'entire 'can- mlltt'ee mong tbe ?ub* he propose 1 Academy of erable opp the contemj md tBveral offere 1 to double their f Ibe first on i lainstreet. i -as retained 1 A Inter ;st seems to tter,iand there L p ojec^ fall throng 1 BE id dollars was si day, i nd efforts will be at raise be Required amount, ma; I e qomnjenced st an shoal tlono Debt arge ·h a|bulldlogwo mgtiie rammer m(nb«r of onr n.' agor Academy i , r - - i V , : . if lace Is known by ptat- his lie sunpaf The est pie Tbe essay i Jesuit teresti liv*iry consul lidt.el Ihe b\ dicncc The ^nl" The ·sltioo was manl- lated change of Bite, tbe be starting np decided ] un- oir citizens to Upward^ of H«J| ild glTe emj|loy- and fall' lo a lielcl .v t Gree'k, by P;r 2r. by Professor Talcott. tory.ib 7d|0 Rbet^r church 7:30 I'll Seatelr ~ obnrcl ehed. AFSIZED IS THl f four or five tonis was capsized aod . p . Liw CODIOJ iu scission laU week urned llnally Sillurday test term over li d In tbi ever he d in any dis was organized in i few casi :s we're argi from Somerset. e argued lo writing R. Goul uldj Theceren h tbi 1 cd by Rev. S. bride and ngratulatlo ie presents iful and spc knoo e higb esteem in by her many fri n in the cil -On Monda.v : cry a^i ent to decorato soldiers. Tho iwport Band, fo I lp rtjrci have served Ich hasi been exttn- STOBM! Oil Friday a tremendous squall schopnir o( flay tons [Jslzed bjer. The Iris iarriea her In Owl'a crew of four men canned | lobster and e time a small scboon- ho bad i norning--th dletricl, an and Port n the docket, abou disposcd'jof, or to b ue bun oscdior, 01 out !of o aod seventeen.- '-Kennebec Journal. evenipg there! waa )g at tbd residence o n the occasion of tb o( the lirm of Dole ony wasjhapp'ily per ~ L. B. afte groom received th. s of tho entire com ivere'.boih nurnerou ko in glowing term; which 'the brido ii nds.l MV. Gould ii as possessing many TC the new- beiiJg a'i thoroughly u d . we inist'that a re is .beloi Our correspondent Rev; Miss Memorial fcernooo tcreatin , on before Stephen Daria Foa'd. A. roprintc aes wer: unt of d not m: but a i process!* tedltoM and inter: conducted he muddy ircli to the lelachmedt tho gra res of the in, led bv mod 01. t h e U.niver- C. 'Insti- 16tbi at th* Western ,sed 1 as been a resident. · m o n t h s past,'nod ;hecrofloy of Mr. ·chant o n D street. i was tho rcsultiof buC i 10 o Hon of Ilii durin Du«a His'd sickness from obscure brain trouble ac- corap cai let from youn' ( ill tn and fa Mr. D niei oy typhoid- condi upon Mr. Dugall this mo iim we learn that Mr. IVrco was :i man of gooci morals, temperate at es and industrioui. He was. well vorably^known lo the customers ol gall's store as an accompUfhed in, a thorough gentleman and with whomjit w a s a pleasure lo h.ive 'di-alii er--tne caose of our jenios wlllltprlng' anew fi and deal! 6f winter, as oik ! conkrJrln to take the ^so soon tol fide, so be It Ou Slves and: bur jteneration. to »t the mcmory^iof our fallen comr 'orrens advanced frot I of mlccrs, and taking a bouq flowers, said: ! Ut of lilsi Inflnilte mercy the W whose knofvKHge not even Wls to ,tho ground, has been from among us our coi ifadbs, · maiolajB lh our hearts thiipure r their memory due to such «alted f ism and heroic death, as tho. lymbol t love and of the purity if out Jnutn- !in tins riioui ceremony, I Uepolsit »' Jwhite fldweijs | upon these graves. 18C J' be example'Ol their actions *nd tie diS Of I r i B i i * ei-Uui.,., . " . ^^" «l8ai nt.o^.-.n MEJSpRiAiTDAYl DecoraLg T^e Graves of (Ju^FaUen Heroes. IHE MM LI HI BDK, BE A n n QTfiMaf Bit T » A flu JHHuB A 111 L «'v» viMm niHli At Norombega Hall-Tfie OraliB ant) Roll (if Honor. The weather yesterday was rather unf4v- orablc for the observance of Memorial Day, as ihe rain which set in Sunday aaernoon, continued all the morning without intermission, falling in perfect torrenti] a portion of Ihe Hne. This of pourse inlcrfeUd with the order of exercises somewhat, and prevented many Irom attending tlie services, but the, programme was carried put -'·'· - few changes. We give below a lull of the|proceedings in this city and vicinity, commencing with the exercises In North Brewer, Sunday: AT BREWER SUNDAY AND MONDAY I T* 1 "" *"' ; t l u v e B ol " The members of the'llrewer Memorial P ,' c ?TMr.dcs!tbroughout (he gr Association, commanded bv CBDI S Tl altl:r n l l f c n lhc .v took tbo cars and i r^ . . .1 . . J F ·"* ed'lo rho /.iriri i n d l otry. keep «10 ot S Sl ° Cl C D "" 8 A. 1« Mo Car " ' ' etof infer, jpar- )(cascd Jo oaue le! |S of «aeir sa^rlllo dut fjL l tb as, s to tie ' 16C1 ' be- intmuilly teach us tbat ncxl ,, , e owe io tbc Giver of ever r good prfect gift, unselfish patriotls n, aid I devotion to the country which and. protects us, are the highest ,£.* lies and surest sign of that true no- ",, M)icn raises men to be but little loW- isw, "" the anzcle. and binds upbn the ' So1 I mark of the hero. dora, Irom on high shine into ihe f our rulers, and so direct all . c Station, i i Inf, died 'June I n f, * * · ' · i F Drew. r. 1st May 10,1804_ , an U lrcw, n i od0. \ MlstM, Inf. killed May U Art, die I or wound! re 'HArt,dodJuiyl6,1861, - *· IK H * »·' y . . , --.... ,,,, ui, tti. an luvir io*« that Ibe'voiee of the people mar io£lhein as to-0«y it honors the lowly ls|bl the- country's defenders." I " 'j'hfcPost was Iben divided in detach- nts aod decorited the graves ofrt KiqU 1365, u Downs, visited tho cemetery at North Brewer. Sunday afternoon. After decorating the «rnves of the honored dead, on account of ihc storm, they proceeded to the school hous^ and finished Ihe exercises, er ' which consisted of prajcr and fitting and 6t mprcfsive remarks by Rev. A. S. Town- ·«! lend, of Brewer, and singing by the Quar- on ctte, Mr. E.purrier, bass; Mr. M. Maban, ne enor; Miss jNcllie Kcrr, soprano; Miss foi Annie Kerr.alto. The singing was pro- ho ed'to the city) AT NOROMBEGA HALL. Vccording to the change in the 01 Jrcises this year, Ihe o'raUon wi ista. d at Norombega last'' oveninJ, i. id of at tbc cemetary in the allcrnooln, heretofore. Tip's change is an excelhjnt D and will probably be [adopted p'erma- TIy i» the future, as it Is ; much more com- ·" Ne ' :ablcthan Wling or standing ont in tlia 17°'a^ sun. The hall was ' " somely dc'corat- ed and presented a (mojt attractufe ap- ·?«' r pearauce. Festoons oflevergreen were ** nounccd very line liy ull present. In tbe evening the Association, unde: command of the President, Col. Hutchiogs, gleefully arranged on tbejfront of tl e »al- marched lo ,lhe Congregational church, Idles, caught up on tbtj gas j,.ts plTcre l!cv. It. L. Howard, of this city, de- 'ni|all flags were crossed, while where I ivercd an able Memorial Sermon. , waJIs above Ihe galleries we _ ine o'clock tire corps flags. Pictures |«f WasbilgtJn ment from and I.meoin occupied prominent positions' At a few minutes before nine otclock "re ·estirday morning, u dc[achn Joil Post Xo. 12, under command.of Major among the decorations, and on V. Z. Claston, Ilic Jameson Guards under we. omtuaud of Lieut. ColKna and tHe Jtangor era o i the re placed the *S!TM' D ' l s t H A "' ·""'/··· 1°. ·t W Forbes, I, l l l h Mo Inf, ,,.,,,,,,,,.,,. lie. ' UaT ' ^ !1 SC|11 J9 ' '*·'·· ;» Foster, unknown. Fowler, E. let H Art, 1 dieoj June 'J. ltd, or ;e Gcruert, u n k n o w n , nl A Uoodalc, K, «;)! Mc . , I May 10, 1-84. -IS. Onr,,ltl|. U.ICili He 1 positions' e two slacks of guns.-Tlie ball wns lit- Duffy, r,3lBtM« Inf,,: 10,1 ul M Erncraofl. D, Iflt II * jn UUinwry, A. 10,u Me A Farr.tam. K. 8lh Me UBC unknown. ^ killed Jury 30, t, died nT, died Dec 3, nf, died July ], , l u t U A r . Ang no record ainoe , incc ee P Hall. 2nd, K, 2^th mo ·il W Hanson, B, Sd Me 1 nf. killed .lii.) f. died May 10, s. Harrington, i), 30th M c l i of disease. · c A HatkuU, D, iBtll Art 1F65. b K Halton, F, 3181 Mc ID dilcaae. - t · ligglut, I . t i d M o l n f , died ee. n A Hopkins, B, ls( II Art, i Horfon, u n k n o w n . W H u r d , D, l.|J[ AJt,die1 in). lurley, b, 30ih, Me lof, un BI JackeoD, K .laoksoo i tehcl Prleon, 1HC5. " a HJackaoo, G, Uth Mi war. Roewell Jfimce, t i n k n o w n . liangorcornet'Band--M. £l. Andrews. Leadon M»n.lial,b. d.Swne.- T Aids, a. II llo.vncfl uod G. W. Niclier^Pn. aincoon Guard* Commanded by Litux. Cliarlc d;ed In Rebel , died June 'J, April 13, 16T2, . let|Mo_j;o' f, died emr died Sept 17 died Jul, . died ID Jack ', H, 7tb Mc Inf. i k i l . e l A p r i l , - 11. K c a l c F o s U G . A. K nl by Mnjor W. 7.1 JQrewcri The proces; Memorial ^ . ion then einctery, passing unc rms reversed ie monumenll. Rev. C. A'. Beckwith iJangor, Coramaoded He tet e parched to the * \tlio arch willi Ad 'Jfhc excncisca opened wi h a dlrgr ijy the ,, _ p ,,,.,,. Nahd foDoivcd by ^n eloquent prayflr by Suwrtl U Lambert,unknown. ' ii,,. mi i _ . . _ i i ,.,, j. . i J htcithcn A LelirblOD. l-i. 'H nfn. i which. and formed a^quare around by .e Divine he graves of the leasing, aftei ouored dead lorial Associ irge while tl elng perforn oleiDDity to Hhe occasioo as it aiggetted he thought that even the hcaveoa Were eepiog in hdnor of tfce uotjle dead, who ·iJUngly sr.crjticcd their liVfi that "the oion oiijthc be preserved. Tbe Koll ol were decorated by the Me- IM - ition, the Band playing a aim e impressive ceremony was s]|: ed. The fulling rain added e envelope enc'osU 70.5 fouud lo the , sealed and addres . Pierce, Abbot w*bich pUce, no doubt, : .nd brother will r uost(to Ihem) hea a cabinec plc- loth in ed to gr of Mr. Mr. 'Free- Maine, at mother, eive tj-day ono t fathel :ver wi-i'd across the continent. Tl KOLOCftCAI* Mixll* h Aaalrvr«arr exercises of t h o " st e/emng Fn t eld la Street bhurch, jind were I iQteref t by the lurge audi live prayer by Re I8ic by the Centra 36idebt introduced :loricil Society the liamoiond card With great uce. 'After an . Dr^ Tapham church choir, William Elder aid as the first'speiker. Mr. Ar- gavc a graphic account olf Ancient iltsin as · compared i with! Slodern, xnd m ,de the subject vcry'iilear to his au u^tjnce TAr. Hackett folio wed wlcb a- tbougbtfu oa Missionary En in all lands 'and py manner broug irpriae and its iul|fa£J(STipr\\ard, keeping ,10 t b e o l o f c . followed Song," m ·roier effir rjition by\Mr. Itaa . for moral\wiadon nowledge Ie "smar allow! intejre It, and the amount of inter peUvd ness" of the A g perhaps that t\e :ing in itself, Mr. sang' the ijhich .-hecvcn !'. was, an carn- ii opposed Ip 1 ihal-ac'teristic land deserve ·edit for the though lia listners to feel ration of Mr. Hane n the dangers to bo ule, and-Was pcrba britlmot al » 01lt t u e naorjii £ ID itself. Owing olthejraprd de- omo parts were Io3 ir. Hawea mi on Ihb success of' islng- Impression lei ixerclses closed by y Mr. Hayoes anl Mlba Cook. veil Tbe'cli )ir was certainly n sver voice :i tid the music thrc richjtr at. ·rations all-sbowec andlthi Society may well f the sue :ess of its COth anal xercises lor tbe re|mftlnc(er of the o as follows: TUESDAY. £xai ilnationS'at (he cliap I. 9JU l. Junior Class In by Pjro esaor Talcott. "" , M . Junior Class In y Mr. Denio. A.M. iSeniorClass n H essor Sewall. Janior Class In 2 '. M. Senior Class Professor Paine. '. H. Annual Add less cat Society, at B ckty T. J. by Rev. J. T. Dur tk, I Eiailnallons at the cba| el. Middle Class In i Itaiircl Iby P|o eisor Paine i 10:31 A. M. Middle Clai j* Pre 'etsor flamlhi. 1 Pli .Alumni Dlnn !m i;, and in a t. the wonder- ention of . he att n people, and ibject was less headed hy the to Birch IJill. orated by the '. Mr.'Aztcll. The tcoobscot ^uar- sifisttil^atts^BunSin^Vil Mt *" lD '' kll!cti J f e then s|ung "Nearer Myj God to'DieeJ" i3«i 0h a' l Jpci«t l 8iHj'r D 'v lB: ' H Artt k llcd JuBO le r whicb the Roll of Honor was rei d by 1 l £*, orRe w "uuSeiu,'.L.3i8t Mel of, died amee ut.-int MoDtgomery and, tbe responses *3ShSfa W £5rd. unknown. | ' - Serg't. Major Foster, a 3 follows: . 11EALE POST 12, C. A. R j-HOLL OK AND ll*^PON9K6. , OFElCKBfl. ' j B t f h a B D JarncBOD. 2d Me Inf. iiod »om f . T | » o - u i « t o D i u i y . ·Crua Hainlin, died ia New Orleai . 'KnnielCbaphn, J»l H [»BllO()WT8, Aug, ISM. Ul( killed by. 1 Stephen I t Carpenter, In RcKutnr he died. . j I William L Pitcher, llh i Mc Inf. kllle '., at tredencKslxurg. I i HJohn \5or. It, ICih* Me Inf, dloJ In iri, f,JHi, 186J. i r | , rtScoltyylt linker, I.'Dlh M e l t f . kille- at Morns Islanll, Sept, S, ]*«. ' 1865, infaclio , 1st nao C.i\, klj . atltichpiond. Va. . Marnon, H. ICth Me Inf. ill. 2,1 Ale Inf. 1 6, ;eorgeJ MnriiD, II, 2J M^ Inf. [,iL Michael Blcbart, D. 30Lh Mte Inf^ i [ 1601. ( o r ' f t j at home. ; 3d] AHreal*. Merriclc, 0, 4th Mo I ch'ec ofi uar. av, 1 Onarl^s A Miller, u n k n o w n | , W i l l i a m H M . U U Me Ji.l.died N ( tec dieenscJ Andrew J McFaWea, I,J«b Me Ii ,ibby 12, IfGjJof dmeane. by a Jara-el McUralb, B, l a i n Arl, ] Charlie U .McKinney, B, Jet a j - "- '-- wound*. formed a^iin an^ marched gu %,^ZSl^i'R T'* 7 ! 0 * 1 ^ SS^!? 011 ^' 13111 -^ " Cautl Sndiur 1 "" 1 "J ' ~~'" -- - - ' - - - - ' ne was Ilicn ack lo thiscii)}'. U I R C E I 1I1I.L. A iJi-lachnu' it irom Beal Post under imraand of |Col. C. V. C'roesmaii tni) t. John's Band also went iel K Tlionopfon, I, Bih Me I n l , billed inclicoler. Sept 19, IcUl, UiodlNov -26, IblW. !' wi ry Wnt '" c °' u ' '*' ^ c vt af - Mtot .1 Waldo BWr S K in,A,od[Mc Inr. died in tal, IV ilolllllgtOD, A u g l . 1MJI. ' IS W i l u i m Ii Allen. 2a Mo;lui'. dieil since Ibe Here the graves were dec- u . h . l Ji K Alde n I' Mernf.Uica m itoepEtai, . . . comrades while the Band played fiu upprspriate selection. On theii return from th marched up i Wjl IS*,!. Il Kbci 1801. a l l KUwai 1^01. at 1 J.131C.1 of woun: , - - . -- -Jf.Uica in ItoepEtal, R r y t J c ilr^.nraon. N C. Mar 20, 1H15. I mii/oiu l U c n f y C HcrtrieB. 81S ilellof, died ulncc A l W r l 1=81.01 raising ID P Uilhn, c, »lli Mb In/, lined Sept 30 :tlon. ilicd May], ecctnttcrv Ihe detachment ".'* i front of the CJhildriu's FI,'I'H liome, which ooplams SOILP soldicrs'lor- , 8 ''f, phar.s, and t h e ' u a n d played Sjcvt|rn.l st-lei'- lions Is the grqat "ralilicntion ofj Ihe little '"i _ t K Honrno. U, 1th Mc Inf. kil]( -, i.l rrcflcrn-kfluuri;. I U K r K n t IIickiK-ll, I, Ht Vet Inf. Lil Jmirleg M Durc-, -,lth Mais Inf, woutdcd IbH. of ».und». S, l*.l, d i e i l e i n e e l b e n a r . | H inmates. AIT .THE HALL. ciniben When the mcjmbcrs of the I'osllrcturned w lo Grand Arujy Hall they- found a warm/ Lt l i r e w l m h felt] decidedly comlortibie, as ''",." many of Ihem |who acre unprovided with "· ls rubber coals were tho-ougtily drenched. is:l. ·er II Ordway, M, 1st H A r l ort Snmncr. ] · n l F U - t r . J r , H.2dllc Inf. I ·« Bull H u u . Va. ^ tt Urne, K. I s t H Art, died , Ii 12:b ,Me Inf, . J osgoad, L, 1st II Arl, -i Osbornc, nknow ttod S Druiniuoiid,fl lj Art, killed a Chftrlea ^P 1'agc. unknowD. l l i i r l c e II 1'uge, I, ytli Me In 1 ". lari, oruiecasc. .lonnn Papf, I, Isl IT Art, died flip-c c i o a e w a j ji'0r!;e L 1'iulner, u n k n o w n . ·liarleftE I'lirhburel, D, 1st II Vjl , ,, . , , . « , l l i a m W Fhllbrick, Jr.lj, 1st H Jem K llnnkwaler. .llslMo llnl, killol Wav JC. ^'.2. n'. Wu.liinnK.n. I) rj 1, altlm Wi.ilornces. \ H ' AI|Jhon!O W Ph:l»roo«, D. Bst II t -III Allen Liner),:SI Mo Bat. died Isk of of duratc T - ' T " T Pierce, A..,1st Kle Inf. i,, UC I.l dibeii -e eonlmcted .u J II Flowers, N»vj, killed by a eliell V«il,"oi"»o .'SKJi"..^^^ ,. L,,fo ra ,^, D ce iJ!g?£?}!?$$-Jt * Inf - kll!d M » y21 - "" ter S Goodalel II. 4IL. Mk Inf, bil.ed.De. I«Sr« auaw«r^r.»;nl" " Ar ''' ' '^ ^ "" ^1.10600 r o n c i f , J, li.h M'elnl.di^d BIUCC c'oao a M Norna, 1, G.h M o l d f , k i l l e d Ma A collation hadi been prepared for the Co- Ji ' J -^ ( »n»Mi'««'»''l. i.Mtii MJlnf, killed hum Cadel-^, h^t as they were* not preient Knsign George It Bonaon. Nn^y, died of ye on account of the nun, the members ol 'coior^rtw'iii'iam J. Dcane. A J 2 I Me lof. the 1'obt took ihelr dinner at the llall. AKTLltKOON-j-ShRVlCtS AT MT. l!Ol'h. At one lime i . was thought that it would be expedient to pojit the regular exercises at Bit. Hope OQ account of the weather,und ^Vc mereJ3' fend a t ctatchment up to decorate the graves, but aftci some deliberation it was Dually dtci'ded lo carry out Ibe pro- 8, isti gramme as previously arranged,with some changes. T he ntteudnncejat the c was not near as| large this year as ig/t »Vuiiain J. DCH I5\ill Uui». J u l y ' J l , JbOI. : Koieri CHrlwle, A. 31»t Me Inf. k i l l e d ,Lhjrje-)|*/Col.b. F.31et|Mo laT, Lillal in i June 17. ft 1. .H ' : chnrlee tl. Cleaves. D. 1Uli Mo lof, lied '1 IHU, of wouoda I ; Mark T. Emeraoo, F, 1 (, 01 wounds. Cbarte? F. Hall, 1*0 Li). \Vj«bingiun t 1601. lemetej-y 1 ^8| last, the May people btinj,' afraid that it was gCnnj; to rain a«ain in th? afternoon!. The line was ,'folrunod on Bruadway^tbe right retting qn Ibtato st'n-et, in the fol- owin^ order ; ! | Bttrgojl Qrnet Bfind. MumlulJ A. B. iKadnlium. Aide, JJ E. Small. UJ1'. rdjl*^, S. A. Hnpworlli, M. Fleictier, Jil ward Jordan, J j A. Utlie. i I 1 o f x o u n i s !d'Me Inf, died i n Amo. U Riclian William I- U,,lucu. G,2d Mc Inf, dloj May Jiunea JtoblnBOn, I,2d|Me Irlf.died 3, ofwouiida. ' · Blchmoall, J*l or 2. i William H. H Ilasey, E, 'I*. 1$'4. cuuee unknown. Bciijrtinm U JOOOH, F.GIH Mo Inf. Afldibon C PercivaJ, B, _ i t*i4, macuoj. I Sg J -liirrea L. Itowo. E, 3d M bef(?'t KrflntcJ* Ribioso^ June IH. 1SS4, a c V t l o r e b u r Ivus A Wau WOUDdS. 29,1 . Jnmelaon Guards. B. H. Beale Podl No. } £ , (j. A. It. Rancor. . Danil'lj Wentworlb, ' - · · · ' ' p'l d i,r 'l Ch Sci. «. 11- DVUIO C"udlits. J £, U . J X . IL. L U n K O r . fhnl Din(l«l rt'bilo 1'osl Ni. in. U. A. IL Keuduskeag. TM., · Tbe procession than moved ever the Tol- 19. i««i. li owing route: Up! Broadway toSooifrstt, -.juaKl. 1 :o French, to State, to Kenduskeai; briaKC,' j,'^''^ :o Main] lo Union, lo Front street, where __con'i j he cars for Mt. Hope Cemetery were 'OUDdf. s i ) W l t h c j 'lldeaec coil A Urov \wunds roes w. Uow . H Jllon. - . atlee II I»grfctt, iTof ivouoda.l i ram G Cl*riaffc h I, cause u n k n o . b c n C E I I i * . Djlsti upended upon that he com- :aken. J u n A IS. I8U4, i i OHrp'l Uan After disembarking from the cars the odjuijso · JllOA IS Olrp' line was into the cemcu upoi in belter igbot earnest work Iplej usar ised )ld T istament, ew Testament i l c t i r c h imlletlci, istiment, Li I'M. andnnnrJ xarcl es of Ibe duties, (nd met he de»troyer whei Clasi, at | the H In moi d street. patriot would d lire to' meet him, 1 the au- ··Farc- wltb ifore! tbe mmoid street '. DJ, of History, marched .*, {jci, a square . Clrr) u ueot, willch very Corji'i tug^ C r t C ' E l l l J , Ujlstil tersburgl J el Fltzpatrlcv, A, al P^lereburg. el E Ilenoessey, I llJio ad', on. I I i lfAok»OD, Djlat H Art, died lutttB. I l r , , -- ,--_, lnmdsomcly trim ned with wreatlis and garlauds of flowers. The Baod then play- 16 . 4 /?^ wo ***** etl a dirge, after wjhicb tbe moDumcnC was Nurpf. iw'' decorated, Inlr^dlicing [oi new and very i^fll""' pretty feature, adopted frbm the Massa- corp'l A n K l I O A t ^ n v l f l l A l O H i V . l l ^ v m n . I ' I A U * U S , l S O cbuaetts ritual as follows: Mnjor ClajtJniadvaDoed from the cjutqj "Johj.'i uj ii ; (be north Aroint, and taking a bduqact let.', Bt Yotti from the reccpta aod) JnN dead, i repose. emory ol :)e, placed it upon a grave the honored and heroic Bios here find shelter and Icpoelt Ihese flowers. May the lesson of Writy which tber symbolize rest In our hearts and Incite In us Ihe emotions of patriotlsmv which they 'exemplified In life and in death.," ' . Col. CrossmaVadvanced fromj tbe centre of the east front, apd placed flowers upon a grave, and said: "In honor of dur comrades slain in freedom's battles, or dyinX from wounds re- Cttived in defenceof allyebold most dear, I place these flowers upon this grave. The green turf -aboie them will, fade! these beautiful flowers will wither and die, but tbe lesson will remain, andNour children and their children will be taught tbe duty of honoring those who died for their conn- try." I \ Col. Farnbam advanced from tbk centre of tbe south froqt, and placing flowers upon grave, said: "Death comesl to us all; : none shall") cape bis relentless mandate. I The bight-, potentate and 1 tbe humblest toiler mast at last jutke their places In the, bosom of tbe earth, and it becomes us all to be ready for pe messenger whose summons we maw obey. Oai grates we seal memories we tl comrades, upon whose ter flower*, and whose as revive ;and celebrate. died la tbe perfi irmanoe of the noblest duties, nd met pe destroyer where ~~ the folds of our starry banner, and laic ·csliy A prisoner from Kb^nczeiiAda IDK etrr.cci rcc William Alezi ISO), u Pefersb . . Ebtn K Andr ra, 165.:of dleeaae Uobert 1. At IBS!, tt Game.. 1 wjfliam Uart 16t4.[of woQDde Wlkhtrn F. Be ISM.IcauM unlui J8T3. of disc ase. Llewellyn IF. OT 1I.1MI. Jn Bay arren Boynti B C (th«n I mnrL. Boy P ler CaDuoD, I; lad Me HnllBULV*..] '' Gi orge w. Cat! )e. B. a. cliedAivI i'lSffi. irlckcirluii, i.Blbl at B aaaforl, N C. r illlam A Cat. onndB. ward B Cb i ibelaln ai, IHSI. froon ii rqu|a. bura. ,baok, : iWHerci seaa*. . D SnUley eeaftfi. W . f s m f l h . fJ«(H Art. ·ODode. " rest.fc, Uth M Va-i I'BIVATBS. S rowers. D. let f l Arl, »!ic klay o f w n u n i J B . CliarlCB rt PrCBCOlt, A, Clet lie lof, if yc low IS/i. ofilJhCas*. 5 J.i:n(6iQ i iiitby.B, Jiji He Inf. killci Mid ,it!l Q u i n a , E t IHb Mc Jnf 'lie of ' Michael U Q u i n n , B. I t t Me Cav l u f,i, fti Spllli-bury Fnecin, N 0. fr:nk uaOVrly. A..!lst llol Inf. k, (H, nt Petersburg, V.i. i Harvey II KeeJ.'rj. 1st II Art, «liel 20lh Me Inf. dlcil W i t l l B i n Kogers, U. 3JBt Me| Inf, ki 1st H Art, kilted 1SGJ. at U 13«i, in action | Fredenc U, Rogers, K\, t (h Me [ f ThomaB Eotc lof,. died June' 0, cau^e u n k n o w n . ThomaB Rote, D, let IT Art, died ; epi 7,|Up|iahniioi.k S t i t i Ttiomap Savage, B, 1st II Art, died, tjfl. led of \vount . ,n.]ia F Scnbncr, IJ, itihj Me Iril Imall I t S c r l b u u r , 1, 0 O(rcil Jscrlbner, I, 0 io neliom .... Me ipt, u n k i iJ: l u r, inc William A aiblcy.D, ITtb Me Inf/lillcd Ma? G C 11 a c i o o - ,, I H Art. diol! Mclof. died J » II Art, dlcdll lOlb Me In(, , I n Libby I'rl ·M Me 1 nl, i D, 1st If Art. nod (.Ince died M c l o r , k i l l t d O c l , let H Art, tiled. .luoo 3. l^G, at BaUioior^,* of diaeu£~e. 18C1. ID actiooi i UuracaG Smill, II,2nd Me lof.diei I of (hueaar. ' ' ^ CburlcS p Si. . Umorc while i)a eemce 111 l(ei Llli. I e i)a eervice 111 Itee BanJ i. dtnitb, Nary, uoKDuwr . . , , Mlcbaet Sbaughnceay, I, I5lb me * if, died Ocl 7,1^62. arfPeDBacola, Fmrltla. f Charli-a Sbpr-nger, K, itt Maoe El Art, died 2ih Mc Inf. Art. killed J ,3t U Art, k 8Ut Me Inf. Art. k , 1st 'II Art, tb M|c Inf. tiled No lib Me lof, III Art, died J tb Me Inf, In/, died Ju ima.ll, 9th Mc Inr. eicbat orldl/dlfd Got 30. I HI 1 ! a, JrL nnknovni, died art«r ) d DDKDOWD. 1 i let H 4rt, kOled Juo icr, A ,vf Arf, diJ · . Jltoni U iX.fM.or .-R (JCban ieflain, wound ' Djamin Cban J, A,31 ttf wounds. oqrd d, )6C«, ltd. Anted pn Sprague, K, lione. l.anu'l'i ilOMDC^Iul, a,S rbomaB, 1, L let U Art, ( tal. | Inf, died Ju i JET Art, t % Wounds. crTibUecte, D, lal H Arc, died of wounds. A M red a'owtiEcnd, 1, 1665, of UellnT, c ,!rf id Tozier, K, 1st Mo Cavi died April II. laj, d of \«i.unh3. J ! »· ; Alarrelltii Wjallon.uDknownJ ^ AlaltbeV Watere, D, lal II Art. LI! ed Jane 13 1801, at Fetcnburg- i · ' d Jonn 18C4. In B . d HlcbarJ 11 V I8C2, at Uall'D: 1111. Va. Mejlr.f, kl Wcbeler, B, ]22od J caus« uakoowoL ebll/r, I, 3od Mo Inf, 861, at prill?, , died 882, at b. A, 2nd fife luT, dl mworlh. A, 2nd Me idr, died Aoi aon'8 Landing, Va. ton, Ij2d Me Inl. kill id, gun. jjr, D, lit Me Cat died tlnce Henry I Wh Cbaricajn v ly 10,1864 or d Lemuel B IV ISil Franklti W Pbiltier, , 1WH. at r«» roliurg. aWortrefik Mo y, I :Illcd at Bsppa- died elnca cloee lied Feb. 1863, .it Palmer had bit rior«es badly iolared 'bv 'ruDDibg wilhahirrow. ^"'^fclay forj a momeol--get Ai) remedy for a coajt-h. · " sam ~ t ',J T old fashioned ohe|the Wiito A.NDCOVRIP man recommends?' Thus epoko riser*'-' Ble wife to her huaband Ihe other ciay and if Jie knows when]be if well off. be wm follow her advice.) ITS j c l SICK KOLKSJCAN S A V L MONJ i Wort 1 *'"!"-" 10 m TM ciuc k D o w u -ts Kldacji HZ*/ 0 !' i,4 c " i i " S »» b d e i6ea?Js 0 oT i |bo' ' xnu.?? k ' dnc ^l 0»c Package mak-s s . x q u a i t , of mcjfcicewlucl, cSntaitts ·,« Wnt^. DOI K U 'i uor8 J» ; "S-prenarcd in pure water, bee Urge advertisement. dA« J SAVED IlE^ iji^ Meassr« p ' \v U D U B A B D c x ) . : ) ' ^ w i f o Va's ^'ere tt suflercr from Sick Headadie, blz/lues. anij Constipation, (for a IOBU- ii, ac j.,,', irifld man/remedies, but foind notlnni · l a t w o t i d g l i e l i e r relief u n t i l she tr...H ho People » f a v o r he Tonic Bitters. Slie was restored to heilth by tbcir use. I r,i,, coqildcnt they sa^cd her !ifo -DFA F ud NoV 1SCJ, led Aug 30 T 28, 1SU1, 0 ', died Apri llcJ llayl) ·t. illod May llcil J u l y 51, Jicd^cl cd J j a e 1,-, died J u l y IS, Art. died Oct t, ihc8 !«:, died May H Seq AdvertiscmcMJ TM n 2 7 J 'JJlic deleter ous e.lccts ol Uic of'to- aqco are u n d o u b t e d l y much modified bv usirj; only , the I'mi-i grudus. r lhe "Xo". iti£;cA'' brand of dig trs are old fashioned QatuJ-uiado and possess only th' 1 n a t u r t l aromnlic lluvor of pure IIuv rm kT.r m ' lj2ti ' , J TilTb^S ' / C i r u D JlKR Dv^-M'srA. A lady sai-i- 1 saw your udvordfement of ilio PCOLIC'S tavonte Tonic Birfnrs u,d husband that I was goiiii; to try It icrrBjspen- s.a. He said it ,t h u m b l y l.iS many otbprs bu-. I prfiuidod turn 13 get a boi tie. for trial. Its pfl\'c: was w o n d e r f u l 1 · tmlch "m " Ilylhl * s th ' a . hcl P:tl me 'so i-litisJasnnjr. My I husband "no'w cannot say enough in its *aise.'' bee advcrti«r- tnent. ! may 27 - '_J_ Many p r o m i n e n t fjhj -icians are prescribing Ir. Benson's Celery ainl Cuamonille Pills. These Tills art! ; l i ; r c = a l t ' o f scieu- " t.lic i'xpcrimci,i of rjn emiLcut physician oi a) years sticceotiilji.racticc. In" U.c cure of sick lieailathi-, neuralgia, iicrvousneF^. or sleciilc.' the-V LJ^vcr ly JC J THE NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY And WM"\ People Abo it It.. Its Great Success at all Points. l It is a Boon to of Seden(ar) IlJblls And Weal*, W Oonstittitiions, And a Positive Cure tor Sick Headache, Nervous jllcadacho. Neuralgia, Nervousness, Paralysis, Sleeplessness, ajnU Imlig-estion. * w e rcrcr.ol course, to J R UEV.lON'S CELFR1 \ S J C I 1 A M U M 1 L K HBLL-. w r h i i h a i e f f i l ll.f\ , . . \ M C l l i J I O M I L K POLL-,, w l n i h a,e*lil tlic I B rcu.incLC!.J.Ml lo i,si uu.t w i l l Lure IT£ a U o i a m c a diecapefc wnlKjiit|.u. doullt--l m -,e perm Cl llvicllrC'l lllOl'MIIlM^ 04 i .l|:c^. made avuiluble. r n . J B c i c Ql the mOelennncuuand f,ai e a m u l piiymi I;I»H n £ia liraorc, ninl I. b reputation 13 ol i i t c l : i smli iri.i i^iuirant) ol Ibe \.duc of In a in.mi.iucs -- I N '.]. · 1 Ever one IB now uikiiSc of Dr C jW J:F\SO\'S E L K K V A N D ; f U M . O U l L f . I'U.l.S. -in-l i l i r . . , ir CUM 'lied Apr ?{, Dec 1.1, 1-G2, line 27, ]%|, i!l We Ini", died since led July 21, ilicd J u l y 1, .·))t2?, ItM, linci'i, Ib'Dl, killcil NOT own. J u n o 1864. Sept s. 1S02, iorell c im CrB II loll OnJ .l.c 6 I K eli-. III II. r llul. tioddce. There Pi. Is .nc h r t p ir ure hei.dal' c, : eu . Igia. n c i \ . . i 'CiHon, auu w i l U u r c j:u case, mailer how ob.utuile it T , i y be, ol* c U i e r hi n e r v o u a or dye| C|ilu, icldaeTK, or ni-iirulKia n *oubncS8 or Blcciilessucs. JW^iou Ollice l l a m l l t . n pla, c -- "Hoi-lob o yucutB a ^ .No ' nco, »j Iltti » n y d r u . v beor.lcreil i ' PARSONS, BANGS CO., n-haltialfOJrnggin,, 117 4 119 Middle Slreel, Ponlati/"iiijine, General ·ayis Agents. cTul; icu Jao 25, 14, ISC2, of r.k lied J u l y led July 1, July JJ.U6I 1 March 29; led Dec 10, kl " id Juoi icd Oil 1, 186!,' of le, QDkD xWo. l bkUer, ! d, A, 3MlMc tor. dicdlji ·ease. I | ' ·latll Art, hi ,T,JfltHArt, , 7lh ITc lof. Jiod leJ Ma; 19, men Jun Mar, I K,"'nu7jte lot, mlslnL: in action uly 2,18C3, Ma; 12, Iffil. I . VTjer, ?. 20th Mi Inf, killed/, at Qelrynborg. J , James Wren».'A. Mat lie Art, died ] lor 27,1861 t Oaji^lllt; Fribon, V» vj 1 Iturliujl C Young. B. 4M 5Ie Inf, d r lwiiei j j tt | y , lie jlnr. di id Deo -a,- Bcoiamm P Patten and tpe ,exei benldlctlDD. 1SC3. of wiund . ^ :\ Thlewiafo lowed b^ another ejection by; the Band, ao( tbeo Rev. E.,W. Pr sbledeliv- ered a v^ry \ owerfuladdreeqwhl :h was listened to pkb marked utten'tion. [For full text see First Pag*.] "The] quart i«e sung a Memorial: [ynm composed by tfr. W. J Closed TiioRt oil E ITEMS* A, corh spondent wrltee: Fi rmera /re wjell K] og with spring workl Quite a large or tp'Of po- tatoee h?» been pat In.--JThe i IpbtbeiW !,Hr. Cfiafl. Webb (led :from! thedJsoweThursday, T»fochlllrenha' died Injthf aamo- CtmUjr*--Olr* rlth (be To Ib' ffon J»d £ ,-\ot Probate »f the The imderXjgaed rcprcacnu L'.it sur.ili C. l\ M comli, lito ofNbixmoDl ID an id C O L D I V , tlnxnT I, n hrrliicUrocVo wit, on|Uo«ml)cr ;". !?«.(, nu.i.- a legal rotJirnuN^cunvcc to H m e ' . n r U i i i uon i.i «ai'l Dixmont, a\lut ol jlhml in tvul D i x m o n t , bouniic"; Lhofl Uckmn ng ,»t Hie N \L -orr.i v c.| I.cwio G a l c l i i - I M t f l o t IliAt he bongta 01 C.irlHtn MorBB; llieucc T.. OD (aatcholl'si K. l i n e about ~ to Jnnd owned by Sarafcju Wi u - o n o , t h c n r c s . i b o u t i i r o d e l o . / . li.tuitJtJror'b a l i n e , t'4'iKo VV. u p J. B. (jar^lnvr'h 3. Hue 100 rod-, ihci *e N on J. 11 Gatlnoi J 6 VV l i n e »Kut 4* ro.lw Lo Uic tou n - , n c belwflen'I*ixoiout njj'1 1*1} m o u i ' i , L l i e n i t - V\ on llic t-Jun lire nUm:thi r.J'lH t.» llrbt, nntm-1 Uyiin.l--rncaomtc lo cell 40 a res iid^iljovc d c « . r i l i . ed, provided tlie aaid Lmti nu thould pay U c o u n l , .Sarah or her lieirs or adliiimalri.torri, bix nuLca c t ' 0 each, payable in one,. I w o , tlin-t, t o u r , (lie and nx jcarH. aoit bearing e^iuil d«u- u . i h B.iid r u n trut.*^ w i l l i mic*ci!l uDduilly, t h u t Uie n^id Line- line fias ptTloroicd or is i j jcriorni ihe conditions required by tbc ^or..;s of eiud conUn-i, wherefore Uio undereiga'ed |iru3.ihai j o u w i n authorize ihecxecutor ot fiaul .iceti.-i-d l o c x e ,.u- a deed or deeo* io carry laid ton Tact imo ttlc^i. Dat«d tbls 'lllh duy ot A p - i l , Kvo EilfcLINK HAMILTON faTATE OR M A I N E . PliXOUSCOT, 88. Court m Proliaic, A p r i l Tu "i .,-A. D 1»0. I] Upon Lhciorcgolnr Petition,ordered,--That 1.1 .1 peiiUODpra £ivo public rotii e to a l l persons tntei^ cetcd byj causing a copy of Wic Petition and dor thereon to be publishei^ Llircc W^cka tin ix'Bb. \ i ly in The Bangor Weekly Courier 1 , a ncwdp.ipci I»ubliBlicd tn Bangor in 6ail County, the firot )· il ilcatioD toboihiriy d a n prior to the hearing, Ui.u Uiey may appear at a Court *f Probate for -al.i County, w bo bclcl tit tbe ProUaio Office in said Baneer, on the lael Tuesday m May next, at ion of llie clock uilho forenoon, and eriow cnuw, if ly they have, why me player of eaid peiiiionci-i loula not be granted* j_ 1 JOHN fe. GODFRET, Judge. Attest.--JOHN F. EOBIHSON. Kcpiater. true copy of tbc pctiuoaann order thereon : ACICB: --JOHN V. ROBTNAON, RceiAter. i Htmte ot "JfXaime.^ t / PEBOBSCOT ss. Court ofl Probate/April Term, A. D. ISfcO. '] A certain Instrument (injwhich Samuel P.-Hmii. mat', Albert T. B. Ames and Kbenczer Dale aro named Executors and TrobteeB), purportltg lo be Uio last wUJ and tCBtapcntof blieoczer Dale, bite ^ Boston, in the County tU Suffolk, Stale of MJB- BacoueetCB, deceased, audj ot Uio pro bale liereot DAaidSta(eorun6BacbU8eiu,dul7auUioDtl(.at«d, ·ring beealpreeenied to ihe Judjro of Probato of ur said Couoiy for the pojrpope ot being allowed, filed aod retorded in thft' Probate Court lor our t(d COQDtyy j ORDERED, tbat public uoao« be girtn all ppraoofl interentcd. by causing a c o p y o i " order toibe pubUflhed ftiroe VocLa euccesfllvo the Bangor weekly Courier, a newBpuper pi ed in Bangor. In aid county, Uic flroi pabln obejtblnydayafttleaBt ttcrjore tbo.tirae " n*, that ibep may'appear ac a Court of 'or fl*id,county, to be helfl at the Probate ID aUdc Baojror, OD thelHrst Tuesday ' DCxVatten of tbe clock mjtbe foreoeon, caoae. If any tbay bare, sgao»i the , JOHN E. UODP trnffC*p7i--Att«BU- }K JOHN - -- - «DM, , C.-M- PBWOBBCOT, SB. April ] , by the Honorabl rrobatefor aaid n8^«cn/luJyappointcd . GOUFRKY, Judge 01 obmrnisuoncrB to receive ofj the creditors of NTJ late ol Orono, d-,lwhoBe estate has been enx h«eby givtf poblic notice Oruwof itheflild Judceof Pro. B irom'and after the last Tuea- j, hart been allowed to said .-emand prove- their clalmj; and ,tz«no lo iboBcrrtce assigned, UB, at »oa4 Baak.Iin Orouo, oo-iba third May, and feeood WedDceday* of September ooxu at 10 o'clock in - orenoon of each of »»iU dfc ELVATON P. BIT-JOSEPH C. WIL8 1 tpttS · * ~1 * / ..HRCHIVF-s

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