The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1945
Page 2
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SATURDAY. JANUARY 20, J9-15 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Mr. Harry \v. Hollies', Blythevillc Courier News Blythcvilte, Arkansas. Dear Mr. Haincs: At your request, we give you the allowing statement in regard to he article which ' appeared on the front page of the Courier, under onto of January 17, 1945, dealing with the charge against the Frozen Foods for selling- unapproved milk in Blytheville. In order that lhe people of Ulythovlllc may know our position in this matter, we arc going into details, which we trust, you will see fit to publish, , Here is the true story: About a year ago, Mr. E. n, Jackson, Mayor of Blythcvlllc, asked iis to obtain n supply of sweet milk to alleviate he extreme shortage existing In Blythevlllc at that time. At our own expense, and after contacting fir- mi different dairy concerns wlth- n a radius of two hundred miles if Blytheville, we were successful n obtaining a supply from the Sunny Hill.Farms Dairy Company, at Cape Glnmlemi. At thai time Sunny Hill was supplying milk to lhe United States Army air school, U Slkeston, Missouri; the Navy raining school nt Cape Girardeau; he Southeast Missouri State 'eachers College, at Cape Girardeau, and to hundreds of stores aiw families in that city." Mr. Jackson, the Mayor, instructed Mr. Percy Wright, the City At- oincy, .to contact Dr. E. c. Budd he City Health Officer to learn It Sunny Hill m jjk could be sold in Blytheville. Dr. Budd said "I will ell you in five days which is the' ime I will require for inspection". At the end of five days. Dr. Budd said, "You can sell Sumu, Hill lift in niylhcvlllc, it's good milk." upon receiving that information from Dr. Budd and Mr. Wright, we got that good sweet milk for Blytheville mothers, children, bable and other.? who were, at that time 'ithout any milk. Dr. Budd and M. Littleton, county sanitarlan.pcr onnlly requested Frozen Foods t btnin a supply of sunny Hill, am ought that mill: from us to b onsumed by their families. Mi Jackson, Dr. Budd and Mr. Lilllc on will confirm that agreement •e are certain. Mr. L. • C, Blattner, owner - o unny Hill, made special arrange lents to -give Blytheville a limitei ipply of sweet milk. Before th Frozen Pood store sold one botll I Sunny Hill milk. Dr. Budd an It. Littleston asked the Froze Foods to "get that, milk if you can its the best we ever saw" in re spouse to that rormest, and at som expense to us, we made arrange nients to give the people of Ely Ihevllle a limited SU ppi y of s , vca milk which your city health off! cer . and county sanitarian sal 'Us the best, we ever saw". Shortly after we began supplyln you with "lhe best milk w e eve saw . the city health officer an county sanitarian appeared befor the .municipal clerk Diid filed in formation, vagainst-.Frozen i -Foods charging that the milk was not ap proved by the city- of Blvthovill and the State of Arkansas am could not be sold in this comnuini i ty. A warrant was issued agains us, at that time, and was diii 1 served. The public record of th! Jlumcipal Court of Blytheville Ar kansas, will reveal'- that : j,he cas was dismissed on the agreement o the.. city : attorney, : the city . health olficer, .the county sanitarian: upoi presentation of a'•laboratory'! 'tes from a nationally recognized 'ihed ical; laboratory which showed the milk 'to be of extra high 'quality— as compared to the standards'es taWishetl by the city milk ordi nance and th c state health regu lations. This rccor t | can be found In the office of (he Municipal Clerk ii the regular records of proceedings m the Municipal Court — Judge Doyle Henderson, presided at ti\i hearing and Mr. Frank Whltworth municipal clerk, kept thc record Mr. Percy Wright, city attorney represented the city, presentee! the testimony and agreed to the dismissal of the case. Mr. Jesse Taylor counsel for the Frozen Foods presented the laboratory records which decided whether the milk was "good or bad". This proceeding j.s a matter of public record which is available to any citizen of the City ID! Blytheville \vlio might care to have accurate knowledge of this situation and the decision of the court up to that time. In your story, of January 17 I0'13, you slate that "warrants were issued on January 5th, but that thc case had not yet been set in Municipal court. For the information of the hundreds ot people who have bought milk from us, we would like for you to advise thc people that NO WARRANT HAS YET BEEN SERVED ON TEiE FROZEN FOODS on any charge. And no health officer or city official has asked us to stop or said, "The milk Is no good". AH we know about th c milk sit- I nation, since January 9, 1945, is what we read in the Courier News of January 1.7, 1945. In your paper, of January 17, 1945, much space is devoted to talking about the adequate supply of sweet milk, and that Mississippi County could have an adequate supply of sweet milk if the WPB would increase the celling price, etc, etc. Any one who lives in Blytheville knows' that's "hooey". There never has been an adequate milk supply here—that's thc reason the Mayor, the City Health Officer, the County Sanitarian and others asked us to "please get some ood sweet milk". The sale of sweet milk, to the Frozen Foods, Is incidental. The only reason we went to tile trouble and expense of getting good sweet milk was Blytheville children were going without AND BECAUSE WE WERE ASKED TO DO SO BY THE AUTHORITIES WHO NOW SAY "ITS NOT FIT TO DRINK." Tlie story in your issue of January 17, 1945, says, "The Frozen Foods .receives 3120 quarts weekly from the cape Girardeau dairy" We wish that were true. Had we received ihat quantity ot milk many more mothers and babies in Elythevllli: crtulft.Jwvo .had the kind of milk our health officer, county sanitarian and other officers had asked us to get for them. AS a matter of face, we have been able to give the milk hungry population of Blylheville about 1800 bottles: a week of the kind o( milk the United Stiites Army, the United States Navy, The State of Missouri, (he City of Cape Girardeau and the City of Jackson, Missouri snid was good milk. From the story published In your paper of January 17, 1945, It seen^ as though the authorities who say Blytheville people cannot have goon milk arc more Interested In OKA celling prices and Retting equipment for some particular institution than in lhe quality of the milk that's sold in BJytheville. Just to give your readers an Idea of the kind of milk wo have been selling-Bunny Hill inllk-we submit to you the following letters, the. first of which Is a report on thc bacterial analysis of the milk, mnde by the Southeast Missouri state Teachers College: January 5 1945 Sunny Hill Dairy, Cape Girardeau, Missouri Dear Sir: This Is to certify that thc bacteria count on a sample of your milk tested by me on January 4 1945 was 3000. ' Very truly yours, Dr. G. Carl Schowengcrdt," Head Agriculture Department. This test was made from'the milk bottled on Jan. 4, 1945 (sample taken from bottle). ,, „ , • L. C. Blnltncr P.S. The B. F. test average 4 ocr cent plus. And a letter from the Mayor and City Milk Commissioner of Chpe Girardeau, under date 'of Jan. 13, 1945 which speaks for ilself: Jan 13th, 1945 Frozen Foods, Main & Twenty-First Sts Blytheville, Arkaasns. Alt.: Mr. j. Men Brooks Gentlemen: ' This letter is sent to you at the request of Mr. L. c. Blattuer, owner and operator of the Sunny Hill Dairy, and is written so that his firm's standing and rating in this city and community will be better established with ' you and others that might be interestert in this firm. • Mr. L. C. Blattner has operated a first class dairy farm since 1915, and has had in full opera lion'.a milk processing plant with wholesale and retail routes since 1930, and Is a fully accredited local firm At present this dairy states that it Is delivering milk to approximately 1200 homes In Cape Girardeau and Jackson, Mo. which is a smaller citj', nine miles west of this city. This firm also delivers milk products to 125 food stores In this city, so that thc total numbers of customers far exceeds the number served by any other dairy in tliis community. The City Clerk records show that this dairy has paid annual city license since that year, ana the State and County records show that they BLYTHEVILLE COURIER'NEWS' hftvB paid operating licenses lor the same number o( years. The milk plant uncl processing equipment, ore of HID most modern type, loniiily omiorsdil by the Slnto Board of Health, ami (Ills firm also operates n very modern milk Imr in connection with tliclr plant that Is one of the most popular places In this city niifl enjoys n good patronage. To nil appearances H Is a sound business that 1ms been built on quality and service. As members of the City Administration, we nrc glnrt to give this firm our full endorsement. . , Very truly yours, R. E. Bcckmnn,. Mayor Charles fichwccr, Coiii" mlsstoner, Milk Division In the story of January 17th, wo find n statement like tills: "A normal profit (on n f|i«irt of milk) formerly was four ccnls a quart, it was said". For the Information of your readers, we would be tickled |)lnk to make ONE CENT a qvmrt. We sol-j milk as a service and not for profit. The story of Jnmiary ivili, jilso wys "that high grade milk could lie obtained for olytlicvlllc ami Mississippi county is proved by equipment already Installed in I lie Wilson dairy and several other dairies, it was pointed out"'. Maybe mechanical equipment will produce milk, but we have been of the opinion Unit milk came from dniry cows unrt not • mechanical equipment that some one might liavo Installed. We have been of' the opinion (hat women, babies and people on diets which required good street milk had to obtain that milk from dairy cows and not mechanical equipment — that's the reason we met the plea of the city health officer, (he county sanitarian and city officials to "please get us some good sweet milk". The pasteurizing plant of Sunny Hill Dairy Farms, Cape Glrardcau, Missouri, is the type of plant ns described in the letter'of the Mayor of that city which Is quoted above, regardless of what some persons may say. The story In your Issue or January 17th says, "No official bacteriological examinations of the milk supply In Capo Oirardeaii have been made in several months, but it is our opinion that these exain- uallons would be of little value." we have laboratory tests made nil January 5. 1915 which prove the quality of Sunny Hill milk, if |ab- prory tests are of any value. This tes s shows the milk we have been seNing to be HfTEEN TIMES ntrrtuTiiAN is REQUIRED DY TJIE; CITY MILK ORDINANCE. The Frozen Foods store Is riot particularly interested In selling sweet mllk-lfs a burdensome -proposition - but we have supplied hundreds of lllythevllle homes with milk that was good enough for i Uncle Sam to feed his sons who were prepurin K to meet the Japs and GiTimms In „ life or death combat, llnrt lh e milk not been "(it annum ' consumption" FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER , ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Osccola, Ark. Dr. W. A. Toylor Veterinarian Phone 453 See At Phillips Molor Co. If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" SEE... CALL.:. or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTONSEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . Also Seed Sacks J. L. TERRELL Blytheville, Ark. Ill S. Bdwy. Ph. 2G31 REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED 3Z4 EAST MAIN City Radio Repair ACROSS FROM LILLY STREET SPRING OATS FIELD SEEDS — GARDEN SEEDS SPEAR Poultry, Dairy and Hog Feeds Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St. Blytheville, f hone 856 Complete Super Service Station! GOOD GULP GAS AND OILS ... GOODKIfll Tinw<! ... WASHING . . . LUBRICATION T UK HF 1 A J? • V . ROAD SERVICE. Wo arc nevW to7l± to appreciate your business. BLAN HEATH never too busy Kl W. Jl 828 for 1 , . " «-"»MHH|^»HJ|[ ilUJ^l. certainly a would not have been fed to those 'uoys. We rt!,] not thliik Dint' Hie city ncnltn ofllccr nnd county simitar- 1 Ian inrtcr Inilucliiir us to gel this milk lor the people of lilytlievlllc) would b« so iniicli concerncil nbotit me slue of'n milking stool and how Mr nittiy from thc cow the milker must lie. we thought, Hint pusteur- 1/.HI on of milk was i\ process thnt mnde milk bolter, hut when thoy tell us "we don't, cure whut " Inb- oraloiy show.?, you tnimol sell Ihut milk In niythcvlltc"'we nre rendy to (|uit /selling good milk. In closing tills s toi-y, wc would Us: "Ul the milk liungry jicoplo ol Ulytlievllle get nn luleqimtc sup- Ply of milk from Hint source which the city Iienllh officer, county siuiUnilnn runt other officials says is in-tillable,to them; milk which wl 1 measure up to thc minlity required by State and city laws and the kind supplying you." We hope the people of Dlythevlllc can have a supply of sweet milk tnat Is as ROW! ns your health «f- W«ls say u available to you, ami hat such supply will be sufficient I\M,I ","' m " k llmif;l ' JJ nwlliers, baoles and children even O n« glass ol good swe« milk each day. mSii . I'", bfcl1 0( lllc °l >lnlt >» Unit median laboratories WCfB Diiernlcd to Id you wluit was In the snni- iri'b " tmiit - v of ""-' « l> '' y»» <Wnk m lllyllievllle l s determined by inboratory tests-™ we undcr- * I'lix . laboratory tests dolmiiliio whether one has malaria, typhoid nppemllclti,,, , lwir , aell| (1 ^; hi he uHno and lllln K s like that. nil, 51 """ kl "" ° f (OS|S 1»' OV < S whctlier swen milk has more or less n .l,, coin t is high or low; In other Ulc lnllk ls " ocul ur Ife.To (base persons who have used ?Simm-'iim ,ullk, bought through ;Wir store,, we make this proposition. If yo,, ], avc „„., fll|Ul j "ncdcal laboratory lesls, lake a pottlo of sunny Hill milk, . SP utl it to any recognized medical inborn- lory and have It tested for butterfat ami bacteria and WE Wll,b PAY I.-OK TUB TKST . Jusl M m Kijow when yon want to lest (lie milk and we will make all m- nnd have the Inborn '* f01 ' *' 011 ' ' A ' P OUU E. nnd (lint will be the answer to whether the milk Is iioncl o'' IJacl. we. arc willing to slniul on the old snj'Uia "the proof ol lhe muldhiH is in u, c catlnn" anybody who offers food products ior sale should agree with that stand, 1 1'UOZEN FOODS has no Sunnv HI" stvecl milk' to sell because (ho stoiy In i. your, paper of January n, 18^ loW us 1114 city health O tli- not approve Ihat milk. No Public Asked To Help Find 3 Nazi Spies WASHINGTON. Jan. 20 (til 1 ) — Director J. Kdimr Hoover lins asked I lie American public io help hunt three Nn/.| spu-s who may lie lit Inrjio In tlu- United States. -Hoover sityti the niieiitji wore triilnt'il In espionage ut a snljoluito sclic.-il In Ilollnml lust .summer mid wei'c uiisncliiled wltli 1-Jilch (iinmel and William ColepmiKh. Olmpchuxl Colopaiiijh nrn llu> spies raptured In New York uflcr they -lundi'd on Die const of Mnliie from n MIOinn: !ni'. JTIm three men im; Johannes Win-runt, lin.s yot bren scrvort on M mid nil we cm i 1:0 liv Is what we ieii,| lu ilia puncr. AH \\\, c;in say Is "we arc .snrry Hint wo cannot supply you will) Roinl wool uilllr we ciin wet.' nil you need when- over 11 Is dot-Wed Hint vuii nre oii- tlllnl (o have It nnd whenever wo can Klvi! 11 In you without l)<-lii(( under su.>i|>lcloii inul duiiyed HC- j.wdhiK hi Ilin p.i|)i.'r wlih i-loliillii'ii lia- lnw In Bellini? you Hint klim of milk". w« nre sorry. In your paper of Oils ilnte, \vo "1C CaiT.Vlll(; II )>al<l advertisement luldresscd to the. lumdmls of llly- Ilievilli! famlltos who haw licon forIniuiti: eiunmli to hnvo KUOI! milk <mrlinj ili[« immtlii;—Ilils ml- veitlsciiiuiiL spunks tw Itself. Very tvuly ymirs, FHOXIIN J.'OOOH Uy R. E. lilnyloek ini|| J. Mell Diooks Selmcnnn'niv Hnns Rudolph ciwte- jln Zuehlsdorff, ,uid Oscar &«•» WJlms. • Gen, Compere's Son Is Killed In France UTTIJ? HOCK, Jnn, 20. (UP)~— lirlg Oen. E. I,; Compcic, Alkansas director of Selective Beivlco, has been notified or the death of Ills Mm In action In Frunce. The Wnr Hciwtmciil notification snHI Sergt. Powell n. comncic was killed Jan. o while serving win, ti, e United Btales Seventh Auny, Sei- KPiinl Compere, a native ol llam- Imi'K. Ark,, hud been overseas blnco September, 10M. ; Potion is Appointed I.ITTLB HOCK, Jan. JO.'( Arkpnsns Revenuo Commissioner Otlio Cook lias appointed D,: E. Pnltoii of Jgscsboro supervisor' of the revenue department's b«v«fW ami URarcttc lax division. Patton win replaco Albilght Horn. , ' , Wyoming Jms 3800 wool growers * Mio produce more than 30 000 000 • iMumi, o! W00 | lx , r yew _ ' ' ^^•^^••••^^B,^^^,^^ VUll Ui In O«r '. NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO, Chrysler I)»ler - P»rta & Smite Hi K. Main Hi«ne 2122 Recapping < ' nd Vulcanizing Done lly The Hawkinson Method "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!" MTIJNTICI) IMTKNTEI) MKTlldil MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Nurlh I'hone A PENNY IS A P Y EARNED! • • He saw 'beyond his years . . . lives of millions of free men on i J | • • i i cc I I ICI 1 (Jl I beyond hfs century. He recogniz- the belief that free government ed the importance and the power must and will endure. We at home must set aside even more than in the past, so that our fighting sons on'the world's battlefronts will- fee! no lack of spirit or material to finish of a free people and a free country. Franklin's faith in his country its future was unbounded. and We must uphold that faith at all costs—and w : e will. s , have staked the the fight. We must buy bonds until it ... And we will do that, too. This space isTa contribution to America's all-out war effort bv BUM Grocer C.. Gay & Bill*,,, he. Ji ede l', ,.,.. n __ „_ Arkansas Grocer ,. K. A*hcraft Co. Foe Atkint Machine Shop H. Autry, Bordette A. S. Barboro & Co.. iarksdale Mff, Co. Blytheville Water C«. The Crafton Co. )e!ta ImpletQeati, be. ",oy F,ich Chenolet Co. Gay&BilliB fl ,l nc . Guard's Jewelry & Opticfil Store Halter'« Quality Sho* Stop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardawty Appliwcc Co. Herrick'j Jewelry Hubbard Fornitore C», Hubbard Huddleston ft C», Lanjston-Wrotea Ci, Ciiar!e» S. Lemoai Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York Sttre Pat O'Bryaat Palace Cafe " v J. C, Penney C». Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drnf Co. I. Rosentha], Inc. ' Tom W. JxckMi Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Whoktale Gmen C. G, Smitli 1*7 rr-ri- I •. - • * A J ZelfaerV SKpper Sfcop' ' ;1 T' tTAfP^tHTttT M>l jtiHiRfu

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