The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 2
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BLYTIIEVILLB. '(ARK,)' COURIER NEWS' WEDNESDAY, .FKBRUAUY 25, .1931 Society Calendar "'••.. Thursday ."Mrs, C,. W. Afllick is entertaining -the niursday Luncheon club. TJ» Yoyng Matrons. Bridge club is.-pifcetlfig with Mrs." Max B. Reid. ^MrV-W.-L. 'Horiier is "hostess to the M!d-Wf«k' club." . The Woman's club is mcelhig at the club House. ••''.'- Saturday . a story hour at [he )i- £riry lw ; (*ll<lf$ii\betwecii the ages of .alx and 'ten "years. •• Club. . : Sam Thoinas was hostess Wjfie;-Tues<Iay Lunchcon'cluh this ' •' -- Mrs. Carrol -Blnke- ^ Mrs ^Hubert L. PoUer,; Mrs Ip Robinson and Miss Maiide fcullfioii were'also guesU. •' r 'After & delicious two-course mem jjoniract '-bridge was; played. Mrs \YivEX< OnainbUn^-Jr.i won the club lirlie, spoft'iliuidiercniefs," nnd the ' " •. priie,•":a -double deck " '•—-'-'-*" Mrs. Blakemore, dab His Gnests. '•'Members, of the Tuesday Contract ciub'-andr -Mcsdames Walker It Baker, Earl Koonlz of Springfield.' Mb.. Horace T. Culp and Ernest Roe were .guests 'o[ Mrs. Jfjoyd A.-White yesterday . afternoon. - - - ••''•'• Mrs. May U' AldridEe won the club prize, hosiery, and the guest prize,-a.'double deck ot cards, went to ,Mrs.~ Kopntz. ' Trie ; hosless served an appetizing salad course. Promise .Umd Missionary Society Is Rcorsanlicd. .. The Promise .Laiid Woman's Missionary soclely has reorganized wi(Ji these officers: Mrs. Felix Hill, president;- Mrs. George Skcllon, vice president; Mrs.-'Joo Nell Hill, treasurer; Mrs..W. J.. Janet, secretary; Mrs. Carl Matthews, suiisr- inlen'dent of publiclly; 'Mrs. Her- EChel Coiichman, superintendent of Eludy. .. ... There are 23 members enrolled. For the election meeting Mrs. C. F. Tucker made a talk on having a canning club and the meeting was closed "with a prayer by Iw.r. *.'»"•" • Has Club.. Mrs. R«berl Grimes was hoslcss lo the new Tuesday Bridge club this .week" when" two "new members were* present to ^addition to those annojmoed l8St^weeic;.. v Mrs."Han'cy Morris 1 ''and'- Mrs.^'ti'uid' Hardln make two- tables'.i^-m'emfaiers, Mrs. B. W. 'FitislmmonsjMiha !)1fs.''P,yB. Tah'aferro -lia'vlljliHNcn- 'Bilests'. at Uio first party,.^j^'j- ''-•• -. • In "the card , ; ganSes M«. Louie HanUri won th.e.prlie. . A •' delicious' ;'salad • course was served with .coffee." ; -.- . *'..*'.•.' Uterary Club Meek, The literary department of the Woman's club met at the club Tues- day'afternoon with Mrs. John P. Sanders'leader' of an informal program; Miss Eve -Harwell played the Piano--for a song and dance -number by Betty Lee. and Sara Lou Me-1 Cutchen,- Bill Chaniblin and Harold • Jfathan'Rosenthal. ' In.a business session it was de- cided-to'use-the'material on hand lor the programs and to return books sent out from •headquarters. Mrs. George W. Barham and Mrs. Sue R. ; Mason served, delicious refreshments with pastel shades lire- dominating for a color scheme. Pink carnations decorated the club house. • .* * Visitors Complimented. Mrs.-H.-A. Smith and Mrs. R. N. Ware Jr., complimented Mrs. Fred W. Schatz of Helena, houseguest "of Mr. arid Mrs. A. Conway. and Mrs. \WR. Norman and Mrs. Grace Covlngton of Mas-field, Ky., gtests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech, with a. bridge party last evening at the Ware home. ; The popular March holiday, St. Patrick's' day, was remembered in the Irish flags and shamrocks for decorations, in the tallies-and by the green noted in the delicious refreshments. In the bridge games played by the 32 guesls Mrs. Russell Phillips won high among the ladies, Harry W. Haines won the men's prize and Mrs. SchaU was high guest. All received double decks of cards. These guests ot honor arc receiving a number of delightful courtesies while In the city this week. Fraternity Has i'oor New Pledges. The Kappa Alpha Phi fraternity met at the Hotel >'oble,last cvcninj for a business-meeting. Four newj pledges, Jlramle TipUm and Ray-1 mond Cain. or-Caru'.hersvilie, and Lendon Glbbs and Logan Wcoley of here, were announced. * • » •Vfuslc Clul) Similes L'onipoKer Mendelsohn. The High School Music club, affiliated wltli the Woman's club, had a program on the comiwscr, Mendelssohn, In a meeting yesterday sf- (ernoon at Miss Margaret Merrill'* studio. After discussing current events Miss Carolyn Hall gave ?. biography of Mendelssohn and Miss Anna Mac Jones discussed his compositions. These piano selections were rendered: "Consolation and Hunting Song," Miss Lorna Wilson: "Wedding March," Miss Virijlrih Tonipkins; "Spring Song," Miss Virginia Terry. * » • SIccl-I'owclI. Miss Bessie Powell and Mr. Gco. Steel, both of Manila, were married here yesterday by Justice! E. F. Alston. N'amcd a Member itf Debuting Team. James Tompklns. so:i of Mr. and Mrs. J. r. TompKins of llurdclt?, las been ifnnicd a member of (he state-wide debating of Oun- chila collrge, Arkadelpliia, Ark. He Bits of News Mostly Personal Young People Enroll in Osccpla Baptist Class OSCEOLA, Ark.—Twenty students emollcd Monday" Bill Hnrrteon, son oj Mr. and Mrs. Znl B. Harrison, Is ill Irom scarlet lever. His comllllon is Improved today. Mr. ami Mrs. M. George and family, of Cuiio. 111., ure here for ihe luncrn) of Mrs. Merym Saliba »ho. died ycilc-rday. -Miss Nolle Johns returned lo JiK'kson, 'I'eim., loday where she i» a .student at Union University, af- •odays will) her aunt Mrs. Merym Saliba, who died yesterday. Mrs. Marcus Evrard and son, Joe .spent the ueek-cud In Piirngouk wllli Mrs. Eiranl's lalhcr. Dr. J. G McKctule. Mr. Evrard motored ovci for Ilicsn Sunday afternoon. Mr. und Mrs. Louis Snlirra, AslievUlr, N. C., will arrive tddr.y! for lie funeral of Mrs. Merym Saliba. Mr. DIK! Mis. George Johjis and <lnughter, Christine, who moved from here (Ills week, are no\i- in New Orleans for a visit wllli Mrs. . arc lo live. Charles Snllba, of Los Anjcles, will arrive Friday morning for ihe funeral of his mother who died yesterday. Clarence W. Vollmcr and Earl B. Thomas returnc-d last night from of Mr. and Mrs. C, H. Hall and son, Sheldon. Mrs. I. R. Jnlmson, who ha: :ccn 111 Ecveral days, Is better to- Osceola Sociely—Personal Mrs. C. M. Harwell entsrlaiii2cl [lie literary department of Ihe Osceola Women's. Progressive club ul her home here Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. F. 1'. Jacobs led Hie after-1 noon's lesson from the club's study .Secretary American Bridge Lca;ue for church Monday; ^ bi.binKs niectnij.: ' Whalers estimate that the avrr- '• age wha!.:- can cover a distance c. i about, 12 miles in an hour. In the majority of crimes It pays the remaining club in Declarer would Uien lead trump which Kact would Driver Grove day. . -; U->:1, "Sovlcl Kussia." Mr*. L. S. Mitchell discussed the topic, "Education in Russia," Mrs. H. H. Jones read current newspaper lop-1 ics of radios In Russia anil the Chillies Springer s[icnt Saturday! United Stales' recognition of Rus- uighl wllli Leon Uwaell. - - s | a Miss Iron.; Russell, who has been ' M rs. John Mringlon read a pa- ill for several days, Is improving |,, cr „„ "nussinV Voulh." Mrs. G. Mrs. Dilsel Tomllnson was the ,j. segravcs on "R<;li.4ion in Ru.-....... ... , K , s! , ler _ Mf6 _ D , IOVjf)a; . aild Mri Edringiou sani , ... n)() Volga Boatman." Delicious refreshments were served following the program. Besides the club members prespnl, Mrs. Wi Myers anO Mrs. J. B. liunn were gues'.s. .'.»>•:> i u trump wmcn r.aci \voiud win for the decb.rcr to null the oppon- | with the ace, but, the declarer h-is : cnl's trump — "extracting their already sluffcd his losing club and! 11113 would be made. ' Si:ppcsing, when Ihe. declarer! won the fir;.! trick with the ace-of' diamonds he had led a trump, ! East wc-uld win with the sice, play ; '"" '" "' diamonds which West teeth," as it were— occasionally a different' procedure is necessary and the following hand shows one of the exceptions: liORTH S-K-Q H-i-6.4.3-2 .. D-,9.7-5.5 C-94 Lca'.li Wednesday. Miss Georgia Settoon b" improv- ihg after a serious illness of weeks. Miss Vadlonnc Overtoil 'vlsllcd Mrs. Lillian Southard, Tuesday. Misses Lavernla nnd Ruby $et- tpon were dinner eiicsls. of Misses Irene and Odis Russell, Sunday. Mrs. Pdfford While Is 111 at her home here. Marlln Bracken spent Saturday night with Russell Springer. The Driver Grove Sunday school has G4 on roll now. Everyone Is lu- S-A-109 H-9-8 D-K-a-10 c-J-e- 7-2 (he study course in "Tin- Ponple Called Baptists," brln; taught at .Washington socials were cnjqyed by both circles of Ihe Methodist Women's Missionary 50- ciely Monday aftcrnODii.. Twenly- flv members atlciuled circle "A," whlfh met at (he country home of Mrs. L30 Shrelck with Mesdames Shreick, Claude Thoinason, Frank lloviso and Charles Drake hcs'.csv I SOUTH—DEALER S—J-o-4 H—K-Q-10-7-5 D-A-2 C-A-S3 EAST S-fi-7- C-3-i H-A D-10-4'3 C-K-010-6 his ten of wtuld allow him to ho'd Wcs' I ___ . __________________ - tlic ace. Declarer would pick up the one outstandng truinp and lead a spade. West would win v.ith the ace and v.'ould then cash hir. Jack of clubs. East and West in this manner would 'obtain four tricks and defeat the declarer's contract one trick. Retain control of a dangerous suit as long as possible. The niddinc At nucticn, Soulh would bid one heart, West two diamonds and will) North's holding, he should jump to three hearts. Al contract, th? bidding would be practically (he .samr except-that I' Lone Oak Items RITZ THEATER Tuosilay-Wfdncsday Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Erby Hodge and Mr. ami Mi's. Lelahd Huclge spent vllc-d to allend. Clmrcli scrvltrilcs. and 20 members wsre present at' V/csl, ttie will' lie conducted Sunday by Rev-' W. A. Strcdcr of niylheville., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bro:k spent Sunday afternoon with Mr Ihc taincd at the home of Mrs. Ell My-1 and a four-cord king, queen 3 Mrs. Pauline McLsod.-- was lcE - dc! "' llas a suest of Mrs: Lee Moore, Friday. _ . . J( ' • 1 '^iiv^i. ui iiila: LW-I., it.u.t/. of circle IJ enter-j time-card suit licked by an ace. Mr . and ..Mrs. Chris Overtoil i>ad crs. svilh Mesdames Myers, G. Sciiravcs, Weathcreby and O: W. Knight lioslt-.sscs. >- H' ! B.llt the Flift Baptist cliu:>:i this v.cck .several days .stay in Parma, Mo., wlien they attended to business. Mis. Kulc Sapp, of Daphan, Alii., r.n-ivcil hsrc today having b'jcn call- by Rev. i'. li. Lar.iilcy. missionar; , IT! by (lie (tfalli of ' Mrs." Merym for I he Mississippi Cuunty and Mt. Saliba, Zion association;, cu:d ten menib;r£j of (lie inU'raiwiiaU 1 li. Y. r. U. .-ire studying the oryaim-.uion manual in which instructions a;v being Riven by Rev. E. II. Miuisvarrin;,', pastor of the Wilson Baptist church. The course wlilc his conducted under supervision of licv. c. E. Welch, paslor of Ihe church, will continue through the week. Many Visitors Here ' for Couvsp by Dakcv Clark, " -'-'•Vlsitlil'g 1 Masons iroiii .a number of Ihe towns included in the Tenth Arkansas district and visitors from points of-Missouri attended the school of Instruction here last night. Baker Clark of Little Kock, grand lecturer, conducted the 80 present in the ritual of the order which has recently undergone a number of Important changes. Another slate officer present \vas J. B. Dunn of Osceola, grand junior warden. Supper was served by members of he Eastern Star in the club rooms adjoining the main lodge hall. The school will be concluded tonight in program beginning at 7 o'clock. The 27 out of town Masons present were: Baker Clark. Little Reck; J. F. Cnldvvell, Jonesboro; F. O. Braden, Little Rock; Thurmond Knurr, DeValls Bluff; J. 'F. Mullins. Ruleville, Miss.; J. D. Smilb, Carulliersvlllc. My.; B. N. Wilson, J. B. Bunn, G. B. Segraves and M. C. nenley, Osceola; R. u. White. Lake City; Leslie Crabtree, S. II. Cihear, C. L. Maxwell and J. McCarty. Huffman; J. A. Patterson and E. H. Manwarron, Wilson; II. <!. Kiiappcnbei'sci- was a bus- I:KS.< visiior in Memphis thu rust c( !lie ivcck. Mr. anrt Mrs. Eve-rett B. Oe° have rc'.iancd from SCVCK,! days visit to Lake Village. Ark., and Memphis. Mrs. H. A. Smilh was a visitor in Memphis the first, of the week. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dickey, Jr., ors in Memphis having gone to be with Mr. Dickey's slslcr, Mrs. E. T. PrcscoU, who died yesterday. U. N. Ware, 'Jr., has relumed from u business trip lo Chicago. Mrs. .George L. Muir Is ill nt her home on Davis avenue. Mrs. Matt Monnghan, Jr., and Mrs. J. Neal Gcsell arc in Memphis today. . E. B. Noble and eon. Crawford Ncble, of Jonesboro, were in the city yesterday. • Mrs. C. H.'Hail is spending '• Ip- tiny In Memphis. • ' L. M. Ross mid J. L.-Guard rc : - lurned lust night from several days visit in Equality, 111. Miss Cora Lcc Colcinan. home demonstration 'agenl, is in Stillmiui today for a meeting of the 4-TI club. S. ir. Nolle left today lor Quincy, ill., where he will visll for ten days. C. A. Cunniiifhain has returned from a week's stay In Llltlc Rock W. Arlnn went to Cape Girar- •ieau today lor a two days busi- icss trip. Mrs. J. D. Swift, is visiting her ui in Junciion City. La. O. P. Moss is attending to bnsi- icss in Liltle Rock for several days. Mrs. Moss ami Wocdson Moss iccompnnlcd him to Memphis Tuesday. Mrs. Mike Elcch, of Memphis, irrivcd yesterday to be with the 'amily of Mrs, i? Saliba who riled yesterday. Ben Vinyard, of Cape Girardcau, vas the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Gee last night. Miss Snriie Clark Conuell, of Ruleville, Miss., is the hcuseguesl. The Unp'.lst Woman's Missionary Union met at the home of Mrs. M. L. Simmers Monday aflerncon for Ihe last lesson in Ihe study course, "Tii; Heart of Home Missions." I'tans were made for the annual svoek of pr.iyer, wliich will be ob- tcrvcd next week. and Mrs. Churl la Springer. Frank Sackrider vlsllcd friends at Half Moon. Sunday. Bennic Overtoil was the supir.-;- guest of Charles Springer, Sunday. 1 Mr- and Mrs. John Havdin. et Tinshy Lane visited their daughter, Mrs. Mary I,uelus, Sunday-.. Mr. and Mrs. Ortls Brooks wer" guests cf Mr. and Mrs. Jess Widni'r of Lone O:ik, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wicker snrn; Sunday wllli (he formers parcfiis. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Wicker of Bly- thcville. Mr. Dilsel Tomltnson of Lcr.? Oak wns the guest of Mr. Odi-.s'. Brooks Sunday. • " j ivfr. ami Mrs. Ernest Hillhouso I and family visited Mr. anil Mrs. J. ] S. Lucius, of Pecan Grove, Sunday. Charles Blghnm spent Saturdav „,'' „„« '!-i , J , nlrht with Hciirv Gillies ' White and Jcc Clay Ttec w!l b^Uer meeting ,: 1 1°™* «rc giies.s of Mta. Suallc Driver Grove every Wednesday ! e " Att ,'» .Greenwood, Miss., over evening at 7:30 o'clock. Everycuc. 'is! '^"^w , ' . ' invited i Wamer Wilson spent the. week- Mrs- ''Robertson of Peciui brow':™ d wi(n relatives in Riilevilte,Miss. vUlecl her mother, Mrs. A..J. Wil-! Bruce.Ivy was a business visitor son. Fridaj. . ' .", j m Hnrrisburg Tuesday. - Martin SacKviclcr attended" t»' Mrs - r '- B.-Swift, Miss Emma business in Blythcvll!.?, Wednesday. I Cox . Mrs - Malcolm Sheddan nnri Ted Brock, Walter and diaries Louie Gtvaltney spent Monday in Boles, Martin and Frank Sackrld'er: Memphis. is not generally yucc! bridge lo open a suit headed wkh an unless it is aee and small which occasionally proves profitable. Otherwise the suit should have four or rive cards. Therefore West's correct opening is the king of diamonds which South, Ihe declarer, wins with the ace. It would ji2cm quite natural that tho declarer should proceed at once ID pull thn trump, but if he ... i docs, we can easily sec that he | Ma e Turnage. Gcor B e Doyle lias been confined I must lo£c on - s P a<lc - olle hravt ' onc ' "" "' i as their guests on Monday night ; Misses Lillian and Floyd .Colliers snd Mr. and Mrs. Buck Colliers. Beatrice Overtoil spent Monday night with Alma Ncedham. The Lone Oak basketball teams played Ekron Friday at Lone Oak. ™ e boys team won 20 to 7 while lh ? ^ teams tied then- score Misses Adelc and Sosa Mae Mil'» of Dly.hevlllc spent -Friday Misses Reggie and Onn lo his home here this week with i influenza. I Mrs. piillhm* who lias be;n suf-1 fering v.ith iulluenm for ills past week, was reported improving today. Mis. Josephine Montague of diamond and one club If he leads trump, tile opponents may immediately knock cut his ace of clubs and game would be lost. But if he can establish the spade suit for a club discard in dummy t.?fcrc! the opponents can take out his ace of clubs, he can go game, therefore his correct play is the four of spades which West would win with (lie ace. West would casli his <\vxn of diamonds, and supposing he were to shift to ihe club suit, the declarer wculd win with the ace. lead a small spade to dummy's king, return a diamond and trump ».™ ~~; it, ihen lead his jack cf spades and ' comcsfreunritbi hud' Lloyd ^.Lowery diincc given' b'y Mr. and Mrs. VCs-. Icr Brooks, Saturday night. Leroy Loatherwood of Blyihcvi\lo was a visitor -In'this-vicinity Saturday. " --.-:.. Mrs. Martha Boles spent lasl week end in Blytheville Mr. and'Mfs. F/red-Spcar ot Ty- ronra are spending a-few weeks in this vicinity with relalivcs. E°v. W. H.'Spriny'er filled., his apiioinliuent at Driver Grovo, Sunday. Ahis CJueen rmd his mother W^VE. guesls . of : Mr.'.and Mrs...Clifford Gaincs, Sunday." ' Mr. and Mrs. w. C. Pace spent, Tuesday in Memphis. HARTFORD. Conn., (UP) — Barber John Cartellano, who claims he never took a lip in 24 cars of clipping and shaving. ay$: "My patrons can buy rny services but not. my self respect." C. R. Raven, J. L. McCormlck and T. S. Rhca, Monctte; W. T. Thorn. D. R. Wallace, L. E. Tucker, w. Robinson, Olen Hill, Curtis Topp and B. McFarland, Manila. ll.indages Her Wedding Gown NEW HAVEN. Conn., (UP) Bandages formed a large part of the wedding costume of Miss Anna McDermott. who was burned severely while cleaning her gowi en the eve of her wedding. Tin ceremony was performed while tin priest, bridegroom and witnesses gathered around her bed. Oid Friendships Wrecked During Drought Season BERWICK.'?!!. (UP) — The draught is now blamed fc:- 'iin- trieiirilinc.^s among iici^hbjrj in sections of Coluiiibin county. In several cases, friendship of Ion? standing arc. reported shattered because nne rc^iden; FO'.vili relief from the dronjiit by rti^ir.i his well dcejicr. The new dcptli draiiwd (he « er otf shallower wells and Uo'.i:/! 1 lolloped. Read Courier News Want Ad?. CAN EPILEPSY BE CURED? Jam-It cf Memphis" were guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Jarrett, Saturday. The ladies aid society met at liie j frontier dsys again! In drama ui ydventurc and romance! with GAR Y COOPER, Lily Diimita and Ernest Torrence Admission—Macinea—10-30c Night— 15 and 40c. Ilcmnri.iMc Booklet Reveals Opinions of Leading Physicians NEW YORK..N. Y.—The recent announcement of the publication of n booklet containing the medical opinions of .famous doctors on thei| subject "CAN EPILEPSY BE CURED?" has met wilh great interest throiigliout the country. Sufferers everywhere have welcomed thR booklet with cnthUFia^m. It is reported to be the last word on illness of this type containing a great deal of information and advice on the subject. Every sufferer from (his ailment should read this hooklci. Interested paViies can gel a free copy of this booklet by wrilin; direct 'o the Educational Division—509 Fifth Avenue—Desk 23—New York City. —Adv. aster Offers for Milady's Spring Wardrobe Ladies Coats In Dress anil Sport Modus. All New Styles nnd Colors—Toledo Blue, Green, Red, Tan ami J]Iack—Wool French Crepe, BasUec Weave uial other materials— $6.95 and $10.75 to $35 Misses, Chil circus Coats $2.95 and $3.95 to $15 TOMORROW ONLY HOME THEATRE Continuous 7 pm llpm PROF. PHILLIPS Presents A 1 SPECIAL —tonight/. You reV organi willbe funrtioaingprop- criy by momlog aad your <on- etipatxm will end with a bo^rr I at ti on ft t free or d easy as nature at her best—positively r.o pun, no griping. Try It J4&» tzft, purely trgtH&lt— 1 at rfrertiiu-ontj 2 S c rEEL USE A 1£1UJOX. TAK3 'KAKitNaEa FOR OVER Guaranteed pure «nd efficient. USE UK than of high priced brands, Quncet -- for OMEN SICl' 1 JTo Tn all nc\v Spring Shades— J fay fair— ; Tan ninsh— Lcaflone— Grey Day— 81 to 82 I'optiiav Net ill only ?2 S o r \1 i c c Weight anr Ch iff OILS Ladies Dresses Plain and Printed Crepes, Crepe and Knit Sport Dresses in a nice assortment of colors. Sizes 1- to 4G-- 16.95 and $10.75 to $29.75 Ladies Suits Woo!, Sport mid Knit Suits. Trices £9.05 1" $19.75. JJiouscs of wool lace, Cvope and Batiste. - - - Warner Bros, and Form-Fit Corselelles and Girdles Assisted Rcvealim; the Marvelous Mysteries of Love LIFE FACTS THAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW O « r Kojular '\ I.ADV Exquisite New Complete assortment of H;ilo:i, \V Hevets. Haku, new ro\\i:\\ liraids Felt and Hraid combinations— 1 'altcau effects, • Saucy <, Panamalac, Spi'i".; (loriliinic Jewelry, (iloviif?, Pui Handkerchiefs lo luirmoni/e. and ;i complete .line ot sga -fo<'-.a.

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