The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1934
Page 5
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MGI SIGHT BLiTmsviiXE, (ABI.) COUBIER NEWS END OF BABE'S urn Yanks Face Stern Task As ,'. Hardening Base Paths Check Ruth BY HARRY ORAYSON NBA Service Sports Kdltor NEW YORK—II would not surprise any member of n panicky Yankee party If Babe Kutli chucked it any day now. Tlic mosl precious -pair of dogs In the history of baseball is barking right cut loud. Kiilh Is rich, can earn plenty of pesetas in other ways, and is iiol expected to make any au.mpl to finish the season as a i^ular. ' Meanwhile, the Idea that 11 was g in:; to be a walkaway has been krockcd out of the noggins of the New York Americans. The pitching sickness of last year has turn- t'd, out to be n permanent ull- ment. Vernon Gomez and the redheaded Charley Ruffing are the <nly dependable dealers on Co). Jacob Hupi-ert's payroll nt. ttv mcmenl. Joe McCarthy, in starling the thinly tltatclied veteran, George Uhle, In Cleveland the other day, gave the tlpoff. After two good games, Johnny Allen pulled up In Detroit with a bud arm. \Vhtn Danny McFaydcn beut the A's twiif in April, H appeared llmt ne finally was lo come through. But (he bespectacled bowler, for whom the brewer paiu the Red Sox $100.000 in 1U32, is on the market, as the result 01 being belted out uf there, for the fourth consecutive time. In Cleveland. Russell Van Alia, who stood out as' a freshman In 1933, has luJl everything but his motions. he n!s: has had lo be rftscucd Ir. his last four starts. And tfi nd<l lu the Jersey southpaw's misery, he was spiked by Mickey Cochrane in Detroit. THE LIGHT FAILS By Art Krenz A shadow lengthens as Time's candle flickers, A great career looms greater on Fame's wall. But these last flutters of the candle's burning Show Bnbe the mightiest hero of them all. SATURDAY, MAY 26, 1934 YANKEES BEATEN 6Y HIE 8UB-DI8THIOT NO. 4 oJ GRASSY LAKE and ^j 1 ™^ DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9, VS. 4 H. L. WRAY, ET AL., Chicagoaiis Route Uhle;. Senators Smother Hornsby's Browns; A's Win The New York Yankees slipped back Into their losing Imbll ycs- crdny, dropping a game lo the Chicago White Sox. The American league leaders lost 7 to 5 with George burnshaw turning - them back. Uhle was the losing pttchc- being routed in the third inning when Dykes hit a homer. Byrd of I Ihe Yanks also hit for' the cir-1 cult. Tlietc were no 'games played yesterday In the Notional league. The Philadelphia -Athletics '.rounced the Detroit Tigers 9 to 7 it Detroit. The Athletics pounded out 13 hits off four pitchers while inc. Macks used two with Kline jelling ihe verdict. Five "Tiger er-1 -ors were also a big help to the A's. The Cleveland Indians smolher- ec! Ihe Boston Red Sox under an IB lo 3 score at Cleveland. Vos- rnlk. Trosky and Ave.'ill hit l)om- ers for the Indians. 'Averlll goi five hits. Pearson 'was the winning oitcher. The Washington Senators walked over the St. Louis Browns 9 .0 3 at St. Louts. Stone,' Cronin and Myer hit for the circuit as the Nat barrage of 13 hits was laid down. Whitehill, was the winning pitcher and Blaeholder the loser. DRAINAGE NOTICE All persons having or claiming an Interest In any of Ihe following described lands are hereby notified that suit Is pending In the Chancery Court of ihe Chlckasawba District, of Mississippi County, Arkaasas, to enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes due on the subjoined list ot lands, each supposed owner having been set opposite his or her or Its lands, together with the amounts severally due from each, to-wit: Name H L Wray H L Wray H P Listen H P LSflon H P Liston H v' Uston S. T. R. 12-H-IO 12-U-10 13-14-10 13-14-10 13-14-10 13-14-10 Acres 40 40 40 40 40 40 Tax 13.86 11.34 15.21 IS.21 IS.21 IS.21 1-H-ll 30.33 KM 1-14-11 30.33 0.3(! Pattnt- Baritlfh Grimes Johnny Murphy evidently contracted a seven-Inning gait wording nightcaps for the Newark farm learn. Jimmy DC Shong has yet lo establish himself, and McCarthy is commencing to question the sight of the forager who recommended Harry Smythe, a 30-year old left-hander from Baltimore. Indeed, the New York slinging Is in such sorry shape that one of the writers traveling with the troupe suggested that McCarthy iign old Burlelgh Grimes, wlln whom the spltball marie its exk from the majors. So-o-o, the Yanks must make a trade. With an eye on the cantankerous Wesley Ferrell and George Willis Hudlln, McCarthy dispatched an emissary to Billy Evans, general manager of the Indians. Ferrell' can't help Cleveland, which Is topheavy with mound lalent, and churn in the North Carolina Textile League at the same time. Hudlln seems to have worn but his welcome in Cuyahoga county, and Walter Johnson appears none too enthusiastic In regard to the Oklahoman. Alva Bradley's outfit would consider giving up Perrell In a deal that would bring an outfielder, a third baseman, or a catcher of worth, and it is highly probable that it would yield Hudlln's contract In the same kind of transaction. KeNtf for Rickety Rath The tribe's crying needs arc the flychaser and ihe third baseman Dick Porter lags as a big league letriever and Sam Rice has reached the end of the pike at 41 The letter's release Is expected daily. Willie Kamm's tendon ailment is likely to force him off third base at any lime. But with the acrobatic Lynford Lary sold to the Red, Sox. the Yankees have no spare Inflelde to bandy. And, paradoxical as it might appear, McCarthy hesitates about letting an outfielder go, despite the fact that he has two complete sets. The Cleveland club unquestionably would consider Sam Byrd. head man of the second siring, or Myril Hoag. who four years ago represented an investment of W5.000. But Dixie Walker, o! whom much was expected, now has i dead arm, and indications ar< that he will be able to do nothing more than bat and run this term And playing the biggest outfield in history Is commencing to tcl on ibe 32-year-old Earl el of Ruth's terrain and Ben Chap- .man exchanges place* with the ureat Man with the shifting of •he tun. Ruth must be kept In the shade i mucn as possible . And If everybody lo baseball had his way, the btg fellow could sit out there under a beach umbrella. HE'S QUALIFIED HittinB a Sliced of more than 1H miles an hour, Mnnrl Hose, Dayton, 0., race driver, lias (|iiallfied for Ihn Indianapolis 500-mile race. May 30. ltost\ wlio won Ills spurs on Ilic Honiiler lirlck trnrk last year, will ]ii:ol a (our-cyllnilcr car. By Harry Gray son In baseball, with the result that they turn to something else. "Twenty years ago there were 40 minor leagues. There were 20 Class D loops alone, or tu'o more j than nil [he classes combined last j year. "Major league owners were shorl- ' sighted In allowing so mnny of the smaller fry to fold up. A bit of (mandril help would have saved n number, of them, In return for which the big fellows would not'so frequently have had to write fancy checks for material. "The fact that several minors are making brave efforts to resume this spring Is a healthy sign. I Collrge Players Siollrd "In -late years It has ml been uncommon for an athlete to hop direct from college to a big league organisation, where more often than not he Is spoiled by being l>eited nml pampered. "Competition. Is keen, so the young man winds up with a $5000 bonus for stenlng and n contract ni:lrriCl WIFE WANTS WIN Joe Itiisso, above, Keimha, »is., race driver, recently got ''*''• The Mule woman will calling for that much more. I've '" llle sln "«ls rooting (or him known ruses where well-paid pea-i'° n "' c " r ** itidiananolis greens were so afrnld of flopping •'°°-" li| c cl» M |« ih« tV ei Ijas and being lopped from the payroll w ' uic "ed >«" 30 'thai they preferred lo wear Iheir breeches shiny on the bench. "A ymim player's spirit oflen Is broken when he Is stuck In there before he Is ready. But a recruit can't improve his game In the dugout, and when he Is drawing - major league regular's pay. i" YOU'RE in TELLING ME CLEVELAND — Young America wing Interest In baseball? "No. sir!" replied Trlslrain mo nl Speaker, mopping his forehead. m , t The reason Mrs. Stanley Hack 1-14-11 1-14-11 1-14-11 1M4-11 '2-14-11 2-14-11 2-U-ll 2-H-ll 3-14-11 10-14-11 10-14-11 11-14-11 11-14-11 Smokies Beat Barons, Volsl And Pelicans turn In Triumphs Liltie Rock's Travelers continued n show their superiority as night baseball players by defeating the •"<nta Crackers 10 to 7 at At- anta. 'ihe triumph gave the Pebbles undisputed possession 01' seventh nlace as the Barons tost to the Smokies. Walter French led the Smokle attack that sent the Barons down. The score was 4 to 2. French got Iwo of Knoxville's hits and scored bnlf of their runs. Wetherell was :he winning plicher and Dunaway the loser. The Nashville Vols defeated the Mc-mphls Chicks 14 lo'8 at Nash-I ville. Hulcheson of Memphis.: had perfect day at bar with '.five hits rad Diieker. got. five out of slxTfor Nashville.- Leiber, Welntraub'.and Hutcheson hit homers. Hedi -was '.)•'». .winning pitcher. . •_ , . .._ The. Chattanooga Lookouts dropped a 3 to 2 decision to the'New Orlenns Pelicans in 12 Innings'at Chattanooga. Bcrger's single : in he 12th with two out decided the 7ame. Harry Johnson was the wln- ilng and Harry Holsclaw the los- no pitcher. Both lasted: the : full distance. 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40.83 40.13 40.73 39.94 39.94 32 20 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 47.47 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 Read Courier New» Want Ada. Convicts Fight Sterilization Club Rock u, llru of ground following spri The besl all-around outfielder the -'B,, L n wb tt i,n7 «n,n^ suort ever nroriurvrt s,,n«vl«.rt thn _,..__.. ljnwb » 11 hl « softened up sport ever produced supervised the key as he spoke. He Is decision nowadays. Umpires have wholesale wine and liquor busl- ^, m permitted ' to „„.;." ness In the city where he demon- , -- pcrmlllcrt to cnls1 ' slrated that he was as fine a ma ager as he was a hitter and ball '"- ,nlly nil the rtght on. ' •n-lnnrt now hold a blazeles I hawk. I blazeless sport in , h* 1 ""' 1 ! "" 8 . lhc sU l rk to !! rap n , 0 " llrt ' Vincent Lopez, the orchestra wns „ ff ^ y 5tar ,„ Drook _ circles In hts n "° t " Cr ^ ™ PC ' scclng as "Another jea.'on or twi such as "Why, it was only a year ago'certain ma lor league cltle.s expcr- n Des Moines that Lee Keyscr, ienccd In 1933 and the magnates who owns the Western League mny realize Hint tlie customers club there, was asked to recruit a turn out to see competition team of 14-year-old boys to meet umpiring." " ' a similar and undefeated aggre-1 Ten thousand exlra seats arc being 'Si added to the Ooshen Mile Track ""' i Hamblctonian customers : jatton from Denver." related Speaker. _ "Keyser sounded hLs call through a baseball writer, and at 8 o'clock the following morning his park Mike and Charlie Win Cape Girardean Matches' CAPE 'OIRARDEAU, Mo.—Pro- at Ooshen. N. Y.. In anticipation of a^ record crowd at this year's classic of tl .... The Cincy •e a membership of jSS.OOO kids In their Knot Hole | Club ... and they're all admlt- led free in Die Reds' park. many Inflelders and outfielders. Field House You can Imfl 8 fne w ' l F™*- T " C DenVCr team did11 ' 1 tnw °« «•» I night. - ' !n the prellmlnnn- Province of Quebec Plans Cartier Celebration „,,,,, i MONTREAI - <UPt-Plans for the Wednesday celebration of the 400th anniversary of Jacques Cartler's dlscov- the crowd I a tassel-topped blond nam- jfd Al Johnson but the favorite ._.,_ __.. _, . t wcnl dowr > before rotund Charles Amateurs Oatdraw Majors • Sin key, 2 out of 3 falls The As many as 125.000 persons match was somewhat dull and full lave watched an amateur game In of horseplay and left as much to the natural amphitheater at be desired as did the receipts at Brookslde park In Cleveland. New the gate England college games out drew the Braves and Red Sox while the two cry of Cnnadi. to be held throw.,out. Oi-rbec In July, are nearing compleiion. B The celebration shave aroused able Interest all over the Empire, In the United tales nr.d France. U »ns n, juiy. 1534i tnji th Ftench explorer dropped anchor In Onspe Harbor. In the Gulf of Laurence, and erected on the A person standing still on the earth's surfac* Is whirling with the earth's rotation at 1000 miles an hour, tpwdlnt around, the sun at ta.OOO miles an hour, and moving atraisbt through apace with the ttiUn nUr aystem at 43,000 miles of development, or" rather^thtTack *~ of one. collapse of more than half Pt. of Sec. NESE NW SE NE SE NW SE SE SE SW SE Commonwealth Farm Loan Lot 2 NW Commonwealth Farm Loan Lot 3 NW Commonwealth Farm Loan NE SW Commonwealth Farm Loan '• NW SW Commonwealth Farm Loan SE SW Commonwealth Farm Loan SW SW Love B Adams NE SE Love B Adams NW SE Love B Adams SE SE I/ove B Adams SW SE Louis Lendennle NW SE Ira Crawford NW NE Ira Crawford SW NE Ira Crawford NW NE Ira Crawford SW NE First National Bank Lot 2 NE 12-14-11 32 First National Bank Lot 3 NE 12-14-11 Tom Lovelady N>,0 NW SW 12-14-11 L W Collins NW NE 15-14-11 L W Collias SW NE 15-14-11 L W Collins NE NW 15-14-n L W Collins NW NW 15-14-11 L W Collins SE NW 15-14-11 L W Collins SW NW 15-14-11 Dr P L Tipton NE NE 17-14-11 Dr P L Tipton NW NE 17-14-11 rp P L Tipton SE NE 17-14-11 Dr P L Tipton SW NE 17-14-11 Dr P L Tipton NE SB 17-14-11 Dr P L Tipton NW SE 17-14-H Dr P L Tipton SE SE 17-14-11 Dr P L Tipton SW SE 17-14-11 H P Liston NE SW 18-14-11 H P Liston NW SW 18-14-11 H P Liston SE SW 18-14-11 H P Liston SW SW 18-14-11 W H & Walter Anderson . SE NE 4-14-12 M H Robinson NW SE 4-14-12 Bankers M'gage Co NESW 4-14-12 Bankers Mtg Co NW SW 4-14-12 Bankers Mtg Co SE SW 4-14-12 Bankers Mtg Co SW SW 4-14-12 M H Robinson NE xcpl Z A SW cor E'i E 90 A 5-14-12 43 6 45 Bankers Mort Co NE SE 5-14-12 40 17.68 Bankers Mort Co SE SE 5-14-12 40 n 66 C A Rogers Lot 1 & 2 NE 6-14-12 49.64 8.40 Helen Frances Buchanan E of L Frl NE 6-14-12 38.93 C A Rogers Lots 3 & 4NW G-14-12 107.48 Robert Connelly NW SW 6-14-12 40 W M Taylor Est NE NW 7-14-12 40 W M Taylor Est NW NW 7-14-12 40 W M Taylor Est SE NW 7-14-12 40 W M Tavlor Est SW NW 7-14-12 40 I O West brook Est E of B SW Mary Catherine Reece ' Prl SW SW 34-15-10 35 J T Fargason Co NE NE 30-15-11 40 J T Fargason Co NW NE 30-15-11 40 J T Fargason Co SE NE 30-15-11 40 J T Fargason-Co SW NK 30-15-11 40 J T Fargason NE NW 30-15-11 40.40 J T Fargason NW NW -30-15-11 50.71 J T Fargason SE NW 30-15-11 40.40 J T Fargason SW NW 30-15-11 50.71 Bankers Mort Co NE SE 30-15-11 40 Nora McKlnney NW SE 30-15-11 40 Bankers Mort Co SE SE 30-15-11 40 Bankers Mort Co SW SE 30-15-11 40 T Fargason Co NE SW 30-15-11 40 T Pargason Co NW SW 30-15-11 50 T Fargason Co SE SW 30-15-11 40 T Fargason Co SW SW 30-15-11 50 Gus Crow SE NE 31-15-U 40 Wlteon & Co NE SW 4-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co NW SW 4-15-12 40 -*e Wilson & Co SE SW 4-15-12 40 Wilson & Co SW SW 4-15-12 40 Wilson & Co NE SE 5-15-12 40 Lee Wilson A: Co NW SE 5-15-12 41) Lee Wilson *i Co SE SE 5-15-12 40 «e Wilson & Co SW SE 5-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co NE SE 0-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co NW SE 6-15-12 40 Lre Wilson & Co SE SE 6-15-12 40 Lee -Wilson & Co SW SE 6-15-12 40 Lee Wilson <fc Co NE SW G-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & CO SE SW 6-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co Frl all WW SW 6-15-12 59.58 Lee Wilson & Co NE NE 7-15-12 40 Wllscn & Co NW NE 7-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co SE NE 7-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co SW NE 7-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co NE NW 7-15-12 40.38 tee Wilson & Co SE NW 7-15-12 40.36 Lee Wilson * Co Frl all W',4 NW 7-15-12 61.43 46.90 Garner <t Chrlslman NE NE 8-15-12 40 14.04 Garner & Christ- 34-15-10 64.04 Tb* temperature of the moon down a low, as «0 degrees Birds helped in the discovers' of mcrlca. Columns altered his follow the line of night tend. trance Is showing ly keen Interest, in tl rticu of the smaller leagues makes It of migrating birds, the sighting of ta? !L 1 r * majorll y of tnc whl «n S^e the discouraged sailors boys to obtain steady employment ,!he heart to go on , A " entirely new crop of blooms grass ms yr " "'" y <l:iy by lho Prlponers In Oklilioiua ata*e ponltonliavy, a typical Kioup til whom are shown here, liave leagued, to bailie Uio new stcvilizallon law lliat will at feet ISOO convicts and have Vested the sign seen in Hie pic tnro as a. plea for funds to Flip fiort ihe lest case of OeorK Ytl*lil«r. *M «l llielr uumb«r 11.78 11.78 11.78 11.18 ID.20 19.20 19.20 19.20 11.55 11.55 16.20 30.00 14.82 9.30 9.30 5.55 32.10 31.38 24.24 24.24 24.24 24.24 11.48 11.48 11.48 11.43 14.72 14.72 14.71 14.72 12.79 12.79 12.79 12.79 .84 .75 13.29 18.00 .48 12.CO 14.37 5.2? 6.00 5.94 5.94 5.94 5.94 .12 13.86 2.61 2.61 2.G1 2.61 15.93 15.93 15.93 15.93 20.52 20.52 20.79 20.79 23.02 23.02 23.02 13. Bf. 14.13 14.13 14.13 14.13 18.38 18.3? 18.38 18.38 11.73 11.73 11.73 11.73 19.38 19.88 29.61 11.85 11.85 11.85 11.85 30.81 30.81 Name pt. of Sec. S. T. R. man NW NE 8-15-12 Darner & Christman SE NE 8-15-12 Garner Si Christman SW NE 8-15-12 Garner & Christman NE SE &-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co NE SW 8-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co NW SW S-ie-l' Lee Wilson & Co SE SW 8-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co SW SW B-lJ-'lZ Garner A: C.-rLst- rnnn NE NW 9-15-12 Garner 4: Christman NW NW 9-15-12 Darner & Christman SB NW 9-15-12 Garner fi Christman SW NW Loe Wilson & Co NW SE ; Co SW SE NE SW NW SW SE SW SW SW : Co SW SW : CO NW NW 9-15-12 9-15-12 9-15-12 9-15-12 9-15-12 il-15-12 9-15-12 14-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 15-15-12 Wilson Jos R Hakcr Joe n Daker •foe R Baker Joe H Baker Lee Wilson <S Lee WJIsoii K Lee Wilson ,t Co NW SE Lee Wilson & Co SE SE Lee Wilson & Co SW SE Lee Wilson k Co NE SW Lee Wilson * Co Orlg Sur NW SW Lee Wilson & Co Orig Sur SR SW Lee Wilson & Co Orlg Sur SW SW Jtic n Baker EVi NE NE Jc" " "aker E 4A W!'NE NE Joe R Baker EH- SE NE JOf R Baker E 4 A W'.-i SE NE Lee Wilson AT Co NE SE Lee Wilson ,t Co NW SE Lee Wilson & Co SE SE Iff Wilson & Co SW SE Lee Wilson & Co NE NE Lee Wilson & Co NW NE Lee Wilson & Co SE NE Lee Wilson & Co SW NE Lee Wilson & Co NE SE Le'e Wilson & Co NW SE Lee Wilron & CD SE SR Lee Wilson & Co SW SE 20-15-12 C E Cr!>>gcr Krl E'.i NW 21-15-12 C E Crigijer NW NW C E Criggcr SW NW C E'C.-igger NE SW Louise Chapman S 6 A SW SE Curtis J Liltie N of R E 7.50 A SE SW Louise Chanman S of R SE SW Louise Chapman S of R E 5 A of 6 A SW SW Louise Chapman NW NE Louise Chapman Frl SW SE Louis? Chapman NE NW 2C-15-12 Louise Chapman NW NW 2G-15-12 Louise Chapman SE NW Louise Chapman SW NW John M Taylor Al! W of L SE E L & Ruth Hale NE NW E L ft Kuth Hale NW NW EL* Rufh Hale SE NW E L & Ruth Hale SW NW Henry Niooer 'W'i NE NR 30-15-12 Thos E Thompson Est Loi 5 SE SE 31-15-12 Tfos E Thompson Est Lot 4 SW SE Edith Hale Howton NE NE Edith Hale Howton E 35 A NW NE Wiley Bros W 5 A NW NE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton SENE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton E 35 A SW NE 33-15-12 Wiley Bros W 5 A SW NE 33-15-12 Wiley Bros NE NW 33-15-12 Wiley Bros NW NW Wiley Bros SE NW Wiley Bros SW NW Edith Hale Hovton NESE 33-15-12 Edith Hale H'ton NW SE 33-15-12 Ortena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires J N Thompson J N Thompson J N Thompson Acres 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 -10 40 Taxi 14.0 14.0 14.04 11.51.1 9.43] 9.421 M.llJ 14. Ol| ' 14.0 14.041 14.49] 13. 14.1^ 14.1 14.Id 14.H 7.2C 15-15-12 29.87 4.4l| 15-15-12 39.04 7.IT 15-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 17-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 21-15-12 21-15-12 21-15-12 25-15-12 25-15-15 25-15-12 25-15-12 26-15-12 20-15-12 20-15-12 26-15-12 28-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 27-15-12 31-15-12 33-15-12 39.94 20 4 20 4 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 ' 40 40 40 40 70.86 33 98 39.95 40 7.50 5 40 35 40 40 40 40 28 40 40 40 40 20 2.93 23.09 40 33-15-12 35 33-15-12 33-15-12 33-15-12 SE SE 33-15-12 SW SE 33-15-12 NE SW '33-15-12 NW SW 33-15-12 SE SW SW SW NE NE NW NE 33-15-12 33-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 34-15-12 40 35 5 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 38 32 7.IT 6.66] 1.14 6.C 1.141 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 14.131 29.061 14.531 14.531 11.521 1.081 1.08 I 1.08 I 11.521 9.57 11.231 11.231 11.23 11.23 2.Ml 20.74 " 15.55 I 20.74 15.55 ' 3.E T- 1.29 10.IP 13.86 18.90 2.70 13.32 18.09 I 2.70 ! 20.65 20.65 20.65 20.65 19.14 19.14 20.16 19.65 22.72 22.72 22.72 22.72 14.27 14.27 14.27 12.00 3.75 SE NE J N Tr.ompson Prl SW NE 34-15-12 J T jobnson NW Cor NW NW 35-15-12 10 SI- Louis & San Francisco R R main line from the East and West Quarter Section Une of Section 27. Township 15 North. Range Eleven East, to south line cf Section 32, Township Fourteen North. Range Eleven East ... 75.00 JoneSboro. Lake City & Eastern R R (St Louis & San Francisco R R) main line east «f Blytheville from east section line ol Section 15. Township 15 North. Range Eleven East. to the east section line of Section 16. Township 15 North. Range 12 East ............. 18. T;? All persons and corporations Interested In fa;-. lands arc hereby notified that, they are required by law to ap[>ear within four weeks and make defense to sakl suit, or the same will be taken for confessed, and final Judgment will be entered direct- Ing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes, together with the payment of iiiterc.u. penally and costs allowed by law This l!Hh day of May. Ifi34. R. L. GAINES. _ Chancery Court Clerk. Texas Island Famous As Bird Sanctuary HARLINQEN. Tex. (UP)—Long- egged waterfowls and smaller birds swurm lo Green Island In he Laguna Madre east of here each spring to mate. The ground of the bird sanctu- ar yls covered with nests and iwkward-lootclng young of egrets. herons, tern? bittern and many- other typts of the water blr',*. There are as many as 10 nests In esch tree where land birds from the mainland, sensing refuge, have taken abode. The Island, one of the most widely known sanctuaries among bird lovers, is protected by the National Audubon Society. ' Scotland's population Is comprised of 2,326,000 males and 2.517,000 females. Between January and June. 1933, England had 3025 victims of fatal accidents on her roads; 158) of these were pedestrians, 520 cyclists, 514 motorcyclists, and 410 motorists tnd passengers. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Ruplure Holders! SEE OUR FITTER NOW Consultation and Advice Free We have a special type for youi rupture I Robinson Drun Co,, Inc. * Main St. WRESTLING RAY MYERS TOMMY™TASSOS BILL HUNNICUT vs. SERGEANT TUJRNS ARMORY, MONDAY NFTE

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