The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1949
Page 13
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FRIDAY, MAY 30, (ARK,)' OOUXnBR MEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding HOUM with Moj. Hoople WHY, MAMft HOW GRAY AND HOLLOW YOU LOOK/ COIN' W1O HAMP NEVER. ANYTHING AND NEVER CHANGED AKT// HE A. FORTUNE CORW THT WAR. AND THEY'RE JUST SALVIN'THEM- SCLVES KILLEP HIM/ HU6KV HAMP WITH 7H' BI6 CH6ST AWP RUDOV FACE-TH SENDER.' UOKtS e»M 1W» A«K *- AWt> «*W AV bo T (SET DM fM» KAtXJ f ~~AkJ •V.AH-BI.AH Wanted to Kent Unliirnlnhed or Piemlf urn Lulled 3-room apartment wanted by working cntlple Occupancy not Heeded Until Jimr 1 C»JI A A tTearlcHMui »t 4441 tram 8 to 5 p m.t »75 *tter i p.m 85 dh tr Persona/ rLT mlnOte phnUwcatlc wr/Jce EN b muuio tie-ok-u Wanted to Buy Modern Duplex, northwest side. Write P. O. Box I5'i Gil". 5[I8-pk-2S *'or nighest prices bring jour cniclc- •nji U) Purcell'n Grocery 125 Lilly St W« bur used lumltur. 3WO Second hand dining table. 4ix52 or l«reer.»25 to 43CI. Ph. 2480. 5|1!!-pk-21 For Sale or Trade I glider or will swap for 3 iron yard ehHlr». Ph. 2480. Sjl9-pk-2'2 Salesman Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GH1, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-t Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices COrVllCHTlY HUQi ^AWtiMC* « innCT. Me. Hugh Lawrence rWton IIR <IT»nV> r«kr l.arlr <tn»- nclri-lrd lkro«(U • »>l»luu- I club, ftr» rntirfldlllra tmr brldr mlrii1l*-iiK*il, *e**»*rl* HtHMIer of Slu-nre iHlnHi). ()• arrival, Hra . of Ihr wuMrM, And* Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! D H EIF li S Heel llreifin . . . Wear Diamonds n»n ii nuiMin. KTTMmi us niaium All Work Guaranteed Aicn>'> Klnh. nhllr Irnjliis .>rrp! lltirilliijr K»yit are Ihitnr of work- nirn nvfidrntMly killed on Ihr lj«- turn nm the vnl»e rnrfc dnjr lo HM^ply wnlrr 4«t Ifce mthrrmrn. llnr- riiHK J<itj»i "'!•»«• wilier U MI)** M • • » VI TOWARD Ihe end of the week when Bea was finishing Up her flftcrnoon cleaning at the main room, she noticed Ihe door of th« tower room ajar for Ihe first time. She did not hesitate. She pushed the door open and started inside. Henry Harding sat at a smaV desk writing in a large, leather- bound notebook. Bea had time to notice the neat white cot, the c of rifles, the single hard chair, before the man whirled to face h«r "Spying?" he demanded. "You left the door open," ! said Hatly. Harding got h«r outside by the simple process of walking towarc her until she hsd to retreat. H managed a smile. "You startlec me. For the time being 1 must as you—and the others—to conside this tower room u exclusively m own." "Certainly. But wouldn't M b« .simpler 11 you toW us where w can and cannot go!" "It's simpler than that," Hard Ing said. "In the future I'll be more careful of locks." 'pHE week ended with Bea Cos grove unable to find a safe hiding place for her automati She knew from the rate of suga consumption it would be week before it would be found b chance, and the spot was ac cessible. Mrs. Warren started her week cooking with an elaborate wel Gir/s Run Tractors i* ELBLINO, Poland (>P>—Sixty Por lish girls,, employes of state-owned farms, are learning to operate tractors In the area of thi.s Baltic port. B«> h»d time to notice the room before ihe man whirled !• (>e* her. "Spyintr" b* demanded. cooked breakfntt. Afterwards Be; went out on the veranda where Harding was tapping the barom eter gently with * lead pencil. "Storm on the way," he said 'Terhap* tht raini. It is time. Th water is lower than t like. Let 1 see. You haven't been around th island much, have you? 1 ' "I've barely been out of th house." ''Before we start gelling read for the wind, we'll walk down t the fishermen's camp. Thai's a ba shore in a blow." They followed the trail the fish ermen had taken, west and norti Scarcely out of sight o! the house Harding stopped, turned Aside 1 the four grave* with Ihcir nea erosse*. He walked directly to the Mo ering plant on the grave bearin e name. A. Rob!*, and ntuck his iger in the dirt at It: roots. Bea knew Ihe pUm. she had :en it receiving such Wing care urn the master of Ihe Simpatico. it had Itvtd In California Ion* nou|h to know "ruble" WM the ngh for onk. Harding ilood up ncl she could s«e moist dirt clinx- ng to his fln|er. "Watered again," he said. "Tell e. Did you bring water to thli ant?" "1 didn't even know where It ••. You know 1 haven't been way from the house long <Miou(;ri o explore." He started down the trail again. 3e« Iclt some of the frethness had •ft Uie morning breeze. • • • PHE well-denned palh led across the. Hat rolling back of one hill, ut sharply downward past a uriously colored cliff with aller- e p*lch*c of d.irk and vivid ock, toward the hidden beach, lea could see the pipeline now. ts inch diameter left the shelter if its shallow dilch, swung downward toward the boach and the shallow, saucer-shaiied, eroded lasin of stone. There was a ramshackle lean-to of driftwood with tatters of canvaa Sapping in the strengthening wind. There was a smull of fish, and a more penetrating odor of human habitation. Bea turned away from the water when she heard Hardlni iwearlni viciously. She Joined him at the natural basin which held the daily allotment o( water for Ihe flsher- men. "The devllst" Harding sputtered. "They were nippoaed to let nM know when they left They've let me waste dayi of water."' The ilrong Ash odor wai explained as she reached his side. Four dark browp fish about 1ft inches long lay side by side, half- in and balf out of the water. They were pegged through the laminae on the top of their heads to the scant sand. Pegged with wooden stakes with a crossbar lashed with fishline into the form of a crude crosa. : Harding kicked the crouea into the pool. "The devils!" h* repeated. (To Be Cendnacd) f 10 COP*. l>*t • * Mil MMtCI, ItC, T. W, PIQ, U. I, f*l. O "Oh, I always till you *nd Dad th» truth, Mom—I know you're tht kind who find it out »nyw»yl" 'KKCKLRS AND MIS nttKttt* »Y HfcRRtLt U'imSbow 1'HISCILLA'S POP As Ally Husband Known HY AL VKHMKKR /WELL, MAV6E LOVES VOU WHILE YOU'RE S'TILL VOUNG... / SURE, ^ / <3HE YOILU SHE'LL LOVE V ME EVEN x ~ MORE' DON'T MARRY W WRONG, 6OTTS) FOR LOVE... 1 HAZEL LOVE5 MS. i KNOW DOES/ YOU tN DECEMBER A5 5HS DOES IN MAY r* THEY MARRY FOR ECUR1TY/ VIC FLINT It's Open HY MKJHAKIj O'MALLWY and'RALPH LANE The few remaining birds of tlio once numerous whooping crnne Hocks winter on the Texas- coast. I Have At All Times for Sale several tracton and equipment both new and used 1 have John Deere, FarmaJL Ford and otbet makes- I now have new Ford tractors and equipment read> foi deliver* at dralrrs price I will (rade for most anything TOB have. Terms can be arranged- See F. C. CROWE I mlk south ot Braggadocio. M* • Save i [• Time* (Money• Labor! MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH 328 E. Main Phone 3292 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. Plant Sinkers ACID-DELINTED Cotton Seed i L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. • Cherry k Railroad Phone 44*3 « FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 inch to 4fl inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, too) sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . . Phone 69t. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. YOO Rf WASTING MV TIME, MRS. POND. OPIN THE DRAWER ANQ<HT THAT PtN.' DON'T KNOW WE NATURS Of THIS A6R6EMENT tWAT AND WtRE SAID ID HAVE MAK? OVER (H/ffJ MY MAD »OOV (flltf)/ f»t OMH IT.' _ I'MTRVINfi TO. TH( PISkV THING'S STUCK AGAIN/ Om.Y KX> CHANNlL KNOWS, FLIWT. Jl66ift'$ MAD. THE TALK WAS THAT THE A6RKMENT / .yJ WASH TUBES Sent* of Rattle BY LESLIE TURNER Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal way In remember special occasions. Also other types 0f cameras far rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3647 .STUDEBAKER 1 Phone 888 Phone S88 l/> H C SEEING IS BELIEVING! 19J8 Sludebaker Land Cruiser 1940 Chevrolet Tudor 1939 Chevrolet Fordor Scdun 1938 Chevrolet Tudor 1948 Studebaker One-Ton I'ickup 1946 Studebaker One-Half Ton I'ickup 1941 Chevrolet One-Half Ton Pickup 1939 Dodge One-Half Ton Pickup. in Sales Co. '"Vour Friendly Studehaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 88S •STUDEBAKER* C o m VOU PtPtfT KNOW I WA« NO.. .ON THE COBMtK. BUT LIKE BUILDIUO OU THE STREET CMI'T KECAa,,TMAT WAS LOUQ BEFORE I WAS. HORW: MAVBE JftKEAND 31SSE W6KE fLll<H9 Of M&UP3 AUD KNEES IV TUB . TIME 1HEV PASSED MERE! F»OM THE GUW FIOHT 1MM FWMLV EMPED THM euv's BU/SSTIN" T'HTS... BUT tM &LAO I AIN'T IN TH' AUDIENCE/ r\ I COULONT STAND T' BE SIT TIN' OOT THERE... WATCHIN' ANYBODY V TAKIN' TH' MATIN A &BTTIN'.' ALLEY OOP Yes, We're Close BY V. T. HAML1N 5OOTS AND HKR BUDDIES

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