The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1949
Page 10
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PAGB TEH BLYTHEVTI.LE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 19« HOHK of Herofs Caves Ireqiicmly 'A'orc considered by primitive peoples as the homes of heroes, according to the Encyclopedia BrlUmnica. Alway* white ... always bright DUPOHT House Paint Du Pont HO Outside White House Paint keeps your house looking "freshly painted" for wars.'See the lalicl for full description ol "self-cleaning" action. •fa Bioulilul and dumb!*... ilcil! while, «oyt "M'» -^f Kiiltlt ruil, ">l. •" >d cj « c °" •jf E« t«v«ro»« «"J hUln> ^ A1,» .vollnbl. hi ro"ut!« "t»tf-<t*an- In 5 K^Hon c^ns John Miles Miller Co D. C. Freeman, Contiaclo 123 W. Ash Phone 200 PAINTS Cheaperlo Buy Than Pay Rent Research Bureau Figures Long-Term Loans Offer Advantage Under today's long-term. !ow- ntere-'t mortgages, the monthly \y in buying a home is often ess than rent, even after figuring ,'ear-Lo-year main Lena nee cxpendi- iircs. sny.s the Construction Re- iearch Rurenu, New York clearing IOUFC for building information. Since no do., i payments are tfe- nanclrd from war veterans by nany builders, and it) it la I pny- nrnts romfired from other buyers a smaller percentage of the mrehase price than In previous K of building activity, h iwnershlp is rising throughout, the country. The family who buys n SI0,000 ime with a 52,000 down payment ind executes a 5 r * innrtgagi; for 20 years pays than $65 per month This Includes S4C.80 on int/resl and j principal, an estimated $12 for : property taxes, and $2.50 for property Insurance and water. Monthly outlay of a veteran buying the same home with no ttowu payment is estimated at between $65 and $70. Although the veteran borrows his money at A", muter the G.T. BUI of Rights, lack of down payment makes the mortgage $2.000 greater than the r.iv- lllttn's. Hence tonthlv amortization payments are 552.80. No fixed estimate on maintenance of a house has ever been made, but many mortgage lenders say that K*. of the cost of the house per year Is a fair figure. ! This Is largely offset by alloxvublc income tax deductions for niort- . aage Interest. Many stales nSso have laws which exempt war veterans from paying properly taxes on (.hat part, ol their honir investment which conies frotn bonus or pensions for war service. —Courier New* Photo HIGH SCHOOL FOR XKGROICS UNDKK CONSTRUCTION— Work is well under way for a new high school for Negroes in Blylheville but vuc building will not be ready tor use when school opens in September, it was disclosed today. A view of the partly-completed one-story brick and tile structure |js shown above. Tnc building faces Elm Srreet and is north of Mcilancy Road. The mum entrance to the new building will be near the temporary frame structure Hughes ^ Company ol Blylhe- ville has the general contract for the building on a bit! of S73.935. Installation of plumbing, heating and electric fixtures will add about $20.000 to the coijl of the completed building. The structure wii.s lo have been ready for occu[Kincy when school opens next month, but Die contrac- shown in the foreground. and the door and window school opens. The annex, which contains four classrooms, however, will not be finished by that time. two projects were launched steel, frames. Work also Is'well under nay on a two-story annex to Lan^o School. Jnscph Stiykcr. 1'ortageviHc, Mn.. ; by the school board more than a contractor, is erecting the annex. I year nso as part of the long-tune He has Informed Max H. Reiri. [lies- ' expansion program Tor the district ident ot the Blytlu-villc School ! ivhich will include the building of Board, dial the remodellins ol the a new high school for white child old portion of [.he building will ; veil near tor encountered delay in getting have been finished by the time i .school. the site of the present 12 Applications For Building Permits Filed Applications for building permits for an estimated $23,000 In planned construction were placed on file during the past week in the otfice or City Engineer Joe Carney. Three permits were sought (or remodeling, two for buildings and seven lor residential construction. Applications were tiled by: H. L. Cook, for a five-room frame residence on poplar Ave.; estimated cost, J2,000. Cecil Langford. for a three-room frame residence oa South 2lst St.; estimated cost, $1,000. C. l t . Lucius, (or a four-room frame residence In Wilson Second Addition, estimated cost, $1,000. Wllllamn Stokes to remodel residence in Wilson Second Addition; estimated cost, $1,000. R. C. F.m, to remodel residence at 1120 West Walnut; estimated cost, 52,000. H. N. Swcarcngcn, for a brick and tile servant house at 109 West Kentucky; estimated cost, $1,000. Mrs. H. A. Alley, for a concrete block business building at Main New Designs, Materials and Methods i£ /051 *"? _ i j i • , „ - r • ' Vacation Homes Tend to Make House-Keeping easier Requires Special Core Read Courier News Want Ads liott' to cut down house-cleaning* tiusks hps received much attention from architects, interior designers :ind building materials munufaclur- er.s, with I he result that H is ea.siev today to keep homes clean and neat. Labor - saving and cost-having ! ciirisLmr !qni|)mcnt ami const mclion rantjc.s j snced. l/>t Real Estate Transfers Careful precautions taken when closing the summer vacation home will prevent damage by weather. vandals and rodents. The plinnbnig shoutrt > ranged .so that al! pipes can be drained by Thompson 3 of Block 6 jLs(U] Addition, SI cash in hand. Mr/ore to Corn, Hoi ton. Lot I from automatic dishwashers to the walls and ceilings, of a home insulated with full-thick mineral wool remain cleaner longer, re- ]l( .|or 2nd Addition, $200 rcdecoration one-third less; clmrlpR „ Mld Rllbv B . often Olivia he Al- two I opening others. three valves and If .steam or hot 27 of Clock 5 of the W. W. Holll- water heat Is used, the entire system should be drained. Water '-. should be siphoned from tlie toilet drained from plumbing mild climates, kerosene and ; {raps. In !* !*'» mmty **"' to mak* old fleer* teak n»w with FloHildB floor <nom*l —1h* elQilU lifter mod* to with Hand pounding, icufftlng f««t — *or )rt- t*rl«r or • xtBi-Tar u*«. $5.15 Qt. i In today far FREE booVUl, "Color Dyn Hubbord Hardware Co., Inc. 213 West Main Phone 2015 to H. Noble , to N. J. ar.d Mazie Hanrilev Simple IH-sUn I Qf Blw . k ,,, (){ thc Rm , [t]e j Washsibh? paint. 1 , and wallpaper, Addition. 53,000. available in any desired color, smooth-surfaced flooring materials, ami the design of the house itself ie!p cut housework. Sltnply-dfrsigned interiors with all j j K sl°ven= Jr and Mar lit-cf.lching nxilcling and ornate ! trim discarded in favor of plain, I smooth surfaces have become a ha.lmark of smart pail war home de.slgn that lightens house-keeping. Rounded corners where baseboards join the floor and kitchen cabinet-"; with curved interior corners making cleaning easier. The picture window, although its • lessened the labor of window washing because, it is not divided into a multitude of liny panes with hard- to-gel-at corners, as was the oSrt- fashionrd window. lUrt Kept Off Walls nn(i-free?.e can be added to the 2 i how] and traps, thus avoiding [ Provide solid, heavy board panel* Eliza Walker and Sophia Arm- I [o fit tightly over windows and .stronp to jEinr.s and Willese Bunks, l (1ooi ' s ntlri bo] * them on the inside. Lot 31 ->f Lariy's Fourth Addition, ; Por thp fl ' ollt dor>r - use * solid ' that is fastened with a strong and Lilly Streets. Albert Mayer, for a frame residence on Freeman Street; estimated cost, $500. L. T. Campbell, for a five-room frome residence on East Highway 18; estimated cost, $4,500. W. W. Moore, for a five- room frame reesldenee on East Highway 18; estimated cost, $4,500. Barney Cock well, to remodel front a a install shelling In residence at 212 West Main: estimated cost, $2,000. Jerry and Louie Hill, for a four- room frame residence on South 16th Street; estimated cost, $1,000. Bermie Lavender, for a one-room concrete block restaurant at 824 South Franklin; estimated cost, $1,000. K ; padlock. i Tlie house should have sufficient j crilles and vents to allow air to prevent dampness er Subdivisjon^LotjV^the NE.4 | from accl , mil i altllp . A ll flues, vents. ,IT^ ,.™ , ^^^ louvres should be covered with both fine and heavy screening to keep out insects and animals. Lath-marks so often seen on walls and ceilings of old houses rarely appear today in homes Insulated with mineral wool. This material keens surface temperatures within a degree or two of air temperature and dust-laden moisture is not de- air furnaces keep out or the living Ihe new warm hasement dust minrters The kitchen ventilating fan. once found only in high-priced homes, moves grease-laden air out of the kilchen before it can collect on walls and other surfaces. New waxe-s, especially designed of Section VM5N-HE. SflCO William E. and Agnes Vcwey Lo H. Noble Gill, all of L.oi 3 of the Jnck.san Addition, 51,80502. E- B and Rovene C. David to Section 4-15N-8E, .^8,500. Bill Ftoid Company of Arkansas,' Theodore and Whinie LoRan to Uie., Lo* 5 O f mock 3 o f the David : Max and Annie Laurie Logan, west ' Acres Division. $800. i H5 feet of Lot 1 of the J. W.' C C. Thompson and Bertha M.; Barter's Second Addition. SGOO. Thompson to Wcorirow W. antl j Max and Annic Laurie Logan and Lorene Hardy, all of Lot 9 of Block j Harold B, and Marie D. Wright to "F" of the Lilly Addition. SS.OCO. I Thomas Colcman and Geraldine \VHli-m C. and Nell C- Burlnnr i HawkiiiK, T.ot I of Block "A" of the John B. Walker Subdivision. $700 Max and Annie Laurie Logan and SBOO j Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to f F and Margaret Lewis to Loy i Samuel J. and Maty C. Ro\ven, Lot " 2 of Blonk "A" of the John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $~?00. M;ix and Annie Laurie Logan to C. n. and Rpby Kettincer, Lot ff of iiim-k n of the William Lee Walhcr Subdivision. STOO. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Hnrodt M. anrt Mnry Helen bozicr, Lot 5 of Block 2 of the William Bureau ot Standards Defines Halt-Rooms The term "half-room applied to a house description often puzzles home-seekers who ask, "What a H^-room house?" The National Bureau of Standards defines a half-room thus: 'A kitchen with an area less than 60 square feet but over 50 -square feet, or a dining alcove over 45 squarr feet and having separate outside light." to W. C Rrsart, Lot 4 of the Block 11 of the Ruddle Heights Addition, b. and Doi-oHiy Arnold, al! of Lot 4 of Block 5 of the Buddie Heights Addition. J5.COO. Sterling and Clcmie French to; pwitcd as inpMly us when the walls; Fred D. and Margaret J. Bracken,, and ceilings arc several degrees j North 150 feet of the East End ofl colder than interior air. Filters In j Lots 8 and 7 of Block 8 of the Park Addition. $300. SHRUBBERY We otter a complete Line of Stark Landscaping plants and trees. . Order now for Pall planting. Stark's 131 \eara experience in this field assures your getting the most for your money. Allow us to give you a free estimate. Telephone 554 today. BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES COMPANY FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 Aulntnohtlc farms) Business in Icrru pt inns P>crs .V Cleaners >Atcntled Coverage Fire General Li;ibtlity Al^ritie (al! forms) Personal Properly Plalc Glass Kc.sirlcncc Liahttily Tornado Truck Cargo Workmen's ('nii)|K;iis;ition W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY Mnrr. Lot 3 of Block- 1 of the Coun- . try Club Diive, $1 and other consid- Krii' Max and Annie Laurie Lnsjan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to -- John Snringer Lot 3 «ri>ti<m. ! of B]nfk .. A .. of (he j 0 i, n ' B y/rflsn Oliver E. Lovelnrty to Eluabctli S( , con[] suMivi^,,, S70 fl. nnd C. C. Thompson, part ot tile Max B Rnd Annl( . LRl]r|e NF.4 of the SW 1 ;* ol Section 10- j nn( , [Iaro]ri B ^^ Mnr , c Q ' Wrieht to Nelson A^and Dorothy for various klndi ot rioo«, wood and 15 N-HE. $58- ,,-,,. r- r- '•- — J metal work, permit to be. Wmtield nnd Ada Mick to C C.| Milri( , rjerkcr. Lot 4 of BInrk "A" quickly wiped clean with a damp Thompson, part of thr NE.4 p_f _th^ or ,,,,, John B . Wa]ker second Sub- rlolh, while the many new soaps and det^r^eiits contribute importantly to eaticr housc-i-lcan- iiig. Chinese Tour Poland WARSAW. Poland (AP)—A dclc- saiion of 30 Chinese trade unions leaders is touring Poland inspecting reconstruction projects and conferring with Polish trade unionists. The group, headed by Liu Ni Yi. deputy chairman of the World Federation of Trade Unions, came here horn Bucharest, , . SW|4 of Section 10-15S-11E, $1 and other consideration. Harold C- and ' lell Thompson to Calvin and Bonnie Hill, part of Lot 8 of the NE 4 of Section division, S700. of housebreaking in Ply- 15-I5N-1IE, $1 and olher considers- mouth, England, were traced to a tion. Bruce and Lucille Hyrd to vtvo aang of children. None of the children \vits more than 13 years of A. nnd Ollie M. Hill, 40 acres in age. and the leader was a boy of 6. LET US MODERNIZE YOUR HOME WITH SUPERB QUALITY KM Venetian Blinds ir- EXPERT ELECTRICAL REPARS Avoid unncccssjirj- expense... .SHfeguard your home from electrical fires....Icl Charley's Electric Shop <!o your electrical installation and repair work. Over 20 years of experience have proved to us that we can prove this to you. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South 5th Phone 2993 FtJtures that offer ihe utmost In convenience .. . tomfjactnfM to permit flexibility in kiu planning . . . beauty ro enhance the appearance of ihc most modern kitchen ... st thai will last for yc.irs. I'fjjl't tht . . . Crane'i top-line, single-tiAsin, sJnglc-drainboard sink. Made of viircous china on cast iron. Sparkling white, acid-resist ing .surface. Sturdy steel cabinet. Overall size: -f-2 x 25Vi K 36 inches with 8-inch deep basin. Let us icll you more About th« Crane Homemaker for thai nc\v kitchen you arc pbnnjng. PETE the PLUMBER 109 North 1st Choic* of Wood, Aluminum, or StMl SUIt. Wid« Rang* of Beautiful Tip* and Cord Colon to Scltct From— M**tur*d For And In»tall*d Prompt D*]iT»ry Otd«r Now YOO WILL LIKE OUH SEH- VICE, AlTD WE KMOW YOU WILL LIKE K-M VEHET1AK BLINDS D E A L' S PAINT STORE IM FAST MAtN STFKKT PLUMBING PRICES REDUCED! Complete Bathroom S«t§ as Low at $115.75 SOIL PIPE GALVANIZED PIPE See Us For All Your Plumbing; Need* EASY FHA PAYMENTS E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. I'hone 551 Blytheville, Ark. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just think, lor a small earnest-mone; deposit 500 may now secure one of these new modern two bed room homes, now under construction Man? an makini their selection » come while you ma> choose. Beautifully designed, sturdily built, lorn* havt picture win- downs. In new subdivision. Call or Sec MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or * Holly Development Corp. 1801 Wesl Main Phone 4445 Treasured FOR ITS USEFULNESS! ON-A-DOOR Mil; IIIIII !i —IN YOUR BEDROOMS AND BATHROOMS WILL BE TREASURED BY ALL THE FAMILY FOR THEIR CONTINUAL USEFULNESS— THF.IR CONTRIBUTION TO GOOD APPEARANCE. . . . Available in.tites for all standard doors. Easy to attach . . . furnished with eight plaslir. clips and screait. Mirror of genuine polished plait glait with polished edges. BLYTHEVILLE GLASS & PAINT CO. 517 East Main Phone 4906 "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" If oar wtisfacU*n &»s«red on al) photogrsphte work. Including commercial And portrait FAUGHT'S STUDIO m S«nth Tint Nlchl Phone KZl rhone Mil

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