The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 25, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBABT ARKANSAS AND 8ODTHKA8T MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 293 1».YTIIRV1H.K. ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, PKBKllAUY 25. 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ACTRESS SUES GRIFFITH FOR $601 T IS ML STILL Deficiency in U. S. Rainfall This Year CENTIISTnTES Arkansas Near Normal Since January 1 But Ohio Valley Lacks Moisture. ' BY ISRAEL KI.KIN a, Science tEditor, NKA Strvice ! WASHINGTON, Feb. 25.—A return of last, year's disastrous drouth over practically the .same area is threatened by the unusually warm winter'-and the serious deficiency in rainfall during the past few months. Continued, long and heavy ralnr over most of the land east of the central Mississippi Valley are needed to save the situation, according to the U. S. Weather Bureau. Rainfall in this area has' been far: below normal In some spots for nearly a year, and. this deficiency has been continued since .Jan. 1. . As a result, the soil is so dry thai it will require long, heavy rains to make it fit again for the normal production of crops. Residents h; the affected areas are even no» limited in their water supply, be- cause'of dry or extremely low wells end because .of dried-up streams. The bright side to this situation i&.tlie (act that Moods will be rather rare this spring as a - consequence of this lack of rain. Driest on Record "The deficiency In precipitation which the United-States as a whole suffered during 1930 and up'to the present surpasses anything In the exact records of the Weather Bureau,"' says Dr. Charles F. Marvin, chief ol the bureau. .','For the period of December and January, -nine states—Nebraska, • Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, i MUsouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio aid ||| Kentucky—had the least rainfall o! ..- feoorai-ThB'total rainfall slnce-the. : . close of the last ; growing season—^otthe period-from October to • January, ^ iMlusSye—was th*. least oh:r«cord iri'^Michigan,. Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, '- Wfst Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. - ' •--.-'. ; "Ohio affords a fair sample of conditions in ; the -area -which has continued • dry' for' many . months. In.this state, rainfall-has been deficient for. 11 consecutive months, with- the -total' for the period 'being only . 68 - per cent, of normal, and ending with January, the-- driest on record. . . ' • Members of Crew ,0nly Victims of Accident on L. and N. Near Mobile. • On this map; Dr.-Charles F. Mfrvin. percentage of'normal snow and rainfall recorded between Jan. 1, 1831, and Feb. 10. 1931, this belnj the latest official compilation.- Noimal is taken at 100. and you will notice that only two slates equM. this amount and three others' exceed it. Dr. Marvin paints fo Arlnnsas, which experienced the driest: summer in its history with resultant crop falluresMast year, but this year seems to'be gelling a "good start toward normal. .„.. "Another example of extreme dry r ness is afforded by'the local record at Bt. Louis,'Mo., wh'ere" the rainfall for Dceember and January establishes a new low record • f- nearly 100 years, or since records began. In 1837. Heavy Rains Badly Needed • "As a result ol continued deficient rainfall In this persistently dry area, particularly from the central Senate Rejects Wahlquist Measure, to Permit Sunday Games. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 25. (UP)—. The Wahlquist Sunday .basebaU.bin was defeated by a-vote'cfAl to Itt in, alter .heated, de- bite'-pUBcUiated by spoVadtcT outbursts of humor. • Sen »tors Bailey; .Mitchell and Ad- Idas frequently Interrurtid Senator Abington 'speaking in favor of the measure, much to .the merriment of the chamber and galleries. . . In answer to questions,Abirigtbn denounced-, every -I'pie'ce of 'legislR- tion from, those preventing cockfights to the eighteenth amendment which seek to restrict people'.of th= country - from 'spending -.their time as they please." '._• • : : !.'_'.'_ An almost Identical bill from one defeated in the' house yesterday which would aid school bus routes was - Intbrduced in.'the. upper- body by Senator Norfieet. The orlglna bill passed the senate and when transmitted'to-the house.yesterday gave rise to- debate terminating with Representative Fleming of St. Francis county hurling an ink well at Representative Ward of Lee Stocks Drop a Little as Trading Slows Up NEW YORK, Feb. 25. (UP) — ;With few exceptions stocks declined jfrom fractions to five points today; ' . 1 a few issues making wider dips in I the curtailed volume as compared .'ith yesterday. Mail order shares, baking stocks and a few special issues made gains. The others reacted on price taking induced by the 20 per cent advance which has taken place .during ths >est month. •Movements were Irregular thru- 5NUET JtLLS OF DHIKlLU it MOBILE. Ala., Feb. M. (UP) — Four members of the train crew ol the crack Pan-American Iraln of i the- Louisville and Nashville railroad were killed near here shortly a'f|<T' midnight todKy whim the train plunged over the OIXMJ cud of a drawbridge over the Mobile river Tno dead Included Arthur R. Ingram, engineer, Ezeklal Crumpton negro fireman; -J. Nick Vaughn baggage master, of Montgomery arid a fourth irtaii .believed lo be [Woods, -negro .porter, of Cincinnati Dr.:9edon'H. : Stephens,-Mobile phy 'slclan and .a.member of the relic parly who-.was rushed to the ncci ,dent scene is miles:from here, salt upon .returning here. Tlie accident -Happened In an Iso laUxi .section without Immedlat I menus of communication. It wa :wo. hours before .the first.idle :raii! 'bearing -doctors, nurses an medical Supplies was . dispatche [rom Mobile.. - .' An hour'later at 3:40 a. m. a sec ond train'with, a diver, Charl Nelson,-on board left-for the ace dent .-.cerie.'At 8. a. rri. officials- the I/.-ahd/N. line here said.nil passengers and. jtralrimeh- were accounted for..'. •_-.. - -,• . TD VDTE ON CII1 ELECTf PUT Controversy Over Proposed Bond Issue Will Be Settled at Polls Tuesday CARUTHtTTlSVILLE. Mo., Feb. 5.—Interest Is growing among c the lllzcnry of llils city concernlns'lhc robable outcome of the '• special lection which will be held here larch 3 on n proposal to Issue 190,DOO In bonds lor the erection 'of ii nuntdpal light and i»wer plant The proposed plant will-cost an •stlmliteil ,totrvl of $188,000 when :omplcted and R part of the cost proceeds of the ent time the Power company hasVfranchise and At the pres- Arkansas-Missouri Scar face AJ Faces Trial At Chicago CHICAGO, Fi'b. 25 (UP)-- Tl'; elusive Scarfaco Al Cnpone. "pnu- le enemy imnibor 1," appearing in Federal court loday pleaded not gulHy' to contempt of court charges, then during tlio luncheon lull In his trial surrendered lo city police for a viignuicy warrant, Tlio gnng' leader was hustled nmld great commollon from the federal building lo tlm South Slate slroi'l police court where he arranged bond in time lo cut a sandwich before resuming. his federal c'.url trial. Caponi 1 walked Into Federal Judge Jumes H. WUkcrnou's courtroom this mornlny ready for trlul on n criminal contempt of court charge. ' It us the first occasion the Chicago gang leader has room appearance as since a Philadelphia him to a o court a defendant w year prison Feni Setiil Files Civil Action Against' Famed Molion Picture Man.' : NEW YORK, Fob. 25. CUP)—"Ridiculous" was the .description ,op- [illod today by David W. Grlin'.h, motion picture producer, to a $001,- • 000 suit Instituted In Hollywood-by Fern Setrll on allegations assault.' Tlio suit alleged Griffith enticed Miss Setrll'to his'apartment by offering her a role in a picture whiclv virtually was completed.'so C-rlfntli snld today, a month before the dste y of Iho alleged assault. " ':•''. : 'i_; Says American Exchange Carried Under by. .Cald-, • well and Company'Crash LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 25. (UP>Blamo for Uic closing of the American) Exchange Trust company- hi November last year which p«cipi- (»t*d the closing of upwards- of 1,00 Arkansas banks, was today plnqe'd upon the failure of {he Caldwell and company Investment house.,, .of Nashville, Tenn:, by'a witness" who appeared before the -state\legislative committee Investigating" bknlc conditions in this''state.' -.;'.'• '-•'•' The-witness, J. H. Stanley, vice president of the.- closed ' bank, was Three Daylight Holdups .•'•• Reported From Different; Pairfs of Country. Neb.; . Feb. .23.' (UP) "' ' , . . . .. — fhtte' armed "ban'dlts' bound ' and - -, -^- ' •- 'j" •- -V '• - " - . .i^ ..officers .and employe* oljhe r U'l' A 'J . I called-to the witness stand'yester- V,arD011C rtCIQ at day and last night and told the investigators the failure of the Nash- ooo." = Mlssissippl Valley eastward, the soil Is very dry, especially the subsoil, and heavy rains are urgently needed. "The surface soil Is also getting dry In the states farther west, from Oklahoma northward. The southern states are not as yet needing moisture to any appreciable extent." Dr. Marvin says no limit can be fixed on the time this sluatlonmay continue or on the amount of rainfall that, may be expected this year. He adds the warning, however, that measures to Insure adequate water supply should be taken not only in rural districts, but in cities as well Ohio Valley Nwds Much Light, steady rains fell In a great part of the affected area during February, and raised the hopes o Weather Bureau officials for at leas partial relief. But Montrose W Hayes, chief of the rivers and flood division of the bureau, says tl Ohio Valley will need twice Us nor mal rainfall during the next three months to nil the rivers to norma stage and retain them at such leve "Rivers were remaining at abou the same level In the middle o February as they had held In late fall or early winter." he says. "Fo some months they have been sub skiing almost entirely on under ground water. "While this drain on under ground water supplies continues, th subsoil becomes drier. Naturcllyth sou-will require plenty of rainfall before there will be a suplus to spare for the streams." Planting Seaso Early Recent rains, however, accom- county. SEEK™ OF Searcy Where Man Was Held for Robbery. SB ARC Y, Ark., Feb. 25 (UP)—A man and his young wife were dead today after drinking carbolic acid i Ida's of the closed. Institution, was in the county jail here late.yester- ailed to testify before .the joint '' Tlie'jbandlts. met -the^jirjt of. th employes 'as' they anijerf af.-work bound >_13' members "of the''bank ' forceTwflrT'.wires!.'in"d"hef44'.them into" ah. unused.Abasement:room ville business firm which was a heavy stockholder , in the Little j whl]e the ]00 ted-,the bank:,-. Rock bank,, was'ihe.cause, for dps-1 rn,^ .mV.i/.iii'B-ir.'wftii'awi tire.. Stanley, one of several high of- tiny They died in each other's arms. Frank Jones. 35, was held on a charge of highway 'robbery. His wife, Lottie, 25, visited him in his cell yesterday and had remained neirly an hour when grcans were heard coming from the cell block. The couple was found on the cell bunk and a note was discovered in which they said they were going to die' in each other's arms and that they wished to be buried that way. Jones died shortly after officers entered the cell, and his wife died before aid could be summoned. Officers said they thieved Mrs. Jones brought the poison to her husband, although she was search- Found Dead in Bed, Her ed before she entered the cell. Baby in Her Arms. NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 25. (UP)— A young mother, one arm protect- ngly around her baby as he slept jeside her, the other hand raised to shield her face, was found shot to death in bed today. She was Mrs. John Pennino. estranged wife of Joseph M. Pennino. electrician. She was living at the home of her father Sebastian Martello In the French quarters hsre, and It was Martello who found his daughter slain. ; John, 3, his brown curls drenched with the blood of the mother in whose arms he lay, was still asleep wh/n Martello entered the room. Police today were seeking the husband and father whom Martello said returned to his home several days ago declaring "somebody Is going to get killed pretty soon." Former Arkansas Woman Sued (or Theft of Love LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25. (TJP) — $1.000.000 Loss by Fire at Rhode Island Pier Trie employes were'released by girl employe. Get 518.800 -at Dayton DAYTON, O.. Feb. 25.-CUP)—Fiv egBlallve. committee defended the bandiu armed wlth sawed-off-shoi ictions of the banks discount com- - robbed - the eeiltral . branc mlttee, saying- It. wp.s a "capable, tank of [he UnU)n ^usl corapan efficient, sound board.' |here'of-$18,000-shortly, after tl !bank opened for business today. Strict Regulation of 1 NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 25.- (UP> RillrinarrU Prnnrnprl One person .was shot and.painfu miiDoaros rroposea ly m]urcd durln(f a runnlng gu „_„.__.. ~T 'battle here today when three u TORONTO, Ont., (UP) - More ' m&5!ced ban(11 t s hcW , up the s stringent regulations regarding the Roch brancli of (ne W hltney bank. election of advertising signboards Tn 7 employes In the on or adjacent to provincial hljh- b fc h the'bandits entered. Council fur City Plant', While popular opinion appears -to be divided on tho subject of mil- ownership of the light and power plant, the mayor, J. D. Huffman, and all members of the city council, are avowed enthusiasts for the plan. The city council claims that too .much money Is being paid out to the power company, while opponents of the measure are as sure that the city cannot afford-to nd Itself for this amount. Those Uie latter opinion have banded emselves Into an 'organization .0*11 as the Taxpayers'. Protective fague and are openly advocating efeat of the proposed. measure • as matter of .economy. : Supporters of the> municipal I ant .contend that the profits of le power, plant .will take, the city ut of. debt .in addition to'Saving money now being paid to the rk&nsas-MLssourl • -company • tor power. They also maintain that a op. rate of 11 cents per Icilowat c/ur will-be sufficient to .retire' the indebtedness, and .at theM*me tl(ri forntoh lights, at loss cost to th onsumer than has ^ben, the case Te'retofore. ." . , "r." .-.-' • •• Waterworks Profitable.- •- '. ' .The municipal waterworks willed has shqwn.a-good'profit 'year.after ^ear, according to>rnembers of. the ilty council, 'and • at the' 'present hue has a nice balance to Its'cred- it. According .to Mayor ^Huffman, he: city last year: spent more than WiOOO from the profits of the waterworks plant- to. re pair the downtown lighting, system;, which Is owned by the city. This profit could also be.converted to paying off the debt on the proposed city power plant. . ' . Last year the Arkansas-Missouri power company paid the city more than 15000 for lights and pumping of water. It also paid city taxes amounting to $2,554. Bill Goodwin Arrested for Murder of' John 'Hardy on Missouri Ditch. CARDWELL, Mo.— Bill Goodwli of -this place: has bcc-n arrcsled charged with the murder of Johi Hardy, who was Xllled at C. E Murray's fishing cabin on the Mis sourl ditch, south of Cardwell, Mon day afternoon. , Murf»y t«U Red. before' a' coroner's jury that Qoodrln shot Hat dy' ; three tlmei ; No motlvt for tt killing was given. .' 1 Murray, JUrdy and a t 'man n»m . wilt LOS ANGELES, Ftb. 25. tUPJ-r- - ... Cavltl W. Grimth, p!onc«; motloii '.. picture director, was accused today. , of attacking Fern Sctrll, 22, actress, ,a civil damage suit on file here. '. Miss Setrll who has appeared In. verul motion picture rolos under .. inline of Fern Darry, asked 601,000. She charges .Griffith prom : sed her ttie role of Ann Rutledge ' his recent picture Abraham Lln- In. ,. 3ho spent several weeks rehears^ g Lhu part and It brought on a ervous breakdown,. she .said. Un- ,or gulse..of Rehearsing, she charg-'^ l.arUntii,t<K*. hc'r on June 26,\. 930, to an apartment, gave' her ' hampalgn and cigarettes and .at-' acked her. - ' ; Griffith Is In New York now. ..' identify Virginia Murder Victim as Jersey Woman •:-•) A .•'.. '.. -^— .-...,' ; V.{ : ,:' BOWLING GREEN, Va:, Feb.;25.';.! roP)—A.nude\»nd. mutilated body.-1;.^ ound.nifsr. here'Stinday "was lden:..>:v'x . tilled'today-'a* that of Mrp. Phoeb? , .^ OoodR-in appeared and «hof Wlicn Qoadvvln fired Harily grappled with' him an'd^the^palr fell in a ditch near the cabin; Mitrrny ( ^ tined.- '•'. .' •• ' - -•:•.' -'• Goodwin. has not made a sta; ment as yet. • ' • '• • mmmm . ways are Planned by the Ontario o t d , lh c a Nash se . e E C " dan whlle the olhcr two entered h ' th ' liter of Highways. PROVIDENCE, R. I.. Feb. 25. (UP)—Damage estimated nl more than $1.000,000 resulted today from a fire which virtually destroyed tho state pier on the south Providence water front. Starting apparently from a defective oil heater on the first floor of the pier building, the flames raged for hours. In the structure was stored a big cargo of naptha. oil and .bedding landed only yesterday by the Sabre liner Patria. Tho department at present levies [", ~"i a heavy tax against all signs which : laulea do not advertise a business, con-! ducted upon the property on which the billboard is situated. Now Itj b planned to Introduce legislation; fTblddlng erection of signs where i they will destroy the appearance of : the countryside. I It also is planned to ban the' erection of signs within 500 feet of road intersections and railroad crcssinjs. The present limit Is 300; feel. ' ! dan, the bank, it- has not been ascertained how much money was ob- sad to h Bootery Installs Huge New Neon Sign j A large outdoor neon sign, the' No ships were tied up when'the; second Installed in Blytheville, was. fire broke out. i put tip today at the Bootery, local j I shoe store. I ftl«1 NOWQ Item TV1U Th6 s| 8 n wel 8 hs approximately uia news item iciis ^ pounds accordlng ^ Jeff Ro i. : . Of Queer Wooden ClOCk "id. and will be put in operation ^ . . . tonight, materially adding to the AUGUSTA, Me., tUP)-AugU3ta appearance of the city's "white! residents arc wondering what kind. WRy • i of a clock they had in a church at' *- tnlrd s 'B n ,« * nis n "'. t!rpe ! Fratikfcrt three quarters of a cen- »'«' soon be placed on Highway j lury ago ' 61 north of tno clt * at tne newly! Their bewilderment resulted from 1 «ected Camp Moullrle, nillng sla-j the following news item, which ap- «»" and tourist camp, according. early, especially In the south, reports J. B. KIncer, chief agricultural meteorologist of the weather bureau. "The mild, open weather of the Mnter has favored seasonal farm *ork," he says, "and auch activities as well as vegetation are abnormnl- (Contlnued on Pago Three) tamer wife of a wealthy Arkansas banker, has been sued here by Ar- dlta De Bus, who charges theft of the love of her husband, Louis Ds Bus, She asked $150,000. Mrs. Ds Bus alleges Mrs. Gardner began a campaign for De Bus' love last May, soon after they were wed, and persuaded him to leave home. , peered 15 years ago In the Ken- to Moultrie, manager. Campbell Debt Too Heavy CAMPBELL,'Mo, Feb. 25.—Attorneys for the city of Campbel and for the Fairbanks-Morse company have received corroboratton o the decision of Federal Judg Charles B. Fan-is In St. Louis given last week and In which tho court ruled that the city of Campbell must keep the terms of Its contract with the Arkansas-Missouri Power company and abandon its recently constructed light and power plant. Contrary to the first report from St. Louts that the judge had based his decision on the contract with the Arkansas-Missouri concern having four more years to run ' court "cords of the decl- |slon reveal that the decision was based on the theory tha $62,000 owed to Fairbanks-Morse which, according to the terms of the contract, Is to be paid from the net profits of the plant. In the mean- Ing of the Missouri constitution constitutes a debt of the city. On this basts the amount exceeds the People Urged to Make Use of Plan for. Stimulating Business In City. Of the 182. "prosperity checks", distributed by the city's two banks only nine have been used ten times and returned for money exchange: . • Sp-nsors of' the plan art anxious that more people obtain tho checks -from the banks'so that more rnf-r.ey may be circulated. The plan Is to pay $5 each for- the checks to be used In payment for debts or tor purchn.'ss. Each person obtaining a check endorses it and passes it on as money. After It has been used by ten persons It Is' returned to the bank and exchanged for cash. The plan, as used In a number o cities, was recently adopted In ai effort to have more money in circulation amcng the townspeople by making So do the work of $50. Clarence Vollmer Will Operate Morgan Station Clarence W. Vollmer has leases. RAHWAY, N. j., Feb. 25. (UP. Authorities prepared .today to '.Rrj,'.'£..\ bring William.Fra'zer', 31, '. rf : :: arrested In Raleigh,.N. b.,jiiere.fojr". : .'-.'t'. questioning In'connection wttii :i tli?' ",',death of 'Mrs. Phoebe Stadcr, whose .".'.'.-', nude and mutilated body/was found. '' ''- Sunday'tiear Bowling Green, Va..,. '. '.'.'_• Over 100 Applications; v; ~ ' Made for U. S. Loafii *. - . •.- -•.- .*. .•'••^ .^ Of the 1 109 application's-mad'e' for ^ ovcrnment feed .and seed-loans,'"' hrough 'tlie BIyfhcvlll'e office,;« ' hecks have ' been" received/.-With' - ; applications ranging from IpanVof ' .' 56 to $1700, the checks also [yary ; ".''.; Those borrowing-'$75 receive'' the ' Y entire amcunt in one check'while . ' applications ranging from-$75 to .'"_• ;200 arc given in two checks. For '• ~ oans of more than f this amount the money Is paid In' three 'checks' ^".'. of 40 per cent, 40 per cc-n't and "*" per cent in periods of 30 days eaph. • ' ' .-,'.' The local committee approved 25' applications sent in last night. • No application sent from here has been turned down. ' the contract void. constitution limit of a debt allow-! the storage tanks and filling stattor ed by the constitution and renders I from the Morgan Utilities company at the Morgan plants on Highway 61 north. . . M. C. Cook, formerly of Lux- DJVOrceS Granted i wa . ls manager of the business to , ,,, II r i, M ' be known as the Vollmer Low Price by Chancellor ruttrell, Fining station. Yachts on Exhibition Journal: In the Congregational , h d ^ orce i, "TM p,?", 6 ,1 Youths Put Model Ice granted by Chancellor J. M. Futrcll • o/ Paragould during the two-day] term of chancery court here, which ended yesterday. OSHKOSH, WIs., (UP)—A fleet The number of decrees Is con- of more than VKI miniature model slderably below the usual number | ce y^j,^ ou nt by students In I granted during a regular term of manua [ (raining classes, were ex j chancery court here. Twenty-three hlblted recently in an all-city ice I divorces were granted during one] yacnt competition 'In Menomtnee i tv;o-day term here last year. j park here. Decrees were granted in Schumann-Heink Wants Old Lager Beer Back HARTFORD, Conn.; (UP)^-Mad- - ame Ernestine. Schumnnn-Helnk- disclosed on a visit to Mayor Walter E. Batlerson here that although shs sang "The Star. Spangled .pin- ner" at the Republican national convention, she voted for AVSmjth, : because she "wants the old lagvsr ' beer back." ' : .'.'!'='. "I do net.know about politics," she said, explaining" why' she gladly gave' her services as'' singer at the G. O. P. convention". "Hcwavcr. I did not knovr anything" was the matter until this woman, who stood for prr-hibitlcn—what-is her name—\V511ebrandt Yes. until Mrs. Willebrandt —' congratulated me personally on n:y aid to.the Republicans," said the opera sing- ' "Finally, 1 said I. voted .'for Al Smith," si-.? continued. "All Mrs. Willebrandt said then was "Whatl" WEATHER . . ARKANSAS—Fair nnd colder to- the) students spent several months! n ( gnt Thursday fair. • v Church' at Frankfort there is an old _„ famous In international so- • following divorce actions: Walter preparing their entries in tre con! clel'y as the "t.Kt dressed woman! Carroll vs. Ruby Carroll, Clyde t^t sponsored by 'the Oshkosh According to the official weather '- • - • , „,_ . L f r* *-.. 1 _.. . . . .-11.-..TJL.. «U 111 l.i..' IUM *M|«I_ No Unemployment for Him _ NEW PRESTON. Conn., (UP) | in "the world," the former ~Mrs~j Lutes ff. Guy Eula Lutes] H/H. "funlor r ChVmbcr of Commerce. Ex-'observer, Charles Phillips,'the;mln- mnde of apple trees by an ambi- — What's all the talk about un-1 Jean Nash—now Mme. Paul Du-! Wright vs. Lois Wright, Evelyn F,> pert Instruction was' given stu- imum temperature here yesttrday Ileus citiscn of Monroe. It cost employment asks Oscar Stva;ison,j bonnet— Is the mother of a child', Carson vs. James H. Carson, Ivaj dents, with John Buckstaff, mem- was 38 degrees and'the maximum so much to grease the clock that it odd Job man of New Preston. v.''.io| torn In Cannes, France, the other j Cheatham vs. W. W. Chcathim.j ber of the Oshkosh Ice Yacht Club TO degrees; cloudy with .12 Inch of '- ' ' ~ .... ' Bettle Waht vs. George Wahl, Ees-1 arid skipper of Debutante. HI, rain . Qn the same day a year a?o was found advisable t-> let It rest, has Just cut an entire Ice crop, de-; day. Her premnt husband, n A levee is to be held to raise funds llvered 10 cords of hard wood to for a new town cloc? that will not the schoolhouse and -put supports require so much oil." I under a garage and boathousc. wealthy French (llstlller, Is her! fifth. Formerly Miss Donalson, the was born In America. . sie Thomrnon vs. Henry Thomp- sonn Tommy Moo:e Shields vs. V. Shields. . world's fastest Ice -yacht, delivering. tn e minimum tempmturo was 63 two lectures on the building models- of ] degrees and the maximum 80 del(ire«E; cloudy with .53 Inch of rain.

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