The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1939 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
Page 11
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THURSDAY, SUPTEMBEK 28, 1939 BLYTHEVILLB, (AUK.) COUHIBR NJ5WS ~t?'." n " ' "J • -^"^^^5^^^*^^5^^^"^TT^?*^^ ,„„„_ pTrTV«.'j" •,*»_" ' k > S -t r v t •< * - v •*,"•< i V p •«fc ^.^. ^ ••i__^^,»«- -• ' .-^vT ;> OPPORTUNITY US!S THE WANT-AD5-//^ J»AGE ELEVEN CLASSIFIED * ADVERTISING [INFORMATION Daily rate l»r line for consecutive insertions: One time per line ,..10c two lljncs jjer line per- day....oSc n>rcc times jwr line per day...Wic fix O'jies iv.r lifts per day 05c Month rale per line GOc Cards of Thanks 50c A: 75c Minlmutii charge 50o Ada ordered for three or six times and slopped before expira- V.OD will be charged for the uum- ler of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill nmde. All Classified Advertising copy Jubmitted by persons residing outride of the city irfust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. AdvertisVig ordered for irregular Insertions taKes the one time rule. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect iijser- lioji of wiy classiiied ad. For Sale lit) acres ncut Manila. Uood ruiiits. 3 room dwelling. 4 room bungalow, large barn. Oilier building.-. About S!i500 worlli of buildings on place. $25GO cash will handle. Idol homo, J. C. Cliapin. Manila, Ark. 28-yk-30 My residence ul 1001 \v. Ash. Or will trade for well located smaller residence. Doyle Henderson 2G-i)k-3 500 theater scats, suitable for eluirclics. Complclc shoe shop equipment.- Complete meat tnm- kct equipment. Studehaker ambti- laucc combination. All real bargains. P. Simon, Phone 70-1. 15-ck-IO-IS 6 room residence 116 S. Prunklin. Rent for $27.00 per month. $1800, $200 cash, balance $25 per month. Also will sell 010 Luke Street, residence and store combined forsame price. Dr. J. A. Saliba. 9-ck-lU-O Selected double red poppy seed for sale. 25 cents per ounce, postpaid. September and October is the time to plant. Major Little, Blytheville. 2-pk-10-2 Tailors . Trado in .vour old suit on a one. S23.50 up. GEORGE 1,. iVIUlU Illythcville's Only 'Jailur Dairy Satisfactory quality and service In Dairy, .products. - Cattle free' c! Bang's Disease, in best, of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace ly.werv. 002-J, for Halsell's Grade A Raw Milk, Cream. Country Butter. Buttermilk, extra cr holiday orders, Inspection encouraged anytime. Kabul's Dairy Premised Land, Route 2 Wasliing, Iroiiiug Expert waslilng and Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finish. 6 quilts $1.00. Otic day service. Willie Mell Green, behind City Ice Plant. ' O-ck-10-9 For Kent Nice bedroom. Convenient to batli. Steam heat. 1'hone 280. 10-ck-tf Four room furnished apartment,. Private bath. Phone 10I8-W. 11. ft, Sclimuci:. ai-ck-30 5 rooni imiumltiiigd apartment with bath, otl burner heater, .sliudes, ;uid 'hot-wstci 1 lieatcr furnished. Call Mrs. Malt Hfoiwgljun at •IfiS-J ot- 020. room furnished apartment.. 108 W. Kentucky, puoiie C33, Z3p)i30 3 room modern furnished apartment. Private bath and entrance. 107 W. Davis, phone 095. 22-ck-U Three room apartment, furnished or 'unfurnished. Private bath, Phone 280, IB-clx-tf Bedroom. Twin beds. All conveniences. Call 581. 18-ck-IJ Nice cimifoiinWc front bedroom. 1000 W. Ash. Cull -M5VW. IBcktl Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Building on \V. Main Kt. cull r>li or 197. 15-ck-tl Uedrunni in private home. Garage. Private hiith. CUis heat. Man prc- terred. rhonc 110. 9-ck-tf Spacious living-bedroom for two business women. Twin lictts. Phone 239. 12-ck-tf Comfortnble single bedroom for employed woman. Phone 230 1028 Main. lli-ck-lf 1, 2 or 3 furnished rooms. Everything modem. OM Hearn. 30-Dk-9-30 Store building for rent, steam heated. Parkliuret Co. 2cklO-2 3 room unfurnished apartment. Modern and in first class condition, corner jnilu and Second. F. Simon, phone TIM. 15-cfc-tf Nicely furnished front, room, steam heal, garage, Phone CliO. ScklO-5 Salesmen Wanted WANTED—AMBITIOUS HUST- IjER. Sell Rawlrigh Product. Needed every home. Easily sold. Pleasant work. Should make good earnings at start niul increase rapidly. Opening nearby. We leach you how. Raivleish'.s! Dept. AK1- 27-50. Memphis, Teim, 2C-pk-2!) Welding EXPERT RI.ECTKIC AND ACKTYLKNE WELDING he acid heavy wt specialty." Barksdale Mfg. Co. Brag line and heavy wclrllnp a specialty." riionn 10 or Hcs. 1019 JFoi- Sale or Trade G room house. 3',i acres of land. 1 mile from town, will trade lor farm Innd. Call COB. 1-ek-lQ-l 10 or 80 acves iniprovcil land. Will trade for cily properly. Call at J. M. Buchanan Grocery at 035 Lumcratc. 25pklO-25 CHILDREN'S WRITER* SPECIALS! USED CARS AND TRUCKS! SKH THlifll '1'OOAY '38 Chev. Coach Only $495 '37 Ford "60" Tudor Only $355 '36 Dodge Sedan «"iy $296 '35 Ford Tudor •i, .$197 '33 Ford Fordor Only $125 '29 Ford Tudor Only $45 '36 Plymouth 2-door Only $299 '37 Chev. Sedan Only .... f $389 '36 Ford Coupe •y $288 '37 Ford "85" Tudor Only $398 '38 Ford Tudor Only $499 TRUCKS '34 Ford Sed. Del'y , Only $149 '35 Chev. Panel Only $192 '36 Ford Pick-Up Only. .".7. $133 Arouse Sluggish Uver, work off Ihc bile lo rid yourself of consll- pation, gns pnins, and Hint sour, punk reeling. Take, one box of Kllilirs ACTIVE I.IVKK PU.l.S 35c nt nil Klrby stores MHN OLD AT 101 POT J'EI" New O8TREX Tonic TnbleU coii- tiiln Invisoralor;;, sllnwlanl.'i. 73 .•car old doctor say* "l Inke rex myself." $1,00 »l/p, special to- tiny 8'Jc. Cull, write Ktrby Bios. Drug Store. Several bushels tMi'en loinntocs, iKl be vcnsounble. Cull Mrs. Siinuicl !•'. Noi'ds, 018-J utter li:OU P.M. Personal Lost White Poodle dot- with brown spots, Lost on H\v. 01. four miles' iunlli. HEWARD. J, U Wnllnce ov «n 8-p-n. as-k-a Wanted To Buy <~ t * v * ^ y * r " v*^ if" v v i ^^-^Tr^ i"- | 'j i 7 •'• 'OMBJTHEM^ •' tfllfr iiii-afiiffrv *f<*e.yrti'ff'<J. ^ ,i*|Ly»T< "I <.',,-' : Minnows For Sale GOIjDKISH MINNOWS Entl Utxinon, Cor. Uallioiu! A Ky. Allchilions in 1 nllcnitlons, Phone 215, lt;!0 Hfnrn. Mrs. Alton JnK«crs. During 103U. there wiis il triiHii! accident, itenlh nt the rate of Bl) u day or cnc every 1C inliuites. Non-tutu) motor iiccldcnls occurred KXVERT ELECTRIC WIRING IIKAUTII'UI, LINK 01' ELECTRIC FIXTURES ill Ihc rale of KOO every <lny, 130 every hour or one every 27 seconds. The' nmnbcr c f pusseuijer curs IIIVOITOI 'in fnlal nceWcnts IQ2V Iws Inevctised 21 'pel 1 cent, while Hie number of trucks' in- volvcil In filial nccWenls iios dropped ;!Q |)cr ccnl. Now l.watcd •( lot North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON I'lnVAUDS, Proprietor All Mukfj o( lubiillt Tjpcwrlltri,, Addln, Machines Calculators— Uep«lrlu([—J > »rU-Ktl!lM»u i nit Used Truck SPECIALS l''0ll. r/Ull WEEK Sjiurt Komlslcr. 100 Aliks. II- cciisr, Good UN New, '.'i7 O.M.C. 1 TON 20" Wheels, Reconditioned throughout. . ':i7 (UIX). Truck & Truck *C7C Rccoilriltloncd ... .... ^0 I D '.'!7 G.M.C. 1,.\V,1{. \Vltli fiudy. New Tires (JOQ'C T LOW YMAC^'i'EItMS LEE MOTOR Only '37 Ford Pick-Up ..................... $315 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner sill <fc Wiilntil riioiit 810-811 for I>unoi>s<j-;itir>i Blj (Seville, Ark. Notice HORIZONTAL 1 Author of "Litllc Women." 13 lliiii); limli. M Theater stalls. 13 English coin. IS Pitfall. 17 Awlwyrcl fellows. IB Afresh. 20 Capital ol Norway. 21 .Single thing. 22 Sanskrit dialect. 23 .Seriated tools. 25 Let il sland. •17 Makes ;. I'CKinninf;. .10 Plalreu. T.l Rubber tree. 3i! To v,-;il".c from steep. 3 r l In whal way. '<5 Dewy. 3T Barley snikclcl. 3BOn top of. (o J'rcvlotis I' 40 Copious. •Jl To applaud. '12 To weep. •13 House. •16 Flightless bird. 'IVSnalcy Psh. •1C !3lac!% woorl. r.O Horlr-nt. SlShicH. 52 She v/ra!c in order to earn a . (pi.). VERTICAL 2 Hewing tools 3 Russian mountains. 4 Indicts, 5 Permits. (i J.unar orui. 7 Chill. RHitheito. 0 Valuable propcrlic.-. 10 To adapl lo each otlic,'. H Measure. 12 Chinese fnoncy. 16 Jnrfulgcncc. 13 I for books tire • read by children. 24 Pertaining to an area. ZSTostilcli. 26 Her life was one of poverty. 28 At this time. 23 Large cask. . 30 Soft broom. I 31 Decorative pitcher. 32 Upright shaft. 3>1 To skip. 3G Whirlwind no Rnhbit. 40 Implored. 41 Hereditary class of wicly. IZKiwlpf ccl. it Pertaining lo air. 15 Slovak. 40 Thick-billed finch. •ISSouml of contempt. To my friends ;iiui (lie public: I :ini iiois' .salesman for Thom:i-s i.and Co. If inlcrestcil in farms or cily property, sec me. If. C. C'ampbvll 25-pk-U Wanted LAND WANTED-I? yotriiavc Jiivy sixc tract for sale sec us at once, we can sell it. ; II you want your city property j so!cl, we can sell it for you. Thomas Land <_'n. No lice Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOR YOUR CONVE.VtKMO'E WE ARK PREPARED TO ISSUB VOCTt HUN-ITNG AMD BIRD UOG [,[CENSE AT OUR STORE. SHOUSE-HENRY MAKIMVAKK CO. Shoe Repairing QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half soling, crcpo soles replaced on any E!IOC. Shoes rtyeci any color. Pofehcs, laces & siippHes. Phone 11!0, tree pickup fc delivery. G-cV.-10-O Ice ICE-iCE Phone 10? JOHN BUCH2NAH ICE COLD WrtTP.KMKI.ONS Radio Service •GUARANTEE!) HOME A; AU'l'O RADIO SERVICE Wolt Radio Seivice . . Vhone'i'j iirtnl WJIlioiil .Sui-Ri-ry, and Cuanitik-cd '" 1 ' cRS "ifin: wllliout Mitlliicinciit lo fro,,, , v ork nnd wild very little dlseom WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP DKS. NIKS & NltS Clinic fill Shlll JllylhdHu« Ark MYTHMCHWTLY DMU1G-ROOMUHP OF CUCS/ NO.rOL«!'lOOKAT THIS HERES JAFE-VEEIN6 LIGHT, 1KEXPENSIUr,6fAUTIFUL.rASY TO PUT UP.' ( THERE'S U6HT (ONWTIONIN6 AT WE" TURN OF THE JUSTTUCMTKr CU16 tKTO THE ftXTURE_ DEAR- WE CAN FIX THE ENTICE HOUSE AT THOSE PRICCS f COST ONLY A. PEW PACH/ NOW SCREW 1HE COMPUTE UNIT INTO A CEIUN&OUTUT. ITS AS tASY AS PIE / / GOOD ONE COSTS THE NEW ADAPTER HY I'HED HARMAJS. .._ ,_,ror> ^-..^, Kra f -fit' VJ&RtWcxF H/\6 KILLED A.3AIM; 16 1RACKS! Funny Nnise for u Horse (u HEY! MY GOSH, HELEN! WHKT'S hT'S THE THE ID' DOWW XONLV WAV WE HO, SJLLY BOY, THE ENEMV HAS GOME, SAG AND B^GG^GE! THERE'S NOT A. SINGLE SREEK WITHIN LEAGUES OF TROY.' BUT TH' \MHOLE 6REEK A.RMV COULD 60 THRU THAT HOLE; WE NEVER COULD STOP ' 'EM. 1 GET THIS BEAUTIFUL HORSE THE CITV.' CAN'T VOU SEE 5 TOO LARGE 0 GO THRU THE GATES?, 55? KOOTS AND HER BUBDIES HY EDGAR MARTIN I FOR If WtW •..TWW Wi fta • \vmrn •^fm ;^OPB, 1?I>BY »F* SE8VICF. I-'^X T H R^O H *t P^T.OFF. -_ WASH TUHBS Ucscuc Work In |{c Done HY RO.V CltAENK DIRTY ) NEVER MIMO! MERE'S BUMS. , HA.NP5 HO^ RUW.THERE'5 V^WTr NOT N (AOVA&HT 10 U35E •.![ HOLD ON, SOME OP THES5 HOO/ , MEN HWVE 0C-EN O/iJS- I HERE, VOU T»,X COME VATH TH' FUMES. (THE SKNV1V ONE TH&V'LLplE >FLEME 'EM HSRE '- A^ FRECKLES AND HtS FRIKNDS A Uosc bv Aimlhcr RY MERRILL Do MY OWM .MRS.' ^AC(3oO3!;.Y, OUT ir DOM'r TASTE UK(? THIS HERB ' YOU TO GO our roR. r A FOOTBALL. cows THE 'WE GIMME A MOMK6Y SUIT /iM' THEM TOLD SOUS' FEU.ERS To KNXXK ME DOWN .' I..JUST LIT OUT, AN' NONJB or ;'e\\-cooto we ' . HEft B.ACK. AND 1WK . COAO-I ^•'^

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