The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1946
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 19<16 Chicago Probes Hotel Fire Cause Six Investigations .Launched Following " Loss of 68 Lives ULYTHKVILLK (AUK.) COUUIKU NKWS Karl Frank Hanged for Lidice Slaughter I I1V KOIWKT 'V. I,(>i;<;ilt!AN United frets Staff Correspondent CHICAGO. June «. (UP)—Bix c|)aratc Investigations were begun oday lo find Hie cause of Ihe La Snllc Hotel disaster in which 5b persons died. Meanwhile. lire-cousclous city of- Iclals closed five nightclubs and wo Loop theaters on charges th,u I'.cy "repeatedly ignored" warnings o remove fire hazards. Preliminary investigations failed establish what caused Hie fire hat spread throuBh (lie LuSallc Holel lobby early ye:.lerday and within a few short minutes turned he lower floors into a flamiiij; death trap. Mayor Kdwiird J. Kelly and fire department officials charged that lotel employes delayed cnllmi; (he fire department, for "15 or 20 minutes" while they tried lo put the fire out themselves. A very Brimdaiie, chairman of the iiolcl management, denied lh» charge, and asserted that every fire precaution possible had been provided. Hoy Stcfeen, president of tin." LuSallc-Miicitson Hotel Co. which operates Ihe hotel, saiil the fire department was called within three minutes after the flames were discovered. •Mayor Kelly, however, said that "we believe there was n delay of from 15 to 20 minute,s between the time the firp w'as discovered and time the fire department was notified." Dispute, over Alarm Time "The fire departinent got Ihcre within oii 0 minute," Kelly said. "H seems to be a custom among hotels L«.o extinguish their own fires if kftsible' without calling the fire Tfpartment." Division fircmnrshal John L. Pciin said he had established that the ire began at 12:15 a.m.. and that he fire department was not called mill 12::)0 a.m. Meanwhile, he aid. employes and guests tried to nil out the fire with siphon hot- ties and fire extinguishers, some f which were empty. Kelly appointed n committee to nvestigatc. other investigations were begun by the iwiice, state'.-, \ttorney 'John Tuohy. the state ire marshal's office, assistant corporation counsel Henry Eckhardt. nd Coroner A. L. Brodie. who wore in a blue-ribbon coroner's ury at the County Morgue whe r ^ h c bodies of the victims were ta*ten. In addition, the State Senate it Springfield adopted a resolution ctmdlicV a 'legislative •'invEsMga- ion. The resolution provides for an inquiry by five members of each louse. ; The t'.vo theaters closed were the Schubert, showing "Up in Central Park," and the Great Northern, where "Windy City" was playiiv The five nifdit clubs closed were 'he Playhouse Tavern, McGovern's i-tfrty Inn, The New Cuban Vil- KC. The Chib Alabam and El K'combo. Lobby Turned Into Inferno Although the cause of the fire was not determined, it was believea have started in an elevator shaft and to have spread to tl'.s Silver Lounge, a co'ektail room. Fred Wolfe, hotel maintenance man, said the fire wns caused by igbtcd cigarette dropped into the elevator shaft. By the time the first fire en- cines arrived the lounge and the lobby were blazing furiously and iinokc and flames were shooting up stairways. Mayor Kelly said the hotel, built in lOOa of brick, concrete and near Chicago's financial and theater districts, had open stair wells localise nn ordnanno proliibiting thctn coidd not be made retroactive. The stairways provided a passage *or_flames In travel to upper floors Bfiir 25-story building is equipped •wMii two fire escapes, both on Ilhc north side, and was considered firp proof. Of the dead, all but three had been identified. Most of the more hnn 200 injured had been released from hospitals. Fire department officials attributed ninny of the deaths to hys- :cria. At least 11 persons, they said, leaped lo their death from windows. The hotel was closed and guests \vcr c moved to other hotels yesterday. Their belongings were in the custody of police. PAGE THJUCK One Arkansas Man Is Victim Of Hotel Fire U'lTLK HOCK, Ark., June fi. (U.r )- I'lmis were UrliiK enm- plHcil luilixy to rclurn I Ik- body of 37-ynir-olil Wulloi' A. ltdinnii 1o 1,11 no nook lor biirlnl. Jioiiimn was out; of the 08 victims ur Iho flro Una ilrsl rayed the ijiSuUr llolol In clilcriKo Tucsilny nl,:lit. At tin- limp o( his ilenlli lu- wns consulting sunitnty tiinlncur tor It stiiles with the U, s. Public IlcnNIi ervli'c. KiMnmn formerly wii.s '"Icr Simllnry Enulnocr tor the l«lc ol Arkansas rind lie hiul one to chlciiKo (mm Wushlnglou loiiday to usMirnc lil.s new duties. A eu-worki'r In ChlniRn Intonn- (I the fiimlly hen- Unit Ueluinn mil died of .suffaonllon. He Ki-ndimtrd from I.ltllc Dock llyli School, nud held enutm'erlnu iws from the Unlvevslly »t Colorado and from the Mii.ssuVlm- cits Inslltnto of TwhiKilngy. His wife Is the former Miiiwm'1. Mlllci >t HciikmvJlle. Tlioy hud no t'hll- Ircii. Former PC A Employe Faces Federal Charge I.ITTI.K HOCIC, Avk., June 0 (Ul')--liuyinimd n. Monjiin, u former M'crclm-y of the lied lilver I'ruiluclloii CiciMt ABKoelntloii In 'rvxni'kiiiin, was held licrc by the I'M I to<lny on »ll),000 band. Morgan turrcmlcrud to luitliorl- lu-'s ycMcrduy shortly afttr he wns Indicted by the fedcnil annul Jury In Koii Hinlth on on embezzlement charge. He wu accu<«| of natwtfi- lug automobile organization. «c w owned by •theV-cridit " ' * First commercial ptywood, . CM produced In thelMOt by'r' '' Karl Hermann Frank, first Nazi of cabinet rank to be hnnycd lor Pankrac prison courtyard In Prague for .ordering the slaughter of the m c nrrlved in Now York May 29. In photo No. 1, Frank speaks into (he ivciv if we do not live." In photo No. 2, he requests not to be shackled hangman's post, in photon No. _3, Frank is hanged by Uic neck while a Nazi concentration cam]), photo No. 4, who teslllicd to Frank's brutality, sits in the spectator's . s tam with eyes covered, unable to undergo the emotional strain of the actual death scene. (NEA Telcpliolo.) Wi;s liniignl MHJ. 22 In the of I.ulire. These orininal l>liolob ilcrophoiii': "Germany will live nd i;nards place him aualnst. tin i unidentified former inmate ot Ff PC Opponents Probably Feel They Did a Big Days Work BY FREDERICK c. OTHMAN ,antl we're not soing to move ii \m; Uniti-d press Staff Correspondent n s far as tills crnzv bill is concurn- WASHINGTON. June 6. (UP)— cd," Ra;ikin retorted. NOTICK Notice is hrrrby tiivnn tli n t tho untlcr:;ignuti will witliin the time fixed by lfuv Hpply to Uic Comtnis- I'm not saying that the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon made of itself a disgraceful spec- acle. No. sir. I'm leaving that to Rep. Christian A. Herter of Mass., who did say so. He had to cat his words. All I know is that the boys spent thu day doing nothing whatever, except count noses on whether they ought to quit work before they started. This consumed four hours and forty minutes and cost us taxpayers $15,- jn wages Sot. statesmen, not t$ mention wasted ice '.vater and electricity and wear and tear on the chairs. This last was considerable, because of all tb c jumping up and down. The parliamentary situation got So complicated that s'pcaker Sam ftayburn bad to thumb the rule book, but I'll not bore you with that. Only one Wednesdays, calendar days, can the embattled proponents of the Fair Employment practices commission, try to bring up their favorite bill; So they called up the calendar anxl some of the southerners, who have vowed the FEPC never will reach a vote so long as they are alive, went to work. Hep. Memtel Rivers of S. C.. walked in briskly and moved that the session, which barely had started, be adjourned. Kcp. Herter said this was a dilatory motion, meaning that hc believed somebody .was try- i n £ to put sand in the legislative gears. Rep. John E. Rankin of Miss.. demanded n quorum call, so there'd [ be plenty of congressmen lo hear ' Rep. Herter. and the reading clerk called the roll. Hc kept on calling" the roll, incidentally, until he'n done it eight times, at no telling what damage to his tonsils. The poor guy had to shout out names of congressmen 3.480 times. "Certain members don't want to consider certain legislation," cried Rep. Herter, when the lawmakers finally allowed him to speak. "They arc making of this house a spectacle that, is to my mind a disgrace and... " Rep. Rankin said it was not. either, a disgrace. Hc demanded that Rep. Herter be banished from the floor for the rest of the. day. The speaker said the gentleman from Massachusetts had used strong language, all right, but that hc would be allowed to withdraw his words. Rf.nkin objected to that. Then he changed his mind. Rep. Herter withdrew his words and everybody, except, me, forgot that he'd called tbc day's opcra- Jacksonville, Flu., i s situated lli« St. Johns river. "I want to adjourn," said Rep. Rivers. "I want to get out of here." So the congressmen voted—honest —not to adjourn. They voted on | so many things of similar import that by 4:40 p.m., Rep. William M. Whittingtou of Miss., again moved for adjournment. Once more the statesmen voted, after a few assorted objections, and this lime they qul!.. Reading clerk George J. Miuir- wiped his brow. Then he took a cough drop. He needed it. . t^ext ° Wednesday, more -Of. the same; it may be that I'll have in revive the Ollunaii plan lo pay congressmen on a piece-work basis. Either lhat, or flock 'em. Kills Rats Roaches Bjddle Exterminator* Member N.t'L P«l Control A 115 8. Third fit Fb.n« *751 Men In Service I'fr. Norvol c. Curry of Illyihi' villc Is now [i memlHT of the It)'.!: ulnrin- Ullllllr:, l)i<(iu'linu'nl vinn joined tliut orKiinl?,ii(lo>i ii Mnrc-h. he was u member of th H Kniiiuc»'rln(; CH'iienil Hrrvlc Regiment. He attended Holland 11I|;I School and was cinploycil a Buvcou GHS Co., Holland, wher his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. 1 Hlgilon, make their home. PILES 'ir tronbli Kvon ;HT cuitxl L .^ you . <ffrctlvr wny. Slot) nuflnrlnK. Immedlivto r«ll*if iiw Flnil o\it for yourwH )l to.?- thoii5[\TidM of others — scntl Jnnnodlntu IT tor tbc trentlso A-T-T (AinbLilcin TiffitttiPtit TPchnlqifP). Aflfr trtln th* 1 nmbulnnt trnitinpnt. If your ron fllMon Is not ciirrd. wo will lii'iLaiiLI rrfnntt your »1. In full. ConfltlrnlLn .Srlrnrr lnfltltut<\ rtrpt. """ .l.tftG 1 nd In St.. Sun Dtcen 1. Cullf. Enclose fl $\. Sflitl trrtitlsc A-T-T. Nnrnc ........................ ... ......... ,. Mitil Coupon NOW Predicts Child Welfare Trend to Public Care CHICAGO (U.P.J—A pronounced shift from private to public sponsorship of child welfare is predicted by the American Public Welfare ASKOciation. T^ie" trend" toward public care ol children was established over tin' p»sti' decade,' 'an association report said, when a 3G per cent, increase in public care was made. During the same period, the foster care of children by private agencies declined 19 per cent, the rcixjrt said. The association believes the trend Is founded on two principles: 1. That the foundation of :iil child welfare is the preservation of family life. 2. "That permanent government rcsponsiblity must be accepted for any satisfactory solution to child welfare problems. Too tote To Classify For Rent . : ]>k 1 I Help Wanted • \V,\NTKI> TO Si:<TKKI> I) 111 f.T Tlnwlrlirll I,,,,,!,,,, ,,, (Y li..sis«i|,|,i Oimly. I .".Oil fain lions disgraceful. He said he hoped sioncr of Revenues of the State of ilhe speaker would rule the motion Arkansas for a permit lo sell beer at i to adjourn out of order. Rep. Ran- retnil at 307 South Second. Blj'thn- kin said Rep. Herter didn't know ville. Mississippi County. what he was talking about. He The undersicned states that he is | said Ihc FEPC bill was a dangerous piece of monkey business. "I object." yelped Rep. Vlto Marcantonio of N. Y.. an PEPC boosi- n citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he lias never been conviclcd of n felony or olher crime Involving moral turpitude: that no license lo sell beer by the xinder- sicned lias uscn revoked within fivu years last past: and Hint the umlcr- •itnrd has never been convicted of relating the laws of this state, or hy other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Carl Martin. Subscribed and sworn to before me lliis 5 day of June. 10 !6. H. G Partlow (Seal) Notary Public. My commission expires November 1, 1949. Tlie esn screws that fusion the adtalor (o the frame should be iglilcncd frequently, as liicy tend lo loosen wilh time. The port of New lake 50 vcars of July, IMG. Orleans .W'ill existence in er. "Well we haven't moved a peg MOSQUITOES and } b* DISEASE - M KILL THEM SORFftCE INSECTICIDE . AKK-J7 U. Ci.llin -, Ark. _ V.S Mrn N, 4111 K. For Sale. 2 used 61 Internali»n;il com- hinc.s with motors rocoii- ditionod. I'ricc rc;is<in»lile. Company, Thonc -KM. _• K-ck-ri- 1942 2-door sedan Chevrolet. SpotliKhl, radio, healer. Low mileage. SOI S. Lake St. Ask for Ho!>. (i-fi-jik-fi-!) BEWARE OF PIN-WORMS R*ccnt medic*! reports reveal that ar amazing number oT children and crown' upa mny t>* vfctims of Pin-Worms—oiler without suspecting *hat is wrong 1 Watch out for the warning st^s lhat may mean Fin-Worms in your child or yourself — especially tho larmcntinK, cm- tarrassEne rectal itch. Because now yt> tan and should rlo something alxvjt it After centuries of distress cnuscd by Pin Worms, a highly effective way to deal with them has brtn marie possible. It is luise-l on Ihe medically recognized druy called gentian violet- This apccial drutr ts the vital increment in F-W, the Pin-Worm labkla developed in the Utjoratorlea of Dr. IX J.iync & Son. r-W tablet* ere small nntl to take, and they act in « special way to remove J'in-Worms. So If ycm suspctt 1MB «Rly infcctFon. »•,- ym.r <truKjrist lor JAVME'S P-W nnd follow Hie (Tircrtfi.iiA. SMUtorttun jMirirnmcvil or jour mun.-y l>:tck. Jt'a easy to remember; F-W for Fin-Warms EVANS Grocery & Market Charlie L. Evans, Profr. Formerly of Luxora, Ark. (Successor lo Speck & Sons Gro.) Phone 2597 211 So. 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