The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK:)' COURIER NEWS Win Afternoon and Night Contests Mere; Tako Lead Suspends Simmons For Season DUHI1AM, N. C., May 28,-Manier J. W. (Uiinny) Simmons ot the Caruthersvllo (Moj I'iloi.s In the Norllitusl Arkansas l/>»£ti<> ycsti-iday -was suspended lor the balance of the l<j:ia campaign by League BY J. V. FRIEND The rampa°ing Blytheville Giant-, slammed out 23 base hits, stored 21 runs, took both ends of two ' games, and climbed Inlo first place In the Northeast, Arkansas Leasue, all In one day's work yesterday. •' They shelled lister 'Bowlinsj for 38 of the safeties to defeat Janes- fcorOj 14-4, In the afternoon, nnil then made !t a perfect day l)y nils- ing their five hits with seven base on balls anil a couple of errors, to win, 7-3, over Bill Steams In Dip nlglit aftnlr. The defeat was the third time tills season Steams lias teen bested by the locals. New Yorkers Slilne It was a great fk'ld clay Cor the home Giants, especially the Now Yorkers. Southpaw Tommy Gorman and Harry Feldiimn, a rlfilit hand- er, who bail from Ne«- York City. were the winning pitchers. Working behind a tremendous lend his mutes established for him. Gorman scattered ei?ht hits anil coasted to nn easy triumph— his second of the O'ear— in the afternoon. Pcldmaii had to «ct Ills the hard way. Pitted against Steams. who was at his best. lh!> nee hnd lo bear down all the vav for his fifth successive victory without a loss. He gave up only four hits lo Steams' five. His control ivnveml in ihe ninth, filling the bags wills base on balls, but esraned with only one hin by retiring Burgess, n pinch hitter, with (he bases crammed. ''Hank" Dvorak, a fellow townsman. led the afternoon assault with four hils m five trios to the plate. Ansel "The Battler" Aragnn. also a New York Cltlan. had tiro hits In three official liuies m>. and drew three base on balls nt nljhl. Steve Tramback, the colorful Albany. N. Y: lad, collected three hits and three walks during Die melees, driving in bwn rims ami scoring three. Southerners also came in for (heir share of Die hit glory. Manner Herschell Bobo, who calls Clarksdale, Miss., home, had two for two and two for three. Noriiert Barker. New Orleans, playing third in the sunlight game, drove mil three lilts. one a double. Frank Jackson. Dallas, Texas, broke, a batting slump with n double and single in the same fame. Every starter, except Jack • Webb, got into the frolic. Troublesome Giants J.'nmiy Delmont. second baseman, and Howard Underwood. left fielder. proved lo be the most troublesome among the visitors, but fortunate!'.-. perhjips, they broke out with hit rash 1 at different times. After going hitless his first two Hints off Gorman. Delmont singled on the next three trips. Underwood, swinging from the left side, couldn't tou;li Gorman, but hnd a double and a single olf Feldman. Manager Pete Coowr, who supplanted Cy Block ai the loop's leading hitler, didn't fjire so well, omcially he appeared five times with but. one hit. They had plenty of resnect for him. however, giving nothing fat to hit nt, He iras passed three times. though not intentionally. The Blytheville score by innings in the first victory looks liko the German war debt. They tallied five In the first, three in the second, one in the third, four In the fourth and one in the fifth. Thev crashed out thre hits in the last three frames but didn't reach pair dirt. The second game was a beautiful pitching duel between Feldman and Stearns, sparkled with remarkable fielding gems. Feldman recorded six more strikeout.'; to run his total to 52 in 54 innings. Ilramhain of tiie An invi-.stit'ation revealed Ihal Simmons expectorated in ttie lai:o of Umpire L. D. Yowell during an Jot 1 I'uraiionld, levied a $101) lino and sus|X'iuU-sl .Simmons for III days, but Uiuinhani ruled lhat tills K-ni'lli did not fit I tin s;r;ivily of the of- Rramham warned a:-;iilnst Indignities lo'Aai<i umpire. 1 ;, ami Lnllf-d lo attention thai .such u;:ts will nn'i-t vuth sfvrri" nciuiltle.';. JONES liOHO UeluiDiiL, 'Jb ,, i'asterb, ss ... LTndcrwood. If Wcdeiitcli. 3b Miirtin. cf .... McCulley. ll) . Cooper, c .... Hushes, cf ... Bowllnu, p ... Matthews, rf I'residenl W. in Bcrti};, name on May league pn-.-ildfiit .voalT-nid uiouirntarlly 1ml. thn lo- :tils pullocl thron^l!. The box score: Afternoon Al) II H O A Burker. :i)) Tramback, rf .. I'nvlch, 2b Arnuon, c Bofoo, I b Jackson, cf Webb. If Dvorak. RS Gorman; p Harrington, ib xMuresco, c SI -I 8 H.| 111 AH H U O A ... '1 ... :i .. 2 •1 ...4 Tolals 40 14 18 27 15 JoiK'sboro 020 DUO 200— 4 Ulj'tlicvllte S31 410 OOx—M Siiminary: Errors—Oeimonl, UH- dcrwood, Wederitch. Mnrlin 3, McCulley, Favich, Aragau, Gorman. Runs batted in—Aragon, Dvorak 2, Bowllnif, Bobo 2, Jackson 2, Barker 2, Wederitch 2, ravluh, Trnmback. Two-Uusi! hils -— Barker, Jackson, Pavicli. Stolen bases — I'avkh 2, Jackson. Barker. Double pluys— Delinonl, iinnsslslcd; I'aslerb to Delmont lo McCulley; Barker lo Pavicli. Lefl on bases—Jonesboro fl, Blytheville 8. Winning pitcher— Commit. Balk—Bowling. Bases on bulls-Oil Gormnn 5; olf Bowling 5. Struck lilt—By Gorman 2. by BowliiiB 1. mi by pilcher—Pnsierb by Gorman 2. Umpires—Connelly and Lyons. Time—2:03. JONESBORO AB R H O A Delinonl. 2b ... Undenvood, If . Martin, cf Cooper, c Wederitch. :)li . McCulley. Ib .. Ihiglies, if SI earns, p xUurcess Totals DLVTKEVlIJjK Barker, If Tramback. rf . Pavich. 2b Anigim, ii Bobo, Ib Jackson, cf Mnresco. 3b ... Feldman, p Dvorak, ss o 2 o n o ii n t> o fi 2!) 3 4 2:1 1 Af! R It O , 1 0 3 I 7 tl II (I u 1 n :t i i) u 2 LI IE NEVER TRIES Yankees «'.si of F Gave All Iron Man Proud- Fad He Always Tolals 27 7 B 27 11 x—Batted for Slcarns In ninth. Joncsboro 000011001—3 Ulythevilte 200 0'20 21x—7 Summary: Errors — Undenvood, WcderlU'h. Ai-agon, Jackson. Huns balled in—Bobo :i. McCulley, AI;Igon. Tramback. Hughes, 'under- wood. TVo-lwst! Ilit — Underwood Sacrifice lillx—Weilerit'cli, Jackson Barker. Feldman. Slolen tasm— Aragon. I'aviclt. Tramback. Double ])lays—l-vuinmn lo Dvorak lo Hobo; Untlenvood to Uelmonl to Wederitch. Lefl on bases — Jonesboro 6. Blytheville 8. Winning pilcli- tl ~"m— """' "*"••"" -i^"'«^' er — Peklnnin. Losinn nilrhcr — p«er Tran>back caught McCulley's Stearns. Base on balls-Oil Feld- y ' '"an -I, off Stearns 7. Struck onl- . The homslings look advantage of a two base error bv Underwood, a hit and Stearns' wildness to t.ike a two run lead in the first, Barker walked. Feltlman in Form Feldman pitched hitless ball throu°h the first four innin»s. M.n- tln broke the spell with a single in Ihe fifth. Cooper singled lo left. Werderilch sacrificed. Martin scored BlythevlUc sot thai back and one extra in their half. An error by Arason on Dehiwnt's pop fly and Underwood's two ba<;- Fer that Barker, playing left field, inlsjudsed. gave Jonesboro a rim in the sixlh. 'Blytheville scored two more in the seventh when Stearns ]ostsi»ht of the plale. , . By Feidman 6, by Stearns 2. !ij( 1,5. pitcher — Delmont by Feldman Jackson by Stearns. Umpires Lyons and Connelly. Time—2-«o ' I.asl of Ihri'o stories on Iron Man I.uii Cirlirig. I!V JIAKKV CiKAVSON Spoils Jidiloj-, \1;A .Service ,tu:.i when hl.s sour boalnniny this sprlivj; had some of Ihe New Viirk critics dinting thai Henry I.OLIIS Gi'hiia nil(;ht bo cracking up, the Iron Man starlet) jmxtlnx the ball al such n clip that lu> was mnvril up to IJftb place In the Ynnkc-fi. IKUUIIK order. .Still his severe/it critic.'; said lhat Coliiinblii [/in wits having ironble inaniifactnrinjf his former power us he headed for his 20(IOlh <:onseenllw: uanic. They su;;pp('t that he Is swiiiuing lor tills now, lie doesn't a.p]>ear lo be pulling Ihe bull as of old. But Gflirig liustst-s that, his stroke is the same. Indeed. 11 woukl he <llllli:iill for I lie great first .e-mail to cliantje ll after all these years. "I've hit n lot of honii' runs." he tixserls. "but seldom try to lilt one, liiibe Until cnl up ul a iiall and Itiftwl il over (hi- fence. ih> irled t<» lift home runs. "I merely (r.v li lilt. hard. Some- iimt's my hard drive.s are gotxl for hraiii' ruiLs. That's incidenljil. My ttinseciitlvi'-gnine rccortl Is incidental, loo. "As I look back over the seasons, the thins thai impresses me most is the reallBitlon Hint I always have trirtl to do my best, mid that 1 have helped the Yankees to win." Mas llhjhi'sl UMIim- Hailing Average Many consider Gohrlg the greatest all-round first baseiiuin who tver iplnyed Ihe name, ami Dial's inking in considerable territory. Columbia Lou has I hi' hi^liest llfetiine bnlting average In (lie American League; .344. Paul Wancr, now reposing in Hie Pills- biircii 'Pirates' dugout, Ls the only cuiR'nl major league athlete ulu'iid of Ihe Iron Horse in that reaped, ivilh .348. Gehrlg showed the way to American U'ligm; hitters with .363 in 1034. Gelirijr has balled in more runs thnn any other AnuTican League player—1875. He hus hit. the most home rims—41)5. lie lias compiled 400 or more total buses on five occasions, and 300 or more 12 times. He holds Uu> league and lifetime record for scoring runs . . . more than 100 prr .season 12 times. The Yankees have a tough time tills trip, with Hill Dickey uniler- weigltl a n d overworked, wilh Grort'e Selkirk kept on the sidelines by his wrist injury of last season, with Prank Croselti unable lo hit or drive a ball, and other Bui l doiihl. that, tin! club will collapse through rmy- fault 'of Celirig's. lilanii' Slmv Star! On AlDVie Work They were uverlusllngly giving up on Until while, the Bambino was drifting toward the sere and yellow of his wiiri'r. but I .smn to recall lliat lie was sllll quite it hitler at 35, and drawing top pay. Cielirlg will !«• :i5. June 19, but. lie has lived ILS wliolesnnte a life as any athlete will) whom Piv t-vi'r como in contact. They blamed his winler in Ihe movies for Geliri.j's rather slow .slarl this spring, but. hi; qtiicfcly deiiionstiatcd that he wasn't, suffering from kleig eyes. Lou Cichrlg will stir up plenty more trouble tor the opposition before he Inke.s lhal. final third strike, but if he- never does an- f.ther thing, he'll owe tin- Yankees ;inci baseball exactly nothing. The gamp could use a lot more like or Rawhide. Philadelphia at Neu York tlwo Brooklyn, ul Boston. Chicago at Pill.sbiinrh Only games. American League Huston at 'Washington. Detroit nt Chicago. Cleveland at St. tonls. New York at Philadelphia. force of Members of die ptfice Cleveland. Ohio. are putting pamphlets into unlocked cars The pamphlets strew the increase of juvenile: crime and give as the SATURDAY, MAY 28, .1038 The PAYOI BV HAItltV OUAYSON Siwrt.s Killlar, VKA .Service Joe DIMnjfslu is ln-arlne tl»- llruix chcor, but he says, "Oh, li-t 'em lxx>. A I'tw more base hits 'will slraightcn ll out." In the turmoil, nn:l <j«ij)it e tlic f it'll tlml In; reportal Into, .,nd had no li-ainiiiK, DIMtigsjio has shriveled lo a battint! avcruge of .3(Jt). AM' you sall.slicd?" I !ls ked tin- jilcttire hitter. "No," hi; replied. "No more than )ii would lie if you were wltlnl' .stories Kin) books worth $40,000 i. year wiiilc you wni'ij collecliiu- S2. r ,,IMll). "And why .should I be satisfied? "The Yankees finislii'd second for Ihi-ri; years before? [ came (it llii'iii. "I hollevc tlml any sound IKIEI- iKtll man will agrcii lhat I haii u lot to <lo will! their winning tv.ii Ainerk-aii U'aciic pi'ni)nnt.s and :i: many world championships. "I nelk'vi'd I was worth $40,001), and 1 liaven'l Keen anything .since lo me to i:tiun«i- niy°mind/' ^IMnuBio, up from the rajik.s understands the lans' side. "film's being what limy are," he serves, "guys sit up (luno aiul tliink: "I'hcre'.s Unit bij; hum (Tab- bin' iiljinit taking $25.0011 a year, nnd we can't ejven get $1000.' Sliirley Tfiniilit l)*injf Well "But they aren't plitylng ball are they? '"Ihey sny I'm too yomii; lo In' yetting $40,001), and that I huven'l been in the league, lony enough. Well, shirlt'j 1 Temple* isn't so old. and she's doing all right. Jack Uempscy wasn't an oltl man when lie broke into big money, and m>- boily IjL'cfcd uljoiil ivhat ho collected. Joe Louis is still this side of SI). and he's done fairly well for n kid. "I'm just Inking care. Hut Joe DIMasgio doesn't wind np like Jackie coogmii if what thn/ say Ls Iruc about Coogan. There's another ease for you. C'oognn couldn't g.-t loo much some lime before he was of age. but his parents collected millions for him while )u> was a child. "Now, I'm nola child, and I'd like to gel il while the. geuin's good. Nobody's going to i-lve me a imiirlt'i lu play baseball when Vm 40. "And si-pose 1 get. hurt? "What difference does il milke liow old you are when you deliver? By the lime I hit the second home run in St. Louis the other day, Ihey didn't have a word lo say. DiiMagjio Just Asks fur A!l Hi; Can Get "After all. I've hud two pretty j good seasons. ! "I'm the Yankee convinccr. and everybody who knows baseball khoivs il. "t told Colonel ntippert. wlien I signed lliat I wasn't satisfied. "He looked at mo. and asked: 'Well, whiit. are yon signing for?' 1 '•Ueeause t want to play ball,' I replied, 'and It looks as lhc>ir.:!i I have lo .play for $2!>.(IOO or uol at nil. So hero I am.' "1 held out jnsl so long, and llten I figured lhat. Colonel Kuppert could be as stubborn as myself. He's got. mitcli more money than I have. I decided lhal I had bellcr lake what I could get. I don't, believe Hint it would have made any difference to Colonel Ruppcrl whether the Yankees hni) gone badly without Perkins and Riley Will MatchGrips "Tex" Illlcy, the po|)iilar frish- imiii from Die IAHIII .Star state, will iia-aln appear before local inal Monday night, meeting Art " Detroit Wliirlwlnd, in bout, lllley appeared I'erklns, the llu' feature lien; [iixjtieutly in 19:17 and mel KOIIH; of Ihe best men at his weight. lie is remcmlMied as the clean type ol wi'sllci', jcsorllng to roughing on very few inclusions. Perkins is tno flying head :^Lssors spedallsi v/hu has been howling lliem over v.-Itli his favorite iiold with i.-un.sidi'rublf: regularity, lie will imcioiiblexlly give tin- Texan u fast inuloli. Clilni; l<e again returns to tackle (lie Indimiu. duck farmer, Ix)n Chancy, in another Ijoni tlml .should thoroughly please Die customers who like. It rong.i and loiijili as both tricn are cxpiuu-nLs of tin- siain and bang style. me. He'd jiv.t made up Ii!;; mind to let 111!' Sit." DiMngglo Ls Exhibit A [or I lie conleutioa lhat spring training! is overdone, lie bounced right into I lie lineup alter a few hours of batting prac- (li:e. But -players like Di.Yfiij;gii) re- Hiiiri' llllle rehearsing. If yon disagree, Iry to pilch a third strike by DIMnggio, or take an extra base on a ball hit lo center field. lie isn't mail ut anybody. Take my word for It. He's still lli« high class kid who entered the American League two years ago. You can't bliinit: a bloke for Iry- iiil', to gel all he can get. Northeast Blytliovlllc . . Carulhersville Piimgould . . Jonesborii . . Uatesville . . Newport . . . , Arkansas League W. L. Pet. 8 H is a is u SI II n 13 7 15 .B38 .625 .542 .318 Southern Atlanla .. .. xClmttanooga Little Uock .. .Xi\teniphis . . .vNashi'ille .. New Orleans xumnlnglmm Knoxville .. W. L. Pet. ... 24 17 .585 ... 22 18 .550 ... 19 17 .528 ... 20 IB .520 ... 19 23 ... 15 S3 ...14 22 .452 .395 .38!! YOU GET BOTH The protection .vou have a right In exiirct and Die price yon want lo pay in any one. of our rocun- ilitianril Used Curs. TKRSIS lo Sllil your purse. Ifl3l Ohevrolrl i\taslcr C'oncb S 1SIS5 Chrvrolrt Poaeh S IMS C'bovrolfl Master Coupe S ias-1 Chevrolet rirk-np Irui-k J 19M Chcv. 131-in. wit Truck Sl'5 O|irn Nights and Sinnl.iys Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Vhonc 633 Jonraboro stagetl a dangerous! most inijioriniii f.i'i'ior Jhi-'inr'r.'Vw rally in ihe ninth when Feldman' of unlocked cars. ' WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT, 8 O'CLOCK TEX RILEY vs. ART PERKINS LON CHANEY vs. CHING LEE ^ American Legion Arena, Norlh Second St. 1935 Plymouth Sedan _ $195 Good Shape \ 0 Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 Runs Good (; 00 d Tirrs 1936 Chevrolet % Ton Pick-Up $275 C'f*' 1 1.«w Milrniic 1935 Chevrolet i/ 2 Ton Truck $165 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. Ii/, Ton Truck $375 tong W. Ii.. Slake Body. Real Buy, LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. G. M. C. TRUCKS ,'!07 K. Main Snips Service OLDSMOliiLKS I'lione :!29 National New York Chicago Uoslon xCiiicinnali .. . Pillsbiirglt xSl. Unils Brooklyn .. .,... Philiidelljhia W. 22 L. Pet. D '.710 17 1C 15 16 12 IB 12 23 0 18 .515 .484 .400 .343 .333 American Cleveland ., Boston New York Washington Detroit Chicago Philadelphia St. Louis League W. L. Pet. .... 19 12 .813 17 12 .58C lf» 17 15 17 12 N 11 19 .0 22 The majority of motor cnrs through Ihe hands o f three or owners before reaching the heap. .528 .460 ."!«•-' .3B7 puss four junk "Bevo" Beyers Signs Jonesboro Contract JONESBORO, Ark.. May 28. - "lievo" lieavers, slugging oulflcldcr of the Joneslxiro Ciiants in l!);i(i unit IDIiV, has toon signed again to plaiy hoim; (janies for the Jonesboro club, It was announced tixliiy. lieavers hit .324 for ihe last year and was a member of what was Kcnerully conceded to be SUB-DISTRIf^ 1 NO. 3 OF GRASSY LAKE & TYRONZA "DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9, Platnllft, ; , • . . : vs. Defendant. the best outfield In the. circuit, lie nimcimcetl his retirejneiit. before the opening of tills season, stating thnt he iniendiul to work in u Jonesboro store. He will continue his employment and will only play for the Ciiants when ihey are at home, it Is understood. CERTAIN LANDS and WILL TENART, ET AL DRAINAGE NOTICE All persons having or claiming an Interest In any of the following described lands, nre hereby notified that suit Is jjending in tiie Chancery Court of the Chickasawbti District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes duo Sub-District No. ! 3 of Grassy Lake & Tyronza Drainage District No. 9 on the subjoined Giants || S (. O r lands, each snpjxised owner having been set opposite his or her or Its lands, together wit-h the amouiits severally due from each, lo-wlt: R Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas league Newport 2, carnthersville 1. m,lheville H-7, Joiicslxiro 4-3. Biili'svillii 9. Pur.igoul(l 8. Sflulliern League Knoxvllk! 5, Nftv; Orlr-nns 4 11(1 Innings; Atlanta 5. I.iLtlr- Rock 4. 'Memphis at CliatUmooga. Little Rock ut Atlanta. niMiilngliam at Naxliville. N'atluimt l.c^EHf Chicago 5. Pittsburgh 0. SI. Louis at Cincinnati, nieli*. game. Philadelphia at New York, rain. Brooklyn at Boston, rain. American League Detroit 5, Chlcngo 2. Cleveland at si. ixiufs, rain. Only games. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Open dale. Southern League Memphis at Chattanooga. IJttle Hock at Atlanta. New Orleans at Kiioxville. Birmingham at Nashville. Rttii Couner Newi want A<3§ BUY NOW AND SAVE! U. S. Offers You Three Great Tires 1. THK ROYAL MASTER A Deluxe Premium Tire 2. THE U. S. ROYAL More Neiv Cars come equipped with this famous Tire than, with any other kind. .1 A NEW TJ. S. TIRE • (Guard Standard). Yon will have to sec this new tire to appreciate the rugged construction. the beauty, the extra mileage . . . and the price is so low you will be astonished. AU. THREE ARE BACKED BY THE NEW U. 3. LIFETIME GUARANTEE (without limit as to time or mileage). Ask us about il. •nils is National Tire Safety Hfonth . . . Special prices on complete sets. Station Never Closes TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. RUB-DISTRICT NO. A OF GRASSY LAKE nnd TYRONZA DRAIN- AC1K DISTRICT NO. D. Plaintill, vs. CERTAIN LANDS and Z. M. McGHEE, Et Al, Defendants. DRAINAGE NOTICE All persons having or claiming an interest in anv of the following described lands are hereby notified that suit is pending In the Chancery Court of Ihe Chickasawba DLslrict of Mississippi counly, Arkansas, lo enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes due Sub-District No. 4 of Grassy Lake A: Tyroiiza Drainage Districl No U in the year 1937 on the subjoined list, of lands, each supposed owner having been set opposite his or her or Us lands, together with the amounts severally due from each, to-wit: Name 1'arl of Sec S. T. I!. Ira Crawford. NW'i NE 1 , 10-H-ll Ira Crawford, SW, NR'l K1-14-U I>. Garrell. W 1 .; ME 1 , NW'.i 10-H-ll D. Garrclt, W'j SE'i NW'i 10-H-ll Tom I/n'Clady. fl<-- NW'i SW'i 12-14-11 L. W. Collins. NW'i NEV, 15-14-11 Ii. W. Collins. SW, NE', 15-H-ll U W. Collins, NW'i 15-14-11 W. II. & Waller Anderson, SE'I NE'i 4-14-12 M. If. Kobinson. NW'i SB'! 4-14-12 M. II. Robinson. W'i NE'i SW, 4-14-12 Henry Pnrdell. 2 A SW Cor E 1 ;. E fiO A NE'i • 5-14-12 C. A. Rodgers. Lots 1 & 2 NE'i G-14-12 C. A. Rodgers. Lots 3 \fe 4 NW 1 ; C-14-12 D. n. Garner, E of L B 1 ; 8-14-12 J. B. Clark. NW 1 ; Sli'.'i 28-15-11 . Florida Real Eslate Laan Co.. N'i 30-15-11 Florida Real Estate Loan Co.. SW 1 ; 30-15-lt Karl Green. N'i NE'. NW; 33-15-11 Louise Chapman. N'i ME'i SE'l 27-15-12 Ixiuise Chapman. N'i M\V',; SE'.i 21-15-12 J. B. Oillis Estale. S i.GO A NW'i NE'i 30-15-12 J. B. Gillis Estate, SE'i NE'i 30-15-12 J. B. Gillis Estale. SW ". NE 1 '. 30-15-12 J. T. Johnson, Lol 2.KWV, 35-15-12 ClfV OP BIiYTHEVIU.E •J. H, Clark Subrlivislim J. II. Clark. lot 1 Mrs. G. G. Tucker's Siibillvlslnn Mrs. G. G. Tucker. Lol I Mrs. c;. G. Tucker. Lot 3 Mrs. G. G. Tucker, Lol 4 Mrs. G. G. Tucker, Lol 5 Mrs. G. G. Tucker, Lol 7 AU persons and corporations Interested In said lands Acres 40.73 40.73 20.36 20.M 20 40 •111 IfiO 40 40 20 2 49.64 107.48 44.78 40 342.22 ISO 20.35 20 20 3.60 40 40 10 Tax 8.09 11.34 4.20 5.84 3.88 22.47 21.97 H7.87 .53 .52 3.30 .21 5.88 3.G5 9.70 8.06 5 LOG 64.45 5.44 4.66 4.66 .04 7.06 7.06 2.62 2.02 .83 ,89 .8D — ..... _., are hereby notified that they are required by law to appear within four weeks make defense to saH suit, or the same will be taken for con- and fessed, and final judgment will be entered, directing the sale of sold lands for the purpose or collecting said taxes, together wit*: the payment of'interesl, penally and costs allowed by law This 20 day of May", 1938. <s™» HARVEY MORRIS, Chancery Comt Clerk. J. T. COSTON, Attorney. 21-23-l-n Name I'arf of See. S. T. K. Rivers Gill, NEW SF.V, 2U-J4- 9 Rivers Gill, N'.i SE'/i SE 1 /. 2C-14- 9 Rivers OIH, S'i SE« SE'/, 2G-14- 9 B. Q, Gill, Lot 3 .' 4-14-10 Unknown, S & E of RR SKV, NWK 8-14-10 Will Tenart, SEW SEW . 9-14-10 Florida.Real FMate & Loan Co. E'/j 17-14-2(1 C. C. Croney, SE'/S SE'/J 21-14-10 J. R. Martin, Nil'/, SW 1 / 29-14-10 .J. M. Met-/, Sii Lot.3 NW'/i 31-14-10 J. M. Met/, N of D Lot 4 NW'/. 31-14-10 E. C. Stidman, N of D SE'/, NEW 31-14-10 U. R. Morgan, W of RD NE 1 /, NK'/i 33-14-10 U. n.'Morgan, WofR. & N of D SE'/, NEV, 33-14-10 .1. E. Walker, 5 of D NW'/i SEV, 33-14-10 Ira Crawford, NW'/i, NEV, 10-14-11 Tra Crawford, SW 1 /. NE 1 /, 10-H-II D. Carroll, WK NEW NW 1 /,' 10-14-11 D. Garratt, W'.i SEW NWW 10-14-11 Torn l,ovelady, N'i NWW SWW 12-14-11 L. W. Collins, NWW 15-14-11 L. W. Collins, NW>/ ( NEVI 15-14-11 L. W. Collins, SWW NE'/i "5-14-11 W H & Walter Anderson SE'/i NEW 4-14-12 M. II. Robinson, NWW SE'l 4-14-12 M. II. Robinson. WV NE'i SW'I 4-14-12 Henry Pnrdell, 2 A SW Cor E!:; E',4 90 A NEW " 5-14-12 C. A. Rodgers, Lot 1 & 2 NEW li-14-12 C. A. Rodgers. Lol 3 & 4 NWK 6-14-12 D. n. Gainer, E of L E'i 8-14-12 J. P. Smith Eslale, Prl. W pt. SWW NWW 14-15-11 Florida Real Eslate Loan Co. S'A 19-15-11 J. C. Diingan. 1 A SE Cor N\i, N'i SWW 24-15-11 J. B. Clark. NWW SEW 28-15-11 Florida Real Bitate Loan Co.. N'.i 30-15-11 Florida Real Estate Loan Co.. SWW 30-15-11 Karl Oreen, Nii NE'/, NWW 33-15-11 Sallie Adams Elliott. NEW NWW 36-15-11 Sallie Adams Elliott. NWW NW". 36-15-11 Sallie Adams Elliott, SEW NWW 36-15-H Sallie Adams Elliott, Lot 2 SWW NWW . 36-15-11 Stillie Adams Elliott, Grig. Sur SW", NWW 36-15-11 Louise Chapman, N'i NEW SEW 27-15-12 Louise Chapman, N'i NWW SEW 27-15-12 J. B. Gillis Estale, S 3.60 A NWW 30-15-12 30-15-12 30-15-12 35-15-12 BLYTHEVIM.K J. B. Gillis Estate. SEVi NEV5 J. B. Gillis Eslate. SWVi NE!i J. T. Johnson, Lot 2 NWVi CITY OP AerfS 3fi,97 18.49 18.49 42,25 0 40 320 40 40 30.35 39.74 3C 35 33 38 40.13 40.73 20.36 20.35 20 ICO 4ft 40 40 40 20 49.64 107.43 44.78 25.50 334 1 40 342.22 ISO 20.35 40 40 40 38.83 1.17 20 20 3.60 40 40 10 Tax ? 13.95 6.19 G.79 12.52 1.70 10.00 156.00 23.40 31.40 23,03 AJ.VJ , => 30WJ ,? 3624* ), Ofi JT I* . Clark, Lot I .1. B. Clark Subdivision 26.43 24.92 28.12 7.70 11.10 4.00 5.™ 3.70 24.04 CM 5.92 .56 .44 7.C7 .20 5.61 42.83 6.61 1.78 18.11 .13 5.12 53.34 27.76 3.K 19.34 19K< 18.46 20.20 .40 2.96 2.9fi .40 4.48 4.48 l.GS 1.92 All l>ersons and corporation'; interesled In said lands are hereby notified that they are required by law to appear within four weeks and make defense to said suit, or the same will be taken for confessed and final judgment will be entered, directing Ihe sale of said lands far the purpose of colleeting said taxes, together with the payment of interest, penalty, and costs allowed by law. Ttiis 20 clay of May, .1938. HARVEY MORRIS, ... T. COSTON. Attorney. DRAINAGE TAX NOTICE All persons having or claiming an interest in any of the .-, described lands are hereby notified that suit is pending in the • eery Court of the Chlekasawba District of-Mississippi County. Arkansas. In the case of Grassy Lake & Tyronza Drainage District No a Plaintiff, vs. Certain Lands and Rivers Gil! Et. AI., Defendants, to "enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes due : Grassy Lake &. Ty- ronz.a Drainage Districl No. 9 In the year 1937 on the'subjoined-list of lands, each supposed owner having been set opposite his or her or Us land.?, together with the amounts severally due from each, to-wit: Name Part of Sec Rivers Gill, NEW SEW Rivers Gill. NWW SEW Rivers Gill, N'.i SEW SEW Rivers Gill, S',t SEW SEW Rivers GUI. SW'i SEW Rivers Gill. S!i NE", SEW Chapman Dewey Lumber Co, N"WW NEW D. G. Gill, Lot 3 J. H. Brlnn. E pt N of B Unknown. S & E of RIl SE'i NWK Will Tenarl. SEW SEW Z. M. McGhee, NWW SEW Florida Real Estate Loan Co., EV. C. C. Croney. SB 1 .! SE'i J. R. -Martin, NEW SWW J. M. Met?.. S'.i Lot 3 NWW J. M. Met?., N of D Lol 4 NWW E. C. Stidman, N of D SEV! NEW U. R. Morgan, \V of RD NEW NEW U. R. Mortran. W of R N of D SEW NEW J. P. Walker. S of D NWW SEVi Ira Crawford. NWii NEW Ira Crawford. SWW NEW D. Garratt, Vl\'~ NEW NWW D. Gamut,. W 1 ,:. SEW NW'i I.. W. Collins. NWW NEW L. W. Collins. SWW NEW L. W. Collins. NWVi M. H. Robinson. NWVi SEW M. II. Robinson. W!» NE'i SWW C. A. Rodgers. Lots 1 & 2 NE", C. A. Rodgers. Lots 3 & 4 NWW D. R.. Garner, E of L E'i Rebecca Patterson, SEW SEW Florida Real Estate Loan Co.. S!4 J. C. Dungan, 1 A SE cor N!'. N'-'. SWW J. B. Clark. NWVi SEW Florida Real Estale Loan Co., N!$ Florida Real Estate Loan Co.. SW'/l Karl Green. N'i NEW NWW Sallie Adarns Elliott, Orig. Sur SWW NWW Louise Chapman. N 1 .' NEW SEW Louise Chapman, N!i NWW SEW J. B. Oillis Estate, S 3.60 A NWW 'NEW J. B. Glllls Estate, SEW NEW J. B. Glllls Estate, SWW NEW J. T. Johnson, Frl. NWW NEVi CITY OF BI.YTHEVILLE J. B. Clark Subdivision J. B, plark. Lot 1 Mrs. G. G. Tucker Subdivision Mis. G. G. Tucker, Lol 1 j[fi, , , Mrs, G. G. Tucker, Lot 3 • ". Mrs. G. G. Tucker, Lot 4 . Mrs. O. O. Tucker, Lot 5 Mrs. G. G. Tucker, Lot 1 S. T. R. 2G-U- 9 26-14- 9 2S-14- 9 26-H- 9 20-14- 9 27-14- 9 35-14-9 4-14-10 7-14-10 8-14-lfl . 9-14-10 17-14-10 n-14-10 21-14-10 29-14-10 31-14-10 31-14-10 31-14-10 33-14-10 33-14-10 33-14-10 10-M-ll 10-14-11 10-14-11 10-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-H-ll 4-H-12 4-H-12 6-H-12 C-H-12 8-H-12 15-15-H 19-15-11 24-15-11 28-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 33-15-11 36-15-U 26-15-12 27-15-12 30-15-12 30-15-12 30-15-12 35-15-12 36.97 « 18.49 18.49 40 20 38.02 42.25 40 6 40 40 320 40 40 30.35 39.14 36 35 38 40.13 40.73 20.36 20.35 40 40 160 40 20 49.6-t 44.78 JB 334 40 342.22 IfiO 20.35 1.17 20 20 3.60 40 •il) 10 Tax 7.92 7.92 .1.96 3.96 7:92 1.44 7.82 6.56 7.83 52 7.20 G5.28 8JS1 v" 1 ! 1.13 >* 8.19 J 8.64 7.56 7.13 7.68 7.68 3.84 3.74 6.24 6.24 24.00 1.29 6.41 8.55 18.51 3.60 2.40 14.12 .10 6.24 6350 ., 32 f 1 ) (>V 3.W .06 4.32 4.32 .40 2.8a 2.40 4.87 1.44 .54 .55 .5? .55 .55 All peisons and corporations Interested in said lands are hereby notified that they are requited by law to appear within four <nuk, and make defense to said suit or the same will be taken for I'll be entered directing the sale of said ,» 11U j, the purpose of collecting said taxes, together wllh the payment of in lercst, p«n&lty and costs allowed by law. WITNESS my hand and seal of ofllce on this day, May 20 i<»» <S« al > HARVEY MORRIS m J. T. COSTON, — Chancery court Clerk.

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