The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1044 BLYTHIflVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In the Interest of Fann Families of This Agricultural Section, FARM NEWS-FEAJURES rAGE Tin, Knler th« PJant-to^ftosper Con-l testa sponsored by the Courier! News and Commercial Appeal. ' Home Canning More Important This Summer Than Ever Before This must be our most successful canning year since llierc will bo fewer commercial canned vege' tables available for civilians. To niiiko It so, we need to know and follow tile correct rules of procedure. Here are the mast important points that apply to the canning of all vegetables, according 10 MIE.S Cora Colrimm, comity Home Demonstration AtjeiU: Have all equipment clean and in perfect condition; Test jars and closures lor nicks or cracks and thoroughly wash; Tlieii, father young, tender vegetables. Gun as quickly n s possible—two hours from garden to run Is a sjooit rule; Wash vegetables thoroughly and prepare as lor table; Prepare only one canner load at a time; Precook three to five minutes. Puck hot and loosely into hoi jars; Leave one-half Inch head space; Cover with fresh boiliiif water or wifJi water in which vegetable' was precooked; Add 1 teaspoon suit to each quart or 2 tsp. salt, sugar, 'this may be made by taking '> measures of sugar, one measure of salt and sifting them together. Label "salt-sugar"; Wipe jar rim clean; Adjust, closures; Old fashioned Mason: Dip rubber ring in hit water, a place on jar shoulder, screw lid on firmly light, then giv c it a quarter turn back. When processing Is complete, remove from canncr, screw lid down tight to complete the seal. Glass lid, rubber ring and screw hand which tit standard Mason fvj's: Fit lubber ring dipped in hoi water on' glass lid", put lid on jar, i'fi'ew mctiil baud down firmly tight, OLIVER FAKM HQUII'MKNT Sales a»il Service HARRISON AUTO FARTS CO. 517 \\'. Ash I'lionc then give it a qunrler turn back. Wlieii processing It complete, screw burnt tight. Next, day, when Jar Is cold, lake off screw band. If band slicks, cover for a minute with a hot, clamp cloth to loosen. Pint mcliil ll(j with flowed in sealing compound, lid held In place by a metal .screw bnnd, which tils standard Mason jar: Put lid on Jar with sealing compound next to glass. Screw metal band down firmly light. This closure Is self-scaling and docs not need further tightening when processing is complete. Next day, lake off screw band, Lightning type jar has rubber r l»B an<i glass lid held In place by wire bull: Fit rubber ring dipped In hot water on ledge at lop of jar, put on glass lid, push long wire over top of lid to fit Into groove, leave short wire up. When processing is complete, quickly push the short wire down in place; Place jars on rack In cooker so they do not touch. (It i.s not necessary lo have a steam pressure cooker to can fruits or tomatoes. Use a kettle tlml has a close fitting lid.) In a pressure cooker, put on and fasten cover. Leave petcock open, 7 to 10 minutes after steam begins lo conic out, then close petcock. Count Iini 0 from Ihe point when the pressure is ut 10 pounds.. Keep, pressure steady. When time is up, slide canner from heat, lei pressure come to zero, petcock, unfasten and take off cover. Consult your bulletin for time. Remove jars from water tin 111 or pressure cookci- to n folded cloth or rack. Complete Ihc seal of all jars except the self seal type; Never attempt to tighten closure when jars are cold. Never turn jars on hcuds to cool. • | For processing Limes, and other details, n complete bulletin, "Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables, Bulletin No. 256. is available on request, from the County Agricultural Extension Service. Prepare Victory Garden Defense By Learning to Spot Invaders %' Wfi looked them all over. We compared and we investigated and we reached the same conclusion you will reach it you compare. A Goulds Automatic Water System Gives You the Mostjor Your Dollar You can depend upon it to givc trouble-free servic? year after year. Its efficient design makes ft low in upkeep. Its extra strong parts prevent breakdowns; Its exclusive features make it outstanding; Come in and Jet us show you why the men who wan; the most for their money buy the GoulcU PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. (Formerly Known as Tom Little Hardware Co.) *'126W. Main Phone 515 Like a flood general, llic Victory K;irdener who wislics to defeat invasion should do a job ot scouting, He should know his enemies uiul organize defense before they actually attack his crops. To destroy lh« enemy Is not enough; ho must protect his crops from injury, since once it is done it cannot be repaired. Your own experience is the host miidc as to what insects may be expctMed in your garden; lacking experience, ask your neighbors. The slripcd cucumber beetle seems widely established, mid always able to search out plantings of cucumbers, melons imtl squash, no mailer bow small, lie has \\ yellow body with three black stripes, ami breeds In the growing end ot the vine, oating (lie leaves and spreading disease. Some gar- rtcnei's cover the infant vines with little boxes, lopped with wire netting. Dusting new growth :is rapidly as it develops with ;i mixture of calcium nrscnalc, 1 pound, with 10 pounds of fnlc or gypsum, is effective. Dusting should begin ai soon as Ihc plants appear, and continue unlit the vines arc several feel long. All members of the cabbage triuo, including cabbage, cauliflower, colljirds, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi and Chinese cabbage, are attacked by cabbage worms. These are p.ile green caterpillars, which grow lo an inch and a quarter long, and cat holes in (he leaves, flnnlly devouring the plant. They arc hatched from eggs laid by white butterflies; and as .soon us these nrc seen flying about the gnrdcn, begin dusting with Ihc same calcium arscnnte nnd gypsum mixture upcct against cucumber beetles; or with rotcnonc. Aphids also ntlack Ihc cnhbnf'cs, and protection should begin as soon as lint weather comes. They are likewise found on pens. There arc red, black and green apbids, but those on vegetables nrc usually pale green. They cling lo the under side of leaves, or on the growing ends of stems of many vegetables, multiplying with ama/.- ing rapidity. Use rolcnonc, py- rcthrum. 01- nicotine dust or spray, immediately first specimens are detected. Asparagus beetles arc blue-Mack with lemon spots, one-quarter inch long. Use rolenouc dust or spray while harvest is on, nnd these or nn arsenic dust or spray otter the harvest. Blister beetles are grey, stvipcd or black, three-quarter inch long, prey on potato and tomato plains! Use rotcnonc or pyrclhrum spray or dust, or calcium arsenalo dusl. Flea beetles arc small flea-like insects which attack cabbage, cf:g- plfinl, potatoes, tomnlocs, turnips and other vegetables, nnd riddle the leaves with small holes. Use ecene POTATO B££fi£ POTATO LEAF HOPPER , TOMATO WOHM et/srcA seme CORN £AO. ecsne CASBAfSf IVO/Vri FLSA at ens BfANSffrtf CRASSHQPPfK .Snnljliifr Chart of Cardi-n Knnnlcs—These Arn llic Insects Tlml Will Allnek lour Victory Garden. Learn to Know Them Ku Vuu Dm *iglit Them. ratcoone or nicotine dost or spray. Tlie potato bug or Colorado beetle, which may also attack eggplant and tomatoes, is red with black slririos, halt inch long. Spray or dust wllli rolcnonc or arsenic. Potato lenflmppers arc pnle «rcc», one-eighth Inch lorif. Also found on hciins, swarnilng on your approach to Ibe plcmts, on which (hey cause leaf-curl. Nicotine or rotcnonc dust or spray will control. Cutworms arc caterpillars of various niolbs which hide by day and at night cut on" young plants nl the soil surface. Protect Ihc plnnls with collars of heavy paper or cardboard surrounding Ihc stems, ex- Icndinj; ,-m iiicb below (lie soil surface and two inches above, when Die plants ;ire set out. .Squash bugs arc reddish brown to black, tlircc-qnarlcr inch long. They lay egg clusters on under side of leaves, and can be controlled by pyrcthrum or rolcuonc spray or dusl. The Mexican bcnji bcelle is n black sheep of the Lady Bug family. Coppery brown, 8 block spots- on each wing cover; it cats vines ami l.iys yellow egg clusters on under side of leaves, which hatch out into larvae with voracious' appetites. Plaiils must be thoroughly sprayed or dusted with rotcnone or arsenic. Tomato worms arc rircen enter- pillars with conspicuous yellow innrkings, three to tour indies long. The worm cal.s tom.tlo leaves but is easily picked off, or killed by a rotcnoiic or nrscnic spray or dust. Tlie corn car worm Is a caterpillar (wo inches lanii, striped ami marked green and brown, hatched from eggs Inid on the yuuui: silk. Inject ono-quiirler Icnsponiiful of medical uiioeral oil in tin; silk channel of each car soon after pol- linnlion. Grasshoppers may nllnek all widen crops and arc best controlled by using Ihc poison b.iU. Leaves should not lie removed from pruned lomnlo plants, us Ihc fruit ripens best when not exposed directly to the SHU. Do not prune the smnll-vlnc phmts, also Utiown as determinate varieties. In hot wealhcr do not (Inn wet soil over newly sown seeds, as tins will almost surely cause n crust to form, which will interfere willi fcr- ininnlion. By stirring plnnl food into water and applying Hie mixture as a Bide dressing rturlng a summer dry sjicll, mimodhlc results nrc oblniiied. Use a cup of plant food to a bucket of water. WFA Will Buy State Potatoes Support Prices For Now Potatoes Listed By Area Supervisor 'IViMiiowry {MA piirclinslni,' offl- ce.s wore I'sliibllshod In fort UVdursday by the Wur Food Art- mlnlsl ration, office <tf Distribution, '» buy lUkmisiii; potatoes under WKA's upporl Prlcn I'rotjmm, Em- i'sl !•'. Kinnks, Ari'ii Hnpcrvlscir, (j(f!n> of Distribution, Ims «"- itnini'i'd. Wl-'A's support. |ii-lc<« for Aikim- sns p.ilatm's in new linns lusucnl- «1. sacked mill losuU'd (•'()!! carrier in nirluts f»r llio tollnwlng Crudes HIV 1). S, No. I, $2.:m per linndrnl. "5 lu'r ('Hit U. fi. No. 1, in.!). 1 ), U, H. Commi'i-clnl $1.90, U. 8. No. 1 Klv-.c H ulld U, B. No. 2, $1.15. Pn- lulws .siH-ki'il In uood used l)i\«s will lie illM'uimlrtl It'll wilts per lilin- dii'il. Hi'im-soiilntlvps «f (be Diil i'Klmml WI-'A olfiro nre i-monte to l-'oil .Smith to rstiilillsli tho office. MCClhlU Wllli flll'IIICrS, I'CHI'C- wndillvcs of ntlii-r KnvrrmiuMil nud shite nurlciilliinil utioncli'.s nil! ulim- iicd for WoiliU'siluy mid Thursday, r.rmvcr rainiiiltli.T.s will be oriiiui!/- t'd l<> be proptirrd In olli- i-r iwlsliIWi- crops Unit may lie In InnpiM'iu.v surplus, Mr. Franks said. Arkiinsus frtnnm Imvlnjf difficulty innrkcllnR their polnl(ii-.s were risked l» Ki't In touch with their cinnity poluto marketing commlUco or tlie Wur I'oml Adiiilnlslriillon. 'Irmpnrnry 1'li'ld Offli:n, I loom I), Krlly l!nildlii({. Telephone IIIH2. Fort Smith. Ciimds are culled "ships of the Icst'rt," yet (hey lire mining the tew milmiils Unit cnnuot nntllmn Is being used'to detect flaws In steel plates used In ship- , . building. , , ; !. f, MEMDER Of IHiHVIHO NATION-WIOB AMBULANCES Kqulujicil With Oxyjjen; Unita For Your llettcr Protection HOLT FIJNKRAL HOME I'tiuue 671 (or Detail* I Head Omrlcr Kewi w*Bt A<U. Highes^ Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks All Makes & Models GULF Service Station At 5th Main Sis. —OU WE'Mi SF.1,1, them lor yim for:-a small commlx.iinn. IlrlnR tlicin In for all details. DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 65c Jnd. Tax . . . you'd leave it to ih« Ground Crew 10 see thai your ship w»» okay. Well, we arc i Ground Crew for John Deere owners around here and we accepi responsibility for ihc lop-noich performance of your "ihip," anJ the welfare of its pilot. \Ve ftnow you tiltc mighty good care of your equipment; thai you «ry 10 catch all the little things.,. but you haven't the time, the tools, or the facilities lo give ii the complete overhauling all machinery should have to pcrfcci and prolong its service. Dm:g it u IOU-H uteri )iu fan ttil spare it, ,. It! the GroW Crrtr in our icn ice shop go oicr it tt/ttejoa "laic '' tm the tmy season oj hea,y uort . Missco Implement Co. Swift's Newly Developed Provides These Essential Minerals Needed in the Feeding of HOGS-CATTLE-POULTRY: * CALCIUM and PHOSPHOROUS * IODINE * SODIUM and CHLORINE * COPPER * MANGANESE SULPHATE * ANISE * FERRIC OXIDE (Iron) * COBALT SULPHATE There is no need to run the risk of mineral deficient rations. Thousands of farmers have discovered th«t by feeding Swift's Mineral to all livestock they can provide just the minerals needed with home-grown grains—at low cost. A product of the famous Swift Research Laboratory, this feed was developed by nutritional scientists to provide, in correct proportions, the 70 essential minerals needed with home-grown grains. It is the experience of livestock men that Swift's Mineral helps hogs make faster, more efficient gains, and is especially helpful during the gestation period when bone-forming minerals arc so needed. Because Swift's Mineral is rich in milk- making calcium and phosporus, it is an important feed for nursing sows and for dairy cattle. Producers of beef cattle feed it to supply the minerals lacking in range feed and concentrates, Buy Swift's Mineral Supplement And Soy Bean Meal At Blytheville, Ark. ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etc.' om»» In pail» form. Can b, nUW • W» «M big i -wb«« you r*d*oo»te • men wit* KHiburgh IWAU. OM *M* l NrihtM. And that «o* «M| m*j h» >• !*• tfa«i t«« hem «rf on* In*. Yo* «• tatatOf piotam H mlaatm rflw wl(h IWhliM Alk • «• In J<M ttw whob itotr tt ddi *y*lopmwt !• witt ydat, may U MAM IN I OMjOM AN* WMTO ~, -«,„:" mIH PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE : . : ARKANSAS Published liy The Delta Implement Co., lilytheviile Vnl 2 Friday, .liinu 23 Keniomliui- lust ycnr's' Junior ..Chamber., of 1; Cfiriimera: Hhoiv? . ; . Well, the lioys £ lire iilannlng one twice IIH liip this year. It'll v." he held at Hiiley Field in Dlylhevilte, July.*.-? Jlth and 12th . . . Prizes (ofailing ?2175; A .should insure top comiielilion in every• dass'.Vi'.- If you've 11 horse you'd like to enter, call:,. John nlci)owe)l ut 7GO—2(i different classes • will be judged. D[—._... . ., . , __ We've u ii-fuiTow HM J50 tlinc plow nntl it wnlkinu; cultivator 'on oiir tiscdV lot now.'' Jloth nre in good condition''ami arc reason-- nbly priced. . . .,, ,.'..,' ;... V'ifth "\Vitr I.oiiii bond sales arc laggiiiK badly all over Mississippi Coimly. Although., (lie drive will Jasl until July 8(h, many. coiiiiniinilics have already reported over- subscription. Let's dig a little deeper and put (his most important of all drive over. DI New equipment deliveries of the pns't week include '1 row tractor cultivators to Otto Koehlcr, of Dell, and IS. A. Bugg, of Ely-' llicville. \\'o «lso tlclivcrcd a Kcwattce elevator for hay and corn to A. C. Sjiellings,. of Hidgu . . . \\'c'vc several more- of these elevators on hand. DI We're in pretty jfood .shape on water pumps these days. Let us know whether you want ' an electric or gasoline model. -DI- In our shops for repair this week: a Farm- nil H for minor repairs for J. N.. Smotherman, 'fanning East of Blylhcville; a walking- cultivator for repairs f6r E. H. Crook, fanning South of Blylhcville; and a D-30 International Truck for rcboring and overhaul for B. G. Gill, of Dell. -DI- I.ct us know if you've used equipment for sale and we'll list it here free of charge . Not a day passes, but what we have calls from farmers for used equipment. DON'T NAVI IT tTHCK HALfWAY AMI/ # Mt • IW TOWri

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