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THE EVENING NEWS, WILKES BARRE, PA., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1933. SEVENTEEN enn Enters Men York Kaces . Chicago & r VMpX- VT I 'Iff tH Iavading New York for the National Track Games at I pqped p menjbers of the U. Si-team in last year's Madison Square Garden, this trio of Chicago speeders Olympics. Left to right are Annette Rogers, Ethel will not be troubled with stage fright, for it is com-1 Harrington and Nan Gindele, all of Illinois A. C. 3 NATIONAL LEAGUE CLUBS IN WORKOUTS Cubs, Pirates And Giants Take Spring Training Under California Sun LEADERS OPTIMISTIC By WAIiLACK X. RAWXES Los Angeles, Feb. 24. The Chi cago Cubs., the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates are los ing no time under the warm Cali fornia sun in. their preparations, for the 1933 season. A few hours after they had ar rived on the same train the Giants at Wrigley Field here, and the Cubs at Catalina Island, snapped through their 'first workouts yes terday. At Paso Robles, the Pirates took a long 1 run and returned to the park for preliminary warming up eAetcIses. . Many were the muscles that were Stiff today, and much was the quantity of liniment absorbed. Kinks creaked. President William Veeck of the National League champions, the Cubs, saw his team s initial work out He wants the Cubs in a world's fair world's scries, prefer ably with the New York Yankees, The Cuba have only two weeks to get in shape before starting a 'long series of practice games. Manager Bill Terry of the Giants announced his players womd work out twice daily. "Watch the Giants," warned Secretary James J. Tierney. "We have a young team with plenty of hustle. We'll be the surprise of the National League race. ' INKERMAN A. C. WINS The Inkerman A. C. basketball team defeated the Wilkes-Barre Cres-oenta last night by the eore of 36 to 6. The features of the game was th pWylng of Fahcy and Gorman for Inkerman and Buckman for the Crescents. The box score: Inkerman (?. P. Pts. McNulty, F 10 2 Walsh, F Oil Moughan, C. 2 1 fi Gorman,' (3. . s Conlon, G.' - 1 & Fahey. G , 1 9 Totals 13 30 Crescents 1 a. p.- Ft?. Fritz. T. 0 0 0 Buekman, F. 1 - 4 Rice. C. 0 0 0 . Xagle, G. ...... 0 0 0 -Meyer. G. 0 Paul. G 1 0 2 Mariano, G. 0 0 0 Totals 2 2 6 Half time score, H-fi, Inkerman leading. Referee, Scott. Scorer, Fahey. ' - Panthers bag no 22 The Waihamie Panthers won their 32nd atraifirht victory Wednesday night when they defeated the Ed-wardsvitle Arrows, at the Newport gym, by the score of 25 to 20. nn Sunday afternoon the Panthers will play the St. Stanislaus or .Nan- tlcoke at the Falcon s Man, xsanu-eoke. Tonight the Wanamie Boars will journey to Bloomaburg to play the Junior Varsity of that place. The box score: ; Wanamie Panthers G. F. Pts. Womelsdorf, F. 0 4 4 Barrett. F .3 1 7 Butrynv F. 0 S MaoAf e, C. 1 0 2 Gorgas, G. 0 0 0 C Vander. G 2 0 4 Totals .....10 15 25 Edwardsvllle Arrows G. F. Pts. Kazilla, F. - .1 S 5 Roskos, F. : 1 . 2 4 Grlko, C. 2 1 S Demko. G. 3 0 6 -Velevas, G. 0 0 JL Totals '. 7 6 20 Referee,, Pateroski. Scorer, Ras-oer. Timer, Krutis. "Premiere," the thrilling serial that tgkes you behind the glamorous scenes of lloJJyWood, begins in The Evening News Monday. Robert Terry Shannon wrote it. Olympians Invading Qotham WALTER COBB THREATENS TO KAYO HOUSE Walter Cobb, the Baltimore Express, will be in perfect trim when he answers the bell against Mack House at the Armory here next Thursday night. This is the news Andy Neitterreiter, his manager, forwarded to Matchmaker Morgan Bird, this aXternoon. "Cobb stopped House in two rounds before, this time he will stop him in the first heat," ' said Andy in his despatch,, However, the confident hope of the New Yorker isn't shared by most of the fans in this neighborhood. They recognize In the giant negro a real socker and a real ring-ster who will give the giant Cobb TUFFY GRIFFITH ANDVONPORAT SCRAPTONIGHT Chicago, Feb. 24. Very little will happen to clear Tip' the heavyweight prize fight' fog indeed, nothihg does anymore but there may be some random gore provoking when Tuffy Griffiths and Otto Von Porat settle a controversy or. long standing tonight at the Col1- seum. It is doubtful if either of these gladiators has handlers enough or of sufficient influence to shove him into a heavyweight championship. But, whatever else may be said of Tuffy and Otto, they have from time to time broken the rules of the cauliflower union so far as to actually do some fighting and this is a virtue the customers have always liked. Nobodv is bettinc on Otto, but you could call him the favorite if it mattered very much. CANZONERI WINS OVER NEBO IN FLORIDA RING MiauiL Fla.. Feb. 24. Tony Can- zoneri, world's lightweight champion, basked in the tropical sun shine today after a decisive ten- round victory last night over Pete Nubo, tough little Seminole veteran from Key West. Tony captured nine rounds. The title was not at ytake. as Nebo came in at 136 pounds, a pound and a half over ho limit. Canzonori weighed 133. SKBASTOPOIi WIXS In an exhibition basketball game last night at the Pittston State Armory the Sacred Heart parish basketball team managed by Jo seph P. Bryk lost, 24 to IS, in a id .1 thuiUiag game preceded the Stato League encounter. The lineup: Dupont S. If. Gls. FJs. Pts., Ritzic, fd 2 0 Minutes, fd .... 2 0 Vaiksnis, c 2 1 Bryk, gd 1 I Cislo, gd n n Gryczko, gd 1 0 Totals 1 8 IS Sevastopol A. C. Gls. FIs. Pts. Queency, fd. 4 1 9 Zigmont f d. 3 0 . 6 Bart-c. . . .. 2 1 5 Remus, gd 0 0 0 Vomchuk, gd 1 0 2 Morris, gd. .......... 1 0 2 Totals ....11 "2 2T Half-time score 12 to 9, Dupont leading. Timer Plisga. ., Referee Gruda. . "Premiere," the thrilling serial that takes you behind the glamorous scenes of Hollywood, begins in The Evening News Monday. Robert Terry Shannon wrote it. NEXT THURSDAY and every other heavyweight plen ty of trouble in the ring. They point to the fact that Cobb was on the canvass in the first round in their first meeting here, and ateo to the contention of Mack, House that he was fouled by Cobb, and not kayoed. "I will stop Cobb" said Mack House as he worked out today at the South Main street gymnaaium, Fans who have watched House in gym workouts say he looks , better than ever, while on the street this "fancy cake walker" struts a merry pace and Is the center of attraction Just now Mack, drssed in the height of fashion, is the beau brummel of central city. BARONS WILL QUIT LEAGUE INBIG FIGHT Owners Demand Higher Classification Or No NYP Baseball MEETING ON TUESDAY Wilkes-Barre will quit the York-Penn League unless the high minor league rating is given the circuit at the scheduled meeting of the moguls next Tuesday at Williamsport "We want baseball of the high est minor brand" was the ultimatum of the Baron owners today, who mean to stick to their guns in-spite of the opposition on the surface by four clubs in the circuit. The Baron owners want the salary limit raised to at least $3,000 per month, which ia $1,000 over the present rating. It is believed Scranton, Hazleton and Binghamton will stick with the Barons in this demand. The fight for better baseball is being backed by the president. Perry B. Farrell, who realizes the circuit Is entitled to a higher classification than given earlier this year. The St. Louis Cardinal owners, holding the franchise of the El-mira-club, rs battling against higher rating, because it means more salaries and greater expense. - "Wilkes-Barre has been anem-ber of the league longer than El-mira" said one owner today. "Wilkes-Barre has been one of the keystones upon which this league was founded, and has survived. We do not mean to subject our patrons to an inferior brand of baseball. The higher rating will boost the league, and certainly cannot harm it. For that reason Wllkee-Barre stays in if the rating is adopted and drops out If refused." This is a definite stand by the local owners - which means much for the future of organized baseball in this territory. SEMINARY BOXERS FEATURE TOURNEY Wyoming Seminary conducted its first round of boxing last night for inter-clasg honors. Results of the bouta were: First Round 100 pound class, Watson defeated Howell. 110 pound class, Wall defeated Albert 120 pound class, Raub defeated Corkwell; Edwards defeated How-land; Davidson defeated Whiter Lattore defeated Noll. 130 pound class, Collett defeated Foster; Perifgo defeated Yawry; Hoy 08 and Hoffmclfltcr, a draw; Franklin defeated Lytle. 140 pound class, Kosek defeated Davis; Samuel defeated Richards. 150 pound class, Lauderbaugh and Hazinski, postponed. 160. pound class. Ferguson defeated Robblns; Hallock defeated Lyon; Butler defeated Kruse. , 170 pound class, Scbappert defeated Cohen: Smithv defeated Seeiy; Prisbeck defeated Saneski. . Second Round 120 pound class." Kaub and Ed- -Sports PENNS RELAY TEAM IN NEW YORK RACES Bill Carr To Carry U. Of P. Colors Tomorrow ROBERTSON IS ACTIVE PhiladelphiaT-i'ebi4, The-Un4-4 versity of Pennsylvania's one-mile relay team will run intact in the National A. A. U. meet in New York tomorrow night. Bill Carr, speediest member of the quartet, and holder of the Olympic 400-metre title, today had convinced Coach Lawson Robert son that his knee has healed suf ficiently' to permit him to race. Garr went ' through a series of time trials and these convinced the coach his star ' pupil would be in condition to run. Coach Robertson said the in flammatlon in Carr's right knee has been reduced considerably and that although he will not be in as good as condition as hoped for he can run "a creditable 400 metres." Gene Venzke, the holder of the 1,590 metre tndoor record, will seek to hold his title from Glenn Cunningham. BARONS LOSE TO PITTSTON IN HECTIC GAME A few marks on a scorebook may have a vital bearing . on the standing of the Wilkes-Barro . Barons in the Penn State League. . Manager Sid Ganaposki, whose boys were declared losers of. a tight bat tle at Pittston Armory last night, has filed a protest on. the game with President Joe Walsh and has de manded that the Pittston score keeper produce his scorebook at once to prove that Pittston won the game. On the scoreboard when .the battle ended, Pittston was .shown to be ahead 36 to 36. The. Pittston scorer reported to the newspapers that the final score was 36 to . 34 . In favor of Pittston. The Baron manager con tends the correct score was 36 to 36; that the Pittston timekeeper picked up the watch and dashed away and the players and fans had moved out before any chance was afforded to adjust the disputed score. The protest appears to . depend largely upon the accuracy, of the rival scorekeepers. Manager Gana poski lias his own scorebook -to show Johnny Silver, Y. M. H. A. star, who Jumped center, shot three fouls. Pittston scorer after th game re ported that Silver had made two fouls, which made the final score 36 to 36 but later correoted It and said Silver made no fouls and that the final score was 36 to-34 In-favor of Pittston. A check up by Wilkes- Barre after the game showed Ganaposki claims, that Orsatti should have had credit for five fouls,' Instead of four, as reported by Pittston, and that 'Rabs Miller was credited by Pittston with one foul, whereas Miller made no fouls, according to the Barons scorer. Under Penn State League rules. the home scorer's verdict takes pre cedence over the visitors' scorer. Referee "Chuck" Solodare was appealed to during a dispute on the score during the second half of the game when the Baron manager de manded that the Pittston scorer make correction. Solodare ordered that the home scorer's decision stand, charged a time out against Wilkes- Barre and the game continued. Gara- poski claims that it was at that point that the Pitts.ton scorer went wrong and his protest demands that the league president call both scorers together to produce their books. The Barons dropped into a tie with Freeland for fourth place as a re sult of the disputed game last night. FlUston was ahead by 15 points when the Barons started a rally in the last 13 minutes and crawled up. Mike Miclielotti went out on personals for the Barons but Johnny Silver return ed to the game. Leo Munley, Orsatti and "Rabs" Miller sank field goals but Bainbridge came through as the pinch-hitter for Pittston. hi foul giving-them thefmarDo!nt. The withdrawal of Archbaid will permit the Penn State League to shorten its season- and after three more weeks the pennant series wUI get underway. Tunkhannock and Dunmore seem certain to get into the play-off but Pittston is not yet safe. Nanticokc, with a strong team, still has a chance to crawl Into the series but Wilkes-Barre and Freeland appear to be headed for a neck and neck fight for the fourth position. The team standing and score W. L. Pet. .812 .800 .632 .474 .474 .433 .278 Tunkhannock 16 3 Dunmore 16 4 Pittston 12 7 Wilkes-Barre ..9 10 Freeland 9 10 Archbaid (out) 6 12 Nairticoke 5 13 The score at Pittston: Wilkes-Barre G. F. Pts. Orsatti, F 3 5 . 11 Goldstein, F , 1 3 5 Silver. C. . 3 0 ( Miller. C.-G 2 15 Michelotti, G .'3 0 S Munley, G 1 2' Nagle, G 0 0 0 Totals ; 13 9 35 Pitttton G. F. Pts. Conaty. F. 1 5 9 Dean, F 3 17 Fay. F 0 0 0 Delaney, C 0 2 2 Bainhridgc,G. ...... .... 3 1 ! 7 Scrill, G 3 O C Hoke, G.-C. ., . 1 3 6 Totals . .12 12 36 - -Hftlf" tu?l WSOT; 1S-15, Pittston leading. Fouls tried, Pittston 16. Wilkes-Barre 16. -; wards, draw; Lattore and Davidson, draw. 1,30 pound class, Pcrigo defeated Collett. . -V 140 pound class, Perigo defeated Collett. -140 pound class, Samuel and Pct-roki, draw. . 160 pound class. Butler defeated Ferguson. , . The Little Shop Sh Buy a shirt at our regular shirt of similar quality TWO 89c Shirts 90c TWO $1.19 Shirts $1.20 2 Silk & Silk & Wool HOSE- PullOver Sweaters $ A All neck styles Also coat styles 36 Public On. The' Corner Next 'to WILSON SERIOUSLY INJURED IN WRESTLING BOUT WITH DAVIS Muncie, Ind., Feb. 24. Dr. Ralph Wilson, Evansville, Ind., wrestler and 1929 Indiana University's Western Conference 175-pound champion, was reported improved at the Ball Memorial Hospital here today after being taken there suffering from brain concussion and intracranial hemorrhage received in a bout with Wee Willie Davis of Virginia here last night. The bout ended In a near riot and Wilson was awarded the deciding fall because of rope-choking tactics resorted to by Davis. Davis dragged Wilson to the side of the ring where he crossed the upper and lower rope, pushed Wilson's head into the noose and choked him. Referee Walter Fisher tore Davis loose and knocked him down, and chase several irate spectators from the ring who wanted to pummel Davis. Wilson collapsed and was taken to the hospital. PLYMOUTH Y. M. A. BASKET BALL St. Stephen's T. ,M. A. varsity easily defeated Manley . A. C. varsity, B4 to 32, last night at St. Stephen's hall, Plymouth. Y. M. A. Reserved downed Man-ley Reserves, 31 to 22, in a fast game. The box scores: St. Stephens Gls. FIs. Pts. V. Eetock, fd ........ 8 2 18 Jab Bogdan, fd ...... 2 0 4 Semanek, c 4 1 9 Gomelko, gd 1 0 i M. Urban, gd 9 3 21 Totals 24 6 54 Manley A. C. Gls. FIs. Pts. Travia, fd 7 1 15 McHaie, fd 0 1 1 Schwall, c 4 3 11 Heskin. gd 0 1 1 McLaughlin, gd 1 2 4 Ward, gd 0 0 0 Totals ......12 8 32 Half tim 18-15 St. Stephen's leading. Y. M. A Reserves Gls. FIs. Pts. Sokol, fd 0 0 0 V. Estock. fd 4 1 9 Gabriel, fd 6 1 13 J. Mital, c 0 fl 0 Chakan, gd 2 n 4 Ferkle, gd 0 n n Herman, gd 2 1 5 Totals 14 3 31 Manley Reserves Gls. Fis I'ts. Hoovan. fd .......... 2 0 4 Convry, fd 4 1 9 Huron, c . 0 o 0 Mitchell, gd 2 0 4 Thomas, gd 1 3 5 Totals 9. 3 22 Half time, 15-10 Y. M. A. leading "Premiere," the thrilling serial that takes you behind the glamorous scenes of Hollywood, begins in The Evening "News Monday. Rob-' t Terry Shannon wrote it. Polo Star l-i'-C-'.i: "V "VJH "' Zs-l-.,: . -1. A - t... .'..-?.... - a.... Here is an excellent action photo of Eric Pedley, regarded as the outstanding polo player of the West coast and one of the best in the world. 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Brushing Up on shown practicing a few shots at the Midwick Country Club, Los Angeles, in order to get into his stride for the forthcoming series of tourney games. For Sale Help Wanted For Rent Legal Notices To Sell, Bay, Renl or for Help Wanted Use Dial 3-7171 FOUND FOUND A small 'crown house dop. Owner can have same by paying expenses and proving ow nershlp; AppiyS 8 -Nortlrtleade Street, city. , LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOT!CE Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary have been granted In the Estate of Elizabeth Chambers, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment and those having claims or demands to present the same, without delay to Joseph Banks, Executor, Meyer Building. Wilkes-Barre. BEN R. JONES. Jit.. Attorney. LEGAL N OTTCE Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary have been granted In the- Estate of Patrick McCall. deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment and those having claims or demands to present the same, without delay, to John McCall, Executor or Rebecca McCall. Executrix. JOHN M'CALL, Executor. REBECCA M'CALL, Executrix. 300 E. Northampton St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. BEN R. JONES, JR., Attorney. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE is- hereby given that Letters of Administration have been granted in the Estate ; of Michael Gorham, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, and those having claims or demands to present the same without delay to MARY GORHAM, Administratrix. ANDREW HOURIGAN, Attorney. WANTED TO BUY WANTS to buy a second hand kitchen range with ' hot water connections. Box 10, The Evening News. EXECUTORS' NOTICE EXECUTORS' NOTICE In re: Estate of H. Seymour Stueker. deceased, late of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Notice is hereby given that letters testamentary have been granted to the- undersigned, and all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment and those having claims or demands to present the same without delay to: WILLIAM B. HOUSER, ELMER STUCKER, Executors, 319 Laurel Street, Parsons, Pa. A. O. KLEEMANN, Attorney. FUltNITUKE FOR SALE MUST sell at once 4 complete rooms of furniture; S piece liv-lngroom suite, 8 piece walnut din-ingroom suite, 6 piece walnut bedroom suite, S piece breakfast set, smoker, occasional taole, pedestal. end table, magazine rack, lamps, ironing board; complete only $165 cash. Inquire for Mr. Thomas, 144 E. Main street, Plymouth. BANKRUPTCY NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP THE UNITED STATES FOR THE MID DLE DISTRICT OP PENNSYL VANIA. IN THE MATTER OF; MILDRED SMITH. BANKRUPT. NO. S20fi IN BANKRUPTCY. To the creditors of the above-named of Nanticoke, Pa., in the County of Luzerne, and District aforesaid, Bankrupt: Notice is hereby given that on the Sth day of February, IKS, the above named was duly adjudicated bank rupt and that the First Meeting of Creditors will be held at the office of the Referee, 3200 Miners Bank BIdg., Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on TUES DAY", MARCH 7. 1933, AT 10:00 A. M., at which time, creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a Trustee, examine the bankrupt and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. (Creditors have six months from date ' of adjudication February 8 I!33) . within which to file their claims. Al! claims must be made out in proper form, duly signed and sworn to by the proper person and filed with the Referee. An invoice, bill or statement is not sufficient to prove a claim. DAVID ROSENTHAL, Referee in Bankruptcy. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., February 2, 1933. His Game help wanted ada. Ca!l 3-7171 if you have a job for a man, woman, boy or girl. MALE HELP WANTED IMMEDIATE opening for men with or without saes experience. Here is an oplportunity 'for men who are earnesty interested In securing a permanent position with a good future. See Mr. Gashill, 40 North Main Str . ; MEN We offer the finest opportunity in the city with 6'rie"dT" Wilkes-Barre's largest concerns. The pay is good and advancement rapid. For application and information see Mr. A. P. Siegle, Glen Electric Co., 26 North Main St, city, Friday from 9 to 13 and 2 to, 5 p. in. WANTED Experienced weavers. Apply Belmont Silk Co., Forty Fort. FEMALE HELP WANTED WOMEN do pain hand sewing for us at home. Materials furnished. Easy work. No selling. Send stamp. Hamlin, 220F 11th, Erie, Pa, EXPERIENCED Cloth Pickers. Apply Belmont Silk Co., Forty Fort. GIRL for general housework. 272 East Market St. GIRL for geenral housework. Apply 621 Hazle St EXPERIENCED girl to assist -with housework. Apply 71 Regent St., city. EXPERIENCED Cloth Pickers. Apply Belmont Silk Co., Fortv Fort. EMPLOYMENT WANTED WOMAN wants position as housekeeper for elderly Jady or gentleman. Small wages. Box 5, The Evening News. COLLEGE graduate would like to tutor children at home. Dial 7-0062. WANTED By high school and also business college graduate, position in office or establishment, where her education can toe put to use. Reference given if required. Dial 7-8320. SALESMEN WANTED WANTED an experienced collector with car. Box 16, The Evening News. 1 FOR SALE FOR SALE COAL Nut, $6.25 Pea $5.25 Fresh mined, breaker prepared; fire wood, $2.00; fire logs, $3.00. Dial 7-SG6S. COAL COAL COAL Pea, $6.05; chestnut $7.90; egg, $7.90; stove, $8.15; buckwheat, $4.15; rice, $3.05; ft ton If desired. J. B. POST. Dial 2-0335 or 2-0386. FRESH MINED COAL Chesnut, $5.75; Stove. $6.00; Egg, $6.00; Pea, $5.50; Buckwheat, $4.15. Prompt delivery. Phone 29430. $1.75 Firewood $1.75 Chestnut Coal, $6:50; Pea Coal, $5.50; Fire Logs. $2.75 Dial 7-5729. ADDING MACHINES HUGH RID ALL 5 Town Hall BIdg. 3-5511. FARM FOR SALE57 acres. Implements, water in house, 2 large orchards, near Silkworth. Write A. ,C. Douglass, R. D. No. 1, Hunlock's Creek. MEGARGEE BROTHERS . Printers' supplies, envelopes, pa per baes. twine, etc Adams avenue and Vine streets, Scranton; Brooks building, Wiikes-Barre. Bell W.-B. 3-3914. FOR SALE Breaker coal, deliv- ernd: Nut or stove. J5.00: Dea. $4.50; buck, $3.25. Phone Pittston 1S24-J. Alderman FRANK B. BROWN NOTARY PUBLIC Affidavits Prepared AUTOMOBILE LICENSES 41 EAST MARKET ST. Cvio Oyjii (13 Quick, Fiiindit Siivici Small Monthly Patjmnts ' 2nd Floor. Simon Long BIdg. 50 South Main St, PHON-i 2-515 Convenient to Central Ctty . one half block from the Squar Storage Daily Weekly Monthly Xmplete-SarviciaNevar CtOM1 Dial 3-0111 For Prioea R.S.rJnUlGi? 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