The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1946
Page 2
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PACK TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 0, 1940 Queen of Italy LeamHomeiand Too, • w*« EDWAMkMURBAY ROMK •.-, Marie 'Jo*div for, U»«-ex4J« bfougty on by t"~ ballot box liquidation of the Kalian'rjiiSriiTchy, and King Hum- bort if -jirep(ired, A to * ^oln berv, The t»;n and-her fouj children departed aboard 'the > Italian cruiser jjupi Dele! Abruzzl, the shlo which cMrift^tbc totfatf .kit* Vic- last month, The destination of the cruiser was not disAortd. A rumor circulated tlist .rtumberl would board the cruiser at Gaeta and It* would proceed to • E»ypt. The" 'iftjffn. arrived'at Napjes last night-and :stopped at the Villa Mar- In Ha) -Early today she and the four •children boarded .the! cruiser at trie, Sail yicenzo dock. A reliable Vatican source said Pope-Pius would urge Italian Catholics {1 cooperate with the New Re- British Test New Jet Plane Colonel and Sergeant Start Gunsmith Shop BC->'1 ON (1)1')—A former coluJU'l ami sfriieanl have gone HI to business line touether — as The colonel Is Richard Enijlc, 45, of Cambridge. He nnd former T-S Max Trocsch, '2S. of Wayland (jot Army a GI loan and slatted the firm ol EiUjle ifc Troesch, gunsmiths, In January, 'fhelr office on the Bos- ion waterfront has a gun rack arm.';, Including a SI,200 English sport gun. The pair's friendship started when Troesch was assigned to Enijle's command overseas. Water will dissolve more sub- filled with :i large variety of fire- stances than any other liquid. HENRYS Eagle Stamps With Every Purchase ' go.verment. The Vatican informant said the Pontiff will take the first suitable occasion 'to expresk his cooperation with the new regime. The. Pope's expected endorsement was said to conform with the Catholic church's prtncjplies to cooperate with apy government freely chosen and not contrary to the Catholic faith. Just before test hopping the, "Swt.llow plane", England's latest version of Die Jet, observers (jive her the once over. Tile outstanding feature is the rearward sloping wings. British Minister of Supply, John Wll- nont, hn,s announced that Brltlslj military and commercial aviation will be converted entirely to jet- propelled aircraft with ull the piston engines officially declared oulinoded. iNEA Tek'photo.) I "Smff Q f Life'^ Prqyers Urged laFood Crisis v'j, -"Sy United Press ,, , Tl^.rflrst black market In bread was reported today as tlie lines of b.r,ead.-j;eeklng housew.ives across the nation grew longer. There was no. relief from the meat shortage.. A' survey showed that many cities were taking official steps to -save bread and assure equal distribution, of reduced supplies. At.'Buffalo, N. y., churches were nsked to hold prayers Sunday to assure everyone "a just share or the staff of life." At' Philadelphia, Office of Price Administration officials reported a black market was tlevelppinz In bread. Some relief -was foreseen, however, with reports that the winter wheat , crop being' "hafvested In Texas and Oklahoma was about 1 above expectations. DISCHARGES HQEIQRABLE VfiJSoci Garner Gordon, seamai firs^iclass, son of Mr. and Mrs J. J. Gordon, has received a dis charge'from.the Navy at the Sep araiicn Center in Memphis. He i a vtteran 6f'24 months service Spanish Issue Again Before UK Russia Seeks Early Action While U. S., England Favor Delay By R.' H. SHACKFOK1) United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, June C. (UP) -The Big Three squared off today for anther bitter clash in the Unite; Nations Security Council over n imposed diplomatic quarantine Franco Spain next September. Russia wants action now. The United States and Orcnt Britain—barring a last minute 'ersal of policy—oppose a dlpto- natic break with Spain, now or In September. Whatever the final result, the decision will not be as lopsided this .line. Five members of the ll-n:i- lon council favor a riiibc.'omniltlge recommendation—that the general assembly be asked in September to 'recoinmend" that, all United Nn:ions sever diplomatic relations wlili Franco if he is still In power. The Big Three, almost for !>_• first Mine In UN history, will be in agreement in so far. as they vi.U oppose in part-the subcommittee's legal doctrine trial the courwjjl can Banishment Decree for Indian Girl Refuted by Tribal Chiefs FORT MYERS, Fla., June (j.i tei viewing the Eemlnolcs and their (U.l'.J—Widespread tales of a 17-j leaders. Chief of the Seminoles .Monarch ;Jiic^ ^urat, 40 Oz.,Can - - 4 ib24c[Tomato jiiice--26c Almiiirch Jack Sprat, 4(» O/. Can P'nut ib.jar32c Grapefruit Juice Jack Sprat, 2'/ 2 Can year-old Seminolc Indian girl bnn- ished to death by her tribe for I bearing a' white man's child were labeled "absolutely false" here today oy Federal Iiuilan Agent Kenneth Marmon, a part Indian him:;elf. "There is no hasls whatever for the slory " Mormon said. -"Thero is no such girl und there was no such trial at the tribe's council— 'Hie Green Corn Dance'—which Ingrahnm Billy and Cory Osceolo, another leader, were indignant over the story and declared it untrue In its entirety, Marmon re-" ported. "Evim If there had bMn. such n. case It Isn't likely that, a death penalty would hiive been decreed " the Iiuiian agent commented. "There have been cases of illicit relations before between Seaiinolc girls and white men and the death PEAS - - No. 2 can 13d Sauer Kraut - - -14c I Camphdl I Ja<-k. Sprat, 153, 1 : 1 p/^anT" Tomato Soup 3 tor 2 5c I Pork & Beans - - - 9c Lifebuoy LIFEBUOY SOAP - - 3for20c \yas held from May 11 to H." j penalty has never been invoked.' The reports touched off storms I '1 here ure at present children who of protest from residents all over' Florida who petitioned Oov. Millard Caldwell to stop the Inhuman treatment of the Indian maiden. The governor ordered the sherifts of four southeastern Florida counties to take action to avert- the alleged tragedy. On instructions from the Department of Interior, Marmonsald that he had spent three days in- PUREX Aliracle \Vhin are partially white who are living on the reservation with their mothers." Marmon, who is descended from the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and is one of the few outside men popular with the Seminole tribes. Indicated that his official to Wui-hiniiton would state "There Is positively no proof of the inci-" dent." SALAD DRESSING -- 18c TURNIP GREENS-No. 2 Can tic r » *\F I Colonial, I'urc - - - 6 tor Z5c j strawberry Preserves -1 Ib. 69c Diamond MATCHES New Liberty New* Mrs. Archie Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brooks of KenncU, Mo., and Corp', and Mrs. H. C. Brooks of Birmingham, Ala., have returned to their homes£.a'fter-/hav^nR order enforcement action olily in been the guests a 'brief time of cose of n breach of the'peace and Mrs. Wheeler Epperson, not in case of a potential threat Mrs. V. B. Jarratt is visiting ' relatives in Nashville. Tenn. She was called there because of the serious illness of her brother, William A. Wrenn. Mrs. Eva Laclner and Mrs George Gunn, and son, of Purvis, Miss., are visiting Mrs. Ladncr'f to the peace. But Big Three unanimity will md there. Soviet Russia wants the Security Council to order all United Nations to sever diplomatic relations with Franco Spain now. The United States and Britain son. B. T. Ladner nnd family. a veteran Of 24 months service o -* -...«.- uw»..i ...n. ui.^i,^ which 30 months were in the Pa- hnv< ; nr B"C'l '<"' months that such "• S ' C P woulc ' strengthen rather [than weaken Franco, and that any i more severe step might touch off ciflc Theater " .. i rad ' om , al> another Spanish civil war. hl>li " Ot instructions awarded two battle stars for participation in Invasions. •. •, % Wen tired E. Marrow, seaman sec- nnd, class, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Marrow of Luxora, Rte. 1, Kas'- been "discharged from the Navy., after 27 months, service, of which 20 months were in the South Pactfie. and Philippines. He is entitled to wear two battle stars tor participation in engagements oil Luzon and Okinawa. •. •, • Alvie L. Coleman, seaman second class, has been discharged from the Navy at the Separation " Center in Memphis. He is a veteran of 13 months servlcCj of which seven roonth$ wer? In the Pacific Theater. Seaman., Coleman, is the son of Mr.- and Mrs: Porter L. Coleman. await reaction of other members — especially that of Russia—beiorc committing themselves. The United States will be represented, at the council table today by a new. delegate—Herschel V. Johnson, career diplomat who will be the TJ. S. interim representative until Sen. Warren R. Austin, H... vt.; can take over permanently next January. Austin was named by President Truman late yesterday to succeed Edward R. Stettinlus. Jr., resigned. The council will meet at 3 p m. EOT, for the nrst time in iwc weeks — the maximum recess ',\\L rules allow. First, item on the agenda is an experts report suggesting that the secretary gcncrjl be allowed to express his opinions 0:1 pending council problems. There is no opposition to it. Mrs. Bird of l-Tattiesburg, Miss., has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. E. S. Mullins. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hill and son, Walter of Kcwane. Mo., have returned to their home aiter linvi!i[; been the quests of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Stcphcnson. Mrs. Horace Floyd and children of Kciser have returned to then- home after spending the week with Mrs. Floyd's mother, Mrs. Ben 'richard. Harrison Rogers and family :iave moved" to New Liberty from HOIJC, Ark. J. A. and Emmitt Williams ol Cliirklon, Mo., were guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Curt Williams. PAPER NAPKINS - 80'slOc i Sunshine Welch's CRACKERS 11b. 18c GRAPE JUICE quart 59c Sunshine (icnuine Kail MASON JARS ?;: I:: HI-HO CRACKERS-lib, box 21c FRESH PRODUCE Britain Tightening Up On, Power's You'll be delighted when you dji- covcr liic many handy itcmi you CAR make from cotton print of THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR Mck. Get a tacit today] •ft* MAGIC KERR LIDS Doz.lOc Kcrr 'LEMONS Doz. 24c It is said that there are 11,808,TOO different hands possible In the game or bridge. MAGIC MILLER brinRs you the best flour obtainable under the present national whcal emergency. 1X3KDON (U.p.)^More than 1,- OOO.OOa .British automobUe drivers loae their licciBes in sttfngent " new tests the government % initiating now that heavy peacetime, traffic Has: returned. During the war, when road traffic w»s light, 3,000,000 "provisional" Hcenses. were, granted and these are Use drivers who will be 'tested. probably, fa the autumn when mo- tortn«, wil be Machlni:- peioettrne lei els. T*e decision to tighten up on caniesf. and unskilled driving in preparation .a or fulllime peace- tlrae motoring '{>rompts the tests. Atthnufh. • ma»y provisional licensees have- some experience, the stringent U«t probably will hold Inc. lavd of licensing to that of March. 1939, when 37.5 per cent ol those tested failed to qualify. Those who fail will be given an opportunity to take the test again but thev probably have to wait. There is already a backlog of. applications for provisional II- ceiues accumulated during the six war years. % FARM LOANS Farm loans made to fit your individual needs. Quire-payment privilege grunted all borrowers. Lei us explain our Pro-Payment Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES—NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we arrange a loan with you il is good business for us to make it fit your needs because farm loans are a good investment only when they are good for farm owner. 2 Piece CAPS Doz.25c ATLAS CAPS, Zinc - - - Doz. 2Sc CORN FLAKES — 6 oz. Pkg. 5c (Jrcen CUCUMBERS - - - - Ib. 8c I'osl, RICETOASTIES - - 2ior13c MEATS HENS AND FRYERS BULK SAUSAGE - - - Ib. 36c Slicing— II. S. No. 1 TOMATOES - lb.!5c GREEN CABBAGE - - SALT MEAT - - - lb.23c GLASS CHEESE - Each21c NOBLE GILL AGENCY ASSORTED LUNCH MEATS COTTAGE CHEEE - - Ib. 22c BELL PEPPERS Ib. 25c Crisp LETTUCE HeadlOc Yellow SQUASH Ib. 12c Good Slock Olives and Pickles Florida ORANGES lb.8c HEINZ Strained Foods (11 KINDS) F»r Baby's INet 3 for 20c .1 >f H WASH. TURKS .,UNDER COM-IN THE FACrtWWSEMBiTS.;.' IF NR. ISH WO «T.W THW FIRST TEST «**.*l WTHAfREAKKUN qFUl«,HE'l.L NEVWDOff THIS TI*E! ..EVEK SIKPENOEO IS Vi&TEC ! THEY, AU3NE.K.NOW rMW=KWDVWiZE_\ W JOB IS TO UORECCS^R^EOW™ TWN A BIT OF NMJANIUM. ORE! 3K6W THE WUL6IPE A HMF-WILE OWv TU6 PLANT... FORTH MWEW. I'Vi NiOKE OPEN- MWDEP.1FTHE TKIN6 WORKS, ITU SAVE WullCtK!

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