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Cumberland, Maryland
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Today's Weather Rain, changing snow flur- Early high arcund 50 coming in day. The Cumberland News VOL. 26--NO. 88 Entered Kcoad mill matter at Cumbcriud. Maryland, under act ei March 3, 1879 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1964 United Press Associated Press International AP t'botofax Allegany Wins, Fort Hill Loses Sports Section) 16 PAGES--SEVEN CENTS New Strife Flares In Africa Americans Under Attack In The Congo Seven Missionaries Flown From Path Of Guerrillas By ROBIN P.

MANNOCK LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo (AP) A U.N. airlift Friday flew seven American mission- aries and two children from the jungles east of Leopoldville where guerrillas have been on a rampage of murder and ar- son. Two U.N. helicopters and a plane carried them 300 miles from their burned-out mission in Kwilu Province to Lulua- bourg in the central Congo. Three Roman Catholic nuns were flown out with them.

Crews of the two helicopters used in the first leg of the journey reported they ran into trouble when they landed. at the mission at Kandale, about half- way between Leopoldville and Luluabourg. Mission Burned Apparently the trouble was with marauders or the guerril- las themselves, but the report didn't say. But the crewmen re- ported there were no casualties "on either side." The mission at Kandale ap- parently was burned and the Americans had to wait through the night for rescue. a Of Rockefeller Says Goldwater's Charges Are "Half-Baked" N.

Y. Governor Pushes Hopes For Nomination Jayne Shows New Baby A lively newcomer to the Mickey Hargitay family, makes her first appearance before cameras yesterday with her mother, actress Jaync Mansfield, in St. John's Hospital. Santa Monica. Calif.

The baby, born Wednesday, is named Mariska Magdolna--Mary Magdalen in Hungarian. She weighed eight pounds, nine ounces. That's Dad on the left. (AP Photnfax) Nationalist China Advised To Avoid Break With France By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER learned, that the two-Chinajlwo-China question.

If the Reds oldw ater Position on Sc theory advanced bv DG Gaulle will not lolcratp I IIP kind nf ar- sntl IRG graduated By RELMAN MORIN CONCORD, N.H. (AP)--Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of York, pushing his presidential; hopes in New Hampshire on Fri-i day derided as "half-baked" the suggestion a the United Slates withdraw from the Unit-' cd Nations if Red China is ad- mitted. In a speech prepared for a.

Concord dinner, Rockefeller! said: "I can see no sense in the half-baked notion that we should take our dolls and go home, abandoning the United Nations to the Russian and Chinese Sen. Barry Goldwater of Ari- zona, who has been campaign- in New Hampshire for the three days, told audiences jhere, "The United Nations would not be a safe place for us. Red China and the Soviets! (supported by the Afro-Asian, votes." Rockefeller also attacked' Goldwater's position on Social Mentioned In Probe This is Carole Tyler, former beauty contest winner from Lcnoir City, Tenn. and ex-secretary of Bobhy Baker who resigned last October as secretary to the Democratic majority. Senate investi- gators in Washington yesterday heard testimony about a 528.000 town house belonging to Baker in which Miss Tyler once lived.

(AP Pholofax) The guerrilla attacks started i the province last week with the killing of three Belgian priests at Kilembe. nea dale. The fate of a fourth at the time of the not known. The guerrillas are led by Pierre Mulele, pro-Peking aide of Antoine Gizenga, the Congo- Tuesday, TM from hastyl i wcatcn lhe bat he ol lies rewlllng orjlered line which the United primary elections. This year 1 5 di lomals Psris would make it possible to Icarn-trade and diplomatic tics with the New Hampshire en cf.f 10 i matve possioie to learnaracie ana Ch on ibe.Red China, arations for a trip to Japan to receive Nationalist China's am- 'Slate ITM been trying to hold with the race for the GOP prest which a a a TM een ryng race for GO fcel.i.B,TMt any increase in Western dential nomination wide open, primary lese separatist leader now jailed by the central government.

The Protestant mission Kandale was operated by bassador, Dr. Tingfti F. Tsiang. sion, hart, Ind. Seven of the Americans were identified as the Rev.

Harold Graber, 40, his wife Gladys, 35, and their daughter, Jeanette, 7, of Pretty Prairie, the Rev. and Mrs. James Bertsche, Liz, Eddie Argue Over Settlement vi a uiit 11 ao OCUL i -N-T-I President Johnson that the deal! YORK (UPI) Eliza- he has made with Red bet Taylor's lawyers charged does not call for a break ini Friday that sincer Eddie Fishnr The envoy asked to see Rusk jfor consultation on the impend- a jjing French move. Immediate-, following the meeting. Rusk- Congo Inland Mis-! Jcft for Tokyo and a with headquarters in Elk- visit to Korea.

De Gaulle has sent word to RFK Believes New Malaysia Truce To Hold jcould a an unusual chological impact. Rockefeller flew to Laconia 1 where he found several hunfjred! GENEVA i persons waiting at thc airport, i to halt the Negotiations Possible On Nuclear Ban (AP)--Negotiations production of pin- was shook hands with several hun- may be the tot concrete dreds more and introduced his -from President Johnson's a "Mrs. Rockefeller wore a A house containing brownish-grecn maternity The officials reported the British Fly Marines To Aid Kenya Rebels Threaten New Regime Of Jomo Kenyatta By A L. GAVSHON LONDON (AP)-Britain Frl- day night began flying 700 Royal Marine commandos to Kenya by request of i Minister Jomo Kenyatta, who fears East Afri- can rebels could topple his in- fant regime. The British a i a carrier Centaur, bearing 500 com- mandos, and the frigates Rhyl and Owen ended patrols off troubled a i a and Tangan- yika and raced to the Kenya port of Mombasa.

The security precautions for Kenya, a former British colony, independent only since Dec. 12, followed a series of upheavals which in 13 days has trans- formed a strategic part of East Africa from relative serenity to turbulence. The British garrison that re- mained on after independence is due to be withdrawn in about a year, with Kenya taking over the military installations. The emergency airlift of crack troops answered a written plea by the bearded Kenyatla, known to his followers as "Burning Spear." He is tha man the British jailed in the 1950s, over his protestations of innocence, on a charge of man- aging the anti-white Man Mau terrorist society. Only Thursday 450 British troops sped westward from Kenya to a a another British Commonwealth state which had become infected by the discontent sweeping the re- gion.

There they helped to as- sure law and order after a brief army mutiny. The troubles began in Zanzl. bar Jan. 12 when a minority government dominated by Arabs was swept out of office by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A i a hose leaders included Isome with Communist pasts. Tornadoes hit Southern lilt- Last weekend President Julius nois, Missouri and northern Ar-jN'yercre's government in Tan- was jolted by an army Tornadoes Reported In Three States By TOM OCHILTREE both 42, and their son, Timothy wav for a two-China solutio 7, of Archbold, Ohio, and Selma'j the whole Chinese problem.

Unruh, 50, of HiUsboro, Kan. The! Nationalist China and Red French relations with National- is demanding SI million as LONDON (AP) U.S. ist China. This, De is un- i 0 cn chn Gcn Robert F. Kennedy derstood to feel, may open the marry actor i a i Friday he bel 'evcs thc actor nicnard Burton.

a win res His speech at a luncheon Union, anxious to reduce its ground by by the Laconia Chamber o'Com-lmililary ne enled atcment was angrily ranged truce with Malaysia de- Flsncr who labeled it spi President Sukarno's public six per- re- off thc a twister and then v.v,,,,-! spending, has ex- sol back on its foundation No merce was largely devoted to a-pressed an interest in was seriously injured Atty.jprogram to assist small -iea to shut down weapons n-u the United Stales. reactors a bri a i a ar Du a ess jplulonium 0 mentl nc i clear skies Twisters hit near -Hector anr! a a Hoffa Jury Paneled Except For Alternates CHATTANOOGA. Tenn. (AP) of eicht men and four from a mission Mukedi, he the first major one Three Sailors Held In Death Of Composer angles killed. A four-seater plane flew; them Thursday to Kikwit, capi- tal of Kwilu Province, Cancer Society To Lead Drive Against Smoking NEW YORK (UPI) The American Cancer Society antique (UPI)--Police announced'went into a huddle with his at nounced Friday it would call Friday the arrest of three sail--Forney, Louis Nizer.

i also islcr i a a sim in th i i i "n.i-iiji unu it i a ATK He outlined an 11-point pro private talks with Western Kennctt, and Sandoval 111' A 'Z ram which included at the 17-nation dis-; A 1 ul ana mur toward the i a i and "simplification" of conference, Sovief'c, 1 Pn ts Centra women was seated Friday, after toward me young federation. i .1. Tsaran-' weather brought five laborious days a Minnesota. charges. Sleet, rain and light Tne includes one union in the tri penning room.

Such an agreement was not icc(l su eels a roads and one Negro woman. mcciiation efforts. I Answering questions after his specifically referred to in John- thf S01llh cm half of Fo a a 'cs remained to told newsmen a a i five-point plan released Minncaf10 fell so hc cnosen before testimony can i i a a a 1 a i i contm- about the idea-which Goldwa- a a Rockefeller was asked Ws a LI it- uitja--wmcn tioiciwa- uus WCCK. But American i i ssx this week. But plan released a fe 'l so can American i i on fonder-bending calls ein in the trial of Hoffa and Lh not to pay money for her supported youth rally in a a Charter divorce, even if the fiancial de- ta Thursday night, was address- mands were drastically reduc- ing a mob.

a cd," the lawyers said. "I don't take what he said i of the United NationsJearlier this week that the recent motorists to a out their 1 i IMIUW, inai me i i i rt'suit The prospect of a i very seriously," a a said. an he amended only with gotiafions. "Sen. Goldwater seems to cttl i.i the U.S.

defense budget; The midwinter storm 1C r'; forgotten, or pcrhapSjCreated a favorable inches of snow nn Fargo'- know, that the Chartcrjfor resumed i a a nc a i 'c men. A federal judge court would not be ad- until they were se- and the others are be- Lake in Norih Dn, ricc! on a i influence jurors at his previ- a Visibility ranged from one-: rpi i uc i i i utv i i nuiib. i I I 1'imCPf trnm i i meeting" seemed even more re- Malaysian leader sug- annroval of tho Somritv i nt -t ious federal in Trnnessec-- FORD DE FRANCE, a i i Friday night after if Sukarno lh i a frontalion he rcnliod. ihn a i i a 'nfi in Nashville a national conference to plan ors in fatal beating of: After the meeting American composer Marc Blitz-, said: "an all-embracing campaign against the hazardslstein. of smoking.

Blitzstein, 58, died in a hospi- Representatives of govern-jtal here Wednesday night. Rel- ment, health agencies, welfare I atives in New York earlier had and youth organizations, adver- reported he was killed in an tising agencies and public opin- automobile accident. to continue his confrontation po- there," icy as a cold war, new j-j i should bo spelled out be delivered in a conference Earlier, eight inches of snow by the spectacle of ion firms will be invited to the meeting, the society's board of and one Martinican a i whose names were not released! rcc uest or money. It frontiers in Borneo oirGciors announced at tne HO- VTCIC JIUL uum.itri;» nuvc tel Commodore after a three-got in a dispute with thc com-i hc determination of our a a Kennedy day conference. al The society set no date for the national meeting.

poser Tuesday night and gave him fray a beating. were Report Bad Fire BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) A fire destroyed 60 homes and commercial buildings Thursday Puerto Merizalde, a town just south of Buenaventura on the Pacific coast. Reports to Bo- gota said nothing about casual- ties. On Inside Pages Ann Landers 4 Bridge 4 Comics 9 Crossword 9 Cryptoquote 9 Deaths 6 Dr. Van Dellen 5 Editorial Page 5 Markets 9 Racing 8 Secrets of Charm 4 Sports 7,8 Tri-State News 6 Want Ads 10..11 Women's News 4 Details of the! do not wish to be i a i a i'y niarried to Elizabeth while Police took the Philadelphia sne escorted by Mr.

Bur- composer to a local hospital ton. where he died, after "Then why doesn't he sign nearly 24 hours later. papers," said Miss Tay- Arrangcinents were being made lor, in Beverly Hills, after bc- to fly his body to the United ing informed of Fisher's state- States for burial. Police said two Portuguese first week 01 i i Th into a i a since they distorted the facts. The nature of our the conference of Indonesian.

a a i a for to be held thc in Bang- to hold a LONDON Tuesday. He told to a a more failed explanation of Johnson Ivarious proposals. (UPI) The lin- clear thc vlct Ltllon accept no Impales Whale men he intended United Slates for I Earlier, news- hiul in Lnmmon, S.D., the a six inch in Mohridge, (lazarclous driving conditions 1 gf 11 to northern Wisconsin 1 Upper i i a when amphc11 off Frpman mtrSIa Friday luaI Property. i in Tokyo. a i a a a and a a a Australia the with the whalc unless lhe United drops its plans for a "'nations nuclpar force.

Thursday LBJ To Work Half-Day Today WASHINGTON I with Hoffa a Teamsters agenf; his uncle, Ewing Parks of Nash- ville: Nicholas J. Twccl. Hunt- inttton. W. businessman, in- i Today's Chuckle We may not he the first to reach Ihr moon, but we'll be Iho first to send it foreign aid.

(Cnpynchl General Tenures Corp.) night. It was not announced to passengers because the stabil- Aldo MofO ResiqnS a Johnson plans to put in! a day at his desk a a and then probably spend In Negroes Refused rest of lhc weekend at his Comp retreat near Thur- ity of the vessel might have been upset by more than 1,000 ROME A i Aldo mnnt, thc While House said persons moving forward to seciMoro resigned Friday as sccre- Friday. a a of Italy's Press Socrolnry Pierre Salin- i A ship's officer said I mediate problem was 'dispose of thc whalc. Louisiana School ORLEANS. La.

(AP)-- Negroes tried Friday to enroll Medical Center Reports First Successful Heart Transplant By DUDLEY LEIIEW too small for the The hospital declined to dis- Medical Association said (his "was preserved with chilled JACKSON, Miss. (AP)--s nuirements of the thc names surgeons, was. as far ss it knew, the first wcll-oxygenatud blood pu.nped ceons look the heart from recipient," a spokesman! 1 0 a a ages of tlie rlon a a a ever to through (he coro- LUU.A me neari irom a disoaritv must aml rccip lc nl. and withheld The spokesman at the medical a sinus," the large vein a dead man, revived it and trans-, 83 10 must bc a of hc a a i and-ccnlcr here said thc recipient drains the heart itself 1era- circumstances leading up to rushed into thc operating: Hospital personnel used a sin i iroom "in the hospital's i a heart the nn- parly, the a i i i a gcr said the Pro.sidrnt had no how to ncmocrals. to devote himself announced appointmcnis for Sal- all-white private completely to the premiership, urday.

schools where pupils receive a a i I It was thc first attempt by Ne- to crack thc grant-in-aid system Louisiana's last-ditch effort to preserve school segre- planted it into the chest of man dying of a heart failure! 1 0 5 Friday, The spokesman added the sur- For an hour, it eeons werc "erased to con- haps the first successful human heart transplant in the world. Then the substitute heart failed and thc patient died. The dimensions 01 thc only laboratory announcement, a said: "No iscasc ot ycars rcofu1 reB1 are plishcd the world's first report-' Officials at the school the ed a lung transplantation. Ni.u: Ward Elementary in'New The recipient died from causes Orleans, turned away' thc Ne- other than thc lung, which func- grocs, saying thc head of the A major oh.siaclc to overcome; A. P.

Turcaud chief coun- thc humanise! for thc National Association of foreigner thc Advancement of Colored he People in have been man. Surgeons at the University of nothing The spokesman said this three hours later, early Friday'heart to a regular rhyt'hyrn. i SurgconT at iiic ui inu uaiy Burgeons ai me university ot nothing more until i available donor heart at thc Mississippi Mcdica? Centei hcrclhearl transplant is tried. sewed in lime of thc patient's coliapse'performed the opevation. At Chicago, the spokcsman said, heart iis one of the private, segregated, schools In June 10(53.

surgeons at the of center successfully i period gram of financial aid for chil- ycars. the who didn't want to attend public schopls..

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