The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 28, 1936 BIATHEVILU? (AUK.)" COUtUEH NEWS PACK . .08c . .OGc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consccu- /(v« insertions: One time per line •: lOc Two tiaics' per line per day ilircc limes per line per day fiix times per line per dny . Month rate per line BOc Cords of Thanks 50c & V5c Minimum charge !iOc j Ads onlcred for three or six ! (lines and slopped before expira- > lion will be charged for (lie num- V ber of limes liic aiM appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing ont- l!t!e c-i (h eclty must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be lasily computed, from above tnblc. Advertising ordered [or Irregular Insertions takes (he one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harry Bailor's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good ['rices I-'HKSH RIVKK Cat Fish KXI'KKT AUTO KUJ'AJKS Oarage operated by Ftoyd HargcU Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. .-• rimncs 5-F-4 & 878 Used Furniture WK BUY & SELL USED FUKfjiTUKE BUY NOW - - PAY NKXT FALL HUBBARD Znrt Ham! Furniture Nc-\t ti> GoIT Hold For Sale not lo exceed one dollnr for Hie I benefit of public schools and to safeguard this constitullonnl :nn- sale emlment, but In no event Khali 11 right of Kiirtrase In of 2500 population' ^uy 'upg,* men ^ml women No competition. 1 unhurt , e gnrd lo tex and Hint . . . late model coupe for , p. Phone 510 or 241. 28-ck-lf abridge I h lowii Cafe in County seal. Terms if desired. Khoin>e, New Madrid, Missouri. Abbott's lial women shall not be compelled to Laredo Soybeans Kxlva' <!ood (lualily—Kci-Uancil 1 lluslirl cr a C'arloivd W. A. GEMEINHARDT riionc 2-«0, Matllicus. Mu. RKAI, BAIJGAIN — nra 3 total cash rcglslcr. Cash $150, terms $H5. Rustic Inn. 9-ik-G-S) serve on juries, 26-pk-30 Section 2. The Ix-elslnlurc .shall by IHW provklc » jitet system of I ret PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, fittings, all u.illi- rooin accessories;, valves, electric water syslcins for fanners, water softeners, or any oilier Hem connected ivilli iilumbltig or healing. "Pete" The Plumber rcjiistralion for all voters In Mils stale nnd the Assessor sluill be Kx-oniclo Houlstrar. Set-lion 3. Tills imicmltiienl shall not be declared to liavc boon adopted by Hie Speaker ol Hie House unless a majority of all Iliosn voting al Die election role or same. Witness my band and Ucnl Ibis si <lay of April. IMS. a a. iiaii, Secretary of alato. For Rent Nicely arranged and decorated unfurnished t-room aparttneul. Private hath. 112'J W. Asli St., phone 582-M. 28-ck-li-l 1-OH HENT—Furnished apartmeiu, Call 2'1-1-W, Mrs. Edwin nobin- >'«». 27-ck-l npnrlinent.s. Close 5th. Call IMG-W. 207 North 21-ck-ti-l Cool, moriera bedroom. Uca.somii)le. Mrs. s.lmiuons, 818 W. Wnlmit. 27-ck-e-l Cool bedroom adjoining bath. Private entrance. Gentleman only 713 W. Main SI., phone 800-VV. 25-ck-tf Furuiihed house for the siiuiiiier. Mrs. Gcorjje Cross, 300 Luke St. 23-ck-ti Piano Tuning I'lnnos timed and repaired, call Gcoi-ge Ford at Watjc Furnilure Co, Phone 155. Hardware IDEAL WEDDING GIFT! Bee the 25-picco Mirro Alnniinum Ware Set as advertised in Good Housekeeping. , • Only SM.'.IS al SHOUSE-HENRY HAKmVAKK CO. Coal & Ice My foal Is Black But I Treat 1'ou While ICE LOCAL HAULING John (Buchanan Blj llicvillc, Ark. I'liune 10J Repairing LAWN MOWERS ltJii'iicncd J«':icl«ry Way BIy. Machine Shop tfo. iiid. Phone Shoe Kepairiug QuaLty Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLE SHOES liverylhing l-'or Your shoes ['hone 120 Free Delivery Aulo Paris SI-:K I'.s Used /\iito Paris I'or FOKII-<:HKVKOLt-:T-l > r,Vi\K)UTII City Auto Paris Co. \c\l In Bus Station 1'hiinc 811 One 2 or 3 room furnished apartment, reasonable, 914 Hearn. Joiuforlable liedixx.>n. 625 W. Main. Phone 217-J. 17-ck-li-H Comfortable bedroni, 1017 Walnut, Call 102. 2-ck-lf Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Mllon*ntr»ii. >t A t. cTj jvar B JM >t rpft] cause of JOQ? «JuK(ff«ha«« »na make yoa .'eel Uko B new person. Hit •our EfKtem of inrplnH nntaODi IcliTt Liver Mill. Hirmlem. Hold at all Klibr Drag Btoret. Wallpaper UOORI LOTS WALLl'Al'KK $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. Wauled To Buy OltDSilt N '1'HE CHANCERY (JOtlUT Of OH1CKASAWBA D 1KTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, ^mina H, Morris. I'laiiiliil, vs. .No. mm Belvie C. Morris, Jr.. JMriiduul. •Hie defenttanl, Belvie C. Moniti. Jr., is warned lo appear within hilly days in (lie court limned in he rnpttoii hereof and ansiver Ihc complaint of Ihc plahuin Emma . Morris. Dated this 20 day of May, !!)«. 1IARVKV, MORRIS, Clerk. r raj)k C. Uoiislas, Ally, ad Lilcm. 21-2H-1-11 IN TUB GJIANCKRV C'Otmr FOK TUBCHICKASAWIU DISTHIDT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAH. Home Owners Uwn Coiliorallon, ri!ilnl)i), vs. No. liiigl J. Nick 'I'iioiuas, ailmliiblriiUir of the cstalc ol Nettle Wcllrnry. deceased, rt. C. McHenry, Guy IircUfiliy, !3tirl Mcllcin'.v and Lorrne Mclleiii-y 'IViiex, Dofen- diinls. ' WAHNlNtl OHDKK IjorciH' McIIenry Tnirx ts wiirn- cil lo ,-(|i|R'iii- in Hits (.-(jdit within Ihirt.v days und ;'i'i- ll»? coni- pkiinl of Hie plaintlll. WlTNMHf; my lunul as Cli-rl: ol said Court inul llu- seal thcioiil Uiis May 20. l!):)8. UARVEY AIOHH1S, Cleil:. (Seal) 21-^11-1-11 Khane ,t [•Vudlcr. Holicllors C. A, Cunningham, utly-ad-lik-in. 'riir-rniniiti<(i<i- Cliotivs Child liOSTCW (UP) - Tin- (Ji'XlM- lo plaj inn.'* K'lil 8-yenr-oUI Marjorlv <in'cn0i-ris In tin 1 lu.i-;piial. While illtcinpiin:; (11 laLe lu-r own Inn- |)rr;iturc ivilii ;1 «,>.v Ilii'rniojiii'U'i- AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NUJIIT CALL 30 Molt Funeral Home SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries NKiHKST OUAIJTV GAINES MKT. US IV. Main HEMORRHOIDS CUBED WITHOUT SURGERY & (JUAKANTKKI) Safe ami without cure. All oilier rectal diseases treated, fissure, (Istnia, etc. We also treat fallen archc.s; treat & cure skin cancer by special trealnieiil. DRS. N1ES & N1ES SM Main OslPopiilhic I'hjsii'iaiw I'hone 98 Illyllicvllle, Ark. The Honw of (iood F HOT |>|T IIAKHKCUI-: I'M.I'XTKH' COOUKI) HvlKI) CUK'KHN Music By (inn-ftc. Ford's '•AII-ltc(|lll'S(" ll.lllll I'llVI-l- Clllll-);,' ;>:„• ,„.,. ], ( ,|.|,| M , For Reservations Call Holland 17 l! - "'. (il llullanil, Jlo. Irom n picture raloiidm-, she choked. At (he hi)s|»li:i| ploi-ca ol liroken Kl;is.s wore hikcn Iran lu-r moiilli. WELDING AT UKST PH1UK8 I'HOMPT BHUVIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co, SCREEN WORK AT A KAVlNtl lli'iuili'lug A Nnv SiTi'i'iiv MAIM: Km Al.h PUIU'OSKSJ Barksdale Mfg. Co. Operatic Star HORIZONTAL J. 5 Young primn donua. nvfr lo Pr«vi«us Puirlc IJNot to win. 12 Narrative. poem. i 5 Transposed, 17 Therefore. IHBrooch. I'hunc 19 Clllllllll'll* l:llll< Of ELECTRICAL Fixtures St. Apt>li:Lnn"< KM'KKT \VU{1N(; Wal])olc's Tin- Cinniilc-lc litccd'iral Slim 1 Hii So. ::>id I'lniii,. ;ni '^.,0110 [Mils of Wallimiu'i- ROOM LOTS $1.09 up Must complete lliii: of l'a|ii(,i and Wntlpnjier In N. K. Ail:. (Ml)lla-vitli' Owned & Olil'ratfill filciu-nii lilitu. IMiollc HSU Now I.oeaff,! nl 101 Nurlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU DON EI)Wi\IH»S, rroiirlttw All makci ot ItcliiilH TyiicwrUmi, Adilliijt Mnchinn >n( Calculators—UC|nilrliif;—i'»ri»—Illljtoni ALLEY OOP 24 Aside. 20 Sneaky. 29 From tills lime. 31 Tanner's vessel, 32 Old. :i!i Mowing tool. ?f> i'cace/ul. .'I!! Clots In tile hi nod. 10 Male clllld, 41 Drinkinj! cup. « Sea tilrd. 41) Musical nolc. SO Titling. SZIIcslless. S3 Klcelrifled. particle, 5-1 Reverence. SUGrcclt letter. 57 Stir. SS.Slie is a 50 And is Hie new type div • lo look at and hear. found. 'i Always. J To drinit d /ashion. 4 Sheriff's assistant. 5 Ceramic Mirfaco. -. (i A dive. V To weep, ;i fl Hones. II Northeast. 13 Can. IS Frightful > 1 dieain. 1C One of her favorite rotes is in "La. 20 She is an -— by birth. 21 Deserl fruits. 23 -Seri;eanl fish. 25 Nominal value 26 South Carolina 27 To separalo by )i(| nation. 28 You. 30'i'imi!staie of iron. 33 Notili Caroliiif 34 Northeast. 37 To how. 39 1'nblic imlo. --' •Jl[,acc. •{ 42 Small insect. •15 Gem. '4V To measure, •ill Egg-shaped. •19 Simpleton. 51 One nnd one. M rish. ; SS Half an cm. 5V Avenue. 1 /- S WELL, DOOTSV- Y'SURE/ I'LL TELL YUH,OOP- •^f^i^ WED ' (M UP SWELL)/ HE MEANT IT FOB V3U.' )' YEM roOZV-\ / Ul'--' OL WUR5JSAV, HOW COME \ OOLY VOU BEMTCOWM/ THAT'S WHAT 1 ( GR-AH °™ <V L VOLJ DID ™ UZ PAL A JUST AS H£ THREW.' (I'D RG&EREDM V UG '> WAV? r^ • ^^ ^^-^^^ HOW ABOUT IT, I ! I COLD.' fa ~J^r «•$&* O^ $. m %1 \Vi V. T. HAML1N. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WELL, WrzER-YOURsiTHECH WITH HIS isTi-r ONLY VOICE AALWM'.'HE'D OP TH'THREE LEFT,\ BEST START 50 V'BETTEIi START \ WALK.IW'' TALKIM' J2500 Worlh of USKD FURNITURE All Makes Radios Repaired WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phono 155 Wanted To Rent Responsible party desires to rent a modern home for Ihc suimnrr. Write Box "A", Courier. 23-pk-30 Poultry BlQodlcstcd Reds. Rocks, Leghorns, etc. 100—SO.50. Heavy assorted — Sl.To. Prepaid live delivery. Central Hatchery. ,U'(Tci*cn City. Mo. Nice Fryers for sale. Highway 01. Mrs. Vida Oglcsby Matthews. PJioiie Ift-F-2. 13-ck-G-13 Real Estate l.JCKNSIi!) KKAI, ICSTATIi BKOKKHS We list, farm and city Properly. ]f you would be a buyer or a seller, tee us. 'ihi:* Wcrl.'s OfTcriTl^s: SI) A, cnJIivsIrd land, good biiild- n<!;s. 1 ml. Hollnnd. Mo.. '.: mile qravol rend. Price. per acre. Terms ?-4fi ft., 2011 acres cnlliratrd. :i mi. Yarbro. very fevlile, on izr^dfd <llrl roa<|. JCO.OO per acre. Terms. ^-room bnn.>f. fll icet. front on Walnut, jjlvlhrfillc: 5 iKXlraiins. 2 balhs. fjfKal lor niKirtmcnUs. I'virr ,=,- icrms nr.uie known on ai'Dlication. One brick lilo«:k on Main St., Blythcville. 5 .store rootns. No slrect improvement ia*. V.'ill net i3 lo IS"?;, on investment.. T B It H Y 'ABSTRACT & UEAL'I'Y CO 21? W. Walnut I'honc 611 •Slltldi.s 'i^rTREG.u-s^T'o-FFll' J B "l"COPH, 1930 BY NEA SEnVICC.lNC. WASH TUBBS BY EDGAR MARTIN l.nnh Onl, "*-» '. '<*&' 'A ^.^ OPB.l838BYi)E»5r;l Found Order liook ami olhor itialerinl br- !oni:iu;{ to caiuly .sale.sman. Own- ,er may liaie same by paying cost b, f ll\is art. Courier News. CONSTtTtlTIONAt. AMENDMENT NO. W Proposed by tiie General Awemhly and filed in the ofticc ol the Secretary of Slate on February -jlh, 1937." BK IT IIF^OLVED I5V THE HOUSE OK REPRESENTATIVES j AND SENATE OP THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, A MAJORITY OP' ALL THE MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: That Itic following ts hereby! proponed as an amendment, to the Conslilntion of the stale of Ar-' kansns, ami upon Iwing sulmiilterl to Uic clcclois of the Slate for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, If a majority of (he electors volinp thereon, at surli an election, adopt such amendment, (lie same shall become a part ot Ihc Con.sliliil.ion of (he Stale of Arkansas, lo-wil: Section I. Every citiTOti of llio United Slntos of the af>e of Tireii- ty one years, who lias resided in the Stale twelve months, in the County six months, and in the precinct, loivn or ward one month. next preceeding any election nt' which they may propose to vote, 1 land who shall register In the I j county not le,ss than six months j ] i:rxt preceeding such election, and [ ar.ain In the toivushlp. precinct, or ward not less (han thirty days.' jie.xt preceeding such election, it • • snc.h citizen clmngcs residence to!- l I lowing the last registration, ov i who may have become, of age nf- i tor Die lime for registration, shall 1 i he allo\vcd to vole al any clccttoii. held in Hie Slate ot Arkansas, but | the General Assembly sliall have the power to pass a per capita tax VOU BOW'T SCAUf ME , FRANWE ) SLAU6BTEC! I 60TT/^ QOMA FIDEy LEASE. AND VOU AN' , -^ ML TW K\M6'5 HOB6ES C^'T GET \T BACk •^- • A6AIW.' »Y HOY CRANK HAND OVER THAT LEASE, YOU BUG- EYED JAID6ET, OR I'LL BREAK EVERV ^-i BOWE IK) VOUR BODV.' ^—( VES'Rj KCKLES A^U HIS FHIIONDS TME LADIES' POWDER ROOM is "D THE Rtewr, v/ JUME [ GEE, IT'S MICE, Y VVlSE \ AVING YOU PR/XCTIC4LLY/ 6UY ' ALONE AGAIN / .^./ FOR TWO ' • Business TUT ! TUT! CCNrUClUS ONCE SAO -* IT'S NOT TWE- INIT^ COST C c A BLACK DYE TMATCOUNrS, ITS THE PRICt OF STEAK. To Pur ON IT.'" BY MERRILL ULOSSBR WE'LL HAVE To WORK. FAST i L OOMT YEAM-. VWANT JUME \ SIX 1C> KNOW' ARE THE et OUTSIDE, EDDIE EVERY THING ALL SET. FELLAS? SI6MM_ WHEN YOU'RE READY ' we GOT COUPL'A ACCIDcNTS CUT HERE THAT AR? . JUST OYIN'TQ WAPPEN/

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