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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota • Page 1
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota • Page 1

Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Warm, Humid vf Minneapolis High 90 rir THURSDAY TEMPERATURES Jim 10 1 3 m. 4 m. 5 a m. 7 a m. a m. Bam. 77 11 a m. 1 m. 3 pm. 3 pm. 4 pm. 5 pm. 6 p.m. 7 pm. pm. 9 pm. 10 m. 11pm. P9 91 92 FRIDAY Details on Page 1 I m. iL'nolficial Vol. LXXXIX-No. 45 Cprtfht 1955 Minneapolli Star and Tribune Companr MINNEAPOLIS, FRIDAY, JULY 8, 1955 Price 5 Cents Youth, 16, Shoots Probers Ask T' i Dixon-Yates iinnr Storm atters.lwin Cities; nn 0 BS1 7 I I I 1 If II li if Pay Delay Want U.S. to Hold macro Then Kills Himsel Up Cancellation Fee on Power Contract iim MINNESOTA Carries Out Half of Threat 'to Kill Jerry and Ronald' By CLARK MOLLKXHOFF Minnrapolii Tribune Staff torrf'pondfnt WASHINGTON A senate i- i IVANMOt Jerry Barber's 9-Under-Par 63 Leads at Keller MARSHALL By RICHARD HELGERSO.V subcommittee inursaay stated Russia Near Economic Ruin, Dulles Testifies WASHINGTON UP- Sec Minne.poll. Trltmn, Staff Writer at AdOjpne WenZCll acUVliy A ct r. i tu Jn me uixon-iaies power iun- A 16-vear-old St. Paul youth Thursday carried put part of u.ant was a threat to "kill Jerry and Ronald" when he shot a 17-year-old and demanded that the comp- TORNADO AREA Si i friend to death and then killed himself. by firing a bullet into' troller general withhold cancel Hawkins, Art Wall Shoot 64; 3 Hit 65 the Dixon- his head. lation payment on Yates transaction. I MINNEAPOLIS, ML I Another youth stood by helplessly as Russell Hyland, 535 a rp. 50-Mile Winds, 3-Inch Rain Hit Minneapolis A severe thunderstorm swept through the Twin Cities area early Thursday night, causing heavy property damage. Three inches of rainfall were recorded in Minneapolis in six hours last night as winds of up to 50 miles an hour were followed by a steady downpour. The storm destroyed two hangars and damaged 37 airplanes at Crystal airport. Striking from the west, it also disrupted power and telephone lines, bowled over trees, flooded basements and damaged buildings. There ere no reports of injuries. Earlier, two tornados struck southwest of Marshall, one of them killing a 3-year-old boy by hurling him into a tree. Twelve persons were injured. National guard troops were posted at damaged farms to protect against looting and the American Red Cross declared it a disaster area. Harrison avenue, shot Jerry Anderson, 602 Thomas avenue, St. his Wee-man ami-monop-Paul, in the head as 'Anderson sat-In an easy chair in his'oly subcommittee was unani- rath of tornado ARC A SHOWN AtOVI cms Braves Beat Cubit to Take Second Place LOSE which killed Marshall child retary of State Dulles has told congress that Russia's hope that the American economy would collapse and pave the way for communism has boom-eranged. He said Russia's own economy is "on the point of collapsing." 'Dulles made the statement June 10 in secret testimony before a house appropriations mother's living room. mous in action directing him to ntfr-nr. i write Comptroller General Jo- (PICTuRE, page 11.) 4 scph Campbell to ask him to Hyland then walked a few i withhold any payment if the steps away and killed himself i Eisenhower administration can-with a bullet from the same eels the contract. pistol. President Eisenhower said THE WITXESS Tack MueJ Wednesday that he considered Barber 2 Youths Drown in River, Two Children in Lake Wenzell's role in the Dixon schl, 16, visiting St. Paul from Mays Hits 2 Homers as Giant Rally Nips Phils (DETAILS in Sports Section.) Sandstone, told police Lt. Gordon Blade lie had been with STORM SIDELIGHTS Two Escape Death as Boat lips 'subcommittee considering President Eisenhower's foreign aid -TORNADO LOCAL STORM Hyland most of the day. He has recently been living at 173 Lafond avenue. The youths had been riding around St. Paul in a car belonging to Muessehl's father. They had been looking for jobs. Muessehl told Blade. Hyland had "acted funny" all A twister swirled out of; Heaviest damage suffered in Yates affair as quite proper. The subcommittee also sought to block any settlement with the Dixon-Yates 'or cancellation until after the subcommittee completes its hearing and issues a report. A STUDY of possible cancellation of the contract now is being made by the budget bureau and the atomic "energy commission on orders of the President. Mr. Eisenhower said that a Memphis, decision to build its own power plant may program. A rORTIOX of the testimony was made public Thursday. Dulles said the Russians "have been constantly hoping and expecting our economy was going to collapse in some way, due to what they regard as the Tito and Nehru Urge Arms Cut, Ban on A-Weapons A Df crimen couple escaped tlc southwest onto farms near brief but potent storm death during Thursday's storm 'hmi'" hwest i whlch the Cities area after being trapped for Marsha11' about Pm' las Crystal air-port, one of than 10 minutes beneath the! Aftcr a half hour 'lt thsap-jthe busiest private airports in hull of their capsized cruiser reared, leaving flattened build-1 the Upper Midwest. 100 yards off Big island in inSs on at lc-ast a lai'ms. Two new hangars were de-Lake Minnctonka. Damaged in this storm were stroyed. 12 planes were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wolf were farms near Ivanhoe. (smashed and another 23 planes inherent defects of the capital- BRIONI, jstjc sysiem or duc to 0VeMX -Yugoslavia and India today penditureSi and th(. like jjitctuuu xvi wunu uocu maim in Dulles told the committee his near the north shore of the Arco. and those up to 9 miles i were seriously damaged. Most have made the proposed Dixon- Yates plant at West Memphis, rt Vtn rt 4 f- rvs i 1 i 11 ,3 cuiu a uan uu aiuiinc nia uuuo i.w, nf the planes were parked on i arum sis 01 ine worm suuauon iMann wnrn u.f iuii nuce ui'uwm i.u.Miau unnecessary. Willi tllCtUVC WIIC1 liailUUCU lUiri i i i a r- on rumi'ifc- (shows the Russians are "over- the wind struck ahout 6:30 p.m.i The state highwav patrol extended" and are seeking fori "It flipped it over just like portP(t a second twister struck'. A larS plate-glass window-President Marshal Tito and new' nolicies. i that," Wolfe. 43, said last night. a area about a airport's administration 1 5 The charge that Wenzell's role was "highly questionable" icame following the second day i of questioning of Paul Miller, la 35. year-old junior executive ,1 "We were trapped under of Hendricks. was knocked out. By Associated FrfM Two youngsters drowned in Lake Winona Thursday when they chased a beach ball beyond their depth. At La Crosse, two 17-vcar-old youths who were swimming from a sand bar drowned in the Mississippi liver. Capt. William Multhaup of the Winona police department identified the victims as Karen Herfindall, 7, Falls Church, and Lowell Dittman, about 8, Lake Elmo. THLY WKRK playing with three children of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rogers, Winona. The three are Barbara, Beth and Charles, Jr. Mrs. Rogers said Barbara told her a ball they were playing with was blown into the water by a gust of wind. Karen, Lowell and Barbara tried to retrieve it. Barbara noticed the two others in trouble and tried to help them back to shore. The Rogers girl was almost carried under with the other two, but managed to work herself loose. Charles, seeing what was happening, rushed to a nearby park telephone connected directly to a police station. An unidentified man on the Vu MiKwiwm'n ii luim-u, huumiu. ahout the same time. At least WINDS in the storm one of saiu ie muse wuum uui mere was air irappea in jo barns were eported down, i several in central and eastern gram mem some respite the ciecK space and we were but no injuries were reported, i Minnesota, reached gusts up to Hendricks is 9 miles west ofjSl miles an hour at Wold- against strains which they have able to breathe all right." "We were under there 10 or been under, trying to do all of Ivanhoe. In the larger tornado, tele Chamberlain airport weather bureau. Unofficial gusts up to 70 miles an hour were re- 15 minutes, hanging onto the boat and then ihe air space with First Boston Corp. Wenzell, a former vice president of First Boston served as a special consultant to Budget Director Rowland Hughes from Jan. 20 to about April 1, 1954, when the Dixon-Yates agreement was taking Russell Jerry Shooting victims day long, the youth told police. At one point he said: "I'm going to kill Jerry and Ronald." Ronald, IS, is Hyland's broth phone lines were ripped out Jawaharlal Nehru, India's prime minister, expressed their views in a joint statement following Nehru's visit here. "The creation of an atmosphere of greater confidence and co-operation in international relations will lead to increasing possibilities for the constructive solution of outstanding international problems and for security in the world," the statement said. "The question of disarmament and the prohibition of nuclear weapons with effective in started to Wolf said. doJ ported at Crystal airport. "Whpn wo finallv bad in let and crops were loiauy Jlie storm dropped Minnr- ctrnvprl nn somp farms and at L.u nnr. car burled into! POIis' temperature about 20 shape in the budget bureau and er, Muessehl and Hyland picked tne energy commis- the things which they have felt they needed to do in order to keep up with the pace which had been set by the free world." Many diplomats believe Russia's recent peace overtures stem from internal economic weaknesses, including the fantastic cost of modern armies and weaknesses in the Soviet farm system. Dulles also said a "de fasto cease-fire" exists in the Formosa area. He said this has up Ronald about 3 p.m. degrees in 30 minutes. Th reading went from 57 at p.m. to US at 7 p.m. But it did not break the city's hot, humid streak. More warm, muggy weather is predicted for todav. get a hold on the outside of thpjtne a'r-boat. But we were lucky and' jHI-: STORM'S onlv fatality came up on the right side. jwas identified as Ronald boat drifted in to about ROri. a twin son of Mr. and Mrs. 100 feet from shore and Larson, who farm 12 swam the rest of the way In." I miles west of Marshall. ternational control is of particu A total of 2.S2 inches of rain brothers dumped on the citv be- he said. lar importance in this respect. "Important results can be ob uii iway is, rirsieosion formally got the financial business in the Dixon-Y'ates contract to erect a 107-million-dol-lar power plant at West Memphis. There wasn't a member of the three-man subcommittee in the least sympathetic with the Dixon-Yates contract. Sen. Lan-ger (N. the only Republican, has been one of the most tained by broad international tween (i p.m. and midnight. Mure showers were expected to fall during the night. l'lUM1 SrfUK uul uv and sisters were plaving at the salvaged. farm homp of Mr and Mrs August Waabema, nine miles The storm did little that will; west of Marshall, when the co-operation in the use of atomic achieved without making energy for peaceful purposes." concessions to Red China. Nehru flew to Rome Thurs-1 "De facto" means in fact- In dav and conferred with worris- shooting has loosen the grip of warm, twister struck. weather on the Twin Cities to area' day. he finished work. He is employed as a cab driver. THE YOUTHS then went to Jerry's house to help him fix a faulty distributor on his car. Shortly after they arrived at Jerry's home on Thomas avenue Ronald went out to have a key made. The other three boys were in the upstairs living room of the Anderson apartment. Jack told Lt. Blade he w-as sitting on' a davenport with Russell nd Jerry was sitting in a nearby easy chair. Suddenly, Jack said, Russell got up and went out the door. He returned almost immediately and said: "Jack, are you going to try It smashed the house to the ground and scooped the boy into the air. His body was new premier, Antonio Segni. stopped in the Formosa Tito accompanied Nehru to the al'ush no agreement de- outspoken foes. hasj The high will bo DO -3 igrees under yesterday's Ypstorrinv iha enmin am iK a irnnrt anri chnnk- hanHc maae 10 00 SO. tP! found lodged in a tree be Reporters heard Tito say Dixon-) ates something about seeing Nehru Coyitinued on Page Six again soon. (GERM AX UNITY KnilcmPcraturc--an(1 it will Problem at Big Talk-page Sidelights on Page 10 The four Larson children. Tornado Continued on Page in MORE PICTURES ON PACE 10 THK STORM batted clown trees, snapped telephone and power lines and caused some building damage. Several communities and sections lost their electric power. Northern States Power Co. and Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. crews were working last night to restore facilities. The storm, which came from the west, swirled into the Lak Minnctonka area about 6:11 p.m. Heavy thunderheads prematurely darkened the late evening sky, then turned loose their rain. Visibility was cut to near- At 6:45 P.M., City Cowers Under Angry Sky 1 to stop me?" WITH THOSE words he' pulled the pistol from his shore came over to help Charles and made the call. THK BODIES were recovered at 3:15 p.m., about 45 minutes after the two went under. Lowell's parents were on a fishing boat with Dr. Rogers on the Mississippi river at the time. Karen apparently had been bit in the care of the Rogers family by her parents, now vacationing in Yellowstone park. The lake is in the southern part of' the city and is surrounded by park areas. The water is quite deep a short distance from shore, authorities said. The La Crosse youths who drowned in the Mississippi river were Richard Keenan and Ronald Schmidt. With them was Thomas Larson, 17, La Crosse. Larson said he and the other two swam from a sand bar to a floating log. He said the other two tired. Mule Kills Boy MOUNT STERLING, KY. Helton, 8, tied himself to a mule he was leading and was dragged and kicked to death Thursday when the animal ran away. i eio oy tne downpour, whiciF Shooting Continued on Page 10 r-lmauacn temporarily flooded streets in many lake suburbs. The wind toie off about one-third of a roof on a new home owned by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cox. 8 Edgewater drive, Mound. IT TILTED over a small, two-story guest house at the residence of T. M. Jacobson. Barber Shapes Hair and Rocky Reshapes Faces i -V 'Mound. 8 I Many boats were swamped on Minnctonka when owners I were caught without sufficient time to lash down their craft. Most of the boats were small ni a bouts. The storm then moved into western suburbs and into the area north of the I citv. fj Hopkins and Richfield re-I ported little damage. In Eriin i several power lines were knocked down. Several sections of St Louis Park were flooded and many trees and wires were down there. I I EI.i:( TKIC I'OWEK at Anok.i was out from 7:30 p.m. to 9 1 Storm 1 1 Continued on Page 10 riday, July 19iS Sunrise 4:35 a.m.; mmet 1:01 it. A colleague says he has discovered the secret of Rocky Marciano's prowess in the boxing ring. Rocky gets physiognomical haircuts. The sign, on New York's Third avenue, reads: "The United Nations barbershop, experts in physiognomical haircuts." That means, according to the barber inside, that they cut your hair to fit your face. Marciano is one of their best walking commercials. The Sfafesmen of New Asia Today Menon "Why weep about forced labor in China? The British A I' I v-V 1 1 used forced labor in India." That iras Indian roving a a a-dor, V. K. Krishna Me-non, speaking in defense of Red China. Carl Rotcan, Tribune A- Height of forgetfulness was! reached out at Morris. during West Central Dairy The night grandstand show had 1 to, be held up because one of' the high school band players' forgot her instrument. She! plays the bass drum. It'll he tough to tell today from Thursday. Cbntinued warm and humid, with occasional thun-dershoicers. High $0 and low tonight 70. I i This thing is getting out of hand. The neighbor girl came: home the other day with a pair! (t tit i' Menon from Asia, Mysterious staff writer recently returned tells about the ON VACATION IN MINNESOTA? Hottest city in the nation: riwenix. Coolest plate in Minnesota: (Rrn)rtinf to I mthrr SurMut Duluth: high 77, low (2 nnrr ttMPmtuts tin houn to 1 low litjou hn ai Midivin. Hit. Urs Muuir Knji fit. 7 SI. loul. Mn. 1 OkUhoma Clly mha. Sro MinnwKolij I) 1 ,1 MAPS Weather and Tempera' turton page II. Mcnnn in another of his "word profiles" on the "Statesmen of Asia." It appears TODAY ON PAGE 5 -a 1t 4i 14. 13: of Davy Crockett panties. And! 4Comic5? .6. 7 Sports a dealer we know is 16-is giving "auto-i Editorial Theaters Women's away Davy Crockett Mtpnfilis Trihun? Thtn ht Dgn Black IAXY RESIDENTS SCUTTLED INTO BASEMENTS AS HEAVENS TURNED BLACK JUST BEFORE STORM STRUCK 8, Markets 18, 191 graphed" pictures. 4 4

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