The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUAHY_2V1931 (AKK.)' COURIER. NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word ior tost Insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Intertlon. No advertisement tsken for less than 60c. Count ilia words and eeud the cash. Phone 306 FOR RENT—Nice front bedrooms, convenient to balli, excellent meals, reasonable rent. Mrs. Lautjli- Hn, H15 Main, Phone 313. 19P-K2 FOR SALE FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 w. Kentucky. Phone 583. 10P-K2U FOH KENT—120 aci'fs 1 mile north ot Ltixora. Cash or crop rent. A. G. Little, first National Bank. 21C-K2B FOK SALE—Baby Clucks. All varieties Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, biylneville. - WANTED SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Mhe effect U p:-,ninihu-!y alli'acllve| with a garnish ot red clwrrU'a, Pur- . , pie B'aue juice makes u delicate \ „ vnytK Feb SI | coloicit puJdins that is most invlt- • , ' ' , • v. 'ing with blanched pistil- - c " l '°- ltl o,x-n Hl B h chio nuts. j(. lr (ira\ip JuliT B.iMirl.m jj' lv Tlnw-lcurthb cup urapt juice, j^y Juice '; lemon, l-'3 cup su-;.u', 1 U- ! ()c , blc'sixwn gi'itmihiti'd ti'laime, -1 t-.i-1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE , up) _. Col . .experiments Is Interesting aiv WANTED — Family Washings. | enlightening to homemakcu i blcspaurts colil »-.wr. ' 1l0> do've ° ' 1 Opon ,„,,,, UK) 1123 1140 114S 11CO IIH 1101 1200 13D6 1318 . 1217 1223 Suots steady at 1135, up 30. I'.C"«VL- WE HAVE discontinued our farm operations and have a number of mules, horses and farm tools we will sell cheap. Call 7U, Browne and Billings. 18C-K'25 FOR SALE—Reasonable—3 Chin- ch'lla rabbits and coop. 535 N. Sixth St. 21P-K25 Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 70-1 S. Lake 51. 11CK-TF PO'JLTHY WANTED—Market prl-1 ccs, cny quantity. Marilyn Hal- [ :h2ry, 210 S. Fourth St. DC-IP Grape jul ce compares ^vc^ W ith ovanEC juke In Its yjttiur vi' rH lo'non iiilc a.W JIIK NK WOHLEANS, Feb. 21 whilc~ le.itlu; | itilT and dry . S-'old in cream I salt. Turn I , iuui Cctum closed steady. FOE SALE—Lunch 103111 and grocery stock and fixtures, cheap for cash. 424 West Ash St. 21P-K25 TOR SALE—50 unite leghorn hens at 15c each, at once. J. M. linrtl- iiv Route 1. 23P-K2G . . Phone 840 W. Every home-maker knows problem of provldhii; the necessivy gelatii'.e. L-?t ceo \s;-i'.e ol t't'g nut Fclc! iuu iicliUtne v,liii>i:ea until nrm with salt. Turii i int3 a mo'.d and let sum! sevcra. v *-' hours until livin and thoroughly cliilUtl, Ecrvc In i.!ie>bjt lilassas uiid yamlsli as prelerreil. ric:-sn tlesseils arc most Invll- LARGE Respoiisiljle Company has imiisiia! opening in Blythovillo lor reliable man to take over es- tabllEhed home service; excellent earnings; good references required; lifetime opportunity. Address R. C. Brookins. 70 W. Iowa Avc.,| Memphis, Tcnn. POULTRY WANTED — Market i durins the winter I ™* mineral sails m0 i«hs. The h ed lo liroduce ,,., lkn lhe us; 0 [ a generous sup- j B' J 1 !C "" (IL •a^i Ices. Op?n Ilish CiO'.e 1101 1123 1101 1123 H37 1130 ll'JIi 1HO 11C4 1114 lltii 1113 1180 1200 1183 1188 POQ liso i'Jo:i 1217 ill '.'.'.'.'. 1211- 123U 1217 lL»3b SIM'.S steady at 1W1, up 'J8. W.ilk In Haiti for I'.iy By Abern ply of mineral salts imperative.I""" 1 Certain foods tend to counteract | the acidity produce;! v.lii'n nmch | IJliE/ ! ir.or.t Is eaie:>. an:l grapn jin-j:' al. i ;v' comes under tills list. | syru;>. Simple pucMimis made \vlih -, juice can be ijiven to (.lilldrcn Menu Juice-, cee milk, co!!c3. .,,., LUNCHEON— Vegetable fliuclc; :iul' 'i-Uiico Faiv.l\vlches. canned slr:v\v- KF.UC1ATUCK, Conn., iUP> — A rnup of [jiils iMiiiitnycd by :\ iitbter iioods concern here make liieir living by walking In the vain. W:nrln? the latest fnshlon In rubber icnlivcar. they tramp the ls lo su'Jilcl them to winter v.-rallu-i- tests. They are paid by the hour. ifu. now Oakland eight sedan, 0 wire I of courthouse, J. E. ( l-'Uher, Phone - wheels. Purcliase<l by lady who became suddenly ill and never recovered. Can be seen at Dent's Garage opposite Noble Hotel. R. M Faircs, Administrator, Box 551, Steele, Mo. 23C-K2 04. vary the menu at a lime whc-n j ii;llk. le.i. fre'll fruits are high and scj.rc?. DINNl;n C:\sserole of lK?t willi G'-aiie juice Bavarian is simple I r:i:slr.s. inansca patatoes. tu'.na.ii but delicious cnouRli for a parly' iritis, radishes and new onions; ou t he: mil, ' amber, milk, coITce. i InlnKS raputlj. Accordinj; to a Mlnnesn'.-i scl:n- | '.is: it requiiv:. une-Ilfth ot a tec- iiiil for llv; eye to rcfilsler the iuiake cf a swltlly moving object, of n, person who FOR RENT FOR. RENT— Furnishes room with balli and furnace heat. NO. 1116 CnickPJivuba Avu., Phone No. 645. FOR KENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. Phone 185J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. .18C-TF FOR RENT— CHEAP— Two bungalows, 101-105 West Cherry. Apply SCO W. Ash. 19P-K2S ^•S§ FAY O.DAVIS Fhone 421 Cents Mined— Dressc.s Remodeled— Everything Clcitned. RE-N'U CLEANEKS Phone 179 ERVICE ^ Gulf Service Station Rryant Stewart. NOTICE OF COM.MfSS10Ntlt'S jeo MV "i"Yf white grape Juice is'usei i g^|,E ' " Notice Is hereby given that thej undersigned, as Commissioner ofj :he Chancery Court for the Chlck- asaivba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under and bv authority of the decree render- I c-d on the 23rd day of February. 1831. in a cause pending in said court, wherein Tiger-Lesine Company, et al., were plaintilfs. and Sindio Flagg. ct a!., were defendants, will, on the Clh day of March, 1931, at the courthouse in Blytheville, oflor for sale to the highest bidder, upon a credit of three months, the following described located in said District and County, to-wit: The Northwest Quarter (NWVi) ot the Southeast Quarter (SE'.l) of Section Thirty-six (30). Township Fifteen (15) north, Range Eight (8) cast. Such sale will be made subject to a prior deed" of trust in fnvor of the St. l-ouis Joint Stock Land Bank, and with the understanding that all taxes and special assessments \vlvich become due or have become due on or before the date of sale will be- paid out of. the purchase money.' And the purchaser will be required to execute rand with approved security to secure the payment of the purchase price and a lien will be'retained upon the land as additional security. WITNESS my hand as such Commissioner and the seal of said Court this 24th day of February, 1931. (Seal) R. L. GA1NES, . Commissioner, j Cecil Shane, j solicitor 'tor Plaintiff. T.ncal and !on:j ilisfancc haulin*. Sprcial rales on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. It. WASII.MI TRANSFER 1400 Cliickasawlvi Phone S51 JACK DEl.K !!adiator Expert, is now with us. New and Usert Radiators For All Cars Juckson Aulo I'urfs 20il> W. aiain—I'hnne. CG AVARMNG OKDEIt The tiefendant, H. F. Marshall, is warned to appear in the .justice I court of R. L. MC'KnigliS. justice, of Ihe peace Jcr the Chickasawba I Township of Mississippi Couut.y.1 Arkansas, within thirty clays and answer the coinp'aint of 'he plain- tilf, Niles fc Mo5er Cigar Company. Witness my hand, as Justice ot the Peace, and olTicinl seal, this 23rd day cf February, 1931. H. L. MCKNIGHT. Justice of the Peace. 24-3-10-17 Never has there been a more economical time to make needed repairs or to build a new house, store or garage. And It Mmj Newer Come Again Special discounts and special terms OB building materials purchased before March 1st. Help the Jobless By Building or Making Needy Repairs Now MtS-fArl MA3AI-I- IT LOOKS Like BAT PIPE IS A EMPIPEMIC OB ' - BBFQ 7 DEV WAS -3&S' 1 LEAK, . I'M-AFRMP- WE MAV 1b CAUL IM A PLUMBER | APPEAR OUR COkiTROl- I IF THIS WERE A PE.AUM6 WITH GRAUnV, OR I COULD A SOLUTiO^ -~-Birr "TASK r!AS ME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiii A LOT OF Dll'TKKENCE ^00 ME Mi "TO \ TrtM "WE BTOC'.'. PMO ty E.OOO.oo fOR TOR. v- 3poo HAY One traic or a train load. EAK CORN, slmel: on, 88c bit Shuck off, 8Cc per uu., in car lots. Cotton Stiles Kales Co., Inc. Blythevillc, Avk. Phone 17-1 or LD 1806. No Crime—No Courts DERI.TN. Conn., tOPI - - Town court session was cancelled lieie when fc'r an entire moulh not a constable matte an arrest. The "ctiinclcssness" was attributed variously to cold weather, busin'ss depression and moral reformation ! BIIIUIV.' local residents. C\IX . 11WJ AW &WEU1" OOT OF VT --XOO OEE. <AO (SOW 3$lll ,3C=Sii^ TA'^l-i TttiW VOtYX, ^ smvwx B*<X;>; 5E3Z3EE2EC! FRECKLES AND HIS FKIENDS BE,SURE YOU'RE RIGHT, te lion, isn't as courageous as-you ai- £ OP AVL IMS SLACli IN TUS POPS, FtzeckCLES, SO I DCjJT Liwoy TOO Haao AUD LOADGQ 0>JTD SLEO RUSH UlVlDY To A UNDKR WAY! BY EVERYTHING IS HIM TO DB. MJC33 OU OAK I BET UHDV |S EWJOVIU'TUIS, E-4EM IF WtS LEG IS BE". U. S. P/,T.'O r F. fi I?3T aY .1LMESVICC. IMC. ,$$*>&" - ccod. does Yitca<e «IHI6Vk~:ASU.V)CE.I,|C, . :<*v UKADY TO MAKE TKKMS By Crani 00^ WtSlV. TM£ BC- Hi?. HCMSV f\P.£\!OTA WORTHLESS I j TUM THE Hi. . , . fOR U'W. HtSUPS LIMPID TO THE FLOOR, COMP 1.6 lEW l t -o , / VCt) ^RL F.F.H OEES6RWG. f ttfiV'W.'. CM-Lvoi) ^coL l ^IrERrtl-VtR, A CROOK. tET £ES SCWjOM ENOUIir 1 EVr.M KNOW VOO. TRIEKO 1 . VOU TO fcCI OUT OF JML, r wEr.r-n TO AVOID I WEEL MAKE fV AWCuP.L MOWER AN 1 1 STAV IN JMU, GH? c MCSS, IF NOU I-V5K

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