The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 193!) mm SEE E Talk On Seventh Avenu Is About Dollars Anc: Cents By MARIAS' VOlWf; HEA Service iJlatf Correspond NEW YORK—Scventh Avenue -^Fashion .Capital of America— discusses the war in terms of the closing of the Paris.dress-making houses. Ever since the news i) ln t the Bloat couturiers of Prance have t'losol t!)c-ir doors was received In the 7,000 factories, which employ about 200,000 workers, there has been talk of nothing else. The "little men," skippinv lightly ovt-r news from the Ma»Inot Line, loss their heads and say .as tthey, Always have, "We never pay any attention to j'arls anyway. Paris couturiers can't dress American figures. You cmi Imagine what would happen to our business if we did ankle-length afternoon dresses." The bigger fish in Ihe hlllloii- and-£i-half-do)lav bnsiiiras, whlcli by the way, is New York's largest manufacturing Industry, are sad Just plain sail. "We have depended on Park for Inspiration nnd stimulation more than actual ideas," they say. "Jusl as Paris has depended on us more for approval than actual cash IDEA. QUOTA IS A "MUST" But get five ideas they must—five every year. The success of the fashion business 'lies in making every woman want something new every few mcnths. Let her find all the new dollies of the season loo much like the ones she already has and she won't buy. What she sees must make her feel tlmt what she has Is old hat. All of which sounds simpler Ihnn it actually is. No sooner is a "spring line" completed fusually before the middle of February) than the designer In the wholesale house must turn her attention to summer finery. The "summer line" usually is ready in April. The showing of early fall fashions, usually known as "a mid- season collection" takes place early in July, it includes all the lightweight wool costume suits and the neat little black dresser lo be worn in September and October. It's usually pretty small That is, it contains only a hnml- fur'of designs ns compared l< spYlnjf and Jail showings. pontcdfwitli Slight viuiii'iions, in the summer showings in April GOOD OESIGN MEANS SUCCESS .. Any manufacturer in the Gar- Pall showings lake place late in July o rcarly in August. In. October, Palm Beach lines are shown. American. Fashion Gels Break (ARKJ COURIER NEWS wont, be RO Inilflr-nml Mini's nof 11 )iul llilHjt, )n> Diliiks-biil ho* will nor JdM.s bo? lie tniuk* n m t lio wonders. Ami ho LisnO. Smenlh Avormo i., tmuiHg „,, u OM , t Urn <lnys-bul n lot, ,,f |)roj>lc lock a trifle (|MWf»l, The no])iu-(iiu>nt of Jiisllco, for Uic llrsl tliiii' .since lli<> KOWIII- im>i>l has Iwra n'fjiiltiUiHf nvliitlon, lias bi-eii iisktcl lo ui'osmilo olglil jillot.s cliiir,j<.<| win, violations of civil wnr I'l'ijnliUloiis, PAGE NINE Werl Optometrist K MAKES 'EM SBK" Over Jon Isaacs' Stan Phone ', , 1>CS(( """"'"" u e paliem makers lo M|SS Hollander belongs in 0! ' e of 8erenl " B d "" imy - Somc follow, others work (o Uic .second scliool. mate will, / abl -ic These may not seem Important from the point ol vtc»- cl the avera-e American who hasn't a Cliiimmnn's chance of going .south during the winter, but, from the designer's licy are. What goes over ut the Flsrida beaches is pretty sure lo be successful everywhere the following summer. Good numbers from Die Pnlm Beach lines usually are ro- ment Center, known to (lie trade as "the market," will fierce that finding lire right designer and building; n designing staff around her, is the secret of success. They agree, too, that there arc as fine designers turning out dresses to retail for $4 as fcr $59.50 and up. If her dresses sell, the designer is good. From Seventh Avenue's point of .vlcw.Uhal'-is the only lest, . _ .In addition to designers 'who, incidentally, really ' do make those fabulous salaries you hear about, Seventh Avenue employs 'aboxit 200.000 workers. ' The Garment Center's labor unions are strong, in fact, there me no stronger labor unions in the country than the International Ladles' Garment Workers' Union and the Amalgamated Clothing workers of Amer- The strength O f the , mtolls causes the manufacturer m ttn v ft headache, but, on the other hand it keeps his competitor's prices cniinl to hie own and thus cstnb'- llslies, as Fortune Magazine pointed out, a "government-blessed price- fixing device which is not, kicked about." The only vulnerable spot, therefore, is in , the designing staff. Given, it is s;l id c n Seventh Avenue, about $2,500, a few connections with buyers In department stores and a really good designer, nnj'bcx!> can yo into the Oress busine.w nm make mcncy. EXPERIENCE IS WHAT COUNTS Tliey add.' however, that It take; a Ion;; iimc to build a truly t>m- clcnt garment making business. It. takes years of experience lo learn to pick the right material for a sample dress, to cultivate the right buyers in the right stores, to know exactly the opportune time lo mak lunch horn scene on Mow ^oiks Scrailh Avenue-America's Style capital. Tlie 200.000 workers and the executives of the 1000 -* factories mill around the garment center . . . bo.mde.l by 2711. Street on the south, Times snuarc on :lhe north. Eighth Avenue on tho west nnd (he middle of (h c block between Fifth uml Sixth Avenues on DID east-talking snop. Alivnys talking shop. ft patrncr of a smart executive in the firm so ho won't leave right, In' the middle of the rush season. Tlicy add, too, that once a manufacturer has found n designer whose stitff clicks season after season' nothing he pays her Is loo much She Is the axis on which the wheels' I'cimcl niul round. At the moment, he's worried about where to send lior next February ruui again next AnyiisU—the months when she Is accustomed to «o abroad lo see Paris clothes. And also to lake n look nroiiml Kuropc search of Inspiration generally. DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Waiuler, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dangerous anil (iMwiislw In clrlvi- with Sttcrliijf (Ipar u m i Front Wheels out of uiljusl- menl. Krrulnff them In com) oriler Is so simple am) luevixm- sjvn > p oii slmuM never Iran (o oMniire.s. ADJUST . STEERING GEAR •COMPI.KTK STEKK1NO OEAK AlUTOTMENT, HI- C4OC cli.illiiK— 4 f JJ of nil B;il) .Snrkct I joints — tljhlriihiK •• (ronl SiirhiK Clips uml Shackles. (Farts Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The aliovo Irtdurtcs a cniuptot* INSl'KCTfON nnil HKI'OIM' on co.utltton «f Wheel AllKiimcnt ami factors iiiTcclliii; tire wrur.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 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