The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1934
Page 2
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SATURDAY, MAY 26, 1984 ILFfDTILLl (Ait) OOUUB OW1 HOI OBI L E O E and Mote* for the Motorists SPEED mine Huge Century of Progress Lxhibil Made Ready m a tew Weeks CHICAGO, May 26. -Unparalleled feats in engineering and construction are icpreS-'ntcu oy me j opening today of Henry Ford'^l giant exposition at the Chicago! Wu-ld's i-niv. ford was 1101 in the I Fair ia.« ;ear. He got away to a] late start this year. The result was mat ne uus ir.tvd wiui wn.^ o.'dinanly would ha\e been a \ear of work, lo be compieteii m i.iuc nonius. Slxteen-hnndred men working i day aim nigiii under tile direction oi a whole regiment of engineers, ucnnicjans, arusts. architects, field men and Fold oiiiciai-s smashed even war lime consuucuon recoil, I In doing thus job, the biggest ever oone by a .single exhibitor lor any world's fair. The tord project covers eleven acres. Some idea of the immensity ul it is indicated by tnc iaci i.*... it employs more than seven hundred permanent employees. Twenty-one big manufacturers in addition to ford are participants. The main building with its K story high rotunda in the shape oi a truncated gear and its UDIJ,- COO.OOO candle power "pillar of light" in itself covers 5 acres. The industrial hall, a single winy, is the size of three iootball nelds placed together. Exhibits totalling more liiui. 2500 tons in weight and including more than a tnousaml,: machines lo be used in telling ui-j complete stoiy oi the inanuiaciuij ol automobile parts from raw materials to finished p.-oducts aio now in place and in operation. They were assembled at lusn sp?ed limn all parts ol the United Stales. Most of them were lilted bodily irom factories. The "Roads of the World," unique 2,01/1) feet su etch of roadway in Ford Gardens illustrating 1:11 exact reproduction lit of me niKa. tamous roads of roadbuilding lus- lory, have been entirely completed in less than three wteks of work- ins time. Ford Gardens itself, two weeks ego u mere strelcti ot sand waste, II has been transformed into a lake front park complete with snniDS. liowers and trees in less than two weeks. A huee shell to be the sci-ne o: a 13 weeK series of twicc-a-aay concerts by the Chicago Woman s Symphony Orchestra and the DL-- iroit "Symphony Orchestra, not iiteded itntn June "tth, is complete in structure and is receiving final accoustical treatment. The World's laraest geographical globe—20 feet in diameter, 12,003 ],uimds in weight, electrically driven and illuminated is completed and in operation in the "Court of the Worjd," cenlral open court in Ihe Ford rotunda. The world's largest, photographic mural, 600 feet in length, ^u . .c* hi^ri, 40,000 pounds in weight, printed on four fifths of a mile of photographic paper is in position on the interior wall of the great rotunda. Sixty-nine historic vehicles comprising thc Ford "Drama ol Transportation." tracing tnc de\eiup- inent of vehicular transportation Irom prehistoric, limes to tne present, are in place on the concrete and tile platforms in the Grauci Concourse. Chevrolet Tows Nurlin"lon Zeph>r p r - f<nmii Chrysler Engineer Is Specialist in Pleasing Women Customers NEXT WEEK a/ Blytheoille's Theatres THE RITZ DKTUOIT. — On the desk of luxurious settings, and Joan Craw- Mltlny music, gorgeous gowns. dnclois In n great metropolitan iftlhcr than with Ihe more niinj Wllford A. l.lmlberg In Re- ford al Ihe head of one ot llio M.mbre or technical side of such roil n:e hundreds of brightly col- most brilliant casts ever assembled „,, institution. ted blls ol silk and woolen fab- for n motion picture—these mv tin 1 u,.| 1( > Daniels enacts llw fealur- !cs walling lo be matched In (into- ingredients o( "Sadie Mcltm" new c ,i role, that of a beautiful woman inbili' paints. Melro-Ooldwyn - Mnycr production w l>u mms to nursing after her I liidbcig Is color engineer for which o]>ons Simiiay al thc lilt?. rmirlml life has proven a failure, he Chrysler Motors Corporation Theater for Iwo days. 'H,,. romance ol the picture ccn- .nd the blls of fabrics are samples A multl-mllllomdrc's wlte In si-v- lers alxntl- this nurse, for while "Double Door," corn** on 8«turt»r to the Rltt Thettr*. "Double Door" features a strong cast Including Evelyn Vensble, Sir Guy Standing, Kent Taylor ind .wo members of the orlgnal Broad- wny cast, Mary Morris and Anne Revere. F.vansR elnoln stadlu cmfwvp mb It is a thrilling, fast-moving and suspemeful story of the sinister efforts of un erratic spinster U) retain control of Hie destiny nnd fortunes of on« of New York's oldest and richest amllles. It tells how Miss Morris as the fanatical splaster combuts her bi other's marriage to a young and beaullful girl, attempts to destroy their marriage happiness, A final desperate coup that breaks her own power. In which she tries to murder the iflrl, furnishes the material for tlw many fin In wllh rcihiMt.s from now car tml Sl , n u cntcs , Miss Crawloid Is other mirsi'S have love affairs, buvers for something special. | ,^ ( . a lllL . opportunity lo wear Mime Hebe Ls the one over whom thc Most of those!i lire from of , lu , | OV ,.)| C5 | ^owns ever design- two lending su;geuns of thc Insti-1 wuinen. UndbcrB says. Tlie sum- ct , by Adrian, inte.-nalidiially fnm- union become rivals. Lyle Talboll olor ' ous fashion|;iu-r. and John Halllday are Ihe two and gripping dramatic sltua- llnns wllh which Ihe picture Is arc of every conceivable ci even including chartreuse, orchid ed out. The color cxiierl has du«lo|)ed a system for mulching nml mixing special paint eomblntitlons il you .••c:' a i!ar:-.d': c! si-ir.y. new tlluimmim milero ccmin^ doun the bloL'k you can bet that it's u shipment of new Ford cars for your hH'i!! dealer. They are bein^ shipped this way today, as the above photo/rnph sher.'.v This shipment was recently made in Washington, D. C., where it stopped traffic and :;itracted much n'.iciilion. rhis lalrst melhud of timisporlliii; cars Is replacing the old method. It has lc<I o the sugucv.irai that the lore! Mold! 1 Com]).iny uwy ulunately adept ll:e ?luyau: "Unlouchud by Human Hands." -- Anlos I by Human Hands settings lor the palaiinl ^injeons. T.Hbol the unscrupulous f Urcnnnn llu 1 milllunulrc doctor to whom love is a thing ol isldered the uioalest ever passing moment, while Ilallday has il bv M-G-M's architects " sincere affection, for his nurse. •Liio-i '" cl " l(1 "-'- Ou , uon WKJCOH has u, c ro ie of ', ." ... . . . , Hebe's Irresponsible husband who „ .,„,. -.- •» <"> (1 c ° lurfu »ahi c.ub B . 111C|(S licr lir ,, ,, lld , nUT alomML ind is proud of the fact that lie *<*»<= Is presented, with the chorus for „ , , Ulkl ,,„ own can give the now car buyer exact- being Intrtxhtced by the novel , iy what he wants. ' device of u great folding bed. This .. y|v|1 v||ln| ,, M ctro-Golrtwyn- " ••Everyone Is color-conscious," lie 1^ Hie scone In which Gene Aus- M ,, y( ,,, s succ incii!ar story whlcl to's. "and every year more and "». i ." 01 "!, lc " or ' tntcrlnlns wllh n) , ( , 1]s Thursday al Hie Ililx. Tln-a more |K'Ople arc becoming color- ''Is "hoys. 1 (v( , fn| . lw[) ( i n) . s ls yj^Hemiiy class wise." - ' The excepllonal cast siipiwrtlug c< \ !im ong the greal screen master- I necently. Undbcrt; has been Mifs Crawford Includes such pieces of nl! time. ' vorking on a number of point "niiines" as Fianchol Tone, Gene Filmed largely in Mexico, will combinations to be exhibited in the Raymond, Esther nnlMun. Edward Wulluce Beery as the star and Plyumulh display at A Century of Arnold, Earl Oxford, Jean Dixon, W |th n ti esceptlanal supporting Progress Exposition. 'le.o O. Carroll Aklm Tnnilroff, cast, "Viva Villa!" hns emerged as The display will Include a Con- Zcl(i11 Sears, Helen, Wnre. Helen O i,e of the truly great pioditcllons enlble Coupe in bright yellow, a Freeman and C.cnc Austin. o f recent years. Town Sedan In "Evcrulades Red" More than 100.000 Mexican nu- DIII] a Rumble Scat Coa\x in "neBistercd Nurse," the First lives were used during production, •liatleii Green." These cars will be National picture which comes to as mnny as U.OCO appearing on the exhibited In adtllllun to other Ply- the liltz Theatre on Tuesday and screen ut one time. Mouth models In standard colors. Wednesday, Ls said to bu a romnn- A ,||| C ,i I Q n s lnvLshness Ls a flc- •1 he color schemes on Ihe mod- Ite drama of hasplinl life with an ,,„„„, romunl i t ,,i 0 ry which runs eh are balanced and complete," he entirely new twist. II deals wllh [,,iough the photoplay, presenting says. "Even the headlights, tall- l.'-*- 1 ' love lifl - ot '"f nurses and amy for „,„ ,, rst () ,, 1( , ln ]]1[m> . liyhts and horn's are painted lo years as a lover, conform. Thc colors were selected schemes are worked oul to provide with Eeery In thc notable cast to Illustrate Ihe effect of differ- balance. This balanced 'effect Is appear Leo Carlllo, Fay Wray, en! colors on Ihe eyes. usually achieved through striping Donald Cook, Stuurl Erwln. George Green is reslful to thc eyes be- with Ihe stripes complementing (he R Stone. Joseph Schildkraut. cause It is thc fundamental color color used on the rest of Ihe Kntherlne Of Mllle. Phillip Cooper the spectrum and when viewed body." t r, Frank Pugltn. Honry B. Wai- restores as much energy lo the Lindberg says the balance Idea thai]. Dnvld Diirand.' Francis X. eyes as it takes out. Red and yel- can be carried further, even lo Bushman, Jr., Adrian Rosley and take more energy from Ihe ui c dress of the car owner. A girl Henry Armetta. eyes than they restore and blue driving a yellow sports coupe,- he injects more energy than It takes Ell y Si should be wearing a "Navy Adapted from the New York cut of thc eyes. Blue" dress lo 'complement" Ihe pluy. hit of the- current season, . "In general, automobile color cnr. . . I'arainounl's picture version ol Six kinds of Ice have been found y a Harvard University professor,, ind a French doctor has found one of these varieties In Ihe hu- nan body. Although the Biirl:n;iim Mreamli:ied Eep:iyr weighs nearly 100 tons. Ihis Chevrolet sedan found no .ii!Ticiiily in r.uliim il;!i (lie coach yards <<f mat railroad in Chicago one (lay last week. Two things were graphically d:mnir=u-a!fd by tho stunt: Chovro -frs Knfe-Action iwrmilted a steady pull without jhattenni' on Ihr ro'.ijh midfced. for one thins: and the frictionless construction of the Zephyr, for another. Insert shmvn metrical of coupling car to train. For Exhibition ul World's Fmr Grasshoppers can be hatched from unfertilized eggs; tiiL-oj ... i.ei.e.'.s irr-ecls are always females. Cn the !.il:\vays or in Hi- rju;;i>. 1.1.0 new :.. ,i:<ii:tn Town Sedan is as smart in appearance as il is >' pcMormar.ce. The Town Sedan with tuli-in trank will be on dispiay in the Plymouth exhibit at A Cell .ury of Pro--rcss ExpcvsHion thV, year. The car is specially painted the new "Everglades Red." for the Fair (\i\t- i i urn r» • I !>««'„ P»?nnn«;k!IU., Oldheld Will Dme ilJenies Responsibility Atjah for Chrysler' fsr Transport Accident n^ui.i i-Ji x-iiijon-i. t- pletcly off the highway. Mr. Dan icl J ld lhnl , vh f lc ,» c tl . ansporl . *<* at the station he took advantage of the opportunity to It was s riglit canuy idea *.hat Ilia ' ng allcnclanl in Kent, iigd in logging hiniBclt , Bull of armor, llosldcs lilaisclf bump-proof, ha ir»«to worry »bout keep- up lu • o lui HIP crease In Ml panti, you know. Tou scelilra lier* on rtutr. CHICAUO. — Barney Oldnrld. dean of auloniobil' drivti^ and most colcrful Triurp ever t" streak across the comilry'.s siKvd- ways. hns reen pimrd tiack inati- agcr and chief 'pilot at thn Chrysler Motors Irnck dinini; A Ccn- lury cf Pro?r ss. opening May ifi. To Ihe miliicns who saw him (lash around Ihe qiiaiter-mllc Chrysler motordoiru* V.Ti 1 la<t yi-ir and [icrform fcnsaiio:i:il drivluR fcals in (|K. mi-.d p : .K tMi is :in fssuiance oi llnills ualor;- al tlv 1911 fair. For tip past two \enrs. the vtt- •ian sjiepil kin? hns h?cn K 1 :vi!i5 "s Ki-hway Knlc'.v Uiuvl;r for the I'lymo'.ilh Mttcr Ccr;:ornllo:i. is cxr^rted in rli : r.i "0 >fon lo makf pieliminarv pT^rs fc: *h' P'ecl nirs and sand pit Ksls ihr-t w II feature Ihe mcta-b'r.i 1 slv«v On O!dfir:d's staff "ill b" niciT than twenty e\p.-ri t'.riv.-] 1 ^. ivrbid- ing speedway . i ;ar^. suint driver- am! experts' from the Chrysler pngineevini! lnlwr.itorics. Read Courier News Want Ails. i Em , )1( ,cs o, the state revenue department were nol responsible : for \top;iiiu the big automobile 1 . um^pgrt Vv i,j cri w , ls involved in .,, no-j^pm ]^^ Saturday at Yarb m lllc coarier News has bcm in- by C. G. Daniel, revenue ! dr-nartmenl iwrmlt agenl at Yarbro. , T i, c acdacllt KCaitci wl]en „„ ^utomcblle hit the transport, which uos ,„„ ctfar of thc concrcte icadway. Mr. Daniel explained . u 1!lt thc lrans ,, m .t llad stopped ' for s - rvi « al Ihe H. M. Bailey station of Its siM s «d H'C position of thc pumps, it . was imiio<Mblc for it to get com' — ''^Ivcston's Oleander GALVESTON. Texas. (UP)— Gal- 1 wslon's annual olenndcr parades *'"' ^ '^^ Jnn « 2 and 3. Scores °' c ' liicir "n w-ill walk In Ihe pa- rad " wltn CMtumcs decorated £"'"«! ?™ a " d * hl "= fl°« rs ° f ll10 °' candcr 5hnlt>s - Ih Day; IS Ejfs; 13 Chicks GARDINER. Me. (UP)—On Friday thc 13t.i Mrs. Lillian M. Rice set a hen with 13 eggs. On a subsequent Friday several weeks later 13 perfect chicks were hatched out. JOY [NEK & HONIFTELD Aladdin Marie THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to sun, but woman's work ia never done'/ is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home of late years, and has done much to lighten the burdens of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a sort of "Aladdin magic." It works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It furnishes light and heat. It sweeps the carpets and polishes the iloors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the .dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning ; cup of coffee. H beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread; and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. You learn of these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised." AND GET GOLDEN PLY BLOW-OUT PROTECTION Months if Extra Kites At gruellint "ipeedi on the . world's faiUst track, the new : Goodrich Silvertown, with the Life^iver Golden Ply, lasted S limit »i lnn( «s similar tires that cjid hot have thu feature. Thes« SILVERTOWNS Mm- blew —because the Life-S»ver'.'. Golden Ply resists htat, On" great cause of blow-outs. No extra coat for this protection. *ft JteF- If Goodrick Silvertown' mn UFC-SMU «KK» m W. J. Wunderlich's IMAIN SERVICE STATION P*o** 711

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