The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1049 VL T'lHEV ILLK <AKK.) OOUMBK NVWI Average American Family Pays $33 Per Month to Apply on Government Workers' Salaries ^ MINNEAPOLIS, May 3.—There Is now one government employet Vlbr every six and a half families in the United Statw; tach family'* pro rala share of the cost -of federal government salaries average* approximately $33 a month, or ttOO a year, according to calculations by the family economics bureau of Northwestern National Life In»uranc« Company. Back ill 1929 there were approx- j imately 3,100,000 government em- ' ployees, or one for every ten families In the United States, the figures show. Today there are slightly over 6,100,000 civilian employees of our federal, state and local governments. Public workers' salaries to- talled a little under '$ In 1929, exceeded J15.000.000.000 in • 1948, and may hit $16,000,000.000 for the year 1949. according to the bureau. A force of 6,100,000 employees ap- proxima'ely equals the number of paid workers r rll kinds In the three states of Massachusetts. Indiana and Texas combined, the report says. Since 1929 the population of the United States I as Increased 21 per cent, the mtml>cr of state and local government employee. 1 - has Increased «0 per ten!- -from ;.r>| i iximiuely 2,500.000 to 4.000.000 and the num- l«r of federal civilian employees has incrcni"d r "0 iK'r cent — from just under 600.000 to approximately * Numbers Increasing After a sharp shrinkage from Its war emergency peak of approximately 3,400.000. the number of federal civilian employees is again increasing at the rate of about 100.000 per year Tills rouslhy approximates |! ie number of wage and salary earners of all kinds In a city the size of Hartford, Conn., or Oklahoma City. Okla., the statisticians point out. ' I The number of state and local government employees is currently increasing at the rate of about 2CO.OOO per year, or by about the number of wage and salary earners* of all kinds in city the size of Dallas, Tex., or Kansas City. Mo. Of the approximately 4.000.000 state and local government employees. approximately 1,600,000 are in the field of education. Since 1929 the number of other state and local government employees has Increased half again as rapidly as teachers and educational workers, the figures show. Kathy Fitcut Rescue Workers Will Receive From $200 to $1,500 Each SAN MARINO. Calif,, May ». <*•> Wj— The Ul heroes who struggled to re-scue little Kathy FUcus from an abandoned well will receive from $200 to $1.500 apiece from the »43,lOo rescue fund. Tills was disclosed Wednesday night by Robert S. McKibbin, commander of I he Los Anaeles County Council of Veterans of IVwelgn War.s •and member of K"triy Fisciis Rescue Fund Committee. MnKibbin told some 40 of the rescuers at the east Pasadena American Leigon Hall the »1.MO will be paid to such men as H. !> nvhlley) Bliekensderfer and A. O. Kelly, who spent the most time underground MrKlbbin said he hoped to have the money distributed by tilt first o( June. Th<- rescue efforts of the three- ear-old aKIhy touched the nation's heart. She fell 10 feet Into n H-inch well casing and her body was brought to the surface 52 hours later. Southerner Fears Oleo Tax Repeal May Be Blocked rear that the United States ten- ate may not act on the bill to repeal the federal Ux on oleomirine during the current seaslon wu expressed In Washington this week by Am R. Blake, executive vice president of the Nation Cotton Council, Mr. Blake recalled that the situation Is somewhat similar to (he fate of the repeal bill last year when U won House approval and * favorable recommendation from a Senate committee only to die on the Senate calender when the session of the 80th Congress ended The bill earlier this yenr wor overwhelming sup)K>rl In the Housr and again has been Riven an okn> by the Senate Finance Committee Mr Blake said that he had recelv ed Information that the hill ma bo shunted aside in the Senate itfsun tn's year. Parking Meters <o Ge* Trial in Caruthersyille Parking meters are being installed In Caruthersville, Mo., this week, and the work is expected to be completed soon, The City of Carrlhersville has contracted for the meters on a triRi. basis, :vUh a year to deter mine whether or not they will retain the meters. The manufacturer lias agreed to remove them with no cost to the city if they are not satisfactory. After the meters be- j> crmie permanent one half of the revenue will be applied towards the CaruthersviUe Seniors Get Diplomas, Go on Picnic The 81 seniors (rom Cnmthers- vllle. Mo., today were on Crowley's Ridge for their annual class picnic which concludes school activities for the group. Last night tile gi-pc'uates recelve< tlielr diplomas at commenremen exercises, when the Rev. Wavne Gray spoke to th»m, using the subject "To He or Not To Be" as the theme of his address. Steve Hamlett, class president, welcomed the audience, and musical numbers included a coronet solo ly Don Cabtree, vocal solo by Jean Ann Walker, and a piano solo by Wayne Meadows. John W. Sawyer. Jr.. president of the CarulhersvillR School Board, presented the diplomas to the graduates. Lost Sunday the baccalaureate services were conducted , at ^ the hleh school auditorium by the Rev. Bill Smith, pastor of the Church of Christ and on the precedlne Friday the junior class entertained I the seniors with the annual prom Mother Who Lost Four Sons Aboard Cruiser To Get $2,000 Bonus DEK MOINES. la.. May 20-(,1>(— A S2.CKK) veteran's bonus check is I no to Mrs. Thomas F. Sulllraii 'i Waterloo. la., whose five sons wen down together when the cruise Jimcau was sunk In the Pacific. The State Bonus Board said yc: rerday Mrs. Sullivan ha.s anolted (o the J500 beneficiary bonus o George, Francis, Joseph and Mad' son. That undoubtedly will be tli largest sinule bonus paid." a s|roke. man for the board said. Albert, the youngest Sullivan so: was the only one married. Tl board said It had been Informe his widow would apply for the bonus on him. The Juneau was sunk Nov. 1942. of Savo Island during tl battle of the Solomons. Graduates Plan o Stay at Home Arkansas College Students Finding Opportunities Here By the Aunclated Prru Aikuiisnj apparently lias plenty f business and professional op- jortimltlM tor college students. An Associated Press survey of the Ule's smaller colleges .shows thai nost of the students, who will complete their education this month, hni to »uiy In Arkansas to earn a Iviun. I The field of education, bus careers and the |>ro(f.s.sors appear to be the drawing cards lor most of he .students. Oth«r vocations which this year's graduates have selected Include ilhletics, agriculture, journalism he ministry, varied phases o: science, and Industry. Many graduates from Junior col- SCs plan to continue their e*ica- Llon, About 2,000 students will receive dcpi'ces this year at the vurloiu four-year colleges nnd I ho Unlvevsl i.y of Ai-knnsas. Mosl ol are ex-.srrvicciuen Mtendtmce at the close o World Win- Two shattered sill prcv ions curollmcnt records. '' Sumr Women Veterans Fouiier WAGS, Waves. "lad: Marines" ami Spurs ami .sonic Arm, and Navy mines arc grnduatini from college this year but mast o the volcnuis are men. Of Ihe 142 students sit Arkansas Stnle. 124 arc veterans. Aboul Imlf the seniors nt Arkansas A. and M. wpre In World War Two. Al Ounehltn. 180 persons will receive dcprces. 117 of them ure cx- servlccmen. Here are tlie figures from the 1M rUu*t4 an4 41 tUfnolU A. tn4 M. I* nt Ui HtnUtim IS* w>4 Mi Aikanaaj TVh M in« «; Pin* »luif A. M. and N., MO and U; BMb* unlor College 4» and U; Htndrlx 40 and M. William branch, M, of Newport, Ark., probably Is the oldMt Ark- >uas collejtiate (rtduatt this year. Branch will receive a degree In mechanical arts at the Pine Bluff M. and N. College. Other elderly paduaten Include: At Harding Colleie, MUi Olivia «, W Ml JuiM, ArUnaU A. tM U., Mhn M, War*. •, K*droo, Ark,, iM M4h**r*on. Mr* O»*l •tetaKMa, M, W Aik- (4*lpbU, Ark, AMUt out third of th* §rUutte s art marritd. At lirtually 4v«ry col- leu on* or nwrt ooupl* will receive der •*• totrtlMr. Tlie r»d«r»l Council of Church** ol Otirlat In America U made up of M national d«nomHi«tlon> which have a total m«mb»r»hlp of more than M.000.000, Annual Decoration and Singiitf Dcry PROGRAM Sunday, May 22, 7949 ' MT. ZION CEMETERY halfway between Steefe and Cooler Singing will lifgln itt One O'('k)ck P. M. fratui'inK the "Friendly Five", from Ohinii, 'I'eiin.i »nd "The C«lv»r.v Jr. fiom »lythevill«, Ark. your flowers in the morning and decorate enrly. We have only a few Kurlal l.dls left for Mile. If you. Hie interested in liuying, we would like to show them to you. Mt. Zion Cemetery Association S. L. ROBINSON, Secretary P EM I SCOT COUNTY SINGING CONVENTION R. E. L. SMITH, President WHY MILLIONS PREFER THE TASTE OF ANCIENT AGE Thr uiiic|U* uiir id Auifrni At* I* M-iiiied by iin- .kill of kriiMuVy'i iwm fmnmu diVIHm hy cumul liiMiillitig, by iKittklng M ih«t pe<tk M H,nor.,. .itin 5 y**ui irf ^rncvoni inrllowiiig in ilic mk. Riiy i imglr ttodlr of AiidtiK Air .Hir;iiul.i krnimky Rumbon Wh.iUy, 'hv it In » hith-lMll, In t t'Oikiail xml tip It ilioiifchihiHy, "tifii," Roll It undrt jour confttir. S.iun U ai h »li|>4 M n*tnl) down )oiu UHO*I. Notice hh«l i<jr«*hin|ly dittrrrm mie linx^i* In yimr mnuih, MM 11 tlR )01ir tlelUille iJltf'gUllMl IO "waininjr." Viin, IIMI. Kill loin ihr million* u lui luvr rmm' b,uV In ilir oM M-unl- ;ml ul Iioni-sl \;ilm*<,.. lot lilt" tiki) I Li MM • f;i vni lir n f alt %• yriii -nlil SII.U^IH KrimnA\ Hombhuv. An< icm AHC . . ."lllr willi A^r in id ANCIENT AGE WORLD'S LARGEST'SELIINS 5-UAH-OLD SUAICHT KENTUCKY BOURBON tllMtHl IOMIM WHIlItf It »OW itUim «M PIANO TUNING! and REPAIR Thw Mly runCT TCIOM ky STBOMOCONN ta*MM MMphh urf S*. Uak Wm • TAXI LKM ntx tm ^ADJOREPAIR •ipnt-eVUV JOB OOAB- ANTCED. WBT FA* FOB LEUT Music Instrimnts and Supples AnytklBf Inm a yitk I rRoMs Music Stora 107 K. Main — Tel. 81 Sroll Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • BdUr Mrw • BetUt ferric* IN N». rrankHa riMM KM Early day Hudson Bay !Co. men j rind to be able to carry a 90 pound pack plus food and steeping equipment 80 miles in four days- purchase price until they are paid for, and the city retains half the revenue. ' You can afford a dream kitchen—Now. 1 IT'S A GLORIOUS clay wlien you gel your new wliite- enatneled sUei kitchen! This beaiily has 60" twin- liowl Kilchcnaider cabinet sink witK. the famous Mullitmidcr electric garbage disposer. It can be yours! Why delay? You can afford that lovely while-enam- elcd steel Voungslown Kilchen nowl And what a bcnuly! Super storage space and generous work surfaces to speed every kitchen ch»rc! Food preparation and dishwashing are easier—a breeze, thanks to the Kitchenaidcr cabinet sink. And the Mullinaulor electric garbage disposer *nd> garbage forever! ns show you your new Idlcheii iu miniature. No cosily remodeling; easj- terms. See us today' R«l1d your Vitchtn around * Kitchertaider- Mnllinaider Combination. This 48" twin-bowl modr^(one of 10 rmxtelj) ' has atiding-removable drainlx>ar<] of acid-resisting porcelain enamel and laundry-deep (11") ttt- ond bowl. IT MULUNS World'! l.rgo.t m«k»n of (tool kluhont Adams Appliance Co., Inc. .1. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-208 Wesl Main Phone 2071 100 Gallons Of Gasoline (,1{\\|N , ., With Each Car or Truck You Buy on This 10 DAY SALE Phone 521 fsTEIL BUILDINGS I • MtttiMi !• mm, tatftfllh*!, UAfftM- •111 1*4 tttm MM. of Select USED CARS and TRUCKS This sale begins immediately. From now until midnight, Mny 31, we will give you absolutely free 100 gallons of gasoline with each Select Used Car or truck you buy. Not only (hat, but we invil« you to check thene prices and see these cars ... a big value itself. 0. A. Tant Con*tructlon Company Authorkcd I>«ler far Buller Httel BclUlnsi —General Contracting P. (). B.v K rh«n« IN Blythnilk, Ark. Service--- That't Out Mottot W> ipart no *Sott la ptorldU_ an CXTKA tveryda; pmeriptkei service which mnn* «tn «oo- »«nlenc» to TOU PM| frw M 4*U •on u» at anj Urn* Prone* *•• llrirr HrTlor Ptuxu .Ml. ', WOODS DRUG STORI Check These New Low Prices No. 130—1937 l)eS»U> 2-rtoor Sedan, black color, rani >n< drive* wtll...»3»5. No. 3*4—1931 Chevrolet 2-door, In good condition, h»» new IS Inch wheels and tires.. .1169.50. No. 365—1940 Buick 4-d<Hir Sedan, it thoroughly clean car ...»795. No. 3SJ—184« Dodge '4-Ton Pane] Truck, with only «,M« milts. It's like new. .51385. No. 358—1939 Chevrolet Z-door Town Sedan, rnnj heaill- fnlly...t«»V No. 336—1939 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, haft new paint, ram well... JS75. N,o. !4*—1MI Chevrolet 2-dnor Sedan, beautiful light bl»e color, In excellent operating f onitillon., .$835. No. 344—1941 Chevrolet Club Coupe, perfect motor, hai new 2-tone paint...$095. No. 332—1941 Chevrolet 2-door, dark blue cofor, has new- paint, motor h excellent...SMS. No. 317—1941 Chevrolet 2-door. motor In smooth-running condition. 2-U>n« brown color.. .5805. No. ZSi—1941 Cherrolet 1'4-Ton Truck with body, entlne In in fine shipe.. .*595. No. 249—1942 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, h** new motor, good- looking maroon color.. .5195. N. 3'^—IMt riymonth 2-d<wr. black c»Ur. hi truly excellent N*. 337—i$41 Dodge Z-door Sedan, runs well, hai new t* tnne p.lnt. ..1«».1. V No. 35S— IMt PlynM*th 4-d«or Sedan, a good, Mmnd car ...»6»S. N« 35»—1941 Na>h 2-d*«r, *>•• |O*< paint, nni well... J«95." No. 3S.1— 1MX Jeep riekcp. ha> S-wlw«l drive, In really excellent eo*dUI«»...*87S. N*. 348—IMS IHxlje rower Wal*B, »« (Mud a> a dclulr •Kd U kc...$124.1. N*. 324—IMt ]>w)ge ('••*•. ran fine.. ,S44t.J«. No. 3»4—-ISM FlynHlh 1-«*w Sedan, *iMlleiit c*ndllf*n for, iti BMdrl...$3». No. .1(1—1*411 Jeep rtekip with 4-whecl drive...»!!»§. No. 277—IMS Chevrolet 2-do»r Sedan. Standard model, hai new paint...l«5. No. 27R—IMt N»«h Ambassador * 4-d»« Sedan, • fill* car...1795. N>. 214—1M* Nnh Amh«M«d*r I 4-dimr Heidn, hai new «Mt<rr...f7M. 4% HOME LOANS Klhcrt S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society rh«w K'tt Ei entagt PRESCRIPTIONS Fre«ih Stock Guaranteed Beat Price*' Kirby Drug StorM AMMONIUM NITRATE I will harr a rar here next week far ktcal di»trlknti*li. m« If i Paul D. Foster Phones 34 1 8 or 31 53 Bly thevilk, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES ft. NIES IA11 Tjrpei Kicept Canecr) Clink 514 Main, BlritKTtlle. Aril. Pk*M 1948 Chevrolet Del,me 2-itoor Scrtan. has scat cnreM, white .<ldewall lire*, a praclkally krand new rar. 1948 Naah "(M" 4-dMr Sedan, hai all the aemmrin }** want, hi esnllent •ptratlitr c*n4ltl>n. 1947 Nash Amba<ssadnr A-rn^^fii^er Onp«> t has ra*)l«, heater, and white iMewall tire*.,, .a clean car. 1949 Dodge 14-Ton Pickup, brand new. You are protected when you buy a used car at Shelton Molor Co. Every car fe a Select Used Car . . . that means it has been reconditioned and so can be guaranteed. There is no chance of • car or truck being misrepresented. 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