The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 7, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK OOltlNANT NF.WAPAPim. car Knn/niKAST ARKAMCIA* »v*r\ BstTtm.n.**™ .*. nr , nrTn . VOI,. XLIV—NO. U9 BiyUievll Blythevllle DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Jullj Newr Blylhevllle Hernia Mississippi Valley Leader AKKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1<M7 Missourians Aleman r Bestow Honors Mexican President Receives Degree While in Kansas City KANSAS CITj' Mo.. May 7_— (UP(—President Alc'm:ii> ot Mexico today luslij.l nt the '.shackles that tyrants inipu-'e on tiu'h as he received un honorury doctorate of laws from the Lruvfrsity of Kansas Cily. "In a rtemoc." is broadcast 011 is not subser'/if SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS c'y," he said. "UuUi i'.s own i •: ils a net! •u to Ihe purposes of propaganda. "In a demncrAuy \]i^ vcspk-n- dent nakcchisvs of Ivu-.h dus not tolerate being IJKI .qu.cnvlcd under a tlcspot's umtoMi). "There is only one universal measure—Man. Denmc] ,\cy, then, is a system mu^i- Lo nv':"ii:re for man, not for ;.his «>r Hint tyiant or for a ty ran !,";.* tlavtJs. 1 * The visit in y chief exeeulivu v hulled in the citation for ihc de- yrce a.s a "true ton of thu Aincr- icns" and amrni who has inspired confidence in i-Ls people a: home, iii t lie people o f our con t kit-nl nnd iti people throughout the in tlie pructical idtjal . ol :racy." The citation was lead r. Clarence R- Dicker, pies- of the nrnve^ily. "In a decisive movement, of history, you, Mr. P>*2Mdj>ut, Lave ;it- lainud the .itilurj nnd lespojiai- bility of wond stiiiiimau," '.lie citation read. Prpsident Alnnnn w;-.s cccort'nc a great ovation as he rode tnrcugl a canyon of color nnd .1 swirling cloud of con Tot Li, tickt.r lrv;>c ant streamers of i'^rt, whire aixl greet paper in dov/nlov.-n Kansas Cit> en ro\ite to ihn \voodud. ;jii;iOran Kle campus nestled in a Soutt side residential district. The home Jo'ika ul Prosic'tn Truman accorfli;:| tlie visiting i-res ident—first hoid of a foreign i>ow er to visit \icrc-a, great ovtitisi Schools wore rtismissed for th morning and omylances ot down town merchants were given tim off to swell t'ls crowds lining th flag-decked route. Food Prices To Hold Near Present Level WASHINGTON. May 1. (UP) The Agriculture Department said today it is unlikely Toad prices will drop this month. In a s|>eeial report, on farm income the department .said that prices of farm products during May arc expected lo average close '.o their pres'ent levels. Farm income for the month may reach C2.COO,OOD.C03. to bring cash receipts for the first five months of this year to $9,GOO,CCO,OM about 25 per cent higher than the same criod last year, the department lid. •Prices farmers have been rccciv- ig this year have avqraged about 0 per cent lusher Ihan the coin- arable period of 19-1G. but total eturns have not been up that inch because production in |>:iy- icnts were discontinued. Threat of Boycott Wins Hearing for Arabs Before UN Maneuvering Brings Invitation on Equal Terms With the Jews Chicago Area Reports Snow And in ™' ties Thiit chilling breeze- from surrounding ureas this morning Man Winter's efforts to static a comeback ill .1 Arknnsnns arc looking for real Summer wciillu'r. And. Old Man Winter seems to have staged n back, for Chicago rcimrtcrt snow this ninnilug. and (•lister In that city was predicting tcinivmlurcs in tomorrow. «•• The low in lilythevillc I Ills: morning was 54 decrees, and Ihc high Hie norllu'iisl In Blythevllle unit apparently wns Hie result ot Old lime when most wlily good come- In 1 , 1 wealhei- loic- the thirties again Ohioan Defends ($eek Aid Bill House Action Due on Amendments Tomorrow Final Vote by Friday • WASHINGTON. May 1. (UP*— Rep. Frances P. Bol'on. ., Ohio, came to the'.in'j e-f 1530 eni- battleci $40C,Obl>,7>p Or-'ck-Turkish aid bill today a:> the House lesuff'- ed debate on ihe stop-Communism program. She told Ihc House ti-nt :>ilurel lo enact, tlic b 11 wrul:l bo to give Greece I'lin Turkey over to "totalitarian drjrnUvition by default." Speaker Joseph w. Mai tin Jr., announced lti?.t the Hinue leadership W'as de'ermincd to wind up the remaining five hours of general debate by toni/lit. Tliis would permit action on umuidmcnU tomorrow. Passage or Lhe Sennle-appioved bill was expelled Friday. Mrs. Bolton taid "we iri^'it as well face np 'o it recognize- IjBliat the Soviet ::> -i pro-eij'Hi'ing 'group bent uiKin converting all -the nations (I' vhe wor.rl lo the. Comiiuiiiistr \i\\'i of life." "Wafcher tlic world stands with us ori^iccls to tne oov : .et is more n matter of our character than our resources,' Mr. Briton said, "Al this moment all the world is not under the R'.is-sicm lievi end there is anipw evidence lhat. all the world does i.oc. waiiv tu bo under it and '.nat it liuks to us' fur leadership. With \\~> they may survive; wilho-it us are lost." Says UN Nit By-rassrl Hep. James P. Richard-;, D., S. C.. like Mr:; Bollon :i ir.cmbcr of the Hoir;j ?^:):f-ign Affairs Conimittcc, clivit;rcecl wiili tiiosc who contend tint Ih^ a'd pro- grutn by-passes ;he United N^.tio'is. "Tlie question in my opirr.on," lie said, "is r.ot wriut'.itr we arc by-passing the UN, tjii^ why the UN has been miaulc ;o fii'-ction. The answer U>, (.i course, is Russia. In my humble opinion, tho Russians cnten d tr.c Unitrd Nations to use ;t -.ind with the; ultimate purpose in mind to dce.U il." Rep. Emannel Celler. D., N. Y.. said he had lnke:i a poll 'jf'vot- ers in his dislricl. He s.itd returns thus far were aboul three lo one ngaiint both fhiai'citil ai:d military aid to Gre.^e niul Turkey. R-'k J. Lcrny Johnson. R C'tlif., cxprSserl the belief tl-.a; approval of the bill "will be ti step in the direction of world slsbiliiy rnd world (jcacc." Sup|x>rlci-s yf tlie slop-Communism program felt that chances for house passage wove improved by Secielnry of isiite Gecirge C. Mar- Rhalls statement, yesterday' that it was a ma'-lrr of the "gretlcst urscncy." VFW Members to Meet Hunt-Lloyd Post, J276 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will hold Its weekly meeting tonight at 7:30 ar tlic wclcnkamp cotlon Co. office. School Bandsmen fo Give Concerts Two Performances Arranged for Friday by Director Wadcnpfuhl iBIytiicvillc School Band will prc- nt, a concert Friday night, 8 o'clock, in the High Schoo laiidi- oriuin, featuring selcclions from '•Bach to Boogie." The concert will be under direction of Karl Waden- ifuhl, band master. A matinee performance \vill be >rcseiiled tomorrow afternoon, o'clock, for cily public school students and the night concert will be or adult;; and senior liigh suldcnvs Opening wilii the "Washingtn Post March", the program include the popular "Ni^ht and Day". Die novelty "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Pa- vamie" anil "Embraccable You. Other numbers are the "Mys'j Land of Euypl". "Prcltide Fuguo" 'Gremlin Ball" "Sludent Princ Overture", "Overture Argentina" and "MorninK" aivi "In the Hal of the Mountain King" from the Peer Gynte Suite. The Junior Band, making first public appearance, will play two selections. Junior Band mem bers Average six months of instru mcnt lessons. Band niembers who, .wjJ[lJ)ljiv..arc senior ba'nd: Jlmmy''toWe," r Louisb .Sullivan, Jim Lancashire, Rena Bailey and Monn Joy Gaines. clarinets; Thomas Bell, bass clarinet; Jack Homer. French horn; Howard 'Bajlpy and Bobby Edwards, alto LAKE SUCCESS, N V.. May 7. UP)—The United Nallons kni.cklc',1 luck, ofllcial observer reported Tlic uuler lo n i.!iri>alui..-d boycoil of bureau In Little Hock pieolcted Ill- he Palestine dub.ue by the Ainb.tle change In letnpeniliiie for Oils Uglier Conimhlco lodi.y and vulvd | urea and tossed in Ihe prospect of o call nn'y | thuiidcrsliowcrs for the extreme iession for the sole purpj.-ie of !n- ,'iting the Ar.ib body lo iippi'iir. The action coiistiluted Hie ilrangest pvy.t of p.irll.iiiu-iitnry icrobnlis ycl si'en in ihe United Vations. The Political Committee approved, by n vole ot 2H l:> 0. i.n In. linn resolution c;dh v »'j- ciile- satos lo meet in ihe wmio loom but to sit as ri plem-.Ly so.sMon of the Gcner-il Assembly. Under the Tn-lia:i re::'-!:il:or.. the Jlcuary session wo-.i!d a<topi a ns- olution dircclt.iij the Fulilicai c'-in- nillcc lo invite Iho Arnl) Higher Comniittee lor a lirurin;;. tiicr |the 55 delegate.!, wilh.iul chrinrjni seats or even -facial e.ipr?5:-irns. would become the Poll deal Committee and received Ihe older Ihey had just volcd. The result was a serial v ; ;kry for the unofficial, nor. •governmental Arab committee, headi-rl by the notorious Gru:id Mutri of Je- yesterday was '10. liobeit E. Blay- Soutli purtion of the slnle for to- nltht and tomorrow. Trace «f Snow In ('Illcah'O CHICAGO. Muy 7. (UP)—Snow fell in Chicago today. Hut Ihe Weather Huieau said il was no record. It snowed here in 1910 on June 'J. Ihc records Eliowcd. Snow Hurries also fell today nlong the shore of Luke MlclilRnn North of Ctiicago and In the l-t»ke HuiX!r- ior region, but nowhers was nioic than :i Inure seen. Coul leui|iiMatures from a cold i:lr ass near Hudson Hay will continue.' the bureau prcttleteil. tending temperature^ tomorrow moinltig below freexlnt; In purls of lower iin. Noilhern Illinois and In- (llanii. Hut in most cuses tlie mercury will remain in the upper Hurtles as It did (his momliu; when Ihe low recorded here wns 3T,i cl^jjiees. The all lime record low for May 7 was M.8 In 1885. Tlie sutjw reported, the bureau i x- lilalncil. is Iwcnuso the (rcc^lnii level --the nltllude where the nlr is cold cnoutili lo iniike snow form --Is bc- Iwecn a.F,00 and S.OOO fe.-l. The llnikes which form In the nlr rto not melt or evapoi'nte Iwforo Leaders in Telephone Strike Give Up Ml Efforts to Obtain Settlement on National Scale N. Missco Scout leaders Confer Employment Service Proposed to Aid Boys In Buying Uniforms lliey slrlkc the ground. Wave of Strikes Threatens France l.een voted .j t'vn with- a hiarinp. announced thr. Pi,!c>s- Nathan Wade, tenor saxaplione; saxaphone; Evans and bones; Jim Dates, baritone; Lmry Hearn. Fred Rogers. Jerry Morpan. Billy Edwards, Charles'Bogaii. Frank Wagner and Alan Berry, trumpets; Bill Williams Benny Johnson, basses and Oscar Elliott. Ann M-;Leod. 'Billie Jnne Rodscrs. Nane,y Damon oana Harry Fritiuiis, percussion. Junior band members are Sue Stanfield. Carol Ann Bailey. Betty McGregor, Eondra Umsford and Charles Kiniiinghani, clarinets; Pat Henrn. J T reneii horn; Larry Baker, flute; Sally Treischmtuui and Donna Sue Gnrc .alto saxophone; Will Whitner. baritone; J. B. Riggs nnd Billy Humphrey, trombones: J. W. Booker. Graham Siidbury. John Charles White. Ray Bum:. Bobby Mc-Danicl and Charles Stalcup. trumpets; .limmy Phillips. rusaleme. The Arabs had sulking since ihc u:js:ml>ly last Saturday to order ihc eal Cominittcs to IR-III- Iho isli Agei,;.y and such olhor as it chose. Original Ke)u.-st ^Vitlhlra The Arab 'Junmr.itoi drew ils retiisco; for and Arab de 'Sicu-ie-i tlhcy miBlit bnycott tine debate. In view of tlmt, the Political Committee yuscetvlay votfd tc give an! hcarinQ to bolh ihu Arab Committee and ih? Jewish agKnuy. Bill Ihc Arabs it be known loUay lhat .hey o^.ll w. u*J tlay away because they Iv.xrl been invited only by Uie Politicnl Ct.m- mittcc, instead of tho General Assembly as the Jowifli -\i-ency had. Asaf All, inJitu dc.'i C(, in- OUI Ircducced Ihe resolution which [dor causede the lieiSj^c-s lo etc r,n ivbout-facQ._.;ro/[^ ^.'ihcelr »>:[;y ; niis. position"'of'-'j?iVi,ig" f'iiii • i'sscnibly recosjiiilion Miily lo r-lu Jtwisli Agency by vlrcua ol ils svmi-uin- cial stalus nnrlcr ihe Puldlinc mandalc. \ The United Stales ami Wage Freeze Policy Set by Ramadier M«v Halt Price Spiral " 7. '• A strike • " uge-frec/.ing Hi>!. .iti i .ml Ramadicr's ncwiy confirmed non-Communist coalition government spread toddy with nt leasl workers off off Ihcir jobs. The walkout movement of workers demanding higher wages to meet increased living costs was supported but apparcnllyMiot provoked by the Communists. There was no indication Hint Ihe Communists had opened, or were ready open, anything like a "labor lo « -— u...uv..t ji.itvi .in.i Britnin were nmong Ihe nations vuling Jim 'i-ienry. unrron • for Ihe India x rcsoluiio'i. liu^ia Graham Partlow. tram-1 abstained. Sweden, aouih Af.-Jta. 'Kcchoslovakia, B. Cralton. Joe Elkins and Dan Wallace, percussion. Tickets are now on sale. Food Prices, At Wholesale Level, Lower NEW YORK, May 1. (UP> — Wholesale food prices which have declined steadily from ;ht> nil time record established early in March dropped on Mny G to 50 on trie Dun & Bradslrecl. Inc., index, Ihe agency reported today. The index, which rcnc.'ls only the general trend of food cosus at wnole- salc nnd is not intended ns a cost- ot-living index, was a', Ihe lowest level since Oct. S, IDW. when H $5.40. Tt compared will' $6.02 in Ihe previous week nnd 51.19 year ngo. The latest decline reflected piiC! drops in wheat, barley, lard, huller, cheese, milk, coffee. ct:coa :,ni eggs. Advances were registered i! flour, corn, oats, beef, hams, po tatocs and hogs. Former Army Officer Testifies Against May WASHINGTON, May 7. <UP1 — A former chief of Aimy Ordnnnn lestified todny at the May-Garfs^i bribery trinl thnt he fslt lit w:i "under pressure" from turmer lie]: Andrew J. May when the Kenlnck: Detnocral Interceded in bclinlt o Ihe Gnrsson munitions empire!. Tlic witness, Maj. Gen. Levin H Cnrnpbell, Jr.. retired, s:iict Ma made "blitz" telephone calls lo !:i department during Ihc in lie half of Ihe Garssons combine nnc that the calls caused considorablc confusion. It wns the first limp a government witness had lestilkd that May —In bis role as crux-foaii of the powerful House Military AtT;iiis Committee—had excited pressure. war" to undermine Ihe governmenl from which they were fired by Rninadier. --Tlie Socialist Premier's experiment of governing France w|h the Communists in opposition wqs en- sed by a scant margin early today by the Socialist Party's national council.. : • • '• • y .,j "••-,-„ Indications were tl*tfl(ta?OoSv' inunLsts. while supporfc»ftp»feriitft' demands for relaxation of wage ceilings, were not preparing just now to use their complete con'lj-ol Legionnaires Hear Sampler Dud Cason Post to Be Host Sunday for District Convention J. Wesley Sampler, ol KOHLTS. cmnma,ndcr of the Dcruilmcnt ul Arkansas of the Anierlfan I,ci;lon. Hrtdvesscd nieniber.s of liiytijrvllle'.s Dud Cnson Post '24 at their weekly incethiK Insl night al tin: beulon Hut. Mr. Sampler spoke on Universal Military Training and nb:o rcroK- nlzcil the work of Diul CHSIIII Tosl In becoming one of lirj larf;r.',i, i:i Ihe slut*. The Post now lias mcie than 1300 members. The Department Commr.ndor will complete Ills week-long visti ol this urea When he appears on the program for the Fifth Distiit:t Lcyicn convention here Suiulu/. He will visit the Lepanto Pos', tomorrow nlRht. accompanied by II. L. Hal- soli, first vice-commander of the Blylhcville Post. To serve for the ncx', two years, dlslxlcl officers will be named HNMH'S "convchllon. • A • MHUllnder, vice commander and aajuiaht will be chosen. Gu.HeMa'a nnd Use Ukraine were tl.e 11,1(10113 opposing he move. South Africa .1 DiilngMe If T Andrews, spc.iking lor ti ic lirst imc since the special : sseinbly ipcncd more thun r \\i ck ago. c,b- cclcd that tliu Inriaii icsolulion 'would reduce tlicso proceeding lo farce.'' H e pointed out that Ihc Arab Conunitlo3 had been invited ycstcrdny by Uie Po' tic:il Com- :nittce "in a spirit of coneilia- ion nnd the nlmcst (jowl will" Arab Dele:; itas Inliilant Aral) delcjucn were juliilar.t, dxnit [lie turn of evceuls". with over the National Lnbor Fcdcrr/on to attempt lo overthrow the government. Endorsement of Rnmadier's non- CommunlF.t government came nt the end o r a 13-hour debate fin- I madier mndc Iwo appeals IhaV a i breakup of the coalition government might mean Ihe breakup of Ihc French republic. He wns able • lo .squeeze out a slim majority in I the parly council largely because of support from former premier Leon Blum. , Ratnadicr must fill on n pcrj|- nent basis the five cabinet posts held by Communist ministers he .dismissed last Sunday for their opposition to his wage policy. 'The posts had been assigned to other cabinet members Visitors and speakers on the convention program include Mr. S:,m- )ier; Jerdic Lambert, national com- iiittJemnn; Harry Bceler, chairman of the Department of Finance: Leonard W. Moody, conimiinclcr of the Seventh District: nnd Joe Hcnin of the Arkansas Service Dnrcau. Ixjgiolinnlrcs will attend chllrrh services' at, II a.m. Sunday nnd luncheon will be served nt, the Legion Hut nt noon. The business session is slntcd to get, underway nt 1:30 p.m. Boycc Dickson of I.cpun- to. district commander, will preside This will be the Inst dlotrlcl meeting before the Legion's !.t;ile convention in Llltlc Rock In July. .nly it threat, of n boycnii, Vliey ^^ " lomucr s °" " temiwrary iad .succeeded in foj^in^ th,-^ UuiL-I 'TI-' reverse Tts' noiit™i l 'ci.^c'iv!"tome 0 - ^.' 1 °',' t .^ on ) nul " i '? L '? u nPprt was en- unlit today, U. S. Delegate Wai run R Aus- American iigli'. for ' tin opened th five-nation, "ncutva' ing body as liic rjcu bly's Political Commiilcc debate on the makeup 3' Hi mission and its iiistrii':',ioii3. Ausltii oppoG.irl an Argcnl,i-.c resolution which would pni. u.e Bi^ Five on the eommission along with one Arab state and five others chosen on n geo:;rar.!iicnl Vasis "Maybe," *aid Austin, /such a commission couVI .star! tree from fixed ideas But would it r.uswer ,in our appe ivancu before Die workl?" The Amerioa'i dck:gittec repeat- (212E-. After ,111 party, badly all-night debate the split into Left mid r-n i Right wings, decided to break per- iaci-imci- mnnently its coalition partncrsliip -7.°! wiUl lilc Communists. > .iltrt T |, 0 fi ama( jj cr fiovernmcnt now conl - Includes the Socialists, Popular Republicans (MRPI led by Foreign Minister Georges Bidaull and the left Republican Union. It is without representation from either Ihc exlreme Left or extreme Blglil. The premier's victory in the Socialist Council assured continuation, probably until July I. of his policy freezing wages and Irylng to cul prices Plans for Ihi 1 I'Oiuliig year were made nt a re-organl/.alloiial mect- ng or the North Mississippi county Olslilct Seoul Commlllec lasL night a( (I),. Ruslli; Inn he/r. Heads of committees within Ilin Rioup related plans lor various ns- pccts of ScDUthi!! activity and Ihc district committee luldplcd a proposal |itan to scl up an I'mpliiyment service for Hoy Scouls of 'Norlh Mississippi Counly to aid them In finding work through which Ihey could earn money lo pay for uniforms nnd camping fees. Rupert Crnfton. CniupiiiR Activities chalnnmi, presented the ob- Jocllves of his committee niui lold of plans to hold a mcelliut o( similnuisters May 15 lo complete plans for Ihe annual dlstrlci "iiiim- poree"—n dlstvlct-wlilo overnl|;h camplni; trip. The inenlliig will be held at 7:45 p.m. in Cily Hull. A committee composed or Orel Lowe. Fred stciidman, Philip Dee: nnd w. S. Johnston was nnimluln by District Connnltlee Chnlrmaii Noble Olll In Invi'sllKnte -possible transportation for Scouts (o Camp Cedar Valley, near Hnrdy, this Summer. Mr. Lowe, chalrmiin of Ihe l)[sf- Iriel Advancement cniumlllec. rc- Inlcd plans lo establish n merit badge councllor.s staff to encourage and piildc £con[.s In advaiiccinctil lownrd tlielr choice of a life work. Supervisory Work Stressed Thu nccesylLv for supervision of iScouMinj ncltvlties emphasized by Mr. Sleadmnn. i'li:ihni;in or HcnlHi and Salotv Commltlcc, when he nl-tnlcl or Ihe goals of lhat committee.. .... ' - -.' Jack Pinley Robinson. newTy- nnnieil district commissioner, presented his plans for the ensuing yenr. H wns announced lhat plans for Ihe next meeting; of the district committee Jum- 17 InHirde a Scout- nastcr.s appreciation dinner lo honor the Seoul unit lenders. W. s. Johnslon nnd A. A. T-'red- riekson were mined ner,- memlieis of the district committee hfsl nlfihl. nddition to Mr. Crafton. Mr. I-owe. Mr. Slcndimin. Mr. Olll. Mr. Deer and Mr. Robinson, tlirxse nl- endiiii; the niccltiiK were Wllllnm Borowsky of Manila. Marlon nycr of Armorcl. Recce Moore of Number Nine. ;iiKl Hnl Dctrlck. L. O. Nash. J. Louis Cherrv, Oscar Alexander, W. p. Mcnnnl-l. nnd j. w. Adams, nil or Pilythcvillc. VF7C/ Committee Tells Locals To Try for Best Wage Possible \VASHINCJTON, May 7. (UP}—Local ' settlements i almost a do/.cn states lodny augured early countrywide CKiiinplion of normal telephone service as strikfj lenders nvc up efforts to win pay boosts on a national pattern. The month-old strike apparently had sapped the traigtli of the National Federation of Telehone Workers (lud), which hua Ijecn directing it. Union officials told a reporter they abandoned their fight for a national settlement because the NI'TW "is financially exhausted." * Settlements granting wasj2 ''-.Senate Labor Bi Meets Opposition Vote is Near on Move To Ban Bargaining on Industry-wide Basis WASHINGTON. Muy V, (UP) — Sen. Theodore l-'rnncls Green, D. 11. I.. Iwlay Joined the opposition l ,o the Senate Inbor mil. As the Senate continued debut? on Ihe measure, he protested Itiat 11 "treats Inbor ns n giKnullii culprit." He said the bill puw responsibility for Indiislrlal si rile "entirely on labor. The Semite moved lownrd a vote on nn iiiiicndinenl lo restrict Industry-wide linrRiilnlnrj. Uepubllcni Whip Krnnoth S. Wherry prahctei It would pass by "n coniforUilile uuir- t;ln." Tlie amendment, \vnuld limit bargaining units of employes lo FI single planl or company or to a single metropolitan district or county A vole on tlie proposal was iji- nccled Inte today or tomorrow, R;- piibllcans no longer were conlldcn n final vote on the bill could bt reached this week. Other congressional development? Dismissal—Wnr AsseU 'Admlnls trnlor Robcrl l.lltlejoiin lold n Sen alc.-Hubconmilllcc he forced I-'rnnV crensea of $2 to $4 a week for ,i sizeable number of Iclephcm-: workers who slruek 31 dtiy.s ;\?o have >ec,n hammered out .locally'In: Wisconsin, Illinois. NLW York, 'ennsylvnhln, New Jcrsuv Mary- nnd, Minnesota, the D.iUotas, Iowa, Nebraska, nnd Washington. D. c. Apparently nearlng settlement In conciliation jiegotUlJons here wns Ihe strike of 20,000 Ion? lines employes of the American Telc- phuno £ Telegraph o'i». Federal ronclliatora hrougllt thu parties together again today to work a two-mils an hour differcnci- over 11 proposed wapfc Increase. Not nil the local settlement:; meant thai normal service would He resumed nt once, Sonvj affected only n pnrl of the unloiu on strike. And In several instances where new contracts were signed, the unions concerned voted to respect picket lines of 61111 slrlklng ulons. In nn nboul-facc on strntigy, Hie Nulionnl Federation of Telephone Workers disbanded Us -ID-member policy committee, scnl th.; commlt- lee home nnd Inslrucled hiniialed unions lo seek Iho best possible settlements In local negotlRlions. . Within hours, wnge cMtlemcnls wore nnnounccd In Illinois nnd Wnnhlnglqn, D. C. and nrrnueie-' mcnts were made In other nrens to Intensify or renew local negotiations. Thc.Illlnols Telephone Traffic Union; third und largest, strlktri,! union In tho i state, announced W $50,000 Drive For School Fund Opens Tomorrow Final plans were being rounded out today /or the parade tomorrow morning which will launch the Citj?,ens School Conunillce's drive for $50,000 lo purchase a new Illy- thevillc High School siln. The parade will bcRin nl 9:35 a.m. and will include Ihe niyllin- villc Hiijh School anil. Ihe Chkk grid squad, the Glee Club and Ihc Kiddie League grade school football teams all in uniform a s well c -' ):| l Itoarcl said three mm were as other school groups. The drive Itself will begin al 10 quently wns mimed nouslng expediter. The Senate's rent control ex- ienslon bill would put him In clunge of fcdernl rout control. l'nip.ixnml:v Hurled Ihc outcome -Jf tl.c Pnle.Miiie -.vine to be utiprej'iJi vi in li;eh han<;- lins of it. The Soviet, bloc stood by with .1 third plan, a direct contrast to the American proposal and a variation of Ihc Argentine plan. The Russians-also feel the Big Five must be on the commission. Delegates professed sharp interest in which of Ihc two Western Hemisphere countris would be able Sec AK.VBS on Page 7 N. Y. Stocks Closing Stock Prices: A T and T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . .. Beth Steel Chrysler Gen' Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . . iN Y Central Inl Harvester North Am Aviation . Republic Steel 'Radio 85-8; Socony Vacuum 15 3-B Sludcbakcr Standard of N J ... Texas Con) ' Packard Ill S Steel 105 7-8 85 1-4 102 3-8 34 1-2 58 1-2 5* 14 1-2 83 8 5-8 25 1-4 Trio Sing at Lions Luncheon Members of Ihe Lions Club beard several vocal numbers presented by the IJlylhcviilc Jligh School Olec Club Irio nnd ciuarlct al Uieir weekly meeting ycslcrday noon at the Hotel Noble. Tlic trio included Mary Ann Farks, Mary Lou Joyncr and Hose- mary Johnston. Members of the quarlel were 'Freeman JcrniKau, C. G. Redman Jr., B. c. Alton and Jimmie Henry. At next Tuesday's meeting, members of the Lions Club will be hosls to the Kiddie League all-city football team, the captain of tbc winning team in Ihc championship parue Thursday nighl and all coaches in the grade school toot- ball program. . Guests at yesterday's meeting were Louis K. Edge of Memphis and Arthur F. Black of Charlotte, •North Carolina. N. Y. Cotton •19 S-tttMar. 69 7-B M ay 60 1-4 July 6 1-8 Oct. 69 l-l Deo open . 2775 . 3S37 . 3420 . 292:) . 2332 high 2817 3C6S 3-158 2965 2872 low 2172 362!) 3413 2013 2827 close] 2?09' 3661 3458 2M3 2871 o'clock, when drive workers and r,,i- licitalion teams will seek their lirsf, contributions. The parnric group.! will form in front of Cobb Funeral Home and march down Main sired, .returning on Walnut. J. T. Sudbury ii parade marshal. II wa s hoped todny lo have the mayor, city officials and representatives of Blylhcville civic clubs riding In the parade. Birthday (No. 63) Tomor For President Truman WASHINGTON, May 7. (UP) — President Truman will be 6.1 tomorrow and will hold n news conference -at 10:,10~a.m. EST. No special plans for a birthday celebration have been made bu'i there probably will be a parly of some kind before Iho day Is over. Mr. Truman already hns received a big birthday gift. Several weeks ago n group of friends bought and had Installed in the basement of the executives offices" a two-lane bowling alloy. Three Miners, Maybe More, Killed by Blast LONDON. May 7. HIP) — An explosion occurred In n mine shaft nl Barnsley in Yorkshire today nntl conNictlng early rcpnrts said three to nine men were killed. The [irst leport on the explosion trom the Northeast ' Division Coni Bonrcl .said three men were killed, six were mlssim: and 25 required liospitaliznlion. ' Unofficial reports from the scene said nine were killed by Ihe blast In the main .shnfl of Ilin coal mine at. Bnrnsley, 17J miles from Ixindoll. Explanations in Order As Hubby, Minus Pants, Arrives With Milkman BIRMINGHAM. Alii.. Mny 7. <UP> — B H. McCutchcon. a Jocal ll.scd car <lenlcr. walked up I 'I h;s (inor Ihis morning wilh the milkman. Ills wife screamed. McCutcheon hastily expbtnfvl thai he wn.s nil ritthl. even lliough he wos wenring only n .shirt, lie nnd shorts. He told her nnd police hn pot loo chummy with n prospective uicd cnr customer ni^ht. And Ihe. customer, besides Klipping him a mickey, slob his pants. shoes nnd $2.200. he reported. Prolcsl—Sen. Slyles Bridges, n., N. H., accused post office officials of spreading "bra/on p.opaxanda" 'vlilch he said falsely hlnmcs Congress for cuts In mull service, Tariffs -The • House Ways i-nd Means Committee heard argumcnt.i for and against further tariff cuts. Unification — Adm. William F. Hnlscy and Clcn. Ijwlghl 13. Elsen- hower disagreed on Iho needs Mid l.osslble cllccts of placing the armed forces under a single secretary of nallonal defense. Elsenhower fn- voreil Ihe move. Hnlscy. who has . retired, said thai cxcepl for a long- rnnae Iwinbliig force, he could see "no excuse for an autonomous air force." Palestine—Rep. Sol Bloom, D., N. Y., agreed with Sccielaiy of Bute OcorKc C. Marshall Ihal the U. S should avoid taking nn official slanci on Palestine until a special United Nnttons committee makes Its rc- purl. Tnxcs—Chnlnnnn Eugene U. Mll- llkln, II., Colo., of the Senate Finance Committee snld ho faw chance for n."meeting of the minds' wl'.h President Truman <in cutllnt porsonal income taxes. Cotton—Sen. John J. Sparkman 13, Ala., snld tlie War. Stale nnd King George //f George was confined to his quar- lers loday aboard Ihc battleship Vanguard wllh a sllghl cold. A dispatch from the ship on which lie Is returning from soulh Africa reported. The Exchange Telegraph dispatch said the King cnughl cold from change of tropical ucalhcr lo a cooler clhntUc, UK picket lines of the ITTU. Wnges raises of »2 to $-1 weekly ended the dispute for 3,300 com- nerclnl and plant wurltdrj in Wn&h- nglon, but the union snld it would respect picket lines of the 3,030 members of other unions f till on strike. These Include operators. . Afirlciilliirc departments have- ngrecd tn use only Amerlcnn cotton In occupied territory In Genmmv and Jnpiin for Ihe resl or the yc'.ir. Osccola Rotations Hear Speaker From Memphis OSCEOLA. Ark.. May *!.— W. R. Huslcin of Memphis addressed Ihc Rotary Club here on "International Understanding" al tlie group's weekly meeting yesterday. Visiting Rotarians from Blvthc- ville attending the meeting were B- G. West. ROSS Hughes, J. P. Lcnti. Dr. L. L. Hubcner, Oscnr Pcndler, W. S. Johnson and E', R. Smith. Other visitors were Bob Brown and A. D. Pasch of Padu- enh. Ky,, nnd D Fred Tnylov of Osccoln. Mrs. Pauline Campbell Dies; Funeral Tomorrow Mrs. Pauline •McDermott Cnmp- bell. 10. died today at I a.m. al the home of I--- parents, Mr. and 'Mrs. p. o. Nt, j "ermott, on South 21st St.. of tui.crculosis. Funeral services will be held loin orrow afternoon. 3 o'clock, at Ihe Church of Christ with the Rev. E W. Stovall, paslor. officiating. Burial will follow in -Elmwood Ceine- lery. Other than her parents, she is survived by two children. Brcnrta Kav and Preston Campbell Jr.. sister, Llllie Mac (McDermott, and brother. Corp. J. D. McDermolt. US Marine Corps. Corporal McDermott Is al home on an emergency furlough. Pallbearers will be Mayo McDermott. Paul Harrtesty. Willis McDermott, Guy McDcrmott, Frank Hill and Bud McDermotl, all of Blylhe- ville and all uncles of Mrs. Campbell. Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy with litllo temperature chansc and a few scnllcrcd thundcrshowcrs in extreme East portion today and extreme South portion tonight and Thursdny. _ _ Marshal! Faces Balky Congress WASHINGTON, Moy 7. fUp)._ Sccretnry of Stats Gcorgj C.. Marshall will get a chance.todny to ap- lienl to the public through the j.rew T for contlnuaUon of Ihe Slnt? 1)3-' parlmcnt's foreign Informalion and' cultural program. Thai will bo one of the many; Issues he will be questioned about nt Ills conference since his return from Moscow. Marshall failed earlier, this wesi to gel congressional lenders lo re-, verse a House appropriations com- nitllee's decision lo eliminate fio.n Ihc State Dspartmenf:, budget iiU of Ihc $31,30^,000 requested for iti' Information and cultural program,' Including Ihe "Voice of Ameiica" broadcasts lo Russia. . . . |f, Despite Its adverse action, how* , ever, the House committr.e was rt>p ' lortcd awnlling a new formula froia Stale Department ofacial.i for s t* t tllng Ihc controversy. Tt-.c dcuailX" ment was understood to be preparing a revised program in an fit- tempt to overcome committee objections. Committee Chairman John TaK'r. R.. N. Y.. said he "niigh*; favor th? program" If the department "cleaned out the Communists and fellow travelers and put the oblation on an efficient, busfness-lifc; basis.''' Tabcr refused to say whether lie would offer or support nr. amendment lo restore any fuiN'.s for Inc cultural program when the department's appropriation hill for the 1948 fiscal year comes up for House consideration late this week or early next. Marshall's press conference this afternoon comes as sill' olnor American foreign policy programs face congressional hurdles: 1. The Greek-Turkish aid bill- originally demanded for a March 31sl deadline—faces a barrage ot restrictive amendments in lh= House. 2. The general foreign relipf bill —one of Marshall's "must" pieces of legislation lo take care of rjost- UNRRA needs abroad—wns cut froiu 5350,000,000 to $200,000,000 by tne House. 3. The Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Hungarian pc-acc tre.i- ties still remain unratincd by the Senalc although Marshall and former Secretary of State Jsmes F. Dyrncs yesterday urged Immediate action. They have been awaiting action since February,

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