The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI m EDITION art '*#.; VOL. .\XVII-NO. 190 BIytheville Courier, ulythevllle Dally News, BIytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley \jeafar. •!, ARKANSAS, SA'PUKPAY. NOV1CM11KU l, ipSO She Got Her Man Every Precaution Taken to Control Oklahoma City Fire Menace. OKLAHOMA CITY. Nov. 1. UJP1 —The battle of man against a natural resource lhat yields him riches was on in Oklp.homa City oil field today with safel yof Ihe southwestern metrojrolis at stake. Roaring its defiance throughout (he night with the voice of a thousand locomotives Ibe wild Morgan company gusher at the city's doorstep continued its unrestricted flow. Preparations were made for a long siege, believed necessary before Ihe huge gusher cou!d be broughl under control and its valuable product marketed. I'atrol Cily Streets An eighth of Oklahoma City's entire area was declared a fire hazard. More than 50!) men, including 200 national guardsmen, patrolled the districl lo enforce slringeiu fire measures. Evr-rylhlns was in readniefs lo- au t al sinddo . day lo cap the gusher which blast- j ,__ , ,„,.„ , cd its ponderous connections carlv Friday and sprayed the city and surrounding oil fields with crud n petroleum and highly inflammable gas. Military, state and oil field officials, however, believed they faced a prolonged s'.nuele. Force Is Umliminishcd All day Friday was tpenl in clear- In gaivay shredded master gate and connections ripped by the force of the driven sand. At sundown this had been accomplished and Ir.e well left, to vaunt ils fury. All niiht long it roared with undiminishrd intensity, throwing its oil column estimated at from 25.000 to 100,009 barrels a day. an da gas volume of 65.0CO.OOO cubic feel, ever the city. An area of twn square mile? was sprayed, Including Ihe .st^.tr cipitol building and the main business and residential sections. Workmen led by John Gordon veteran field worker who rc-pIaceJ the well's operator, refrained from running electric ligr-t lines to thr field last night for fear of a short circuit igniting gas pockets that clung to the ground. JDB CHIEF PLEOT OF Col. Arthur Woods Has No Persoiial"Unemployment Problem" This Year. ' i Ity PAUL IIAKItlSON I NKA Service Wrilcr j NEW YORK.—Rich man, news' paperman, school leacher. cop, sol- ,<ller, financiar, human engineer and . chief job-hunler lor the nalion's \ unemployed—that's Col. Arthur Woods. "He has held LO many jobs himself," said one of his New York ' friends, "that It's no wonder the I President chose him to head the ' federal commission for relief ol , Ihe millions who are onl of work.' I But apparently Mr. Hoover Is one ' of only a few who are acquolntec' : wilh Hie remarkable record of "the i national emergency man." Even So leropesuiuous wa=. (he course of true lov. 1 for John Higgins and j Woods' intimates knew him as one Rose AndL-lone. 'above, of Camden, N 1 . ,1., that a suicide attempt and.' who is reluctnnt to talk of past a jail sentcrce brought about their engagement. It seems that Hig-! s^'"'™ 1 , 011 !'"!"M ""V 'sui" ""Is gins, 22, was all too bashful in his love-making, so Ros=. 18, de- : j^ ^^ ^"pro'bicms of^hc spalred of ever beccming Mrs. Hiy.iins and made an unsuccessful ! present. But when she was sentenced, to 100 days in jail j But they'll tell you thai Colone! for her act John pleaded so elcqiiently for her lhal scnlence was sus-| Woods is no busier lod,ay. with 1n- pcndcd. Ihevil he married soon. ! <!" sl ™> _, »»<» °™ c j al . ( confe !; e " c " ^ • . __. i here and in Washington and-the ! care of his own business interests i than he has been throughout his 1 career. Tie always has worked a lop speed, sometimes even venlur- I ing into archaeological research in ' Greece and narcotic investigation . for the League of Nations to keep • himself fislly occupied. l Son of Wrallliy Parents Arthur Weeds himself'never has ;iown the pinch of poverty. Bon 50 years ago. In Boston, he w the son of Joseph W. Woods. FILIL11EFFOHT TOFBEEM Head I in nters lo Resist to Last, Women Suicide TOKYO - Nov ' ' (UP) ' sill- ! , , , n i n r - ' • Jlldae Baildy Refuses to j cide of IDS native women, wives and \ i •! n I !\/l 1 daughters of the head hunters who Osceola Murder | , e vclted and attacked police vlllag- lc in he crtton goo I ndus \ i •! Admit Defendant' to Bond ueiencanr 10 uona. i ers on Ule fs ' Bnd ° f , FoI1 " CEa ' .. rcport(!d trom Ta:h oku. by native. . ;>>c°uls today. . During his years al Harvard . from ;vhlcnB ,, e ^ AmieA in 1893 was President's Son Arrives •«--at Ashevillc for Rest Fflorts of counsel for Albert j officials of Ihe ptinillve expcdi- j for tovs Newton. Osceola negro, accused of | tlon dispatched to quell Ihe re- the murder cf a :ieirn chauffeur, vo j(, sa j ( i ^e suicides Indicated Ihe head hunters would resist to the last. The women killed themselves In the village of Mahebo, last stronghold of the revolting aborig-. Hme'ttls Boston home was a ren recent grand in( . s . ^ i ^vous for boys from the Boston Japanese and rormosans dead in _ slums as well as the weallhy Gro the revolt wore cslimated at ap- proximalcly 4CO today. ASHEV1LLE, N. C.. Nov. 1. (UP) —Herbert Hoover jr. arrived here tulay for an indefinite period ff rest, accompanied by Dr. Joel T. Eocne White House physician, Lawrence Ritchie, secretary to President Hoover and an attendant. The wife of the president did not accomapny her son here. Dr. Boone staled Ihe younger Hoover was in good" physical condi- lion and rapidly recovering from a minor lubercular infection. Football Fans Killed in Kentucky Accident LEXINGTON. Kv., Nov. 1 (UP) — Three football fans en route to the Kenluckv-Alabama football game here vvj-e killed last night when Ihcir atllomobile struck another machine, tkidd-id, crashed into a moving van. and burst into flames. The vicllms were Wendell Smith. 26. Kngan Smilh. 54. and Crit Wai- con. 25. all of Hindman. Ky. Two ot liars, W. R. Smith and J. Stamper, also of Himimau, were injured. s;curc- his release un bund at a habeas corpus hearing before Judge W. W. Bandy hero yesterday af- Itrneon ended in, failure. Newton was indicted by the jury al Osceola. but was not tried and is being held in jail until ' ; rho spring Uvm of court at ! Osceola. ' The .testimony of several wit- j nesses was introduced at- the hear- i ing yesterday and Judge Bandy^ rcfusE3'lhs plea of Newton's coun-1 20!, rrni^riding him to the custody of the sheriff. Wlls Davis, well known Memphis attorney and former BIytheville resident, appeared for the state as special prosecutor, and Bruce Ivy, Osceola altcrney. represented Newton. The alleged negro murderer, who liad been employed as janitor at an Osceola bank, is alleged to have, murdered a negro employed as a chaufltur for Finley Cartwright for a number of years. The killing atlracled considerable interest in Osceola. Practically the entire session held Friday afternoon was occupied wilh the habeas corpus hearing from the Osceola district and a !eadcr . j n %vc |f nre work And af | cr „ VMr at th ( univf ^ lt ,. of Dl , rlm h ^ brcan ie I teacher of ^#1^ and EngUsh „, eratllrc at exclusive Groton School at Qroton Mass There he remain ' cri for t ' cn j Tnrs during which j DINGLE COPIES FIVE OENT8 ' '-. National Emergency Man Brush Fiire Threatens Film Colony LOS ANGFU.KS, NOV. I (UP)— The Mullbu j leach home ol many prominent mu'.lun pjcture (ict6i i s were ihmilcnod torta'y when a brush the raced uncontrolled alonif the sc.u-oasl In a direct line for the exclusive* colony. Only n nairow fhv? break, now less than a mile from Ihe front of the bluze. rcii'.nlncd to protect millions of dollars worth of beach estates. A ncv; force of 100 men wi\s sent jlo line the (lie break In the new I emergency. Even the cily of U>s i Angles "my be endangered II the • rearing llames pass Ihe fire break i and tench MiUlblt, according to ! SupervlLor John Qulnn of Los Angeles county. 1 The fire break Is In Rcinera can i yon, alictut 10 mlies north of the •mov].? bench colony. It became the I lasl slinul of Ihe thousand lire .•'.:;.;, .-..;•-•'•:••/U ' I „. ivv ''V'Wl •'••'<••':•<<''// SECUIJID JOB •*>/?] ••,' '.-// u-usjUJOS v l Ml Up LIST I Capitol Liquor Peddler's Customers Include Senators, Dovan Reveals. WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 (UP) — The Identlly of members o[ con- BS FOf- Mrt-JY £< siwiu: «d Several important missions for the government and In behalf of the unemployed have won for Col. Arthur Woods, above, the title of "national em ergency man." gress understood found by under lo have been cover agenls to Stats Will Ask Death Penally for Band That Held Illinois Banker. KEWANEE. Ill, Nov. 1 (UP)— Search f n r t : .vo fugilivc members of th? amateur bandit gang which kidnaped and held Earl L. Yocurh, millionaire Galva banker, for Ran- .--cni, centered today in the stock yards district of Peoria. as announcement, was made here th£ war. accomplished, aside from • slats would cicmand the death pen- Poster Libelous Says Chairman Jo J. Raskob WASHINOTON. Nov. 1. (UP) — Chairman John J. Haskob of the Democratic national committee in a statement today "issued a warning to the newspapers of the United Stoles" thai he considered as j libellous utterance a poster convev- » Ing the inference that he infill- ! onced the market depression by short selling. Raskob said he would hold inv agency that sponsible. the affirmation of several appealed city court esses, in Hie fifth day of the criminal Icrm. The trial cf Ernest Flctc'.ier Iioc;e. alleged wife rmuderer, is r'r.ted ;o begin Monday. Hodge entered a plea of not guilty when ' sri-nignec, earlier in the .week and '.h" care, which hps attracted widespread interest. Is the mosl important one on Ihe present docket. I With only cue week of court re- [ inalnlnz the task of finishing even '• the "jail cases" appears txcecd- i ingly remote, according to court at- ' laches. : "iris :ir.!iJ jurv, which has al-' I'fady returned 47 indictments, will j ie-cor.vtnc again Monday for lur- Iher inveili^aticns. ! alty for all four members of the Sjapg. Two niemhrs already were under arrest. Vernon Algren was in jail here. Harry Whisker was held -'- Cambridge. Marked Tree Firemen Find Gas Tank Empty i i j MARKED TREE, Ark., Nov. 1.| i (UPI—Firemen responding lo an ; Ion studenls. But I'.e Itrcd of the reslrlctcc life, and became a reporter on New York newsoaper. There h i first became inleresled hi. pollc rfork. for the Bureau of Munlcloal Re- p search. Then business interests i required his full allention. and he divided two years between a col- lon-converling concern in Mexico. When William Howard Taft ,was Secretary of State, Woods accompanied him on n special mission to | (he Philippines. ! Back to New York went Woods, ] to take a flier In politics. He threw himself into the mayoralty cam-. paign of John Puroy Mitchel. Republican, and ployed a leadln? i nart In Ihe. eleclion of his friend. ; For a short time he served as Mitchel's secrelary; then was offered the post of Deputy Police tailed the management of the defective bureau. Woods beg<?ed a leave of absence, went to Eimp" at his own expense, and studied the methods of Scotland Yard and the Belgian police. A few monlbs later he renort^rt for duty. • So thoroughly had he prepared for the job that he sera was elevated to command of the entire force. His 45-month regim" as commissioner still Is held up ns a standard for comparison for every one of his successors. No sooner had he taken office, in 1914, than he was confronted by th? unemployment crisis of early wartime days. Takln.or the view thai relief would prevent crime, he started a welfare bureau, a relief fund. I and used Ihe entire force as an j emergency charily organization. Lived on Quarter a. Day Woods took the police department out of politics, cut all the red tape of formality In his reh- have palrcnl/cd lioolleggers operating In Ihe Unllcd stales capltol was the .'.tibjccl of great curiosity Icday. Exislcncc of evidence connecting counters and congressmen with vis- Its to the senate office building by . George Cnssldny, "the man In the i green hat", was admitted by James M. Damn, former prohibition com- hnksloncr now In charge of alcohol " permits Doran -said 'he had seen a list r . ., ., , : , , n • ol c<15sl(i!l y' s customers but declln- campaigns in Manila and, Annual Lnnstmas oeal bale i" 1 to comment on u except to say Leachville Getting Un- wni p ' ' T " • ' ! ll was " cxtcllslvc '" derway Today. American Trust Company ; Directors Say Action Taken to Protect Depositors. JONESnORO, Ark., Nov. 1. (UP) —State banking department officials ' today were in charge of the American Ttust company, one of two banking Institutions here, after it had failed lo oiwn Its doors. M. n. Welch is president of trie bank which Is more than twenty years old. Directors of the Institution, which had deposits In excess of $1,000,000, said Hull the bank was closed to protect the depositors,' and that the action was made necessary by, shrinkage In deposits, atlributed lo the economic depression. They expressed confidence lhat depositors would suffer no loss, but made no statement as lo whether an effort «m!d be made to reopen the bank. J. w. Jarretl of Uttlc Rock, chief slate bank examiner, was in charge, ot the bank today. He announce (Ithat resources of .the m- illlullon were $1,111,634.20, deposits $1,022,143.98, capital, surplus and iroflts, $230,000, and bills payable $385.000. Closing of the American Trust company leaves Joncsboro wilh on- y one bankk, the Hank of Jonesboro. An airplane arrived today; from SI. Louis wilh additional cash tor the latter • Institution, in anticipation of a ]x>ss!ble run, but none developed and officers reported that deposits were being made as usual, with withdrawals not In excess of normal. fill GIL The Red Cross roll call, In pro?- Mississippi county's here for a week, is continuing be asked to contribute Its activities. In the surrounding ;'year In the annual communities enrollments will be drive s|x>nsorcd by the taken next week wilh Manila and , Tuberculosis association. Leachville beginning today and It In a meeting al Joncsboro Frl Is believed lhal the work Start Immediately j There has been no occasion to re- Aftcr 1 hankseivinc l vcal tno mnteri "'. it was intimated. & b' one suggestion being there was^o day, attended by Judge George W. Barham. county chairman, and FOOTBALL Third Period N. Y. U. 13. Carnegie Tech 7. Ohio Slate 0. Wisconsin 0. Rutgers 0. Holy Cross 0. Colgate 27, Miss. College 0. Penn. 14. Kansas 0. Cornell 0. Columbia 10. Georgia 0, Florida 0. Half Alr'oama C. Kentucky 0. Yale 0. Dartmouth 0. Harvard G, Wiilir.m ancli Mary 13. ' t i olls sv |[[j mcn o( lh " c forco f 01: ,i,t Kaiaas Aggies 7. Missouri 13. | and won a bntt i e agalnst discria-.- Tirsl 1 eriod Inatlon in the cases of negro po- Xo:th Carolira 0. Georgia Tech 0. :i iccrnen , and found jobs for rdea<- Princeton 0. Chicago 0. I Kt prisoners. When he wanted f> Tennises 13. C.tmson 0. ; [ C5 t his theory that n person coulti | sustain life comfortably on 25 will be as successful as lasl year. Lee Gowdy, field rerj- of the mid-western formulated for the acllvitles ismor.; branch of Red Cross at St. Louts, the counties of the northeast Ar- eonferred with local leaders today kansas dlstrlcl. Of Ihe 20 presenl concerning the roll call. there were six from Mississippi Besides groups already announced .county, Mrs. G. O. Stuart and Mrs. Tor having joined 100 per cent the Odclle Argo of Manila, the Rev. W. teachers in the city schools have M. Manwarrlni? .ind the Rev. War- been added. Tlii senrollmcnt is not ren Johnston 'of Wilson and the yet completed, according to the local representatives, chairman, Mrs. R. N. Ware Jr. j Tills county more than contrib- The workers in the booths will I "ted Us quota last year when $2,- havc passed the $500 mark today :500_ was the goal. and the house-to-house canvassers ' are to continue for another weeks Nab Missouri Youths Here On Theft Charges Bill 'nicker, said to .be a son of county judge at Uloomfield, Mo., and Rex Hankhis, another youth, ivcre relumed to BloomfieUl from here yesterday by Sheriff Beale ot the Missouri county to answer theft charges. • ....... The two were picked up ; loral jllce who became suspicios 61 tha two when they were discovered paddling auto accessories here.' Later Tucker .Is said to have admitted, to postofflce officials here signing for..; and-taking registered tellers under an-.oisumert^nsine. T.hp_leU£r^ cari-j. tallied SI2, It Is understoSl.'- ****--*> So far as known no federal charges have been filed. POLIpPOflT Lots of Fun but Little Lawlessness as Hallowe'en Is Observed. Maybe the youngsters are better than they used lo be back in the Beginning the day after Thanks- | "good old days"—or maybe Old Jack ___ .. ... giving, stamps nnd health b.inds | t'rost aided officers In Ihwarling so as to give every resident an op- w i" be sold until Christmas. It is'.enthusiasm of pranksters last night, porlunily lo enroll. j planned lo use a part of Ihe fun:ls j Anyway, Hallowe'en night was un| obtained for placing a white nurs" I usually free from the tradltlona F i Hrt V L Ci _i i' or tuberculosis work In the coun-' custom txpect UU-A 10 Start ,ty. As a result of lasl year's work - 1 --'- .irsc was Inner Imirnpv Tnmnrrnwl' 1 nCBTO nu Long; journey tomorrow | Tnere Rr Nov. 1 (UP)-The Dornier boat DO-X MS expected today of window-soaping and wholcsalo. movement of all port. . ab;e objects, police staler! this •e are now 700 cases of the j morning. r-ormam- ' dlsetlse ln the count J' according lt\ Especially in the business districl r!; „ ,„' '"ports siibmlllcd lo Mr. B.irliam. -. were the usual Hallowe'en aclivl- nymg, one of the newest accomplish- ties effectively curbed and no uoatLKJ-x vas expected today to mcnts of the assocla u on (s the-rious results from Jokes or ranks start for Amsterdam Sunday on the openlng of Ule ncK . sanltorLllm for had bceii report^ ntMHce he-id ! first lap .of its night to the United : negroes at Alexandria. Ark., n ' quarters this mornlnK anal! slsns StOtPC _-,,. t ^ ,,.. «__,. T._J,.... - ...Ml .... . °' • Jllltlli .11511^. Parent-Teacher Members to Study Child Welfare Child Weltnr,: will be studied by those who attend the short course offered by the Parent-Teacher a.3 sociatlons.of lire cily beginning Monday and continuing through, Friday. Miss Golda Pyles of Little Rock, parental education director of the state department of education and of the state Parent-Teacher association, will conducl Ihe clasres each morning from 9 until 10:30 o'clock at the city auditorium. There have already been 40 who have staled Ihey will take the courro among whom are a number from ncll, A-morel and olher surrounding communities. Everyone is Invited. Miss Pylcs will arrive tomorrow from Tyronza where she was in charge of a similar mooting this week. •miles from Liltle Rock. Patients will j benches, chairs and similar objects 1 ,be received next week Ihe 35 -••"•« -I-L-J ..- <-•• 'beds arc filled. States. Only unfavorable wealher could be received next week Ihe 35! were picked up by youngsters n-?r delay the flight, it was believed |beds arc filled. I the city but in most cas»s the l?ore. Officials were satisfied with | — . youthful pranksters were^ only nouncediT «__ A i-J i seeking a Ihe giant machine ready for Us | Irnns Allanlic flight. recent test flights and pronounced i T—,_~ M A i~ J ih P cri ni1 t mnrhtnr. r Pn rt^ fnr uJ ' rumann Man Arrested on Charge oi Arson L. S. U. 58. Ark. G. i Iruck dry and were ! plion gas into it. Clarence Darrow Will Visit Memphis Sunday j LNTRODUC.lJNG "WASH TUBBS" cenls a day. he chose several forced lo sy- • The only sound a giraffe can ! rookie cops for a "diet squad." (Continued on Page 5) make is one resembling a cough. I Theatre Guild to Spread Smiles During Depression seeking a llltle amusement or else tired of their burdens and deposited them In Ihe vlcinilv from for Children's Clothes Lost on Street A little girl and bay are going lo be wilhout some clothes they n:ed lo go to schcol unless the finder n£ S8, list today on M-iln street bc- Iwcn the Robinson drug store and TRUMANN, Nov. 1 (UP)—J. C. Johnron was he'.tl here today on an arson charge and in connection . which Ihe articles were slolen. the H,;ss dry goods store, returns Ghosts, spooks, wilchcs and:"- . . . . ,„. .. black cats flocked lo counlless 1 The father of Ihe children, a.dis- nelghborhood parlies and some of '• abled 'ormer service man In dlffi- .with the dynamiting o! a:i aulo- i ""> youthful array of siipenntiirnl : cult clrcumslanccs. sold chick- MONTCLA1R N. J., Nov. 1 <UP) i mobile owned bv J. T. Kelly, alter- 'Spirits and spooks even ventured j ?" today to buy clc.hes for nls ilnto the business section in their children, but lost the money ! ghostly array. Grinning pumnkln through a hole In his pocket. The '"" i laces leered through the windows i finder will do a g;oA turn by re- —During the business depression | ney. the Montclair thealn guild has an-; Johnson was ordered hrld follow- nounced only comedies will be pro-i ing ihe burning of the Ke'.iy farm! i? c " 'fj^L " m j " Ule windoTO ' "n L 1 to the Red Cross o'fce scntort hv it« iii«vo-<: 1 i,n°,r™ i n .« „ »„! . OI man y homes and some were even ; turning it to the tied orc»s o.nce sented bv its playc.s. ho.ise Uo weeks ago. brave cnougn lQ rcmn|n „ ((;ct . ln thc clty hall . The mor.ev cou- , ,i!! 1rl ° US dram!l5 vc bcc " ! Kell 5'' 6 machine was dynamited ed on front porches. It was a grejt 'fisted of a $5 bill nnd thr/!e SI bills. cancelled. ' lasl winter. Hallowe'en. MEMPHIS. Nov. 1. (UP)—Clarence Darrow. nationally prominent attorney, will make his first visit to Memphis tomorrow as t'ne gu?;'. of Robert S. Bebbler, attorney who nsslf.pd Darrow during thc John ScopM trial at Dayton. Tcnn.. in 3925. narrow is en Rock wlir-re he speak Monday. route to Little ' is scheduled to Walnut Ridge Woman j Waives Murder Hearing' WALNUT RIDGE. Ark.. Nov. 1. j (UP)-Preiimir.ary examination b=- I fere Justice J. F. Israel on a mur- I der charge was waived yeslirdiy by Mrs. Fay Perry, 21, held in c=n- i r.cction with the death o; her bvo- | l--rr. Hay Crisp. ! Cri?p died in a Jone^boro }-,-,- I piul Wpdiicsday of bullet wounds. HE'S tRE'S TUB8S. JUST SORT OF A KIO- ROMftHTiC, WMPV, AND USUMlM IN ft WHM.E OF A IE'S ^ HfxPPY-Mi-LUCKf CHAP, U TriO. HE LIKES To GO PIACES, NP WE WWS W1S M>M£NTOK£ TO 86 FAST f\ND SNAPPV, HUSKV FEUOW IS EfrSV, SUH-A BIT OF A W'iSTeR.N, BUT A FIGHTING FOOL WO WASH'S P(\L. ; Engineer Killed, Fireman By Crane• Injured in Train Wreck •• IIAGERSTOWN. Ml).. Nov. 1. j (UP)—One member of the crew ! 01 th? B. arci O. express train i n'jrrber 17, enroutc to Washington ' from Cumberland, was killed and ; ar.cthcr probably fatally injured , when the train jumped the track • near Kearncysville, W. Va., early I ico'ay . En3ineer Pickell of Baltimore . vos scalded to de.ilh wiwn Uie en| glne overturned. Fireman Pnm- I phrey was reported near death. WEATHER i Arkansas—Partly cloudy, warmer ! to-r.i:'.it and Sunday. II was 31 degrees here last nlsht ! with a killing fro;t and some ice 1 accortims lo the official weather ; otftrver. Charles Phillips. The i ivaxirnnn l^mpcrature was 76 and the minimum, C2 degrees.

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