The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the United Pre»» RETTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS V . THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTOTA SI' ARKANSAS AND BOUTH«A8T MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. 60 Blytherllle Daily Newt BlytbcvlUe Courier Ululsalppt Vlllejr Leader Blythevllle Herald HI,YTI1RVIU,R. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, .MAY 2li, 19»4- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS STRIOOB AND TROOPS CONTINUE BATTLE n »reat Britain Will Default Debt Payment LONDON, May 26 (UP)—Oreni Britain has decided to accept lire challenge of Hie Johnson law and default its S85.U70.000 war debt payment due the United Stales June' 15. a high official source close to the Treasury told ihn ' United Press ttxiay. As Cas mid ItuyonrlP i\i<i Toledo Strikers Spring Production at Local F»ctorv Will Total I- H.34 Cents Tax Base 600,000 Cans Under Bankhead Act The busiest nlncc in town. be- WAS1HNGTON, May 26. IUP) v.nd qm-slloii. has been the plant -A«lng Secretary of Agriculture- of the blvthevllle Canning com- nexford G Tugwell today pro- nnnv since the spring soinach crop c ! a "» ei1 »-M-«n'5 .Per l*»»>d « l:p-an to move a few weeks ago. ! "f°. base for determining the rate Since Mav 3 the plant has been of talt on co ' lon " nder llle BanR in virtually uninterruded o-jeration. dav and night, seven days a week, I" a raco against time in the pack- of ihe highly perishable vege- , head act. The figure represents the average price of lint cotton at ten spol markets. It constitutes the bas* 1 i"tiat was re°irded at planting npt cotton allotted to pi •* as"a mode-ate acreaqe"h' a s dllcins st: " es ' yielded an unexpected volume. | ^earon for the growers, employ- *»§•*£ On Final rOliil nirnl for nearlv a thousand work-, „{ Stock. Market Bill in the fields and in the fac-' and a mck in excess of CO '"'id car l^rids. the equivalent of . . WASHINGTON, May 26. (DP)- c!o?e to ] ono Ono number two cans Final form of tne stoclc markel B«ns Coroins Soon c ° nlro1 bin was a « reed ° n ^ sen ' The sninaeh pack will be over ate and nou£e conferees todaj In a few davs. but the plant will ond P lans wcre made to bnn3 nnt be idle for long. Green beans Ih(l measure up for senate rati- will probably start coming in be- fnre the end of next week. The Tuesda In its final form the bill plac- Pacific Goal Of Flight By French Pair I'AlllS, Mny 'id. (UP)—Maurice Ilossl und i'aul Codes, [union.-, French distance flyers, prepared tonight to lake off Sunday morning on n non-Alop hup tu the Pa- H[lc of Nttrth America. Informed thai weather conditions lor nti Atlantic flight are extremely favorable, Ihc two noted vlalore .said Ihcy would get away I 4 a.m. (9 p.m. SntunlHy, central .undurd tLmcj interval between the two crops es control of the margins which , , , , . •-ill apparently be no more than brotos *"** demand of their cus- long enough to permit the com- tomprs ' s P™ uIatlra accounts in the .-any to make necessary shifts in n * m!s ?' the fcd " al resmc , f r , d ' its eouionient. Incidentally present, A » other provisions are left in rrosccn-! are that the spring bean lne nands ol a newly created rrnp'wlll bo better than in a num- commission of five to be appointed Iwr of years. bv llle P^sident. ; In the neighborhood of 500 acres }~ v;as planted In. spinach for the 11 c Wll A i/AI * f" ^Jcwsti factory, this year, chiefly^by U, ,0$, Wjjll -ACy AlOHe . •p'- few * forge growers. Godfrey! ill Ttm J 'iui..' C(>!ni4. - " * him With choking clouds of gws billowing up on ihcir nark. Ohio national guardsmen here are shown with bayonets fixed, awaiting a renewal of attack by strikers at the Electric Auto-Lite plant In Toledo, where two spectators were killed and more than a score of strikers and soldiers wounded in riots. Troopers fired into the crowd after a sav.ije battle In which (heir allackeis hurled bricks nnd stones und finally loosed n gas barrage, matching slidl for shell with tile militiamen. \ Troopers Wounded in Fatal Strike Riot •.wfiife of'l'Osceoia had about half ihe lotal acreage. Ed Wildy of rctowah had 15 acres, and a few WASHINGTON, May-26 (UP) — others furnished the rest. The The United States plans to-act canning company has found it independently in an effort to halt more satisfactory to handle the supplies of arms for Bolivia and rrop in large blocks than to dis- Paraguay, without waiting for sl- iribute the same acreage among milar action by the League of Na- mimerous small growers. The large limls ° r other governments, it was producers take the trouble to hari- learned In authoritative tile the crop properly, and It Is day.- - ' ' ' • . rasier to control their deliveries A proclamation by President in fit the plant's capacity than to Roosevelt forbidding sales in this control those of scores of small country of munitions to the gov- p/cduccrs. who may make no de- erniiicuta fighting over the Gran liveries one day and cover the cllaco territory was expected (o- plant up the next. ,''">' or Monday. This year the larger growers were assigned definite tonnage for delivery each day and the arrangement worked well, giving the factory about -15 tons daily, which Is all that can be handled In 24 hours. Forty-five tons of spinach, by the way, is a considerable quantity of greens. Stacked up on Ihe factory floor it is a sight that might well prove disturbing even i 1 1 r\- A J lo those ijreat funny paper spin- J'Uneral UireC.tOf ACCUSCQ ach caters. Popeye and the Goon. r n =...,>' T I I „ „ -, 1 Lots of Labor Needed I ot UneratliT? Illegal Harvesting of spinach, like cot-! p, ur j a l Association Ion. is a hand operation. During I lie peak of the season Mr. Whtte ii.icd more than 300 cultcrs on his plnce, while Mr. Wildy on some itays had over 200. As soon as it is cut the spinach L-> loaded into trucks and carried - .^ „ , ., lo the factors-, where some 200 I".,!!*™ ° L. G. Moss of the L. G. Mow Undertaking company has been charged with criminal violation of state "blue sky" statutes in operat- C Nevv::YbrJf C o.l U m n i 5 Arouses Susoicion o Troopers at Toledo TOLEDO. O., May 28. (UP) — Hcywood Ilroun, newspaper columnist and white collar Socialist, had the practical viewpoint ol striking laborers today. He had been arrested. Brolin, Idling on a street corner near the Electric Auto-Lite siege area last night, was hustled Into the maw of the law by national guardsmen in a round up of 40 ]^ar Is Sideswiped by Lumber Truck on Road Near Mena Last Night HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. May 20 UP>—One youth was almost In- stnntly killed and three others seriously Injured when the truck n which they were riding was sldeswlped by a lumber truck near Mi'iia, Ark., last night. All of the youths were from the C. O. O. camp at Buck Knob, 38 miles northeast of here, Elmer O'Qutnn, 20, St. Louis, was killed. His companions, also from St. Louis, were Jerome Thorriason, 20, frnclured leg and serious cuts and, bruises, Walter Thorworth, 19, juts and bruises, and Charles Wurti, 10, cuts about head and face. The Injured Hre » the Army- Navy hospital litre, V ' Camp Co'rnm^ndfr hi: 'W. ''Brjt- tlngham is investigating. Mediators Strive Desperately lo Arrive at Truce Agreement TOLEDO, O., May 20. (UP) — Rioting strikers, begun a new as- OTI militiamen guarding the Electric Auto-Lllc plant shortly lifter noon today and troops- iore forced to lay down the most", concentrated blanket of tear 1 : and knockout gas yet released. 7, •" ".a So dense were the sickening ; 9 fumes that Patrolman ilcnry S, nurkley was overcome while' on duty nt a nearby street Intersection. The stricken pollceinun was taken to a hospital by fellow officers. . ... The terrific (JHS bombardment wns released when strikers, sympathizers, and onlookers hurled hundreds of bricks and boUles In an attempt to rout the military forces which have protected the embattled Auto-Lite plant from attacks of rioters. Gtiicral strike Threatened Meanwhile federal mediators met with .union leaders and strove desperately to work out a truce which •oulcl end the rioting. They were ties division of the state banking shifts, are required to handle It. de P ar ' ment ' . .. , ,, .., It first passes along a slowly mov- . £ lmde ?'» d ** ™L"« lug conveyor between two lines of wm .>* arraigned in municipal women who remove discolored co " rt ""I ™? w ?* k _,. . , leaves or any foreign matter that Mos *. who , na , s . been . ** Atas *' for may bs mixed with it. Next it some tlme ' ls alle B ed to goes through a series of rotating strikers. Guardsmen Lcen eyeing Broun's black slouch hat and string lie, all au-ry. They stared again ai the impressed clothes hanging from the strange, portly figure. Then the fun began. A trooper strode up. "V/hal are you doing here?" he demanded. "Do you live here?" "No," Broun retorted. "Why don't you go home?" "I'm Heywood Broun," the col- uihnlst explained. The youthful militiaman looked puzzled over the name. Other troopers helped him march the columnist three blocks to the plant. At the door Patrolman Felled by a larrase of stones and bricks hurled <:y strikers and their sympathizers In the batl!3 Henry Richtcr overheard a man which raged at the Electric Auto-Lite plant in Toledo, this Ohio guardsman was carried from ths i whisper. "There's one of the big 700 Poppies Sold Today by Local Auxiliary Unit All of the 700 popples reserved by the local American Legion auxiliary were sold here today when 175.15 'was given for work among disabled veterans of the World war and their families in the annual "Poppy Day" drive. The unit also sent out 300 popples to othe points in Mississippi county to be sold today. Miss Mary .Elizabeth Borum won the prize for the high school student selling the most poppies am the award among the Junior high students went lo Miss Betty Proc tor. Mrs. Edgar Boriim was chair limn of the sale. Curb for Industrial Unrest Seen in Bil rcence of conflict by fellow troopers. More than a dozen of the militiamen were cut Mid bruised communists." Upstairs and before Provost tlmied , , a ""I burial In- dnims or tumblers, where most of sllmnce company in defiance of the sand or grit that may be requirement of the state banking clinging to It is shaken off. Prom department providing for posting ' these It passes lo a cold water »'lth the department to bath, where It is agitated in swift- insllre Protection of Insured and ly moving water to complete the oth€r requirements similar to those cleaning process. The next step made for otner llnes of Insurance. is a steam treatment which pre- The tanking . department's power pares It for the packing table to su PS"'ise and regulate such or- where it is stuffed Into cans by f«n'ai«ons may be attacked by women wearing rubber gloves and oss ' wno nas retaUcd Claude F. by missiles which the attackers, showered on them before the foldlers fired Into Ihe crowd, killing two.; Ma ^ s i, nl Kenton Cooper Broun w ' 1 hurried like the others. He was "frisked." To the provost's, "Well," 1 Broun could produce no pass and no press card. "I'm from the New .York World," nist ventured, you're not. We've had WASHINGTON, May 26. (UP)— The senate labor committee toda completed action on the Industrial adjustment bill with a pledge from Its chairman. Senator David I. Walsh, that he would press for early enactment as a means of curbing growing industrial unrest. Walsh planned to place the bill Ortean* Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 2C. 'UP>. —Better lone in slocks and prain ••ml favorable legislative outlook in Wa?Mn°ton buoved cotton prices on thr Nrw Orleans exchanse lo•lo" and the market closed five points higher. f -toxin(j Stock Price*, Release of Remaining hastened on the way to the cap- Cooper, local attorney, as counsel. The warrant for Moss' a nest was Issued on Information filed by W. per and the cookers. Production statistics for the t various growers are not yet avail- Leon Sm 't n . deputy prosecutor, arable, but yields In excess of five ' er "Peated warnings had alleged- tons per acre are not unusual. At ' y , been « lven th « undertaker to J28 per ton, the factory price, that ° esut ' rom further activities as a Is not so bad for a crop that only b " rial '"surer unless complying occupies the land for a few weeks. *'"" ttate regulations. Godfrey White has been quoted to : the effect that he prefers It to system of rotation and fertilize 20-cent cotton. . lion from which he expects two Crop Keqalm Cm spinach crops a year without d«- ITofitable spinach production, pletion of the fertility of his soil, however, requires careful planning Tills year he used commercial fer- nnd attention. The crop Is a big tllizer on his spinach and will fot- eater of nitrogen and other soil low It with soy beans, which he elements and fertilization Is neccs- will plow under late tn September sary for the best results, even on'In time for planting a fall spinach good land. Furthermore it involves crop. a considerable element of risk, In- Whaterer the procedure used, ttsmuch as plenty of moisture is land used for spinach Is always essential during the short growing available for-at least one other season. I crop the sairte year. Some of Mr. Mr. Wtldy, whose success with a;White's hind will go Into Irish po- diverslfied program won him theitatoes this yetr. Cotton, corn and title of Arkansas Master Farmer! string beans are other crops that several years ago, Is working out a can follow spinach tutccssfully. July Oct. Dec. Ian. >Iar. Mav open hi°h low close I ISO 1HO 1130 1HO 1154 1160 1153 1159 1169 1172 1165 mo 1172 ........ 1175b 1182 ........ H89b 1139 1199 1199 1199 NEW YOHK. May 26. (UP) — Gains ranging to more than a point were scored by a majority f Issues in today's short stock larket session, with volume around he lightest in two years. A. T. and T 114 l-< Spots closed steady at 1150, up 5 New York Cotton HEW YORK, May 26. (UPJ- 7ottton closed steady. open high low close luly .... 1133 1144 1133 1143 Oct 1157 1164 1156 1163 Dec 1170 1176 1169 1114 Jan 1175 1180 1175 1179 Mar 1184 1192 1183 1192 May .... 1201 Spots closed steady at 11CO. u 10. If yw let the scrip rirosram fail, how will yo« dispose of yo«r hnnrry clilunsMp, They an yo«r neighbors. They are here, and lack of emptoymtnt Is IM( th»lr fMll. Anaconda Copper 14 1-2 Trust Deposits Ordered t CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—John his pocket .to a large Beth. Steel 33 5-8 Chrysler 39 7-8 Cities Service 25-8 Coca Cola 123 1-2 Oen. Am. Tank 35 3-4 Gen. Electric 19 7-3 Oen. Motors 33 int. Harvester 32 Montgomery' Ward 2~5 1-2 New York Central .... 28 1-8 Packard 4 Phillips Pet 18 1-2 Radio 1 3-8 Simmons Beds 161-2 Standard ot N. J 42 3-4 Texas Co 24 U. S. Steel 40 7-3 U. S. Smelting r.G 1-2 purred on by frequent rumors that general strike might be called y union workmen sympathetic to he cause of the automotive strlk- rs. Conciliators met *t noon In the Commodore hotel to draft a new iroposal to be presented to Unlt- id Auto Workers union memters t 3 p.m. Present were Charles P. Taft, director of conciliation; lalph Llnd, executive secretary of he Cle'»!and .'regional . board- E. a. .Dunnlgan, federal-labor <;opcll- :«tor;"Thom»i '•. Rtmsey, :c; busine«» ageni of the union, and other, uri--" on officials. ' '•' National guard officers hwes',1- gated reports thai busses coming rom .Detroit- to Toledo were' be-' n>f halted en route. -' The officers suspected that- the strikers were stopping the busses 1 , • fllher to,search for possible strine . breakers being "Imported" or for •'•• dynumlle, reported eh route here. Hurl Bricks ujd Boitlei Ted Sealander, leader of the Ohio Unemployment League, was seized from the crowd by troop- . crs and taken to military headquarters. He has been arrested before In strike disputes at the plant. • . •• Unruly crowds around the military lines Increased rapidly after noon. One group In particular bedeviled the troopa with a constant barrage of bricks .and other missiles. The group held its ground at the Intersection of Chestnut and Michigan streets, screaming defiance at the troops uirouga a haze of gas. Commandins officers believed' more serious trouble loomed at that point. Fighting in Cleveland CLEVELAND. O., May 26. (UP) —Vicious and destructive street battling broke out here today, halting the Yellow Cab company's 30 • taxles, which were sent out to demonstrate that a 23-day strike H. Fergus™, receiver for he de- our on you _ Qo slt down over fmict Bank of Carulhersvllle has u ft . 1[h those , ellows , been given authority In an order Brolm fumblcd ln from Circuit Judge John E. Dun- nrd s ,, mvcd a ke ,. can to pay out the balance of 15 dowmou .,, hotc l per cent of trust deposits held by . Th . treat you New Yor k com- the bank at the time It was taken mlinlsls retty well dolVt they , o\er by the s ate banking depart- Ol]rs slre on park tenches." the ment. The initial payment of 85 Mt ]a llghpd percent was made March 2. ) No dute has been set when the n payments will be available, but LiqUOr Klinnitlg OUSpCCtl employees are now making out the , counts of trust funds will be rep- I checks. Between 800 and 900 ac- resentcd timated ( before the senate this afternoon. There were no dissenting votes from the committee's favorable report but three of the members were unrecorded. They were Senators Park Trammell (Dem., Pla.), Jesse H. Medcalf (Rep., R. I.) and Frederick Q. Walcott (Rep. Conn.) of drivers was ended. Robinson Speeds Home; Fisherman k Praised Akandnn Car tn ADanaon i-ar to Chicago Wheat costcd here t by officers, was brought . . City's Fire Expense Setting New Low Mark I Here's some cheer for the city darts who have the problem, common to most families, official and I unofficial, of making both ends 'meet. The city's fire bill for the [post 40 days has been the small- |cst In 14 years or more. ! Cty flretr.en have not had oc- to lay a hose line since the BALBOA, Canal Zone, May 1C.' (UP)—The navy today shared Its glory with the master of a little fishing smack as the destroyer Hale •sped William A. Robinson. American, to the Canal Zone, after an emergency appendicitis operation. Minimizing their own part In the air and sea expedition to aid Robinson, stricken in the Galapagos Islands, 970 miles from the' canal, navy officers reported they had never seen "more marvelous Christian spirit" than was shown by Captain Anton Hage. master smack Santa Paul L. Homer Named to Pemiscot Commission a deputl by QwJn LoTt, 31 *°™ ° f /if. £ 7- ™*™- -•• ,„,! 7i™™i n T^nL- n r c i^i. Maln and Eighth streets, was de- Lott and Uld to i»id to stroyed by " only * llirm3 Hage, his smack anchored In Tagus cove of the Galapagos, took complete charge of Robinson's treatment until two navy seaplanes sounded and a one-man portable | reached there. He provided ice CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Paul nell road, near o bootleg resort, L. Horner hns been appointed a about midnight. Two men were member of the county highway busy over two kegs near the car commission by the county court, but fled when the officers ap- Horner succeeds Judge U. C. Wells, preached. While the officers were . ** 11 H'*»^ to Spark Causes Roof Fire ^o". J, 1 '? 1 . JT , £ 0 ? C . cr Stecle, who tendered his resli;-' examining the car and the kegs, • i 1 92 14 9218 94 9' ' ° "*""" rcmllls '' Horllcr ' s nppolnt- which contained liquor, two shots The roof of tn Ash that probably saved the yachtsman's life, and diagnosed his Illness, th'us enabling the surgeons to lake proper Instruments »nd supplies. WEATHER Chicago Corn ppolnt- which contained liquor, two shots The roof of tn Ash street resl- ment will expire September, 1935. .were ircd by the men, who had denca occupied by the Charles The board Is bipartisan, com- fled to nearby woods. |Bright family was damaged slight-) • «»rt of two Republican and two The captured car bore a Mis- ly by fire this morning. The loss' Arkansas—Pair and irarrner^ui Democratic members. The Demo- sourl license plate, cratic members are J. A. Bishop,! open high low claw |steele. aild R. M. Rice, Bragg City. I Racing cars do not carry fans. was estimated at about $15. A spark Igniting dry wood shingles was blamed for the blaze. The northwest portion tonight. Sunday partly cloudy and warmer. Memphis juid vicinity— P»!r tc- May 52 1-4 52 1-2 SI 3-4 51 3-4 Bill Nethery. Haytl. is the other; because fi-.c fans would cause the house, 719 West Ash, Is owned by night and Sunday, rlsfnf temper- Jill 64 ;t-8 503-4 533-8 533-4 Republican besides Homer. ' molors lo overheat. |Urs. Lute Hubbard. I ature Sunday. . : , ,.

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